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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

Good evening. NIGHTGAUNT##3QYM4L 05/05/2020 (Tue) 14:28:37 No. 1
Sup. This is the 8chan.se furry board. We will do our best to make your browsing experience enjoyable.
(141.01 KB 923x778 crazy.png)

i tried making this board a couple of days ago and the system told me the "/fur/" URI was not allowed. what the fuck? well, as long as we don't have a communist cuck like bell at the helm, im good with it.
whats a toshiaki tho?
>>3 "Toshiaki is one of the boys who reanimate deceased animals and make it counterproductive in Frankenweenie." "Toshiaki Tokunaga is chief executive officer and chairman of the board at both Hitachi Vantara and Hitachi Global Digital Holdings." "Toshiaki (written: 俊昭, 俊明, 俊彰, 利明, 利晃, 利秋, 利彰, 寿明, 敏昭, 敏明, 敏晃 or 登志晃) is a masculine Japanese given name." "The name Toshiaki is of Japanese origin. The meaning of Toshiaki is "alert and bright, ripe brightness"."
>>2 Hey! I got that same shit. You have to input the URI as "foo", not "/foo/". >>3 It's an in-joke. I might change it if it's too obnoxious.
Cool, just don't be an edgy leftist faggot like Bell was; you can have an ideology just don't force it onto everyone else like your shit doesn't stink too.
>>6 right now i dont remember if i did it with or without the slashes
>>1 If this ever goes down the /furry/ board on 9chan is pretty decent. There's also a /vfur/ board there too but it's pretty dead.
>>18 I don't trust 9chan Josh, he seems finkish
>>18 >>21 yeah i dont trust jersh either. though its always good to have more potential platforms i guess. like everything, it needs a balance. too much centralization and you can be knocked down easily, too much decentralization and you have a bunch of dead imageboards with no pph.
+1 banner
(32.87 KB 312x97 furry banner.png)

I made a new banner.
>>301 added
>>301 What if someone in the lunchroom sees this?
>>303 think it oughta be sfw?
(26.05 KB 312x97 carrot.png)

>>307 Behold.
(24.11 KB 312x97 carrot 1.png)

>>308 Carrots are a type of lunch, right? (Here's another one if that isn't good enough)
>>303 if you're browsing this in a public place, you deserve to get caught i think.
>>310 >>307 >brave coworker asks why that carrot is ejaculating, while anon gives out promotions
>>311 I wanted to make it look like ranch dressing but I can't find a reference if it is a problem I am willing to change it
(47.41 KB 312x97 carrot 2.png)

(46.93 KB 312x97 carrot 3.png)

(29.91 KB 312x97 carrot 4.png)

(31.22 KB 312x97 carrot 5.png)

the Carrot Dick Variations
>>313 #3, we have a winner
what y'all think of them custom themes? yotsuba B good enough? what do you want to see in the CSS, if anything?
>>522 i like yotsuba B. wouldn't hurt to have different optional themes if the BOs up for it
>>522 >>534 What kind of special theme should /fur/ have?
>>535 thinking maybe an Amiga theme, just for cultural reasons
should extreme stuff (gore, poop etc) be spoilered
>>547 or is that something people don't want to think about atm
(53.80 KB 720x540 bugs just wants to forget.jpg)

>>547 >>549 i'd rather not think about scat and gore ever
(258.28 KB 444x440 how horrifying.png)

>>547 My opinion is, obvious attempts to fuck with the board are to be removed, only remove NSFW that's globally not allowed (illegal), and only spoiler by the poster's decision to do so. >>553 If shitty niche 2D fetishes give you a mental breakdown, you should fix that so others can't take advantage of this weakness.
>>667 >mental breakdown not really, but they still disgust me.
gonna set up a custom spoiler soon + new theme etc
>>672 bretty gud BO
>>667 Nah, it's called still having the ability to feel disgust.
>>760 what's called that and isn't seven words too many for a name? they should call it something like "zuberon" or "vextryke" that would be cooler
>>761 A conscience? Moral compass? Gag reflex?
>>762 too many syllables ( -_-;)
>9chan is down Don't make me go to this gay hyperfag infested lynxchan shithole. Why can't furries ever have a decent imageboard?
(448.35 KB 846x900 laughingserval.png)

>>769 >9chan >decent
>>769 >giving j*sh any part of your porn browsing history
(444.16 KB 490x379 1574210353427.png)

