Rules of /co/

1 : /co/ is a board for comic and cartoon culture. The 8chan Global Rule is in effect. In addition, keep it board-related per the board's subject matter.
2 : 1.) No spamming, flooding, raiding, or botting. Do not call for, advocate, post, or link to dox; no personal army bullshit.
3 : 2.) You must be 18+ years old to post on /co/.
4 : 3.) Smut, Waifu cancer, Not-safe-for-work pictures and loli material are allowed but will be subjected to quality content review, must be spoilered and confined to a number of quarantine generals. Storytimes will be excluded depending on length. Don’t harass any OC threads for smut.
5 : 4.) User made meta threads about 8chan, cuckchannel, /co/, its policies, bans, and users will be bumplocked; instead monthly meta threads will be hosted by the /co/ staff. Exceptions may be allowed in case of important developments regarding 8chan. If you have objections to the rules, suggestions for new ones, need to contact us directly, or want to discuss a meta issue with the moderation, please contact the /co/ staff at 8co_bo@protonmail.com.
6 : 5.) Ban evasion will get you banned again.
7 : 6.) Namefagging/avatarfagging is only allowed if one is a Drawfag, Greentextfag, OCfag, Writefag, Storytimefag or if you are someone of general importance to certain threads/the board as a whole. Generally if you're someone contributing something of tangible value.
8 : 7.) If you make a duplicate thread, it may get deleted, bumplocked or edited; provided the preexisting thread has not hit the bump limit. Continuation threads such as, DC General #69 (i.e., threads about broad topics that are constantly remade) etc. will be deleted if they are made before the previous thread hits 300 posts or Page 5 to keep the front page from being cluttered with the same discussions.
9 : 8.) Threads made in a template fashion or copied & pasted from another place will result in thread deletion or bumplock.
10 : 9.) Anime/weeb shit is allowed if it was something from old Saturday morning cartoons/ western programing blocks. For Toonmai / Scifi animonday related material, keep it to a single general unless one show over powers the entire thread (and said thread must be fairly active).
11 : 10.) Chinese, Korean and other comics and cartoons from asian countries aside from Japan are allowed as long as it was produced/created for an audience other than Japan or the majority of the production isn't Japanese (EX: Animatrix, Big O, and Interstella 5555 are allowed but stuff like Transformers Go!, Japanese sequel to Prime, will be judged on a per thread basis).
12 : 11.) If you are deliberately shitting up, constantly derailing a certain thread, or being a general nuisance you may be banned and your posts may be deleted.
13 : 12a.) Threads focused on e-celebs and the gossip surrounding them must stay in a single quarantine thread and the discussion must be /co/ related, anything else you can go to /cow/. Examples include "[random YouTuber] hate thread," "Dodger thread," "What happened to Arin?" or "It's a Woolie episode.".
14 : 12b.) E-celeb-related news that are big enough to warrant discussion (for example, something that has an impact on the industry) may not be bumplocked along with content that can be discussed without its creator (webcartoons/comics).
15 : 13.) Pony cancer goes to their respected board.
16 : 14.) Dubs are allowed, but don’t be an idiot about it.
17 : __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
18 : Additional Stipulations:
19 : - If you dislike something, use the Filter and Hide functions - only report a thread or a post if it is breaking a rule.
20 : - The current rules for now could be considered somewhat "laissez faire".
21 : - The staff holds the right to weed out and clean up low quality content. Emoticons, low effort threads or similar cancer typically are signs of low quality content.
22 : - If suspected of blatantly shilling, it may result in a volunteer deleting or editing your post (humorously).
23 : - If I see people trying to pull a fucking Boco here, then expect to get banned.
24 : - /co/ currently has 14 pages and the bump limit is 300 posts. Tor posting is enabled (reminder that 8chan has an onion service). For transparency regarding volunteer activity, please check the board log (if it works).
25 : - Whatever stays in the generals shouldn't leak. Generally as long as material from the generals don't derail other threads, then its fine.
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27 : Alt-link if you want to read the Rules without resorting to 8chan's terrible design: https://files.catbox.moe/ox7jz0.txt

Remember that no matter the rules of the board, all global rules apply