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(3.04 MB 1920x1080 U6WcLf.png)
Hazbin Hotel Anonymous 06/28/2020 (Sun) 20:56:02 No. 2284
Is any of this shit really worth watching?
>>2284 There is only one episode out afaik. Not great but not the worst thing ever either
>>2284 There's only the pilot episode & Helluva Boss. Though it should be noted the creator is now advocating for BLM terrorism & abolishment of the police.
>>2287 I feel like this is, if not a mark in their favor, at least not a mark against them. Not everybody has the time to sift through obscure internet forums and strain out the truth in a sea of retardation, and not everybody has the disposition to believe shit that's totally opposed to what their entire peer group thinks. It's not quite "Havel's Greengrocer", because they probably do sort of believe in it, it's not just a facade - but in another era they'd be nice normie christians who believe that rock and roll is evil because they were told that it is.
>>2299 Everything you just said is very much a mark against them. Being sheep that are willing to go along with evil things is no way of absolving yourself.
>>2299 Everyone has nothing but time when the world is dealing with a deadly airborne virus.
(25.42 KB 810x634 extremely gay spider.jpg)
>>2284 I want to fuck the sassy gay spider! That being said, there's a few genuinely interesting ideas in there, it's nice to see characters which are both diverse and believable (no "I'm good and pure because I'm gay", for example), and it's one of the few works in recent times to show rape as a show of power instead of rape as misogyny: on the negative side, the art style is a bit too edgy from my tastes, and the dialogue tries way too hard to be "mature" by spamming curse words and overly elaborate insults that fall flat. >>2287 >>2299 >>2300 Ignoring burgerland politics entirely is the only winning move, the parties there are held together purely by mutual hatred.
>>3239 You can't ignore these politics when left rioting SJWs & black supremacists are rioting in the streets without impunity. At least not until they attack federal buildings. Then suddenly they're getting cracked down on.
>>3240 You can by not living in the US, or just moving ouside of the big cities. Partecipating in a two party system which lumps together libertarians with tradcaths and socialists with megacorp CEOs is madness, you'll always lose.
Weren't there more posts in this thread?
>>3241 Moving outside of the big cities does little too when rioters block highways. Though it is the best solution. Until they start gunning for your neighborhoods & destroying your heritage. At that point militias are a must.
>>3243 >he still believes in militias Those won't help when the two halves of the contry start fighting for real, and until then they're just useful idiots providing material for the media hate machine.
(296.04 KB 455x640 choking on it.png)
>>3251 I banned both for a day but for some reason only one is appearing.
>>3252 Why did you even reply to my shitpost, man. Also I hope you didn't look at the spoiler.
>>3253 I noticed only one ban was showing and I wanted to clear up any misunderstandings. >Also I hope you didn't look at the spoiler.
Is anyone planning to bring up the music video that came out a week ago? It's more or less gives out the backstory of Angel Dust. https://invidio.us/watch?v=ulfeM8JGq7s
(149.36 KB 1024x570 The ultimate shitposter.jpg)
>>3250 >>3252 >mfw jannies have no power over me It's neat I guess
(1.64 MB 1920x1080 ABUSE ME MOTH DADDY.png)
>>3255 IMO the lyrics didn't flow well and the liberal application of autotune might not have been a smart idea, but the rape was top notch so I can let the rest slide. >>3251 Why did I even click on it. At least it wasn't the Angel as George pic.
>>2284 I like the animation, I think that's the strongest point of the pilot, but the show overall is fine. >>2286 >>2287 It's not even an episode, it's a pilot.
>>2287 > the creator is now advocating for BLM terrorism & abolishment of the police. She usually kept to herself, shame
>>3257 >filename You're the F-list guy, aren't you?
>>3258 Almost like that's why I put PILOT EPISODE
(205.90 KB 905x474 no man should have such power.jpg)
>>3255 Angel's shocked face after the rape flashback gave me a boner: the rape scene itself didn't tickle my fancy, but seeing someone hurt by a painful memory did the trick. What the fuck is wrong with me?
