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(116.05 KB 500x383 ma4jpTJ1qe37lgo1_500.gif)

Anonymous 05/08/2020 (Fri) 15:29:38 No. 654
So how long does the mouse have before he drowns to death from debt?
>>654 If they can't pull out a miracle within ten years I say they're about as bankrupt as studio ghibli.
>>657 > bankrupt as studio ghibli. They're going bankrupt?
>>658 They had a 90% dip in profits according to their last shareholders meeting with billions lost. Mostly due in part due to bad decisions regarding a certain franchise, park drama over Marvel and Star Wars, but Corona was the straw that broke the camel's back. The parks, hotels and cruises make up more than 50% of their profits, so without them they've received a huge financial blow. Disney won't cease to be, but they'll be filing for bankruptcy until they can sort this shit out or be forced to start downsizing a lot.
>>684 No I meant ghibli, I didnt know they were going bankrupt.
>>689 They kinda closed down when Miyazaki left. I'm not sure if it was a full blown bankruptcy but they did seem pretty fucked judging from what news articles were saying like "its the end of ghibli" or "ghibli closes its doors forever". Miyazaki is making a new movie though.
Not soon enough. I just hope all his properties go to the public domain already, Star Wars fans have unironically made 100 films better than the 5 they already put out.
While I appreciate the optimism with how many properties disney owns I can see them surviving debt by simply selling anything they deem worthless. On the positive side, it'll probably be a few years before they buy another company.
>>706 They won't sell Marvel, that's for sure, but FOX has been of little worth to them and that's been a huge source of their debt right now. I mean they've already said they're not going to do anything with it outside of X-Men and Fantastic Four, so they might as well sell the rest.
>>707 They'll keep the ips but they'll shut down the majority of the studios and license everything else.
Has there been any sign of Disney doing copyright extension fuckery yet? The expiration is nearing and congress managed to ram through that Classics Act bullshit without anyone noticing.
>>744 They probably wont miss the opportunity even if they go broke.
>>705 >I just hope all his properties go to the public domain already Probably not gonna happen. Disney will spend their last money, take on even more debt, or sell of bunch of other newer IPs at a loss, just get enough lobbying money to secure their Mickey Mouse and other related IPs. It will take years before people will start travel en masse like they used to and have enough disposable income again to visit parks. Until then, socks with Mickey Mouse and other similar merchandise will be Disney's lifeline. It might not even be Disney who gets the new extension passed. By 2035, Batman, Superman, and the first Looney Tunes will be entering public domain too. It is not likely that the Warner Bros will let any of them go. My bet is that they will band together with Disney and some sort of extension will be passed by the end of 2023. However, it probably won't be as easy as it was back in 1998. Google, EFF, Public Knowledge, and multiple other entities are against copyright extensions so there will be resistance. >>744 I searched for it, but there is nothing known so far. Disney still has 3.5 years to wrap it up.
A bit of late news but disney now owes 70 BILLION DOLLARS worth of dept in total. Originally it was just 50 billion but they kept borrowing money since the corona virus epidemic to keep themselves afloat. Just recently the borrowed 11 billion dollars from the banks. https://invidio.us/watch?v=ACNbHwpyIaA
>>839 How fucking embarrassing.
(43.59 KB 467x413 nicedesune.jpg)

(16.55 KB 500x372 1437392374255.jpg)

>>839 Just how big could their debt potentially get? I figure 120 billion, maybe more. If that's the case I expect to see a lot of cutbacks and them selling off a lot of IPs and companies they own. ESPN could be on the chopping block too.
>>839 They will be bailed out by the fed,It's a too big to fail company 70billion -100billion in debt, it dose not matter as their lobbyists will ensure that the Tax-cattle pays for their losses, meanwhile small hotels,restaurants,stores go under the US government will make sure that too big to fail companies like Disney, big banks,airlines, etc stay afloat even if these companies were loosing money,mismanaging their IP's or were in debt already due to their own fault before cov19 , they will be bailed out at the expense everyone else.It happened in 2008 and will happen again & the taxcattle and their future generations will pay for it.
>>839 >>861 But how much of it will be downsized or sold or flat out taken over by the government, that's what you gotta think about. Even if a company's too big to fail, the moment they become a nuisance more than an asset via lobbysts is the moment the "scandals" appear "organically".
>>867 Most of fox will probably be gone by the end of this year.
>>764 >>705 http://archive.is/frocw Disney probably gave up on the copyright, and will now exploit trademark laws. That's why classic Mickey has been showing up more and more in recent years. However, trademark enforcement is not as draconian as the IPs in most cases. Still, that won't stop Disney from trying to file wrongful, frivolous lawsuits just to scare people off. No normal person has money or time for dealing with a prolonged court proceedings. However, it would be nice to see someone with money and time do that, go to court, win the case, and then get Disney in trouble for malicious prosecution and abuse of the judicial system.
(641.52 KB 690x794 Capture1.PNG)

