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(116.19 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)

Roosterteeth Funeral Thread Anonymous 11/07/2020 (Sat) 21:13:04 No. 7098
Little bit of /v/ and a little bit of /co/, either way the dead horse is burning. So take your bets on when the final death blow is dealt. Because the dream is long dead
What went wrong with them now, anon?
>>7102 From what I understand a guy got fired for shitty reasons and now people are quitting en masse
(237.00 KB 480x484 my_life.mp4)

Good. Didn't they go WOKE or something?
>>7104 They fired someone for shitty reasons? Tell me more! Last I heard of this clusterfuck of a company two guys left because they were caught sending dick pics to people they thought were underage girls, one of them going so far as to comply with the scammer's request to buy a giant dildo and shove it up his ass while taking a photo of it.
(53.80 KB 758x577 cyberkek.jpg)

>>7118 >sending dick pics to people they thought were underage girls Only one of them >one of them going so far as to comply with the scammer's request to buy a giant dildo and shove it up his ass while taking a photo of it. I'll miss that one guy in the foreground
>>7105 They made a hard left turn and are currently nuking their content so they wont get axed by Warner.
(269.18 KB 1920x1080 1601274682537.jpg)

>>7098 I dropped off from RT after RWBY hit. No idea how it got so popular. It had awful animation and worse writing. I mostly lost interest after RvB was pushed to the side. But RWBY just killed it for me.
>>7098 They honestly should've stopped when they killed off Church for the second time.
>>7140 RWBY had good fight scenes from an e-celeb. And that was it. The e-celeb was an amateur and insisted on using amateur tools, which is why the animation sucked: it allowed _him_ to make the good fight scenes. The writing was done by people who had never done any script writing before. It wasn't supposed to matter, because it was only there to glue together the fight scenes. And then the e-celeb's also e-celeb, cam-whore trophy girlfriend killed him with her cats.
(16.21 MB 640x360 Red Trailer.mp4)

>>7285 >an amateur and insisted on using amateur tools, which is why the animation sucked I disagree, it's not the tools, but the user/artist that matters, and the proof is in the fact that when they went to a "professional" tool like Maya with Volume 4, the animation got worse. Sure the models looked better, and it had better lighting overall, but the animation was stiff and sometimes non-existing. There are also plenty of great animations done in Blender, even if it's not an industry standard tool, so it's really not the program that matters, but how you use it. Monty knew how to use, whatever he used, and made some cool fight scenes. Furthermore, while it is true that he was an amateur, as he did not have an arts degree, nor did he take animation courses at University, as he was self-taught, he did have some talent and could make some good fight scenes, so I hope you are not using "amateur" as a derogatory term, since all drawfags here are probably all amateurs as well. >And that was it. I liked the music, especially during fight scenes, and it's the only thing that is still somewhat good even with modern RWBY. With all that said, was RWBY a good show? No. Was it overall well animated? No, they had to cut a lot of corners, especially in Volume 1, but the fights were well animated, and that is what matters. Did it have potential to be a good show? Maybe, I think every bad show/movie/book had the potential to be good, so that's not saying much.
>>7285 Dont forget Omi plagiarized touhou mmd models too.
>>7299 No, I don't mean amateur as a derogatory term, just that it didn't fit into the corporate animation assembly line that it was supposed to drive. The thing is, all those University-educated animators that they hired to do everything but the fights could barely animate to begin with, and were thus worse when using an unfamiliar tool, and a tool that they were resistant to using (because it doesn't benefit their resumes). It's really hard to separate the music from the fight scenes. Monty was a dancer. He knew how to choreograph motion to sound. They're a packaged pair. He also knew when to ignore the laws of physics to produce a visually appealing action, something that can't be trained in a formal environment.
(192.88 KB 400x300 IMG_0097.PNG)

The nu-season of RvB came out, any body watch it? If so how terrible is it?
>>7763 I haven't watched the show since Season 14 (2016). Caught episodes of season 15 and 16 later on and things really went downhill.
>>7764 Other than some specific episodes the Chorus arch was the start of the series going straight to the dumpster.
>>7763 Is there any point? It doesn't feature the original characters.
(433.30 KB 928x740 cbgb.jpg)

