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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

(17.07 KB 246x500 156997693027.jpg)

Drawthread #1 Toshiaki 07/24/2020 (Fri) 13:05:40 No. 839
Request what you like want to get drawn Rules and guidelines Start your post with "requesting" or "/r/". When requesting some, provide as much detail & reference pics as possible in the initial post.
>>839 Also I forgot you can request as much as you like no limits
(44.07 KB 512x512 156997735491.png)

(158.25 KB 880x948 156997723682.png)

(192.74 KB 600x623 oh shit blue.png)

>>840 >first pic Don't do that.
(263.30 KB 682x1024 1329398571293.jpg)

>>848 fuck you, i'll do whatever i want
>>840 >>851 Nah eat shit, I'm global reporting that.
>>840 >>851 eat shit pedo
>>842 Requesting a shortstack female Komasan and a shortstack female Komajiro rubbing their breasts against eachother
>>854 >>855 >waaa waaa pedo bad reeee shut up cucks
>>897 >ad hominem I'm not the one who downloaded, saved, uploaded, and reposted borderline CP, attached to a sexualized drawfag request.
>>899 its a picture of a childrens clothing catalogue retard, good god you /pol/niggers are worse and more zealous than every other group you complain about. you just want to be morally superior and morally enraged about something all the time, and you'll pick anything to show how virtuous you are. if you dont want to do the request, don't do it, someone who isn't a retarded cuck will. you probably cant even draw.
>>900 >cuck! cuck cuck cuck! >trying to bait me into posting my art so you can dox me I'm not a retard m8
(831.91 KB 1900x2700 8c9ac7caf22ee92b265c6e6e5a80aefa.png)

(175.72 KB 1521x2048 2d509bf0985fb2605b7029daab46a080.jpg)

(541.06 KB 1280x1845 109_edit.jpg)

/r/ small pussy humiliation left: shortish, probably a rabbit or something, sort of bashfully covering her normal-to-small slit part way. she's looking to the right and blushing middle: taller beefier chick with her arms folded, ideally a lizard or some other pred type, bigger snatch with prominent clit. she's looking to the right and looks annoyed right: a feral horse with a big ol' horsepussy aimed at the screen. she's looking over her shoulder at the other two, with a smug, bored expression
>>900 >NOOOOO YOU CAN'T CALL MY NEAR UNIVERSALLY DETESTED SEXUAL PREFERENCE DISGUSTING Go back to twitter or reddit if you want to be accepted for that shit.
>>922 you can have all the wrong opinions you want, just dont derail the thread with your retardation.
>>922 On the one hand, it makes me uncomfortable and it seems like it makes you uncomfortable. I'm sorry about that. On the other: it's SFW, it's an advertisement (that is, legal), it's a preexisting character (it's not like they're saying "hey, draw this person as porn"), it's spoilered, and it doesn't seem to break any global rules (insofar as it's still here). You mentioned Reddit and Twitter. You seem to think they're okay with this sort of thing. I assume you spend most of your time on imageboards, and so aren't actually all that informed on what either site is actually like, but they very much are not. Reddit bans loli and Twitter users do things like trying to call Elon Musk a child abuser for dating a woman who wears floral-print dresses. They are, in short, as vocally opposed to these kinds of things as it is possible to be, and spend most of their time contriving new ways to outdo each other in their opposition. Therein lies the problem. Both Reddit and Twitter (but especially the latter-- Reddit is too dumb to be really toxic) are extraordinarily toxic places. Both have harmed people I care about. Both, but especially the latter, are aggressive and expansionist in their ethos. If you don't want expansionists to expand into your community, a wise thing to do is to have a conspicuous display of defiance toward their values erected in the town square. If you would prefer to avoid kneeling before the church, just have a feast of Odin every few months, and so forth. I have to ask myself, "faggot, if you report this post to the owner, and it gets deleted, isn't it true that, in some small way, you've moved the tone of the board and site Twitterward? are you sure you want to drag the Overton window in that direction?"
>>919 what's the manga with the horse?
>>943 Mare Holic but i forget which one
love how the thread got immediately derailed on the first post because the cucks cant handle a SFW picture of a little girl. just go back to cuckchan you fucking normalniggers.
>>954 It has enough traffic already, it's not going to die and you don't need to send people there
(92.51 KB 1101x355 Colleen (Arthur).jpg)

