Rules of /edit/

1 : - Only comics SFW.
2 : -Forbidden posting, content that is illegal under applicable laws. This site does not provide a platform for illegal activity of any kind.
3 : -Images or any other kind of media depicting the sexual abuse of real children is explicitly forbidden
4 : - Only western comics, no mangakas.
5 : - Three volumes per thread will be uploaded, so it will not be more difficult to find them
6 : - There will be only one thread of comic requests, any request outside of it will be deleted.
7 : - Include the language of the comic, so those who want can translate it into their own language.
8 : - No lawsuits or aggregations of any kind, if you don't like someone or any comic please discuss it elsewhere.
9 : - Be patient when ordering your comic, keep in mind that there are some that are difficult to find, it also depends on the person who wants to share it.
10 : -There will be a single directory to make it faster to find the comics, if you need to add one please notify us.
11 : -The most important thing, enjoy this site is so that you have a good time reading funny stories.

Remember that no matter the rules of the board, all global rules apply