(481.97 KB 800x1285 stacked-structure.jpg)

>>7098 >Because the dream is long dead No, that's because it wasn't really much of a dream to begin with. I mean I grew up when Machinima used to mean machinima, and not some defective youtube scam. And let's honest was Red vs. Blue as it first came really any good? Or even funny? Would any of it's actual vidya humor even stand up to the greatest shitposts ever placed online from any chanboard? You know in your heart it's true that R vs. B was just your typical Austin hipster shit joint. Maybe vaguely seeking old school Funhaus run through the glory years of old demo disks was kinda charming. But when you live in an era where items like demo disks have all but faded from site and all that's left is hipstery shit from itch.io that ain't even games, and flash just ain't going to be around none of the earnest charm that made whatever Roosterteeth was going to be gone faster than a black woman's virginity on Epstein Island, with no refunds for your time. But let's be real here that garage band feeling can't exist in an era where all the best dives got gentrified and faggots moved in and made it impossible for you afford living in the neighborhood. And then replacing said neighborhood with no smoking signs out the wazoo, and bars where the minimum drink cost is like 50$ just to hang, in a shitty looking building with no windows. And because the HALO babby's first FPS + MAH FIRST LORE BRAH schtick was dying because the hype was fading, the guys running rooster teeth wanted that mystical GOLDEN TICKET (tm) where they could rake in the venture capital to expand their fake "community" and try to become a real studio, rather than low budget shit posty dudes. Problem as one anon pointed out, they expanded but didn't grasp that you need to train and retain talent. And having Monty Oum murdered didn't help. But that Golden ticket came with a massive caveat. They got their capital late in the game, and the more public they got, the more they knew their normally non PC shenanigans both on and off screen were going to cramp their ability to go MSM in the Commie Reset of the 2010's . They went woke, pissed off their old audience, and were left with their "air community" and all it took was one failed lawsuit with an english VA and the rest just kept spilling out of the skellington closet. All they had to do was not take that golden now matter how good it looked.
>>7797 >was Red vs. Blue as it first came really any good? Yeah of course or else people wouldnt be talking about it or revisiting old seasons. Everything up until the move to halo 3 was mindless dumb fun with every character being memorable in some fashion. except for Simmons.
>>7098 >RWBY on hiatus again WB should just put RT out of its misery already.
(404.80 KB 1920x1080 Eo7DtFiW8AYhUfJ.jpg)

Every time I look back at this studio, it keeps getting worse.
>>7098 They already absorbed Dorkly, good luck with the other unfunniest fucks.
(367.71 KB 1179x415 ClipboardImage.png)

https://archive.is/j1r03 Barbara Dunkelman, the voice actor of Yang Xiao Long opened up an only fans. This ain't a good sign for the company.
(629.08 KB 1207x801 how pathetic...png)

>>8349 something about this just makes me giggle.
(111.91 KB 249x282 le epic birkin face.png)

>>8349 Is she selling nudes or is she selling her voice to hentai artists?
>>8484 Failed Shakespearean actors who only limit themselves to do retarded voices, what's really funny is that if you voiced a retarded cartoon/anime/videogame character from a popular franchise whose gimmick is to advertise pre-proceded consumables you're definitely now on the twitterdyke patrol's watch. Better be a yes-man and stick to twitter only.
>>8484 I still kind of miss the old class of voice actor, the ocean kind. Your Scott McNeil's and Brian Drummond's.
(56.57 KB 337x518 Ery-eAGXIAI91g2.jpg)

Fucking Why!
>>8960 Fucked beyond repair, well RWBY is always been a mediocre Gmod fanfiction, Monty Bum subtly stole a lot of models for profit.
(575.68 KB 896x542 What is this.png)

>>8960 I don't understand the point of this crossover considering that both IP's have been going down the drain and haven't made the slightest amount of progress in terms of sale, viewership, and loss of goodwill and critical reception due to a multitude of dumb decisions made by their respective IP owners. Who is this suppose to appeal to?
(111.22 KB 422x512 1587757550607.png)

