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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

(154.56 KB 935x798 ClipboardImage.png)

Furry LOL thread Toshiaki 05/19/2020 (Tue) 01:10:01 No. 48
(975.41 KB 1999x1671 3754122_Bzehburger_firstanal.jpg)

>>3778 Wait a minute...
>>3779 OH SHIT
(3.60 MB 2975x3850 3154444.png)

(1.13 MB 1891x789 lol.png)

This image was made to be taking seriously guys. Take it seriously. Nothing says serious business like this image right here.
>>3816 You're a little late. It was predicted and posted already >>447 >>2232 There's a storytime on /v/ right now >>>/v/440480
(1.72 MB 3850x2975 troonrights.png)

>>3816 now he's probably trooning out and he's been virtue signaling in all directions like he raped underage children and buried them in his backyard hoping you won't notice through the bullshit that comes out of his mouth.
Can't remember if this was posted here already.
(710.19 KB 705x1512 250callout.jpg)

>Trump >Moore >Kavanaugh >Gaetz >Milo Republicans helped normalize & promote pedo shit. Go figure most of the fandom pedos are Trumpets who hate free speech. Really the only cure for the pedo brain is a bullet to the skull. They don't want to be cured, they want to be accepted. That's not happening.
(10.99 MB 1280x720 lifeofbrian.mp4)

Couple years old, but whatever.
>>3844 >learned nothing about opsec and still uses the same username to this day https://www.reddit.com/user/brian577 heh
>>3847 This is why I change usernames on every site. Even when I was in middle school (and people still gave a shit about online privacy) I knew if I re-used my online alias someone could look up information about me more easily, or potentially stalk me across multiple websites or games. I didn't even know about doxing at the time, if it was even commonplace yet.
(82.96 KB 698x540 tired.jpg)

