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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

(771.29 KB 960x960 OwO.png)

(23.30 KB 572x572 Pumkat.jpg)

(416.02 KB 800x800 39469375.png)

FURRY HALLOWEEN THREAD Toshiaki 10/01/2020 (Thu) 04:03:39 No. 1511
Are you ready for SCARY BUTT FUN?
>not horrorfapping on hewwoween shiggy mc diggy
Hold on to your dookie, it's about to get spooky.
>>1519 T H A T S N O G O O D !
(613.77 KB 1000x1333 14f36f6bd1b32924.png)

(786.72 KB 1000x1333 96f506b86a11267c.png)

(134.84 KB 1300x919 1571591085125.jpg)

(1.58 MB 1380x1200 2467963_skidoo_halloween_2018.png)

(163.15 KB 1024x1024 2286372_Bastion_october_2017.jpg)

(53.14 KB 612x612 1540145100.jpg)

(665.45 KB 1000x778 1753624_firefly8083_stream_373.png)

(766.02 KB 1800x1013 2635649_Zaush_cynthia-alley-web.jpg)

>glowdarks cia pls no
>>1545 I have a huge thing for glowing furs. Not sparkledog shit but actual living glowstick furries. Does this make me weird. I've also got a thing for living jack-o-lanterns furry or not. Those two things possibly related.
>>1548 >Does this make me weird. You're a furry. Why would liking glowing stuff make you any weirder?
Here is the promised scary butt fun.
>>1561 I have man questions. First of which, why are her fingers webbed?
>>1562 I was going to say that he may have just reused Adreea's model but on closer inspection I think she's suppose to be an otter girl.
>>1563 These models are creepily uncanny to start with.
>>1564 I think they're cute. Especially the lizard girl and the crestie girl.
>>1564 tchaikovsky2's entire gallery is uncanny. Won't stop me fapping.
>>1566 I decided to make a tchai thread. >>1568
New rb for Halloween.
(989.57 KB 1233x1687 3338637_kekitopu_cat.png)

Get ready for spooks Halloween is almost in two weeks, do you have anything planned? I'm gonna watch some horror movies and werewolf flicks. I'm also gonna try and dig out my Halloween playlist I made last year. Can't think of many horror themed games my toaster can run right now, but Blood and Dusk are on my list right now. Come to think of it, I'll give Hellsing Ultimate a watch too. There's a thread on >>>/cool/ .
Happy Halloween, faggots!
Well Halloween is over, let's unload all the goodies that we've all come across this October. >>3927 >bear Nice anon.
(893.07 KB 1000x1858 3344276_sicMoP_trt2.png)

(885.13 KB 1000x1858 3344279_sicMoP_trt1.png)

(992.06 KB 1000x1361 3341304_sicMoP_halloween.png)

(1.27 MB 1200x1543 3791835_sicMoP_treat2.png)

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