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Dawn of a Demon Lord Adventurer 05/07/2021 (Fri) 06:36:46 No. 228
Protect your core long enough to ascend. Version 1.33 has a lot of changes from 1.2. Whole categories of options have been added/dropped.
Mutations: Horns, Demonic Features, Third Eye Stats: Attack 6, Special 12, Combat Speed 12, Others 8 Clone Stats: Attack 1, Special 7, Combat Speed 7, Others 3 Abilities: Disguise, Elemental Magic, Illusion Magic, Teleportation, Magic Eye, Contract Magic, Clone Unique Traits: Silver Tongue, Restless, Portal DPU Generation: Automatic, Happiness Demon Core Upgrades: Practice Arena, Custom Minions, Territory Enhancement, Veil of Privacy Minion Specialty: Arcane Tier 1: Familiar, Electrofin, Skeletal Warrior Tier 2: Arachne, Siren Tier 3: Chimera, Witch, Elven Druid Tier 4: War Golem, Fallen Angel Guardians: Alice, Grim, Seraphina Servants: Dwarven Craftsman, Alraune Apothecary, Demon Scholar Traps: Arrow Trap, Tentacle Trap, Falling Ceiling Trap, False Demon Core Drawbacks: Debt Slave +5 Debt: 390 years World: Maya This world doesn't slow down how fast I learn, only how fast I'll achieve planeswalking. I can explore the world with my possessed clone while my core gathers energy. This way I can gain experience rather than wasting time. With restless and teleport/portal I will never tire and can save lots of time. General Minion Notes - Arachne silk can be used as to make items/traps/barriers. - Skeleton Warriors can labor underwater tirelessly. - War Golems can be charged by Witches. They could destroy hostile ships or protect long hallways. - I have many water-capable units. Large sections of the dungeon can be flooded. - Demon scholars can coordinate everything, making infiltration difficult and management of humans easy. I will settle on an island, or maybe near a lake, and build a resort. - It will include food, silk, and luxuries made by Alraunes, Elves, and Arachne. - Sirens will give baths and sing to make people happy. - Arachne can handle guests who cause trouble. - Grim can apprentice minions in bartending. - Practice Arena allows watching/participating in fights. The goal is for humans to have fun and relax, lewding optional. My minions will be customized to be beautiful and helpful. Portals can be used to transport people without revealing our location. For at least the first year everything will be underground with an underwater entrance and no humans will be allowed to leave. I will not take anyone during that time who doesn't agree to this. Later, if ennui becomes a problem with the humans I could build a resort on the surface to allow temporary guests. I expect to get many very stupid people who need to be dealt with harshly. The second year will be the most dangerous. Xargod might attack right away while I'm still weak, but his demons probably cannot handle a flooded dungeon very well. Due to my high debt he should be able to evolve before I can to counter my defenses, so I cannot let my guard down.
Mutations: Horns, Fangs, Tattoos Stats: [Assuming we start with 5, and if each point being worth 2, speculating it'd take 3 to get to 11] +3 to Special Power, +3 to Combat speed, +1 Movement Speed, +3 to Health, Abilities: Magic Eye, Scrying, Teleportation, Illusion, Elemental, Unique Trait [Fallen Angel] [Probably should have taken Royal Jelly's Slime Core trait instead] DPU Gen: Automatic Specialty: Fantasy; additional 2 minions from horns. Goblins, Slime, Zombies, Orc, Lizardmen, Griffin, Royal Jelly, Witch, Succubus, Elven Druid, Fallen Angel Guardian: Viscy Core Upgrades: +2 from tattoos Custom Minions Territory Enhancement x2 Lesser Demon Core Enhanced Creation & Manipulation Incarnation Circle Illumination Traps: False Demon Core Orb of Imprisonment Teleporter Gas Trap Servants: Dwarven Craftmen Demon Scholar Danuki Merchant Spirit Enchanter Alraune Apothecary Drawbacks: Insubordinate +3 Starting World: Edea Edea is probably the easiest world with my skillset; as it gives me years to build up. Can hide in the oceanic region using my illusions and terraform planning. Scrying + Teleportation > Fangs(Portal) to send minions off to the mainlands. Would have to target Aselia&Daella's demesne first for what I have planned. (Trapping the Hero in the orb of imprisonment) But as mentioned, got time, and gaining 100k DP per day. I'd probably first use the first set to summon 10 sexy female goblins [Custom FTW!]; fang's one of them to get their trait, then start breeding them. Next day, summon an orc to do the same. -- May try breeding lizardman and the 3 servants, but doubt they'd have enough time to be viable. After those summons, I'll save up to summon a Demon Scholar & using her knowledge, scry Aselia's dominion for good spots to teleport. Teleport there to have visit the location, then wait while saving for the witch; to fang for the portal. Should take about 2~3 months. Afterwards, I'd send the goblins and orcs through. Along with zombies. -- I wonder if they can turn the goblins. If I'm able to find/capture the hero before I can get the orb, I'd probably have a slime amputate their limbs, and keep them alive. -- Hopefully that won't cause the gods to create another one.