(102.94 KB 649x881 Capture2.PNG)

(15.75 KB 646x169 Capture3.PNG)

Disneyworld is set to reopen in June.
>>1574 I can only hope that they get a fresh batch of infected chinese tourists to shut it all down again.
>>1574 I wonder how subdued itll be.
>Disney going to be forced to close parks again I wonder how much debt theyve racked up so far? http://archive.md/6oqlk
>>2964 Enough to fill a park at least.
Universal Studios theme parks have lost over 94% percent of revenue due to coronavirus and top of having numerous layoffs. In a bit of late news there's also the possibility of Disney possibly downsizing as well on top of there being rumors of George Lucas being brought back to direct Star Wars again and possibility of Kathleen Kennedy being removed by having her contract expire to reduce controversy. There's a good chance Disney might get unwoke soon as a result of the financial losses incurred from the Rey trilogy, the coronavirus, and dissatisfied investors. https://invidio.us/watch?v=MaZcrSF-zng https://invidio.us/watch?v=OajtFYNtk78
Big happenings are likely to happen at Disney with tons of employee layoffs and Bob Iger getting kicked out according to various rumors. https://invidio.us/watch?v=sRRKeRx_AgY TLDR; Disney's going to clean house and get unwoke.
(190.58 KB 1200x667 GoldensWetDream.png)

(24.95 KB 731x313 Capture.PNG)

(71.83 KB 865x740 Capture12.PNG)

(98.06 KB 925x882 Capture123.PNG)

(81.09 KB 884x781 Capture124.PNG)

In recent news Disney is slowly losing revenue. Disneyland is still closed with no plans to reopen anytime soon. And at this point the only thing they own making decent money is Disney+ and Hulu
>>3521 It's beautiful.
(118.66 KB 1200x800 1595205.0.jpg)

>>3521 Fucking good.
>>3521 Good. Hopefully it will kill the mouse and cause all companies they own to splinter. Disney's monopoly on the market was cancer and their legal meddling hurt creative industries. Hopefully it means that meddling with copyright and royalty laws is over. However, there is a chance that this time Disney might see protecting copyright as the key to survival and throw whatever they have left into extending rights even further.
>>839 >disney now owes 70 BILLION DOLLARS To who?
(48.15 KB 218x170 smug ice bitch.png)

>>3521 Looks like Disney is going to have to let it go.
>>3605 Banks.
>>3605 Disney owes money to Citybank for sure https://archive.vn/FJY26 I doubt that this is the only entity involved. Disney likely borrowed might haved borrowed money from organizations in Europe and Asia too. Most of them being banks. If Disney can't pay up, most of their stuff will be parceled out and sold. It would be hilarious if Murdoch would buy back all the 20th Century fox properties for fraction of the price. Universal would be interested in something too, since the company has been desperate for a successful franchise of some sort and all of their previous efforts to create something failed.
>When Walt Disney Co. announced that it had closed more than 20 foreign TV channels last week, Chief Executive Officer Bob Chapek looked like he was taking the knife to a big chunk of the company’s international audience. >The move would have been unthinkable a few years ago. But Chapek -- less than six months after succeeding longtime CEO Bob Iger -- is using the Covid-19 crisis to transform Disney much faster than expected, all with an eye toward making the company an online juggernaut that reaches far more people worldwide. >Besides scrapping the networks, he shut down a musical version of the animated film “Frozen” that opened with much fanfare on Broadway two years ago, closed a chain of English-language schools in China, and scaled back a $1 billion resort-technology project that has largely been replaced by a simple mobile-phone app. >“He’s going to be looking in every corner where they can save money,” said Dave Heger, an analyst who follows the company at Edward Jones and recommends buying Disney stock. “Considering what Disney is dealing with, he’s the right guy to have at the wheel.” >... >But the biggest strategic shift is unquestionably Disney’s push into online video. Chapek provided a clue to what was coming in June, when the company said it was removing the Disney Channel TV networks from pay-TV systems operated by Virgin Media and Sky in the U.K. and putting the programming on the new Disney+ streaming service instead. >It turns out that was part of a much broader move announced last week -- affecting many of the people who see the company’s programming outside the U.S. >The company shut down more than 20 international channels, took a $4.9 billion charge against earnings and will instead expand its worldwide streaming operation. Chapek introduced a new online service using the Star brand internationally that will feature content from Disney networks like ABC and FX. >He also said he’d make “Mulan,” the live-action remake of the 1998 animated hit, available to purchase for $30 on the Disney+ service at the same time it’s released in theaters. https://archive.ph/IUGGf So, is this a good thing or a bad thing?
>>3865 Good, it means the mouse is now smacked. They're guaranteed to downsize now and bleeding a fuck ton of money.
>>3874 I wonder when's the next set of layoffs.
Apparently Disney will be placing gag orders on their staff from expressing ANY AND ALL dissent towards their customers, that is if they want to keep their job: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=eXQ91PaWr3g
>>4630 >a company finally tells their employees to stop antagonizing the people they're trying to sell things to Too little too late for Disney I hope but it's about fucking time
>>5098 >You've lived long enough for the mouse to starve >You've lived long enough for people to see that Disney doesn't care and is just using woke for money >You've lived long enough for Bob Iger to be thrown out of the CEO's chair It ain't perfect, I'm still waiting for them to start selling properties and actual effort into their new movies but I'll take what I can get. Walt is dancing in his grave!
(2.94 MB 1080x1339 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5114 Oh shit it's Red Batman!
>>5098 It looks like the sun's setting for the house of mouse. It may not lead to the complete end of Disney but it would dethrone it as a media empire in the United States and that's good enough for me.
>>5114 I can remember back in the 80's when Eisner boasted that he could get people to sit through two hours of blank film as long as he put the Disney logo at the start, how the mighty have fallen.
>>5098 >Disney is suffering financially >It's the chinnese year of the Rat How ironic.
(1.71 MB 332x182 goddance.gif)

