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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

No Nut November Toshiaki 11/20/2021 (Sat) 21:39:59 No. 4029
Anyone else do it this year? How are ya holding up? I haven't touched my glans in over a week, gonna make it no prob, even though I failed last year.
I'm suspicious of why there's some kind of "movement/trend" being pushed to not ejaculate - seems like something that genocidal globalists would aim at whities, along with the already thousands of mindfucks and poisons they're coming up with. Most non-whities wouldn't give a shit about such trends, and just continue to churn out babbies. It's well-known that paid trolls spread such dirty schemes on image boards, forums, online communities, social media and elsewhere. Not ejaculating means no baby-making or it can create an unnatural outside intrusion/influence and barrier between ones' partner and the relationship, resulting in possible negative feelings - all due to a (deliberate) misunderstanding of the "no fap" trend. Not fapping like an addict is something that I can understand, because at the very least, it saps a male's strength due to the energy required to restore sperm reserves.
...However, ejaculating is normal in a healthy relationship that has already naturally proceeded to that point - it's a positive thing then, that builds up both partners emotionally, which leads to better physical and emotional (maybe even spiritual) health. Sexual contact isn't necessary for positive relationships, but it can be a normal and healthy part of them.
>>4030 >why there's some kind of "movement/trend" being pushed The idea was coursing around /pol/ and the like quite some time before it gained normalfag acceptance. Also, keeping in mind (((who))) owns conventional porn sites, a month of abstinence is a definite positive for the average joe. It's a hushed topic, but most people I know implied they fap about every one or two days. And plenty of people bought the disinfo that frequent masturbation is objectively healthier than abstinence because it marginally reduces prostate cancer risk. >Not ejaculating means no baby-making or it can create an unnatural outside intrusion/influence and barrier between ones' partner and the relationship If you've got a gf to dick and impregnate, that's another story of course. >saps a male's strength due to the energy required to restore sperm reserves It's more the testosterone and reward systems but yeah, porn addicts are the people it's aimed at. Along with men who cum frequently enough that the aftereffects are the normal state of being. >>4031 That's certainly true.
>>4029 I think it's a neat excuse to try and cum hands-free, going 1 month without jacking off is not exactly an impressive feat. >>4030 Sup Redblood
(72.53 KB 990x765 Three_Rockets.jpg)

>>4032 Thank you for clarifying. Yes, I certainly have a good idea about who owns and pushes most porn sites/influences (and other damaging things). The thing that raises my suspicion is the fact that there exists the original "no fap" movement, and then we started seeing the "no nut" concept being pushed around. I can't help but wonder if the "no nut" concept was created by the enemy (which is expert at undermining, taking over and destroying anything that is good), in order to undermine the worthy and original "no fap" movement. The last thing the enemy wants is healthy, strong, smart and united young men with self-control and self-respect, plus lots of testosterone to help power them through any challenges in the way of a worthy and just goal. >>4033 Do you mean I'm a red-blooded male? Yes... yes I am! :P

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