MUTATIONS (3) +Horns – will save me 4 debt points in the form of non-speciality minions +Wings – less line of sight problems from up high +Third Eye – not sure if the extra eye can move independently and be used for Teleportation STATS (10p) Attack Power 6 Special Power 12 Combat Speed 12 Movement Speed 6 Health 12 – because its exponential unlike resistance and thoughness Thoughness 6 Resistance 8 – because its probably more important for ranged combat ABILITIES (6p+3debt) +Teleportation – Among other things to compensate for my low movement speed. LoS teleportation is instantaneous and thus combat viable. +Magic Eye +Energy Beam – backup for when Mind Control doesnt cut it. I assume I can destroy stuff from kilometers away with it like Cecily??? +Unique Trait (Mind Control) – hoping there are ways to subtly influence targets too +Unique Trait (Bird eye) – allows me to use Mind Control, Teleportation and probably Magic Eye from the safety of Im too far for you to see me. +Unique Trait (Riddle) – To boost beyond the stat limit and thus mind control even high resistance individuals like members of the hero party or maybe even heroes themselves. Also the exponential nature of special power means that my beams will have the potential to be 2 to 4 times as powerful. Hope I can deliver the riddles through possessed minions but I can also teleport in and out of shouting range. +Unique Trait (Pocket Plane) – I am The Timelord… of this tiny pocket plane. But seriously this thing has far too much utility to pass up. It can be used to speed up my natural regeneration, plan responses, sleep, self study, ect. (And there may be ways to abuse it in the future: bringing Spirit Enchanters to the pocket plane with the Summoning trait would be OP if it can be done.) +Disguise – for when I cant get good LoS from range -Contract magic – Im assuming it cant be detected like minions. Should be a great boon for my network of spies and rabble-rousers. At the very least itll help prevent information leaks. DPU GENERATION (+3debt) +Automatic +Lust (+3debt) – Oh my humans will not want to leave, not that it is an option. SPECIALITY +Abyss MINIONS (12p) +Eldritch Parasite (Abyss 1) – In addition to being a failsafe in my DPU generators I mean well taken care of humans they can also be used to infest various animals (and people) for scouting, spying and even combat. Sixth sense should help them avoid detection. And they can have a symbiotic relationship with my other minions granting them this ability. +Harpy (Myth 2) – I hope to host some quality tag games in summon trap rooms so a fast flyer can come in handy. +Witch (Abyss 3) – In sheer firepower they rival many of the tier 4 minions. However they are glass cannons and do have poor reaction speed. Through mass use of them and construction of fortifications I should be able to offset their shortcomings in my lair. Portals are a great logistical boon both in the outside world and in my dungeon. +Elven Druid (Nature 3) – Different variety of glass cannon. Provides food for my humans, gathers intel through animals, buries my enemies in avalanches, collapses tunnels on peoples heads. +Succubus (Demon 3) – for DPU generation and spy stuff +Evil Genie (Arcane 4) +Dominator (Abyss 4) – Should I ever need to rewrite someones memories... +Fallen Angel (Demon 4) – Ahh yes the respawn queue plumbers. You didn’t use overkill on my minions? Guess what, you get to fight them again. Plus they keep my humans and minions topped up on health. And resurrection can be a covert way of gaining more humans or swaying individuals. +Sphinx (Myth 3) – Not sure how their special works when there is multiple of them present. Possessing the full version of elemental magic should lend them some versatility. +Arachne (Abyss 2) – Shooting webs makes them a good support unit and gravity will extend the range in vertical passageways. Plus they give me access to 1min paralysis poison and they can use bows and the like. CORE GUARDIANS (+6debt) – Since Ill be stuck with them I choose ones that don’t seem like too much of a headache +Dargoth (Abyss) – If he finds himself wounded he can look through one of my indestructible walls and teleport to a shadow on the other side. Ill have a Fallen Angle waiting to patch him up so he can jump right back in the fray. +Grim (Undead) – I can laugh at bone jokes. Instadeath with no resurrection and healing suppression are really good abilities. Plus the guy mixes a good drink. DEMON CORE UPGRADES (4p) +Custom