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Questionable Malcontent - Taliban Victory Party Edition Anonymous 08/27/2021 (Fri) 03:16:19 No. 17308
In the never ending nightmare about Jeph's self insert fantasy within a self insert fantasy about being a furry vtuber, continues as gay lesbian robots are hiding from the fed or something. Last thread: https://8chan.moe/co/res/194.html#q17033 Archive: https://archive.is/66unK Edits: https://gitgud.io/InfinityMalcontent/QMC_Edits/tree/master OC: https://gitgud.io/InfinityMalcontent/QMC_OC/tree/master Threads archive: https://gitgud.io/InfinityMalcontent/QMC_Threads/wikis/home Older stuff (Editfag Prime): Edits: http://imgur.com/a/Sf5J0 Omits: http://imgur.com/a/HtKr0 Twitter Bully: http://imgur.com/a/Jb1a1
(284.67 KB 800x1160 4596.png)

(386.29 KB 800x1160 4597.png)

(270.67 KB 800x1160 4598.png)

(297.37 KB 800x1160 4599.png)

(288.30 KB 800x1160 4600.png)

>>17309 New bucket, same slop
Oh god, you guys actually kept on going? Fucking hell, I thought we were free. FREE, I TELL YOU. FREE FROM HANDSTAB. WHY DID YOU MAKE A NEW THREAD, ANON?! WHY DO YOU KEEP PULLING ME BACK IN?!
Long, long after we're all dead and buried, Jeph will still be authoring shitty over-written pages to this trash fire of a webcomic. His work will be eternal until the end of time (or until he stabs his other hand).
>>17325 He's already stabbed both hands. Next are feet. Last is neck.
(187.65 KB 404x576 Fun_Fun_Fun_Infobox_Manga.PNG)

>>17308 >mfw that thread graphic
>>17313 Those big fat tits on Moleface are problematic as fuck. I'm surprised he hasn't been bullied so badly by his fans that he looks like a pincushion.
(934.00 KB 600x6660 handstab saga.jpg)

>>17329 This actually happened. It was a core component of the handstab saga.
>>17336 >second pic For a second I thought light was shining thru a hole in his hand.
>>17325 That is implying he didn't process an IA to make those.... don't you notice how not real life like they behave? How they follow the code "if straight; then change sexualty"? How they repeat the same story arcs but with different characters and how this makes some of them behave how they shouldn't? Let's face it, we are actually in a comic simulation, created by an AI
>>17322 >Oh god, you guys actually kept on going? It gets worse. Editfag Prime is still lurking around in here.
>>17336 Yeah, I remember (I mean, how could ANYONE forget that particular shitshow?). I'm just saying it's surprising they didn't rise up against him, again, for drawing her tits even bigger.
(117.68 KB 340x247 man crazy.png)

>>17423 >Let's face it, we are actually in a comic simulation, created by an AI
(1.04 MB 374x280 the-simpsons-mr-burns.gif)

>>17308 > self insert fantasy within a self insert fantasy about being a furry vtuber When did this get to inception levels of bullshit?
>>17755 It passed through.
Here's something for the oldfags. I thought QM would die with the previous thread but the old horse is still kicking.
>>17313 >"I think you should start doing yoga" inb4 she loses two pounds and Jeph is held down and dry-shaved by his "fans."
(433.72 KB 800x1160 4601.png)

(403.55 KB 800x1160 4602.png)

(488.70 KB 800x1160 4603.png)

(425.48 KB 800x1160 4604.png)

(438.47 KB 800x1160 4605.png)

>>17313 1. Fuck you lazy niggers for leaving it up to me to find and post TWENTY fucking abortion strips 2. I want to make fuck to amazon May
(473.25 KB 800x1160 4606.png)

(384.23 KB 800x1160 4607.png)

(437.54 KB 800x1160 4608.png)

(449.31 KB 800x1160 4609.png)

(529.56 KB 800x1160 4610.png)

(453.35 KB 800x1160 4611.png)

(628.84 KB 800x1160 4612.png)

(628.91 KB 800x1160 4613.png)

(340.56 KB 800x1160 4614.png)

(423.12 KB 800x1160 4615.png)

(399.63 KB 800x1160 4616.png)

(503.37 KB 800x1160 4617.png)

(462.57 KB 800x1160 4618.png)

(355.80 KB 800x1160 4619.png)

(522.77 KB 800x1160 4620.png)

