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(64.81 KB 393x363 deep dreams dreamless.png)
Questionable Malcontent - Back In Action Anonymous 04/26/2020 (Sun) 21:12:45 No. 194
Not the usual guy but I'm glad to see 8ch is back, I wonder what Jeph has been up to? Last thread: https://archive.is/FEbco#selection-605.0-665.24 Bunker thread: https://archive.is/iLUE6 Archives (which will get updated eventually): Edits: https://gitgud.io/InfinityMalcontent/QMC_Edits/tree/master OC: https://gitgud.io/InfinityMalcontent/QMC_OC/tree/master Threads archive: https://gitgud.io/InfinityMalcontent/QMC_Threads/wikis/home Older stuff (Editfag Prime): Edits: http://imgur.com/a/Sf5J0 Omits: http://imgur.com/a/HtKr0 Twitter Bully: http://imgur.com/a/Jb1a1
(1.06 MB 776x821 1462733980098-0.png)
Anyone know whatever happened to leggy anon?
could've sworn there was some shit on julay
>>465 There was a thread there but it died months ago.
>>465 Everyone just kinda vanished.
>>467 For reasons I couldn't post the daily update anymore and it croaked shortly after, unfortunately. How far back should I dump?
>>506 Fuck, considering how dead its been I think you're backed up 8 months. Unless you want to start off from where the bunker left off then 2 months.
(143.67 KB 800x1160 4182.png)
(181.79 KB 800x1160 4183.png)
(184.91 KB 800x1160 4184.png)
(187.36 KB 800x1160 4185.png)
(143.55 KB 800x1160 4186.png)
The thread was still open. It's only about a hundred pages.
>>510 >It's only about a hundred pages. Good luck
(145.14 KB 800x1160 4187.png)
(151.38 KB 800x1160 4188.png)
(154.54 KB 800x1160 4189.png)
(153.74 KB 800x1160 4190.png)
(161.31 KB 800x1160 4191.png)
>>511 I've done more for less of an audience.
(147.14 KB 800x1160 4192.png)
(156.49 KB 800x1160 4193.png)
(165.63 KB 800x1160 4194.png)
(158.40 KB 800x1160 4195.png)
(161.00 KB 800x1160 4196.png)
(163.49 KB 800x1160 4197.png)
(154.87 KB 800x1160 4198.png)
(164.84 KB 800x1160 4199.png)
(190.55 KB 800x1160 4200.png)
(145.02 KB 800x1160 4201.png)
(135.93 KB 800x1160 4202.png)
(223.29 KB 800x1160 4203.png)
(219.15 KB 800x1160 4204.png)
(153.70 KB 800x1160 4205.png)
(521.42 KB 800x1160 4206.png)
(149.13 KB 800x1160 4207.png)
(162.13 KB 800x1160 4208.png)
(153.73 KB 800x1160 4209.png)
(135.39 KB 800x1160 4210.png)
(145.05 KB 800x1160 4211.png)
(123.44 KB 800x1160 4212.png)
(155.94 KB 800x1160 4213.png)
(163.21 KB 800x1160 4214.png)
(145.34 KB 800x1160 4215.png)
(145.45 KB 800x1160 4216.png)
(158.62 KB 800x1160 4217.png)
(195.39 KB 800x1160 4218.png)
(138.49 KB 800x1160 4219.png)
(141.57 KB 800x1160 4220.png)
(112.57 KB 800x1160 4221.png)
(160.18 KB 800x1160 4222.png)
(141.74 KB 800x1160 4223.png)
(137.56 KB 800x1160 4224.png)
(139.41 KB 800x1160 4225.png)
(156.13 KB 800x1160 4226.png)
(161.61 KB 800x1160 4227.png)
(131.25 KB 800x1160 4228.png)
(119.69 KB 800x1160 4229.png)
(145.42 KB 800x1160 4230.png)
(182.58 KB 800x1160 4231.png)
(166.27 KB 800x1160 4232.png)
(149.95 KB 800x1160 4233.png)
(136.45 KB 800x1160 4234.png)
(159.92 KB 800x1160 4235.png)
(155.61 KB 800x1160 4236.png)
(133.67 KB 800x1160 4237.png)
(159.36 KB 800x1160 4238.png)
(160.08 KB 800x1160 4239.png)
(155.49 KB 800x1160 4240.png)
(155.34 KB 800x1160 4241.png)
(178.21 KB 800x1160 4242.png)
(175.31 KB 800x1160 4243.png)
(165.73 KB 800x1160 4244.png)
(175.78 KB 800x1160 4245.png)
(171.53 KB 800x1160 4246.png)
(192.29 KB 800x1160 4247.png)
(139.57 KB 800x1160 4248.png)
(137.52 KB 800x1160 4249.png)
(148.20 KB 800x1160 4250.png)
(141.69 KB 800x1160 4251.png)
(152.23 KB 800x1160 4252.png)
(166.11 KB 800x1160 4253.png)
(118.37 KB 800x1160 4254.png)
(132.17 KB 800x1160 4255.png)
And only one double post so far
>>527 You know you can delete posts here.
>>531 I didn't. New site, though a report did the job. Thank you for letting me know.
(57.29 KB 386x371 1442374133450.jpg)
>>510 >>512 >>513 >>514 >>515 >>516 >>518 >>517 >>519 >>520 >>521 >>522 >>525 >>526 >>527 well looks like Im grabbing the liquor bottle tonight.
>>513 It hurts to continue.
(275.21 KB 803x688 well stabbed.jpg)
I feel like handstab threads have been dead for years but apparently it took years for Jeph to progress with the all-important exams arc.
>>595 They've always been slow but never dead.
(188.21 KB 800x1160 4256.png)
(138.94 KB 800x1160 4257.png)
(155.11 KB 800x1160 4258.png)
Hopefully it's slow enough that being two frigging days delayed won't hurt anything
(88.31 KB 500x652 850a.jpg)
I forgot how fucking boring this comic is most of the time.
>>613 If only oc anon was around to spruce things up.
>>526 This fucking dummy thicc robot comes racing into the alcoholic jew's dead repair shop to get relationship advice. From her mechanic. Relationship advice. I'm done lads. I can't take any more of this shit. There was a lot of dumb shit here but I can't get past it. Handstab will never let the robodyke go bankrupt, I'll never be free of this pain.
>>631 Hang in there Anon, there's a light somewhere in this tunnel.
(6.82 MB 326x244 (ContemplativeJazzMusic).mp4)
>this shit is still around I feel like I've woken up in 2005 holy shit
>>634 Its a real time capsule of mediocrity.
(151.59 KB 704x1372 EXycRP7U4AEth38.jpg)
>>194 lol
>>510 I don't read QC except when I do. Is that a hive of colony AIs in a single cyborg body or is just pronoun retard shit?
>>512 >If you get in the oven you're just naive
>>634 So is the art.
>>510 >women are gross and have ugly moments, this is character growth right >>512 >tranny glazed over even though it was a whole arc about acceptance of self, making past experience seem like an over dramatization >AI have the world's knowledge at their fingers and they act like children or edgy 20somethings >>513 >eliot likes brun and also r'nee >character has a moment of realization that there is some information their partner won't even care enough about to divulge, because it's minor in nature and their thoughts on it would be "oh cool I'm so accepting of that." >>514 >AI that is actually acting adult is authoritative >surprisingly not made out to be the bad guy >though very apologetic as though that would be the situation otherwise >actual boss is a child robot >>515 >eliot is built like a truck and was in the clique that would have made the people in this comic more dimensional and fleshed out with actual experiences and lessons from their past >HURR BULLI BAD >it's fine everyone was bad but people can be better >>516 >adult robot is made to be in charge of the other robots >random house party setup >>517 >drunk house party is character development right >>518 >right >>519 >despite all the diversity, men and women are closing up into their own little boxes and choosing to take different, isolated environments that separate everyone >awkward homo eroticism >>520 >kid who had to deal with his brother essentially killing himself and ensuring the only genetic lineage would be through himself >kid who got shit on by dudes who valued brawn over brain, even though he saw the value of the opposite in the wider world >kid who, just for having information, would be shit on >is now apologetic, not resolved, in his reasoning that people who make a mockery of intelligence are irritating >all females are on the upswing with zero reservation on doing things that are bad or wrong, males are now apologetic for having past experiences >rather than a bonding experience happening where they both tell each other their side of things, clit showing his worldview on knowledge being power, and eliot explaining his mentality and growth as a person instead we have >"yeah if I was a teen I wouldn't have liked you but I'm okay with people just doing whatever." >>521 Throw away characters filler for literally 4 comics >>522 >awakening brun's homosexuality, it was always too late >a person who is generally uninterested in other people in general >for no reason >starts to open up with someone she just met >instead of this being a point of character development, where she thinks about people in a lighter manner >>525 >as soon as brun becomes an lesbian she turns into a mega cunt and pushes other people away again >but it's fine because she like dog >also there's no conflict in her head about the interaction with this man >man do unlawful action, man get shit on and need to pay his dues >"she might have only had bad experiences with men, but ;)" >>526 >forced lesbian romance once more >"how did you guys do it" >"oh I fucked a dude then got mad he didn't like me looking into his personal and private details, then I was kicked out, and then had a redemption arc where I harbored a war criminal soldier bot in a way that from the outside looking in would almost seem like a love built on a lie for the express purpose of self gratification, as though this AI was coerced into a relationship with the person who helped them because their understanding on human emotion is nearly like an autistic child" >"so basically I'm taking advantage of an autistic child and banging them as payment for saving them from the streets" >>527 >CLICK, yup, that's going in the lesbian couple compilation >sex is now a throw away joke whereas it was a touchy subject between what was supposed to be two awkward adults >>611 DUDE WEED
Did Edit Anon ever return?
>Brun's a lesbian now God fucking dammit, I was hoping tranny's brother (i forget his name, its been ages since I read this with you guys) would get some action, but noooo. At this point, he should just move out of town and buy a sexbot.
>>1817 >Brun's a lesbian now At this rate I wouldnt be surprised if she grafts a dick on her head and calls it a unicorn,
(76.26 KB 434x300 qcjephluvsdata.jpg)
>>527 >Docking sex to celebrate exam results This is what Editfag Prime died trying to prevent >>525 >Iraqi Peppermint Patty is "pretty" >Eyebrows like Castro, fat, autistic lack of hygiene, and a mutt Jeph, you fucking cunt
(38.25 KB 238x238 qcphuckin'jeph.png)
>>512 >"I'm trans." >"That's cool." WHY is that "cool?" Is Jeph saying that being trans is a choice people make to seem popular? Because we should @ him on twitter pretending to be trannies and demanding to know why he isn't checking his white CISHET privilege until he stabs himself in the femoral artery.
(408.83 KB 800x1160 qcedit211.png)
(56.71 KB 586x438 1338177316265.jpg)
>>1857 >Docking sex
(1.62 MB 1280x720 gaysblatantpoofery.webm)
>>1930 Do NOT search the term.
(118.55 KB 524x1294 Ea2CD2vVAAEp0Ef.jpg)
>>1947 Perfect. Thanks, I hate it.
>>1923 Underrated >>1947 The Worst of Us
(523.05 KB 700x1174 assignedwhite1.jpg)
(517.86 KB 960x889 assignedwhite2.jpg)
So have we just finally given up on this shitty, shitty webcomic? Or should we just take a break and fuck with Sophie for a bit?
>>3139 Go nuts, i just think most haven't found their way back to the thread yet.
>>3142 >i just think most haven't found their way back to the thread yet. The message in the bottle back on 8kunt /co/ was that all the cool kids were hanging here, but this doesn't seem any more lively.
>>3194 Its been like this even when 8ch originally went down and came back as 8kun, those several months of down time really hurt the site population.
(579.38 KB 500x375 frograin.gif)
>>3202 So where did everyone end up? Or is it that we're so scattered to the winds that we'll never be together again?
>>3222 Torn between the webring & this place now. Though those on the webring will probably come here as the mods on julay have revealed to be pedophiles trying to destroy other sites.
(4.03 MB 340x255 biden pedo 1.gif)
>>3223 >the mods on julay have revealed to be pedophiles trying to destroy other sites. Why can't the Democrats just leave us alone?!
>>3222 >Or is it that we're so scattered to the winds that we'll never be together again That's exactly it
>>3222 Nice pic and nice digits. >Or is it that we're so scattered to the winds that we'll never be together again? >we The sad truth is, there hasn't been a "we" for quite a while, since the last two-three years of the original site at least.
(507.65 KB 800x1160 Untitled-1 copy.jpg)
>>3307 >there hasn't been a "we" for quite a while, since the last two-three years of the original site at least. 8chan/co/ was a great community, though, once. We had the Questionable Malcontent edits/twitter bullying/etc. and the Stephen Universe misery and the constant fagging for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure even though it's anime. I loved it. It was great, and though we'll never have those times back, why can't we somehow get the band back together here and try to make some new memories?