>>3302 Could be that you're into hardcore porn with stuff with mind break and moral degeneration.
>>3243 >(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) And here I thought Frank stopped being a faggot. Kill yourself, Frank.
>>3314 >being this assmad Frank banned both of the offtopic anons as seen in >>3252
>>2284 It's fine, I guess. Quality is pretty good for a solo thing, but it doesn't have any particularly original ideas. It felt like they really wanted to get picked up by Netflix, and they didn't, and honestly I'm not surprised about that. I am leery about how much mileage you can get out of the premise (rehabilitating demons), because it's at risk of being quite formulaic if they're not careful.
>>3330 >>3302 between him and the punk werewolf girl this show has produced a bountiful amount of porn.
>>3613 The hacks who rip off European arthouse and restock it for the Hollywood audience so they can pretentiously jack off? Sweet Christ this just got 100 times worse, 2020 truly is the worst decade in history.
(1.72 MB 275x243 FATALITY.gif)
>>3613 Fuck yeah, more haram racist spider! Also we get to laught at seething faggots both on twitter and on chans, which is always fun.
>>3613 >>3614 Have they even made anything that wasn't live action before? The pilot had writing flaws but it wasn't exactly low-budget or amateur animation.
>>3614 It really depends on how much they decide to fuck with the production. Though frankly Vivzie needs to be reeled in & told no to a lot of her ideas. Mostly designs that need to be less loud with terrible patterns.
>>2284 >Is any of this shit really worth watching? Sure, it has its moments, but I think Helluva Boss is way better pilot and conceptual idea.
(75.04 KB 274x400 Angel Dust.jpg)
There's a character in Angel Dust, a hentai manga series made by the creator of Hellsing in where Anderson, the main protagonist was a former mafia boss who smuggled heroin fled the from the criminal life in order to become a priest. https://hellsing.fandom.com/wiki/Angel_Dust
>>3761 Okay?
>>3763 I thought it was a funny coincidence.
>>3761 This is a Hellsing prequel?
>>3815 it's one of several manga made by the author of hellsing that features prototype versions of hellsing characters. https://hellsing.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Other_Manga_By_Kouta_Hirano
>>3620 I kind of want this to be a complete clusterfuck though. There's really no point anymore if shit goes comics code authority, let the people decide.
>>5814 Vivzie isn't the people though, also, if she doesn't get some oversight and told no it's going to end up like another YanDev where there's hundreds of features/characters with the depth of a water fountain.
>>5814 >>5828 You gotta remember Vivzie is also VERY political right now. She supports BLM & the defunding of police. So you can sure as shit expect her to purposefully push more agendas this time around with a studio budget.
>>5830 Oh, that's too bad. I was going to say how funny it was that nobodies were sharing their cartoon ideas when the Ren & Stimpy Reboot was announced (which was scrapped from the rumors I'm hearing) and were furious when "Hazbin Hotel" picked up, even though she should be in the same situation they were in before making it big on youtube. Now I guess I can laugh that this Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends ripoff (unless they changed that from the initial reveal) spirals in the same direction that most modern cartoons go in. I'm going to guess there is a self-insert if it hasn't been confirmed already, a forced love triangle, and a prom with or without LGBT elements in the first season. It's sad that creators just can't keep their politics in their pants or at least keep them only to their personal account. Most people that follow you are not there to see you reeing over the ills of the world. Just make a business account so nobody has to hear your stupid hot takes. Now we've got celebs getting naked for ballot voting (and not even the good looking ones) and it looks like we're getting more woke garbage down the line, at least for another 4 years.
>>5831 Woke politics has killed all industries in the west.
