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(56.78 KB 854x480 death.jpg)
Is anybody making art like "Do the Evolution" anymore? Anonymous 10/18/2020 (Sun) 03:46:29 No. 6309
I rewatched the video for Do The Evolution for the first time since it came out and was shocked at how good the art is. EVERY SCENE IS A MASTERPIECE. Yes, it's famous as one of the best cartoons ever made, but look at the huge gap between it and anything on TV these days. Is anybody producing artwork and animation with this attention to detail and quality anymore, even for fun?
The french and the japanese? but mostly shorts, never TV stuff
Keep in mind for one side the animation musical is not nearly as big as it used to be in the 90s since MTV is basically a zombie by now and that musical videos trend to have good animation because they are condensed in just a couple of minutes rather than several episodes of 22 like your average TV show, not to mention that cable overall has been going down for the last several years, so, that's basically the reason of the gap you noticed >Is anybody making art like "Do the Evolution" anymore? The artstyle it's derived from Batman TAS so you could check something artistically inspires by it like Primal or the DC direct tl video movies, but if you mean with similar attention to details, I think there are some graduations shorts from french/korean colleges that can be near of that you are looking for.
>>6320 >>6324 Could you guys post a few shorts that you can remember the names of?
>>6309 That sort of style is largely a product of 90s, and it was replaced by Cartoon Network's flat, simplistic, and cheap style in 2000s. Gen 13 animated movie and Spawn animated series are the closest things to it as far as long-form animation is concerned. Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys, Rosewell Conspiracies, and DCs animated universe shows and films from that era are very similar, but simplified a bit. Naturally, none of these are as polished as the music video. Out of high profile people working currently, Bruce Timm is the only who comes to mind. Even then, his style changed a bit over the years and got a little bit more exaggerated compared to what it used to be. >>6320 Got any links? I know that Gobelins uploads some of their students' animation, but I did not see anything in this style from them. Same for Japan Animator Expo before they took down their website. Few things I have seen come from Korea did not use that style either - it was all anime, typical CGI, cutesy, or sketchy avant garde wannabe styles.

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