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(115.82 KB 600x600 wadina davis.png)

all imageboards are dead check em hail caesar Anonymous 08/26/2020 (Wed) 02:00:59 No. 4444
(66.25 KB 1425x1188 S4-046.png)

(202.93 KB 1586x1608 Beedina.png)

Praise wadina
I will never forgive the German's for this.
>>4450 wrong KC
>>4448 Does that drawfag still draw her? Are they even still on here?
>>4491 Haven't seen that drawfag around in a drawthread in a long time, and he used to be quite active on /v/, so he's probably gone. Likewise, /sp/ fucked off to sportschan ages ago, so maybe the drawfag migrated with them?
>>4500 He was still around after that though, maybe he just never found this place?
>>4510 I think the drqawfag is Quest Anon, he draws for the /v/ drawthreads and stopped by here a couple of times.
>>4500 >so maybe the drawfag migrated with them? Likely, he was a /sp/artan
>>8790 He comes to /v/ a lot.
>>8790 why the fuck did you bump this thread faggot
>>8794 for the coming >>8888 /sp/ get :^)
>>8797 I came here to laugh at you /sp/___.
>>8797 That's gonna take a while.
Where is the wadina porn?
>>10501 In your heart, and mind. try spee's librejp board, he seems to be posting there again

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