>>5834 I was think about making my own comic for fun. I think the future of art isn’t money from here on out. It’s all going to be indie shit to until the crash and sometime after. I think we need to start looking for local indie comics or internet passion projects instead of all this shit if we want to see change. The current comics/cartoon industry is basically a zombie, so I think if we want to make the comics flow it’s going to have to start with us. I don’t know what I’m going to make in the end, but I have a story and characters. I hope people here do something cool when they’re tired of worshipping this industry and letting it occupy their heads and time.
>>2284 >deviantart-tier character designs No, not worth watching in the slightest
New episode of helluva boss. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=el_PChGfJN8
>>2284 What I'm wondering is why isn't the QT demon girl central and prominent, it gives me feelings like there was a shift to focusing on gay tranny spider thing. >>3239 >the LEFT parties there are held together purely by mutual hatred If you actually paid attention to politics you would realize the entire democratic party as it is now is purely an opposition conglomerate. >>3243 >>3250 fucking feds >>3255 >that song skipped ahead and listened to 15 seconds then immediately hated it >>6946 That was good, whole video
(26.39 KB 636x486 husk.jpg)
>>6946 >Blitzo slips out sex jokes like he's a leaking freudian pipeline >Cannibal family >It's clear that they would have killed them anyway even if they weren't cannibals I can tell they're really trying to shake the "cartoons are for kids" bullshit that's been holding the west back, I hope they succeed on that because frankly the show's a fucking romp, i've literally never seen this type of comedy plot with such a lighthearted tone. Even if you don't like the shows V-Pop is putting out, it might be enough to break the old trends that caused people to slip over to anime for actual shows. They'd better focus on making a damn show though, keep that political boomer shit out. We don't need more trash.
>>6957 Primal is more the direction I want animation in the west to take than this. Vivzie is still by all accounts an SJW herself. Supporting BLM & ACAB while now making shows that are just vulgarity equating to funny. There's no nuance to it.
>>6957 >>6958 To be fair, Youtube has been kind of a dick with animated content, so I don't blame them to put extra swearing and violence to ensure they aren't going to get coppaed
(1.19 MB 1000x2400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6966 Nah. Vivzie just never left her middle school edgelord phase. Characters like Alastor are hold overs from Zoophobia, an old project of hers.
>>6958 Primal’s also good, I agree with you. But right now I think people’s disgust with SJW bullshit is at an all time high, so now’s the perfect time for a smattering if cartoons to show, the ones that are outwardly bullshit will likely die anyway. The industry is at a good point relative to where it was. Still kinda in the shit but something can climb out.
>>6969 But like I said Vivzie is still an SJW in her own right. It's not uncommon for them to eat their own so saying SJWs don't like it isn't an excuse.
(1.53 MB 1278x671 Cuckino.PNG)
(4.66 MB 862x470 20429_ejVUHF_gif2gif.gif)
>>6958 >Primal is more the direction I want animation in the west to take What do you think of Tales of Aletherion?
>>7049 Different anon, but too slow of a production schedule and the animation has gotten more choppy the past few entries. The attempt at non-verbal storytelling, the contents of the story itself and the homebrewed D&D setting is appreciated, but it does not feel as much of a proper work as much as a vanity project.
>>7050 >too slow of a production schedule To be fair, that's the case to any internet animation production >and the animation has gotten more choppy the past few entries. Really? That's sad, because I've watching the first season and everything looks awesome.
>>7057 Check the one named Thug's life where it's more of a power-point presentation.Another example would be the one about the illegitimate lizard child. Granted the one about the daughter seems to be more animated, but I'll wait for it to get released before I get my hopes up.
>>7057 >that's the case to any internet animation production Back then, the standard has been rising for some time now.
>>6967 >>6958 Never trust a show made by a furry.
(143.16 KB 1280x720 loona.jpg)
So deviant art tier furry porn & satanism is now mainstream.In the not so distant future when satanism & furries are normalized I hope Disney buys this IP and makes CG version of this show in the Hotel Transylvania animation style.