>>3325 The good thing is 8moe is finally growing and /co/s been a consistent top board. The problem is letting people know 8/co/ is here without bringing cancer.
>>3326 The bigger problem is there's nothing to talk about. Steven Universe is gone. Comics are shit. The MCU is crap. The DCCU is even worse. Primal still hasn't returned.
>>3327 The industry collapse thread and the Disney death thread should honestly be more active. Smaller niche indie books/ webcomics are still being pushed and there's also somesort of drama always happening. People could try for more "fun" threads
>>3327 >Steven Universe is gone I'm not sure how Steven Universe is like but if you have time download the Batman or X-men animated series uploaded on /pac/ or your preferred torrent site. Those shows are solid and closest to the comics. >MCU Marvel hasn't made a decent film in a while since Infinity War. At least with Infinity, Thanos was deconstructed from his comic origins and more complex. Sadly they went back against that and full blown SJW/feminist in Endgame and cheapened the impact from Infinity on top of having Tony Stark die, Steve Rogers gets old, and turned Thor, one of the most badass Marvel characters, into a obese, drunkard character. >DCCU At least they made Joker film before they went full blown SJW. I'd have to say Joaquin Phoenix hit it out of the park to the point his portrayal of Joker was as good as Health Ledger's Dark Knight Joker. While I'd prefer the unpredictable, and chaotic Joker, Phoenix managed to make his Joker believable, take everything away from a man, turn him insane and then you have the Joker. >Comics are shit Not really if you read the older ones from the Golden/Silver age or niche/indie comics that tend to provide alternatives to the mainstream comics tho the thing with indie comics its a hit and miss, and they get drowned easily in the pool of comics. >>3328 I agree. The comic industry is about to change with the pandemic affecting retail and distribution. The only means for individual artists and publishers to get their books out to retail stores is through Diamond Distributor, who is the singular distributor of comics since the 90's after the other wholesellers fell apart and they have the final say in what gets stocked for distribution and what doesn't. Diamonds has rolled back in taking in more comics and has forced major publishers such as Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse to drop series and artists whose comics aren't selling. Couple with that and older comic fans going to indie comics or Manga and the industry is going to be forced to change to maintain their fans.
>>3329 Steven Universe was shit but it made for discussion on studying what not to do. MCU & DCCU share a bit of the same problems. Both are just shit overall so that's all that really matters. Ech there's okay indie books out there but nothing that I can say really wows me. Golden & Silver age cape comics are at least fun but knowing what they become as time goes destroys the enjoyment for me.
>>3336 >Golden & Silver age cape comics are at least fun but knowing what they become as time goes destroys the enjoyment for me. It sucks SJWs have infiltrated the industry but that shouldn't deter your enjoyment of that stuff. Do it like me pretend none of those future installments even existed and you'll be fine. I did that with Star Wars and we all know how much of a train wreck that one is. As soon as I watched the final movie of the Ray Arc, I quickly went back to watching the original trilogy and prequels. Say what you want but even the prequels and Rogue One are better than the crap we got with the Force Awakens and beyond that.
>>3337 See Star Wars is easy to do that with. Disney's crap, including Rogue One, aren't real Star Wars in my mind. Hell they're not even good movies on their own.
>>3325 8/co/ was fine, I guess, my main complaint was people fighting over silly things like summerfags ruining board culture and derailing threads. Fortunately, that doesn't happen here and most threads are consistent. >>3336 >it made for discussion on studying what not to do. I thought I was the only one who liked to discuss what not to do with show using SU as reference. >>3337 >SJWs have infiltrated the industry <B-But SW Like clockwork
>>3338 It's easy to do that with comics, too. If I'm reading Ditko's Spider-Man, I'm not thinking of whatever shit Marvel published last year. I have no idea how he got from there to here, and I don't really care. There's more Spider-Man than I can ever read in my life, so I'll just start from the beginning, and probably never get to the SJW shit anyway.
(18.34 MB 1920x1080 Darth Vader Rogue One End.mp4)
>>3338 Rogue was meh but at least Vader was there to carry the entire film in less than 2 minutes. Talk about being based.
>>3342 The film had no reason to exist. It was not a story that needed to be told & none of the characters matter. >>3340 Don't start this shit again. You can't just keep turning your brain off & acting like the characters just stop existing. Like it or not they're still out there being ruined for years & years after whatever old run you read. You can do this with cartoons easily since they're contained to their own universe bubble & their stories are over once the show ends it's run. Mainline comics does not have this ability. Again, the mainline is forever continuing & butchering the characters.
>>3344 It's fiction. It's not real. The universe ends whenever I want it to end. I stopped watching The Simpsons over a decade ago. I just don't watch the new ones. As far as I'm concerned, it's a different show. Same with Spongebob. It's very easy to just disregard everything after Season 3. With Spider-Man, it's easy to disregard everything starting with the first writer/artist you don't like. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If Marvel publishes some SJW piece of shit and no one is around to read it, does it retroactively make Steve Ditko stories SJW trash as well?
>>3345 Your own headcanons do not alter reality.
(315.71 KB 598x600 1309732039931.jpg)
>>3346 I don't know how to tell you this, Anon, but... comics aren't reality.
(578.46 KB 875x311 bonk.png)
>>3344 >You can't just keep turning your brain off & acting like the characters just stop existing Yes, yes you can, of course you can. I fucking love Looney Tunes but I think Wabbit is absolute garbage so I act like it never existed. I enjoyed Hanna Barbera T&J but the 80s and 90s iterations were atrocious, so I plain don't watch them, is not really that hard. >B-But muh continuity Spiderman has over 50 years of continuity, there's plenty material which and tons of good stories for sure, you can read and has barely any relevance with recent events, trashing said stories just because recent stuff it's not at the same level is like saying you shouldn't read argentinian comic books just because their industry stopped being a thing after the 80s. Just stick to the comics you do like instead of blaming recent mediocre writers, still, Spider-man is already a convoluted story.
>>3349 Anon... using Looney Tunes as an example to prove your point makes no sense. Looney Tunes does no act like it's one big continuity. It's hundreds of different shows that don't interact with each other. The Bugs of Wabbit is not the Bugs of Big Chungus. Doesn't matter if a story from the past is relevent to events in the present. The writers act like & expect the readers to think it all matters. Even when they retcon or completely erase events. You can say all you want that the merits of past comics should be enjoyed despite the garbage written in the present but it doesn't change the fact it's all been so needlessly convoluted & remains so today.
>>3350 You get the idea, the fact that there are bad stories doesn't mean you can enjoy the good ones. >it doesn't change the fact it's all been so needlessly convoluted & remains so today Never said otherwise, but you are acting like it's a recent thing despite the convolution on not only spiderman but american superheroes in general has been a thing for several decades.
>>3351 Never acted like it was recent.
>>3350 >The writers act like & expect the readers to think it all matters. The writers act like & expect the readers to like it and keep reading, yet they don't. Modern writers, their thoughts, and their material, aren't worth jack shit. >but it doesn't change the fact it's all been so needlessly convoluted & remains so today. This is a completely different argument. I'd gladly have this argument, but it's completely separate from saying that shitty modern comics retroactively make good old comics bad. But to get into that, then fine. I don't think being convoluted necessarily makes it bad. I think there is interesting stuff that can be done when it's really convoluted, but I also think that you can't blame new readers for not being able to get into it, so I would stop writers from doing really convoluted stuff if I was in charge, just for monetary reasons. Marvel has been pretty big into crossovers since the start. Especially since the Silver Age, when characters met each other all the time. But at least it was consistent then, and they made it so you didn't need to read every issue anyway. Golden Age stuff isn't convoluted at all. There were very few crossovers at either Marvel or DC (or Atlas or National), and when they did happen, like the famous first crossover between Namor and The Human Torch, it wasn't exactly incomprehensible. Go read Golden Age stuff. I especially recommend Golden Age Marvel, even though I'm mostly a DC guy. Those early Namor and Human Torch stories are excellent, as are other things like Ka-Zar and even Electro (who is a robot controlled by an old man). None of it is convoluted at all, and most of the characters stopped being used in the 1940s. And if Golden Age Namor is somehow ruined for you by him appearing in X-Men stories 80 years later, then that's just sad. It's obviously a completely separate thing. Hell, he disappeared for almost 20 years, until they brought him back as a Fantastic Four villain. Use that timeskip to just figure anything after the gap doesn't count. It's not like it was the same people writing it.
>>3353 Look all the excuses aside on continuity there's still a plethora of other problems that make big two comics horrible experiences to go through. Character progression doesn't matter. Death doesn't matter. Relationships don't last. Aging doesn't happen until it's convenient for drama. Villains always come back. Even a character's sexuality can be retconned for brownie points. The industry is a mess of terrible writing & always has had these problems. There's no structure to what they do. I'd really really rather just keep reading manga. There's so much more to offer & of higher quality. Minus the terrible translations in some books.
(32.00 KB 240x240 link can't triforce.jpg)
>>3339 Boy, it sure it summer in here.
>>3355 But how does any of that make individual stories bad? That's all just complaining about the progression of sequels. By the same token, you could claim all the Bond movies are bad because there is little progression and they can (and have) rewrote things in stupid ways. But Daniel Craig movies don't make Sean Connery movies bad. By the same token, Dan Slott Spider-Man stories don't make Steve Ditko or John Romita Spider-Man stories bad. I've got nothing against manga, either. Lots of good stories there as well. All I'm saying is you're overlooking good stories for dumb reasons that have nothing to do with the stories themselves. Would you say Dragon Ball is retroactively bad just because you don't like GT or Super? You can dislike Majin Buu, but it doesn't retroactively make the Red Ribbon Army saga bad. Also keep in mind, for the vast majority of their history, each issue of a comic was a standalone story. Actually, for the first 25 years or so, there were multiple standalone stories in an issue. It's not like most manga or most modern comics where each issue is very tightly connected to the next.
>>3368 Anon. You are frustrating me a lot with how hard you're shilling for comics. Just because some individual issues are really good does not make up for the vast majority of shit. A series of books isn't good just because one chapter is amazing while the rest is meh or shit. Likewise I don't fucking care if one issue of capeshit from DC or Marvel is good when I know the output of both companies is horrible. Hell there's plenty more reasons that keep me from reading comics. Writers have a contempt for their readerbase if they have any sort of criticism or disagree with their politics. There's too much left leaning bias in the industry itself. Having no consistent art even in indie books is jarring especially when there's no storyboard consistent designs. The expectation to read 5 others book ongoing to understand something is a scam to get more of your money. Women are no longer allowed to be drawn attractive. Artists are embarrassed to draw superheroes like superheroes to the point of constant terrible redesigns. Legacy characters can exist but they're pointless because no one actually ages so they'll never really step into their role. Even if they do the original will always come back. How many more terrible messy issues with comics must I list before you get that they're shit. They've always been shit. They were war propaganda by jews, turned to marketable IPs with no structure, & are now woke leftist soapboxes with terrible art. Fuck comics.