https://archive.vn/wip/MdjHt 28,000 layoffs, which is more than an entire city's worth of jobs for a large company. For comparison, the Amazon deal AOC ruined was for 25,000 jobs.
just pirate them
>>5118 will we finally get good copyright laws?
>>5629 Who knows. Disney was not the only one benefiting from extensions, and someone else might step in. Large music labels are getting more and more desperate, so they might throw all their weight behind extending copyrights.
>>657 zootopoia 2
(32.46 KB 640x360 Alex_3.jpg)

https://yewtu.be/watch?v=g27HK45uTwo Investors are now calling it quits for Disney. The investor day that Disney usually had gotten cancelled after they announced in claiming that it was an error. It looks like Disney's in a bigger shit than expected due to the layoffs, Mulan tanking, and the fact they've lost 90% of their revenue from the parks being closed due to coronavirus. I'm not sure how much more bad it can get but it's gonna take a long ass time for them to recover if they can at all from this.
(7.53 MB 1280x536 Raya and the Last Dragon.mp4)

Hey, remember that one Nickelodeon series that everyone loves and praises as the best cartoon ever? No, that one about the effeminate monk fighting Japan. I'm talking about the sequel to that. Yeah, THAT one. We're going to do that.
>>6582 This is supposed to be based on something?
>>6582 Not only does it look ugly and uninspired, it also looks low-effort and low-budget. Pure fodder. Their financial issues are showing.
>>6582 What are you talking about?
>>6582 The more shit nobody cares about they make the faster they die at least.
>>7067 He's calling it a Korra ripoff.
>>1574 did it ever reopen?
>>7215 No I believe the lockdown got extended so they were not reopened.
>>7215 >>7217 Disneyland is closed, the magic kingdom or Disneyworld is currently open with restrictions for covid prevention.
>Disney Claims First Annual Loss in Over 40 Years, Reports Revenue Loss of $5 Billion https://archive.md/d7ens
(302.57 KB 800x600 sir_edward.png)

>>7245 Lets hope it continues and everyone involved never works in the industry again.
(320.70 KB 500x500 1602243986974.gif)

>>7245 I'm disappointed that it was only 5 billion. Maybe next year we'll get lucky and it'll be double that amount.
>billions in debt >still doubles down on expensive ride redesigns for woke points If I were a betting man, Id put down a solid grand if someone told me the mouse was burning his kingdom to the ground for insurance money. https://archive.is/WsWqX
>>7346 >Take a ride that's themed around a series of fairytales that the nigger slaves actually told around the camp fire >Said fairy tales are even credited as going far as making fun of the slave owners <Change the ride's theme to a black-washed version of a German fairytale It's like they're purposely destroying any and all references to the culture the blacks developed after coming across the ocean.
>>7346 New rides and re-themes are known to temporarily increase park visiters. They're desperate and they need the increase in attendance immediately, while most woke shit like this would do more damage than good (i.e Ghostbusters 2016) I've noticed that most disney fanatics are liberal and most of them likely won't care about retheming splash mountain. Disneyland is also more popular with local california residents so news like this would bring them back in droves when the park reopens either to ride the original before it closes or to go on the re-theme to post about how progressive disney is, without knowing that they've replaced a ride with actual african folklore with a blackwashed european story.
>>7305 They'll probably fall behind on their payments and start shutting down parks, starting with the foriegn ones.
>>7365 Well they haven't been issuing royalties they owe. https://archive.vn/X30S8
>>7379 Oh the irony.
(62.41 KB 960x960 1604302505017-2.jpg)

