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(271.34 KB 1280x1024 1440910697528.png)

GamerGate Draw Thread - Fresh Bread Edition Leader 10/19/2015 (Mon) 06:21:53 Id: 02296d No. 289467
Fresh Bread Old Bread was full so I took the liberty of making a new art thread. Post your drawings and sketches here. Get the ball rollin'. > Old Bread Archive https://archive.is/WYDSs >Resources >>>/art/ >>>/loomis/
Requests welcome?
(114.95 KB 373x346 anti meanie ninja.png)

Can a drawfag make anti meanie ninja Vivian a thing?
(209.83 KB 1400x730 Vivian Arena Commander.jpg)

Always liked this one.
>>289514 The best vivian picture IMO
>>289514 …I only just realized she was playing Star Citizen. Escapist drama aside, nothing like the daughter of /v/ portrayed playing PC gaming exemplified.
(101.90 KB 758x696 image.gif)

This is why Japanese videogames industry is superior.
(188.57 KB 640x360 1391512258474.gif)

>>289503 >meanie >not bully You deserve to be bullied
>>289720 Warms the heart, no?
We have all these webcomics. How about one with all the mascots that is just yuri romance storylines? It could even be yuri harem.
(658.54 KB 859x784 1445192534910-1.png)

(322.03 KB 1221x720 1441204032365.png)

Straight gangsta mac
>>289732 If you're a drawfag you can do whatever m8
(463.60 KB 1000x781 1422514062162.png)

>>289514 > two sticks > no throttle Quality pic but that shit triggers me more than anything.
>>289514 The Russian flag in the Top above the computer screen always gets me,seriously i would one day like to have enough money to buy a sweet rig like that someday
>>289787 If I recall correctly there's a variation on the pic that has an Irish flag instead.
(96.04 KB 800x600 image.png)

(57.98 KB 180x255 image.png)

(150.32 KB 400x267 image.gif)

(63.26 KB 600x599 image.jpeg)

https://archive.is/mKmzQ Old thread archive
>>289785 6 degrees of freedom motherfucker.
>>289785 6 degrees of freedom, motherfucker.
>>289785 Bitch it's called having that assigned to foot controls. Get with it!
(176.92 KB 1000x1000 1445897720826.jpg)

(3.06 MB 1920x1080 Tarot card Vivian.png)

(506.49 KB 800x1000 Viv & Ebola chan2.jpg)

(270.07 KB 400x395 ride never stops.jpg)

Repostan my shitty edit OC.
(1.66 MB 1920x1080 image.png)

(114.62 KB 564x826 image.jpeg)

(101.56 KB 593x718 image.jpeg)

(136.63 KB 537x711 image.jpeg)

>>292951 Is noice
(732.39 KB 1466x2340 Freya_005_001.png)

Fresh from yours truly.
(212.28 KB 1023x1582 CCF5V9xUkAAVJ21.jpg large.jpg)

>>289514 Very fond of that one, and this PC Vivian one too.
(55.79 KB 544x755 1445383905627.png)

(1.36 MB 2325x1693 1445924279641.png)

(322.94 KB 900x1040 1445441637732.png)

(6.35 KB 227x359 1445741778713.png)

(236.93 KB 668x758 1445208627573.png)

>>293055 Very nice. that reminds me, I should do something for Halloween too
(284.79 KB 526x597 1444388098442.png)

(233.00 KB 850x512 1443369873471.png)

(105.46 KB 316x353 1443134303608.png)

(295.07 KB 900x843 1442723871229-1.jpg)

(485.14 KB 1282x767 1442761069191.jpg)

(279.26 KB 1400x800 1444666835522.png)

(497.84 KB 1146x1442 1443762490715-1.png)

(38.88 KB 294x581 1442115868437-0.jpg)

(6.55 KB 493x402 1440343372090.png)

(4.50 KB 133x301 1438226388278-1.png)

(24.28 KB 197x255 1438751601133.jpg)

(839.84 KB 606x897 1438972419180.png)

(15.28 KB 300x300 1439132157533-0.jpg)

(115.40 KB 499x499 1439250575120.png)

heres some stuff from the old thread.
(30.81 KB 197x255 image.jpeg)

(128.14 KB 676x960 image.jpeg)

(103.69 KB 640x830 image.jpeg)

(2.98 MB 2300x2014 image.png)

Some classics
(1.07 MB 2500x1805 1446327920814-0.png)

(1.03 MB 2500x1805 1446327920844-1.png)

Halloween oc from the /v/ gg thread.
(591.96 KB 1280x1728 image.jpeg)

(26.96 KB 599x407 1445321595716.jpg)

(463.60 KB 1000x781 1445325620840.png)

(42.70 KB 385x385 1445493594393.jpg)

(312.63 KB 600x475 1445496837167.png)

(1.77 MB 2000x1552 1445562020385-1.png)

(54.52 KB 461x433 1446343083668.jpg)

(320.29 KB 728x1032 1446505093810.png)

(54.52 KB 461x433 1446343083668.jpg)

(320.29 KB 728x1032 1446505093810.png)

>>293030 Nice.
(61.76 KB 1280x720 1446630630501.jpg)

Based Nippon noticed us and approves of us,its things like this that makes it all worth while.
(128.17 KB 913x875 image.jpeg)

(242.59 KB 1024x1337 image.jpeg)

(82.17 KB 599x809 image.jpeg)

(107.76 KB 600x929 image.jpeg)