>>842 Requesting your interpretation of what Colleen (doppelganger / rabbit version of Francine from Arthur) would look like wearing casual clothes (without the private school uniform) https://arthur.fandom.com/wiki/Colleen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBKc3jXh5E4
(273.52 KB 730x408 dustly bunny ref.png)

(4.35 MB 304x547 bdsmlr-1025340-zaIi9H4tq6.gif)

(4.66 MB 352x633 bdsmlr-1025340-ZMqdG10BiD.gif)

(5.66 MB 360x648 bdsmlr-1025340-lyS7hQvpxM.gif)

>>842 Requesting my OC Dustly Bunny wearing those clothes showing her ass like this
(1.36 MB 1849x1890 request.png)

REQUESTING a bunny boy using one of the poses provided or some combination there of. Is this too much of a request? Do we even have any drawfags yet?
(91.10 KB 799x621 ns cali.jpg)

Request this be improved
>>1509 here is some other references
(261.43 KB 1120x744 ubermensch.jpg)

>>1509 >>1510 Finished
is there a new delicious board? i don't want to download tor!
>>1531 >is there a new delicious board? There's ATF I guess.
>>1531 Also why don't you want to download tor?
>>1533 because i shouldn't have to. there should be only one browser not ten!
>>1534 >there should be only one browser not ten! then make that your one browser
>>1534 If redchannit still isn't working for you then go to >>>/site/ and report the problem to Acid.
>>1531 >>1534 >namefag is retarded What a surprise.
>>1534 Hey friend, you don't need to download TOR, they set up an open web2tor proxy at www.goatse.cc/?page=delicious/index.html
>>1553 This is how I've been accessing /delicious/ too
>>1553 Very good and helpful advice
>>1553 Cool, gonna try this out in a minute. Edit: It works, thanks!
(2.66 MB 1936x2072 Ben x Papa.png)

Requesting Ben Tennyson (Classic) nude and doing a doggystyle on his adoptive father Blitz (Road Rovers) no collar and with huge muscles pecs, and huge humanoid penis and balls with Dailouge. Blitz: Yeah! Yeah! Yess, Ben that's a good boy. Hump on my butt butt with your pee pee, that's a good puppy. Ben: Oh Papa, your butt butt is so tight.
>>1553 >>1559 >goatse eminently untrustworthy name = no-click zone almost certainly some kind of post-logger/deanon scheme just use redchannit.org/.net better yet, set up virtualbox and just run a fuckin TAILS iso
>>1584 >untrustworthy name ok newfag >better yet, set up virtualbox and just run a fuckin TAILS iso You didn't even read the original question, did you?
>>842 Requesting Numel as a Nu-male.
(111.61 KB 999x1024 1583776084745.jpg)

>>1584 >he doesn't know Shameful display!
>>1586 The Nu-est.
>>1588 8/10 topkek
>>1585 "goatse" in 2020 sounds like something a person interested in "lulz" would run and I'd trust them with my porn browsing that first chilly day in hell and, yes, my answer was a "don't-do-that-then"
>>1588 Nice shoop, but I was hoping for an original drawing.
(1.26 MB 2361x3300 Lydia_1.png)

(1.17 MB 2550x3510 Lydia_2.png)

(2.39 MB 2366x3312 Lydia_3.png)

(1.62 MB 2550x3510 Lydia_4.png)

(1.08 MB 2550x3510 Lydia_5.png)

>>842 Requesting a new version (Remake) This Comic. is a Comic Based on the original Idea of Connor Gordon (the original creator of Lydia, for a contest called All Kids Can Character Search) the history of the comic is Lydia. (with 7 years), he plunged into the shallow end of the pool, and suffered a spinal injury that paralyzed from the waist down. http://arthur.wikia.com/wiki/Lydia_Fox#Character_development http://video.startribune.com/arthur-gets-a-new-friend/44567307/ http://www.twincities.com/2009/05/07/11-year-old-from-savage-gives-kids-tv-show-arthur-a-new-character/ https://web.archive.org/web/20100626180109/http://specialchildren.about.com/od/inthecommunity/p/arthurcontest.htm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHVSARqpjv0
equesting my OC Groundubi with Gigantic breasts, and wide hips in a profile Front, and back, please. Groundubi https://e621.net/posts/1927317?q=yo-kai_watch+OC Breasts https://e621.net/posts/2355983?q=Hyper_Breasts
(125.75 KB 1106x426 Furry_inclusion.jpg)