>>18093 Look at the landwhale potato he drew as the yoga instructor.
>>18091 >Twenty Oh, we have missed way more than twenty, there's a giant gap in the old thread which I pointed out, but fuck me, I ain't braving that blighted wasteland. >>18094 >More v-tuber shit aren't all those v-tuber girls gay? Like, legitimately homo? Why the hell is handstab so obsessed with them now? It's also really weird to see hannalore being... productive. Actually, it's weird seeing any of the characters stride to improve themselves. I thought self-improvement was illegal in sjw-commie-land. If only Marten would try to become a stronger and more independent man and move away from that hellhole.
>>18097 >If only Marten would try to become a stronger and more independent man and move away from that hellhole. If only Marten would murder Claire.
>>18124 Best ending right there.
>>18097 >aren't all those v-tuber girls gay? Like, legitimately homo? Which one's? Many of the Japanese one's do a thing called "showbiz gay" (or something along those lines) were they pander to shipperfags and because people don't see same sex flirting as threating as heterosexual flirting to GFE/BFE e-celeb/celeb shit, plenty of fag and alphabet vtubers in the western vtuber scene though. Regardless, handstab probably just found a new trend to include in his comic like one of those old men who attempt to be "in."
>>18097 Some Japanese v-tubers work a fake yuri subplot with another talent into their kayfabe. It allows them to tickle the fantasies of the idoru otaku that would absolutely flip a tit if they did the same kind of thing with a man.
>>18151 I almost wish you could see me rolling my eyes. What you say makes sense, but I don't like it. Then again, I used to read about crazy jap otaku back in the day, between 2010 and '15. It kind of died off after that, crazy stories from Japan just sort of stopped. Maybe I was using the wrong site.
(431.22 KB 800x1160 4621.png)

(399.88 KB 800x1160 4622.png)

(406.85 KB 800x1160 4623.png)

>>18094 Question: how has Faye somehow grown taller? Or, at the very least, how has she been stretched out?
(85.49 KB 156x330 incel spit.png)

>>18183 >android realizes that Biden is president and loses all hope >seeks help from an emotionless robot and her girlfriend, Menstro >the alleged female and the gynoid are disgusted by a male who's been broken on the wheel of life, because that means he can't do anything for them and should therefore be pushed out the door Are you okay, Jeph?
(105.66 KB 400x400 1453461185834.jpg)

>>18183 >whore complex for quantum spin lithography machines. wat
(1.99 MB 3507x2481 file_f5a76b996c_original.jpg)

>>17322 >WHY DO YOU KEEP PULLING ME BACK IN?! The ride never ends ;)
>>18183 Alright, you niggers, what the fuck is with the lack of updates to this shit? Don't tell me there isn't a man among ye. >inb4 "YOU do it." I did it last time.
>>18597 Ive been waiting too.
>>18598 Fuck these guys. There was a time when you couldn't swing a dead tranny without people racing to be the one to post the latest Jeph abortion. Fine, I'll do it. AGAIN.
(410.38 KB 800x1160 4624.png)

(403.09 KB 800x1160 4625.png)

(458.84 KB 800x1160 4626.png)

(402.25 KB 800x1160 4627.png)

(450.27 KB 800x1160 4628.png)

>>18603 Seriously, screw you guys.
(470.37 KB 800x1160 4629.png)

(357.66 KB 800x1160 4630.png)

(578.52 KB 800x1160 4631.png)

(468.16 KB 800x1160 4632.png)

(316.72 KB 800x1160 4633.png)

(382.23 KB 800x1160 4634.png)

(562.34 KB 800x1160 4635.png)

(438.08 KB 800x1160 4636.png)

(466.23 KB 800x1160 4637.png)

>>18606 >I'm more of a ranch guy. We know.
>>18603 Thanks Anon.
>>18603 Make it rest anon. The board is dead, half/co/ is probably happy with this comic cause it's current year +10 and handstab would not be able to steal new info to keep this going therefor higher chance of it dying
>>18611 >The board is dead, half/co/ Oh boy, its this guy again.
>>18604 Anon that made the OP pic here If you want I can get Photoshop started and edit/make something for you. I'm no drawfag so I gotta use other images.
(390.12 KB 854x480 cruz never surrender.webm)

>>18611 >Make it rest anon. The board is dead
(357.55 KB 600x791 qc TEH mongler.jpg)

>>18667 >If you want I can get Photoshop started and edit/make something for you. I'm no drawfag so I gotta use other images. We have among us a real man. Do your worst, anon. Make it so brutal that Jeph's testicles ache as badly as Nikki Minaj's cousin's.
>>18680 Sure, you have anything in particular that you want to see?
(78.87 KB 557x537 qc pacha pintsize.png)

>>18688 Dude, you don't ASK what we want. You do what YOU want and we laff like maniacal goblins.
>>18694 See the thing is, I've always been a big casual when it comes to these threads. Im not as caught up with everything like other anons.
>>18716 I think the only one who even attempted a separate canon was editfag prime, and it drove him MAD. Pick one and just turn Jeph's straw into gold once. Here, I'll do one. Your worst joke is LITERALLY better than Jeph's best joke.
(391.08 KB 800x1160 4638.png)

(374.59 KB 800x1160 4639.png)

(414.30 KB 800x1160 4640.png)

(337.57 KB 800x1160 4641.png)

>>18606 Meanwhile, back in Shit Hollow...
(347.03 KB 800x1160 4642.png)

>>18953 Fucking Jeph.
(300.71 KB 800x1160 4643.png)

(349.41 KB 800x1160 4644.png)

(334.81 KB 800x1160 4645.png)

(363.25 KB 800x1160 4646.png)

(364.94 KB 800x1160 4647.png)

