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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

fur Vidya Toshiaki 05/07/2020 (Thu) 17:43:57 No. 11
might as well start a thread for this. discuss furry related videogames and videogame related furries. complain about lazy furfags not finishing their game projects. post links to furry games. laugh about failed furry game crowdfunding projects that don't know how to administrate funds and manage their time. i just played HexCubs, a small tower defense game based off of paraphore characters.
>>11 Wait who is the red riding hood one supposed to be?
>>32 thats Red, from Paraphore. if you ever feel like crying for the horrible fate of a necrophile rapist werewolf loli, give it a try.
>>35 Dont forget the cub snuff scat raccoon Bins!
>>40 yeah i remember him but i didnt feel bad for him, fuck him and mostly everybody else. Reds ending just made me sad inside.
>>41 What's the unfinished game, Interphore? Mary(?) comes back from her catatonic state, and the plot seems to imply she is super powerful and keeping Red sexually repressed
>>43 i think so. i tried playing the sequel and it would keep erasing my save everytime i closed the game, plus a few other bugs. i only got as far as meeting the cartographer and exploring the abandoned apartment complex. i dont remember the name of red's rabbit friend.
posting the one who started it all
>>55 Tamagotchi was a cheap LCD toy, and is distinct from Digimon, which was a later anime/manga franchise designed to be a toy commercial. It's quite far from vidya, to be fair. But technically, there are Digimon games so it's fine, but I'm just sayin'
>>55 >male Renamon Fantastic taste
>>60 I think that's a dickgirl, sorta a sideboob going on
>>61 I choose to interpret the first as a femboy
>>62 Im retarded and only saw the second
>almost no Classic Imp >they nearly always get the face wrong
>>71 1st face is iffy
ah shit here we go again >new cub game by harmarist >this time in space >coming in 2020 >half the comments asking what happened to anubis & the buried bone who wants to bet this ends up as another incomplete beta?
>>91 Came here to post this. I hope he still finishes Anubis. I've really been looking forward to it. This looks nice too but I want a yiffy Egyptian tomb crawling adventure.
Apparently this is the answer.
why are raymond and fickle so hot >>93 >anubis will take more time to complete than yiffai i dont understand how seeing as they're very similar, but w/e, not like im in a hurry to play either.
>>105 >you will never catch bugs with Flick
>>105 I'm guessing Yiffai is shorter/more linear.
>you will never be Asriel Dreemurr's wife (male)
>>296 >Asriel uses magic on your cock to ????
(109.86 KB 801x726 fox hound.jpg)

You know, I never jerk to erotic text games but last time I did, I jerked for 4 hours straight. More like 4 hours gay, amirite? Does anyone know any fur/non-fur erotic text games? Preferably ones you can play with one hand (mouse). Asking for amputee friend. pic unrelated
(2.49 MB 3508x2480 2705186_Malerouille_18.jpg)

I've got to play the other Spyro games. I only played the first one. I'm not really sold on the Remakes though.
>>401 they're alright, just don't expect something mindblowing. unlike the final fantasy 7 shit, the spyro and crash remakes are actual remakes, with very minor changes (like small geometrical changes to the collision boxes and graphics).
>>296 feels bad man
(426.92 KB 1134x1280 20190813d.jpg)

(214.22 KB 725x1024 20190212c.jpg)

(255.72 KB 725x1024 20190212a.jpg)

(198.24 KB 725x1024 20190212b.jpg)

(230.07 KB 725x1024 20190212d.jpg)

Fur-related vidya or vidya-related fur?
(390.25 KB 721x1024 0132.jpg)

(2.39 MB 2728x3859 201802_illust_02_B_HD.png)

(335.92 KB 620x620 thumb.jpg)

(514.72 KB 906x1280 20200426a.jpg)

(497.07 KB 906x1280 20200430a.jpg)

(579.98 KB 906x1280 20200501a.jpg)

(476.09 KB 906x1280 20200430c.jpg)

(645.29 KB 906x1280 20200430b.jpg)

(496.74 KB 906x1280 20191007G.jpg)

(480.03 KB 906x1280 20191007f.jpg)

(93.07 KB 616x353 index.jpg)

anyone played this yet? i bought it despite being early access trash and despite being developed by the bugmen of asia its actually pretty good
>>378 Late to the party, but in order of ascending furry content: the many eramaker games (eramegaten is the most translated one that has anything like furries in it; erabeast is all kemono but untranslated; the rest are monstergirls at most), portals of phereon, strive for power and its upcoming sequel, lilith's throne, flexible survival (there's even a MUD) and flexible infection, nimin, paraphore. As usual most of those are unfinished.
>>513 It's ok I guess, a bit too many one hit kills and broken combos (toxic nades + shock weapon makes the cat OP as fuck).
(995.82 KB 1920x1080 3010334_ern_rg_wars.jpg)

(757.86 KB 748x1582 3010319_ern_rg_wars_-_rg.png)

(810.38 KB 954x1588 3010214_ern_rg_wars_-_eve.png)

(1.04 MB 1920x1080 3010337_ern_rg_wars_1.jpg)

(652.80 KB 1560x891 3049047_ern_sprites_bird_game.jpg)

Ern continues to work on his furry Advance Wars featuring Rocket Girl.
>>91 New Yiffai pic.
>>625 >wasting time on secondary/tertiary assets and not making stuff directly for the game Oh boy I cant wait for this to fail too
>>626 its just a ref sheet, that probably took him a couple hours at best.
>>626 >>630 It's easy for an artist to whip out something like that and make people think something is happening. It's like when a programmer fixes a few bugs he introduced in the last patch and tries to pretend he made progress. In the old days, a dev would update his .plan file and say that he fiddled around with something in the storyboarding or the game bible or something like that, but now we have early access alphas instead.
Has Kittery made anything else lately?
(110.24 KB 368x387 annemarie_lesen.png)