>>3369 >Anon. You are frustrating me a lot with how hard you're shilling for comics. I'm not. You admit that some are good. That's all I'm saying. >Just because some individual issues are really good does not make up for the vast majority of shit. I never said it did. I said to just read the good ones. >A series of books isn't good just because one chapter is amazing while the rest is meh or shit. No, but if one is good then I don't care if later sequels are shit. Did you know there are so many Oz books that even the fans say some later ones are less important and that the main ones are called "The Famous Forty?" Does that make the original book retroactively bad? Obviously not. There are like a million Swamp Thing comics, but if you are ignoring Saga of the Swamp Thing because of some other comic book that came out 30 years later, then you're missing out. If you ignore the work of Jack Kirby because of some other assholes who made shit stories with characters he created after he died, you're missing out. If you think Sherlock Holmes is shit because you didn't like the time Will Farrell played him, then you're missing out. >Writers have a contempt for their readerbase if they have any sort of criticism or disagree with their politics. There's too much left leaning bias in the industry itself. Agreed. Don't read works by those people. I generally stay away from practically anything written in the last five years, at least. This wasn't much of a problem before then. It barely existed a decade ago. Also, those people write shit stories anyway because they hate the genre and they hate art in general, only wanting to make propaganda instead. So unlike the works I advocate for, you're not missing out by not reading their garbage. >Having no consistent art even in indie books is jarring especially when there's no storyboard consistent designs. A lot of indie books do have consistent art, though. At the very least, usually you get consistent art within a single story. I'll give you that it can be very jarring when an artist changes in the middle of a story, though. It's becoming an even bigger problem in modern times as artists who don't give a shit and openly hate the genre deliberately make characters ugly and draw badly on purpose. They're also the ones who tend to ignore past continuity, and would be the ones that don't care about drawing off model. They just don't care. Don't read their stuff. >Women are no longer allowed to be drawn attractive. Artists are embarrassed to draw superheroes like superheroes to the point of constant terrible redesigns. See above. Very recent problem. Just don't read those. >The expectation to read 5 others book ongoing to understand something is a scam to get more of your money. Agreed. Sometimes those stories can actually be fun if you pirate them. More often it's just padded bullshit. Don't bother with those. This has slowly become more and more of a problem since the late '80s. Go read stuff from the '80s and earlier. Lots of great stuff there, and it's completely unaffected by this. >Legacy characters can exist but they're pointless because no one actually ages so they'll never really step into their role. Even if they do the original will always come back. Wally West. Even after Barry came back, there are good Wally stories that use his growth. But also, there are 25 years of Wally stories when Barry was dead, and Barry eventually coming back doesn't retroactively make those stories bad. Not to mention that Barry is a legacy character in the first place. You have a similar thing going on with Green Lantern, Hawkman, and a bunch of other JSA guys. Also, Dick Grayson is a good example of growth, even if he only ever gets to be a temporary Batman, he's certainly grown since his introduction, mostly in a very gradual and fulfilling way, which makes it rather believable. Blue Beetle is another pretty successful example of a legacy character. All three versions are pretty good, despite being wildly different from each other, and they generally show respect to the previous versions, and use them well for motivation and drama. >They were war propaganda by jews Superman was invented in 1938. They only started getting used as propaganda specifically because they were already popular. It was largely jews, though. And literal mobsters. >turned to marketable IPs with no structure Except they do, or at least did for decades. You claim these problems existed forever, but they're all reliant on the idea that each issue needs to have a story that is strongly related to the ones before and after it, and that didn't happen very much until the late '80s. It practically never happened at all until the '70s. Before that, most stories were standalone. If anything, you could argue that older comics followed too rigid a structure. I don't think you've read very many older comics, since your complaints really don't work with them and specifically don't work with their structure, which is very different than the type of structure usually used in modern comics. >& are now woke leftist soapboxes with terrible art. Don't read those ones. Just read the good ones. That's what I do. There are actually a lot. Even if it's just due to the sheer number that have been published, there are a lot of good ones.
(374.77 KB 417x599 jeph and shelby.png)
So has Jefphf actually put out any new faggotry or are we just going to rename this the Questionable Capeshit thread?
(136.61 KB 800x1160 4311.png)
(153.86 KB 800x1160 4312.png)
(196.15 KB 800x1160 4313.png)
(150.56 KB 800x1160 4314.png)
(183.38 KB 800x1160 4315.png)
>>3422 Here's the latest ten
(152.32 KB 800x1160 4316.png)
(137.93 KB 800x1160 4317.png)
(147.14 KB 800x1160 4318.png)
(161.26 KB 800x1160 4319.png)
(136.34 KB 800x1160 4320.png)
Does anyone actually even give a damn about these characters? In most stories characters evolve these characters feel like they've actually managed to regress.
(15.72 MB 576x324 Anime_Club_-_Part_1.mp4)
(14.71 MB 480x270 Anime_Club_-_Part_2.mp4)
>>3434 The porn one was kinda funny. Reminds me of The Anime Club. wait, sven? Fuck, isn't that the hipster blue sexbot fucked? Didn't he have a beard? >>3435 >Suffered enough She stole a fuckton of money, hijacked a military air craft, and I don't remember what else. The fact that she's even allowed to wander freely in society is beyond me. Bitch should be happy she ain't dead, or worse! She's why people are afraid of AIs and skynet. >>3478 At this point I firmly believe we are all here just to suffer.
(179.62 KB 800x1160 4321.png)
(151.58 KB 800x1160 4322.png)
(168.90 KB 800x1160 4323.png)
(183.79 KB 800x1160 4324.png)
(150.94 KB 800x1160 4325.png)
>>3222 If a site is good, people will gradually coalesce. I had heard 8ch didn't make a full comeback and held off trying it, after a few months I found out they'd changed position on loli, And I only now found out about 8 moe because I wanted to see if people were reacting to this week's...slightly interesting development. We might be headed to another "This is me."
>>3524 >buff boy is gay GOD FUCKING DAMMIT JEPH YOU COMPLETE AND UTTER MANHACK YOU CAN'T MAKE EVERYBODY GAY I swear, the only way this can get better is everybody gets aids, even the robots, and promptly dies.
(185.01 KB 800x1160 4326.png)
(176.02 KB 800x1160 4327.png)
(178.94 KB 800x1160 4328.png)
(142.17 KB 800x1160 4329.png)
(152.73 KB 800x1160 4330.png)
Is there a term for having a character call out a glaring flaw in your work that you have no intention of correcting?
>>3860 Why hasn't Jeph been found and shot already? This is insulting.
>>3860 >Is there a term for having a character call out a glaring flaw in your work that you have no intention of correcting? as a matter of fact, yes: lampshading
(728.08 KB 450x640 Lampshading.jpg)
>>4022 Hmm, today I've learned something new
(1.10 MB 1280x720 AFRO-NAZBOL_GANG.mp4)
>>3860 Fat neregress with a shitty undercut dabbing
>>3535 Why are you even surprised? Also the fucks wrong with the uid
(155.88 KB 800x1160 4331.png)
(154.42 KB 800x1160 4332.png)
(198.56 KB 800x1160 4333.png)
(177.27 KB 800x1160 4334.png)
(163.73 KB 800x1160 4335.png)
>>4022 I thought that was for comic relief and necessary shortcuts. Not for "I know it's lazy to make everyone gay but I still expect you to be happy about it."
(162.51 KB 800x1160 4336.png)
(165.68 KB 800x1160 4337.png)
(156.98 KB 800x1160 4338.png)
(125.02 KB 800x1160 4339.png)
(149.50 KB 800x1160 4340.png)
>>3342 They could have just released that scene without the rest of the film.
I stopped reading this shit when it had only 3 main characters and a comic relief robot, how bad did it get?
(492.27 KB 800x1160 TTIAB.jpg)
(324.89 KB 800x746 temp.jpg)
(56.33 KB 360x451 Fürher thumbs up.jpg)
>>4758 >>4761 Thanks for the laughs.
(621.12 KB 800x1160 wokeness.jpg)
>>4742 Most of the cast is in homosexual relationships one way or another: >Marten is dating a tranny >Dora is engaged to a lesbian >Faye is dating a fembot >Clinton just discovered he wants dick after getting confessed by the big baker boi >Autist fembot and autist girl will hook up soon. Meanwhile, heterosexual relationships are being pushed to the background more and more.
Archivefag/former OP guy here. Pretty sure I forgot the gitgud login info. Should I fork it and dump my saved shit from before 8ch got nuked, or should I not bother? Is there anybody out there?
>>6437 There's people still here, although its been slow. But its good to know Anons are finding there way back here.
(459.18 KB 800x1160 3 Seeded for his pleasure.png)
>>3524 inb4 Buffdude ends up in a three-way marriage with Cunton and Iraqi Peppermint Patty
(36.76 KB 600x450 ccf.gif)
>>7315 For some reason I was expecting the robot to shove the watermelon into her snatch, kinda like with Katia and her pineapple trick in PREQUEL
>>7340 >pineapple trick Where's a drawfag when you need them.
(158.06 KB 800x1160 4405.png)
>>7595 >experimental surgery clown Did Jacque ever look into a mirror before?
>>7595 Are plugs still a thing?
>>7595 >War clown The heck is that?
>>7647 Either a politician or Bozo's old Vietnam pictures.
>>7595 >a rodeo clown at a wedding That sounds quite enjoyable actually, as long as the package comes with the bulls too.
(794.47 KB 320x286 5US.gif)
>>7709 >as long as the package comes with the bulls too.
>>7709 >as long as the package comes with the bulls too.
(392.79 KB 477x627 1452029141940.png)
>>7709 > bulls too
(38.25 KB 238x238 qcphuckin'jeph.png)
>>7595 >that hiLARious final word balloon
(413.50 KB 799x1147 ClipboardImage.png)
(40.83 KB 593x576 1430370512727-2.png)
>>8600 >I ting <um...oy What does it mean?
I miss editanon and baggyfag
>>8910 I wonder where they went.
(322.55 KB 800x1160 e e e.png)
(379.47 KB 800x1160 wet.png)
>>8917 >>8600 Why doesnt the yellow one have a nose?
(468.37 KB 800x1160 Renee the homicidal maniac.png)
>>9011 Do people still wear plugs?
>>9011 >Do you even wanna cum? <ye
>>7595 Why the fuck do I come back here after 4 years and it's the same shit The same fucking poses. The guy is closing his eyes and sneering, one of the characters has their head tilted back and is looking up to imply eye roll. The girl has he hand out as though conveying a thought being spoken with the hands, the guy has his hand on his chest to identify he's talking about himself. There's some disagreement so the two are closer now and their expressions are at odds with each other. The last panel is a one off joke that provides no further substance, there's another character who wasn't in the rest of it, and the poses are all things he's done before; character saying something they don't agree with so they're using air quotes, character contemplating what has been said, he's in the "thought" stance, with a "good point" expression. I didn't even read what was said in the comic yet.
(172.33 KB 800x1160 4450.png)
Looks like I'm in the same boat as others. I checked out after 8chan melted down and stopped reading QC entirely. I got a weird urge to check the comic today. As low as my expectations were I was somehow still surprised at how it looks exactly the same, with the same structure and format. No experimentation, no improvement, just the same bland thing as always. Still 800x1160 pixels, still 8-bit color just in case someone out there is still browsing the internet with a 486 with VGA graphics over 9600 baud dialup. I always thought it would be soul crushing to be in the newspaper comic industry where you get bored, want to try new things, jockey for more page space, etc. but the newspaper syndication business demands you stick to a rigid format. Even without the oversight, Jeph does it willingly. It's like a skit where someone is asked about his fantasy best day ever and in the dream sequence he's filling out reports and getting chewed out by six bosses. Except that might actually be funny, which QC isn't. So anyways I thought Clinton was talking to Faye but it turns out to be yet other character that looks exactly like her but with larger eyebrows, which I guess would make her White Brun. I guess this is yet another potential romantic interest. Looks like her personality is Emily but toned down.
>>9322 >Looks like I'm in the same boat as others. I checked out after 8chan melted down How did you find your way back here?
>>9324 I went to 8kun and found a thread wondering where all the people from 8/co/ went and someone mentioned this place. /co/ on 8kun was hard enough to find. Apparently it was abandoned after some rule fuckery. I've been out of the chans entirely for a while.
>>9325 Basically 8kun doubled down on the boomer shit, banned loli and refused to fix the site, so anyone worth anything left. Beyonder and Yani are afk, so some guy called Frank took the board. 8moe was put together by some regulars from /v/ and Its been pretty fine so far, some teething here and there but fine.
(496.43 KB 800x1160 Normal street talk.png)
>>9327 Panel 1 is fantastic.
(11.77 KB 500x496 1433819618459-1.jpg)
>>9352 >>9322 >Hololive reference OH GOD HE WANTS TO BECOME A VTUBER
>>9428 I'd fucking laugh my ass off if he fucking did.
>>9429 Yandere dev became one, so its not far from reality.
(81.00 KB 800x533 dog_burns_it_all_down.jpg)
(110.71 KB 1024x725 easy memory procedure.jpg)
>>9430 Each day a new horror awaits
>>9322 Why does Cunton look more like a real girl than his mentally-deranged brother does?
>>9449 >Cunton becomes a trap Calling it now, and it will be a source of great drama as Cunton's brother's boyfriend starts popping a boner over him and we get a reprise of the infamous "So this is me/ you're beautiful" scene. With a vibrating robot hand. The marriage will be ruined, the tranny kills himself, mother blames herself for ever letting the transition happen in the first place, and Cunton has to move to a different city with Bubbles after she falls in love with him for not only being more feminine than the mismanaged trashfire she lives with, but for having a penis as well to fill her hole with.
(508.84 KB 800x1160 1617015482113.png)
>>10781 What the.....
>>10781 Now I see why Anons have been dedicating a regular general to this random webcomic for ages.
(97.21 KB 444x483 jimmywut.jpg)
>>10781 >>9352 >>9430 >>9322 >>9431 Alright /co/, place your bets! >What is Jeph going to debut as >When >And how bad is it going to be Hard Mode: It can't be the Red troon.
>>10781 Overcompensating in typical tranny fashion I see. Loving the double pair of teats though, didn't think Jeph'd go this far.