(141.78 KB 1219x488 DIGGANOB.jpg)

Requesting Kreech and Scratch doing what ever it is that they do when no one else is looking.
(757.81 KB 1187x619 1592623451730.png)

>>842 Requesting the Kevin & Kell family cos playing as the incredibles
(535.27 KB 2480x3508 Foxy Lingerie 2.jpg)

Hey Dudes. What do you think about this? Can it be improved?
>>1888 Lingerie's too detailed and concrete compared with the looseness of the rest of the composition. The visible lines on the bra don't convey a concrete perspective, making the breasts look flat. If the breasts are pulling on the bra, the strap shouldn't be as slack. The top of the further breast looks too full and being bordered by the strap of the bra doesn't read well. The silhouette of the back smoothly turning into the viewer-facing breast doesn't make any sense. The shadow of the head and snout on the breast does not follow the form, leading to the breast reading even flatter and the pit of the neck reading deeper in the chest than one would expect. The eyes are too big and don't sit in the skull. The snout is placed crookedly on the face and is asymmetric. The specific tones of green and purple used do not sit well in the more subdued colors of the rest of the composition. The hair on top of the head looks very busy and the lines make the forehead look like it's not as far forward as it ought to be. The hair being depicted as parallel lines without any clear source of origin looks offputting and unnatural. The sporadic use of shading makes unshaded parts look either unfinished or in incorrect lighting; the body thus looks shrunken and not receding into the distance. The lack of a background with perspective cues further accentuates any unclear directionality of the figure. The forearm looks swollen, particularly closer to the wrist. The inside of the viewer-facing ear being more visible than the outside rim of the ear does not make sense considering the silhouette and direction of the hair that's covering it up. The very selective and inconsistent use of line weight makes the picture less cohesive than it could be. It looks like a bad trace of a mediocre piece of explicit K-On! fan art and I don't like ii one bit. Beyond that, it's pretty alright.
(413.05 KB 1920x1080 nosg.png)

(435.19 KB 1920x1080 nosgbrit.png)

(389.19 KB 1920x1080 nosgbrit bald.png)

(426.67 KB 1920x1080 nosgFIX.png)

>>>/v/201389 Might as well try a request here. >>842 Requesting lower fur edits themed for other characters: Shadow, Silver, Knuckles, Scourge, Tails, Rouge, Blaze, Cream, Big or any additional others that you might think of.
Requesting Bardock and Fasha in their Great Ape forms naked and fucking with Fasha having Tits and Nipples
>>842 Requesting a remake (much better drawn version) of the first image that is a Fox Boy in the drawing (art) style of joe murray /let's go luna!/Camp Lazlo/Rocko's Modern Life the references of the fox boy's clothes are in the second image https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ee/Red_Fox_%28Vulpes_vulpes%29_-British_Wildlife_Centre-8.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/bb/Vulpes_vulpes_ssp_fulvus_6568085.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLeGcxeF9rk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_t0AZ5KH78 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Now4KeAiys
(932.11 KB 1417x510 2020-09-22.png)

(421.39 KB 936x347 2020-09-21.png)

(1.05 MB 1960x1412 1566923967049.jpg)

(178.16 KB 922x633 1531416898961.jpg)

(715.47 KB 1319x537 2019-08-08 (2).png)

>>842 Requesting Lucy and shay smoothering tommy like this eather naked or waring swimsuits. Requesting Lion maid Marian making out with and pinning down Skippy Requesting Platy & Puss like in the image on the right requesting poppy face sitting on Friedrich Stan from paprika and Carman from patrol 03 having sex in a Chair Position in a wheelchair
Are we dead?
(516.05 KB 960x540 Always-Has-BeeN8.png)

>>2259 Always have been.
>>2122 that picture of bart between good-looking, huge-breasted patty and selma is one of my favorites to this day.
(712.23 KB 1000x1191 8gote.jpg)