(162.11 KB 909x1200 1588471378492.png)

(342.84 KB 1709x1200 1588475004163.png)

(203.35 KB 1200x1200 1588718525891.png)

Please post pics of perfect puffy panda pussy.
(177.14 KB 949x815 1555913178064 (1).png)

(199.94 KB 1200x851 1298735432.png)

(430.95 KB 1200x1449 1563222794237.png)

(312.23 KB 888x1200 1564102959135.png)

(154.31 KB 853x1200 1565713603413.png)

(246.98 KB 1186x1048 1562094038208.png)

(192.24 KB 1209x826 1562070013276.png)

(105.65 KB 738x890 1562039375766.png)

(30.51 KB 559x672 1580497678327.png)

(274.56 KB 1169x854 1585665964295.png)

(73.32 KB 562x786 1585593661491.png)

(136.93 KB 1038x1054 1565904297812.png)

(83.27 KB 619x724 1574964493243.png)

(516.38 KB 1240x1725 1581678551982.png)

(291.21 KB 1200x993 1584725449766.png)

(296.09 KB 1240x1740 1585199953896.png)

(451.45 KB 972x1300 1586835786974.png)

(225.26 KB 1111x779 1576210503792.png)

(286.00 KB 1240x1490 1570579334565-1.png)

(1.95 MB 1896x2394 76396034_p0.png)

(831.52 KB 1240x1748 1562796853.png)

(329.41 KB 952x1200 1559671726-4.png)

>>649 I recall there being some animation of said Panda but the artist went nuclear and scrubbed their stuff from e621 and r34. Anyone have it?
(516.38 KB 1240x1725 1559319261-2.png)

(327.40 KB 1183x1400 1559319143-1.png)

(286.20 KB 1023x1000 1555058064.png)

(72.71 KB 1000x838 58448857_p0.jpg)

(292.26 KB 1240x1490 99332fba7da4b88dde08183e05e5d8dc.png)

(109.35 KB 827x827 69021250_p0.jpg)

(121.32 KB 827x827 69021250_p1.jpg)

(100.38 KB 827x827 69021250_p2.jpg)

(115.38 KB 827x827 69021250_p3.jpg)

(477.98 KB 1199x1000 66f6ccae253a428c2743491c7c2ff48d.png)

(453.33 KB 1240x1748 a51a27d33b544eba2dae96da81df6089.png)

(245.37 KB 922x1300 1549420784.png)

(95.74 KB 586x800 1547923990-1.jpg)

(198.11 KB 832x1100 1539645395-1.png)

(239.92 KB 844x1100 1539645395.png)

(198.48 KB 800x1128 1539645395-2.png)

(260.78 KB 851x1200 1539645395-4.png)

(638.69 KB 723x1074 2015373_merenhor_jade.png)

(125.64 KB 400x480 Gatomon hold thrust.gif)

(320.67 KB 869x656 Gatomon dildo ride onihidden.gif)

(313.18 KB 360x360 Gatomon side loop color.gif)

(1.03 MB 480x360 Gatomon from behind loop.gif)

(464.53 KB 400x450 Gatomon missionary wet loop.gif)

>>664 A cat is fine too.
(3.79 MB 640x360 Gatomon butt wiggle.gif)

(972.40 KB 600x474 Gatomon ride loop 24fps color.gif)

A cat is exquisite.
>>664 i wish haiiro would stop pixelating his pictures though, that nigga and his mental problems, smh
Normies aren't turned off by anthro characters in games if they aren't porn, right? So suppose I were to make a 3D shooter game in vain of Battlefield Heroes but with featuring anthros in a heavily stylized, fictional WW1 setting. If the game is good I wouldn't lose sales just because of furry characters? I imagine that most normies and even gaymers don't give a fuck as long as the game is fun.
>>680 nobody who likes ww1 and ww2 themes wants to see furshit, i dont think you'd sell more or less than if you did with humans as long as the game was good, but lets be real >im gonna make a game you're not gonna do shit, so don't worry about sales going bad.
>>680 I'd play it.
>>681 >nazifurs exist >conservatives who like trappy fags exist >beastars fans exist Furries are tier 2 normalfags now anon
>>680 This is a tough question for this board, because everyone here is presumably biased. Traditionally, furry characters are a minority in games to the point that nobody even wonders the fatal question "did a furry make this game?" Think Breath of Fire, Wing Commander, Shining Force, or the early CRPGs with furry races. That, I think, is key to not turning away normal people who have an idea what a furry is. When it's obvious that the bulk of the characters in a game's world are anthro, the questions regular people immediately ask are: "why are there furries in this game," "how is this game different or better with furries in it," and, for slightly less regular people, "are people beating off to this game's characters right now?" I think you have to convince people that you're not making a game just to have X With Anthros--unless maybe you come out an admit that, yeah, it's X With Anthros and try to shrug or laugh it off. For games that aren't porn, it's probably simplest to do it by making it clear that there are plenty of humans in your game's universe, but you just happen not to be telling their story right now (Undertale I guess, Cave Story). If anyone can accuse any of your characters of being anyone's fursona, your game will tank, so try to make the character designs err on the unspectacular side. Lugaru and Overgrowth did this well, I think, but they still plunked, so I'd call this one necessary but not sufficient. However, this should be straightforward to do with a mudslog WWI-alike as long as it's not too stylized. You could consider making one important faction consist of animal ear people to tone down the furry quotient. Naturally, though, the best alternative is to be Japanese, because they can get away with anything (Star Fox, Solatorobo). >>683 Evidence is pretty weak, I think, that regular people are coming around. CNN, I remember, ran last year or so an outright flatter piece on furries, but even it was just a conventions-and-fursuits-apologist thing. Even with the expanded market for gaming in recent years, most gamers who'd play an indie game are probably of the crowd that'd be turned off by anthro characters. I believe that Undertale was a fluke and helped by the fact that the PC is human, even though most games that were furry-with-human-PC would be laughed at for being that isekai wish fulfillment thing.
>tfw you realize the game you're making is just paraphore without the parts anyone likes might create dummy content to go with the mechanics and just rewrite it later
>>686 paraphore was great. if you can make a game half as good you'll have succeeded.
>>686 Is it full of fetishes?
>>686 Any text based furry game (or kinetic novel or whatever the fuck paraphore was supposed to be) will probably hit with the right crowd if the porn is good enough. I don't mean "hit" as in "make money" of course. It had nearly no game play, or had it in the sense that Flexible Infection had it.
>>697 >>696 he's never gonna be done is he
>>701 Maybe. He's building up his art assets more and more all the time. He's got to reach the end eventually.
>>702 >this awful mess will be released before anubis
>>697 >last one hot
(317.27 KB 1918x1343 EaGdNDLVcAAAYT4.jpg)