>>769 you can always go to u18 or lulz
>>770 Their furry board is a lot better than this one. >>772 >furries are a fetish Explain all the non-porn related threads and discussion there. Also this place isn't any less trustworthy.
>>776 >Explain all the non-porn related threads and discussion there. I could, but in order to say anything without having to recursively unpack two paragraphs of text per paragraph, I'd have to have recourse to weird, idiom-heavy language like "foidspace" (which is like two references plus allusions) that only makes sense to people who live on the internet and which you have no reason to understand.
>>777 yoooo nice trips
if someone were gonna comm a spoiler who'd you like to see do it this goes for banners and other board assets btw
>>794 probably kekitopu. i mean he browsed 8chan back in the day. hell he probably is browsing /v/ right now.
>>802 will see if he can be contacted etc. etc. how you feel about animated spoilers (think gentle boat rocking/fake 3D waves not dancing characters)
>>832 >animated spoiler thats probably overshooting it.
>>834 It's probably gonna annoying on threads with primarily spoilered content. Unless you make the GIF have a 30 second frame time and smooth transition or something. Just make a static spoiler.
>>313 This is very nice.
(84.83 KB 500x368 q9uvobd5nm531.png)

Just a heads up: Since the site has been going offline for random periods of time, and because not everyone wants (or knows how) to use the onion address on Tor, Acid has deployed a Tor2web proxy that allows anyone to access the onion link through their regular browsers without the need of additional software. The proxy is located at https://redchannit.net/, and from there you can access to and post on /fur/ or any other board without problem. Proof in case you don't believe me: >>>/site/532
>>940 rad
custom CSS early-alpha demo @ >>>/linenoise/
>>960 you think you could make the background of posts a lighter color so we can have text black?
>>960 otherwise pretty good, thats some work you did there
>>1074 mid-alpha "soon"
(141.00 KB 500x333 soon miku horns 2.png)

>>1077 Soon?
Vanwa just fucking nuked us
(54.99 KB 312x97 8moe.png)

a commemorative banner
the war never ends
We're back on 8chan.moe but it looks like we may have to make some changes one way or another. >>/site/1304 We may either need to make a no human loli/shota rule or move the board to tor to stop the site from getting niggered again. For example: >>1326 >>1324 >>1327 >>1188 >>587
(3.94 KB 440x220 DELTARUNE_Thread.png)

What's the board policy about making more specific threads? Do things like Sonic, Undertail, or 5NaF have enough interest for their own threads or should we just use the vfur general?
>>1370 aw shit. you know what you should have is a tor only option in the management settings if that's possible >>1387 do whatever, we barely have a page 3
was this place always more active than 9chan or am i imagining things..?
>>1618 yeah 9chan was and is stillborn
(41.72 KB 300x100 sd.png)

I made a banner using one of the pics on >>329. Enjoy.
>>1712 impressive - very nice
In case you didn't get the news, yiff.party is closing, so save as much as you can before it dies forever. https://yiff.party/bbs/read/133228 https://archive.is/DHfLc
(167.57 KB 600x200 1595530472.png)

Don't know if this could be here or what, but I found this on some other imageboard. >>1718 Is there any sets of Asriel and Ralsei?
(44.52 KB 300x100 lul2.png)

>>1720 >I found this on some other imageboard. Nigga, you stole it from 9chan's /furry/, and now I edited to fit this board :^) >Is there any sets of Asriel and Ralsei? No idea. The site died a couple of hours after I made that post. Also
>>1725 i never understood why anyone would use a porn board on a site run by a guy who made his bones running cancelmobs. it's like choosing to use wechat
>>1728 >>1728 Which? 9chan or moe? Or is it Yiff?
>>1725 Who made that artwork? The only thing I find of it is on 9chan and this site.
>>1732 >Yiffparty Is there an alternative yet?
>>1733 pretty sure thats a crop from a Taranima picture. >>1860 kemono.party although its still barebones in terms of content and functionality. i really wish people would start importing content there already.
>>1 >We have a furry board now oh shit nigga
(34.80 KB 400x298 Slowpoke.jpg)

>>2053 >now
(461.98 KB 580x513 I love you newfriend.png)

(352.67 KB 447x558 newfriend.png)

>>2053 Yes we do. Please post more newfriend, this board needs more life.
>>2091 What are these adorable ratbird things, and where can I get one to fuck it?
>>2098 They're called Yinglets and they're from a comic called Out of Placers. They're basically cutebolds but slightly more dangerous while simultaneously being both a little more intelligent and much stupider. https://www.valsalia.com/comic/prologue/01/
>>2099 >a little more intelligent >than kobolds U wot m8?
>>2099 >They're kinda dumb like children >They're emotional children >They're the size of children >They're at least situationally bisexual and desperate for affection >Further research shows they're canonically really into humans This is some excellent worldbuilding, but seriously trying to be cub without admitting it's actually cub.
(32.92 KB 357x480 yingletwtf.jpg)