>>2122 not enough reference information, bullshitted most of it. paid for by the only tchaikovsky2 thread in any board since yp went under.
>>2262 wow thanks it very good
>>2262 That's really good. >paid for by the only tchaikovsky2 thread in any board since yp went under. We aim to please.
>>2262 where can i find more of your stuff?
(9.45 KB 178x251 1068873982_l.jpg)

(19.68 KB 250x243 kira, our lord and savior.jpg)

>>842 Requesting Raptor Jesus Yamato
(3.38 MB 2372x1416 Mufasa Request.png)

Requesting an anthro Mufasa wearing a tribal loincloth, as well as an armband and footband. His loincloth is brown with a front flap, and back that exposes his butt a little similar to a Japanese fundoshi, and he is also a bit muscular and slightly chubby. Keep it SFW.
(384.28 KB 751x880 Ms.Mole.png)

>>842 Requesting Ms. Mole from Elinor Wonders Why, peeing, but naked. This is referencing the picture on the right. Her face is referencing when she starts to sneeze over the whiteboard eraser. Shown here to seek to 15:24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FR8l_CkKAgc
Edited last time by NachilAnvecVAbe on 05/30/2021 (Sun) 13:42:50.
(968.73 KB 3354x2857 fucboiracoon ref2.png)

>>842 Give me your OC's to draw doing lewd things with my Racoon. Girls, Boys, Futa whatever. He fucks and get's fucked.
(18.10 KB 602x803 dino girl sketch.jpg)

>>2375 Sure thing
>>2405 Do you have more refs of her?
>>2407 Nah, just this one-off doodle I I did out of boredom.
(695.63 KB 676x1014 turtle mom.png)

requesting the turtle mother from spyro: a hero's tail flashing her panties
Requesting a male fennec fox wearing a tank top
>>2375 if someone draws the request you can draw em
something similar to this
(404.04 KB 2720x2217 FuccboiRacoon 2.0 Ref sheet.png)

>>2500 I'ts been so long since I posted the request I don't even use that raccoon design no more lmao. /fur/ really needs more trafic This is the new one
>>2502 OwO *hits your raccoon with traffic*
>>2503 Don't hit on me silly cars uwu
>>2502 OwO
>>2502 hes cute
>>2501 All I can do is "edit it" but I think that's not what you're looking for
(312.83 KB 1702x1342 Racoon pilates.png)

>>2510 Thanks
(106.13 KB 1800x1800 Mapache Icon.png)

>>2502 So yeah if anybody want's to give me their OC's to draw with my new Raccoon if they're cute I'll probably do it. Also give me some prompts if ya want.
>>2375 >>2502 >>2513 >>2514 looks like a pretty neat oc. if i knew how to draw i'd draw him either fucking cubs or getting cumflated by a horse or a horsedick herm
>>2514 ... why the fuck not, got zero prompts so just do what you think you could get out of a Kobold. could care less if you did rape or trash bara: ya got freedom.
>>2516 >>2514 I could see this guy humping cubs, neat
>>2519 what a big sexy tail
(411.18 KB 880x821 wolfsketch2021-05-01.png)

anyone want him?
>>2523 he looks like the retarded dog avatar joshua moon uses on the kiwifarms
>>2523 looks like shit
(81.49 KB 486x467 get_to_it.png)

get to it drawfags
>>2526 >mfw drawfag >mfw want to draw a request or something >mfw can't because I'm not gay
>>2527 >drawfag >not a fag Someone needs to revoke your license.
>>2526 What Do You Want? I Can Give It a Go.
>>2516 > getting cumflated by a horsedick herm I like this one. Any of you got any herm OC's out there?
(131.29 KB 1080x1024 Es6vg0fW4AE6Dfs.jpg)

anthro version of this guy
>>2514 I would but I don't have any OC. I'm a really shitty furry apparently. >>2527 Draw some sweet bear cunny. There's never enough bears cubs.
>>2519 Is this your OC or you just copied some images from Superscales FA?
>>2533 I said I'm not gay but I'm not mentally ill either.
>>2543 It's my guy mate, that first image is a patreon reward from Tenaflux that I never even posted. if ya need more proof then ask.
>>2545 Ok no problem. I just get a little paranoid sometimes :P. I'll get to work on some hot ass Raccoon and Kobold action then.
>>2546 no problem anon, though now people can tell who I am for noticing my name. don't have any input on whether ya want him on top or what, he's a slit lizard switch so there's just about no limits outside the nasty stuff.
>>2546 also note: kobolds are small, 2ft 10" if you got some sort of detail oriented thing, so there's a size differential.
>>2548 Yeah I was wondering how tall he was. Damn that's a big size diference. Luckly thats one of my favorite things.
(594.64 KB 1000x976 8kreech.jpg)