(743.62 KB 3840x2160 EaGdRZ3VcAALlp9.jpg)

>>715 whos that werewolf qt
>>716 She's the new Zoologist NPC in Terraria 1.4.
>>717 More like the new zoophile npc
>>726 Kea is a national treasure
(664.55 KB 1200x1023 45562963914187a9.png)

(646.27 KB 1200x1023 a17636fd1e4dc4ab.png)

(212.00 KB 881x1400 83f5ebb9b668f40c.png)

More panda cunny.
>everybody making their textporn games in Flash >no one using HTML5 ??
Only Amiga
Don't wake up chipmunks bro!
(35.39 KB 480x288 yiffai ani loop.mp4)

/tg/ is close enough Anyone have the FAPP books? In particular the cursed compendium
(130.88 KB 900x900 tumblr_ppqj33shlE1st8nl8_1280.jpg)

(1.72 MB 1617x2704 sekiro_dogs_by_emlan_ddak2w2.png)

(1.06 MB 3840x2160 77687962_p0.jpg)

(6.96 MB 3440x1440 sekiro_mod.png)

Big Black Cock
>>846 >Asriel will never siss up and be your mommy
>>850 Broke: gamers Woke: gaymers
>>857 ascended: good boy points spender
>Goober thread is linked on /fur/ >Immediately there's a loli fur thread and the vidya fur thread gets bumped ELL OH ELL.
(13.99 MB 1280x720 Gon E-Choo! Preview (HD).mp4)

(3.57 MB 1972x1805 RIP greenlight again.png)

(1.50 MB 1280x960 innocent platformer.png)

>>865 lel
>>865 >immediately pedocalling posts for mild cub stuff
>>892 back in the 90's this would have been seen as an innocent arcade game.
>tits out erryday >literally gives birth in public >three pieces of fanart
(69.35 KB 850x850 sepegv82s2141.jpg)

(966.25 KB 1650x2550 3234317_ern_rg_beahpawing.jpg)

Creamed the Rabbit.
(66.68 KB 900x412 e47.jpg)

(1.32 MB 1000x1333 f75.png)

(203.03 KB 1515x1042 d5d.jpg)

(84.30 KB 452x382 564.png)

(185.79 KB 1200x1780 3bf.jpg)

Dumpin sanics.
(1.76 MB 1200x4000 c41.jpg)

(2.38 MB 1125x1125 43e.png)

(319.03 KB 752x1063 bat (2).png)

Rabbit Oyakodon.
>>513 >>550 Gunfire got a big update, they released the bird hero and added a new difficulty. you fags need to get into it, its incredibly fun.
>>1121 girls with vulvae can make me feel really weirded out so it's nice to see some who have doodles instead uwu
>>1104 moar >>1131 Only wimps use the handrail.
>>1136 >Only wimps use the handrail. I disagree. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjoG2LRrTFk
What about games that we're pretty sure had one or more furfags on the dev team, or at least hired some to do the art? Image related. On that subject, some of those early dungeon crawlers had a surprising number of anthro races (or maybe it was just later Wizardry games), but as far as I know only Origin was known to have an actual furfag developer (Dr. Cat, the guy who eventually did Furcadia) But aside from the Kilrathi and that one zebrataur image in Ultima V's intro, Origin wasn't exactly a hotbed of furry activity.
>>1139 Fistassing shitcunt. Image attached this time. I hope.
(2.17 MB 3000x3000 3025646_Bastion_unknown.jpg)

>>1141 Does Grimoire support custom portraits now or is the portrait of Hyacinth in the game?
>>1197 That's a good question. I have no idea. It does look sortadifferent from the rest of the portraits.
>>1218 >choosing your gender Wow how narrow minded what a bigot
so is this board also dead? are there no fur boards left anywhere? also fuck this shitty captcha system that doesn't work
>>1225 Global captcha is currently on due to spam attack.
(245.71 KB 795x570 Yes they're boys.png)

(62.17 KB 480x360 sorcerland.jpg)

