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(3.48 MB 1920x1080 ToilPoses01.png)

(514.85 KB 2691x1833 1632656030851.jpg)

(59.99 KB 497x500 51it9HC+XyL.jpg)

Lauren Faust's Toil & Trouble Anonymous 10/01/2021 (Fri) 23:40:30 No. 18218
Copied from /delicious/ >>>/delicious/17700 Leaked art from Lauren Faust's upcoming? cancelled? Netflix series: https://mega.nz/folder/SyISAZZJ#-mqEUPeX3406YFOFpKMAmA Considering her luck with mlp and Hasbro screwing over her Milky Way and Galaxy Girls concepts. It isn't surprising another of her ideas got shot down.
Why haven't she begged for shekels in kikestarter or indiegogo?
>>18226 yeah, i think she could get a decent amount of funding
I wish her all the best, but if she embraces wokeness, she should go broke.
>>18218 It looks cute but >And before them a mystery unfolds as to just where all the witches of the kingdom have disappeared to and just who had taken them Forgive me for being a pessimist, but this just sounds like a 'poor oppressed Witches victims of a bad man' story. I guarantee it.
>>18241 Plot twist: They all left because the main character is a nerd and they don't like her.
>>18242 my take is that all witches grew out of being "witches" and now run some sort of corporate magic shit they seel to humans and such
>>18241 I figured it was just a big bad super witch who want's to become the world's most powerful witch or some varitation on that.
>>18246 *variation
>>18218 What ever happened to the Medusa movie she was involved in making? The story sounded like fun.
>>18257 Another promising project cancelled, what do you think?
(220.90 KB 1276x1846 1632848767745.jpg)

(57.37 KB 850x715 1632810198973.png)

(210.71 KB 549x889 1633026463833.jpg)

I wanna see this show developed because even if it's not very good, the lewds are gonna be tasty. Also, looking at the production notes and art I tend to think it's a very well designed and fun show.
>>18257 With her luck, dead under six feet of water.
>>18257 If that was the one with Sony, it was canceled for the emoji movie. I wish I was joking.
>>18581 Genndy's Popeye was the thing cancelled in favor of the Emoji Movie.
>>18586 Well its technically back in production but under the original ownership of King.

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