>>18885 It hurts to love you, /co/. It fucking HURTS.
>>18885 >>18953 >>19493 >Black slab that makes a humming sound That's the extent of what Jeph understood about '2001: A Space Odyssey'.
>>18716 Don't get discouraged, anon, any OC that you post will be infinitely better than reusing a wojak, frog or whatever the cuckchan bots are posting. What's the worst that can happen? That you practice writing, learn about editing software, kill some time and get called a faggot?
(278.76 KB 800x684 qc speshul meduhsin.jpg)

>>19528 >That's the extent of what Jeph understood about '2001: A Space Odyssey'. If Jeph touched the monolith, he'd suddenly come up with a more efficient way to view the bull as it railed his wife.
(352.66 KB 800x1160 4648.png)

(420.94 KB 800x1160 4649.png)

(1.04 MB 480x360 hateAM.webm)

>>19493 Annnnnd I'm done. That so-called punchline in #4649 is the straw that broke this camel's back. I'm staying out of this thread from now on because Jeph officially hates his readers more than us and isn't even trying, anymore. This isn't fun or the kind of pain that somehow feels good, but rather the work of a man who has no hands left to stab and must scream.
>>19596 Poor naive fool. You really think you can escape.
>>19493 >4644 Is that purple haired chick the closest we've gotten to an attractive character in QC? >>19597 this is so true it's frustrating.
>>19606 >Is that purple haired chick the closest we've gotten to an attractive character in QC? Does it count if it's obviously traced? Because her being pretty is how you know Jeph traced her from somewhere.
>>19625 Maybe a little traced, but not completely, because her posture is fucked up.
>>19606 >>19643 She's another hololive vtuber anon. So is the other girl standing next to her. https://virtualyoutuber.fandom.com/wiki/Ouro_Kronii
>>19597 >mfw I came back today because it was at the front of the catalog and I was wondering if someone had done an edit, but it's just anons taunting me about how I'm trapped in some perverse sinkhole of shit
(611.83 KB 800x1160 4650.png)

Fuck it, here's this week's final abortion.
>>19669 Why does the mom look younger than the kids?
>>19709 >Why does the mom look younger than the kids? Clarence's multiple SRS have ruined his complexion, while Marten has been aged prematurely as a result of Faye's and Dora's endless abuse and bullshit.
(575.44 KB 800x1160 4651.png)

>>19669 In other news, Marten is wondering what it would be like to fuck Claire, only with a vagina
>>19834 >mfw Marten cucks Clarence with his own mom
>>19493 >green chat >with blue chat Is almost 20years that smartphone are a thing and handstand stil didn't grasp that blue chat only works when both are iPhone and if they are the green one becomes blue after
(630.26 KB 800x1160 4652.png)

(545.03 KB 800x1160 4653.png)

(657.13 KB 800x1160 4654.png)

So, as the second image will prove, Jeph has started giving Hannalore's lines to Marten.
(676.09 KB 800x1160 4655.png)

>>20024 Claire's looking more and more like a boy, again.
>>20056 Well, he is one, it's only natural he'd look like one.
(47.01 KB 1233x717 qc think, marten, think.png)

>>20133 I meant Jeph is accidentally (?) blurring the line between Clarence and Clinton. Clinton currently looks far more feminine than Claire, which is... problematic.
(786.56 KB 800x1160 4656.png)

(660.95 KB 800x1160 4657.png)

Meanwhile, Jeph forgot to draw udders on Claire and now they're going to make him stab himself, again.
>>20182 >le happy merchant hand rub Oy vey Jeph Jacques is a nazi!!!
(74.41 KB 167x336 4657.png)

>>20188 Stealing this
>>20188 Was it ever mentioned if Clarence and his family were jews?
>>20207 It was just assumed.
(611.30 KB 800x1160 4658.png)

(498.32 KB 800x1160 4659.png)

In this episode, Clarence disappoints his mom yet again...
>>20235 Can't wait for tomorrow's shitty strip where it's Clarence sobbing in Marten's lap for six panels.
Is this actually worth reading, or is it just LOL material?
(423.52 KB 505x656 angry viking.png)

(65.83 KB 1000x552 (Banter Stops).jpg)

>>20242 >I want Clarence to kill himself Mayhe the trauma damaged your memory, but do you not remember the absolute shitfest that the Marten/Dora break-up aftermath was?
(151.71 KB 620x328 qc dark half.jpg)

>>20242 >DEATH TO TRANNIES, DEATH TO JEPH!! I think we've already firmly established that Jeph is cursed with immortality.
>>20245 yeah, the trauma must have damaged my memory. Marten and Dora were dating? Who was Dora again? Is that when Jeph stabbed himself in the hand instead of the artery?
>>20316 >QC: The Movie >Rian Johnson directs two and a half hours of Marten paying everyone's rent while getting literally fucked up the ass
>>20316 I've never heard of this "marry me" comic and I assume it's a bad one, and I hope to whomever is willing to listen to me that QC NEVER gets a movie. Just kill Jeph instead and let him and his comic rot, way easier.
(19.11 KB 170x236 1432217718223.jpg)