>>1225 >so is this board also dead? are there no fur boards left anywhere? I am trying but there is only so much furshit that I can post at a time.
Does anyone have any pics of Klonoa or Tails, or better yet Klonoa AND Tails?
Not sure if this belongs in the LOL thread or not.
>>1238 Yes. Yes it does.
>>1238 This is definitely LOL material but here is good too. Holy shit this is autistic. More autistic than tranny Bubsy.
>>1228 Reminds me of that SNES robot side scroller/adventure with the one quadruped panther robot PC. Is it really clang material if the robot is a feral? Not that the game was sexy. That character was killed permanently in a tidal wave of acid right before the finale, if I remember right. >>1241 I vaguely remember the Bubsy thing. What I remember is the character showing up on e621 and thinking "hey that's Bubsy." What was the deal with that?
>>1241 >this is autistic It's not. Ignore the words, they're pheromone cues for a different kind of animal. Of course they stink - to you. What this actually is, is a decision based on something the Japanese have known since the 90s: that it is immensely easier to get the consumer to care about cute, female anything than it is to get them to care about male anything.
>>1256 Except for the fact that, that danger haired abomination isn't cute and I'm not even sure if it's female anymore either.
>>1258 Sure, it's western, so there are certain Forbidden Techniques they aren't allowed to use (yet), but even so. Like, I'm not sure you understand just how much even the mere fact of being "female-coded" can shift affect toward the positive.
>>1238 >Much cuter Australian explorer design, fitting for a Bandicoot <LOL lets use the other one because STONK FUCK YOU!
>>1258 >that danger haired abomination isn't cute Give the artists an hour or two >and I'm not even sure if it's female anymore either God we can only hope, the popcorn would be legendary.
(358.93 KB 1280x1280 b1a62b7c45e5397e.png)

(328.21 KB 1280x1280 4e8c7c7b66a4cd0e.png)

(425.57 KB 1752x1402 3197516_TenshiGarden_coco.png)

(1.72 MB 1560x1050 1997c964f935da45.png)

(718.38 KB 2015x1612 3169599_flo_nitro.jpg)

Let's appreciate Coco while we can before they fuck her up too.
(98.11 KB 932x760 74168f4caa6201da.jpg)

(1.90 MB 1033x1574 84232e454cfbbb91.png)

(708.63 KB 1939x2212 2967519_flo_pool.jpg)

(255.02 KB 1034x1708 2969163_flo_200101.jpg)

(1.32 MB 1327x1200 6dbacf89ebbeed22.png)

(1.27 MB 1327x1200 eb71f3fd1d7fa2ca.png)

(1.30 MB 1327x1200 e8399725fe90833c.png)

(73.57 KB 737x592 some deep shit.png)

(616.57 KB 1239x2439 2872477_kekitopu_coco.png)

(77.91 KB 802x942 nina_coco.png)

(2.35 MB 400x239 Dr Neo Cortex goes to GDQ.gif)

(101.91 KB 800x560 1561136619-4.jpg)

(34.25 KB 510x582 taiwana_coco.png)

(2.65 MB 710x1017 CocoBandicoot04.gif)

(83.45 KB 1032x1280 CocoBandicoot06.jpg)

(458.97 KB 1200x1200 CocoBandicoot10.jpg)

(7.92 MB 800x687 CocoBandicoot12.gif)

Yummy yummy bandi-cunny
(429.38 KB 737x887 CocoBandicoot11.png)

(665.15 KB 729x852 CocoBandicoot13.png)

(574.03 KB 750x750 CocoBandicoot15.png)

(2.66 MB 1730x2300 CocoXTawna03.png)

(433.77 KB 1582x1378 Ea_I04DWAAYyqAz.jpg)

(267.28 KB 680x809 soop 76d1c3c079a8307a.png)

(735.00 KB 1563x1175 1954644_kekitopu_coco2.png)

(887.14 KB 921x1691 soop f08d18ca34833ed7.png)

(416.43 KB 624x959 soop 14fdaf76b8666c40.png)

>>1312 >bandi-cunny Close. The correct terminology in this case is "bandicooch".
(412.72 KB 807x1170 soop 3ba6d9c5a3200f66.png)

(616.57 KB 1239x2439 2872477_kekitopu_coco.png)

(144.29 KB 903x884 1561136619-2.jpg)

(22.69 KB 623x579 1560823632.png)

(109.40 KB 673x784 1556116331.png)

(286.93 KB 926x521 5naf.png)

Are you ready for some more autism?
(191.33 KB 1280x720 snapshot.jpg)

(190.52 KB 1280x720 snapshot2.jpg)

(273.40 KB 1280x720 snapshot3.jpg)

>>1331 Oh yes.
>>1331 Lord no. >>1332 Looks like they're using an actual development team this time instead of just that one guy. That's too bad. Observing the autism carnival that those games generated was more interesting when it was just that one asshole stringing a bunch of fans along behind him like some kind of Pied Piper troll.
(337.27 KB 600x505 product_img07.png)

(308.97 KB 1646x1006 EiIHpPyUwAA8GG4.jpg)

OWO wHaT's tHiS
(469.53 KB 2700x2808 Eht-XAfXsAA_pUt.jpg)

(559.41 KB 2700x2808 EiDKy90WsAALdmi.jpg)

(546.08 KB 2700x2808 EiDKy91XYAIpzow.jpg)

(493.93 KB 2700x2808 EiDKy9yXsAcMcWP.jpg)

(133.83 KB 600x600 EiJUZ0VWoAUAuwb.mp4)

(190.19 KB 1012x1280 Eh_2IojX0AA_k8B.mp4)

You nerds only care about the faggoats because you can't handle a real woman.
>>1349 She'd be acceptable if she'd brush her teeth and cut her hair. As it is, it'd be like fucking a purple britbong. >>1342 That shot in the lower left was deliberately added to ensure fans didn't get the wrong idea.
(127.30 KB 560x560 EiEIykiWkAI19ig.mp4)

>>1351 Actually speaking of that pic, is there a way to download twitter videos as gifs instead of mp4s? Sometimes I just prefer a gif.
(1.04 MB 560x560 ezgif-3-66ba482e2ffb.gif)