(26.01 KB 1200x776 rated_r.jpeg)
>>7119 That's about as possible as Disney releasing a new IP that's rated R17+.
(131.68 KB 1280x720 lesbianPrincessorgy.jpg)
>>7131 Today that might be the case but in the future when porn is normalized & becomes more acceptable they might launch DisneyXXX or they might buy pornhub. Disney princess porn has a huge investment opportunity because it might be the most popular animated porn circulating the web (Ben10 might be more popular) & look at how much porn fan artists make on patreon . I don't think Disney & other media companies will ignore fan art porn/ animated porn market much longer
>>7132 Anon, that won't happen
>>7132 Why are poeple like you so retarded? Not every jewish mega-corporation wants to put their kosher paws in every business they theoretically can. Pornographic animation is generally bottom of the barrel and nets chump change at the studio level in comparison to most other forms of animation, even in japan.
(87.54 KB 953x960 vpzi566qbhl41.jpg)
>>7135 He said in the future, when it's more normalized.
>>7132 >>7138 >in 10 years there will be saturday morning fucky toons if the slope keeps slipping at the rate it's going >orgyporgy done in calarts style wewlads
>>7139 I thought that was the purpose of Steven Universe. To teach kids about consent and rape.
>>7138 he also acts like porn isn't already normalized. You missed the point that the porn industry isn't worth enough for a mego corp that speclizes in other shit to invest in it. Sure it makes a lot of money, but disney even in it's current state is still making billions, while compannies like MindGeek make millions.
>>7144 >he also acts like porn isn't already normalized. Moreso than in the past, but it could certainly be even more normalized. You acknowledge this by pointing out that many "normal" companies don't want to touch it, despite it being a huge source of income. But it would contaminate their brand. But give it time, and soon these companies will not only make porn, but call you an istophobe if you don't buy it. Of course, it will only be certain kinds of porn. Nothing to appeal to straight men. Children will be considered okay, though. Netflix already started this months ago. Hell, Cartoon Network and others have been pushing relatively hard putting sexual stuff into childrens' cartoons for years. And I don't mean "adult" jokes designed to fly over kids' heads. I mean outright trying to turn kids into trannies. They're determined to mix the topics of kids and sex.
To get off the porno talk. Has anyone else noticed that Satanism is extremely overdone and cliche when it comes to making a "rebellious" work? Why is it always Satanism, and absolutely NOTHING ELSE in terms of a so-called "counter culture".
(29.47 MB 320x240 Night On Bald Mountain.webm)
>>7148 >Satanism is extremely overdone and cliche when it comes to making a "rebellious" work? I think it is the easiest rebellion archetype that can be used for story telling as the Lucifer's rebellion story is known by everyone because it is so popularized in media. Another reason Satanism & symbolism related to it is so common in media because most people in media are into occult mystery religions & cults.Disney,Pixar and most other big studios openly use these symbols in their TV programs, merchandise & theme parks all the time. https://archive.org/details/donaldinmathmagicland At 3:24 in this film they describe the Pentagram as a representative emblem for the Pythagorean fraternity.The symbols that are portrayed as satanic for the public today usually have another meaning for the occult elites who own & produce media. Satanism represented as the so-called "counter culture" in the media today is "controlled counter culture" produced by the establishment to control rebellion & dissent.If you look into the history of satanism & the prominent figures that were involved in propagating it you will find that most of them were involved in military & intelligence organizations. I don't know much about the occult but I do know that satanism is the Left hand path in occult religions & those who chose to follow that path are destroyed by it therefore rebels who follow Satanism to rebel are doomed to fail in their rebellion just like in the story of Lucifer's rebellion against god.
>>7148 The real question is why are so few of these "rebellious" types aware of what an embarrassment they are
>>7059 Indie animation investment has been growing up in the last years but indie projects are still scarce and slow. >>7059 >Check the one named Thug's life Just checked, you weren't lying, it's a literal PPT presentation, which is sad because I really liked the first season of the show and that short about the adventurer guy he presented to Gobelins as his thesis project; I genuely thing the guy has talent, I hope someday he would be hired by a decent studio.