Minions – I don’t want my minions giving me the lip – you will like your brain worms. Plus the minions that can pass for human can have their looks customized for impersonation purposes. Also female minions will need to like kinky stuff for the sake DPU generation. No, I will not build an army of succuby for that. +Veil of Privacy – Nothing to see here +Lesser Demon Core – Free minions +Incarnation Circle – Oh I would never resort to torture to learn what I want to know but you will answer my questions anyway. I can make him into the most pathetic looking minion possible right? Just kidding. Custom Minions applies here? TRAPS (4p) +Summon Trap – Only way to have indestructable doors. Small rooms to finish off agile enemies, big maze rooms to buy time for resurrections, respawning, ect. You want out? Good luck finding all the portaling witches and the tiny brain worm. Hahahaha… Also good for splitting armies into more managable chunks. +Rolling Ball Trap – Im going to have very long tunnels to abuse my superior mind control range anyway. Might aswell have the option to make you run for your life in them too. +Tentacle trap – Hope you don’t trip while running. +Teleporter - You did watch where you stepped while running from that big ball right? SERVANTS (3p) +Demon Scholar – teachers and leaders +Alraune – Im sure they can make some kind of bomb equivalents and other goodies I can stockpile. Plus things like youth potions will probably go a long way in swaying some humans to my cause. And there must be some synergy with Elven Druids. Also drugs to sneak in some parasites without the host noticing. And lets not forget extreme sunblock for when the Sun hero comes to play. +Danuki Merchant – My spy network will need cash. And messing with the economy seems like a decent way to keep tensions high or undermine my enemies should it come to war. Theyll also buy gear for my lesser minions. DRAWBACKS WORLD +Polaris – hidden start, potential to stay hidden, hero blessings are relatively weak/conditional, only 2 heros at a time and new heros will spawn 10 years after the previous ones died. Its the regular armies that are supposedly above the norm but there are only so many troops you can funnel into my narrow tunnels at any one time. TOTAL DEBT: 12p STRATEGY Ill try to stay unnoticed for as long as possible. Ill also build spy networks to gather intel and keep the feud going. Ill try to minimize the use of minions in the field to avoid being outed.
DEFENCES If possible Ill set up shop atop a large mountain in a remote area, preferably on the dark side to make it harder for the Sun hero to recharge. The plan is to tunnel down and bury my core deep in the crust so its hard to detect for Paladins and maybe even Inquisitors and Heroes. Invulnerable walls and temperature control should make it possible to go really deep. Ill leave the entrance somewhere atop the mountain. Harpys and infested animals will form the backbone of my early warning system. If armies ever come for me my Druids should be able to hit above their normal capability by starting avalanches. The lair itself will have many long and straight passageways for me to use my superior ranged abilities again and again. Many of them will be vertical to allow Aracne and Elven Druids to extend their range/attack power with gravity. Vertical passageways shouldn’t be much of a hindrance for me because of portals, teleporters and many flying units, invaders on the other hand… Passageways will be separated by summoning trap rooms of one of the 2 basic concepts mentioned prior. Some passageways will have stone double ceilings or floors for my Druids and Sphinxes to collapse. Ill have a rapidly winding maze and passageways near my core – Dargoth can see through walls and lead Grim to intruders with little chance of anyone taking pot shots at Grim before he can close the distance. DEALING WITH HEROES: Sun hero – No sunlight in my dungeon so the rapid regeneration should be off the table. If the hero can use stored sunlight for that then Grim will have to instakill her. Will try to drain her sunlight reserves before committing to finishing her off. Will have to cross beams with her to see whos is better. Moon hero – Ill have well lit areas in my dungeon to deny her regeneration. Blinding aura makes her a menace in a melee – massed spellfire ensues. Will use the sealed power in Dargoths arm if need be. Both Grim and Dargoth have abilities that make grabbing them through a shadow a bad idea.