Here you go Anon. Also, in case you want to use the site: https://ezgif.com/video-to-gif
>>1349 want to milk her dick dry
I could get the answer to this by reading a blog, yeah, but maybe this'll stimulate some conversation. A while back the team that's trying to take Legend of Krystal from a shitty flash game to a shitty Unity game decided to drop the 15% completed project they had going, scrap their Krystal design, and start over. Have they had any success, or is that project on the usual Patreon failure treadmill? I ask because I was reminded recently of old furry flash games like LoK--specifically, one old knockoff (sorta) Furry Fury. It wanted to be a sort of point-and-click-plus adventure with furry porn. It was flash, so it wasn't exactly great art, but the guy was implementing multiple routes through the game by having multiple PCs. I thought that showed some ambition, but I don't think the game got much past chapter one before the dev ran out of steam, thus suffering the fate of all furry flash games that aren't Paraphore and maybe Rack.
(19.10 KB 640x488 3299152_instasonic_5.png)

iSart is making a lewd Sonic VN featuring his delicious pixel art.
>>1602 I want Sally to Funny kiss me.
>>1602 Surprisingly good. Too bad it's going towards a Sonic VN of all the autistic things.
(1.05 MB 1170x1840 3324336_ern_rg_spooky1.png)

Don't know if this should go her or in the cub thread.
Did someone say "skaven X Terraria crossover"?
(439.24 KB 1008x567 3345746_instasonic_front.jpg)

(568.20 KB 1008x567 3345747_instasonic_back.jpg)

0w0 what's this
>>1683 If this actually runs on a Sega CD I'll shit myself.
(21.87 KB 108x108 Silv20 Spin.gif)

(816.57 KB 952x1044 Silv22 Smooch.png)

(48.96 KB 476x352 Silver fangirl.jpg)

I love him so much...
>>1684 You better get your diaper ready then.
(644.72 KB 989x1279 3346843_Dandi_crash.png)

(789.90 KB 1280x720 spielberg.mp4)

ビブリボン BIBU RIBON 株式会社七音社wwwwwwwww
(787.28 KB 1210x680 3363282.jpg)

>>1691 Pre-orders for the jewel case are available now, it comes with a blank CD-R so you have to burn the game yourself but the ISO file is free for everyone. $25 is a little steep for a case, covers, and doujin, but whatever floats your boat I guess. https://inkbunny.net/s/2306581
(388.66 KB 571x599 clip.png)

>>1727 Here's a snippet from the mini-comic that comes with the jewel case.
Panda pussy.
(455.32 KB 1280x1024 3032731_JazzyPizazzy_3.png)

(877.86 KB 1025x779 2706279_Stomak_stomak_1_.png)

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit. Hedgehog Hedgehog.
Knot what I was expecting.
Whisper is a cute wolf.
(285.77 KB 692x1377 070109.jpg)

(286.20 KB 1023x1000 1555058064.png)

>>657 >1555058064 File broken for some reason.
(638.60 KB 1751x2000 3413284.png)

>you will never go balls deep in a squirrel princess for +6 hours Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
(1.68 MB 2550x3509 85204044_p0.png)

i made this
gay baby jail
>>1948 I wish Harmarist would hurry up and figure out if his true passion is gcub porn or programming La Mulana clones. Because by combining both, he's producing something that DOESN'T appeal to 99% of people that are fans of one or the other. Wasting time on shit like this is how you lose an audience.
>>1952 I'm a motherfucking fan of both! Besides Anubis has a SFW version. >La Mulana clones You mean a Maze of Galious clone.
(181.22 KB 1188x1500 Spirit of The North.jpg)

>>1954 Has anyone played this?
>>1954 >I'm a motherfucking fan of both! Good for you, I'm not. I don't have enough time in my life to waste smashing my face against a wall in a "Nintendo-hard" game to gain access to porn. Doubt many other people do either. >Anubis has a SFW version It's still furry pedo-bait and everyone knows it. Doesn't really appeal to a more general audience, it just allows those who were going to play it anyway have plausible deniability in a SFW environment.
>>1958 Frankly if he's going to have to choose one or the other I wish he'd just make Egyptian Knightmare 2. There's plenty of cub smut out there there as there's barely any Maze of Galious clones >I don't have enough time in my life to waste smashing my face against a wall in a "Nintendo-hard" game to gain access to porn. Doubt many other people do either. It's frankly not even that hard. It's nowhere near the difficulty of La-Mulana.
(24.97 KB 499x399 Changed.jpg)

I've just started playing Changed, how do I save the game?
(204.94 KB 830x1170 Amy.jpg)

(215.22 KB 1170x1000 Cream zz.jpg)

(191.38 KB 830x1170 pm.jpg)

(306.76 KB 1170x1170 CremaB.jpg)

(195.77 KB 830x1170 Lady Crema.jpg)

(180.08 KB 1170x1170 CremaFunB.jpg)

(177.63 KB 850x1170 Creama.jpg)

(153.60 KB 830x1170 Creamm.jpg)

(178.32 KB 1170x1170 CremaFun.jpg)

(202.37 KB 1170x1170 Sex Is Funny.jpg)

(134.08 KB 830x1170 Mask.jpg)

(220.62 KB 1170x830 41753402-41b6-Kraken.jpg)

(237.33 KB 830x1170 CREMA.jpg)

(178.97 KB 830x1170 Cremas.jpg)

(260.27 KB 830x1170 40610677-72ab-VanillaC0.jpg)

(154.75 KB 830x1170 Vanilla A.jpg)

(157.57 KB 830x1170 Vanilla B.jpg)

(163.72 KB 830x1170 Vanilla C.jpg)

(155.58 KB 830x1170 Vanilla D.jpg)

(155.81 KB 830x1170 Vanilla E.jpg)

(191.80 KB 725x1024 21299025-0973-20180909b1.jpg)

(189.04 KB 725x1024 21299006-67a6-20180909b2.jpg)

(197.22 KB 725x1024 21299006-c127-20180909b3.jpg)

(374.80 KB 906x1280 29539770-2232-20190829b4.jpg)

