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What if Spongebob never existed? Anonymous 09/04/2021 (Sat) 10:26:49 No. 17549
What if Stephen Hillenburg never had created Spongebob? what if he died early in the 80's or 90s before he starting creating the show? what will be it's impact on the Media industry in an alternate universe with Spongebob never happened?
(736.55 KB 401x594 401.png)

>>17549 Then Rugrats would've taken its place like before.
>>17549 CatDog would have probably gotten another season, Hey Arnold and Rugrats would be the current longest running, The Wild Thornberrys and Rocket Power would have possibly made it to 2015, and Jimmy Neutron would be in its current season.
(898.43 KB 638x360 Fox Network - Futurama.webm)

>>17570 Let's not go too far here. What would have really happened is apart from most shows, yes, getting one or two more seasons but not becoming that long running, would have been shows like Harvey Beaks and El Tigre not getting canned. Network tv has a very very bad complex where if a show reaches new heights the executives will immediately choose to hold all new shows to it's standard. If a show fails to be financially as successful, then it gets canned. This isn't Spongebob's fault though, it's mostly the fact that TV EXECUTIVES ARE THE BIGGEST RETARDS ON PLANET EARTH.
>>17576 I'm not blaming Spongebob for the various flubs by Nick's executives.Because those that really know are aware that Hillenburg, along with quite a few crew members, worked on Rocko's Modern Life before that got cancelled. Having watched that show when it was new, I doubt that it would have made it to mid 2000s, and it honestly shouldn't have. >getting one or two more seasons but not becoming that long running Well, my previous statements about Hey Arnold and Rugrats can be taken with a Plebbit /s. Though, it's possible that The Wild Thornberrys, Rocket Power, Invader Zim, and Jimmy Neutron would have gotten more seasons if Spongebob didn't exist. CatDog really didn't need a post-movie season. As the movie could be taken as the finale. But, due to the way the movie ended, there was no harm in a final season to see how events had changed the characters. Harvey Beaks I've never seen. EL Tigre... It's still surprising how they didn't push that one more. Another two are Angry Beavers and Cat Scratch.
>>17576 Stop yelling retard.
>>17578 I don't think it's fair to name shows cancelled before the Sponge's post-s3 curse. Some of those shows were cancelled because of incompetent production managers and art teams. Invader Zim for example had a crew consisting almost entirely of industry first timers, a lot of them being buddies with Vasquez and fans of horror, which is why the show is what it is. And then you have the crew members that were already in the industry for a number of years, like Steve Ressel. Since he's already pretty infamous on /co/, I don't think I have to explain his backstory
>>17581 >steve resel I heard that name before but Can't remenber why /co/ hates him.
>>17581 >I don't think it's fair to name shows cancelled before the Sponge's post-s3 curse. Thinking in terms of what the other children's cable television networks (mainly CN) had at the time it is. Because they all had a role to play in what networks pushed to be their ratings puller. Before Spongebob, what did Nick have to compete with Cartoon Network and Disney? Rugrats was good. But the Klasky Csupo were starting to run together. > Invader Zim and Steve Ressel Invader Zim was trying to out do Courage on a network that's a stickler about what its cartoons do. Which is why most people say that Invader Zim would have been suited on a network such as the Sci-Fi channel. But the Sci-Fi wasn't airing any cartoons for kids at that time. I don't know the beef /co/ has with Steve Ressel. Care to explain? The Adult Swim Message Boards is the last cartoon oriented MB I frequented. After the webmaster stop paying the bill for the one prior.
(162.99 KB 436x468 cunt.png)

