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(73.09 KB 620x413 Bikini Cowboy.jpg)

(78.35 KB 1280x720 Gravity Falls.jpg)

(322.47 KB 615x465 Foster's Home.png)

Young Boys Older Girls Anonymous 10/09/2020 (Fri) 00:09:39 No. 5832
/ss/ thread anyone? Post your favorite /ss/ pairs, discuss what you like about them and the series they come from.
(473.14 KB 1445x1134 ClipboardImage.png)

(436.73 KB 1183x1385 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5832 Mac & Frankie is cute. It was probably what awoke some confusing feelings for me in the first place. Also redheads. I like redheads.
Gravity Falls was an okay show but it's enjoyment is a little ruined by the man behind it. Especially because he based Wendy shameless off Lauren Faust. I'd watch Hilda if it was about David.
(21.59 KB 500x281 phin-1322163577.jpg)

>>5832 Daily reminder that only Ferb had the sheer iron will and enormous penis to actually close escrow on the deal.
>>28596 Mac could've done it. Never know.
>>28523 >>28599 >>28522 >>5833 It's funny that the majority of posts in this thread are women based on Lauren Faust.
(62.54 KB 481x737 latest-3752911758.png)

>>28599 >Mac could've done it. Mac in his prime wouldn't be able to seduce Coco, let alone an actual woman.
>>28622 Shut up, Bloo.
I keep seeing the bikini cowgirl surfer and I'm not sure if that's an actual comic of just random tumblr art.
>>28629 The same 3 pages over and over. Why nobody storytells this finally?
>>28632 I guess it's storytime.
>>28596 My man closed a half decade age gap like a champ.
>you want to fuck your mother >you are an only child >you fetishize your childhood >you are an incompetent with null initiative
>>28659 Okay, (((Freud)))
>>28611 >Lauren Faust Is ugly
>>28659 >you want to fuck your mother nope >you are an only child very much nope. I have more than 10 siblings >you fetishize your childhood there you go >you are an incompetent with null initiative not quite, but you have kind of a point
(9.15 MB 2894x4093 100844133_p0.png)

>>28758 How the hell do you have MORE THAN 10 siblings?!
>>28759 It’s not unheard of, my grandmother had thirteen kids in her lifetime.
>>28759 Nowadays its uncommon, but that used to be a pretty normal ammount of children. On my dad's side his parents had 10 kids, and on my mother's 11.
>>28760 >>28761 It was common in the baby boomer days when they could afford it or even further back when most children died so couples had as many as possible. Still it's crazy unheard of nowadays unless you're a promiscuous nigger.
(112.65 KB 1280x960 blk nat king cole.jpg)

>>28759 >How the hell do you have MORE THAN 10 siblings?! Be black
>>5833 Bump, and a little more art from Vee.
>>28833 Vee does great shotas
>>28834 Too bad she's certifiably insane.
(705.24 KB 1744x1189 fc8d1a7f451c9f12.png)

(388.04 KB 1200x1248 vee fair maiden.png)

>>28835 Yes, and?
>>28836 She needs help. Especially when her trauma & mental health issues leak into her art.
(737.70 KB 1861x1114 2f18b89f46c67a51.png)

>>28838 I certainly hope you don't relate to her & that's why you find it no big deal.
(1.23 MB 1324x1566 dd47f58654865dbb.png)

>>28839 What? You don't? That is a joke. I think she is seeing help these days btw.
>>28840 Well that's something at least.
>>28840 Why are you name fagging?
>>28842 Ah, fuck, sorry, was using the name in another thread and forgot to take it off. Didn't even notice. Fuck, that thread was weeks ago...
>>28632 It's nearly 200 pages, dude. There's no sex. It's "Christianity bad." There's your message.
>>28844 Oh god fucking dammit.
>>28844 who honestly cares about the message, everyone who reads it is doing so for the older girl x younger boy dynamic
>>28849 > who honestly cares about the message The people reading the comic who enjoy that content but are tired of being browbeaten for their real world beliefs.
>>28844 Pretty sure it's just blind zealotry is bad.
>>28836 Every single time I see "she/her" I assume it's a fat bastard pretending to be a girl.
>>28944 >I assume it's a fat bastard pretending to be a girl. That's unfair. Sometimes it's a thin bastard pretending to be a girl.
(26.04 KB 400x400 N.jpg)