>>8960 LMAO
>>8991 >Who is this supposed to appeal to? Your average DC/RWBY fan, so the lowest common denominator. The last time I cared about RWBY was when they introduced the cat girl's mom, and that's only because I knew it would lead to boatloads of neko milf porn
>>8991 What both companies have in common is that they aren't capable of/don't want to actually appeal to what should be their audiences.
Good. Now they can stop funnelling money to Woolie, because fuck that sjw cuck nigger, fucking spending hours on his supposed video game podcast nauseating the listeners with his idiot sjw views, and constantly putting a damper on pat whenever things get slightly more spicy than mayonnaise. The sooner that organizations that sponsor sjws go out of business for good, the better.
(494.93 KB 600x362 Kemono-Ech.png)

(573.34 KB 640x640 cinemassivecock.png)

>>8995 Pat had a hard life. All of his friends ended up being retarded. He just wanted to play videogames. He should start a gaming channel with Jontron and Mike "10 Inch Titan" Matei and have good old enjoyable shitlord time of it.
>>8995 Woolie's an SJW too? Surprised Matt didn't just fire Pat & replace him with Woolie then. Unless they're both glory hounds.
(1.13 MB 640x360 kanji'sgay.webm)

(1.81 MB 640x360 authorsintent.webm)

(1.44 MB 640x360 kanjigay2.webm)

(702.64 KB 640x360 characterflawsaretrans.webm)

>>8995 >>8996 >>8997 >pat >not sjw Anon, I ...
>>8999 So they're all SJWs. Fucking leafs.
>>9000 Of course they are, the only difference is that Matt wanted to sell out and expand the brand while the other two wanted to keep it about video games.
>>9001 So how does this relate back to RWBY?
>>9002 No way whatsoever, its called a tangent.
>>9004 I.... okay. This was entirely pointless then.
(36.97 KB 310x422 Just Geoff My Shit Up.jpg)

Is Geoff still at the company?
>>9002 >>9005 Main subject of this thread is not RWBY. >>9006 Yeah I think so. Last I saw he was crying about being a white guy though.
>>9007 But Woolie has nothing to do with Roosterteeth either.
(205.43 KB 680x726 0-0.png)

>>9008 roosterteeth.com /series/castle-super-beast
>>9010 Wow. That's fucking lame.
how do we fix rwby
>>9024 You dont.
>>9024 Why would you? There isn't much substance in the actual concept of RWBY.
>>9024 You can't.
>>9024 What's there to fix? It was mediocre when it started.
>>9024 Cancel the entire project immediately after the release of the Red trailer, there, it's fixed now. >>8994 What both companies have in common, is that they are owned by the same mega-corp, AT&T.
>>9040 Viacom owns Nick and Comedy Central, yet we still haven't seen any offical crossovers between Nicktoons and Southpark.
>>9024 Go back to making it a Saturday Morning cartoon slice-of-life and action show like the first season was shaping up to be (never even finished that first season, personally).
(103.35 KB 421x236 Rwbychibi.png)

>>9024 I heard the chibi shorts were far better than the main series
(91.98 KB 1200x1194 daria.jpg)

>>9051 Yes, and?
>>9024 Oyakodon doujins of the cat and her mom. more of them.
>>9053 Then go pay someone to make it.
>>9049 It had better animation and that's it.
>>10488 >it's utterly schizoid with it's mix of fairy tale inspirations and modern globalhomo These fucking faggots who are too lazy to write schizophrenic, don't even realize that "schizoism" is actually a separate disease from schizophrenia, and that a schizoid doesn't have visual-audio hallucinations nor does he hear voices in his head. All it means is that such an individual is devoid of emotions and has no interest in interacting with other people(basically an extreme introvert). t. schizoid
>>10489 you sure love this one twatter account anon.
>>9024 Have Volume 8 end with Ironwood killing everyone and becoming god emperor of the world.
(1.84 MB 1280x720 videoplayback.webm)