>>20316 >ywn watch the stream of Questionable content: The Movie along side anons
>>20343 Well that made me sad as fuck, thanks.
>>20343 >QC live-action adaptation is released >stream night with the /co/mpanions >get the image of live action Faye's horrific lardwhale monstrosity seared into your retinas and your brain
(194.75 KB 1920x1080 R.jpg)

>>20408 >inb4 they racelift her as black
(749.57 KB 800x1160 4660.png)

>>20235 In other news, being disappointed in your child for not doing anything with their worthless degree is tantamount to deadnaming.
>>20414 Now this, this I can enjoy. A brief reprieve as he moves ever closer to the edge of death. Buy a rope, clearence. You won't regret it.
(52.33 KB 221x221 Screenshot.png)

(466.17 KB 316x500 trannies ellen page JUST.png)

>>20414 I like how Clarence started off as a buck-toothed goblin, transitioned to "Questionable Content Pretty" when he started giving Marten the D, and is now transforming into a 14-year-old bratty homosexual boy, like Ellen Page.
(636.14 KB 800x1160 4661.png)

(639.72 KB 800x1160 4662.png)

(628.55 KB 800x1160 4663.png)

(1002.12 KB 800x1160 4664.png)

(596.32 KB 800x1160 4665.png)

>>20414 It's fucking winter. Why in the hell are they all wandering around in their underwear? Also? Prepare to vomit at Clarence's moobs.
>>20590 >will you still love me even if I end up a failure? You are already a failure.
(577.44 KB 800x1160 4666.png)

(549.74 KB 800x1160 4667.png)

>>20590 >4666 >"I feel bad that I hurt my little b--girl's feelings! Who can I call to help me deal with this?" >calls sociopathic, gender-neutral hivemind that wants to fuck her I think we can safely declare that Jeph has lost what's left of his marbles.
>>20316 I would actually enjoy a movie on whoomp. I'm thinking ronny could bring a comedy but thoughtful movie that is a mixture between a self building improvement effort and a 420 dude weed lmao >pennyarcade No please no. <you could see a live action of Loss in your life time The dream
(32.57 KB 194x226 suspicious placement.png)

>>20697 Why did he draw the dog's head THERE of all places? And why haven't Jeph died of the kung-flu yet? WHY AM I STILL HERE??
(549.74 KB 800x1160 4667.png)

(535.50 KB 800x1160 4668.png)

(509.10 KB 800x1160 4669.png)

(37.29 KB 195x234 Screenshot.png)

(38.30 KB 182x236 Screenshot2.png)

>>20697 So, once again, a straight person is about to fuck something weird. Also? What in the unholy fuck is up with this Grinch-looking shit?
>>20718 >Clarence and Clinton's father ran away, leaving milky mommy to raise them with no male influence And now it all makes sense. Clarence getting his peepee butchered and Clinton power-bottoming his baker oaf are both due to daddy and abandonment issues.
>>20710 DAMN SHE GOT A BIG PP. >>20718 DAMN. I wanna fuck her.
>>20718 How long before vampire hivemind put his/her pegina into/onto her?
>>20718 >the kids will turn out fine NO THEY FUCKING DIDN'T! One became a tranny and the other a homophile! >Lots of younger guys are into milfs HOT milfs. you are not hot. You are flat, you look like trash, you live in a future with sexbots and nanosurgery. Why WOULD I try to bang you, when I can buy a 10/10 sexbot with tits the size of a prize pumpkin like she walked out of a goddamn anime and with a tailored personality? Why do you think your husband ran away with his assistant? Younger AND hotter than you. She probably knew how to cook and clean as well. I bet their kids are doing great, unlike yours.
>>20737 >Hot MILF Sounds redundant. Are you telling me not-hot "Mother I'd Like to Fuck"s exist? Isn't being hot inbuilt into the definition?
>>20738 What if it's an ugly milf you just want to hate fuck?
>>20718 >>20737 All of Jeph's barely-characters look "cute" because they're all made off a template, given that Jeph is utterly incapable of drawing facial details. And even with that she looks like a lumpy buck-toothed goblin with sanpaku eyes.
(39.17 KB 360x450 Saruman.jpg)

Here's my predictions for the next arc in QC. >Claire's MIWNLF is going to find a new love interest during her stint as a furry Twitch streamer >said love interest will be a barely-legal furry guy (or some variety of LGBTOMGWTFBBQ because it's Jeph) >Chances are said love interest will be some variety of shitskin or even disabled. >They will talk about their sexual fetishes in public, at length, in front of her kids. >Marten's evil abusive whore of a mother will be involved somehow. >Hatemail over poor representation of furries or whatever will drive Jeph to stab himself again.
(557.56 KB 800x1160 4670.png)

>>20771 >said love interest will be a barely-legal furry guy She's going to fuck the vampire AI.
(868.03 KB 1560x800 starebarian.png)

>>20800 >It doesn't map Careful now, Jeph.
>>20827 Yeah, he's kind of sliding into Loli-Logic, there.
(517.50 KB 800x1160 4671.png)

Does anyone pay attention enough to know why the vampire hivemind is so fascinated by a woman who destroyed both her children?
(533.84 KB 800x1160 4672.png)

(317.24 KB 768x768 qcshelby1.jpg)

