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(85.84 KB 509x603 images (5).jpeg)

Final Space 10/17/2021 (Sun) 19:27:33 No. 18573
>horrible disjointed mess of asspulls, coincidences and hammy drama >pace violently jerking from breakneck to glacial >tone also violently jerking, with marvel style quips and family guy style jokes undercutting most scenes >creators hit the gas on power battling and now their lore is hyperinflated to shit and they have to come up with inordinately silly reasons for interpersonal conflict >almost an entire season centers around ashley burch's character, who looks like her and is called "Ash" because the showrunner presumably wants to bust fat loads in her garbage, hasidic hatchet-wound whilst suckling on her crooked nose, she may well have more voice lines in S3 than the MC >also featuring david tennant doing an awful bad guy impression >season 3 turns into Mass Effect 2 style "everyone gets a backstory before we fight the boss" in lieu of content, and everyone gets really angry about nonsense and forgets about their mission to save reality >awful side character dies and characters spend an episode crying about it with totally unearned sincerity >meanwhile other characters have died multiple times and come back through later asspulls What a dumpster fire. Incredible that Netflix pays for this, that it attracted as many notable names as it did and that people seem to be hyped about it.
As soon as they introduced time travel I gave up. It immediately signals nothing matters.
(9.41 KB 210x295 ensign_mariner_sue.jpg)

I'm not surprised that it would end up a disaster. Was at least decent for the first couple of seasons, or if it's a prototype of Lower Decks?
>>18593 >Was at least decent for the first couple of seasons, or if it's a prototype of Lower Decks? Yeah, I'm curious about this too. I remember seeing clips of it a few years ago and it looked pretty good.
>>18573 Well, that explains why the brazen diehards are blowing up Adult Swim's Twatter feed everyday with request for a renewal. But the way I was told they took a few aspects of both Firefly and the DOS Space Quest series. Then adapted all of that into a cheesy animated "comedy-drama-thing." Though, if they wanted to pull a Tripping the Rift, their research should have started there. Because, if the minds behind that one turned the vulgarity down to low. It probably would have lasted a few more seasons. The main problem with these types of shows is - as soon as they start gaining traction, their writers and creators get a big head and try to see how far they can run with a shtick. Instead of evaluating episodes of each season that were poor performers. But most don't like truth. So they won't do the latter.
>>18593 >>18596 it was... ...passable. If you had nothing else to watch and a Netflix subscription, then, maybe.. Some criticism of the OP applies to S1, most of it applies to S2 as Trashley Bitch appears in it. S1 had a lot more random vulgarity which faded away and was almost completely gone from S3. The opening premise of S1 is kind of fun; being stuck in space prison, but it is largely downhill from there. >>18599 yeah, I think that's the case. The third season very much felt like they had some story points in a notebook and made up a bunch of shit to get the plot to hit them all. Very sloppy.
(9.55 KB 402x402 doctor who rrrrrip!.jpg)

>>18573 >racemixing >white man is stupid >black woman knows everything >cat alien has stupid pun name >"running gag" about cookies that was really stupid >ultimate weapon looks like a Squishmallow The only thing I liked was David Tennant.
(174.01 KB 1296x730 Inside Job.jpg)

Inside Job is surprisingly decent, ok writing and no identity politics. Certainly not as bad as the trailer makes it out to be. Thought it would be similar to this but no, this one is actually alright.
>>18850 Still not watching Alex Hirsch led projects. The man's a creepy weirdo that was so obsessed with Lauren Faust he had to put her in Gravity Falls as Wendy for, his self insert, Dipper.
>>18852 So the man has a Faust boner. Is that really an issue?
>>18850 You're joking, right? Even to the most charitable viewer, I'd say at the very least it manages to be bland and unoriginal in content and tone. What exactly did you like about it? >bumbling idiot privileged white man effortlessly succeeds whilst openly being a useless fuckup meanwhile hardworking WoC is constantly embarrassed and dumped on >but wait, it's not just one, there is not a single positive depiction of a white man that I have seen >outdated, shitty rips on president trump as if that can even make a hardcore liberal crack a smile anymore (we've been hearing jokes about the wall since 2016 for fuck's sake) >everyone is openly hostile all the time because Rick and Morty made that ok now >interesting setting takes back seat to trite, criminally overused simplistic morality and life lessons >interesting setting largely doesn't even play into jokes; it's literally just backdrop to make the story work >main character uses intelligence superpower to magic plot elements into existence as robotics to overcome the hard parts of writing It's basically woke American Dad. Cognito Inc has the exact same carnival atmosphere and bipolar leader as AD's CIA, and the basic bitch story points for babies are all there. What I don't understand is why it was even made as it's really not doing anything new or interesting. Given the means that the protagonist is show to have access to (it's not enough that she builds amazing robots at work, she also does it at home), I can't see how you could hook it up to a narrative with any real sense of risk or danger either.
>>18881 It's an issue when he also inserted Craig McCracken as Robbie. It's just pathetic to hold onto a college art school crush but made creepy by the sexual harassment allegations Hirsch has gotten.
>>18850 >>18852 >Alex Hirsch led projects Oh, fuck. And you can be certain he'll be virtue signalling like a faggot throughout everything.
>>18887 Exactly. Whether the series has it or not I don't know but the faggot can't keep his mouth shut on twitter.
(97.82 KB 1280x720 Clones The Read Deal.jpg)