>>7379 I feel sorry for that guy but i hope that he sues them and quickens their death.
>>7346 Maybe burning it down as hard as possible to get a bailout. Insurance would burn the damn contract on this kind of loss.
>>7470 Can't they get fucked in court for that? For failing to meet previous contracts and proceeding to make even more? For example, why could they acquire Fox, but fail to pay out royalties owed prior? The money has to either BE THERE (In which case, they get screwed for withholding payment), OR they never had the money in the first place (In which case, they'll get screwed by the IRS, their shareholders, and the bank).
>>7346 >'Princess and the frog' theme Time to lose even more money on shit no-one cares about lads! >nigger princess Well they wuz kangs so I suppose it makes sense. Also >I hope the frog refuses to kiss her
https://archive.vn/wip/MCIQ3 Another 4000 Disney employees dead.
>>7604 >wip You could at least wait until your archive is done before making a link, retard: https://archive.vn/MCIQ3
>>7604 As long as Disney World is open, it'll be hundreds more.
(27.72 KB 350x416 9m9whg47bt3z.jpg)

https://archive.vn/Jv6Wy https://archive.vn/bQp4C In Marvel related news, they cancelled bunch of comics. They cancel stuuf every year, but it is far more common to do around issue six or its multiples to have enough TPB material. Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker is cancelled too, and it will be the first move without a full comic adaption. Marvel might be following DC's path in trimming down on their monthly comics and possibly letting people go. Full list of cancelled books: 2020 IRONHEART #1 2020 IRONHEART #2 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #21 FACSIMILE EDITION AMAZING SPIDER-MAN DAILY BUGLE #3 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN DAILY BUGLE #4 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN DAILY BUGLE #5 BLACK CAT #13 DR STRANGE #7 GHOST RIDER #8 GHOST RIDER #9 MORBIUS #6 MORBIUS #7 MORBIUS #8 ROBERT E HOWARDS DARK AGNES #3 ROBERT E HOWARDS DARK AGNES #4 ROBERT E HOWARDS DARK AGNES #5 SCREAM CURSE OF CARNAGE #6 SCREAM CURSE OF CARNAGE #7 SCREAM CURSE OF CARNAGE #8 SILVER SURFER BLACK DIRECTORS CUT #1 SILVER SURFER BLACK DIRECTORS CUT #2 STAR WARS RISE OF SKYWALKER ADAPTATION #1 VALKYRIE JANE FOSTER #11 VALKYRIE JANE FOSTER #12 X-MEN DAWN OF X SAGA #1 There are also these titles that nothing was heard of: W.E.B. Of Spider-Man Darkhold Alpha The Punisher Vs Barracuda Gwen Stacy Nebula The Marvels America Chavez: Made In The USA How To Read Comics The Marvel Way New Warriors Infinite Destinies Annuals: Iron Man, Thor, Avengers, Guardians Dark Ages Silk X-Corp And some Star Wars comics are going to be on a sudden hiatus too https://archive.vn/rzh6s
>>7696 > they cancelled bunch of comics Good The faster they die the faster we could take everything left and rebuilt
>>7707 Anon there is no rebuilding at least for the big two.
>>7732 Would that really be such a bad thing? If there's anything that can be salvaged from them then the only hope is for their two fictional universes to rest for a time. A decade at least.
https://archive.is/3hDan >DuckTales reboob cancelled Is Yidsney terminal? Who besides the Chinese in fact of course would be willing to buy their many scraps should the unthinkable happen?
>>7736 Looks like it or they're ending it to make Darkwing and having two duck theme shows would be too expensive, plus they can have it be a streaming exclusive.
>>7696 Shame they didn't cancel the horrible Ryan North Power Pack.
>>7736 I'm pretty sure if Disney dies AT&T would straight up buy it and turn into an absolute monopoly >>7738 I think the Darkwing team is not the same, I hope they will do at least a decent job.
>>7757 I dont think any company can really afford Disney, maybe Apple but thats pushing it.
>>7768 Probably not, but AT&T has a lot of money too, as does Comcast. Disney's debt and recent losses will probably its the price. Still, I think that Disney will just keep taking loans, possibly license some of their content to Netflix or other streaming services, and maybe start selling some of their properties. If Disney ever goes bankrupt, the company will get chopped up and sold in chunks. That has another benefit of preventing monopolies, so government would not interfere with the process.
>>7770 >>7770 > but AT&T has a lot of money They have more debt than Disney especially after buying Warner.
>>7771 >They jave more debt Really?
>>7756 >Ryan North Power Pack. Do I even want to know?
(61.50 KB 715x254 nice.jpg)

