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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

Good evening. NIGHTGAUNT##3QYM4L 05/05/2020 (Tue) 14:28:37 No. 1
Sup. This is the 8chan.se furry board. We will do our best to make your browsing experience enjoyable.
In case you didn't get the news, yiff.party is closing, so save as much as you can before it dies forever. https://yiff.party/bbs/read/133228 https://archive.is/DHfLc
(167.57 KB 600x200 1595530472.png)
Don't know if this could be here or what, but I found this on some other imageboard. >>1718 Is there any sets of Asriel and Ralsei?
(44.52 KB 300x100 lul2.png)
>>1720 >I found this on some other imageboard. Nigga, you stole it from 9chan's /furry/, and now I edited to fit this board :^) >Is there any sets of Asriel and Ralsei? No idea. The site died a couple of hours after I made that post. Also
>>1725 i never understood why anyone would use a porn board on a site run by a guy who made his bones running cancelmobs. it's like choosing to use wechat
>>1728 >>1728 Which? 9chan or moe? Or is it Yiff?
>>1725 Who made that artwork? The only thing I find of it is on 9chan and this site.
>>1732 >Yiffparty Is there an alternative yet?
>>1733 pretty sure thats a crop from a Taranima picture. >>1860 kemono.party although its still barebones in terms of content and functionality. i really wish people would start importing content there already.
>>1 >We have a furry board now oh shit nigga
(34.80 KB 400x298 Slowpoke.jpg)
>>2053 >now
(461.98 KB 580x513 I love you newfriend.png)
(352.67 KB 447x558 newfriend.png)
>>2053 Yes we do. Please post more newfriend, this board needs more life.
>>2091 What are these adorable ratbird things, and where can I get one to fuck it?
>>2098 They're called Yinglets and they're from a comic called Out of Placers. They're basically cutebolds but slightly more dangerous while simultaneously being both a little more intelligent and much stupider. https://www.valsalia.com/comic/prologue/01/
>>2099 >a little more intelligent >than kobolds U wot m8?
>>2099 >They're kinda dumb like children >They're emotional children >They're the size of children >They're at least situationally bisexual and desperate for affection >Further research shows they're canonically really into humans This is some excellent worldbuilding, but seriously trying to be cub without admitting it's actually cub.
(32.92 KB 357x480 yingletwtf.jpg)
>>2104 There's a few rare ones like Vizlet that are incredibly savy and intelligent. >but seriously trying to be cub without admitting it's actually cub. A more correct assessment would be to consider them to be non grimdark Skaven with a little bit of kobold thrown in for flavoring. >situationally bisexual The males are basically forced into being jailhouse gay because they make up 95% of the population and most will never see a Yinglet female let alone have a chance to mate with one.
>>2104 i have a critique of this but it'd make the system go nonlinear so i'm sitting on it for a minute
>>2123 Where's that critique anon?
Is there any furry imageboard that isn't just a porn dump anymore? Where did all the people from the real /fur/ go to?
>>2245 4chan's /trash/.
>>2246 Well I wish they'd come back here.
>>2250 Could always advertise there. I'm sure most of cuckchan would prefer they left anyway.
>>2250 You'd need a far better site for that. And no, lack of google captcha doesn't offset the rest of the issues this place has. >>2253 Times have changed gramps: furry images are no longer against the rules, only furry porn is, and the sheer amount of furbait on /v/ is impressive.
>>2295 >actively using cuckchan C'mon now.
>>2245 try lulz.net/furi/
>>2298 I can't believe that site is still around or that I forgot completely about it.
(93.27 KB 400x395 1245266.gif)
>>2298 >is there any imageboard that isn't just a porn dump? <here try this porn dump
>>2303 hey, its half porn dump and half drama
>>2307 More like 40% porn, 25% drama, 30% politics, and 5% discussion with/about porn.
>>2303 >>2245 You could always post a discussion thread here ya' know.
Heard you guys were looking for activity.
>>2351 I miss Watermelon.
>>2354 >>2337 nothing to discuss, site is dead, board is dead, fandom is all mentally ill, all there is to do is dump porn
(2.02 MB 750x850 1435217631143.gif)
>>2245 Most of them probably went to artist community sites. Anyone violently opposed to cub to FA, anyone into cub or who doesn't give a fuck either way to IB. Imageboards were always terrible places for furry content because it attracts shittons of trolls, and often doesn't have any moderation. >>2351 >posts the dry orgasm version Absolutely based.

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