Salem gets beaten via a deus ex machina after getting backstabbed by Hazel and the grimm army gets destroyed along with.
>>10573 I'm not even mad anymore just apathetic
>>10574 What's there to be mad about? It's RWBY. It was shit to begin with. >"but the fight scenes were good" No & that doesn't make up for shit writing.
>>10573 I wasn't even aware that Volume 8 had already been released, and here I was thinking of using this thread to post the episodes as they get released, to discuss them with the maybe one or two other anons who would care enough about it, but turns out it's already at episode 13. I guess I will have to watch them now.
Yang dies
>>10613 now i'm laughing
>>10613 I have to see it, as I have doubts they would kill a lesbian, Weiss would be a safer bet.
>>10613 How?
>>10627 Here, have a link that contains MEGA links to all the episodes. The "Yang Dies" bit is in V8's most recent one, episode 13. Comes with Jap dub instead of local english too in case it helps https://rwbyg.com/
>>10635 I ain't watchin' that shit, but thanks. I guess.
So is this shitty Gmod series dead for good? Or did they just end another season?
>>10635 Yeah, I knew they weren't going to kill a lesbian. She just fell in a bottomless ravine, just like the entire team RWBY and Jean, who killed Penny. The still aren't able to do good action scenes, the plot is still shit, they ruined Ironwood, they made Penny into a real girl, only to kill her 2 episodes later. Can't wait for Volume 9 to bitch further about this shit.
>>10765 Has any of characters really died besides the forgotten android?
>>10774 Hazel got killed in an explosion, Penny got killed by Jaune, Vine Zeki(had to look his name up the wiki) also got killed in an explosion, and Weiss' father got killed by Ironwood. Surprisingly they didn't kill Ironwood, but I doubt they are going to give him a redemption arc. The bad guys now have both artifacts, and Weiss' sister is the new Winter maiden. The show is still shit, only reason to watch it, is to see just how shit it is.
(502.77 KB 1080x1272 ClipboardImage.png)

(599.25 KB 1080x1337 ClipboardImage.png)

>>12061 > SELLING OFF ROOSTER TEETH! But lets be real, they'll probably just merge it with CN.
(101.54 KB 526x381 Tibetan-Sky-Burials.jpg)

(53.67 KB 450x300 12.jpg)

>>7098 >Roosterteeth Funeral Those fucking pieces of shit don't deserve a funeral. I wouldn't even bother digging them a grave. I'd maybe leave them out for sky burial, although they don't even deserve THAT. Fuck them.
(180.61 KB 349x407 Thinking Abby.png)

>>12061 >I could buy Roosterteeth On second thought, I have no idea what to do with it. It's not like I can turn the ship around and crush any sjw nonsense, nor is there anything interesting going on in videogames these days. It's all quite shit. Eh, let them rot, then.
>>12113 Buy them just to dissolve the company.
(1.23 MB 692x594 Vic Mignogna.png)

>>12114 >Buy them just to dissolve the company put Vic Mignogna in charge. FTFY. The buttache would be tremendous. In Soviet Russia, VIC kicks YOU!
>>12127 Oooh, good idea. Where do I apply? I'll buy roosterteeth out for 100 freedombucks and a pack of Lays chips.
>>12065 Well even if Cartoon Network obtains it, I doubt they can turn the brand around anyway. As far as I'm concerned, RWBY and Roosterteeth are dead in the water then.
>>12146 I honestly have no idea if Vic is the monster they claim he is or if he just makes Marzgurl's panties ooze with frustration and lust. Either way, I want him to rise like a phoenix and destroy every single one of those hypocritical cunts and cucks in the ultimate display of the Law of Equivalent Exchange.
>>12252 >I honestly have no idea if Vic is the monster they claim he is Of course he isnt, why the hell would you ever believe a word they say?
>>12264 Western VAs tend to have skeletons in their closet a mile wide or just be really shitty people -- look at Chris Sabat, Monica Rial, etc. Vic though, as far as I can tell is basically your average christfag. At worst he's a bit huggy, but he hasn't done anything that'd karmically deserve becoming blacklisted from the industry.
>>12337 He refused to sign yaoi porn, so they dug up an old dad joke involving a signed jelly bean as an excuse to drag him through the mud.
>>12337 Anon you're a fucking retard.
>>12264 >Of course he isnt, why the hell would you ever believe a word they say? I absolutely don't believe their allegations. I worded that wrong. I think they're a pack of jealous hyenas. What I should have said was "I have no idea what he's like in real life. He seems cool, but I really don't know from experience." Like >>12337 said, they all have some sort of cancel-bomb just waiting to go off. >>12339 >Anon you're a fucking retard. Why is he a retard?
>>12252 The dumb bitch already exposed herself on Instagram by asking her loyal retards how to photoshop just to incriminate him. >>12337 They still have hired the child molester though? Funny thing about the VA of Vegeta, he pulled out his classy libtard comeback: <Go back to your country.
(176.25 KB 717x880 get out.jpg)