(10.94 KB 951x206 drawthread.png)

(53.50 KB 561x295 after.png)

>>2561 >actually using the delivery anchor madman
>>2561 Nice.
>>2561 Is this the first delivery ever? Great art btw
>>2565 >>2567 It isn't. Still, It's pretty good.
(522.23 KB 800x1000 8seembah.jpg)

>>2578 Wonderful!
>>2578 Looks stupid, but acceptable.
>>2580 if you're requestor: beggars can't be choosers. want a hot fappable version? commission someone for it.
>>2578 honestly kinda cute
>>2544 Well what kind of request are you looking for? Give some guidelines and preferences.
>>2592 >not cub >not gay big tiddies
>>2561 good job man
Requesting a cubified version the lion and/or turn the dog into a female? Thanks in advance!
(151.23 KB 1287x1557 Eui0i_fXUAQc7oL.png)

>>2499 >>2512 if someone draws it do it using this pose
>>2501 an oc similar to this but with the above pose
>>2594 How do you feel about retro and vaporwave?
(284.71 KB 1891x1990 Brookin and Fuccoon.png)

>>2519 >>843 Delivery. My Raccoon having his way with the cute red Kobold. I really love size diference. The good thing about this thread bumping so slowly is that I can take my time with the requests. So Keep them coming if anyone else wants to give me their OC's you are free to do so :)
(786.47 KB 1891x1990 Brookin and Fuccoon effect.png)

>>2636 Also here's another version with some blur line effect tell me witch one you like best.
scheming free art of personal OC from a drawthread will never not seem scummy. always has a decent charsheet so that was at least paid for, too cheap for more commissions and gambles in drawthreads instead. may be good, may not be, but grifted on goodwill and generosity like a Trump
>>2636 honestly pretty fucking good, I've legit bought commissions before that were done carelessly and this beats that, thanks dude. >>2637 side-by-side it's noticable, but I don't like the blur line one more if I have to choose, you did it as a whole really well though!
>>2636 >>2637 P. good. You still need some practice drawing faces from an angle and posing multiple people but for the most part the rest is decent. The blur effect looks bad; if you're not going to shade something, flat colour is better (unless you're trying to grift some no-taste commissioner). >>2640 wat
>>2645 tl;dr trashpanda assmongler is a cheapskate grifter
>>2643 Thanks I'm glad you liked it. >>2645 Thanks but yeah I need to keep practicing my loomis.
(428.50 KB 480x478 ricatto.png)

>>2646 >drawfag is cheapskate grifter Damn I hate ESLs
drawfags should use a name, without names and without trips it's hard to tell one fucker from fuck all.
>>2652 Are people on 8chan okay with namefagging? In 4chan they normally don't like it
>>2654 in the case of the Superscales request I was retarded for not renaming the image files, but didn't go out of my way to mention it: the artist asked if it was actually me. so it's honestly dependant on the user >In 4chan they normally don't like it This isn't 4chan, this is a different breed of Degenerates so namefag to your hearts content.
>>2654 It's still frowned upon here last I checked, but people seem to be okay with it if your identity is relevant to the discussion or as a shitpost. >>2640 What did he mean by this?
(60.93 KB 729x256 1618097942421.jpg)

>>842 Requesting Carl Gould (Arthur) as if he were the protagonist of an saturday morning cartoons series from the 1970's (from the year of 1971) https://arthur.fandom.com/wiki/Carl_Gould https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lcy_Ux0xOc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zg7-9dgrrVM https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL27F4113D0C19BE87
(43.85 KB 847x1080 Fuccoon lurkin.png)