>>28944 The chance that is a tranny its big but next-gen E-thots are psuedo "hardcore gamers/weebs/dorks" and so on.
(66.90 KB 500x500 rageexplosiongasm.jpg)

>>28996 Also "sensitivity training" brainwashing can cause it. >get email from wife from her work account because I'm helping her with a project >her auto signature says "[anon's wife], she/her" >mfw >calm down a little >calm down a lot >finally calm enough that I'll be able to talk to her without screaming >ask her why she has her pronouns on her WORK EMAIL. >she tells me she did some sensitivity class at work and the communist feminist groomer suggested that good allies have their pronouns in their sigs >tell her that's a good way to start off on the wrong foot with many, many people and she should get them out of there >go back and forth on it >she can't quite understand why I want her to do that and I can't quite explain that I want to psychically explode people who do that because 99 times out of 100, they're pieces of fucking shit >finally get her to change it I'm getting pretty sick of this timeline, guys.
>>29003 >wife Fucking normalnigger, get out!
>>29003 Don't mess with your wife's workplace. If it's filled with progressives in management and HR then it's best to blend in.
>>28976 >>28944 >>28996 I'm pretty sure Vee is a girl, like an actual XX chromosomes human being. She got doxed and her personal photos were posted all over the internet at the time. >>29003 Yup. Totally a normal reaction here.
>>29022 The only one I could find for now
>>29013 >I'm pretty sure Vee is a girl >>29029 >photo That's... that's a pretty mannish girl, guys.
>>29029 >>29030 Oof yeah she's got a boyish face for sure. Impossible without more details like the shoulders to make any more accusations though. >>29033 Oh wow I saw that earlier on twitter. Didn't even realize it was her.
>>29033 >"Guise, I spent more money than I made! I need your help!" There are times when I think that the monthly period would be worth it if I could just bat my eyelashes and have an army of simps dump money in my lap.
>>29035 Having an army of simps does not compensate for women's piss-poor ability at managing finances. They will eventually squander everything they have and come back to milk moar of their simps; even the most successful e-whores aren't an exception, and soon they become old enough that the same gimmick doesn't work anymore. Be glad you were born a man.
>>29037 Not hatred; an objective statement. Just wanted to tell anon that being an e-thot is not as desirable as it sounds.
>>29038 E-thot yes. Being a woman isn't so bad. You literally have no expectations but to get married & have kids. Easier than back breaking labor day in day out.
>>29039 >You literally have no expectations but to get married & have kids Precisely the point; the ease of being a woman reflects her monotonous life. Being dependent on others means that women are wired to be coy and to absorb consensus even if they (tacitly) disagree with it, dooming them to be NPCs. Widespread whoredom and parasocial relationships are kind of women's adverse reaction to the decay in marriage, and it always ends badly (yes, even to the wealthiest e-thots) since they are not used to independence. It's better to be a man no matter how hard it gets; because men are, by necessity, more discerning.
>>29040 Fair.
(1.53 MB 1280x720 thot my dad is dead.mp4)

>>29036 >Having an army of simps does not compensate for women's piss-poor ability at managing finances. Then I'd just get more simps, duh! I'd be young and beautiful forever and I'd never hit The Wall!
>>29046 Bitch has got a lightbulb head. Ironically not much going on in there.
>>29048 >Bitch has got a lightbulb head. Ironically not much going on in there. Never mind that, look at the quick flash of a gigantic tattoo on her back.
(17.72 KB 595x138 Screenshot.png)

>>29046 So I finally stopped looking at her boobs and feeling bad for her father's ghost to notice the @ in the top left corner. I went looking and, well, it's pretty much what you'd expect.
(34.44 KB 621x287 Screenshot.png)

>>29061 Went into Nitter to see the good stuff... and by good stuff, I mean the tragic humiliation conga that is her life.
>>29062 Acting like a total attention-seeking whore its the female equivalent of men acting like neanderthals, its bad but part of the human nature.
>>29063 You think that's bad but Vee herself is doing it plenty right now but with the "woe is me" excuse instead as seen here >>29033. People are throwing money at her for complaining that KiwiFarms ruined her life... when she's in massive debt. Just wanted /ss/ art but can't even enjoy that without the cunt's baggage ruining it.
Not /co/ related
(562.96 KB 816x773 pope u fuckin pleb.png)