>>12542 >libtard
It's over now, rooster teeth got sold off with AT&T.
>>13228 So its a certified death sentence.
>>12566 >Imagine being this autistic over a word. We're now following an unspoken glossary?
>>7098 Fuck Jewster Teeth for ruining Irondong. New season when? >>7105 I mean there are a lot of aspects of the EU;SSR I actually really like such as freedom of movement of people and goods between member states and Schengen states along with their strict internet privacy laws and yeah while many EU member states gun ownership laws aren't ideal exluding Malta and the Czech Republic they're still better than the likes of Anglostan/UK, also funny enough the EU constantly bothers Romania to change their gun laws which are basically just a carbon copy of what they had back when they were ruled by the Soviet Union so they aren't that bad. My problem stems from when the Fagguettes or Germany pushes their particular gay ass laws unto the member states, the fact that Greece is allowed to fuck everyone up financially, or when you have annoying little shits like Claude Juncker, Macron, or Merkel try and create an EU army despite being one VERY unpopular and two was promised since it's inception would never happen and for good reason. Also I don't particularly agree with that one crazy half Jewish half Japanese dude (Kalergi is his name, had to look it up ) that Europe should be forcefully homogenized into some bizarre knock off new Egyptian race because that's fucking insane and I by no means consider myself an Ethno-Nat either as a lean more towards Minarchist Libertarianism.
>>10613 Ehh I'm sure they're all just in some weird dimension and Yangs mother will save them then teach them about portals an sheeit and they'll all get a portal gun that opens two convenient portals that allow them to run through walls and shit for parkour maneuvers that they'll use to fight a rouge AI that Ironwood will unleash to spite Salem and those he was betrayed by which of course backfires once the AI learns to take amusement in various 'experiments' causing it to become vindictive towards all human, faunus, and grim alike.
(498.95 KB 300x231 transformerswheeljackboom.gif)

>>7098 >be me, Transformers fan >Jewflix starts showing Transformers >yet another timeline, but the animation looks okay >Turns out fucking Cockbite is doing the animation, though, and I hate those faggots >watch every single episode >some are okay, but most are shit >more Transformers killed than in the fucking 80s movie >models are used over and over again with recolors >writing is subpar as fuck Highlights include, but are not limited to: >Optimus decides to turf something essential to Cybertron's survival through a space-bridge rather than let Megatron have it. Megatron, quite rightly, asks him if he's retarded or if he meant to cause genocide. Optimus allows that he really didn't think that particular move all the way through >Megatron encounters Galvatron for no real reason; doesn't see the resemblance until much later >Unicron is involved, but he's channeling the late Orson Welles and can barely move >Black Arachnia is somehow a lesbian, and the tumblristas swooned and started talking about how awesome it was she and Air-Razor were in a relationship, even though Air-Razor is obviously with Tigatron and was taken aback by Black Arachnia kissing her on the cheek, but, y'know, it's Netflix and we've got to squeeze faggotry in there SOMEWHERE >EVERYONE talks like they have asthma because they don't want to use unionized actors, and the ones they got talk like Biden just before they put him down for his nap Downvoted every single installment for one reason and one reason only: Roosterteeth. Fuck those niggers.
(402.01 KB 752x576 Abdul Fakkadi.png)