>>7148 It depends, why do you mean by "rebellious", like experimental projects? If that so, stuff like La Casa Lobo comes to my mind and that thing is not related to satanism in any way.
(161.97 KB 1500x1000 LA_CASA_LOBO_0.jpg)
>>7167 Watched some of La Casa Lobo, I don't think the story of The Wolf House is about rebellion its about abuse & mindcontrol.
>>7168 >I don't think the story of The Wolf House is about rebellion its about abuse & mindcontrol. That's exactly why I'm asking what the guy meant by "rebellious", I understood "experimental projects" that's why I mentioned that film. And regarding Wolf House, it's more about the myths surrounded german speaking communities in Chile and in Lat in general the myths on rural areas trent to be wild.
>>7154 Their narcissism doesn't allow for much self-reflection.
(9.37 MB 1280x720 stolas song.mp4)
>>2284 Vivzie may be a stupid cunt but I like this moment.
>>8042 >Vivzie may be a stupid cunt let me guess, is she one of these basic bitch women with tumblr opinions and pronouns on her bio?
>>8133 She openly supports BLM & ACAB.
>>8133 She also got into some drama about buying someone's furry OC the main character in her Die Young video, but I didn't look too much into it because all furry drama is retarded.
There hasn't been a whole lot of talk here about the trailer for helluva boss that came out weeks ago let alone the second episode for helluva boss.
(423.50 KB 924x890 Just want nice.jpg)
>>9173 >We'll be saying "Fuck" a whole Hell of a lot, LOL AND into the trash it goes.
>>9173 I think I am one of the few people who preferred the Hazbin Hotel pilot and would have like to see those characters interact more. I feel like that one kid who actually preferred the boy and monkey pilot instead of the KND pilot with the swimming pool.
>>9175 The thing is Hazbin Hotel is getting an officially show by a legitimate studio while Helluva Boss is just seemingly gonna stay on youtube for now. Production for the former should presumably be going.
(3.74 MB 320x180 primate matrix)
>>6958 Honestly, after 2020, I vow never to put politics into my cartoons ever again. I need more shows like Primal that just doesn't give a fuck.
(205.12 KB 1280x720 Helluva Boss Episode 3.jpg)
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=RghsgkZKedg Episode 3 of Helluva boss is out now.
(435.13 KB 598x614 ClipboardImage.png)
(60.51 KB 766x940 EtFcpisVoAI2YwN.jpg)
(107.01 KB 988x1125 EtFcpitUUAEhAax.jpg)
>>9342 At least archive the cancer.
>>9342 The fuck's a "transmasc incidental"?
(3.16 KB 288x53 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9343 Okay.
>>9342 Well it is a show about sinning, so it is to be expected to see something like this in today's culture. You could argue that this show "promotes", or rather shows all these sinful activities such as killing, having sex outside of marriage and with anything, including animals and whatnot, as being "fun" and "whacky", and with no repercussions. If that is the case, why are you still here at episode 3?
>>9342 I assumed those were pectoral lines.
>>9348 The person in the tweet goes on to say they work on the show & intended it to be surgery scars specifically.
>>9349 Ooooof course they were. Not watching it then. By the way didn't A24 pick this up? Why is it still releasing on YouTube?
>>9350 A24 picked up Hazbin Hotel. Helluvaboss is just on youtube for the time being. Which is weird because it has at least one professional voice actor doing the voice for Moxxie.
(91.51 KB 532x693 my feelings.jpg)
>>9317 Theres still some issues with Blitzos dialogue, Im assuming the VA tends to adlib a lot, but overall the episode is better than the previous two, I can see the team getting a feel for what they want to do with it, theres a lot less clutter and unnessesary scenes.