>>29064 >Not /co/ related You are the bitchest of bitch niggers, faggot. I'm the one who posted the shit about the e-thot, not this guy. Why the fuck are you paddling his ass for one comment, cucumber-fellator? Fuck's sake, you are the worst BO in the history of BOs. /co/ should be top ten, but instead we're trailing behind /abdl/ AND /interracial/, you pederast.
>>29116 Frank is a faggot yes but let's not pretend Yanni the yanitor wasn't way worse. We couldn't have a thread like this under him back in the old days.
>>29006 People in general are losing the fear of IBs, to the point that "chanz" culture blends with the most mainstream sites, being a internet nazi its something cool and rebellious for a lot of 14 years old kids these days and stereotypical basement dwellers are being replaced with normalfags more and more in the most popular "incel forums", 2006 was a long time ago.
>>29149 2007 was really the point the internet was no longer a niche interest. With the advent of apple mac computers it became a trend. From there only getting worse through things like facebook & twitter. Steve Jobs was a mistake.
that good
>>29149 Unless it comes to actually saying nigger, that's the moment of truth. Loli is also another way to separate the wheat from the chaff, since even Anons who disliked loli (and there were a good deal.) knew it's use as a deterrent and a canary in the coalmine.
>>29178 As a former janny of two I disagree. The loli was one thing and the child modeling(softcore) always lead to another and another. Which is why most IB/chanz started to ban it all together.
>>29179 >The loli was one thing... So your complaint is about something else. So you don't even disagree.
>>29211 Well, I've never disagree nor agreed with loli to be honest. But how can it be used as a deterrent when it draws people of said niche?
>>29178 Saying nigger pretty much everyone want and can, on the other hand most think that post-Samurai/WW2 Japan its degenerate and must be purged. The stuff that gets imitated the most on "mainstream" sites its /pol/ or any by-product of /pol/ (not a strawman, the majority of "imitators" dont know or deny that chanz are/were "anime websites").
>>28613 >Red heads, man Suggest Scottish and/or Irish ancestry.
>>29221 Because nobody said it was a deterrent of those people. It's a deterrent of normalfags and canary in the coalmine to detect censorship, and the fact that you don't understand this means you never should have been a janny, since you're an obvious newfag that is more concerned with stopping people from posting things you don't like than stopping censorship. The fact that you didn't even understand what anon was saying originally means you're a huge fucking newfag idiot.
>>29234 So youre telling me jean grey is irish? that would explain the green colours. Also, what about mary jane?
>>29237 >what about mary jane? Watson is not an uncommon surname in England and Scotland.
>>29236 Assumptions, assumptions. (1) I've always viewed loli as uniquely avant-garde and respect a person's right to make it. However, I'm not one to jump on a soapbox to foam at the mouth about it's unacceptance. (2) As a janny, I generally banned vacant accounts and more or less lurkers.
>>29270 None of that is relevant to the point that you didn't even understand the post you replied to that lead to this tangent, and not understanding it speaks volumes.
>>28837 Trauma and mental health issues tend to make good artists. >>28836 >Likes >CIAniggers >>28851 Guess what? Most Christians don't know the Bible and are blind sheep, because most people are stupid normalfags and Christians are no exception.
>>29237 I’m telling you she has Irish blood. The whites of Australia, for example, don’t just have English ancestry but Scottish and Irish too alongside others and of course the English themselves probably had already mixed with Scotts and Irish. I see a surprising number of red heads at the local supermarket considering they’re supposedly a rare and dwindling group. Of course, red hair didn’t appear solely in those populations, but it is most common among them. Scotts actually have the most redheads.
>>29029 Exposed neck, no Adam's apple. Vee confirmed for female, even if her face looks like a 12 year old boy's. Now post more semi-canon /ss/.
>>29277 This.
>>29274 >Guess what? Most Christians don't know the Bible and are blind sheep, because most people are stupid normalfags and Christians are no exception. Yes yes we get it you go to reddit. >>29277 Little wonder she makes poor financial decisions & has no accountability for her actions.
>>29279 You're taking personal offense to something that's basically aimed at normalfags and people who use Christianity as a costume.
>>29280 If he meant only those are larp as Christians then he wouldn't put Christians in general under that knock.
>>29281 Christians in general are LARPers. There aren't that many real Christians.
>>28850 >people reading the comic who enjoy that content but are tired of being browbeaten for their real world beliefs. Are you saying there's genuine faithful Christians reading a comic for /ss/ lewds?
>>29282 Again, back to reddit with you.
>>29284 Why exactly are you here in an /ss/ thread again? To preach that the evils of the sin of lust everyone else here is engaging in? I don't understand how Christians end up in these dens of sin, yet only seem to get mad at the people saying anything bad about Christianity, when if they were at all consistent, they'd take issue with everyone here.
>>29285 They're drawings. No Christian gets up in arms about violent video games or movies. Stop trying to make it about religion when it has nothing to do with the subject matter of the thread beyond one character not even posted here.
>>29286 >Stop trying to make it about religion when it has nothing to do with the subject matter of the thread I didn't bring it up. >No Christian gets up in arms about violent video games or movies. So? The subject is lust. Violence is an act, so it has to be real to matter. But lust is an emotion, and so porn is a sin, drawn or otherwise.
>>29287 Doesn't matter. Everyone sins. Get the fuck back on subject.
(48.22 KB 237x315 ss folder.png)