>>17582 >>17585 First, infamy != hate necessarily. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/infamous Anyway, something something the guy is supposedly a cunt with a bad ego problem. From what I remember the Invader Zim team didn't really like him because he was constantly fighting over creative decisions, but whether this is objectively good or bad is hard to tell, because frankly I don't trust most people, but from what has been claimed, it seems as though he didn't always have the better idea. Also, the Rugrats storyboard jam, which to my understanding has been re-discovered by normalfags a little while ago, because normalfags love digging up and tarnishing silver. I hope his livejournal is archived somewhere. I know he posted a rant about his time on Invader Zim but had to take it down.
>>17585 >>17590 Steve Ressel used to hang out on One Piece forums back in the day. He was well-known for his crazy rants. That said, nobody hated the guy. He was well-loved. Roleplayed as a Jap stereotype once, which was hilarious. From what I can tell, he was right to fight a lot of creative decisions. Unfortunately, sometimes two creators fighting over the soul of a project are what make it great. I didn't mind the Zim movie but I feel like it was missing a certain touch from Steve. At the end of the day, he's a shitposter and he knows quality. I've heard more about his fights with Nick over the show than with the rest of the crew, although I'm sure he was stubborn in general. But not without good reason. I hope he comes out of retirement someday.
>>17590 >>17592 I see. Thanks for the explanations. >Also, the Rugrats storyboard jam, which to my understanding has been re-discovered by normalfags a little while ago, because normalfags love digging up and tarnishing silver. No, they just want to be in-the-know about stuff they chose to pass over in their childhood, as well teen-years, in their quest to be older. These were the tweens and teens that said cartoons were for children. So watched shows like Charmed, Angel, Buffy, Friends, and Dawson's Creek. These are the "aspiring writers" writing movie adaptions for comics they never read, and rehashing original cartoon character to what they consider appropriate. I've seen them quote from it. But the book, 'Slimed!: An Oral History of Nickelodeon's Golden Age', doesn't even cover all the inappropriate shenanigans that happened behind the scenes of Nick's "golden age" cartoons. It can't.
>>17549 Modern humor would have been completely different, to be honest. Cartoons wold have gone the way of the dinosaur way earlier that when it happened (which in my opinion is around 2015-16), as in, the only people actively watching them are young children and toddlers, with manchild-specific shows coming out way earlier as people got nostalgic for the 90s. Spongebob also helped shape a large portion of late internet humor, but to be honest anything that came out after the first "batch" of memes is just trash that we can do without. In my completely biased and uninformed opinion, deleting from history Tom & Jerry, The Critic and Courage The Cowardly dog would also basically destroy the way cartoons evolved on a fundamental level. I'm not picking the Simpsons as I'm fairly sure that everyone in Cally was fucking sick of the culture of the 50s and 80s and plenty of other media was tearing it down already, it just got the right mix of people to produce a reference fest. >>17576 Also this, the most popular or most genre breaking thing will always kill off decent but comparatively more generic stuff. Suits are retards, though necessary retards.
(43.69 KB 386x268 907784578.jpg)

>>17590 >I know he posted a rant about his time on Invader Zim but had to take it down. His (now mostly lost) audio commentary of the series is one giant rant on Invader Zim and all of the issues it ran into with the staff/network executives. I don't hate Ressel though, as he was clearly passionate about the series and said something along the lines of "it really was a special show, I wish we could've done even greater things with it" in the commentary. If anything, Jhonen was hindering the show with stupid ideas, such as "what if we just turned IZ into the brady bunch lol" or "what if humans found out Zim was an alien but just didn't care cuz he sucks, lololol??" And it's not like the Invader Zim product Steve didn't direct (Florpus) was an example of how good Zim was without his direction.
>>17598 >Spongebob also helped shape a large portion of late internet humor Did it really? If early spongebob writing had an influence on current internet humor, I think it'd actually be funny >but to be honest anything that came out after the first "batch" of memes is just trash that we can do without. Nick loves the fact that the sponge has so many "memes", but I think there's a difference between image macros/.gifs quoting the show and actual memes. The only spongememes I'm aware of is the spongebob niggerpants spam from almost two decades ago (fuck), the squidward ytp fad and the deformed spongebobs people would draw in oekaki.
(93.06 KB 650x828 SpongeMAD.jpg)

>>17598 Spongebob may have brought something new to the table in terms of concept. But the show didn't have that much of an influence on humor itself. That's like saying MAD magazine influenced all of the humor and frat house magazines before it.
(108.35 KB 698x1024 Soprano handjob.jpg)

>>17549 I'm more surprised how Hillenburg learned the mistakes from John K. and Murray: >Adding a strong independent female character so the executives would shut the fuck up >Turning down an adult spinoff. What he didn't count on is how a corporation react if they struck gold and start beating the shit out his dead horse. >>17570 Didn't insiders at Nick confirm that CatDog was planned to be the never ending cartoon if Spongebob flopped?

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