>>10781 This is fucking absurd. It brings an existential kind of pain. Did she make that avatar herself or did she pay someone to do it for her? >>10794 Either Bubbles or that little blue robot with the opossum. >>10795 >Tranny fashion That's his mom, not the brother.
>>10803 >That's his mom Oh, well now that just retroactively explains the family dysfunction
(164.80 KB 264x555 qc precious.png)
My brothers-in-pain, I want to dump all my collected Questionable Malcontents into a 7z file and upload them so they may be saved for posterity. I am running out of space on my hard drive (and I'm afraid of them being discovered by a normal). I don't just want to throw them out without knowing someone will give them a good home. 1. Is there anyone who would actually want that archive? 2. It will probably be a big file. Is there a good place to dump it for free with no registration?
>>10880 Yeah sure, you can probably put it in a google drive and make it temporary or you can try using Anonfiles or catbox.
>>10902 >google drive No. What about Mega? Would that work?
>>10902 Shit, jumped the gun as soon as I saw google. I'll look into anonfiles and catbox first.
>>10904 Anonfiles appears to be choking on the 7z, but I'll let it run for a bit before I give up.
>catbox Ooookay, so anonfiles is definitely not working and catbox has a 200mb limit (file is 290mb), so I'll keep looking for something that works. I'll drop a link once I find something.
>>10903 That too.
>>10906 >limit is 200mb >file is 290mb Then split it in two.
(84.65 KB 285x333 qcjephmyshitup.jpg)
Found one that took the upload without registration. https://sendgb.com/THY34Nd1S7y Let me know if you guys are having problems. It will self-destruct in 7 days from now.
(1.33 MB 720x348 what the fuck neo.gif)
>>10912 Link just sends me to the Upload main page. Maybe not done yet?
>>10913 The fuck? The test I ran worked.
(4.99 KB 320x265 Screenshot.png)
>>10913 I restarted my browser and it still goes to the download. Right side, near the bottom you should be seeing this:
>>10914 >>10915 Finally worked after a couple of Ctrl-F5's probably my shitty ass browser
>>10916 No worries
(8.65 KB 190x255 1436116304534.jpg)
>>10912 Thanks, anon. I don't know if it'll ever come in handy, but I'll keep them. Let's all kill Handstab together.
(357.55 KB 600x791 qcTEHmongler.jpg)
>>10918 You're welcome. I hope the notes help all editfags going forward.
>>10919 >the notes *and resources
(110.71 KB 800x1160 2614.png)
(446.97 KB 800x1160 2 Blue Man's Burden.png)
(174.32 KB 600x1417 2379.png)
(549.32 KB 800x1180 qcanewhope.jpg)
>>10919 >Two of them died in me. Oh lord, that's fucking great. And I remember the infestation one. Goddamn, son, this is so much better than the shit Jeph puts out. Yo, wait, hold up, Marten has a mother? No wait, of course he has a mother, it's the dads that are all dead. Why is there a rifle over the fireplace? That one isn't edited, is it? Why am I reading this?? Fuck it, I'm posting. Found the rest of the edits by scrolling, this is fucking great. I'm gonna wake the neighbours laughing at edits of a shitty comic.
>>10927 First time reading them?
>>10929 Not all of them. No, actually, most of them are first time. I knew about the Malcontent thread for years, but I always skipped past them for other comic threads. I joined for real around- fuck, when was that? Something to do with Braun, I'm certain. I'll probably find it if I keep reading.
(21.15 KB 544x400 spidermanlizardwut.jpg)
>>10932 My brother turned SJW sometime in the past without me realizing it. I sat him down to read them and, before he hit #10, his face looked like he'd bitten into a lemon filled with maggots.
>>10934 Did it turn him around?
(171.61 KB 400x400 bill nye but that's a woman.png)
>>10935 Yeah. 360° and then he walked out the door. No, he gave me shit for laughing at such problematic hatespeech. I rolled my eyes and told him to lighten up. He did not respond positively to such advice. And then when he found out my involvement, he totally lost it. The funniest/saddest part is that he's currently being fucked over by a borderline personality faggot and feminist bitch at his work. If he'd embraced the Problematic instead of rejecting it, he might not be feeling so betrayed and confused right now.
>>10936 That's on him, but I'll admit I was hoping for a better ending. Also, goddamn, seeing Cunton's bleeding arm spread more and more blood is fucking funny. I can't believe there's fucking continuity in it. >How long, exactly, have I been bleeding like this? For a couple of pages and an estimated fifteen minutes, Cunton. This whole jew-killing business is worth a few good laughs.
>>10938 >but I'll admit I was hoping for a better ending. So was I. He used to giggle like a maniac at the sickest things.
(582.46 KB 800x1160 qcedit46.jpg)
(703.07 KB 800x1160 qcedit55.jpg)
(718.13 KB 800x1160 qcedit60.jpg)
(767.71 KB 800x1160 qcedit85.jpg)
(733.17 KB 800x1160 qcedit88.jpg)
I had completely fucking forgotten the latest Fantastic Four movie had a nigger Human Torch. Which is funny. Who was Kate Leth again? And WHY does Claire know Ben Garrison's dick size?? Ok, 55 is the best one so far, holy shit. How is Claire still alive?? By the way, what's going on with The Marten whenever it gets in contact with Steve? Is it Steve's sheer testosterone count that's frying it like bacon in a bad pan? As for #88, did Netanyahu actually say that?
(181.38 KB 750x607 leth note.jpg)
(60.70 KB 444x500 sjwkatelethtrash.jpg)
(100.09 KB 500x559 sjwkatelethcravesdeath.jpg)
(468.66 KB 800x892 sjwkatelethkirk.png)
(291.17 KB 770x409 sjwkatelethcolorpallette.png)
>>10942 >Who was Kate Leth again? At the time, she was cunting up Marvel something fierce.
(4.04 MB 1280x720 hitler netanyahu.webm)
>>10942 >what's going on with The Marten whenever it gets in contact with Steve? Is it Steve's sheer testosterone count that's frying it like bacon in a bad pan? Steve's toxic masculinity burned Teh the way sound and fire affect Venom. As for #88, Fuck, I didn't even notice the numbering on that. >did Netanyahu actually say that? Hooboy, yes, yes he did. Apparently Hitler wanted to expel them like every single other country that wasn't run by a woke faggot, but then, according to Bibi, the German muslims convinced Adolf to try something else. In other words, the current leader of the jews actually absolved Hitler of most of the blame.
>>10945 The only thing I miss were the Hellcat threads making fun of her.
>>10945 I fucking remember her now. Good god. What's she doing these days? Rotting in a shallow grave, I hope. >>10946 How did I not hear about this, and why is it not brough up more often? I'm gonna continue reading tomorrow night, for now I need to catch my Zs. Messed up my sleep schedule.
(196.97 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>10949 >What's she doing these days? She cunted up Crunchyroll for a bit with pic related. Subscribers weren't best pleased to find out they'd funded feminist shit. >How did I not hear about this, and why is it not brough up more often? Because jews run the media, and it was a bad take for people who are still trying to milk the holocaust like it was the world's oldest cow. It was quickly buried and the Elders probably called Bibi into the Star Chamber to ream him out.
>>10947 >The only thing I miss were the Hellcat threads making fun of her. Yeah, those were great. I didn't save those but I know some anons did.
(2.93 MB 2305x1291 b69.png)
>>10950 Kate in CY+6.
(2.93 MB 2305x1291 b69.png)
>>10958 Hmm. Not working for some reason. Let's try again.
(2.93 MB 2305x1291 deth.png)
>>10959 Last try.
>>10960 Okay, fuck it. >tl;dr She's fatter and uglier.
(151.71 KB 620x328 qcdarkhalf.jpg)
>>10912 Bumping this in case anyone missed it. You have less than seven days to acquire all the Questionable Malcontent files. I'll be deleting them from my machine by then.
(1.76 MB 800x2842 1466207952596-1.png)
>>10951 Here
(256.37 KB 1250x938 anita ruins something else.jpg)
>>10970 >Guy who made Adventure Time He's a simp for two of the worst people on Earth.
(127.82 KB 460x319 simpsonscalm.jpg)
>>10958 >>10959 >>10960 Ah. They worked all along.
(231.70 KB 500x510 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10970 >Natasha Alegri Something something about her art style that even though it's mediocre and anime wannabe it's easy to recognize, I don't really know what it is.
(673.54 KB 800x1160 qcedit91.jpg)
(7.82 MB 720x405 All hands on neck!.webm)
(775.77 KB 800x1160 qcedit99.jpg)
(743.70 KB 800x1160 qcedit102.jpg)
(785.20 KB 800x1160 qcedit108.jpg)
I'm back. Now I'm on to edit 91. I like how in Editverse, Claire's a biological woman, and everybody but her brother is in fucking denial about it. And in the very next page, The Marten's big secret is revealed. And Kikesize's plan just got thrown in the trash. Aaaah, 93 explains how Pintsize got possessed. Fucking timetravel? Really? Fuck, where is that all hands on neck webm, I know I have- Found it! Edit #102 is very interesting to me, because it reminds me of what Police bot went through when she got a new body (no, fuck you, I refuse to remember their names. I am NOT wasting headspace for this). Remember she tried to punch a wall and got a pop-up saying her body's self-defense mechanism had engaged? The Asimov laws seem strongly in tune with that feeling of loss of control. Wait, did Edit-anon predict the future?? Also, wouldn't the Asimov laws prevent bots from having this kind of debauched sex? Btw, what's with the dinosaurs? I think I missed that part of Ben Garrison lore where he has his own Jurassic Park to use for cannon fodder. >>10950 If I remember correctly, nothing came of that. High Guardian Spice was cancelled, right? >>10958 Oh, yeah, it was cancelled. It's all coming together now. >>10970 Those threads were good shit. Real good shit. I almost miss them.
(767.45 KB 800x1160 qcedit110.jpg)
(808.87 KB 800x1160 qcedit111.jpg)
(859.73 KB 800x1180 qcedit120.jpg)
(701.80 KB 800x1160 qcedit128.jpg)
(745.99 KB 800x1160 qcedit134.jpg)
>>11028 How the fuck did the jews kill Cthulhu? According to Shadow over Innsmouth (if I remember my classic Lovecraft correctly), the swastika is a protective charm against the Great Old Ones. Or was that Mountains of Madness? The fact that Sven and May become fuckbuddies in the future of CQ makes this whole exchange a lot more humourous. May looks like a character from Ed, Edd and Eddy when she gets electrocuted. Skipping ahead a bit, Why would a tranny (and a woman at that) ever join islam? Then again, lefties do the craziest kind of shit these days. #120 was great. The fact that someone gifted Firetires a copy of Gone Home was one of the greatest pranks ever done. Did the bonegoblin ever play it? I do not remember Faye and Menstro scissoring before they officially became a couple. Is that true? Why does Menstro wear a coat? She's a fucking combat bot, what does she need to feel uncomfortably cold for? As for edit #133, whorebot just came in the door from the cold outdoors. WHY AM I DEFENDING THIS RETARDED COMIC? and #134 comes up and all I can do is nod my head in agreement with Faye's old boss; I have don't understand what's happening either.
(797.46 KB 800x1160 qcedit144.jpg)
(798.65 KB 800x1160 qcedit145.jpg)
(756.01 KB 800x1160 qcedit146.jpg)
(921.49 KB 800x1160 qcedit150.jpg)
(621.78 KB 800x1160 qcedit154.jpg)
>>11029 Reading on, I find out Marten's mom is still in this somehow, AND she's dating sam (who is this girl?)'s dad. The fucking mari edit outside the window, that's great. The entire exchange between #144 and 145 fills me with pain. The walldecor does not alleviate that pain. And then there's #146. For fuck's sake, Claire, make up your mind! Are you a man for Marten's sake, or are you a woman with a dick? MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND! And Marten is officially gone, now replaced by the alien parasite that was hit TEH shirt. I keep reading, and now I just feel bad for Marten. The title of #147 is right; These aren't normal male/female interactions. Neither is pimping out your son. This is the future jews want. >We really should make a Questionable Malcontent RPG one of these days There are no artists in this world willing to make art for the kind of fucked up sexual content that has been present so far in this edited series for free. Other than this entire edit, of course. He did it for free. I then arrive at the fact that Marten's mom just took Sam's virginity with a glass dildo and we're completely glossing over the fact. Who's Claire talking about? Why does Faye have a 1488 tattoo? Why is Marigold outside Menstro's window? >This webcomic is what the Damned are forced to read in Hell. So we're all in Hell and dancing the dance of heathens, is that what you're saying, editfag?