>>29288 >It's on subject to bemoan anti-Christian themes in an /ss/ comic >It's off subject to point out the hypocrisy of doing that, and here of all places So basically, don't say anything that upsets your Christian sensibilities, and we're cool and on subject, got it. >Everyone sins. Acknowledging that, and promoting/engaging in some sins while acting like saying anything anti-Christian is even worse than the sin makes no sense.
(244.00 KB 700x700 Gl wonderloli.png)

I swear I had the reverse version of this image saved, but now I can't find it. Anyone have it?
>>29290 Having a villain use religion as a weapon for dogmatic zealotry beliefs is not anti-Christian. Nor is enjoying pure fiction. Now get the fuck out.
>>29291 Found it. For some reason the colored version is smaller.
>>29292 >Having a villain use religion as a weapon for dogmatic zealotry beliefs is not anti-Christian. Gonna have to backtrack for this one. >>28844 said it was anti-Christian. >>28850 said Christians that read the comic for /ss/ will not like the anti-Christian message, in spite of the fact reading a comic for /ss/ is very non-Christian >>28851 said no, it's about blind zealotry. I replied that most Christians are normalfags which are blind retards anyways, since most people are normalfags. But even walking back that statement of mine, and accepting it's about zealotry, not Christianity, the second post I reference is still the source of my overall focus on the hypocrisy of complaining about about anti-Christian themes in an /ss/ thread. He believes it to be anti-Christian, and that's what makes him a strange hypocrite. >But everyone sins Yes, you're right. That doesn't make it any less hypocritical to be mad at something for being anti-Christian when he's reading it for the purpose of indulging in a Christian sin. >Enjoying pure fiction isn't anti-Christian So? It's still a sin to enjoy lustful fiction as is the purpose of this thread. Or are you telling me it's not a sin to jack off to porn if all the porn is drawn? Oh, is masturbation a sin? So it's fine as long as you don't touch your dick while looking at tons of illustrated erotica? That seems like an odd line to draw in the sand, but whatever ultimately justifies you being upset about anti-Christian sentiment in a fetish thread I suppose. >>29293 Thanks anon. I could of sworn I saved it. I have some lolified cape stuff, but practically no shotafied characters.
>>29294 If you're not gonna post /ss/ then shut up & fuck off already.
>>29295 No. /ss/ is hot. I just don't really have any /co/ specific /ss/, sadly. Here's something by a western artist, at least.
>>29292 I've always been a fan of Damian's moments where his inner boy comes out. He starts gushing about how cool it was to finally meet Killer Croc. Maybe even disarms the giant cannibal by gushing about how awesome he looks and taking all killing intent out of him. >"I'mma pick my teeth with yer ribs!" >"Oh man, how did you get your eyes to look like that? I thought what you had was just a skin condition! That's so cool!" >"Y-yeah?" >"Yeah! Are those contacts?" >" Yeah, they're contacts. Thought it'd complete the whole croc image."
>>5833 Wanted some western /ss/ age difference and found a gallery with a ton of Vee's Mac x Frankie pics. https://exhentai.org/g/1806355/615648ad6e/
>>29306 I love this lady's works. Shame about the rest of her. Wish she weren't having such a shitty time so she could keep drawing more /ss/.
>>29305 Little too playful for Damian. He's a lot more of a shit than just kid excited to be a hero.
>>29307 Doesn she draw a lot of futa on shota shit? Thats extremely horrible.
>>29309 dudes into /ss/ and ass stuff are just one step away of gay shit.
>>29312 It's not gay if it's shota.
>>29312 >ass stuff Gay or nay, they're equally degenerate.

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