>>18887 There's an episode where her mother has a marriage party where she tries to marry herself as a sign of "empowerment" and her dad rightfully calls it a vain call for attention. They mock pretty much everything and everyone in the show. No virtue signalling as far as I can tell. So far...
>>18894 >no virtue signalling The entire show is one huge virtue signal, everything it does is in line with the expectations and demands of woke twitter. If you're not seeing it, that's on you. It just constantly gently dunks on masculinity and whites with unflattering caricatures.
>>18925 Show me examples
>>18573 >This show >The Star Trek animated series >Alex Hirsch cartoon for big boys like him >That forgotten coach cartoon by a SNL nobody Rick & Morty have become the new Family Goy.
(175.76 KB 1908x1146 Dan Harmon.jpg)

(30.77 KB 800x420 Dan Harmon 2.jpeg)

(15.72 MB 320x232 Dan Harmon Daryl.mp4)

>>18971 I was going to say it's a upturn compared to the generic american sitcom cartoons but then I remembered the high amount of science fiction in cartoons like Family Guy and American Dad. So, we are basically in the same spot.
>>18882 I've yet to fully see it. But going by clips and tidbits from the posts in this thread, the potential for it to be something other than its current self is there. The major problems within the "pissing-match" clip that I instantly caught was the overuse of the word and way the antagonist character reacted. >>18971 >Rick & Morty have become the new Family Goy. Thing about that is - there's always the next show AS will start milking.
>>18850 Did not like it. It's reddit humor mixed in with generic animated sitcom plots. The characters are all as one note as humanely possible. I've seen people compare it to Futurama but Futurama was better off the bat than this was bland as can be. Hirsch ironically went on from a original pretty boundary pushing project to one that's infinitely more bland than ever. Even if (this goes for >>18852 >>18887 too) he was just a producer and not creator the whole thing proves most creatives in animation cannot innovate without limitations like being aimed towards children. The same thing happened with John K, Adult Party Cartoon got remembered as some of the worst to ever get made. I honestly am starting to believe cartoonists can't really produce anything of value if they tried. Most of them only really are good at capturing lightning in a bottle.
>>19136 Fine, I admit it, I just want to fuck the MC. I can fix her!!!
>>19026 Although Futurama started this trend, they even made hip and funny impact font memes themselves when it got its revival. >>19106 >Thing about that is - there's always the next show AS will start milking. Always been the left overs channel.
>>18882 >hardworking woc is constantly embarassed and dumped on She's a halfbreed sperg with 0 social skills. being constantly embarassed and dumped on is common for people like that, regardless of color, though I agree with the useless white guy part. and his depicition is positive, in a roundabout way. >rips on trump Presidentbot is in the first ep with sporadic, tiny amounts of screentime throughout. Oh no they call the president stupid a few times oh my stars anything but that. every show calls every president stupid all the time, this is hardly a contender for worst offender in that department. >everyone is openly hostile all the time because rick and morty Half the cast is chill, the other are hostile, every single fucking one is an over the top parody. >interesting setting largely underused It was and it wasn't, there was a lot of use out the setting, just not as much as they could have since they spent a bit too much time sucking Reagan's dick in the first half of the show >main character uses int superpower to magic plot elements into existence as robotics to overcome the hard parts of writing And every time she magics up a robot to fix her problems it fucks her over because not everything can be solved with her god-mode science hax, shown time and time and time again.
>>19238 >And every time she magics up a robot to fix her problems it fucks her over because not everything can be solved with her god-mode science hax, shown time and time and time again. western nobita?
(302.69 KB 645x664 Reagan.PNG)

>>19262 I want to fuck Western Nobita
>>19238 >being constantly embarrassed and dumped on is common for people like that Colored women being perpetual victims of society particularly whilst white people skate past with fewer consequences or expectations is a key part of leftist narrative.
>>19320 She's dumped by a nigger
>>19424 who happens to be another perfect progressive role model, and also is a cameo from The Good Place. Point being?
(10.41 KB 267x150 SolarOpposites.jpg)

See I parts of Rick and Morty but I imagine it's the Dan Harmon parts. Justin Roiland wrote Solar Opposites and it's abysmal. It's just wacky referential humour and nothing else. Which show started references as jokes? It's literally mentioning things and imagining that's funny. LOL BATMAN!!!
>>19433 I like* parts of

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