(753.02 KB 800x1160 qcedit157.jpg)
(837.10 KB 800x1160 qcedit162.jpg)
(699.15 KB 800x1160 qcedit168.jpg)
(423.26 KB 800x1160 qcedit173.png)
(553.43 KB 800x1160 qcedit174.png)
>>11030 Why is pink and blue bot dating? Fucking sjws with no sense of morals and Jeph actually had the balls to draw musculature? Good god. And why is May the robot bride of Robot Hitler? What kind of story was editfag making here? Did he have a plan or do you think he was just making shit up as he went along? #163 took me a moment before I got it. Funny. >Admit it. We've all wanted to see Momo punched to death. There are some characters a bit higher on that list than Momo for me, Editfag. #168 is a perfect example of why everybody sane hates Faye. And then #173 happens. Marten, why are you still here, and still in some semi-solid state of denial- wait, what? Why are we all suddenly- Did I misread one of the earlier strips? Hold on, I need to get to the bottom of this before I continue to embarrass myself.
(417.02 KB 800x1160 qcedit176.png)
(405.87 KB 800x1160 qcedit177.png)
(440.64 KB 800x1160 qcedit179.png)
(390.91 KB 800x1160 qcedit196.png)
(493.31 KB 800x1160 qcedit197.png)
>>11031 Jumping back to the beginning, according to cqedit12, Claire had a penis surgically attached to HER. But then everybody is acting like she's a man trying to be a woman by the time cqedit173 and 174 rolls around. I think Editfag lost the plot here. Well, a lot of people would. Poor guy. Human coffee beans. Great. So glad I don't drink coffee. In #177, the face Marten makes on the poster, isn't that from when Pintsize lost everything that made him Pintsize and he began going to AA meetings? Yeah, I seem to remember Pintsize was about to say something rude to Claire, and then Jeph tried to show Marten doing a deathstare. It didn't work, and anons were lamenting the loss of Pintsize's personality. And then we get this horrifying abomination. Thanks, now I'll have nightmares about Kate Leth's head with spiderlegs. >I believe you. Now believe me when I say that you are dead to me, brother. Is he- wait, BROTHER??! So the surgically attached penis was just a larger one?? I am really confused now about the internal logic of this edit, so i'm gonna chalk it up to a dimensional jump. God, I wish the entierty of #197 happened. It's such a good page. What actually happened in the unedited comic?
(402.41 KB 800x1160 qcedit198.png)
(394.78 KB 800x1160 qcedit199.png)
(511.14 KB 800x1160 qcedit200.png)
(464.22 KB 800x1160 qcedit201.png)
(566.45 KB 800x1160 qcedit202.png)
>>11033 Aaah, now this, this I remember. The infamous final days of edifag, with the introduction of Braun, and the beginnings of wanting to overthrow Jeph. This is where I started visiting the Malcontent threads, Braun with a shotgun was my introduction. Why does she have a shotgun, isn't Jeph hyper anti-gun? At this point I'm going through all the pictures for the header, they're amazing.
(340.71 KB 1024x825 qcmrshandstaboriginal.jpg)
(92.38 KB 600x800 qcrealmarigold.jpg)
(118.60 KB 613x206 qcmrshandstabAWKWARD!.jpg)
(7.93 MB 626x352 qcmubletypeg.webm)
(58.93 KB 1024x768 qcjeph'sdrawinghand.jpg)
>>11034 I would like to thank you again for posting that zip file. It's full of abominable degeneracy, but I had fun reading it all. So I'm ending my little readout by posting some other abominable pictures I found in the folder. Thanks again, I hope you're doing alright, Edit-anon. Take care of yourself, ok?
>>11028 >Wait, did Edit-anon predict the future?? He predicted Menstro and Faye becoming a couple by about a year.
>>11029 >How the fuck did the jews kill Cthulhu? Pretty sure they didn't. Thanks to moleface and her pet weeaboo, he was summoned and is currently cruising around the QM world, doing untold amounts of damage. The joke was that even the awakening of a great old one wasn't enough to make Marten and the gang to stop thinking about identity politics for even a minute.
>>11033 >Clinton calling out the trap One of my personal favorites. Not a trace of comedy, just cold steel slid slowly under the ribs. It's too bad Jeph is too much of a candy-ass to make Clinton the "villain" he was always meant to be.
(297.68 KB 647x1067 qcinhell.jpg)
>>11030 >and we're completely glossing over the fact. 9/10ths of the edits were about the cast of characters taking the most disturbing and deviant things in stride. >So we're all in Hell and dancing the dance of heathens, is that what you're saying, editfag? Not him, but...
(206.29 KB 640x1116 editfag prime's nightmare.png)
(374.77 KB 417x599 jeph and shelby.png)
>>11035 >Take care of yourself, ok? You too. You are now The Keeper. I'm deleting my files and pretending I never heard of Jeph "I Never Met A Bull I Didn't Service" Jacques. You have the fonts, the photoshop files, the pngs, and every stupid thing I decided was a helpful resource. Do some edits, yourself (files should open in GIMP) or be the hero no one deserves when some anon shows up and says "I'd really love to continue his work, but I don't know where to begin." And beware of the dreams...
(581.86 KB 800x1160 4497.png)
>all computers since the singularity are sentient >all computers are actually robots, and usually upgrade at some point to humanoid bodies >they then stop wanting to be computers >so everyone had to buy laptops, apparently I fucking hate Jeph more than I hate Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau put together.
(166.55 KB 392x354 c6575475454hfd.PNG)
(410.99 KB 953x700 1449798111870.jpg)
(445.88 KB 887x1290 1425888246082.jpg)
(411.94 KB 1000x1280 1449887972691-3.png)
>>10781 >>11466 >jeff is jumping on the vtuber bangwagon >It's a furry vtuber >With quad tits Jesus fucking christ this comic gets worse every time I check on it. Here's some regular monstergirl cow tits cause this was so bad I feel obligated to give other anons some palate cleansers.
>>11469 >Fuzzy animal leg cow monstergirl I didn't know I needed this until now
(30.48 KB 480x360 eye lotus pod.jpg)
>>10781 >>11466 Clarence and Cunton and Moleface are about to cyber while the generic brown dude watches.
>>11470 You don't need it. Trust me, I KNOW the kind of people who worship these monstergirls, they are a bunch of emasculated feminists. They would sooner throw you in prison than let you speak your mind. For them, slavery is freedom. Forget being a man, you'd be no more than a dildo. DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR LIES.
>>11486 >I have never been on /monster/: the post
>>11488 He is wrong but femdom, rape, & lesbian threads are popular there for a reason.
>>11490 All of these are memes, like people saying /co/ doesn't actually read comics or is an outpost for tumblr. And the last is an outright lie, as I can never recall /monster/ being particularly yuri friendly. Especially since in MGE lore, the main motivation of monster girls is to find a husband. Lesbianism has no practical purpose in universe, thus I don't imagine why a place that takes 90% of its content from such a universe would indulge in it. I swear, actually visit some of these boards before passing judgement.
>>11491 I should add that the majority of the board essentially went apeshit over MonMusu after the Mangaka ended a chapter with a yuri orgy. So yeah, /monster/ isn't really a fan of clam bumping.
>>11491 >/co/ doesn't actually read comics On a small level that's kind of true. Who here actively reads new stuff that's pumped out all the time from Marvel & DC? >or is an outpost for tumblr. Cuck/co/ is. While you may be right on the lesbianism, at least from what I see right now, the idea that the femdom & rape is just memes is an outright ignorant lie. Otherwise MGE wouldn't be the default standard there.
(35.51 KB 485x320 Goblins+Labyrinth.JPG)
>>11486 >you'd be no more than a dildo NO! STOP MAKING IT MORE APPEALING TO THE DEGENERATES!
>>11488 What part of my post is wrong? Feel free to make an actual argument, but I know you never will. Low-test slave. >>11490 In what way am I wrong? And they still allow lesbo threads? I guess Aux went off the deep end, then. Never liked that spic faggot. >>11491 /monster/ had yuri threads back when I left. Something something girls doing things. Doesn't help that their address is literally smug loli. Obsessed. >second post Funny, they worship women. I figured they'd be happy to see women loving women. I stopped reading Monmusu ages ago. Too many furries, not enough normal foxgirls. >>11493 >Otherwise MGE wouldn't be the default standard there And people wonder why I left. I was told normal romances were, and I quote, "vanilla and boring". So much for traditionalism. I'd say "to hell with /monster/", but they would probably like that. >>11508 Hey, if it ruins their board, I'll happily throw more fuel on the trashfire.
>>11513 >In what way am I wrong? I really wouldn't call them feminists. >allow lesbo threads I swore I've seen them there before. >I was told normal romances were, and I quote, "vanilla and boring". Yeah they're all about the femdom aspect of a cock hungry woman raping them. Yet somehow still want to be the manly man of the house. It's kind of confusing to want to be submissive but also the king of the castle.
(13.91 KB 720x390 Octaman.jpg)
>>11513 >Hey, if it ruins their board, I'll happily throw more fuel on the trashfire. I was talking about the poor anon you're "educating." I don't think /monster/ would see a life as a dildo as a downgrade.
(34.43 KB 500x681 catsneer.jpg)
>>11466 >fucking anime cat-mouth I rue and lament every single nanosecond that Jeph consumes our precious air.
>>11513 >I was told normal romances were, and I quote, "vanilla and boring" Christ, what bizarro version of /monster/ has everyone been visiting and what board have I been on all these years? Or have I just had rose tinted glasses on this entire time?
>>11580 Outside of the /monster/ of the webring, there's the general back on cuckchan, so they could be filthy crossposters.
>>11580 Don't listen to these weirdos, /monster/ is obsessed with wholesome relationships. Yes femdom is prevalent in most threads but it's never to level of the man in the relationship is treated as nothing but a dildo. Yuri threads are also rare and any lesbian content is contatined there. Don't know what /monster/ these jerks are visiting but it's not 8chan or smuglio /monster/.
>>11580 >>11581 Nope, it was right there on smug loli's /monster/ board, not long after the exodus from 8chan. It started when some anon wrote about an anubis police officer abusing her power and making up a law on the spot (not that police officers have that right, but whatever), and I noted this fact. I found it quite disgusting. Aux himself wrote something like "fags are scared of women" in response to me. As the saying goes, reality is stranger than fiction, and the femdomfags can be raped by niggers for all I care. To >>11580 you most likely had rose tinted glasses like I had when I started visiting /monster/ years ago. Those disappered after the exodus. I refuse to go back to that board. >>11582 >Yes femdom is prevalent in most threads but it's never to level of the man in the relationship is treated as nothing but a dildo But betrayals, lies and slander, willfully harming a person (usually a man) both physically and psychologically, brainwashing, corrupting, threatening and destroying one's property is ok? Get raped by niggers, you crooked cuck. All of these elements were present on the board and in stories posted there both before and after the exosus. None of that is wholesome, but it was allowed anyway.
(30.95 KB 489x351 Screenshot.png)
>>11466 Oh sweet lion of Zion! The one I thought was Clarence was the MOM. No wonder her kids are such fucking sexual deviants! I know this thread has devolved into a /monster/ franchise, but you're ignoring the REAL monster. I made the mistake of backtracking and found out Cunton is now taking the dick from Paul Bunyan, his mom is a v-whore/gamer/stoner, and Iraqi Peppermint Patti is some sort of lump of non-sexual shit. I have a theory. Jeph knows that he cannot escape the Hell he has crafted around himself, so he's decided to take everyone with him, crafting a perfect Lament Configuration using poorly drawn damned beings and shipping taken to levels that would disgust even the most degenerate 14-year-old girl. When he's finished, the comic will leap out through the monitors of everyone stupid enough (yes, I'm counting us) to keep reading it, and will summon Cenobites to each and every location. We have very little time left, my friends.
(454.97 KB 800x1160 4501.png)
Hell is full and the Jeph walks the earth.
(476.56 KB 800x1160 qmed4501.png)
What the fuck happened here?? I'm gone for a few days, and I come back to this?? Anyway, made an edit of number 4501, it's shit. I should make an edit on 4497, but I need to figure out how to use the fonts. I want to write some shit. >>11620 >Cunton is now taking dick from Paul Bunyan Already?? Fuck, post the pages dude, not just the one! Was it another "you're beautiful" moment?
(1.90 MB 316x213 manlarrydavidmeh.gif)
>>11730 >Fuck, post the pages dude, not just the one! Was it another "you're beautiful" moment? Not yet, although I kind of want/don't want to do the edit to the original.
>>11709 At least Iraqi Peppermint Patty is still pure.
>>11754 Nope, she's gay now. Turned gay some time ago after a drunken binge, she's dating the scientist robot if I remember correctly. The blue one that got an ass upgrade after their ostritch got loose.
