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Cooking General /fit/izen 10/14/2020 (Wed) 01:45:15 Id:fd93c5 No. 6
Lets post and recipes, feedback and suggestions. /fit/ related cooking of course.
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(798.10 KB 1218x2643 Diet.jpg)
(361.34 KB 920x520 ClipboardImage.png)
Anyone here ever watch the anime "Food Wars"? I personally love Japanese food so I enjoy watching it every now and then. They had this one scene where they make a "Claiapin Don" and I thought it looked really good. The idea is that you chop onions up into fine pieces and then let a piece of steak pratically drown in the onions on both sides in order to tenderize the meat. I'd recommend letting it sit for about 45 minutes. Then you scrape the onions off and caramelize them I use a cast iron, do whatever works best for you after that you take out the onions and put salt and pepper on the steak and grill it off in the same pan. What I like doing is putting just a splash of red wine in the pan before I throw the steak in there for more flavor, and it also has the added benefit of further tenderizing the meat. When the steak is done, you put the onions back in there with a splash of soy sauce and cook them even further, and you top the steak off with a big mountain of onions. You can also do it like the anime does and add it to a rice bowl with pickled plum mixed in. I did it with lamb chop one time and it was so good. And the onion tenderizing method really does save a cheap ass piece of meat.
(3.47 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>19 >Chaliapin Don** I fucked up typing it I guess Anyway here's a picture I found on Jewgle images of what an actual Chaliapin Steak would end up looking like. Onions are good for your T levels and steak is good for your gains. Best way to eat for your gains is to make sure what you're eating is fucking delicious. The Golden One also has some good recipes on his channel. Anons should check out the gains FUCKING kitchen.
>>19 >>20 Do you really put so much effort into cooking every day? I eat the same meals almost everyday. That way i know exactly what i need to buy and what the expenses are. It makes it easy to stick to it. I would suggest having an bunch of staple meals that you can eat often and are easy to make. More extravagant meals can be inserted as wanted. Important is a base that you can always fall back to.
>>24 >Do you really put so much effort into cooking every day? Actually, yes I do. You don't want to hear the steps I take to make Ramen, which I have about 3 times a week. Just out of curiosity, what does your diet look like?
(4.30 MB 1078x1080 Chicken Lo Mein.webm)

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