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(84.47 KB 1200x675 EvCGaL8UYAQGuao.jpg)
(2.01 MB 640x360 rug.mp4)
(344.27 KB 480x270 B&B.mp4)
(1.23 MB 3840x2160 EvB0fPcUYAAaGZc.jpg)
(1.77 MB 480x270 coral.mp4)
Another Fucking Streaming Service Anonymous 02/26/2021 (Fri) 05:26:59 No. 9864
As if the market wasn't saturated enough, Viacom has decided it wants a slice of the pie. Honestly who cares Because we're all going to pirate it, people are just here for the shows and what original content are they going to have? >A CGI Rugrats Reboot/Continuation >Beavis and Butt-Head getting another movie >Some crappy Nu-Star Trek show >The abomination of Kamp Koral And something involving Avatar even though Netflix already owns some of its production rights.
(101.56 KB 800x600 Rip Zombie Boy.jpg)
>>9864 I just want to pirate Beavis and Butthead. >Star Trek's WoW knockoff Never cared >Rugrats reboot Is it really necessary? Considering half the cast is fucking dead. >Spongebob Dead horse got beat so many times it turned into mush, the whole thing looks like rejected cutscenes for Battle in Bikini.
>>9864 If that didn't have the Star Trek logo on it then I would have never guessed that it was suppose to be Star Trek.
>>9864 >Honestly who cares They are going to saturate the market and put in risk the actual decent animation studios that are left The Stark Trek one doesn't look that bad, I'm not into the show if I were I would give it a chance.
>>9864 Thank god for piracy
>>9879 > and put in risk the actual decent animation studios that are left How can they do that when all the decent studios still use 2D?
(100.37 KB 549x705 n64controller.jpg)
I'll say one good thing about Prodigy: It recognizes it's a cartoon and thus has no obligation whatsoever to keep its cast to humans and humans with a small amount of makeup. I'm sure my praise will end there since only one of the main cast deviates from the human skeleton instead doing stuff like the N64 controller guy from STAS.
>>9864 Whatever. They can't ruin Star Trek anymore than it's already been.
Meh this one makes sense to have exist though, Viacom, Disney, and Turner have always been the big 3 of TV, after their various acquisitions at least. It makes sense they're moving online now. I don't think they realize that they won't be able to make as much money as before though, there were a thousand better ways to bring tv online, and streaming is one of the dumbest.
Half of the "popular" streaming exclusives aren't even worth pirating, and rebooting Rugrats was a stupid move. Same goes for that Ren and Stimpy reboot coming to Comedy Central, which problem won't last many seasons. Comedy Central always cancels its second best.
>Another Star Drek Why?
>>9882 If they end saturating the market then a lot of projects would have to be cancelled, of course this would mean a lot of garbage would be cleaned but it also means decent projects would be in danger too.
(705.72 KB 718x692 ClipboardImage.png)
(304.04 KB 456x365 ClipboardImage.png)
The body language and appearance of the big alien in STP reminds me of someone... I swear, if him and the robot are just copies of Booster and XR.
(3.97 KB 691x597 pillow.png)
>Rugrats revival >Which likely means new Angelica rule 34 Her personality lends well to loli-dom, like she was a western version of Mitsuba Marui. And it needs to be off-model. Jesus Christ, it needs to be off-model. People who draw Rugrats rule 34 on-model are maniacs.
>>9984 >implying you will get anything other than crappy SFM porn with models identical to the ones from the new cartoon
(149.03 KB 1200x629 Cancerous jew.jpg)
>>9984 >Getting off to jewish incestual orgies.
>>9984 >People who draw Rugrats rule 34 on-model are maniacs. You now remember all those poorly made on model, or worse, off model apart from the heads, pieces of hentai from 2002 made by Baby Boomers who pioneered the field but now look unaesthetic to look at.
>>9984 Why... do you want porn of her if you dont like how she looks? just search for an actual blonde loli with pigtails instead of cartoon trash.
>Beavis and Butt-Head getting another movie I are concern. It could do with being better than/on par with the original and I don't see that happening, I do see a lot of old ground getting retread and entirely too much Bungholio. Didn't they already try another series about 10 years ago that fizzled out? Also shouldn't they be about 45 by now? It's gonna be jarring.
>>10031 Yes, and I believe it was stated somewhere that the show was going on hiatus. Maybe Judge was looking for other networks for it at the time.
(443.67 KB 1067x800 Akira - Tetsuo's mutation.jpg)
>>9864 >Kamp Koral and The Late Night Show with Patrick are just the beginning >How does a popular show with a wide variety of characters hasn't gotten any spinoffs? >It's a mini-Marvel Universe, we should milk the shit out of it. Spongebob confirmed to be the Tetsuo of long lasting IP's. I miss when Nick was just copying Cartoon Network's ideas and making them shittier for a quick 5 seconds of relevance

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