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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

(17.07 KB 246x500 156997693027.jpg)

Drawthread #1 Toshiaki 07/24/2020 (Fri) 13:05:40 No. 839
Request what you like want to get drawn Rules and guidelines Start your post with "requesting" or "/r/". When requesting some, provide as much detail & reference pics as possible in the initial post.
deli's got so many unfulfilled furry reqs that it would be better to do them, post the result here and quote crossboard on the other paw it'd attract fernado and upskirt idiot and that kinda cancer may not be worth the extra traffic
>>842 /r/ Hello, drawfriends. May I request a male Mightyena (Pokémon) peeing on the floor in his trainer's home like a naughty doggo? That would be really amusing and appreciated; thank you!
>>2959 >peeing on the floor in his trainer's home like a naughty doggo >That would be really amusing anon you're not fooling anyone on goddamn /fur/, you're into watersports faggot.
>>2959 >May I request a male Mightyena (Pokémon) peeing on the floor in his trainer's home like a naughty doggo? That would be really amusing and appreciated; thank you! haha
>>2959 And people wonder why nobody wants to draw here
(328.96 KB 1107x675 animaniacs yakko.png)

>>842 Requesting Yakko getting fucked in the ass really hard. Optional he's trying to be a smart ass about the situation be he's getting fucked so good that he can't even finish the sentences.
(2.93 MB 1665x2000 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.50 MB 804x966 ClipboardImage.png)

I tried coloring this old pic by Marc Leonhardt
(162.60 KB 800x800 oddish_copy.png)

I committed art today
(220.21 KB 993x1138 SMO-HarietArtwork.jpg)

Requesting Hariet from Super Mario Odyssey interacting with Doomguy, whether it's cute, romantic or lewd as fuck and you can also decide which version of Doomguy you wanna use He loves them bunnies and we've had enough of Isabelle
(26.54 KB 500x392 02-16.jpg)

How about some naughty stuff with hare from Nu Pogodi?
Weasel from Suicide Squad... There’s ZERO yiff of him. Very sad. You can even see his penis in the movie 💖
>>3602 That's just disgusting.
Requesting something like this with Toodles Galore and an human guy please.
>>842 Requesting something like this with Toodles Galore and a Human guy, please.
This Drawthread is abandoned, 8Chan is overrun by Anti-Semites
>>3675 that sounds pretty damn based
>>3675 I don't see israel deploying the iron done on us yet.
>>3675 Was there any moment in time were a chan hasn't been overrun by aniti semites?
(1.12 MB 1500x1671 8doom.jpg)

(5.25 KB 512x512 n8 thumbs up.png)

>>3896 Nice work mate!
>>3896 Based
>>3896 Just came back and that's awesome Thank you, anon
>>3896 Great pic anon. Glad that you're still around.
so... looks like /fur's drawthread failure is in part lack of drawfags, and the quality or lack thereof of the requests which of these two would be easier to resolve?
>>3946 It would be easier to get drawfags to come here I think. Maybe drop a link in the /v/ drawthread >>>/v/445251 and maybe the one on /delicious/ too or any other place on cake with active drawfags. We could certainly use better requests though but I think the best way to do that is to get the attention of drawfags first and them solicit a general request post with their lists of preferences and "won't do's".
>>3947 other boards are more tightly focused on their topics, you go to /delicious, /v or /fast/ and know exactly what you're getting. furry is such a broad term, what kinda hook is left? i despair that the first thing to come to mind is 'fetishes' imagine being shot down by delidrawfags because /fur is 'too degenerate' even for them
>>3949 >make a porn fetish board >nooo fetishes can't be our hook
>>3951 you're welcome to request shit, piss, snuff, gore, amputees, prolapses, glass jars in butts and missionary for the explicit purpose of procreation. nobody stopping you, you might get lucky but fetishes thus far got a poor request-to-drawn record so far
might be worth a try though, just requesting all manners of godless dogshite. Maybe there're ultramongs just quietly waiting for the right combo of obscure cartoon and santorum at worst, it'll max this thread faster and either: - results in a new one from an okay-amount of deliveries - determine that a /fur drawthread should die at one
>>3952 >fetishes thus far got a poor request-to-drawn record so far Not my problem. I wasn't the one who wanted a fetish board.
>>842 Requesting something with Cheer Bear and Funshine Bear.
(1.29 MB 1127x1280 dog at the beach.png)

>>842 I like paws with declaws, like pic related. If it would be easier to draw, you could draw the paws sticking out of a glory hole or something
(815.40 KB 1000x1208 8bear.jpg)

>>3958 >>843 Do you muscle? Will draw lewds of beasts and monstresses. like SCP-level or Bloodborne horror bitches
(54.24 KB 500x500 cho aniki.jpg)

>>3988 Nice.
(195.02 KB 1253x1004 Dewclaw_hand.jpg)

>>3987 By declaw I assume you mean dewclaw. And by dewclaw I assume you mean a second claw on the last thumb joint.

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