(1.07 MB 1413x763 wew lad.PNG)
>>9317 >Loona gets blacked BRAVO VIV
(95.47 KB 680x451 lassitude.jpg)
>>9366 >+1 progressive point earned I hate blacked shit, but I support the creators doing what they want. However, in CY+6 these types of things always have to do with identity politics which deserve no respect or protection. Saying that, I don't watch the show and likely never will
>>9366 >>9376 On the brightside, he said he has a girlfriend & invites Loona to a party to make friends. Still though the nigger lusting was way too strong.
>>9376 I know just how you feel there; "just because" is a much better reason for the shit they put in than the woke drivel they spew forth when asked about it
>>9376 The character is not nigger, it's a hell hound in disguise of a nigger > I don't watch the show and likely never will Why are you even here then?
(153.04 KB 391x412 really nigger.png)
>>9384 Because I use the overboard and saw a post I wanted to comment on. Were you really not able to extrapolate that retard? >The character is not nigger, it's a hell hound in disguise of a nigger <he's a [non-nigger] trapped in a nigger's body! Twitter logic
>>9384 >Why are you here then Because /co/ needs the pph even if I will never give the show a view on YouTube. Maybe I'll pirate it once A24 releases it but not now.
>>9388 Anon, Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss are different shows.
>>9388 >Because /co/ needs the pph I know, Frank, but the people is coming here doesn't really give anything interesting to discuss, or even encourage to do it so, just look at this thread, half of the discussion is about disney princess porn, I wouldn't mind having like five post per week if they were made by people who's really into cartoons and cómics
>>9391 Though they take place in the same setting. In the pilot episode it depicted Charlie being shown on the news at one point.
>>9393 I'm not Frank I'm just a very concerned citizen who's most viewed media is barely discussed here so what else can I do. >>9391 Anon, sister and brother series can be fundamentally considered the same thing at times.
>>9342 they're not trans. they're dudes. anyone who looks at this without prior knowledge of the tranny bullshit or twitter culture will just see one muscular dude and one feminine dude with sunglasses. its just another "ganondorf is gay" tier pathetic pandering attempt where they can just say these characters are blanketyblank without actually animating them as such. she was probably told that so she would just shut the fuck up and stop bothering the rest of the production team since these people have nothing else going on for themselves but to bother others about their trans shit. >>9317 i watched this the other day and it was pretty good, didnt like that they made the werewolf bodyguard a nigger though if you want to go by the lore of the show, that is just a disguise he uses on earth, still just a regular hellhound down on hell. my favorite gag was when they look at the viewer after boss says "you have any idea the kind of perverted sicko that fawns over girls like you out there?", that one got me giggling
>>9529 >>9342 (x)he was probably clutching his keyboard while eating fatty cakes and crying as he typed that twitter and the "i work on this hurrdurr dont bother arguing i win I WIN TAKE THAT MEN" one. just typical white woman behavior.
(163.63 KB 409x325 1392958804132.png)
>>9531 >(x)he
(12.55 KB 318x335 joke.jpg)
>>9174 <trying too hard
(1.85 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Episode 4 of Helluva Boss is out. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=1ZFseYPmkAk
>>10301 They're putting these out at a pretty decent pace for a web series.
>>10301 This one was kinda funny & had some more lively animation. >using capitalist as an insult They just can't keep their politics away though.
(280.11 KB 1556x1024 YUV.H11M01S28.jpg)
>>10301 Least funny episode so far, call me when there's a goatse episode.
>>10303 >They just can't keep their politics away though. Bucko, it's because animation and comics as an American industry has shut out of the working class. Only rich people with extra time on their hands can afford to put out stuff like this. And like most landed elite gentry they whinge about crony capitalism even though they're the biggest inheritors of it.
