Rules of /fur/

1 : Extraordinary circumstances may require nonstandard responses.
2 : Don't fuck over the board.
3 : Please don't run people off by being abrasive; see Rule 1.
4 : "That" is allowed, because banning it is dumb for a number of reasons.
5 : >but you never defined "that"??
6 : That's fine! Neither can anyone else. Rest assured, however, you may post cartoon animals in a wide variety of heights and power dynamics.
7 : Please avoid using this board for personal army shit/'callouts'.
8 : Please spoiler poop stuff and extreme gore, alright?
9 : harbl
10 : All of these rules will be enforced at the management's discretion. Imageboard staff are nearly universally severely mentally ill, so there's no reason to take bans personally. The same goes for all other idiocy and malfeasance. Take it easy! This site will probably be dead in a day.

Remember that no matter the rules of the board, all global rules apply