(155.97 KB 906x1280 29775461-2ad7-20190907a.jpg)

(252.33 KB 906x1280 29775461-710f-20190907b.jpg)

(254.13 KB 1280x1807 31814456-6df9-20191125f.jpg)

(280.56 KB 725x1024 26795362-2c6b-20190510a.jpg)

(286.65 KB 725x1024 26795362-f2cb-20190510b.jpg)

(103.17 KB 725x1024 25665365-0ea4-20190327b.jpg)

(242.27 KB 725x1024 26639580-eb03-20190506b3.jpg)

(251.14 KB 725x1024 26639580-77d7-20190506b4.jpg)

(218.40 KB 725x1024 25934766-bf59-20190407a.jpg)

(159.08 KB 725x1024 25665365-b07c-20190327a.jpg)

(198.24 KB 725x1024 24624921-b704-20190212b.jpg)

(504.95 KB 1134x1280 29147679-f120-20190813b.jpg)

(506.03 KB 1134x1280 29147725-7abb-20190813c.jpg)

(138.22 KB 725x1024 20076295-60e0-20180715A.jpg)

(199.39 KB 961x1024 19839162-ce40-ju30223a.jpg)

(174.90 KB 725x1024 19080221-2d6a-20180528b.jpg)

(175.91 KB 725x1024 16956199-0aa1-20180213B.jpg)

(207.03 KB 725x1024 16956199-dd2c-20180213a.jpg)

(608.23 KB 725x1024 15717601-8309-20171205a.jpg)

(284.60 KB 725x1024 15570948-a5ac-20171128b.jpg)

(419.79 KB 725x1024 15570948-9aa6-20171128a.jpg)

(2.37 MB 1759x2320 3512793_Bzehburger_cream1f.jpg)

(1.49 MB 2346x1439 amy_fix.png)

(1.55 MB 2346x1439 amy_fix_cum.png)

(2.50 MB 2336x1907 SnAmRog.png)

(2.74 MB 2336x1907 SnAmRogb.png)

(2.58 MB 2336x1907 SnAmRogc.png)

(3.08 MB 2336x1907 SnAmRoge.png)

(2.59 MB 2336x1907 SnAmRogScat.png)

may contain chocolate
(3.08 MB 2508x1771 SnVanCr.png)

(3.22 MB 2508x1771 SnVanCra.png)

(4.22 MB 2508x1771 SnVanCrc.png)

(3.07 MB 2508x1771 SnVanCrsca1.png)

(3.60 MB 2508x1771 SnVanCrsca2.png)

(7.73 MB 2552x2600 cream_fix_1.png)

(4.25 MB 1759x2320 cream_fix_2a.png)

cream, now creamier
>>2291 >>2290 Save 2nd pic from both. Thank
(853.28 KB 987x850 3553822_pandapaco_19garuu.png)

(1.83 KB 312x258 klonoa.png)

>>2419 That's probably the most masculine looking Klonoa I've ever seen.
>>2424 That's not Klonoa. It's his original character Klonoachu.
(68.52 KB 492x640 Sonichu_-_Issue_0,_Cover.jpg)

>>2426 W E W
(456.98 KB 1407x1445 3567586_Oob_pawtasticyosh2.png)

>>2542 Posting oob should be a bannable offense. Its just so generic
>>2550 Sounds like someone got bullied hard by N8.
>>2542 >>2550 his cubs are cute but he always draws the same theme, he's a one trick pony.
>>2551 Fuck I wish
>>2556 What part of this image is supposed to have appeal?
>>2559 the middle
>>2559 if i have to tell you, you're probably gay.
>>2562 Nah mate, you've basically posted the tit equivalent of a roast beef sandwich
>>2569 they look pretty firm, tasty, and juicy, like roast beef does. i dont know what your image of roastbeef is but if you're anglo its probably some chemical garbage made in a processing plant instead of, yknow, actual prime roast beef cut by savvy hands in a proper butcher shop.
(5.60 MB 2700x3600 AmumngUSalt.png)

(2.03 MB 1129x4700 3606705_Iztli_54_png.png)

(529.79 KB 1129x1160 3606696_Iztli_kof_fnrt_png_1.png)

(477.13 KB 1129x1160 3606698_Iztli_kof_fnrt_png_2.png)

(523.18 KB 1129x1160 3606700_Iztli_kof_fnrt_png_3.png)

(531.85 KB 1129x1160 3606702_Iztli_kof_fnrt_png_4b.png)

I guess VG cosplay technically goes here.
>>3140 The thing to do is to make the damn game first, and then to concentrate on making it look ridiculous. Furry game devs are all dumb.
>>3141 I just want him to finish this game and for it to be successful enough for him to THEN finish Anubis. I NEED Egyptian Yiffy Knightmare 2. NEED!
>>3140 >gender is binary and cant be changed CANCEL THIS TRIGGERING AND SEXIST SHIT
>>3140 so you're an intergalactic breeder and you go to a planet where you only get fucked by males? how is he gonna breed like that? i guess their only goal is to collect alien cum rather than be bred?
>>3145 He wasn't expecting anyone to actually read the plot.
>>3224 i guess the joke is that when they try to breed the male cub they'll fail, so they'll keep trying over, and over, and over, and over again. actually forget i said anything thats pretty hot.
>>3226 If only he had a magic womb tattoo
>>3242 that doesnt work on boys but it might help on the girl cub. at best it would make him super horny.