(11.38 KB 214x317 blkkotto2.jpg)
>>11756 >Turned gay some time ago after a drunken binge >he's dating the scientist robot if I remember correctly >The blue one that got an ass upgrade after their ostritch got loose. None of what you said makes me happier than before I read your post. Quite the opposite. Jeph, if you're reading this, I want you to know that you're NOT trapped in QC if you don't want to be. Star Trek Discovery and Star Trek Picard are DESPERATE for writers as good as you!
(5.95 KB 276x182 STOP!.jpg)
>>11756 >Nope, she's gay now
(77.03 KB 316x309 1515612584740.png)
>>11767 >>11758 Read from here >>522 It only gets worse.
(469.30 KB 500x285 cantunseepullitout.gif)
>>11768 So is anyone left that is sane?
(234.00 KB 652x668 worried_gwenpool_01.jpg)
>>11880 Anon, were there ever any sane ones from the beginning? Other than us, I mean?
>>11916 Even the brother or is he going to become a troon like his insane sibling?
>>11918 Well, he's apparently taking dick up the ass from Paul Bunyan over there, so it's only a matter of time, I suppouse. I'm waiting for someone to post the pages from 4498 onwards. No, I will not do it myself, I haven't lost my dignity just yet to visit Jeph's homepage.
(329.15 KB 760x361 qc at first I was.png)
>>11916 Dude, if you're going to avatarfag, could you at least pick a character that isn't pure shit? >>11919 > No, I will not do it myself, I haven't lost my dignity just yet to visit Jeph's homepage. Your presence in this thread declares you've lost the will to live. Don't start pretending you suddenly have standards.
>>10927 It's worse. Dad isn't dead. He discovered he was gay and ditched the family to start a degenerate gay night club with a guy 20+ years younger than him. Don't worry, mom is a degenerate, too. She's basically a BDSM fetish camwhore. Marten was exposed to this lifestyle as a child, so it is no wonder he ended up with a man pretending to be a woman. >>10942 Dora's face in panel 2 of qcedit60.jpg might be the funniest thing Jeph ever created.
(93.00 KB 292x325 marten's creepy head.png)
(718.88 KB 800x1160 qcedit141.jpg)
>>12078 >Dora's face in panel 2 of qcedit60.jpg might be the funniest thing Jeph ever created. Wrong. It's pretty good, but it'll never beat pic related.
(13.68 KB 163x155 Horror_beyond_words.jpg)
>>12078 >It's worse. Dad isn't dead. He discovered he was gay and ditched the family to start a degenerate gay night club with a guy 20+ years younger than him. >My face when
(14.03 KB 256x192 qcjephthrowsupthehorns.jpg)
Guise. Did you know that Jeph has a jewtube where he plays games in an attempt to numb the pain of his existence? >https://www.youtube.com/user/jephjacques/videos His comments are turned off for obvious reasons. I sure hope none of you make him stab himself in the foot by mass downvoting all his vids.
(84.03 KB 600x841 devil bruce campbell.jpg)
>>12206 Also, fuck you monsters if you point out to jewtube that Jeph's using Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" without paying the copyright holders. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ai-BhSn9NhU
>>12207 I can't tell if this is serious or not. It has the appearance of a joke but it is perfectly believable that Jeph just doodles over the sketch layer.
>>12213 >I can't tell if this is serious or not. Jeph once tweeted that he always starts with the eyes when drawing. 8/co/ went bananas for days.
>>12239 Huh, why would they go crazy over that? Tony Taka does the same thing, and he's been in the business for decades. Although, he's Japanese, so that might have something to do with it.
(1.03 MB 800x1180 qcedit96_2.jpg)
(525.01 KB 800x1160 qcedit97.jpg)
>>12247 >Huh, why would they go crazy over that? Because that's not how it's done. You're supposed to block everything in in a variety of ways and then proceed to detail. Now, I was guilty of the eye thing, myself, for years, so I didn't lose it, but any anon who'd been on /loomis/ for five minutes was freaking out. >Tony Taka does the same thing, and he's been in the business for decades. Although, he's Japanese, so that might have something to do with it. Could be, but it might just be how he learned and got good enough over the years to make it work. And, to be fair to Jefphf, his so-called art has vastly improved since the early days. Even Penny Arcade hasn't changed as much as his has. That said, he's a twat-waffle, so he doesn't get the slack that better artists/human beings are allowed by /co/.
(480.37 KB 800x1160 4511.png)
(409.08 KB 800x1160 4512.png)
I non-redditly cringe when I go to the QC website these days because the same part of me that occasionally buys a lottery ticket thinks that, maybe, just maybe, there will be an accidentally awesome strip. >I don't win the lottery, either. Apparently Crotch-Crickets and the Dwarf of Indeterminate Ethnicity are getting "married." Apparently, even though they're a same-sex couple and fucking oppressed by the three straight people remaining in Northampton, Dora is having a hard time thinning the invitation herd. It's funny that someone that's so oppressed has so many supportive friends willing to come to her abomination ceremony that she has to turn them away. ... Oh fuck, PLEASE let Clarence be one of the "brides' maids." I might come out of retirement for that one.
(443.98 KB 800x1160 4513.png)
>>12249 Dora's being a cunt, again.
>>12279 This is simultaneously the most accurate, and inaccurate, portrayal of women I have ever seen. >Woman in angry for no apparent reason This is accurate. >Woman asks what the problem is Never fucking happens. Jeph, why haven't you killed yourself yet?
(367.69 KB 460x396 godzilla wedding.png)
>>12309 >Woman asks what the problem is She's the man in the relationship, though. Look at the way she's giving zero fucks about the ceremony and is just eager to get it over with.
(490.76 KB 800x1160 4515.png)
>>12279 Dora's being a jew, again.
(119.89 KB 750x724 index54.jpg)
>>12316 >Godzilla being the bride and not the groom That really activates my autism
(811.04 KB 460x250 godzilla vs kong ultimate.webm)
>>12342 Honestly, me too, but there weren't any pics of the reverse.
>>12336 Did Claire drop the 'e' or did Jeph forget how to spell his name? On that topic, has it sunken in yet with Maren that his girlfriend left him for his boss, they're getting married, and he's stuck with a mentally ill guy who thinks he's a girl?
>>10958 >macain reappeal obamacare >men are trash Wait didn't he actually want obamacare cause even if it was done by niggerlord it was good for burgerland since the health system is shit? How come a clearly nazifem hate that move?
>>12402 > it was good for burgerland It really wasn't because it didn't lower the price for healthcare, it just subsidized insurance with tax money. More over it didn't do anything to actually improve the quality of healthcare.
>>11921 >gwenpool done by Gurihiru >trash I will make you regret those words anon
>>12405 The art great but it doesn't change that the character and writing is trash.
(45.66 KB 612x618 Gwenpool_team.jpg)
>>12406 It's the best that's come out of Marvel in the last decade.
>>12427 Well I don't doubt that.
(1.54 MB 640x358 aliens game over man.mp4)
>>12405 >I will make you regret those words anon mfw
>>12354 If Jeph doesn't realize it, there's no possible way that Martin has.
>>12404 >be me, Leafistani >have Murican friends >ask him why everyone is freaking the fuck out about Obamacare >friend spells it out for me in dizzying math and says it will cost him $20,000 a year because of his common-law wife with pre-existings and her low-functioning autism kid >mfw The saddest thing is, even if you pulled the whole fucking sad mess of our governments to the ground and rebuilt, the jews would still worm their way in and corrupt it.
(421.71 KB 800x1160 4516.png)
>>12336 Oh, fuck me blind. Time for a little truth in television, friends: you don't have to be beautiful to make it as a cam-whore, you just have to have tits.
>>12336 90% of them are 6 out of 10 or less with a pound of makeup on and a high camera angle.
>>12559 AI characters or jews?
>>12562 I don't know how that happened. I clicked >>12526
(392.25 KB 800x1160 4517.png)
(425.26 KB 800x1160 4518.png)
>>12526 lol! Reversed names are funny, and Sanic is TOPICAL!
(2.42 KB 359x91 Screenshot.png)
>>12573 Oopsie! Nearly missed this hot take from the second one.
>>12573 >a woman turning down easy money Jeph's been years behind for...years. Wasn't it like a year or two ago when he had a character buy a Blue Yeti microphone for YouTube lets plays? Has he covered Attack on Titan and Fortnite floss dancing yet or is he saving those for 2024? Do the characters ever stick with these endeavors? I feel like Jeph jumps from trend to trend in a "how do you do, fellow kids" fashion and his audience eats it up because they're also poseurs.
(247.36 KB 700x620 laughasterix&obelix.png)
>>12581 >Has he covered Attack on Titan and Fortnite floss dancing yet or is he saving those for 2024?
(376.08 KB 800x1160 4519.png)
(442.56 KB 800x1160 4520.png)
>>12573 Dora ruins another life... although, to be fair, it's only Moleface's life. It's not like it matters.
(47.01 KB 1233x717 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12652 I feel there should have been a terrified Pintsize in the door, but this is fine too. I mean, it's not actually fine, but it made me laugh. Good job.
(3.45 MB 377x372 laugh gal.gif)
(39.60 KB 380x307 marigold.png)
>>12640 Reaction image of terror and disgust. Free to a loving home.
(420.19 KB 800x1160 4522.png)
>>12640 Lol. Actually, no. No laughing, out loud or otherwise.
>>12801 This strip doesn't make any sense. We went from Marigold being nervous over more people than expected watching her to not having a clue how to manage her time. An untested business hiring someone due to time management issues is a recipe for disaster, but I guess it's home turf for Jeph who married his business manager and spent 15+ years outputting his strips at the very last second. And what are "computer lenses"? Does he mean those blue-blocking goggles that were briefly popular like a decade ago?
>>12801 Oh great, pinky's looking even more like a slut now.
>>12808 >And what are "computer lenses"? Does he mean those blue-blocking goggles that were briefly popular like a decade ago? Who even fucking knows? I had assumed they were some sort of post-singularity VR contact lenses, but it's probably something lamer than either of us have guessed. >>12809 >Oh great, pinky's looking even more like a slut now. Time to accuse Jeph of sexualizing machines and try to get him to stab himself in the foot.
(416.29 KB 800x1160 4523.png)
>>12801 Jeph's going to force Panzerbot 9000 to suck Moleface's dick. Fuuuuuck, I just realized something: Moleface is the only one in a heterosexual relationship. Even if it's with a nog/dindu, this obese, cancerous, smelly, autistic bitch is the closest thing Jeph has to non-degeneracy. Gross.
>>12837 >I still owe her for this body It's amazing Jeph has never sold out like Willis and Markiplier's brother did and offer lewds as a side hustle. I guess it's because he knows he can't pull it off convincingly, but neither can Willis. I guess May finally got a new body at some point. If this were true to character, Marigold would be squirting and shoving things up her ass on OnlyFans within a week with May involved.
>>12838 >I guess it's because he knows he can't pull it off convincingly, but neither can Willis. I know I've never forgiven /co/ for showing me Walky's flaccid penis in his girlfriend's mouth. > If this were true to character, Marigold would be squirting and shoving things up her ass on OnlyFans within a week with May involved. We really need a rule 34 guy on call.
(161.98 KB 600x1417 2000.png)
(189.48 KB 600x1417 2001.png)
(136.43 KB 600x1417 2004.png)
(157.94 KB 600x1417 2006.png)
(126.42 KB 600x1417 2007.png)
I was curious how long ago it was since Momo owed Marigold for the new chassis and turns out it was strip 2000 in 2011. Who knows how long it's been in the QC universe but that's a long time to have a plot thread hanging.
(373.95 KB 800x1160 qcedit155.jpg)
>>12872 >be me, fat cunt with cancerous moles on my face and buckteeth >need personal computer in the Jefphfverse >Buy personal computer, a post-Singularity AI robot without a screen with which I can somehow surf the internet for yaoi >AI becomes a friend >Feel kinda bad about "owning" a friend >She'll get eaten alive, though, if I let a 1 foot anime girl walk out the door on her own >Buy her a very expensive upgrade so we can be equals >She proceeds to indenture herself to me no matter how many times I tell her it's a gift >Set her free >Watch $6000 of Best Buy™ parts wander out the door >watch it wander back in the door, screaming in horror about all the sexual degeneracy that seems to be situated solely in Northampton >Hold her and stroke her hair until my vaginal fumes overwhelm her and she passes out >Consider setting up a camwhore site to pay for her new body
>>12874 I forgot the reason Momo worked at the library was to pay Marigold back. While I can't say Momo has no other expenses given she's now out and about, she wasn't contributing before or was doing so in a way she can continue doing regardless, so the library job should be practically all profit after taxes. I used a payroll calculator to calculate how much Momo would be making in Massachusetts working 16 hours per week at minimum wage, and it came out to $182.28. While a paltry amount, it's still enough to pay back a hypothetical $6000 in 33 weeks. And this is assuming an advanced AI can't possibly think of ways to make money other than working a minimum wage job two days per week.