https://archive.vn/wip/sYLT9 >"It's a Bloodbath": Layoffs Underway at Disney >lots of executives are actually getting cut >>7774 It's ignores any and all continuity, tries to claim Carmody is a "evil capitalist" (the opposite of the truth), and is just awfully written more than introducing any new shit. I'm sure it will do that in the other three issues though.
>billion dollars in debt >all the theme parks are dead or barely alive <but a million dollar wardrobe change is far more important to appease the woke Its like watching an obese slob eating itself to death. https://archive.is/0tMOO
>>7768 >I dont think any company can really afford Disney, maybe Apple but thats pushing it. I think the hope would be that Disney gets parted out to many different companies if it were to go under.
>>9207 I just don't get how these #woke decisions help in either an ideological or economic sense. It doesn't appease anyone, because SocJus just want change as long as they're in control. It doesn't make more minorities happy because they'll likely go to either the attractions they like or the ones that were already pandering to them. It doesn't make them more money and just ostracizes a small chunk of their attendees. What possible benefit do they have in doing this?
>Pop Warner Super Bowl and National Cheer And Dance Championships Leaving Disney For Universal More people are jumping ship. https://archive.is/bgCwu#selection-647.0-647.93
Guess I'm gonna invest some dinars into Disney when its really starving thin and maybe pump some universal
>>9246 You are assuming that money is the end goal. Subversives only care about money to further their subversive agendas.
(249.72 KB 680x549 Screenshot.png)

https://archive.vn/K8uc9 In one quarter they've managed to lose around half a billion give or take.
(865.58 KB 476x268 Nice.mp4)

>>13007 I won't lie I'm a little worried they'll recover from covid but for now this is some nice news.
>>13008 Are they getting bailed out or something? Cause they money they've lost ain't coming back so easily unless lockdown restrictions are removed.
>>13009 I haven't heard anything about a bailout. I'm just thinking long term wise. The Covid scare is winding down and it's only a matter of time before even california removes its lockdowns. What I'm really hoping is that this is the beginning of the end for disney as they've grown too big and greedy and under a just world would have been broken up by anti-trust laws years ago.
>>13009 >Cause they money they've lost ain't coming back so easily unless lockdown restrictions are removed. Did COVID actually fuck over the Mouse? They could have made a lot just off streaming, how come they've been hit so hard? Does Disneyland actually fucking generate half their revenue?
>>13012 See pics 2-5 from a previous post in the thread >>3521
>>13012 >Does Disneyland actually fucking generate half their revenue? Basically.
>>13012 >They could have made a lot just off streaming Not really, it's old news but still relevant. https://archive.is/1kbSX
>>13026 >old news >news article from May 13 2021
>>13016 Holy shit Disneyland actually does fucking generate half their revenue. I'm surprised they're not giving a half off deal or $5 per ride with no entry fee or some shit at their parks and telling people that they can come in if they get vaccinated at the Disney vaccination tent before going inside. Of course that is assuming anyone at Disney was smart enough to come up with something like that.
(14.89 KB 691x345 disney japanese stitch.png)

>>9207 Tiki Room is allegedly being rebranded with... fuck, I can't remember. Either Moana or Lilo & Stitch. Either way, it's a fucking bad move.
>>9246 >I just don't get how these #woke decisions help in either an ideological or economic sense. It doesn't appease anyone, because SocJus just want change as long as they're in control. Oh you naive millennial anon, did you not know from the start that Bob Iger wanted to use Disney as a jumping off point to his political career? That this was all for him to have a nice propaganda branch for the Dems? Then the Wuflu came in from outta town, and said Dems out in Calif fucked him? And the maybe, just maybe all of the SocJus is to just prep Disney for being an offical government propaganda org once again for the commies out west? But Bob was just too stupid to not permanently bail as CEO like many did back in 2020 when they knew shit was going to hit the fan? Well now you do know : https://archive.ph/GTQ6T
>>13038 >Bob Iger wanted to use Disney as a jumping off point to his political career? <Bfw everyone remembers how badly he allowed Kooky Kathy to wreck three generations worth of childhoods and vote accordingly
>>13038 >Well now you do know : https://archive.ph/GTQ6T I don't believe for a minute he's given up his political dreams. I think he's just moved the timetable.
>>7386 >Disney Properties will be Public Domain in your Lifetime
(51.06 KB 460x500 oh look blank.jpg)

