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QTDDTOT + Info Images /fit/izen 10/14/2020 (Wed) 00:09:25 Id:2bf331 No. 1
Post informational images and ask questions. All /fit/ related of course.
Does anyone have advice for working out with a herniated disc? I don't recall if its L4 L5 or L3 L4. I was hit by a car last year, broken ankle and although i had the back pain previously its been more consistent since then. I was working out and losing weight I was at 380 lbs and got down to 320ish but because of the pain I haven't been working out and I'm back up, 398 when i checked a couple weeks ago.
>>26 First of all, have you access to a doctor for advice? Depending on your Injury lifting may be to dangerous. However there are other options. Swimming would be probably the best to start since there is not much risk. Walking is another option and unironically look into Yoga. Bring your Diet in Order and when you have lost some weight Body weight Exercises could also be implemented. Remember its a Process and take it step by step.
>>26 Definitely check with a doctor before doing anything that internet strangers tell you, but my guess is that you're going to want to focus on low-impact exercises. I agree with this anon >>27 that swimming is probably the best option. If you don't have access to a pool, then a rowing machine may be a good choice too. Rowing is no-impact, and you can make it work for both cardio and strength training, depending on what sort of effort you put into it. It's also nice that you can stick a rowing machine in an air conditioned room, and lots of them use your movement to spin a fan which blows cooling air on you. In addition to working out, you're going to need to get calories under control too. At my heaviest, I was 230 lbs, and I worked my way down to 165 lbs. I expected to need to spend every day in the gym, and honestly, I quickly found out that I didn't need to. Pick any exercise: running, swimming, biking, it doesn't matter. Find one of those online calculators for how many calories you can burn in an hour doing that. A real hour of working out, not thinking about doing it for 10 minutes, then warming up for 15 minutes, then taking a break, then going with a bit of intensity for 20 minutes. No, all-out going for it for a full hour. What you'll find is that it's a ton of effort to burn maybe 600 to 800 calories. Comparitively, how easy is it to just stop drinking soda? Stop eating chips. Stop putting sugar and cream in your morning coffee. You can save 1000 calories a day, easily, by watching what you eat. I dropped almost all of my weight by building up my discipline with food, not by building up my body with exercise (that came later). If you can do both, that's even better. But if you have to choose one, go with the diet option. It really is the path of least resistance. I aimed for between 1200 and 1400 calories a day. With a daily expenditure of about 2200 calories, I was at a 1000 calorie deficit per day, which makes you lose 2 lbs per week. This was achievable without going overboard. If I had tried to do any bigger of a deficit, I wouldn't have been able to keep that up for the couple months that I did. Losing a ton of weight is a marathon, not a sprint. You need to put together a plan that is good enough to make you lose weight, but is also realistic and comfortable enough that you'll stick with it for a long time. Take a good look at the /fit/ diet image in the OP. Try to put together a meal plan from those options that comes out to about 1500 or so calories a day. Maybe something like 2 eggs and black coffee for breakfast, a grilled chicken breast and protein shake for lunch, and fish with rice, broccoli, and water for dinner. Don't put sauce on anything, it's a waste of calories. If you need to improve the taste to make it palatable, use dry spices and herbs. They have no calories, and they make things delicious. Pepper, paprika, basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, parsley, garlic powder. They can become your new best friends. Keep in mind that vegetables are super low in calories, while full of vitamins and minerals that are good for you. Also keep in mind that not all calories are created equal when it comes to making you feel full. Think about eating 400 calories of either cake (mostly calories from fat), 400 calories from a loaf of bread (mostly calories from carbs), or 400 calories worth of soda (calories from sugar). You'll be hungry again in no time, and in the case of the soda, it won't do a single damn thing to make you feel full. Now think about eating 400 calories worth of steak (calories from protein). You'll be satiated for hours. This is one of the reasons /fit/ people advocate high protein diets while you're dieting. It is much easier to stay at a calorie deficit if your food choice doesn't actually result in you being hungry, compared to feeling like you're starving every day. What I want you to do is put together a diet and exercise plan. Come up with a few preplanned meals, with set serving sizes, and do the math on how many calories each of those meals is. Draw your options from the /fit/ diet image. This will be your menu. Every day, pick whatever you want off of your menu, but be sure to keep your daily calories count to 1500 or less. Use plenty of spices and herbs to keep things tasty. If you're miserable with your menu choice, you won't stick with it. Weigh yourself every morning, at roughly the same time. Keep track of it in an excel spreadsheet. You may not notice much of a change in your weight day to day, but week to week you definitely will. Do what you can to exercise, but focus your attention mostly to dieting. One month after your first day on this new plan, make another post on this board and tell us how much progress you've made. You won't be done after 1 month, but you'll be on your way. And if you can keep it up for 1 month, then you can keep it up for 2. And if you can keep it up for 2 months, then you can keep it up for 3 months. And if you can keep it up for 3 months, then you have the discipline and the tools you need to reach your goal. It only becomes a matter of time. You're going to make it, anon. I believe in you.