>>12876 >out of touch hipster can't think of jobs Tell me another one sempai But for real though, do you think any blue collar jobs crossed the mind of ol' JJ? He's a schizo but I wouldn't have pegged him for a dumbass.
(1.90 MB 640x360 autism my liiiife.webm)
>>12876 > I used a payroll calculator to calculate how much Momo would be making in Massachusetts working 16 hours per week at minimum wage
>>12883 This is extremely insulting and demeaning. How dare you. I am way more excited about autism than this guy.
(127.33 KB 569x527 frog pepe and the chips.png)
>>12894 Me too.
(425.23 KB 800x1160 4524.png)
(422.70 KB 800x1160 4525.png)
(452.56 KB 800x1160 4526.png)
(426.60 KB 800x1160 4527.png)
>>12837 When the fuck did May become an amazon? Or has Jefphf just given away all his fucks at this point? >dem blue tits, tho
>>13054 >clear separation between head and torso >arms have no separations >defined abs and cumgutters Jeph is definitely the Ontario Torso Killer.
>>13054 Having May be Marigold's OnlyFans (or whatever it is) manager is one of the rare things Jeph does that actually makes sense. May would push Marigold to do the sex work kind of things that make money that Marigold won't do on her own. It'll make enough additional money to take care of both. That said, Jeph is probably going to try for some sort of touching moment thing where we all have this bigoted stereotype of May being a degenerate but she's really a nerd at heart and will help Marigold be more of a nerd and it will be so touching and everyone will cry and we'll all ship May X Marigold. It'd be ironic because Jeph would have an opportunity to demonstrate the slippery slope of sex work that gets talked about but rarely demonstrated, something that might actually resonate with the people who pay him. It's funny how in this "sex positive" universe they're so puritanical about seeing a "nude" blue android body. It makes about as much sense as freaking out over mannequins, probably even less so given mannequins are built to an aesthetic ideal while these android bodies have at least some level of utility purpose.
>>13085 Does anyone know why May is suddenly a foot taller? She and the pink one used to be on par, height wise.
(26.26 KB 713x345 qcwiki.png)
(137.78 KB 800x1160 4318.png)
(149.26 KB 800x1160 4319.png)
(127.01 KB 800x1160 4320.png)
(205.97 KB 800x1160 4341.png)
>>13087 I was wondering myself.
(185.39 KB 800x1160 4342.png)
(127.04 KB 800x1160 4347.png)
(177.51 KB 800x1160 4348.png)
(206.63 KB 800x1160 4349.png)
(187.00 KB 800x1160 4333.png)
(167.97 KB 800x1160 4334.png)
(156.14 KB 800x1160 4381.png)
(136.98 KB 800x1160 4382.png)
P.S. in the middle of the robot body arc is this gay love triangle.
(137.47 KB 800x1160 4386.png)
(139.29 KB 800x1160 4387.png)
(145.86 KB 800x1160 4388.png)
(136.74 KB 800x1160 4389.png)
(241.81 KB 411x345 1396258534913.png)
>>13091 >orifice management utility Huh, that actually sounds like an immensely useful thing for a sexbot to have. Just pray it doesn't crash while you're in balls deep
(194.23 KB 1284x980 simpsonsiambecomekek.jpg)
>>13091 >old body had no nips What the living fuck is the point of tits, then, Jeph?! >>13091 >mashing Stinky McMoleface's gob into her new tits Establishing dominance early on in the new body, I see. I just got it. May is the one character Jeph keeps around to deal with his "problematic" urges, like wanting to make dick jokes and other non-sjw shit. May is Jeph's lingering testosterone's alter ego. >>13092 >"I mean, yeah, you're like, super hot." mfw
>>13092 >>13093 Jeph you homophile bastard cuck, why didn't you stab yourself in the brain instead of your hand? Why do I not have the macro of a man nailing himself in the head with the caption "oh shit nigger what are you doing"?
(18.00 KB 366x380 man oh shit nigga.jpg)
>>13097 Pay it forward.
(410.61 KB 366x380 qc oh shit handstab.png)
>>13111 I dare someone to tweet this to him.
(157.96 KB 800x1180 3225.png)
I'd say imagine being Mama Augustus thinking your genetic legacy would be intact giving birth to two sons but on the other hand she seems to have instinctually realized what was going on and adopted a lifestyle where she is the one most likely to continue the line.
(141.84 KB 438x299 laugh wheeze spock.png)
>>13131 >Mom's taking it up the ass from a hotter Chad than his Clinton's humiliation conga continues
(405.52 KB 800x1160 4528.png)
(351.53 KB 800x1160 4529.png)
>>13054 When Jeph finally goes FULLY insane (and he WILL go fully insane, some day), my fondest wish is that he posts a bunch of comics with his shit-head characters killing themselves before he finishes himself off.
(494.80 KB 800x1160 4530.png)
>>13146 <I'm Ozymandias LOL We should take up a /co/llection and hire a hitman.
>>13324 >Doesn't seeing a robo mannequin nude count as juicy gossip? Imagine coming home to your significant other with some bullshit like this. It's literally less interesting than talking about today's traffic jam.
>>13324 Am I crazy or are the noses getting bigger?
>>13338 sneak peek from Jeph's buffer
(372.19 KB 800x1160 4531.png)
(386.18 KB 800x1160 4532.png)
>>13324 It hurts to live on the same planet as Jeph.
(78.87 KB 557x537 qcpachapintsize.png)
>>13394 Oh shit, I didn't even realize that was Pintsize the first time I read it. Took that handstabbed faggot long enough.
It's kind of like the death of the last original character. The rest are there in name-only. It's like they all escaped The Matrix only to take blue pills to get back in.
(411.01 KB 800x1160 4533.png)
(315.13 KB 800x1160 4534.png)
>>13406 What bothers me most is Pintsize chose some sort of hairless young asian man body. Like he's trying to get Marten to notice him, again. New cartoons by a Phaggot. By the way, the punchline in this second comic? NOT an edit.
(14.56 KB 213x273 [screams].JPG)
(75.66 KB 567x640 Dear lord.jpg)
(633.06 KB 680x680 rohan_spots_room_in_a_tunnel.gif)
(11.72 KB 340x320 SNIBBENINGS.jpg)
(16.56 MB 1000x500 gloveandboots dancing gorilla.gif)
>>13434 >Fuck, I miss Glove and Boots Yeah, I'm pretty sure, at one point, that Marten was his self-insert, and then it changed to Claire. Pretty sure he's maining Clinton, these days.
(47.01 KB 1233x717 qc think, marten, think.png)
>>13429 May and Pintsize are avatars fir Jeph's last lingering vestiges of Manliness and Humor.
(447.16 KB 800x1160 4535.png)
(476.06 KB 800x1160 4536.png)
>>13429 >tfw it's no longer your turn in the barrel, but lumberjacks keep sticking their dicks in the bung-hole Why is no one fetching these abominations except me?
>>13571 >pintsize has an existential crisis Congratulations Jeph on finding ways to make this thing even worse. How does this even make sense? Pintsize would steal a tank and then argue with May whether a tank is cooler than a jetfighter. That's his gag.
(478.31 KB 800x1160 4537.png)
(177.28 KB 444x354 qchandstabitha.jpg)
>>13571 Oh fuck. I know what Jeph's doing. He's using Clarence to guide Pintsize through his "transition."
>>13614 It's every character now. Claire is transitioning. Clinton is transitioning. May is transitioning. Now Pintsize is transitioning. Every fucking character has some sort of body or sexual issue to transition from or into.
>>13624 I still don't get the appeal of this mess. It sucked years ago and it sucks now. The art is bad, the plot is bad, the politics are bad, the pacing is more glacial than dresden codak or the latest shonen jump fad could ever hope to emulate. >>13614 Was the use of the key word 'prison-cell' not on the nose enough for you?
>>13630 >dresden codak I didn't even know that was still a thing. I'm guessing it's competing with TwoKinds for the slowest webcomic still running since the early 2000s.
>>13630 >Was the use of the key word 'prison-cell' not on the nose enough for you? I've had a lot of human problems on my mind and didn't notice Jeph slip down another rung on the Ladder of Sanity.
(489.51 KB 800x1160 4538.png)
(453.18 KB 800x1160 4539.png)
>>13614 >ACAB Fuck you, Jeph, you faggot.
>>13647 What an awkward way to work in a political statement. QC is impressive in how it wallows in its own badness.
What's with the robot?
>>13653 That robot is Pintsize. >>13647 <He's not wrong Yes you are, Jeph. But thanks for confirming your beliefs. Anybody know Jeph's exact home adress? I want to rob him. He won't call the cops anyway. After all, they're bastards. Even Rokko, now an ex-cop.
>>13654 He'd probably sit politely and watch while you rape his wife. That seems to be the kind of guy he is.
(207.17 KB 640x1116 qcdreamofhorror.png)
>>13654 > Anybody know Jeph's exact home adress? I want to rob him. The Prophecy will soon come to pass.
(17.71 KB 400x400 qcmrshandstabisclaire.jpg)
(340.71 KB 1024x825 qcmrshandstaboriginal.jpg)
>>13658 >He'd probably sit politely and watch while you rape his wife. Jeph's ex. Have fun with the mental image that just destroyed your will to live.
>>13662 Do we know what the new one looks like?
(23.77 KB 362x450 Meathook_bout_ta_hurl.jpg)
>>13662 I think I'm gonna hurl.
(397.73 KB 1024x680 Jeph and Cristi.jpg)
(39.98 KB 600x448 AbrI_39CMAE6tsw.jpg)
(45.43 KB 600x803 Aeg7CUjCEAAMM9g.jpg)
(43.99 KB 599x798 BCYzkMBCcAAs_bs.jpg)
(85.12 KB 726x960 Cag8ymhW8AAOvmU.jpg)
(1.49 MB 320x180 klok_vomit.gif)
(5.74 MB 640x800 woman monster jew drink.mp4)
>>13677 Why does she have the Monster Energy Drink logo scratched into her skin?
(465.74 KB 800x1160 4540.png)
>>13694 >Applied Dildonics >Factory tour I hate you, Jeph.
>>13693 The video cuts out just as it's getting spicy. >>13662 >>13677 Were these retroactively censored because what they depict is that hideous or is there actually some sort of relevant policy here? >>13694 Really, you have a dildo factory where they "just filled that position" and you're going to talk about paperwork rather than make a joke out of that statement?
>>13696 >Were these retroactively censored because what they depict is that hideous or is there actually some sort of relevant policy here? Cunt censored them for some reason. I don't know why. I guess he's triggered by ugly shemales.
>>13696 >Just filled that position I must be as dumb as Jeph, because the obvious pun just flew over my head as well.
(372.07 KB 800x1160 4541.png)
>>13694 >inb4 Faye and Pintsize have an affair, resulting in an awkward three-way with Menstro when she offers to share
>>13631 Yeah. The worst part is that the creator clearly wanted to draw porn of his OC at several points but instead made pseudo intellectual slop with softcore teasing. The other worst part is that he updates so infrequently and seems to draw whenever he is in a preachy mood so often that month's (or quarter's) panel is ruined.
>>13812 >cheap gags from a humorless monotone character I've seen this a million times. Fucking bargain bin writing.
>>13814 I guess Family Guy isn't the only franchise forming jokes with idea balls chosen by manatees.
>>13695 Why re you angry? As a tranny she needs to apply dilations
>>13828 >she I always assumed he kept the dick.
(352.04 KB 800x1160 4542.png)
>>13812 >Beepatrice Holy shit, Jeph, you fucking homo.
(410.61 KB 366x380 qc oh shit handstab.png)
>>13832 >"My friends call me 'Beeps.'"
>obvious robots >obvious aliens >obvious mutants or whatever the fuck >obvious trannies >fitting in like it's totally normal At least the fantasy level is consistent even if every attempt at humour falls off a cliff and maims it's self.
Outside of the infamous tranny episode I don't know how anyone can pay attention to this shit, it's beyond a waste of time and effort, it's actively detrimental to a human I'm sure.
(201.34 KB 600x1418 504.jpg)
>>13859 Don't forget blam
(332.79 KB 360x360 man my leg is broken.mp4)
>>13859 It's like a canker sore. You can't stop sticking your tongue into it no matter how much you want to kill Jeph Jacques. I mean "hurts." "No matter how much it hurts." Yes.