(38.25 KB 238x238 qcphuckin'jeph.png)

>>20915 >Shelby used to do this I WONDER FUCKING WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
>>20730 For you
>>20738 This is cyberpunk levels of dystopia. Maybe fetishes are so tailor made that a 1999 Angelina Jolie bores the decadent citizens of the future and they want uglier and uglier women to feel something when they get off.
(12.54 KB 606x101 Screenshot.png)

(495.61 KB 800x1160 4673.png)

(539.58 KB 800x1160 4674.png)

Meanwhile, the vampire hivemind is having a crisis because Mommy Milkers drunkenly treated it like a retarded infant.
(432.75 KB 800x1160 4675.png)

>>20970 Oh Jeph! Stop! My sides!
>>21023 >Lois The Family Guy character?
>>18605 Well I'll give the series credit for one thing. It taught me that you need a degree to become a librarian. I just figured it was a simple matter of knowing the Dewey Decimal system enough to know where to put books on a shelf.
>>21046 >Well I'll give the series credit for one thing. It taught me that you need a degree to become a librarian. I just figured it was a simple matter of knowing the Dewey Decimal system enough to know where to put books on a shelf. Both of those statements are true, the hyper-competition is so intense you need a Master's to be a librarian, but all that Master's tells you is how to properly use Dewey Decimal system. Librarian jobs nowadays are stuck in stiff hyper competition because all lazy smart people want to be there.
(60.87 KB 625x451 familyguyfundingthis.jpg)

>>21042 >Lois Griffin X Pintsize I ship it.
(37.63 KB 672x384 laugh statue.jpg)

>>21051 >you need a Master's to be a librarian >Librarian jobs nowadays are stuck in stiff hyper competition because all lazy smart people want to be there. <mfw they're all fighting to be The One who rules over a dusty warehouse in a dying industry. Seriously, I've got 500 books on my phone and instant access to millions more. Why the hell would I venture outside into the worst timeline to borrow a book that some gal read on the toilet while menstruating and picking her nose?
>>21053 Me, again. Just thought of more reasons why it's a crap job >homeless people with bad hygiene falling asleep at the reading kiosks >teens masturbating using the internet stations >old men masturbating using the internet stations >homeless people with bad hygiene masturbating at the internet stations >thots doing "nude in public" livestreams among the far stacks >thots getting raped in the far stacks by homeless people with bad hygiene This one's from a friend who worked part-time at a library: >someone takes War and Peace and absent-mindedly decides they don't want it, pushing it randomly into a shelf in the Cooking section, resulting in employees scanning ALL of the shelves manually to find the missing book
>>21056 >"White Lung" from 40 years of inhaling disintegrating paper
(479.95 KB 800x1160 4676.png)

>>21023 Ye cats, Jeph, why does the vampire hivemind somehow look far more feminine than anyone else?
>>21023 Buckley called, he wants his B^U back.
>>21053 >Seriously, I've got 500 books on my phone and instant access to millions more. Why the hell would I venture outside into the worst timeline to borrow a book that some gal read on the toilet while menstruating and picking her nose? Because those 500 books will go away if your phone breaks, the power goes out or the internet crashes, brainlet.
>>21087 Those books in the library will be gone if the library burns down
>>21053 >dying industry I don't believe that many "for-profit" libraries exist. Either they are publically funded (and will always be relevant because for a certain portion of the population, the library is the only place they get regular access to a computer) or they are part of a larger for-profit organization, such as Universities, and they exist not to create profits but as a necessary repository. >Why the hell would I venture outside into the worst timeline to borrow a book that some gal read on the toilet while menstruating and picking her nose? Personally I prefer reading physical copies, and furthermore depending on the tome a library might actually be a better place to get your hands on something. I have been fucked over trying to get free copies of books online that libraries had access to, furthermore, what your library has access to isn't just that library, if it's public it's geared to have books delivered from all over the country. I've used this loophole before to get access to a book that had a waiting list 10 people long, but I could get the physical copy for like 1$. >>21056 Public library jobs in big cities are famous for being the worst ones. Your sweet spot is either a university library, so the clientele is higher, or a rural library, where it is basically dead a 100% of the time and you can just goof off most of the time. I would unironically be a librarian right this moment anywhere but giant cities if a Master's wasn't required, very comfy.
(100.11 KB 500x745 84544191.jpg)

>>21087 >Because those 500 books will go away if your phone breaks Re-download them. >the power goes out A temporary issue. >or the internet crashes, brainlet. If the intertubes has crashed, chances are good that I have more important things to worry about than my pirated copies of the Complete Works of Stephen King (Pre-Trump Derangement Era). It's probably a polar inversion or a meteor the size of your mom. >>21099 >Those books in the library will be gone if the library burns down My nigga >>21101 >I don't believe that many "for-profit" libraries exist. Okay then, does "dying government-owned service" strike your fancy? Either way, expect them to start becoming as automated as a McDonald's kiosk as time goes on, because they'll stop hiring fleshies after awhile.
>tfw I wanted to be a librarian and wasted two years of my life stuck between people far smarter than me before giving up due to bad grades I hate my brain and every problem that came with it. At least I'm not a tranny. >>21103 >Stephen King (Pre-Trump Derangement Era) How bad did he get?
>>21103 >>21108 >Stephen King (Pre-Trump Derangement Era) He was always a deranged leftist and a pedophile. Just because he's jumped on the Orange Man Bad bandwagon doesn't mean he wasn't already a shitbag.
>>21111 >He was always a deranged leftist and a pedophile. Meme responsibly, anon. Those quads just insured that some midget in Maine is about to get raped by an extremely near-sighted author.
(187.59 KB 356x289 trump magadeth.png)

