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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

(8.53 KB 299x140 2020-09-02.png)

(91.34 KB 1567x859 EguLM21WAAI2c7O.png)

FurryLife Online Toshiaki 09/02/2020 (Wed) 22:22:04 No. 1159
What's your guy's thoughts on FurryLife Online?
(79.58 KB 991x441 bias.png)

>>1159 Seems like they've got a left leaning bias. All of those examples of groups glorifying violence and BLM/Antifa is no where to be seen.
>>1161 >>1159 This belongs in the LOL thread because I'm having a giggle
>cub is bad because it might give real people the wrong idea >short cute characters are bad because they look like cub >feral is bad because it's feral >animal dicks are bad because they're like feral >furry is bad because they look like animals >nekomimi is bad because they look like animals and because people aren't pets Do your part to prevent rule overpopulation: always spay and neuter your terms of service. That is, the opposite of what these people did, which was letting their terms of service spay and neuter them.
I have no idea what it is and no desire to find out. You could at least have put a few words about it in the post. If it's a new furry art site, and if it doesn't provide something that the others do (like, say, a place that'll allow people to upload their old artist dumps without taking them down every time an artist spergs out) then I don't see the point.
>>1159 >that poll They are shotting themselves on the foot, they are gonna end like weasyl at best.
>banning things imagine being this much of a fucking cuck.
(678.87 KB 2048x1957 leftistfursfounder.jpg)

https://furrylife.online/forums/topic/1931-how-conservative-voices-here-dangers-the-sitefandom/ Turning into a lefty hugbox so fast >tranny club has 643 members >leftist club has 403 members >all manners of mentally ill retard clubs are the biggest ones >founder of leftist furs is a tranny vegan "feminist" https://furrylife.online/profile/4903-sylv/ this isn't a lol thread but HEH
This site is a joke, I don't think it will exist in less than 2 years
>>1354 And we have a winner, became fediverse site a few months ago, and now its gone entirely Wonder what happened to the people who donated thousands of dollars for ranks on the original site

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