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Bee and Puppycat: Lazy in Space Discussion Anonymous 06/08/2020 (Mon) 19:31:57 No. 1763
Anyone want to discuss this fact that Fred Seibert leaked Lazy in Space by making a playlist on Vimeo? The raw uploads are gone and we're now stuck with the Kimcartoon watermarked versions, but I'm sure some of y'all still watched it
>>1763 Bee and Puppycat is still a thing?
>>1763 >Anyone want to discuss this SJW garbage? Hopefully not.
>>1763 >Be an innocent lad in 2013 with no knowledge of the social issues going on in the USA >Watch this new independent cartoon >It starts off cute >Suddenly some fucking monstrosity with the facial structure of a vulture, dark skin, bleached blond hair and a godawful haircut pops up >MC is somehow attracted to this monstrosity <"Man I sure hope no other artist starts drawing people like this >5 years later
>>1763 Wait, so what was this show even about?
>>1778 well the pilot was about a woman who can't get a job finding the titular puppycat and landing herself in a temp agency dealing with bizarre alien cases then there was an episode about a 5 year old trying to fix her plumbing? Was it supposed to be a joke about shotacon? I don't fucking know after that
>>1795 So just fanfiction.
>>1801 Fanfiction implies it's based on something established with concrete events. It's just shit.
>>1795 That's about it. The pilot felt like it was going to go somewhere with hints of some lore to flesh out. Then months later the REAL episodes arrive and their look worse and don't go anywhere all while ramping up the Q U I R K Y for no reason.
>>1763 >y'all Last I checked 8chan /co/ isn't Dixieland or Twatter.

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