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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

Kemono.party Hermietkreeft 10/27/2021 (Wed) 18:27:44 No. 3910
Sup, this is the kemono.party people invading this chan. Your content is now ours.
Keep your furfaggotry out of our christian pet raising board.
but... there's nothing to steal here shit, /fur probably has posted the things KP stole, in a sort of trickle-down-thievery
Haha i guess, i hope you enjoy our site tho =]
>>3916 Yeah, it's been nice. Especially after Bui nuked yiff.party and ran away with the funds. Swing by when you feel like it anon, we're slow but pretty steady.
(53.67 KB 591x448 Nate!.png)

>>3939 Maybe...
(263.95 KB 609x592 Small Turtle.png)

>>3939 >So we're the Jeb Bush of furry boards huh? In that case we need a turtle thread.
So couple new updates to kemono. We made the experience better on the site, images load faster and we have even more data. Soon we will integrate a full yiff.party import into the kemono database (YES WE HAVE ALL OF IT) Also checkout our new non furry site coomer.party
>>4086 wait, wasnt it decided that 'rl shit' was allowed in kemono? so why the split, way too many hoes for kemono to handle? and which of these two is suckered into hosting reacts?
>>4096 Onlyfans was split for multiple reasons, one of them being that thot content is for normies, so we wanted to give dem thots a safe space.
was wondering if you actually honor any takedowns, or is it just a disguise to collect hate mail from whiny pokeporn and clop maggots?
(141.52 KB 788x822 minerva_at_computer_.jpg)

>>3910 Love the site. Got so much content from there. >>4086 >full yiff.party import into the kemono database (YES WE HAVE ALL OF IT) Mad men
(406.22 KB 2025x1195 yiff.party.png)

>>4157 >>4159 Takedowns are for jokes only, no content has ever been taken down :D Image is funny.
>>4170 yo, got any of that lol-juicy dmca filings to share?
>>4179 Can be foun in the telegram chats.

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