>>3879 I feel like using different usernames across websites used to be something that was common sense. Sometimes people kept the same usernames on communities with shared interests, but you'd rarely see it happen otherwise. Things were different in the usenet days, but that was before my time.
>>3827 you know what weirds me out is how chans went from being all-in on the whole "trap" thing, "men are better at everything than women including being women" to this kinda stuff. feels like a psyop.
>>3887 Its the unfortunate backlash. The Left went all in on sexual degeneracy, so some of the Right is countering by going all in on puritanism. Meanwhile average people want a little bit of degeneracy in their lives because its fun, but don't want it to extend clear into drag queen story hour and pedos being allowed to exist. Now both sides are just fucking annoying.
>>3888 People keep saying it's a "backlash" but the entire reason any of us are here, on 8chan, is that the "left" (insofar as that's a coherent concept) abjured sexual degeneracy (in the form of boobies in vidya). And, sure, you could say that they only went after "vanilla sexual degeneracy"(??), but that's the kind of thing you come up with if you only inhabit channerspace and don't know anything about the leftist war on fanfic. And the other reason I kind of hate the whole "backlash" defense is because who's on the trannyhate side during this so-called "backlash"? Well, radfems. Anti-porn radfems! The kind who make Anita Sarkeesian look lukewarm, the kind who were serious during #killallmen. And it isn't only radfems; it's also Muslim fundies, Nation-of-Islam cranks (i.e. Dave Chapelle), soccer moms, and literally the CCP. So if it really is a "backlash", it's not a very good one.
>>3888 Like, right now, I'm looking at a game that's being mobbed for having big-breasted women in it, and a noticeable fraction of the hate mail is about how the devs are incel trannies who don't talk to real women.
>>3890 Wat gayme?
>>3891 I'm gonna go ahead and say "feel free to call me a liar". The reason I'm declining to say who, is that I kind of feel like - the situation being what it is - if I mention it here, it's going to get back to /v/, and you can't really trust it to be /v/ anymore. And what will maybe (probably) happen is the rad-aligned ground troops there will run the Human Flesh Search engine routine on the devs, and find some based (as opposed to woke) case against them, like one of them said something nice about black people one time. And then either /v/ dismisses what's happening to them as "the left eating itself" or goes after them itself, and in no case is the radfem agenda actually opposed in any meaningful way. And the reason I suspect this will happen is I've already seen it happen with a certain other dev who was at one point a pretty celebrated figure on the chans - like, almost Reviewbrah levels of big - and who is now virtually a urinal for everyone for reasons which everyone on or off chans assures me are completely clear and just but which sure don't fucking seem very clear or just. And the thing about this latter person is I can go on Twitter or YouTube, and look at the people making fun of them... And it's, like, some chick with the enby lesbian flag on her profile pic. Or some kid with BLM in his name. And you'd sure fucking think that this would give channers pause, being on the same side as these folks, but, well.
>>3887 traps=/=trannies and they have completely different histories on imageboards. Of course the attitudes are gonna differ. >>3889 >because who's on the trannyhate side A diverse bunch of people. The question is rather why you would be outspoken for trannies after becoming aware of their cultlike dynamics and power grabbing. Are you one? And who do you have on the pro-tranny side? Don't pretend they're not full of radfems. Nutcases like (((Coraline Ada Ehmke))), the guy who single handedly pushed CoC on FOSS and is an outspoken opponent of meritocracy. Not to mention trannies that act like they're owed to be treated exactly as something they're not. >channerspace no comment needed >>3892 >feel free to call me a liar Liar by omission :^) >like one of them said something nice about black people one time The /v/ has broken you. >dismisses what's happening to them As opposed to what, fighting tooth and nail to defend the people who hate you? >or goes after them itself And you still aren't able to list an example from here. No, saying "don't buy it" doesn't count. >in no case is the radfem agenda actually opposed Showing that goodwill among radfems is worth nothing as they turn on anyone convenient is already pretty hurtful to their cause. I wouldn't mind hearing your suggestions to fix the deeply entrenched rot in society though. >seen it happen with a certain other dev Yandev? The guy who made a big butthurt goodbye fuckoff post with the pic of a girl shared with him in private?
>>3893 >A diverse bunch of people. That does seem to be the thing that gets said when anyone points out that the coalition is now composed of factions it made its name opposing. I don't see how saying it ironically makes it any less accurate, though.
>>3890 Usually seems to be that the lefties are the ones making that claim in my experience. For some reason a lot of them think large breasts on fictional characters somehow diminish the rights of actual women. Or tags on a booru site being politically incorrect will get someone to kill trannies. It's been going on for a good few years now, and I'm not really sure how to reconcile it with that cultural meme of the right being all prudish church ladies trying to get rick and roll banned.
I heartily recommend visiting 4cuck's /trash/ board, specifically the /acrg/ (artist/commisioner rant general), lots of gossip and fun to be had there. For example, did you know Teckworks apparently was grooming a minor and swept it under the rug by spamming more Ankha porn?
>>3897 >I'm not really sure how to reconcile it with that cultural meme of the right being all prudish church ladies trying to get rick and roll banned. each "side" only has to offer a little more than the other in order to compete, so if they collude (and sabotage any competition, natch), they can keep freedom to a minimum
>>3920 /trash/ is a real clownshow. some 4chan jannie went insane and is currently trying to purge /b/ of porn, including their /cub/ threads. so obviously, they make /cub/ on /trash/, right? except, get this: no porn. because cub is technically loli and is therefore banned, right? entire fucking thread is just clothed petite animals. 4channers are so cucked they'd rather post SFW ecchi on a site that hates them than go anywhere else
(686.45 KB 960x1280 nnncringe.png)

rate my cringesona lads
(21.52 KB 299x262 thinking_466.jpg)

>>3968 Part of me wants to make an anti covid edit and make the semen retention bit debunk face masks with miasma theory from the bubonic plague. The other part of me doesn't want to partake in making a WORDS WORDS WORDS "meme".
(43.09 KB 800x488 1520295410.jpg)

>>3968 Every fucking time.
(425.50 KB 960x1280 funnier.png)

>>3968 >>3969 >The other part of me doesn't want to partake in making a WORDS WORDS WORDS "meme". You don't have to. >>3970
>>3968 They really, really hate it.
https://www.sofurry.com/view/1789340 "Anti-pedo is destroying this fandom!" Imagine being so insane you think fucking kids is normal. More proof the fandom is pedo central >Milo on Joe Rogan.mpeg The irony is that SF is run by & staffed by pedos, they only did the ban because laws made them. Poor pedophiles, think of their need to harm kids, morals hurt their feelings!
>>3922 >newfag doesn't understand the oldest tricks in the anti-janny book >DAE 4chan is cucked??? That one rule-skirting thread, hidden within an unlisted board, still got more activity than this whole board. This place doesn't have enough people to get anything going. >inb4 and that's a good thing 4/v/ is still spamming daily doses after a decade, a green and purple reminder of how little rules matter and of how little power moderators truly hold. 8/v/ couldn't stop a single faggy moderator from mass deleting by IP every time his ego got hurt. At a certain point, not having enough users becomes a liability. >>3968 Somehow even more cringe than NNN: let's be real, going one month without jacking off is far from impressive.

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