>>21108 >How bad did he get? BAD. The timeline is basically this: >1970s to 1980-something: drug-fueled horror, most of which was breddy gud >1991: full-on feminist mode with a side of horror >Post-accident: feminism with deeeeeeep thoughts and an occasional spoopy >2016: King discovers a world of horror he never dreamed of when an evil, orange giant stomps on all his shitlib dreams >2016-present: EVERY. SINGLE. BOOK. Contains AT LEAST one rant about the bad orange man, REGARDLESS of whether it fits into the story. In the most egregious case, a book of collected short writings has a paragraph ranting about Trump in nearly every single story. Now, whether you love or hate Trump, I think sane people can all agree that Stevie has lost the plot. Even with Trump currently out of the White House, I predict this will be a theme in his stories for years to come.
(465.92 KB 800x1160 4677.png)

(332.71 KB 800x1160 4678.png)

>>21082 >ywn wake up next to a femboy who will go to work with your lesbian ex and dish on you while selling tea made from the ex's tampons
>>21141 >ywn Why would I want to? I'm not gay. To hell with you. To hell with this comic. >-despite your best efforts, you might actually be a good person Didn't Yay delete Menstros memories or someshit? I seem to remember that being a point of contention among us /co/ readers.
(148.17 KB 238x363 blk derision.png)

>>21174 >Why would I want to? I'm not gay. To hell with you. To hell with this comic. That sounds like something a closeted gay man would say. > I seem to remember that being a point of contention among us /co/ readers. You think we care enough about this dribbly horse-diarrhea to argue the finer points of AI ethical concerns.
(427.88 KB 800x1160 4679.png)

(413.22 KB 391x358 QC NOT AGAIN!.PNG)

>>21141 >>21206 >>21207 Why is Clarence drawn with breasts if he's a man?
(1.58 MB 1078x1073 cosmic jokes on trannies.png)

>>21212 Because trannies don't like it if there's no struggle where they can victimize themselves. If it's too easy to become a woman, or man, they won't be special. By "too easy", I'm talking about bullshit nanosurgery and shit, common in sci-fi. Fuck, in Shadowrun and Cyberpunk, you can straight up change your sex mid-game by just paying a lump sum of money and some "essence" humanity juice, aka how much bullshit you can fit in your body and spend some downtime recovering. Tyrone becoming Taneesha is a legitimate thing in those games, but I have never seen anyone actually do it. Trannies hate that, because it "de-legitimizes" their "struggle". They are mentally unstable, and they want EVERYBODY to know that as well, and then act like it's perfectly normal to slit your genitals and molest children. In other words, if Jeph didn't draw Clarence as some kind of monster and actually drew him looking like a woman, then Jeph would have to remind the audience in every page where Clarence appears that Clarence was born a dude. Coincidentally, this is why trannies hate traps.
>>21212 >Why is Clarence drawn with breasts if he's a man? Because he's on enough hormones to cause his chest to gain vague lumps of fatty flesh that could be mistaken in a dark alley as tits. The hormones also cause their nipples to swell, as well.
(512.56 KB 800x1160 4680.png)

And now the narcissist mom is stalking Clarence at his work.
(49.50 KB 172x276 Screenshot.png)

>>21206 What in the hell is even this?
(31.38 KB 474x474 Homo erectus.jpg)

>>21235 Homo Erectus.
>>21234 Narcissistic how? I'm probably misunderstanding your intent, but under normal circumstances, this wouldn't be out of place. If I had kids, I'd happily visit their workplace on a day off and tease them a little, see how they're handling themselves. And now for something controversial: Aurelia looks good with her hair down. Good being a very subjective term in regards to this series.
Marten's mother molested him as a child
>>21249 It could be other effects, like porn overconsuption. But yeah. Does he even have father? >>21243 Because she's mostlikely always wanted a girl. So she forced him into transgenderism. It's funny how they never try to make ex-trans characters though.
>>21252 His father is a literal faggot (only Jeph knows he agreed to marry a woman and have a child with her) and left when Marten was very young. They reconnected only recently. He's never had a positive male role model in his life. No, mom's boyfriends and co-workers don't count. I don't doubt she made him "act" in some of her movies.
(47.01 KB 1233x717 qc think, marten, think.png)