(66.36 KB 1264x1500 7179juAruOL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)
>>27 >>28 I don't recall exactly what my doctor said when i last saw him quite a few months ago but i recall the gist being "do what you feel you can do". I can't really get to my doctor I only have a ebike for transportation and its not ride-able at the moment and my only friend is scared of the rona and won't take me. I did ask my Dr. to refer me to someone for my back months ago but i never got a referral, I might be able to call him but I still can't get to the referral place. I was told by my chiropractor a year ago that based on the MRI he thinks just injecting me with something to push the nerve in place will fix it, not a big herniated disc I think it was 4 millimeters but it still causes tremendous pain occasionally. I don't have a pool or access to one and because of my back and ankle I can't return to work and I don't have money to spend on non-rent. After not even a block of walking my back was killing me last time i tried about a month ago. Some days are better than others. I have some dumbbells in my room that I lift occasionally but whenever i get pain the next day I stop for a few days but that accidentally becomes weeks over and over again. Today I had my buddy help me get groceries and get some stuff I store in his garage and just the garage stuff before even shopping the bending over looking through my crap has my back aching still, now almost 9 hours later. I could definitely improve my diet some. I mostly eat frozen stuff that i toss in the oven like pizza rolls, chicken nuggets, frozen burritos and frozen pizza. But I don't eat more than 2500 calories maybe a few times a month i pass that when i have the pizza but on those days that is all i eat. Most days I probably don't even hit 2000. I don't drink soda except once in a blue moon at a restaurant even then 99% of the time i get raspberry iced tea, I don't drink coffee, i don't eat chips. I drink water and only water. Most days I have either oatmeal and fruit or chorizo and 3 eggs for breakfast with 6 corn tortillas. Lunch is usually two sandwiches tuna, PB&J, meat of some kind and cheese or the frozen stuff. Dinner is mostly the frozen stuff although lately I've been making a lot of fried rice. 1 cup of rice a 12oz bag of frozen veggies 2-3 eggs and sauces soy sauce and sambal in the wok and teriyaki and sriracha on the plate. On days I make fried rice its usually breakfast lunch and dinner with some chicken nuggets or frozen burritos for lunch and dinner. I've been buying some granola bars and protein bars lately off of amazon but its something I've only started buying in the past 2 months and i just barely finished the first 18 pack of granola and opened a new box. I've counted calories before and all i learned is i eat a lot less then i thought i did and most days i didn't hit 2000. I did just buy a pedal exerciser, pic related off amazon I'm hoping that will help me lose some weight because If I'm not in the kitchen making something, in the bathroom, or sleeping, I'm sitting in front of my PC on my recliner for 99% of everyday for the past year pretty much.