It feels so strange. I discovered Questionable Malcontent threads in late 2014 early 2015. I remember that it's what made me not an hero for a while. 6 years sure went by fast. Watching this thread, knowing that all the faggots that posted with me will never post again gives me that feeling in the pit of my stomach. That things will never be good again, no matter how much I try. I just miss the days when SJW's were he biggest threat to western civ and Gamergate was the be all end all of the culture war. I can't go back to cuckchannel, I can't go to an FBI honeypot. I just miss how earnest editfag was with his stories, he really felt like a suburban dad that tossed the shit in the threads every now and then. The living embodiment of the 30 year old boomer if you might. I miss how simple everything was, just go to work, catch up with the thread at the end of the day while having a beer and have a laugh at the world going to hell. Now, I don't have the energy to laugh any more. I'm now living the normie dream: the job, the house, the wife but why am I only happy when I think about time wasted in a mongolian basket weaving board?
(546.58 KB 256x196 (horse laughter).gif)
(358.54 KB 800x1160 4543.png)
>>13872 >The living embodiment of the 30 year old boomer if you might I fucking WISH I was still 30. 48 this year. You know the Kirby quote? "Comics will break yer heart, kid." Here's the official editfag quote: "QC comics will make you want to shoot yourself in the face, kid." Meanwhile, here's today's page from Jeph's wet-dream diary. Cunton apparently has a pet anteater. That, or Jeph can't draw dogs even though he fucks Shelby every single night and day.
(22.40 KB 500x324 revelationfour horsemen.jpg)
>>13872 >Now, I don't have the energy to laugh any more. We're in the Endgame, now, anon. >but why am I only happy when I think about time wasted in a mongolian basket weaving board? Because this is the last place where you can tell the truth and not lose everyone and everything you've worked for.
>>13831 my mistake thanks for correcting me >Why are you angry? As a tranny he needs to apply dilations
>>13878 I don't know if you're really him or just someone larping as him but whatever: thank you for the good times. I'm serious when I say the QM threads made me stay off suicide. Since the project is more or less dead, can I ask you a question? Did you make this shit as you went along or were you planning a few strips ahead of time? Also, how would Clinton have escaped Jeff's world?
>>13878 It's a dog, not an antlion. Kinda looks like a jew in dog form. It's a real breed of dog as well, but the name escapes me. Cunton's mom and brother found it while high and the mom decided to keep it. WHY DO I REMEMBER THIS?!?!
(739.32 KB 800x1160 qcedit89.jpg)
(740.68 KB 800x1160 qcedit89_and_a_half.jpg)
(693.82 KB 800x1160 qcedit90.jpg)
(4.04 MB 1280x720 hitler netanyahu.webm)
>>13892 >WHY DO I REMEMBER THIS?!?! Because you hate yourself, just like the rest of us. >>13890 >I'm serious when I say the QM threads made me stay off suicide. I'm him. Me too. >Did you make this shit as you went along or were you planning a few strips ahead of time? I'd delete all the words, then just start typing stream of thought stuff that seemed to match the constipated looks on their faces. The closest I ever got a planned strip was the one I made up out of whole cloth, the infamous "Faye and May fly to Jerusalem to stop Netanyahu from saying 'Hitler did nothing wrong'" which was an actual thing that happened that week. At that point, Ben "6 Gorillion Is A Good Start" Garrison was holding Faye's leash and she was trying to play both sides against the other... unsuccessfully. >Also, how would Clinton have escaped Jeff's world? I had a vague plan in mind. First I set up a thread with a pic of a guy who looked Clinton-ish begging for help from /co/, and then it was going to be whomever provided the most insane idea. Unfortunately, it failed miserably as everyone accused me of attention whoring and a bunch of other stuff. It sucked, but I hadn't exactly spelled it out for people, so their assumption was incorrect but understandable. Some people have said that's why I stopped doing it, but I actually had a backup plan for Clinton and Iraqi Peppermint Patti in mind when all kinds of personal shit hit the fan. I won't bother you with all the details of my personal life for a change but I was under a lot of stress and depression from some private tragedies that came crashing in almost simultaneously. I was still keeping my head above water for a bit until the straw that broke the camel's back. Very few people know this, but while I was doing the Stephen Universe reviews and the QM edits, I was also the only mod for 8/co/ for about the same amount of time. Beyonder, the BO at the time, wanted it mostly hands off, so banning only happened when someone got REALLY cunty. We'd edit things to spoilers, kill the spam, and occasionally hand out some heavier stuff. It was a position I respected and it was mostly an easy job. Then, about two days after SHTF for me, I logged on to /co/ and saw something that broke me. The pedo-spammers normally put up pics where it was just fully-dressed kids and left it at that. This time, some complete degenerate put up a pic of a little girl being raped. I deleted it, banned the IP, then sent Beyonder a private message that I was done. I was sorry to just leave him holding the bag like that, but I had a medical issue that needed to be dealt with. I then immediately went to the QM and Stephen threads and posted pretty much the same thing with a warm thank you to everyone who enjoyed my work. Then I went upstairs and picked up my sleeping daughter and held her for awhile. Everyone assumed something physical had happened ("ass-cancer") but the fact is that I'd already had a mental breakdown in 2011 and I knew another was coming if I saw one more picture like that (which I almost certainly would). I took a break from /co/ for 6 months to deal with real life and mental health. When I returned, I didn't announce it or continue with what I had been doing. Jeph had decided he wanted to make softcore gay sex and neurotic robots, and it just wasn't as interesting as making Faye a self-hating jewess running bloodsports for robots, to say nothing of the saga of TEH. I did a couple more off an on a year later, but the thrill was gone. >And to anyone who wondered, I DID see the "F for Editfag" post. You're all beautiful people, and I was proud to make you all laugh.
(364.56 KB 800x1160 4544.png)
>>13878 Pintsize is apparently DTF. I'm almost tempted to come out of retirement for this arc.
>>13906 Good to see you again OG Editfag.
(322.67 KB 642x1083 shipposting stevenxbowlingball.jpg)
(109.87 KB 370x400 stevenbestshipever.gif)
>>13910 Thank you, but I've been back for years. I'm just plain old anon, now. And Steven X Bowlingball is still the best ship.
>>13906 >while I was doing the Stephen Universe reviews Pain Anon?
(199.35 KB 476x346 Hebrews Get Out.mp4)
>>13906 >>13912 I won't lie Editfag I almost believe you to be a case of mistaken identity but after reading that sentence I know you're no fake. Seeing you here is almost unbelievable, between the site changes and the constant drama from mods I'd figure we'd never see you again. I'd just wanna say man you were a beacon of light back in the day. The rest of the board was slow on a good day but there you were giving consistent good content based on a show and comic no one outside of it's small fanbase liked. I'm sorry to hear about all the stuff that happened in your life but I'm glad you took a break from /co/ before it destroyed you mentally. I respect the fact that after you came back you didn't let your past fame go to your head and you became just another regular anon. In short you left your legacy on this board and I'm glad you still visit.
(325.18 KB 1398x1080 pearlrapedgarnet1.jpg)
>>13915 Yep. I thought everyone knew at this point that I was moonlighting in the SU threads. My Monday through Thursday (because of the "three frigging days") was: >get up >get the kids to school >give my dog attention >write a review on a cartoon that was the gayest thing I'd ever seen until the Blue's Clues Pride Fiasco AND/OR >Go to Jeph's website and insert the latest humor abortion into my Photoshop template >spend an hour laughing like Jimmy Fallon at my own stupid jokes >pick the kids up from school >sleep >>13921 Truth be told, the edits and the reviews saved me from often crippling depression and gave me a creative outlet I sorely needed. I bitched and moaned about both properties, but the fact was I was making people happy at a point in my life where I badly needed to know I mattered. You guys saved ME. My days back then were a choice of either suicide or seeing how many times I could fit the word "jew" into a comic strip originally written by (and I'm being generous here) a complete retard. I chose life and antisemitism. >Seeing you here is almost unbelievable, between the site changes and the constant drama from mods I'd figure we'd never see you again. I never actually expected to ever tell the story of what happened, to be honest. But I couldn't let >>13872 go unremarked. I'm glad the strips brought you joy, and I hope you're doing better, these days. I know what it's like to cling to a small candle in the darkness, and it's good we were all there for each other in some way.
(489.06 KB 800x1160 4545.png)
>>13909 I don't know who these people are, but they're just as disgusting as Jeph's regular cast of degenerates.
>>13978 Oh boy, belligerent, foul-mouthed female characters, how innovative.
(19.73 KB 390x356 qcpintsizeconcerned.jpg)
>>13984 Yes. I'm also worried about how formerly-based Pintsize is being converted into a twink in pink hotpants during so-called "pride" month. Look at how his grin keeps getting more and more sexual from panel to panel. Here's a question that I'm not sure Jeph himself could answer: Why do some of his robots choose to have noses and some do not? And when they choose to eschew noses, why do they still have breasts, genitals, hair, human-like eyes, etc.?
(429.42 KB 800x1160 4546.png)
>>13978 Congrats, Jeph. You took the last interesting character and made him a fag like you.
>>13906 >>13929 I never would have imagined that you had to deal with shit like that on a daily basis. In all the time I had spent on fullchan, I had never seen a single pedo (then again, I'm not a degenerate fuck) so thank you for all your work. I'll stop sucking your dick now (I'm not Marten after all) but let me say that your posts these past week gave me some closure. Anyways, back on topic were there any attempts to cancel Handstab in the past few years? The bloodhounds are on full alert now and with his drinking I don't know why he doesn't switch to a more relaxing career path, like being an accountant for the mob.
I wonder how 4/b/ mods felt back in the day. I remember when there was like a 50% chance of seeing cp or something adjacent to it upon refreshing. It seemed like it was a combination of trolls, actual pedos swapping pictures, and site advertisements. Until Editfag remarked on it, I never really considered the effect things like that would have on mods. I don't know if it's true, but I've heard law enforcement agencies recruit ex-con pedos for child abuse cases because the regular investigators can't handle watching hours of cp.
ITT: delicate doilies
>>14089 >but let me say that your posts these past week gave me some closure. Honestly, me too. You're welcome and thank you. >I don't know why he doesn't switch to a more relaxing career path, like being an accountant for the mob. He CAN'T. He might as well be in the mob because a bunch of literal psychopaths will attempt to make him kill himself if he tries. >>14102 >I wonder how 4/b/ mods felt back in the day. I remember when there was like a 50% chance of seeing cp or something adjacent to it upon refreshing. It seemed like it was a combination of trolls, actual pedos swapping pictures, and site advertisements. I imagine it was like being neck-deep in sewage. /b/ is high traffic and the degeneracy is out in the open. The sick fucks know better than to do too much on /pol/ because they won't find an audience, but /b/ has the pedo threads and other disgusting shit so they dump a ton. I believe in free speech, but I also believe that those guys need to feed themselves feet-first into a wood-chipper. >Until Editfag remarked on it, I never really considered the effect things like that would have on mods. I've come across a couple, over the years, with similar experiences. It's basically: >evil post >evil thread >evil post >evil thread >last straw They didn't all take a break from the imageboards as I did, but nearly all of them had a revelation: "My soul is dying and I'm not even getting paid for dealing with this bullshit." Imageboard autists like to pretend we're numb to suffering but EVERYONE except psychopaths has that line they consider "too far." Animals, kids, whatever. It really is a thankless job because if you're good, the users will never know it, and if you're bad, the users will never let you forget it.
(450.36 KB 800x1160 4547.png)
>>14109 And speaking of Evil and the death of souls, Clarence has finished his tour of the dick factory. Jeph could have done a Willy Wonka spoof, but he's a talentless hack who tells instead of showing, so here we are.
(180.82 KB 590x572 qcTEHpepe.jpg)
>>14109 Okay, I'm finally getting off my ass and cleaning my QC folder off my drive in order to reclaim space and dodge the inevitable hatecrime charges. Before I kill it, did everyone who wanted the complete archives get it when I posted the link? If not, you have until this time tomorrow night to let me know and I'll re-upload it before deletion.
(433.43 KB 800x1160 4548.png)
>>14110 Meanwhile, in Cunton's personal hell of lactation and sodomy...
>>14121 I wouldn't mind a link.
(12.40 KB 329x564 download button.png)
>>14129 Okey-dokey. 7 days from now, the link dies. https://sendgb.com/TMXB2Qim3W1 >all photoshop files >all pngs >all fonts >Jeph's hideous ex-wife pics and embarassing tweets >misc. related dumbassery I'm deleting my folder, guys, so this is the last shot at it. I'll hang on to the 7z file for a little while longer just in case it didn't work right. The download button should appear on the far right of your browser at the bottom. Let me know if it isn't working.
(271.19 KB 1536x1023 robford eyes.jpg)
>>14126 I'm sad that Jeph's characters aren't real because if they were real I could murder them.
>>14130 Time to let go, I suppose. I'll pour one for your archives.
>>14121 >reclaim space >>14130 >290MB And I'll pour one out for your single gigabyte sized hard drive. Poor thing's seen a lot since 1997.

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