>>13137 >Disney Properties will be Public Domain in your Lifetime They already should have been. MANY times over. But due to rampant kikery, we'll never see a public domain Mickey Mouse.
>>13138 Oh trust me, I know this, and they should be, however it's biting them in the ass HARD, you think they're gonna make back the money they owe within the decade? The way they're friviolously spending?
Source: >>>/v/315962 Hollywood Media Turns On Disney, Exposes Their China Agenda https://archive.ph/iinm6 Disney Pressed American Magazine to Delete Star Director’s Quote Criticizing China >The Disney-owned studio Searchlight pressured the American magazine Filmmaker to remove a quote from its profile of Chinese director Chloé Zhao because it was critical of China’s authoritarian regime, according to a Hollywood Reporter article published Friday. >Speaking with Filmmaker about the inspiration behind her first feature film, Songs My Brother Taught Me, Zhao said that she identified with the main character a Native American teenager looking to flee South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Indian Reservation because she hoped to escape the dictatorial grip of the Chinese Communist Party when she was a child. >It goes back to when I was a teenager in China, being in a place where there are lies everywhere,” the quote read. >You felt like you were never going to be able to get out. A lot of info I received when I was younger was not true, and I became very rebellious toward my family and my background. I went to England suddenly and relearned my history. >Studying political science in a liberal arts college was a way for me to figure out what is real. Arm yourself with information, and then challenge that too." https://archive.ph/I8B3S
(120.90 KB 320x287 poohtrippin.jpg)

>>13157 > you think they're gonna make back the money they owe within the decade? The way they're friviolously spending? They'll probably get a loan from China.
>>654 >We're planning to shut down 100 cable channels because of the shitty streaming service I'd say... but nah, they're just trying to adapt their cattle.
Disney+’s ‘Cruella’ Outperformed By ‘Mulan’ and ‘Army of the Dead’? >Sadly, there’s more bad news for Disney’s Cruella. Over the Memorial Day weekend, the film failed to match not only Mulan‘s numbers from last year but also Zach Snyder’s big, dumb, direct-to-video-looking Army of the Dead. >Deadline showed off the numbers, and they are not pretty. During the Labor Day weekend of 2020, Mulan scored 1.12 million viewers in the US. What did Cruella pull in during this year’s holiday weekend? 686K. A drop of almost 39%. Both films were also premium releases, commanding a $29.99 cost to own them during the premiere. Source: https://archive.ph/AMuhe ‘Peter Rabbit 2’ holds UK box office crown as ‘Cruella’ opens third >Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway held top spot at the UK box office for a second weekend, as results held firm from last week’s good start despite sunny weather across much of the territory. >Disney’s Cruella landed in third spot on its first weekend with £1.5m from 522 locations for a £3,588 location average. It has £1.9m total after a further £422,613 on Monday, when it overtook The Conjuring 3 but fell behind previews for A Quiet Place Part II. The film launched simultaneously in cinemas and on Disney+ on Friday, indicating that the dual launch does not fully negate the theatrical appetite among audiences. Source: https://archive.ph/gwIb4
>>13659 I don't understand who Cruella was actually made for. 'The Devil Wears Dalmation" was a fucking stupid premise for a movie. >>13659 >when it overtook The Conjuring 3 but fell behind previews for A Quiet Place Part II. Holeeeesheeeeit. Talk about movies no one asked for. It lost to A Deaf Cunt Gets MORE People Killed 2?!
>>13663 >I don't understand who Cruella was actually made for. The psychopaths at tumblr.
>>13659 I'm just waiting on who and/or what they're going to put the blame on.
>>13663 People keep repeating that Cruella is Disney's direct response to Warner's Joker, a movie about a classic villain turned into a sad character with a tragic past, but honestly I don't get the similarities beyond "hurr she's crazy and her mom was killed by dalmatians so we must feel sad for her. Not to mention that Cruella as a classic Disney character doesn't have near the same depth as the Joker has gained through decades of stories and reinventions.
>>13675 > I don't get the similarities beyond "hurr she's crazy and her mom was killed by dalmatians so we must feel sad for her Whoever came up with that was obviously high on coke, heroin, barbs, dart frog jizzism, and every other thing.
>>654 >Disney virtual signalling as usual during this faggy month >Everyone kept replying with the "Corporation text" on their feed >Their dykes defending the company with sword and shield <That is until Alex Hirsch flipped his shit and called them out for turning down his lesbian jokes when producing Gravity Fags >The whole internet has been unified and went full "TRUUUUU" Can't wait for the next day for everyone to forget about it and keep consuming more Disney faggot shit.
(41.40 KB 648x550 Untitled.png)

https://archive.ph/RMmY7 Chairman Bob Iger Halves Disney Stake After Selling Nearly $100M Worth Of Shares This Week.
>>13720 Look at that pic. 3 jews and the gal who sucked their tiny little dicks. That's an excellent shoop, by the way.
(536.65 KB 1280x720 gravityfalls mabel go eff.png)