>>2104 There's a few rare ones like Vizlet that are incredibly savy and intelligent. >but seriously trying to be cub without admitting it's actually cub. A more correct assessment would be to consider them to be non grimdark Skaven with a little bit of kobold thrown in for flavoring. >situationally bisexual The males are basically forced into being jailhouse gay because they make up 95% of the population and most will never see a Yinglet female let alone have a chance to mate with one.
>>2104 i have a critique of this but it'd make the system go nonlinear so i'm sitting on it for a minute
>>2123 Where's that critique anon?
Is there any furry imageboard that isn't just a porn dump anymore? Where did all the people from the real /fur/ go to?
>>2245 4chan's /trash/.
>>2246 Well I wish they'd come back here.
>>2250 Could always advertise there. I'm sure most of cuckchan would prefer they left anyway.
>>2250 You'd need a far better site for that. And no, lack of google captcha doesn't offset the rest of the issues this place has. >>2253 Times have changed gramps: furry images are no longer against the rules, only furry porn is, and the sheer amount of furbait on /v/ is impressive.
>>2295 >actively using cuckchan C'mon now.
>>2245 try lulz.net/furi/
>>2298 I can't believe that site is still around or that I forgot completely about it.
(93.27 KB 400x395 1245266.gif)

>>2298 >is there any imageboard that isn't just a porn dump? <here try this porn dump
>>2303 hey, its half porn dump and half drama
>>2307 More like 40% porn, 25% drama, 30% politics, and 5% discussion with/about porn.
>>2303 >>2245 You could always post a discussion thread here ya' know.
Heard you guys were looking for activity.
>>2351 I miss Watermelon.
>>2354 >>2337 nothing to discuss, site is dead, board is dead, fandom is all mentally ill, all there is to do is dump porn
(2.02 MB 750x850 1435217631143.gif)

>>2245 Most of them probably went to artist community sites. Anyone violently opposed to cub to FA, anyone into cub or who doesn't give a fuck either way to IB. Imageboards were always terrible places for furry content because it attracts shittons of trolls, and often doesn't have any moderation. >>2351 >posts the dry orgasm version Absolutely based.
>>2355 >nothing to discuss >with all the drama in the fandom >with all the mentally ill people and the dumb things they do There's plenty to discuss and laugh at really. But the thing I miss the most is new N8 art.
>>2397 Same. I've been practising drawing but my linework is still shit tier.
(54.11 KB 300x100 OwO.jpg)

(53.00 KB 300x100 kyogre.png)

I made two banners based on >>1178
>>2430 Nice.
>>2430 Very nice. Gonna make some myself next week.
(8.49 KB 312x97 fur.png)

>>2469 lol
(8.52 KB 312x97 fur.png)

>>2470 Now with a border.
Is there any way to back up an 8ch board yet I recall there being some jank Python script which I couldn't get to work because >Python
>>2489 see >>>/t/1257 Or just use wget
(37.65 KB 200x200 spoiler1.png)

(37.94 KB 200x200 spoiler2.png)

(27.11 KB 200x200 spoiler3.png)

(29.45 KB 200x200 spoiler4.png)

I noticed that this board lacks an image for spoilers, so here are a some proposals for it.
>>2795 Who cares, nobody uses spoilers in a porn board.
>>2796 This isn't a porn board. This is a furry board that allows nsfw content.
(308.02 KB 800x800 1460415190809.jpg)

>>2798 >furry imageboard >not a porn board
>>2813 Shut the FUCK up or I'll take your knot
(143.50 KB 503x273 disappoint.png)

>>2798 >This isn't a porn board. This is a furry board that allows nsfw content. Back to your dead board on >>>/8kun/ you go Bell.
>>2823 You know what youre right, I think I stupidly used 8kunt for a week about 5 months ago and must have picked up that wordage from their sticky. I just scanned this thread and saw no notice of it My bad
>>2796 imo it's actually fine especially if you're posting scat or something that might put folks off their feed
(416.34 KB 739x937 faggot cat.png)

>>2796 That's not a reason not to have custom spoilers. Other than what >>2841 said they're also for bait and switches, mystery images, or even just plain, regular spoilers.
Why don't we have a custom CSS? Other boards have one >>>/sm/ >>>/vr/ >>>/tikilounge/ and it would be nice if we had one too.
>>2864 Who cares, nobody jacks off to the CSS.
(4.86 KB 386x121 Champion mindset.png)

