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QTDDTOT + Info Images

Post informational images and ask questions. All /fit/ related of course.

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Progress Thread

What's improved for you lately? I've started working more regularly and feel great, but I still need slim down on junk food. Also feel like rollan?

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Music to get /fit/

What do you anons listen to when working out? Besides 80's metal I've been listening to Eurobeat and Powerwolf.

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Is it possible to obtain a strong build with merely calisthenics. I've been doing it a year or two and I've gotten a lot buffer and lost a lot of weight, I used to weigh over 14 stone now I'm in the 10 stone region. What I want to know is if I can build my muscles using just calisthenics so I don't have to use any money on buying impractical weights and not waste any money going to the gym. Better to use just your body than things that are completely unnatural imo.

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Cooking General

Lets post and recipes, feedback and suggestions. /fit/ related cooking of course.

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/fit/ Approved Anime and Vidyagames

What have you been watchan and playan? What do you recommend? I've been watching Fist of the North Star and playing Yakuza.

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Feels that don't deserve their own thread. >wanted to punch stuff >got a punching bag recently >started watching boxing videos plus some fighting anime >bought hand wraps and learned how to apply them >practiced stance and shadow-boxing >doing bretty gud and it's fun >throw punch at some point >fucked my hand up >it's not broken but hurts like hell No punching for a while I guess.