>>16545 Is this the version that has best bro in 'totally not Libya'? Kinda been considering binging Transformers and last time I saw the toons some giant transformer was eating planets or whatever and some dude called pencil head died I guess.
>>16554 They hit Earth in the prehistoric era. No mention is made of future Earth OR Carbombia... and there's no way in hell Netflix would ever allow such anti-Muslim sentiment to go through, even though it was ACTUALLY anti-psychopathic tyrant and Netflix is just assuming it's about the Muz because they're liberal-racist.
>>16545 >Black Arachnia is somehow a lesbian This bothers me so very much. Her relationship with Silverbolt was one of the best parts of Beast Wars/Beast Machines. The way that the roles were reversed in Beast Machines was really great and having a token sexy lesbian doesn't make up for the loss of it.
>>16565 Hell, I won't lie as I haven't seen the series, but what motivation does she have for defecting to the maximals if not for the slowly earned trust and love towards silverbolt?
(1.53 MB 1033x4200 RWBY exposed.png)

>>7098 >Privated RWBY videos, you have to enter to their site to watch their shitty SFM animations. Good fucking riddance, even the porn is the McDonald's equivalent of lewd faggotry. >Bought Collegehumor's leftovers, so expect more "ebbin Super Mario assrapes everyone". Why the fuck Nintendo isn't laying a finger on that?
>>16573 Great artists do steal, but RWBY is trash, not great art. It being cobbled together from stolen assets should have no bearing on its quality otherwise, but now it's the cherry on top.
(16.61 KB 650x325 see you space nigga.jpeg)

I think Gen:LOCK was unironically good, and it depresses me that a good second season, or A second season is about as likely as Scotland kicking out socialists.
(168.20 KB 1920x1080 Normal scout.jpeg)

>>16573 > you have to enter to their site to watch their shitty SFM animations. Please don't compare RWBY to the Gabe's glorious creations. Also no you don't thanks to the anons on 4Cuck. >>10635 https://rwbyg.com/ >>10747 Isn't it basically their cash cow? I doubt it, on the bright side though we don't need to worry about another travel arch where Ruby insists on walking two continents and a ocean instead of just using a motorbike or ATV because only Yang is allowed to have some common sense for some reason. >>16558 >and Netflix is just assuming it's about the Muz Well that just shows how Americans are ignorant dipshits, Gaddafi although crazy was certainly NOT a theocrat, heck you could argue a few of his policies and reforms were reasonable and good exuding all the nonsense Ba'athist/Socialism tied to it anyway, and I say that as someone who personally beleives Libya would have been better off if they preserved their monarchy and I'm by no means pro monarchy. Gaddafi had his charms though, to bad the country is just ruins and open slave markets now. But yeah that's just the way it is in America unfortunatley, Leftist think criticism of Islam is only ever raycis because Muslims are apparently an ethnic group now and Neocons and American Evangelicals think all Arabs practice Islam and are barely aware that there's a dozen different sects. I love this country but I hate the fact that I have share it with stupid people who eat up propaganda no questions asked.
>>16646 >(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) I'll never know why the site offers a warning system yet treats it like a ban every time. Before the usual Anon freaks, I just wanted to warn him saying he's veering off topic. Yet the damn message still pops up when I leave everything blank.
>>16656 Thanks for the clear-up, anon was off-topic, but definitely NOT super wrong in any way.
>>16656 Frank, you're honestly too puritanical about keeping shit on topic. Save it for when there's a PPH above 1-post--a-day.
>>17720 They do remember that "Rooster Teeth" was a play on the insult "cockbite", right?
>>17727 Nearly all the all guard is gone or "grew up".
>>17730 Don't forget some were canceled & fired. Others were murdered by their girlfriend & her cat.
GET YOUR STATE MANDATED HECKIN MAGICAL SCIENCE JUICE GOY https://nitter.42l.fr/OfficialRWBY/status/1437483728524267526
>>17730 Did Geoff finally kill himself? Or drink himself to death?
>>17736 Just take a screenshot. >>17738 Not yet, but he's getting there.

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