(388.13 KB 854x480 COOM.webm)
>>10301 holy fuck so many hot furries this episode >2 angel goats >angel deer >angel sheep >bonus angel shota thought not furry >moxie and millie just doing it mid battle
>>10373 <cuckchan meme
>>10303 i felt it was a bit too fast paced compared to the rest, like they teleport the old man around places with no rhyme or reason to fit the episode timeframe. favorite joke was probably when they played the gnome sound after blitz unmasks the santa. >>10374 >OH MY GOD YOU POSTED A WRONGMEME its cut from a metokur stream, calm down autist.
>>10375 Eh it's a cartoon. The purpose is, like the angels keep saying, is to show the old man the beauty of living.
>>10303 >>10333 Calm your political autism, It's just a joke. The joke is that Moxxie is rating about shit on one gives a fuck and Blitzo doesn't respect him.
>>10381 The third episode had trannies & blacked shit so fuck off with that. This bullshit is politically left leaning whether you accept it or not.
(484.24 KB 500x371 Squidward-has-no-soul.gif)
>>10383 It's a degenerate Hell, yet there's almost little to no characters in SS outfits or anyone leaning with those sorts of ideas. Would be funnier if there's also some glow-in-the-dark CIA fag with the tactics that one expects elsewhere.
>>10384 Considering Vivzie being an ACAB bitch, it's surprising there aren't a bunch of dead cops in hell just in the background.
>>10373 Would have been better if they had an angel ox, angel lion,angel eagle, and angel human.
>>10384 >no characters in SS outfits or anyone leaning with those sorts of ideas I guess all those people went to Heaven.
>>10301 Animation was good, writing was eh and the cringe was intense. Over all pretty eh. Loonie Tunes type skits and the story driven approach of the previous 2 episodes dont mesh well together.
>>10387 Well if you were to ask the writer they'd probably say that those people were purged..
>>10473 That would be funny, like only the mormons going to heaven in South Park >>10384 I would say after several decades of purging they would have been killed a long time ago.
>>7071 > the standard has been rising for some time now Crowdfunding helps a lot.
I like it, I know the creator is a massive SJW but I still find the show funny, its like a higher quality newgrounds animation. you even have a bunch of newgrounds people helping work on it.
(560.80 KB 2048x1365 princesses.jpg)
>>7132 I want to impregnate every single one of those except for the redhead.
>>7132 Anon, Disney used to own several softcore pay per view channels in the 90's
>>11406 Prove it.
>>11408 In the early 90's, Disney owned about 70% of the stock in a pay per view service called "Viewer's Choice" this included their adult service "Hot Choice"
>>11429 Sometimes furries scares me
>>9175 > the boy and monkey pilot instead of the KND pilot I wanted to see that getting its retarded lore just like KND. >>11429 >Look at the degenerates watching us right now *wink wink*
(209.19 KB 1280x720 thumbnail.jpg)
Another episode is already out now: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=h2ZmVAdezF8
>>12363 It sucks. Maybe it's because they have Norman Reedus guest star but the animation took a hard nosedive. There's so many heavy choppy frames you'd think you were watching a french execution.
>>12363 stolas is adorable >>12373 yeah whats up with the animation in this episode, its choppy as hell.
>>12432 I can only justify it by blowing their budget on Norman Reedus & maybe 2 good fight scenes. Still it's inexcusable for a passion project with no set air date or deadlines to be this poorly presented.
(552.46 KB 626x492 zombies michael rooker.png)
>>12373 >they have Norman Reedus guest star Great. "Fur Stranding." When the hell did the redneck Edward Furlong become the gold standard for guest stars?
(1011.58 KB 877x688 ClipboardImage.png)
(140.39 KB 874x448 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12450 It helps he shares their politics. Meaning BLM support.
(710.24 KB 1200x924 1466741901564-5.jpg)
>>12472 oh my god the level of fart huffing and self agrandizing with these eggless women.
