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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

(251.31 KB 480x478 1532488084.png)

Nullo Thread Toshiaki 07/25/2020 (Sat) 14:03:27 No. 849
Boys with no benis are the best ÒwÓ.
>>849 >had an idea where everything gets rerouted out the butt >realize I just reinvented the cloaca
(437.65 KB 1314x850 3181990_pandapaco_26imma_dog.jpg)

I guess technically speaking that all of Pandapaco's nude stuff would count as null even if thet's not really his intent I don't think.
>>902 universally are good boyes uwu
(1.32 MB 2198x2372 2688493_Bastion_juwj4hws.jpg)

>>906 What Bastion's art really does for me is just remind me how much this "body modification" fetish that nullness used to get really badly wrapped up in in a lot of peoples' minds just really freaks me out. His characters can be cute, but they're just all so entangled in that fucked-up mythos of back-alley "cutters" hacking people apart for a sexual thrill. I want to see characters getting to be free from all of the baggage of conventional gender and sex, not pictures showcasing and fetishising the scars a character has from the time they got talked into letting a psychopath treat their bottom dysphoria with a kitchen knife. Lemme just segue away from that tho to say: Magical/TF-esque nullification can be a real big cozy mood.
>>907 p.s. lemme also segue away from that pic with a magic wand in it to this pic with a vibrator wand in it
>>908 Unless, perhaps a pair of pics with... not just a magic wand or just a vibrator wand in them but,,, a magic vibrator wand instead?
>>908 >>909 How does cumming work for nullos? Do they have multiple orgasms? Do they just cum forever once they reach sufficient stimulation and don't stop as long as the stimulation continues? Are they incapable of cumming and edge closer and closer without ever reaching it?
>>910 All of those are really fun and I want to see art and stories featuring every one of them. What'd be really cool as well would be pieces featuring multiple null characters who each have a different orgasm response, so that you can have multiple of those ideas mashed together to see what kinds of shenanigans would come about then. Here's another idea as well though: >null characters don't ever orgasm >instead, once a null character's pleasure has climbed high enough for them to hit what would normally be the pre-orgasmic plateau, they find themselves stuck >at the point where a character with genitals would find their body just naturally pushing them up off the plateau and into a full-blown orgasm, a null character finds themselves just straining harder and harder against their plateau with every further bit of pleasure they receive >finally, with enough arousal, with enough stimulation, or with enough sheer mental effort they finally manage to push past it >but that doesn't mean they've hit their climax >instead, once they've managed to push past the plateau, they find their pleasure just climbing higher and higher once more, making them experience every sexual sensation more and more sharply again as they come closer and closer to their next plateau >their next plateau is that much more of an intense (and potentially intensely frustrating) experience, and requires that much more arousal, stimulation or sheer mental effort for them to push themselves through, but then... >with every plateau they manage to push themselves past, it becomes clearer and clearer to see that the only limit there is to their pleasure is just how much of it they can take...! >finally, when they find themselves too overwhelmed or too exhausted to continue, that's when they can then find themselves floating back down through every level of their pleasure until they finally find themselves just drifting into a pleasant, quite certainly well-earned afterglow I think that's something that's lewd and also cozy to imagine~
>>910 >>912 But also consider with null characters who can cum: Dry orgasms vs wet orgasms. Something I've kinda liked the thought of with my idea as well is that when a null character is stuck at their plateau, that's when they dribble out their sexual fluids (if y'really can call their fluids "sexual"~), and that when that character manages to push past their plateau (or gives up and lets themselves just drift into their afterglow), that's when that trickle of their fluids comes to a stop. The longer they're stuck at the plateau, the more their fluids trickle out and so the wetter they get underneath their groin. Th-that's kind of a cute thought to me.
Here're just a couple more pics with a couple of different moods to them though~
>>910 O-one more thing: Imagine a particularly dominant null character with a sub who's just dedicated to worshipping their master's body and who's especially dedicated to worshipping their master's blank crotch. Now imagine that his crotch isn't actually an erogenous zone at all for him - and yet that that doesn't slow him or his sub down one bit. He'll shove his sub's face into his null groin with the same energy that would have another dom shoving a sub's face into their armpit, and then his sub will be able to hear him just purr at every sensation to be had with their snout pressed against that space between his legs that for him manages to be every kind of sensitive but the sexual kind. Having his sub worshipping that part of him proves to be a turn-on for him, and a thrill, despite (or perhaps even partially because of) the fact that it's never going to get him off. So for as long as his sub has the energy to just keep worshipping his crotch, he's going to be able to just keep them right where they are against him there; relishing every moment of the worship his sub's giving him without having to ever worry about anything like orgasm ever coming to get in the way of it.
>>849 How did you get that sticker edit I made
(22.02 KB 295x360 EJZY5ieWsAAbTG-.png)

(21.41 KB 295x360 EJZY5izXsAA30dq.png)

(21.37 KB 295x360 EJZY5iwWsAU2pFa.png)

(20.51 KB 295x360 EJZY5i6W4AAX5xQ.png)

(280.06 KB 1000x1504 EbXcc9vXkAAASCu.jpg)

How do they pee?
>>988 My assumption is that they have a urethra but nothing else. Maybe some of them have a cloaca instead.
>>988 Since you've brought the topic up, here is the one null watersports pic that I know of uwu (Note: The image is spoilered because it is actually watersports content feat. explicit depiction of the stuff that comes out of a urethral opening)
>>989 >>1010 it a cute having just a smol little opening between your legs to do the things that other people would have genitals to do those things with
>>1016 reassure him
>>958 Wish...!
>>907 glad you get it, anon. Mutilation is for the demented and sick (people who should be euthanized). Null is a weird vague very niche fetish that's never been a main focus of mine, but idk it sounds kind of comfy.
bump uwu
(1.75 MB 2227x1539 image0.png)

Would you get aroused if this thread was deleted (nulled)?
>>2967 The great thing about nullos is that they are super gay and at the same time not gay at all so it's OK! @w@
>>2971 O, to exist in the gray zone of being super gay and at the same time not gay at all...
(957.08 KB 3828x2744 1623933960371.png)

I like nullos where it's obvious they had something removed and it's not just magically gone without a scar. That being said I love castrated guys/eunuchs more òwÓ but nullos are cute too.
>>3080 Gotta tell ya, I’m all for putting medically accurate representation out there for bottom surgery, surgical scars and all, but… >>907 >not pictures showcasing and fetishising the scars a character has from the time they got talked into letting a psychopath treat their bottom dysphoria with a kitchen knife
>>3085 I mean what do you want nigger I think it's hot when there's evidence of what they gave up. Also I don't add in some retarded morals about "dysphoria" in there because it's fantasy. It strikes me the same way as people outraged over cub because of their inability to separate fantasy and reality.

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