>>2514 >>2502 Ok I got some free time and the thread is still up. So anybody wants to give me some other of their OC's to lewd with my Raccoon?
>>2729 do they have to be OCs? i'd like to redirect you to my earlier request here >>2516 if you feel like it. sorry i cant provide a reference for the other character. im as original as a bowl of white rice.
>>2731 If anybody had a Horsedick fem OC I would love to draw that. Maybe I should make one myself. And I won't be doing cubs NOT because I'm a moralfag but because I don't want for someone to find that drawing 5 years later and get fired and hanged in the middle of the street for a drawing.
>>2732 have you actually tied your IRL to your artist persona?
>>2733 Nope but you can't never be too careful with this sort of thing
(35.33 KB 833x688 dino girl 2.png)

Drew a shitpost with blue dino character. >>2729 Previous offer still stands I suppose. >>2733 Hopefully not, but probably unavoidable if you want to make money off it. Though, I wouldn't really know myself.
(234.20 KB 1000x814 chocolat.png)

>>2735 if moneys the problem you can always accept cryptos instead. >>2734 i suppose its understandable, though you should be fine as long as you practice good OPSEC and don't aim to become a public figure (which just by virtue of being a furry and having a racoon OC, i assume you don't) but yeah what a shame here's a willing drawfag and i got nothing
(382.97 KB 1600x1200 the fur team.jpg)

>>2729 Requesting him getting fucked in the ass by Ych
(11.58 MB 10416x3304 Baloo, Nani, and Lifeguard.png)

Requesting Baloo (Talespin) no cap, and with nipples, belly button, tail, and huge humanoid penis and balls doing a threesome with Nani and the Lifeguard nude, and with Hyper breasts, and wide hips, by doing a Doggystyle on them, impregnates them, and they have baby boys with bear ears, tails, and teeth and breastfeeds them while Baloo watches.
(17.71 KB 267x269 Skippy_Squirrel.jpg)

(20.08 KB 327x406 IMG_20210525_132331_531.JPG)

>>842 Requesting a modern version/actual interpretation of what Maurice Richmond/Skippy Squirrel from Maple town monogatari would look like. https://maple-town.fandom.com/wiki/Skippy_Squirrel https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5z94ob https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_fujB7u2-4 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maple_Town
>>2806 Bruh, that's some greedy AF shit, I count 3 scenes. That's at least $1500 from someone competent, for free all you deserve is straight to monopoly jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200
This fucking thread started in july of 2020. It's almost a year old! /fur/ is a fucking ghost town god damn.
>>2894 post
(69.70 KB 695x695 123453623237.jpg)

>>2894 Nobody wants to draw your shitty fetishes.
>>2894 after the drama of OG 8chan and the mass shootings, 8-anything's got a notoriety. and like many other boards, furries tend to get shit on. Quality of requests aside, like being spammy and greedy fucks, there's just very few to pick from. shit, some from /deli's request thread could be better served here; it's cub but thematicly relevant to /fur/
>>2905 should we all just shut up and just wait?
>>2913 you could or better yet, put more requests in here. other req threads have a delivery ratio of 1:100-ish, be thankful /fur managed to even get a delivery with its paltry selection and shit, don't be weird fucks about your req, other boards were right to implement 'no fetishes' rule
>>2913 I've been waiting for almost 3 fucking months
>>2919 So, around april? which is yours then? - animu jesus - gay-ass lion - piss mole So that's 2 shit ideas and 1 greedyfuck that got a more of a delivery than it deserved
Has any thread ever hit bump limit in /fur/ ever?
(78.41 KB 960x720 pandabath.jpg)

>>2920 Can confirm it wasn't the animu jesus one
(225.12 KB 1260x856 1620353839319.png)

>>842 Requesting Claire (from Harvey Beaks) wearing only her glasses and in the same pose as the reference provided with an expression of shock and alarm on her face
>>2920 there will be deliveries after COVID ends in the year 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
you all smell like Osama's COVID breathe
>>842 draw /fur/ getting assblasted about not getting any deliveries
deli's got so many unfulfilled furry reqs that it would be better to do them, post the result here and quote crossboard on the other paw it'd attract fernado and upskirt idiot and that kinda cancer may not be worth the extra traffic
>>842 /r/ Hello, drawfriends. May I request a male Mightyena (Pokémon) peeing on the floor in his trainer's home like a naughty doggo? That would be really amusing and appreciated; thank you!
>>2959 >peeing on the floor in his trainer's home like a naughty doggo >That would be really amusing anon you're not fooling anyone on goddamn /fur/, you're into watersports faggot.
>>2959 >May I request a male Mightyena (Pokémon) peeing on the floor in his trainer's home like a naughty doggo? That would be really amusing and appreciated; thank you! haha
>>2959 And people wonder why nobody wants to draw here
(328.96 KB 1107x675 animaniacs yakko.png)