>>29 Ok Anon seems like you have it rough. As for the Diet, either you lie about the Calorie Intake or your Body really does not burn enough. So you have to ether reduce your Intake more or be more active (the best would be to do both). You dont have to work out, just try to move more. For example every hour or so walk inside your house for 10 minutes, maybe while watching or listening to something. Just get up more often.Also maybe something like an Bullworker could be useful (Pic related) for workout. As for your Diet try to minimize these frozen food. Instead of Nuggets eat Chicken breast, Cooked Rice instead of fried, leave the soy sauce or any sauce as much as possible and so on. Avoid processed food as much as possible, better cook yourself even if it is a pain. Try to cut everything with sugar (this is one of the most hard things to do since its in nearly everything and basically we are all a addicted to it in some degree). Dont be emotional if you fail a day. Just make sure you will keep on going the next day. Build up a good daily routine. Maybe keep a log to keep motivated. Remember your Body has adapted to your current Lifestyle, so you have to change here first, small steps at a time. You can do it.
(49.29 KB 986x994 51cOvPjPQwL._AC_SL1000_.jpg)
>>31 Isn't the recommended 2000 daily calorie intake tied to the recommended 10,000 steps? I probably don't take even a 500 steps a day. Today was a heavier day for me I had oatmeal with chia seeds and a banana for breakfast. Lunch was two burgers with pepperjack cheese, bacon aioli, one with mustard and the other with guacamole. Dinner was 12 pizza bagel bites and 6 larger fishsticks with tarter sauce. I had a Aldi brand white claw with dinner. 2550 calories for the day. The burgers were about 1050 calories total if I had my normal sandwiches it would have been about 500 calories less. I live for sauce, I'd rather die than not have any. For me food is an avenue for sauce. I got dozens of hot sauces, like 8 BBQs, about a dozen mustards, and a dozenish asian sauces. The pedal exerciser i posted before was trash. I'm returning it and I got pic related today. Its not super great Its better than the other one but makes me want a legit exerciser bike but i don't have the room or money. It keeps sliding back and it moves left and right as you pedal. Considering also returning this one. Its very frustrating. The only Bullworkers I've found are very expensive and honestly I'd rather just do dumbbells and body weight stuff. I think I'll start taking walks regularly at the very least.
>>33 Find the cheapest gym you can with an exercise bike/cardio machines and just go there, man. I tried for years and years to make the space for some workout gear of my own but there's a point where if you need more than a pull-up bar and/or some dumbbells you might as well just bite the bullet. Alternatively, in my hometown there are lots of parks with workout areas complete with parallel bars, hanging rings etc, and some even have little placards with recommended workouts. If you're too cheap or broke for a gym maybe try checking out every park in your area.
>>33 Also from something i read I think on /fit/ or an article was shared quite a while ago was that the fatter you are the more calories you need to eat to maintain your current weight while doing literally nothing and for me that was around 4000 calories iirc. I'm 6'4 and 398ish. Eating 2kish most days. Pretty sure it was complete BS. It sounds like it makes perfectly logical sense but in practice it doesn't seem to be true otherwise i would weigh 250 max. >>34 My closest gym is 3 miles away and closed because of the chinese. Can't afford it and couldn't get there even if it was open. I'm in commiefornia so all my local parks are filled with homeless, mexicans, and gangbangers. I also still can't get around.
>>33 >>35 At the end of the day you have to decide what fits your Schedule and Lifestyle. Being more active in moving around is a good first step so do this. There are plenty workouts possible without gym or equipment that you can do at home you can look them up. In fact i would recommend everyone to start working out like this and then go from there. As for the sauces keep in mind that they have many calories too and are mostly sugar. I would strongly suggest to cut down on them. You don't have to quit just take less. Lastly i don't know if you can stay motivated so maybe pay some money and get an online coaching/dietary advisor? This would force you to commit.
>>35 >the fatter you are the more calories you need to eat to maintain your current weight while doing literally nothing This is true, but people tend to massively overestimate the size of the effect. As I recall, back at my heaviest my break-even point was about 2300 calories, and then after losing 60 lbs, it went down to about 1950 calories or so. A difference of about 350 calories, but I was really fat, well into the 30% body fat area.
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