(183.12 KB 998x1200 DUn-qaIVQAU9rRe.jpg)

(186.43 KB 998x1200 DUn-rLiUMAYOGyY.jpg)

(189.77 KB 998x1200 DUn-r1rV4AEGJhg.jpg)

Gave my friend sufficient warning and hyped up Paraphore. Interesting to see how he reacts to it. I told him a bunch of the setting and didnt spoil much of anything
So... Carnal Instinct. A furry porn game on Steam that I hear even include bestiality. Regardless of the quality of this... game, what I wanna know is what anons think of these lipped lizard designs.
>>2059 Midna is not furry.
(1.06 MB 956x676 whmjM9.png)

(350.64 KB 512x448 9sGHoA.png)

(152.99 KB 512x448 HU8g8+.png)

(117.96 KB 512x448 PxlxiB.png)

(183.39 KB 512x448 6HO+0r.png)

A NEW ANUBIS AND THE BURIED BONE DEMO is not out but instead there is now a demo of Cosmobreeder Yiffai and if it does well then he's going to return to Anubis, so here's the link: https://harmarist.itch.io/yiffai Tell all your furriends because I desperately need Anubis to get made some time before the fucking apocalypse.
(2.33 MB 1000x2500 YiffaiControlManual_025.png)

(5.22 KB 1020x887 rescue.png)

(36.10 KB 1020x887 bunny 1.png)

(26.58 KB 1020x887 bunny 2.png)

(28.91 KB 1020x887 bunny 3.png)

(24.75 KB 1020x887 bunny 4.png)

Actual spoilers if you haven't played the demo.
(27.45 KB 1020x887 bunny 5.png)

(29.61 KB 1020x887 bunny 6.png)

(16.50 KB 1020x887 bunny 7.png)

(2.25 MB 2150x3038 SKEB20210718A_01.png)

(2.24 MB 2150x3038 SKEB20210718A_02.png)

(2.24 MB 2150x3038 SKEB20210718B_01.png)

(2.26 MB 2150x3038 SKEB20210718B_02.png)

(3.05 MB 2150x3038 SKEB20210718B_03.png)

(3.03 MB 2150x3038 SKEB20210718B_04.png)

(3.03 MB 2150x3038 SKEB20210718B_05.png)

(2.24 MB 2150x3038 SKEB20210718D_01.png)

(2.26 MB 2150x3038 SKEB20210718D_02.png)

(2.97 MB 2150x3038 SKEB20210718D_03.png)

(2.95 MB 2150x3038 SKEB20210718D_05.png)

(2.96 MB 2150x3038 SKEB20210718D_06.png)

(2.26 MB 2150x3038 SKEB20210718C_01.png)

(2.28 MB 2150x3038 SKEB20210718C_02.png)

(3.03 MB 2150x3038 SKEB20210718B_06.png)

(5.61 KB 1020x896 rescue 1.png)

(5.57 KB 1020x896 rescue 2.png)

(32.94 KB 1020x896 cat 1.png)

(29.34 KB 1020x896 cat 2.png)

(25.63 KB 1020x896 cat 3.png)

And here's spoilers from Yiffiany's side.
(30.71 KB 1020x896 cat 4.png)

(35.93 KB 1020x896 cat 5.png)

(21.43 KB 1020x896 cat 6.png)

(26.72 KB 1020x896 cat 7.png)

(165.16 KB 451x537 Wolf-ffxii.png)

Do you like Final Fantasy XII?
>>3601 yes
(63.27 KB 600x857 Both could be khajiits.jpg)

>>3719 >with how Khajiits work
(4.65 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3720 That is also true.
>>3744 Looks like I found a new artist I like. Do people even play LOL anymore?
>>3753 He's a strong independent goat boy.
Good to see the fan art rolling in.
>>3788 Ralsey was definitely cuter when he was black.
>>3789 Okay coalburner.
>>3790 I prefer the term goatfucker.
>>3793 For me it's charcoal fur connoisseur.
(463.13 KB 618x1191 2826773.png)

>>3790 Only his fur is black. That's like calling someone with dark hair a black person.
(86.92 KB 728x946 FBVQwACVUAoomBE.jpg)

>>3806 Who said you could speak, cuckdoe?
(1.37 MB 1399x1754 3761740_Vio023_01-promo.png)

(96.07 KB 704x480 2pot8qetc62y.jpg)

(451.66 KB 850x990 Blue anon fucks Coco.png)

Epic Gaymer moment here
(436.01 KB 850x990 Red anon fucks Coco.png)

>>4025 >not the fixed version
(2.46 MB 3300x2653 carmelita_fox_03.jpg)

(2.37 MB 3300x2653 carmelita_fox_01.jpg)

(2.58 MB 3300x2653 carmelita_fox_02.jpg)

I like Carmelita.
>>4064 >red anon >wanting to be associated with Q-tard chan 8Moe's logo is blue anon, this has already been settled in /v/ and /b/ in fact. >>1916 Nice work
Fuck people who put unnecessary water marks on things. Imagine being so butthurt at the thought that someone might "steal" a PNG that you do this retarded shit... I hate it
(689.68 KB 3999x2891 B_p1.png)

(685.52 KB 2703x3305 p1_1.png)

(731.11 KB 2703x3305 p1_2.png)

(723.88 KB 2703x3305 p1_3.png)

>>4161 They do that so people won't steal their artwork to sell at conventions. It happens all the time. https://www.deviantart.com/yuumei/journal/Stolen-art-sold-at-conventions-348682251
(1.22 MB 1680x1050 Jet set.png)

I never realized how fun the custom sprays function in JSR was.
>>3790 Get your throat knelt on for 8 minutes. Neil Young > Joe Rogan
>>4210 nice
>>4215 Who the hell is Neil Young?
>>4215 Sorry but I'm not a drug addicted nigger.
(270.61 KB 1080x1920 01 EqdJIxoXMAAQiH2.jpg)

(285.55 KB 1080x1920 02 EqdJIxoWMAAhkdg.jpg)

(279.10 KB 1080x1920 03 EqdJuZ0XIAAvMO9.jpg)