(396.93 KB 598x684 ClipboardImage.png)
Fucking disgusting. I'm starting to think these fucking people actually think hell & demons are cool. https://archive.md/RG52t
>>12475 The things that make demons and Hell "cool" are all a romanticized take on the concept of being "unholy". In reality, Heaven is where all the REAL fun, with Hell being a sterile and stale place where people go to suffer. Need to look no further than the angels already being eldritch beings. Who knows what other wicked stuff is out there.
>>12477 Yes the modern idea of hell being a hellish landscape is more of a popular culture but the idea that angels are ONLY eldritch beings is stupid. There's multiple classification of angels & many of them appear in human forms especially in the new testament.
>>12478 *hellish fiery landscape
>>12477 The popular imagination of “hell” is take almost wholly from the Divine Comedy.
(244.90 KB 1242x1231 trannies stonetoss two-face.jpg)
>>12475 >"Oh, and fuck yeah >she is [mental illness flag]" Welp, I'm out. I can deal with just about anything but I'm not going to give attention to that (((bullshit))).
>>12472 >It helps he shares their politics. Meaning BLM support. >those pics >that sharpied forearm "BLM" that might just be a hastily acquired tattoo, given how retarded he is >my mfw when
(174.63 KB 579x324 zdar+1.png)
>>12475 >nose >jaw I didn't even know Robert Z'dar had transitioned. Rip in peace
(165.30 KB 404x256 Pickles.png)
>Blacked furry goth >Tranny >Ugly she-mutt creator now advocating for BLM Welp, fuck this trash
(968.42 KB 873x717 snapshot.jpg)
(427.30 KB 598x700 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12532 I dunno if I'd call her a mutt. She's just fat. She & her clique are definitely nigger terror supporters though.
>>12533 Great, can't wait to see Floyd making a cameo (while unintentionally implying he's burning in hell) produced by Rebel Wilson's retarded cousin, this bitch tries way too hard to cater both sides of the spectrum. >Edgy but not so much >Representation by having tasteless stereotypes
(1.53 MB 1278x671 Cuckolding.PNG)
>>12533 >I dunno if I'd call her a mutt <Vivienne "VivziePop" Medrano She's a Californian Spic anon I expected her fucking virtue signalling to happen sooner or later, just didn't expect her cartoons to get this fucking bad.
(94.82 KB 178x259 Screenshot.png)
>>12533 >I dunno if I'd call her a mutt. Look past the blonde dye-job. She looks like Horatio Sans in drag.
>>12533 I'm not even mildly upset at this point, helluva boss isn't enjoyable to watch, I can't even tell if it's supposed to be funny or just noise. I wasn't expecting anything to come out of that other hazbin hotel pitch so it's not like I'll lose out on any promise that might have held, this just seems par for the course for a cartoon about hell to be made by creatures that fit the theme.
>>12533 >>12475 >>12472 well not like i was ever going to give her any money. none of the episodes have been preachy (yet) and most of the virtue signaling and pozzed kike garbage is done, and contained within, the twittersphere. if they keep making good episodes 5 wasn't and not putting that stuff in the show, im willing to give them a pass.
Well I'm glad that I passed over this crap when it first came out. At first, I thought it was going to somewhat like Zombie's El Superbeasto only a musical. Then I started reading about on a few furry sites I browsed.
>>12596 My internet, my computer.
>>12596 /fur/ is an active board on this very site.
>>12585 >episodes have been preachy The rich evil capitalist episode can be considered a bit preachy.
(752.44 KB 640x360 furry paratrooper.mp4)
>>12604 Don't remind us.
(66.67 KB 960x542 furry airforce.jpg)
>>12596 I love that dipshit's comics. Like furfags are some sort of oppressed minority instead of just a bunch of laughable degenerate ass-clowns.
>>12609 Reminder that he took bikecuck and redeemed him into a furfag killer.
>>12617 I must have missed that one. What happened?
>>12605 i thought the cherubs were preachy, not the episode itsefl

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