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Shows Stuck in Development Hell Anonymous 08/22/2021 (Sun) 03:25:01 No. 17100
Basically anything that's still given the green light in becoming an actual show or is completely done and is stuck in limbo because of one reason or another. >Starship Goldfish aka Sam Sweetmilk A scifi comedy about an idiot that purposely wiped is memory. Currently traveling around space with his robot butler and some alien chick. Made by an ex-Roosterteeth guy and has some decent actors/voice actors participating. >Astro Boy Reboot A Japanese-French reboot of Astro Boy, shows technically done but stuck in distributor hell.
>>17100 Was Dave the Barbarian ever finished?
>>17101 Well it did air and got one season.
>>17100 >A scifi comedy about an idiot that purposely wiped his memory. Currently traveling around space with his robot butler That's just Space Adventure Cobra, but I doubt it would be nearly as great.
Wasn't there supposed to be a Green Hornet show in development recently? I distinctly remember Kato's supposed daughter in a sexy skin tight chauffeur's outfight doing a high kick and not much else.
(136.36 KB 600x900 Green Hornet.jpg)

>>17125 Looked it up and I'm a retard and there's a thread on that very topic at the bottom of the catalog. Last information was back in 2020 and it was apparently Kevin Smith's creation. So it's not development hell(for now) and I'm both retarded and disappointed now.
(80.54 KB 420x237 StarWarsDetoursLogo.png)

>>17100 >Astro Reboot. Been wondering what's happened with that. Also >Star Wars Detours >In November 2020, a six-minute episode titled "Dog Day Afternoon" was leaked onto the internet. The episode features Zuckuss and 4-LOM (played by Andy Richter and "Weird Al" Yankovic)[9] attempting to rob Dexter's Diner. Lando Calrissian, Boba Fett, and Jabba the Hutt also appear. The episode was taken down shortly after it was leaked.[12] >In June 2021, Entertainment Weekly asked Green if he knew when the show might be released. He replied, "The most recent conversations I've had with anybody who would be in a position to say so say that it's not soon. ... the way it's been explained to me is that there hasn't been enough interest high enough up to go through what it would take to put it out, and that there isn't an interest in releasing this content on Disney+ from Lucasfilm."[8]
(192.35 KB 720x1207 1622934537108.png)

>>17101 it is "technically" not canceled, but don't look forward to new episodes unless disney somehow gets extremely desperate, i learned this was so from halfchan's /co/ during the whole "maomao is canceled" disclosure by a titmouse employ(now ex) which got corroborated due to a mixture of his poor opsec and another less-than-bright titmoise chick that was browsing halfchan due to another unrelated "leak"(i say "leak" because that situation was that a titmouse artist had her portfolio readily reachable from a simple google search and it had a some stuff from the production of maomao s2, although the fact it was a simple google search didn't stop twattards from calling it a "hack") so anyway, the chick tweeted pic related and shortly after realized the mistake she made by legitimizing the cancel whistle-blower, she deleted the tweet and about a day or so later she changed her twatter account's name so that there can be deniability on the tweet coming from her, then some pr forl over at the company came over to the threads and tried to fud for the leak being fake... or something that i can't remember right now, they where called out early and i remember at some point that the posted something on the line of "i can't believe people would be so eager to laugh at the misfortune of someone" or something along those lines, i don't remember fully, when the anger of the greenskins came from being lied to, they like the show and wanted for it to continue have a desu link to one of those threads https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/123588098/
>>17156 Maomao got canceled?
>>17156 >but don't look forward to new episodes unless disney somehow gets extremely desperate That's true. Ying Yang Yo was supposed to eventually come out of hiatus and it never did.
>>17161 Definitely won't come back now because Corey is in the big house for being a pedophile now.
>>17161 really, i thought the show had a proper ending where they defeated the old bat-vilian thing
>>17162 I don't remember him voicing a character that mattered. They could always get someone else. >>17166 After season 2, it was said that show was going on hiatus. I saw no reason for it to return either. Especially after Jetix got the axe.
>>17169 He sang the opening.
>>17161 It technically still can if Disney is truly desperate for content.
(1.63 MB 624x480 burnslaugh.webm)

>Seth Green buys into NFT scamming >plan to make show based on it >loses it to shitty computer skills >literally e-begging for someone to give it back because he can't progress without it https://archive.ph/wip/QOJqe >Dude NFTs LMAO!
>>26307 My sides. Hopefully he doesn't get it back and is so retarded that instead of even just renaming his show to something non NFT related and changing the monkey's design with reanimation work and editing he drops everything after being unable to get it back.
(3.36 MB 900x720 Quarkcoin and NFTs.mp4)

(328.44 KB 596x965 ClipboardImage.png)

>>26307 It gets better. He's so desperate he's taking copy pasta about Hillary Clinton seriously. https://archive.ph/wip/V0KzA
(118.40 KB 684x473 Let's Get Dangerous.png)

>>26361 >DW taking care of yet another villain A chad among ducks
>>26307 The only funny he has ever done.
>>26307 Wait, how do you even make a show about an NFT?
>>26362 Until Seth Rogan comes a long and makes the situation really dangerous.
>>26432 The NFT's ToS, allegedly, gives the token's controller ownership of the picture's IP no matter how the token is obtained.
>>29094 That doesn't answer the question. >>26432 Owning the NFT gives legal rights to the character therein depicted. You make a "show" about the NFT by simply having the NFT be the character the show revolves around.

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