>>842 Requesting Yakko getting fucked in the ass really hard. Optional he's trying to be a smart ass about the situation be he's getting fucked so good that he can't even finish the sentences.
(2.93 MB 1665x2000 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.50 MB 804x966 ClipboardImage.png)

I tried coloring this old pic by Marc Leonhardt
(162.60 KB 800x800 oddish_copy.png)

I committed art today
(220.21 KB 993x1138 SMO-HarietArtwork.jpg)

Requesting Hariet from Super Mario Odyssey interacting with Doomguy, whether it's cute, romantic or lewd as fuck and you can also decide which version of Doomguy you wanna use He loves them bunnies and we've had enough of Isabelle
(26.54 KB 500x392 02-16.jpg)

How about some naughty stuff with hare from Nu Pogodi?
Weasel from Suicide Squad... There’s ZERO yiff of him. Very sad. You can even see his penis in the movie 💖
>>3602 That's just disgusting.
Requesting something like this with Toodles Galore and an human guy please.
>>842 Requesting something like this with Toodles Galore and a Human guy, please.
This Drawthread is abandoned, 8Chan is overrun by Anti-Semites
>>3675 that sounds pretty damn based
>>3675 I don't see israel deploying the iron done on us yet.
>>3675 Was there any moment in time were a chan hasn't been overrun by aniti semites?
(1.12 MB 1500x1671 8doom.jpg)

(5.25 KB 512x512 n8 thumbs up.png)

>>3896 Nice work mate!
>>3896 Based
>>3896 Just came back and that's awesome Thank you, anon
>>3896 Great pic anon. Glad that you're still around.
so... looks like /fur's drawthread failure is in part lack of drawfags, and the quality or lack thereof of the requests which of these two would be easier to resolve?
>>3946 It would be easier to get drawfags to come here I think. Maybe drop a link in the /v/ drawthread >>>/v/445251 and maybe the one on /delicious/ too or any other place on cake with active drawfags. We could certainly use better requests though but I think the best way to do that is to get the attention of drawfags first and them solicit a general request post with their lists of preferences and "won't do's".
>>3947 other boards are more tightly focused on their topics, you go to /delicious, /v or /fast/ and know exactly what you're getting. furry is such a broad term, what kinda hook is left? i despair that the first thing to come to mind is 'fetishes' imagine being shot down by delidrawfags because /fur is 'too degenerate' even for them
>>3949 >make a porn fetish board >nooo fetishes can't be our hook
>>3951 you're welcome to request shit, piss, snuff, gore, amputees, prolapses, glass jars in butts and missionary for the explicit purpose of procreation. nobody stopping you, you might get lucky but fetishes thus far got a poor request-to-drawn record so far
might be worth a try though, just requesting all manners of godless dogshite. Maybe there're ultramongs just quietly waiting for the right combo of obscure cartoon and santorum at worst, it'll max this thread faster and either: - results in a new one from an okay-amount of deliveries - determine that a /fur drawthread should die at one
>>3952 >fetishes thus far got a poor request-to-drawn record so far Not my problem. I wasn't the one who wanted a fetish board.
>>842 Requesting something with Cheer Bear and Funshine Bear.
(1.29 MB 1127x1280 dog at the beach.png)

>>842 I like paws with declaws, like pic related. If it would be easier to draw, you could draw the paws sticking out of a glory hole or something
(815.40 KB 1000x1208 8bear.jpg)

>>3958 >>843 Do you muscle? Will draw lewds of beasts and monstresses. like SCP-level or Bloodborne horror bitches
(54.24 KB 500x500 cho aniki.jpg)

>>3988 Nice.
(195.02 KB 1253x1004 Dewclaw_hand.jpg)

>>3987 By declaw I assume you mean dewclaw. And by dewclaw I assume you mean a second claw on the last thumb joint.

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