>>21243 >Narcissistic how? - She's camwhoring AS A HOBBY - She probably Munchhausen's Syndrome By Proxied Clarence into becoming Claire - She didn't just accept Clinton becoming a power-bottom, she excitedly endorsed it with a huge smile on her face, mentally tallying all the Facebook likes she'd get from it - Clarence tells her he'd like her to go away for a bit after hurting his feelings, and she responds by making it about her feelings, getting high and hanging out with the vampire hivemind, and then showing up uninvited to Clarence's first week of work to try to talk out her "sadness" while Clarence is trying to work - Clarence tells her to stop and she continues to push it, despite a boundary being set I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting. I don't know what happened to the twins' dad, but I'm positive he either left because she was crazy or died when she "accidentally" flavored his soup with rat poison.
(137.64 KB 350x350 carlos.png)

>>21253 >He's never had a positive male role model in his life Oh, I'm sure his dad tested positive for everything.
>>21255 I will forever curse Trump's name for not deporting your sorry ass back to Mexico when he had the chance. Also fukc you for stealing those dubs.
>>21254 Remembered another one. She's having casual sex with much younger men.
>>21254 Mhm, didn't think of that. You make good points.
>>21315 Thank you. The worst part is that I don't think Jeph thinks there's anything wrong with her.
(23.62 KB 216x179 Screenshot.png)

>that can only be shared between a mother and her daughter >THAT CAN ONLY >BE SHARED BETWEEN >A MOTHER AND >her >DAUGHTER
>>21332 On the overboard I thought this was a /b/ post
>>21333 I was pointing out how disgusting and thoroughly tragic that she really believes Claire is a girl, but I now realize it looks like some horrifying incest post... which, given how demented this woman is, might not be too far off. She probably molested both kids.
(562.00 KB 800x1160 4681.png)

>>21234 ell-oh-ell
>>21365 >sharing feelings with baristas THAT'S A BARTENDER'S JOB, YOU GODFORSAKEN HOMOPHILES!!
(421.60 KB 800x1160 4682.png)

(147.42 KB 800x1160 4683.png)

(148.65 KB 800x1160 4684.png)

>>21365 My apologies for the lateness of the updates. A certain homosexual and his canine bondage slave keep trying to ban me. Now that Jeph's finished with trannies, he's gone back to lesbians.
(125.07 KB 800x1160 4685.png)

(149.86 KB 800x1160 4686.png)

(158.52 KB 800x1160 4687.png)

(171.11 KB 800x1160 4688.png)

>>21457 Pintsize the Twink effs a toaster and then Jeph's yearly fetishistic depictions of muscle men he'd like to bottom. Have fun.
>>21140 Jesus and to think King was m go-to pulp author for long flights. Has he really gone off the deep end? I remember his Dark Tower books and I swear it felt like he ripped Planescape off. It never hit me how much of a hack he is.
>>21413 Jeff's a raging alcoholic, do you think he even knows what goes on in a coffee shop?
>>21596 Is it bad that Bembo's comics can at least make me amused? It's bottom tier humor but it's still better than the abortion that is QC.
>>21749 In an alternate timeline Jeph Jacques is a well-adjusted individual who is happily married and enjoys decent financial success with his acclaimed Bembo The Barbarian comics, his hands bereft of stabbing scars.
>>21750 No such timeline exists.
(95.34 KB 1024x666 R.jpg)

>>21747 >Has he really gone off the deep end? Yeah, and his sons jumped in there with him. Owen, who "co-wrote" Sleeping Beauties with him is just as bad. >"We made the bad orange man angry, right dad?" >"Yes, Owen. We made him VERY mad!" >"I like virtue signalling with you, dad! And we got paid, too!" >"Yes, it's a great feeling, isn't it?" >"Dad... I can't remember... why is the orange man bad, again?" >"He talked rude about women, son." >"Um... but, but you called that woman a C-word in The Stand, dad." >"Not the same thing, son. Besides, he's made a weird comment about his daughter being hot, and should burn in the fires of hell for it." >"But, dad, but... but dad, you had a bunch of children run a train on a single middle aged girl in It, dad!" >"...Isn't it time for your soy shake, Owen?" >"YAAAAY! SOY!"
>>21756 >single middle aged girl in That originally said something else, but apparently our fag-in-charge is guilty of buggery AND word filters.
(140.36 KB 800x1160 4691.png)

(153.13 KB 800x1160 4692.png)

>>21596 For those of you who had "Sam is now an autistic lesbian" in the 2022 QC Retardation Pool, you just advanced to the next round.
(185.17 KB 800x1160 4693.png)

(55.42 KB 600x445 x.webp)

>>21758 Almost an actual joke but Jeph has Sam add in a humor-killer line.
(146.73 KB 800x1160 4694.png)

>>21778 Good news, gang: another statistically dubious lesbian couple inhabits Northampton.
(10.22 KB 263x312 simpsons homer thoughtful.png)

Good grief. Why is /co/ so dead? Is it the over-moderation?
>>21815 I read what gets posted, but I haven't read comic books in like ten years. So I just have nothing to contribute. Sorry bro.
>>21815 It's just a slow period it happens, plus its January.
(35.00 KB 720x387 monster in a cage.jpg)

>>21817 >but I haven't read comic books in like ten years You... you could be free? Yet you choose to stay?
>>21820 I have no response to that. You got me.
(167.03 KB 800x1160 4695.png)