(282.79 KB 1080x1920 04 EqdJuZ2XAAAYzhN.jpg)

(271.18 KB 1080x1920 05 EqdKLcfXEAEjIlm.jpg)

(262.08 KB 1080x1920 06 EqdKGuGW8AAva-5.jpg)

(276.61 KB 1080x1920 07 EqdKGuMXMAAw_mE.jpg)

(280.12 KB 1920x1080 08 EqdKXySXAAAb7Xj.jpg)

(32.59 KB 610x743 bonus EqdXyK7XIAUEe_X.png)

>>4221 ligma balls wait...
>>4226 You're a piece of shit who doesn't deserve free speech. I bet you wanted to be involved in the Jan 6 terrorist attack but are too weak & stupid to have participated. You're just a sorry white shit who wants to kill people but is too limp dicked to accomplish it. Even soyboy Rittenhouse needed his fat inbred mommy to drive him & buy him a gun. Drugs would probably kill you first dose anyway thanks to your pussy beta Rethuglican genetics. Kill yourself OH WAIT your mutated kind willingly gets COVID to "stick it to the left". Good. Shame about the innocent people you kill in the process. Kayla-Na is a slut, Zaush is a rapist. Cub fans are pedos, just like Trump. >>4298 No larger res is available. Don't ask. Fuck you. You deserve nothing good. Your fandom is full of shitbags.
(1.65 MB 1920x2137 3906940_kekitopu_klonoa2.png)

>>4299 It's impossible to tell if this is satire or not.
>>4300 It's funnier if it isn't to be honest.
(74.14 KB 1535x1062 smugduck.jpg)

>>4299 Now this is LOL.
So what furry games do you fags even play?
>>4323 Aside from the Sanic/Crash/Pokemon/Digimon/Klonoa/Spyro world order you mean? I've thought about trying this game. Has anyone else played it?
>>4324 Is Sly Cooper part of that World order? also no
>>4331 Sly has been completely forgotten. Because fucking Sony hasn't made a game wit him in almost 10 years.
(6.58 MB 5000x5000 CarmelitaSexy.png)

>>4342 Time flies. It's a shame, but I have a sliver of hope. If Psychonauts can come back with a sequel after so long then maybe Sly can too. At least so it doesn't end on a cliffhanger.
(545.36 KB 1864x1696 3916312_Oob_klonoasit1.png)

(539.47 KB 1864x1696 3916313_Oob_klonoasit2.png)

It begins again.
Is this furry enough?
>>1710 Bibu Ribon!

(62.04 KB 1016x787 1456328295201.jpg)

(39.66 KB 480x640 1267142943554134.png)

(159.08 KB 500x531 nfew2wkj8v1rrn4muo1_500.png)

(218.13 KB 500x531 nfeyziwyYA1rrn4muo1_500.png)

(36.26 KB 500x650 vibri.jpg)

(178.45 KB 800x800 vab_rabbon_by_graiant-d8hvdam.png)

(384.58 KB 1181x808 MANGAC.png)

(184.12 KB 540x540 1467153162546.png)

(6.59 KB 300x300 vibsquilliam.png)

(68.60 KB 449x432 1465569458611.png)

(28.42 KB 192x325 frogvibri.png)

(32.03 KB 437x436 pepe.jpg)

(183.16 KB 1000x1080 Poptepipic Ribbon.png)

(29.91 KB 339x619 1531381137-4.jpg)

(616.26 KB 1000x700 1531381137.jpg)

(46.60 KB 415x360 vibriheadbounce.gif)

(206.32 KB 160x290 vibkawaii.gif)

(158.82 KB 160x290 vibdance.gif)

(109.88 KB 806x761 1531382962-3.jpg)

(214.03 KB 245x250 Vib_Crying.gif)

(22.11 KB 411x560 ms_game_n_watch.gif)

(23.30 KB 640x960 1541333477.png)

(79.51 KB 500x500 1537410540.png)

(79.68 KB 600x400 1537410540-1.jpg)

(101.71 KB 500x500 1547871895.png)

(157.78 KB 778x743 sumaggu.png)

(104.30 KB 540x608 1552880725.png)

(31.06 KB 500x375 1555892797.jpg)

(10.16 KB 500x780 1555892797-1.png)

(3.74 MB 1116x1444 1555892797-2.png)

(41.10 KB 600x600 1555892797-3.png)

(725.72 KB 1244x1911 1555894427.png)

(64.33 KB 622x806 1555967675.jpeg)

(77.41 KB 616x527 1555980813.png)

(121.54 KB 1000x1000 1556005365.png)

(102.20 KB 300x700 1556005365-1.png)

(23.77 KB 300x250 1559418195.png)

(12.18 KB 713x713 1573753487737.png)

(30.96 KB 455x330 1573760177936.png)

(60.93 KB 384x720 1586727964.png)

(72.49 KB 689x889 1586727964-1.png)

(11.32 KB 414x713 1586727964-2.png)

(139.87 KB 653x673 1586821346.png)

(28.17 KB 333x333 1586727964-3.jpg)

(157.58 KB 982x1676 3256524_Ultilix_patreonfrogjul.png)

>>4536 I want R63 Spyro to teach me about ethnonationalism
>>4210 Scratching that shitposting urge in a way I didn't know a game could.
>>4597 lmao
>>4539 did you know that Gnorcs commit 54% of violent crime in the valley despite being only 13% of the population? that is a genetic tendency and there's nothing that can be done about it but cleanse their kind with fire. imagine if they were 25% or 50% of the population of avalar, the entire valley would be a barren, war thorn wasteland.
(1.03 MB 1920x1920 8_7diZkFl.png)

3D mod of Coco/Tanwa wearing their canon bra and panties on their nude model WHEN?!
(629.20 KB 2