>>2917 That's what you think
>>2917 Depends on how good it is. A little mascot in the corner would be nice.
>>2935 i'd love to have either k8, n8, or f8 pop up in the corner of the screen at random. i dont know how to css though.
>>2798 shut up bell
>>3036 It's actually pretty simple, you just need to add:[code] body { background: url('/.media/6d564952a5597dea211e2478ee90ef843b040744860c1b3a0dce186172c90eb4.png') bottom 0px right 20px/200px fixed no-repeat; } [/code]to the CSS. /.media/6d564952a5597dea211e2478ee90ef843b040744860c1b3a0dce186172c90eb4.png is the address of the image you want to use (without the https://8chan.moe in front), bottom 0px right 20px means a bottom right position with no margin at the bottom and 20 pixels margin at the right, the 200px are the image width, fixed makes it stay in place when scrolling and no-repeat means there's only one.
(18.99 KB 204x238 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3077 It's not my fault the code tags are disabled for the board. If you want to try it out just for yourself, open the Settings menu, click CSS, paste the following code and press Save. body { background: url('/.media/6d564952a5597dea211e2478ee90ef843b040744860c1b3a0dce186172c90eb4.png') bottom 0px right 20px/200px fixed no-repeat; } The latter half of >>3076 is just explaining how to tweak the CSS rule. In any case I hope the BO adds something like this to the board CSS.
>>2864 they were testing out a layout on >>>/linenoise/
(1.69 KB 591x79 fur numba wan.png)

(30.52 KB 193x217 bear.gif)

Should the announcement bar have [Zoophilia](/zoo) to link the zoo board like it links fur?
>>3291 Only if /zoo/ links us back. Ask em.
>>3292 Well, they do, that's why I thought to ask if we should do the same to them.
>>3293 >they already do Shit, then fuck yeah. They offering us into the webring. It'd be rude to decline.
>>3291 no. pretty sure those guys are into actual animals.
>>3353 Yeah that's kind of a problem. I'm not really thrilled about having that board directly linked to this one.
>>3353 >>3355 Same, I'm not interested in associating with a board that has photos of zoophilia in it
What's with these spam threads recently and why aren't they being cleaned up? >>3491 >>3487 >>3488 >>3464 >>3454
>>3494 The BO doesn't seem to be very active right now. Be sure to report spam when you see it, it might get deleted sooner.
(65.32 KB 164x230 extra_pokerface.png)

Was nervous when I couldn't reach the Furaffinity onion archive, but it turns out they already upgraded to an onion v3 address. Here's the new link for anyone else who missed the memo: http://g6jy5jkx466lrqojcngbnksugrcfxsl562bzuikrka5rv7srgguqbjid.onion/fa/
>>3516 good lookin out nigga
(29.39 KB 300x100 double_battle.jpg)

(29.08 KB 300x100 umbreon.jpg)

New banners!
(154.07 KB 537x358 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3704 >fat ass horny feral eevees
>>3714 less deformed version
>>3714 >>3715 oh, well you didnt have to make it a banner, it was just commentary. this one's gonna look stretched no matter what since the panels in the comic are too tall.
this ones from modca's "dark thirst" comic, by the way
(36.43 KB 300x100 ahh__banner.png)

>>3715 >>3716 It does look better when you put in the effort though.
(454.43 KB 564x564 54873.png)

Hi =3
(399.72 KB 1074x1066 happycat.jpg)

(34.82 KB 300x100 legs banner.png)

(34.06 KB 300x100 new friend banner.png)

Is the BO still active? I made a couple of banners.
Is anyone else having troubles connecting to The Permanent Booru? Also, what happened to the BO?
>>4042 >what happened to the BO? I was wondering that myself. Did he abandon the board?
>>4042 You don't need moderators so you can dump porn.
(9.57 KB 289x129 ded.png)

(48.63 KB 293x209 annoyed tard.png)

>/kemono/ board added >3 days later >/kemono/ gets deleted
(221.10 KB 2048x1152 DeenTears.jpg)

>>4081 Are we ever going to get an explanation as to why it's gone? Or is that only privy to some sooper seekrit IRC?
>>4084 I'm gonna assume the BO made it because he thought it was the only one and nuked it when I mentioned cafe's version of the board.
>>4087 I didn't know they had one either. Is it unlisted?
>>2935 >>3036 I vote on Coco personally but lets set it up as a vote on who gets to be the mascot/water mark on all our threads.
>>4162 Yes set up a vote. Caprino or Cream wouldn't be a bad choice. Or a loli bear. Could we have multiple ones that pop up at random?
(782.40 KB 931x1200 bare bear.png)

(772.46 KB 931x1200 bear panchu.png)

(328.21 KB 1280x1280 4e8c7c7b66a4cd0e.png)

(12.81 KB 339x300 1495799097897.png)

(358.93 KB 1280x1280 b1a62b7c45e5397e.png)

Here's some Cocos.
>>4167 Fuck. Pixels.
(567.27 KB 645x1211 capri 1.png)

(447.32 KB 645x1211 capri 2.png)

(749.06 KB 645x1211 capri 3.png)

(609.18 KB 645x1211 capri 4.png)

(636.60 KB 645x1211 capri 5.png)

>>4168 fucking damnit Well while I'm at it here are some variants.
Well I noticed a few more errors I made but I'll wait to fix them after someone makes a poll and the BO shows up.
Is the BO even alive?

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