What is everyone's opinion on Zombie's trait, Zombie Virus? It indicated "any living creature", so does that mean it'd affect your monsters as well? Could we infinitely spawn zombies by having them bite other spawns? Once they are converted to zombies, would they queue for respawn? Also, it says the only to prevent this is through magic or antidote, so couldn't we potentially take out high value targets using them? Especially when combined with other low tier mobs, like the forest spider, death worm, and eldritch parasites; Should be a low cost way to ruin any delvers. -- And lesser cores spawn them much quicker than the other tiers. On another note; could we 'spawn' more face huggers by pairing one with a zombie/goblin/whatever? Their description did say they'd lay eggs inside 'victims'. Not to mention, their blood is acidic, so the potential damage there ;p Btw, if you're worried about insubordination, I'd recommend spawning a Burning Skull as a detection mechanism. I wonder if Caladrius' healing is magic, if not there's a way to use it to fully protect yourself 1. Only way to get to core is through the boss room; in the room is Alice, her pet Royal Jelly, a Fallen Angel maid, and some Caladrius. 2. Royal Jelly blocks the entrance 3. Alice positions herslef to null magic, thus prevent the delvers from being able to quickly take out the jelly 4. The Caladriuses heals the jelly 5. The angel maid heals the caladriuses. - Can either tire the delvers, or have the jelly dissolve them.
Zombies will probably have a hard time infecting anyone high level and they would have a full day to get treated. I imagine antidotes for their special will be relatively easy to make - stuff that your average adventure will buy if they know they might need it. Or you could skip the Caladriuses and have the Royal Jelly swap position with another Royal Jelly. Not sure if the Royal Jelly would harm the Fallen Angel when she touches it for healing? Ill give you another idea for making an undead army. Kill your own minions and use the Litches power to raise them. When they respawn repeat the cycle. Have Custom Minions so they dont mind the cycle. Not sure what the maintainance requirements for the undead made with that ability are though.
It mentioned the antidote has to be high grade, but yeah, could be easy to get, along with healing. And forgot about stats, orz. Wonder if we can extract it, and lace Plant of Anguish with it, or maybe start off with dropping face huggers, their blood is acidic. Oh, wonder if we can use customize to have Anguish use death worm/spider venom instead. lol, was more thinking of low cost stuff, since lich and jelly cost 80mil, while zombies and caladrius cost 10k each. Could buy 8k of either for 1 jelly/lich; or use that DPU for something else. But yeah, getcha, since they'd be much stronger, thus last longer, along with respawning quicker overall. And yeah, not sure about the touch based healing, plus switch would take time/positioning, so could potentially give the adventurers a way to get in. Another defense plan for you guys to help fine tune: Hide & Seek= Summoning trap plus some mobs: Customized so they believe if they're found they'd die. 1. Parasite has the 6th sense skill to help them hide 2. Stranglers are invisible. 3. Could also use Anguish plants, include it in some forest (so the delvers have food for life generators). 4. Custom mimics too? Maybe have fairy queens to bless them. Could potentially trap them in there forever, and/or block if that's the only route. -- Not sure if the gods would intervene, since I'm playing by the rules. Speaking of trapping, rolling ball could potentially do this too, where you have 3 choices, with 2 being dead ends, maybe rooms with gas traps. The 3rd could have a Royal Jelly, which may dissolve the delvers if they aren't vigilant enough.

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