>>13720 >That is until Alex Hirsch flipped his shit and called them out for turning down his lesbian jokes when producing Gravity Fags All I know is that Alex Hirsch must desperately want to fuck his twin sister, given how much of an absolute bitch Mabel became.
>>13724 As if her voice performance by a transexual Doug Funny wasn't annoying enough.
>>13724 Hirsch will make Wendy into a bisexual lesbian within the new season, just so he can have his Wendy's special.
(113.23 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (1).jpg)

>>13783 >new season Please tell me this is a typo and Disney isn't actually doing this years after it ended, I will actually carpet bomb Hirsch's home, Disney, and all of California if this is true.
>>13818 Not any more, Disney arent the types to rehire people that lambast them.
>>13819 >Disney arent the types to rehire people that lambast them.
>>13818 The way I read it a few months ago, the third season was going to be picked up by Netflix. >>13824 They had to do that because he's WWE property.
(579.28 KB 640x360 jokerlaugh.webm)

>>13675 >Cruella is Disney's direct response to Warner's Joker Holy fuck, no. No no no. For one thing, no one's asking Emma Stone in interviews if she thinks a bunch of femcels are going to be inspired to kill people.
>>13845 I know it hurts but it's the truth. They really marketed this film as the villain against an unjust society with a hard girl power message.
(10.99 MB 1280x720 dmcIEi2ObHtJMm69.mp4)

(7.95 MB 450x360 Mouse_Polka.webm)

>>654 Some things can never die, they can only be killed. I think D is more like those 50's scifi dystopian world machines. We just don't see the gogs turning, because they are half digital, half organic. Creepy shit for sure.
(24.36 KB 687x233 What_for.png)

>>13720 >>13724 Yeah, we all know they project like lighthouses those people. Most of them don't even understand where their "creative spark" comes from. Or they do, and think that nobody notices.
>>13850 >that vid Did they drug a monkey and put it in a Mickey costume, and then replay the same few bits of viable footage of it?
>>13850 I would just like you to know that as I woke up I at like 3 in the morning I opened up 8chan on my phone and this was what I saw as I started my day.
(26.21 KB 450x360 mous.jpg)

>>13856 g̴̡͙̟͔̖͍̰̽̃ō̴̤̊̉͒̒̕ö̷̭̦͇́d̸̢̧̗͗̅̅ ̴̧͔̺̟͉̪́̇̕͜m̶̢̋̾̆o̴̢̱̓͑͋͂͋̆r̸͈̤͛̈́͘ṉ̶̡͉̦̓́͂̕͝i̷̧̓͐̔̕͘͝ṇ̵͕̗͚͈͊g̸̡̫̟͔̣̅̿̔̉̈́͝͠ ̷̧̛͚͚̤̲͉̺̋̚̕̚ǎ̸̢̱̳͙͋̒̿͒̕͝ͅn̷̢̜̅̌͌̅̓͆͘o̷̜̯̯̥̍͌̆̕͜n̴̛̪̭̝̲͗̉̂͆͌̇
(54.40 KB 1073x525 v1p6wntpqwr31.jpg)

>>13848 >>13849 They really are trying to market her as 2019 Joker X Harle Quinn. The woman most famously known for wanting to skin puppies. So it's going about as well as you would expect. >>13845 >For one thing, no one's asking Emma Stone in interviews if she thinks a bunch of femcels are going to be inspired to kill people. That was the media's response to Joker not the marketing.
>>13858 Nu Harley Quinn ruined a generation of women.
(412.99 KB 412x372 disney brer fox.png)

>>13850 Iä! Iä! Mickey fhtagn! Ph'nglui mglw'nfah Mickey Anaheim wgah'nagl fhtagn!
(156.80 KB 314x373 joker couch.png)

>>13848 >They really marketed this film as the villain against an unjust society with a hard girl power message. So after villainizing one of Hollywood's most painfully autistic autists for appearing in a movie, they turned around and made The Joker Wears Prada in order to make CY+6 women crazier?!
>>13867 >villainizing one of Hollywood's most painfully autistic autists for appearing in a movie Who are you referring to exactly?
(417.46 KB 800x1000 manjoaquintinfoil.jpg)

>>13867 Yep. Funny enough, Frozen 2 had more actual violence caused from it's release than Joker did.
>>13899 I'll bet. Do you remember the guy who got up to use the bathroom at a Joker screening who got tackled by some soyfaggot who thought he was about to start shooting?
>>13902 Heard nothing about that but that's hilarious.
>>13899 I remember it, I think it had a short tempered sandnigger beating up a girl in England, also Black Panther.
>>13852 It was indeed a monkey in a mouse costume. Dopped up and/or drunk? Possibly.
https://archive.fo/srBMu Walt Disney Co. is facing a lawsuit from an insurance company that does not want to pay out coverage for certain delays of film and TV productions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Certain lockdown parameters held by Disney weren't mandated by the government and Disney took advantage of this situation possibly to save money and offset their losses.
(528.13 KB 474x474 grin.png)