(510.21 KB 800x1160 4696.png)

>>21829 He's not even TRYING to be funny with this one.
>>20340 >I've never heard of this "marry me" comic Short version: Guy whose name is literally Guy gets dragged to a concert that his lesbian friend wanted to go to because she's got a crush on the faggot multi-billionaire singer hereby referred to as Faggotess. Despite knowing absolutely fuck-all about the singer and her works, he goes with her and after a while Lesbitch has to go to the bathroom and asks if Guy can hold her sign, which says "Marry Me" and he does. Faggotess ends her show and sees Guy with the sign, pulls his dumbass up on stage, asks if there's a priest in the audience (there is) and they get fucking publicly married. Faggotess, being your typical Hollyweird/showbiz holds it together long enough for Guy and Lesbitch to get on her private jet as Faggotess' manager immediately starts handling a combination of >Faggotess' freakout >introducing Guy and Lesbitch in a world they've never been a part of >Guy's utter lack of knowledge about Faggotess >Lesbitch's freakout because OMG I WANTED HER TO MARRY MEEEEEEE and because of Faggotess' freakout they go to Africa. Why? She's got a 501c3 there and she treats it as a fallout bunker whenever she does something stupid, especially since typical celebrity faggotry is going into hyper overdrive. Insert some bullshit about "we don't know the legality of it because it varies state-by-state" and some fluff, then Guy ends up delivering some nigger bitch's kid which causes Faggotess to fall in love with Guy, he knocks her up and she does a show in her 9th month. The end.
>>21912 >He's not even TRYING to be funny with this one. Has he ever?
>>21918 ....what happens to lesbitch, and did the comic get slammed for white savior complex? >Why? She's got a 501c3 there and she treats it as a fallout bunker The fuck is a 501c3 >google >Tax exempt group of course she has something like that.
>>21919 In the early days, before he sold his soul, he tried and sometimes succeeded. These days, though, he tries to end on a punchline, whether it's funny or not. Even by Jeph's standards, however, that one was awful and lazy.
(18.37 KB 149x194 bobby crosby.png)

>>20316 >Bobby Crosby
(200.64 KB 500x375 simpsonsskinnermemory.png)

Curious. Jeph has not released a new comic, so far.
(179.25 KB 800x1160 4697.png)

>>21912 In which Sam gravely insults Menstro and Menstro ignores it, saving her retaliation for another time. When she will take her to the giant oven in Nevada and throw her in.
>>21756 Oh well. At least we have Kubrick calling him an intellectual midget and shitting all over his original Shining plot.
>>21820 >Could be free >Do what? I'm sorry, negro, but after some time this is the only world I like to toss the shit. It's funny how 2020 broke all normalfag groups I was part of and thank god for that. There's about 10 people here at most but I know that behind every post there is a human. It's a gut feeling. Got to any of the big four social media sites, go to a forum, go to news sites, go to cuckchan and it all feels empty, bare and desolate. In here? It's like an amateur radio station. Comfy and it reminds me of better times.
>>21918 >This was the plot to a shitty webcomic 20 years ago >It's actually a better plot than the usual Netflix garbage. God, why couldn't Covid live up to the hype....
(29.63 KB 508x512 arthuridoitforfree.jpg)

>>21958 >but I know that behind every post there is a human Except for when the BO graces us with his presence.
(2.66 MB 800x1160 74u4oduh copy.png)

>>21930 >....what happens to lesbitch, and did the comic get slammed for white savior complex? Friendzoned by Faggotess. Second question's answer was no, this was 10~15-ish years ago and the leftist faggot train of mass cancellation wasn't on the rails yet.
(157.76 KB 800x1160 4698.png)

(169.29 KB 800x1160 4699.png)

(177.30 KB 529x542 look of disgust.png)

>>22082 Is this the first time you've seen an edit? Because some of them were way worse than that.
(410.61 KB 366x380 qc oh shit handstab.png)

>>22081 Am I crazy or is Menstro trying to groom the new girl?
(489.95 KB 800x1160 4700.png)

I swear... I SWEAR... this is not an edit. This is the actual comic.
>>22160 >Fayes tits are getting bigger inb4 Menstro impregnated her
(14.03 KB 256x192 qcjephthrowsupthehorns.jpg)

>>22160 >be me, Jeph >can't think of a comic for today >suddenly remember what those teen girls were saying while I stalked them at the mall >jot it all down >now, for the perfect punchline: having Menstro repeat their drivel in Faye's ear as ASMR foreplay >congratulate myself for still being punkrock af, then head out to mall to... uh... try to find more "dialogue"
(2.33 MB 1280x720 susu_jpg - UwU - 720p60.mp4)

>>22160 This would make a great Cthulhu Mythos edit.
(1.18 MB 300x188 yNwB2SZ.gif)

(513.87 KB 800x1160 4701.png)

Why the hell is Sam throwing her new girlfriend into the deep end, like this. She should gradually adjust to the pressure, like with deep sea diving.
(31.03 KB 427x300 EdnNopEXgAcsIgT.jpg)

>>21966 Thank you, anon.

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