>>14842 >Walt Disney Co. is facing a lawsuit
>>14843 Surely Corona-chan money losses means they'll only get the high-grade kike lawyers instead of the top tier uberschlomo lawyers?
(312.88 KB 599x406 Xi_Jinping__Simu_Liu.png)

(28.13 KB 805x251 ClipboardImage (1).png)

(20.74 KB 788x158 ClipboardImage.png)

(213.43 KB 269x1130 Budget.png)

Shang-Chi wasn't the worst grossing Marvel Movie but it still did pretty bad. Just Behind at 75.5$ Million Black Widow which grossed around 80.3$ Million on the opening weekend. It barely made back its initial budget in a span of 4 days so far. Meaning it's not actually doing as well as it would appear or claimed to be by critics. https://archive.fo/DwA4b Repost from >>>/v/410776 Sorry for the spam I just had to remake the threads cause I kept making errors.
>>17627 So ignoring the financial part of this, just how bad was the movie?
>>17628 I question the quality of a martial arts movie from a studio whose best action scenes were quite average and from a movie that's a decade or so old by now. And honestly having looked at what passes for action scenes in the most recent tv shows(particularly the Falcon's one) and Black Widow I have zero faith.
>>17627 Is it still banned in China?
>>17632 It still is, the director talked smack about the Chinese government years ago and that hasn't rescinded its stance against any movie produced by her.
>>17627 >4 days >already broke even Anon, we all love to laugh at the mouse but that's not a bad result for a shitty 4 rate hero, during a wahn cough shithouse, out in the summer. Ain't gonna be like like BW with only 100m of gain but it's gonna get some cash anyway Marvel causal will eat up anything
>>13926 I've got the pig+tongue scene as a .gif at home. Need to save this longer .webm as all I had was a .gif of the dying mousekateer and a different one with the happy-cat, seen late in the clip here. I also have the name of the movie ... somewhere
>>17640 1: It made back production budget, but not its marketing budget. 2: Things slow down for almost all films after opening week 3: Its budget was spent before massive inflation hit, so the money is made "back" is worth less than the money that was put into it. 4:All the films is supposedly outperformed were old films based on pre-inflation numbers.
>>17640 A movie needs TRIPLE it's budget to be considered a success. Over a 4 day weekend it only managed to make back it's initial budget when accounting for worldwide grossing. If a movie doesn't make it's money back in that time in just one area then it's a failure. This is also an MCU capeshit movie from Disney. The fact it's flopped is a big deal.
>>17643 1 yeah, but we ain't ever gonna have a marketing budget nunber therefor it means nothing assuming about jt. Plus until two weeks ago there wasn't any normalfag hype or anything, they were still too much jerking off over Muh feels, muh shield and muh brother or the trailer for nuspoderman to actually give a fuck. I can recall maybe 1 ad I've seen since they announced this shitfest and I've seen it on a /tv/ dead board 2 true, I'm also non accounting the biggest cow not allowing the movie in cause Winnie the poo didn't like certain opinions. Again I'm not saying it's gonna be top grossing or something, it will float fine tho 3 mmmm yeah, that's true, but since half of its income is international rather then domestic that's still not too badnot all countries dumped helicopter money 4yeah the outperforming literally only works for jewtube critics, they compare it to similar budget movies but don't account that those same movies were done 15-18y ago when Capshit wasn't as big as it is now >>17644 >needs to TRIPLE its budget Again, you are probably right but we don't have hard numbers on marketing unless they say anything about it therefor double production expenses is already good on paper. >This is also an MCU capeshit movie from Disney. The fact it's flopped is a big deal I don't think it is, after endgame normalfags got burnt out from quippy upbeat capeshit, all the series are meh at best and get liked only on brand name, seriously normalfags ain't talking about the previous one when the shiny new comes out...wanda was the best thing ever then along came falcon, which was the second coming, then loki allowed ascension of everyone, then what if is just rain of gold and rivers of milk....but they don't talk about the previous one anymorewhich with the movies at least they kept referencing or at least comparing, phase 4 ain't getting the love that the mouse is hoping and I'm pretty sure pushing 5rate characters is only gonna burn fans even more But I'm diverting here, ching Chong and the 10 bingbong is not gonna flop too much and they already screwed up since the hero4hires are 90%Netflix materialunless Disney buys the rights back and use the same characters, we will never see them on the big screen but being a 4rate hero it doesn't matter that the story ain't followed
>>654 >So how long does the mouse have before he drowns to death from debt? If the sony leaked e-mails tells us anything. Democrats will try to bail them out. Sony e-mails admit Zero dark thirty was only made to help obama and spider-man the only thing keeping Sony studio alive.

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