>>295102 Was actually gonna ask if someone could shoop these to make her completely Vivian, eye bags and all.
(46.21 KB 600x500 1440889074112-1.jpg)

(626.52 KB 629x1178 1440956507365.png)

(36.79 KB 358x395 1442664105421.jpg)

(68.60 KB 255x191 1444447842195.png)

(126.47 KB 988x732 image.jpeg)

Bamp for counter necrobump
(21.46 KB 400x240 HNI_0013.jpg)

(21.53 KB 400x240 HNI_0014.jpg)

(22.59 KB 400x240 HNI_0015.jpg)

(18.92 KB 400x240 HNI_0016.jpg)

(29.58 KB 400x240 HNI_0017.jpg)

So I recently had a relapse and started playing Animal Crossing New Leaf again and decided to make a thing. Anyone want the QR codes once it's finalized?
(130.89 KB 600x540 1439253472987-1.jpg)

>>295261 Sure! Looks pretty good. In return, have a Dragon Quest set I found posted a while back.
>>295278 Ahhh shit. My new Vivian character can't use the sewing machine yet because I haven't talked to Sable for 10 days in a row. I've got some time traveling to do. In the meantime, feel free to grab these. And thanks for the Dragon Quest one!
Since the thread I posted it in earlier is shit, I'll repost it here. This is an archive of all the images and webms posted in the first deepfreeze thread. https://i.pantsu.cat/gtnpjh.7z
(126.86 KB 469x1001 CPYn25kUsAAr8xQ.png)

(119.11 KB 600x810 1446777467413.png)

(216.67 KB 1024x1585 image.jpeg)

(54.82 KB 600x568 image.jpeg)

(182.34 KB 640x900 image.jpeg)

(86.98 KB 640x796 image.jpeg)

>>295278 >>295312 Sorry for the two-day-long wait.
this thread is not pinned because it's full of shit
(968.10 KB 1300x1600 image.png)

(166.48 KB 1024x991 image.jpeg)

(499.16 KB 1023x619 image.png)

(493.11 KB 1024x576 image.png)

>>299089 'ullo Ghazi. Didn't know you still came here.
>>299089 >a whole thread of ppl who wanna fuck a 10 year old lol Didn't know srhbutts had that many proxies.
(337.90 KB 597x628 2am_by_zizzazzuz-d7whtiz.gif)

(23.71 KB 475x500 1445042713552.png)

(79.03 KB 774x1032 viv_hug_by_m_god-d8yqgwc.jpg)

(393.31 KB 1280x720 yandareVivAN.jpg)

(67.97 KB 600x800 1430759523324.jpg)

(149.57 KB 540x621 1441592413548.png)

(128.89 KB 400x411 Vivian skeleton.jpg)

>>303205 you can't kill what's already dead.
(131.62 KB 506x253 time elapsed 1h.png)

(319.50 KB 960x544 wUoCDYf.jpg)

it's late but oh well, happy tanksgiving :^)
(19.74 KB 251x246 1446509104922.jpg)

>>302972 There's so many I would do lewd things to male Vivian tbh.
(168.99 KB 721x717 1439634121838.jpg)

>>303490 >There's so many I would do lewd things I'm very tired. Sorry /gghq/.
(284.73 KB 558x700 vivsk01.png)

Colourfags get in here! This is my first ever drawing of Viv, which I did the other day. This won't mean a lot to anyone else -there's loads of Vivian art out there -but it does to me. I've been practicing automatic drawing -it's a bit like automatic writing where someone will write stuff on a page without thinking about it -some of it ends up as gibberish, some of it makes sense -and some of it is done as if possessed. Automatic drawing works in a similar way -but it's not just aimless doodling -you work from the imagination: without thinking too much, start drawing something -anything/nothing in particular -lines and shapes basically -and go with whatever comes out. Some of it will turn out crap (the gibberish), some of it will turn out half-decent. The point is don't think about it -don't plan it or make any judgement about whether it's good or bad etc. You just draw -and draw fast -so you don't have time to think about it -and it becomes automatic. Any drawfags out there who've never tried this -give it a go -don't worry about getting it wrong, you can erase it or tidy it up after -it can also help improve your drawing skills. Pic is just a pencil drawing -pretty much to scale -took less than 5 minutes. Always wanted to draw Viv but if I'd sat down and said 'Right, I'm going to draw Viv looking up, arms out like an aeroplane, from a top-down perspective' I'd never have done it. Didn't plan it, no thought of perspective or proportion, it just came out. Like I said -this won't mean a lot to anyone else -but Viv turned up automatic -I'm thrilled to bits.
(584.85 KB 1313x939 1445612676323-0.png)

(69.59 KB 360x450 1445754699901.jpg)

(240.05 KB 876x964 1448329384365.png)

(234.40 KB 540x428 1448932593392.png)

(350.71 KB 478x541 1448932720445.png)

(290.68 KB 739x800 1448932915240-0.png)

(82.71 KB 739x800 1448932915241-1.gif)

(202.56 KB 540x428 1448934159575.png)

(361.65 KB 872x1394 1448933865774-1.png)

(681.12 KB 1200x950 1448938006383.png)

(815.72 KB 1200x950 1448939150361.png)

(708.34 KB 694x883 1448939621480.png)

(698.16 KB 1200x950 1448940121299.png)

(192.29 KB 540x428 1448941390954.png)

(807.25 KB 1200x950 1448941819141.png)

Not enough of VJ's vj.
(1.27 MB 1023x705 image.png)

(624.23 KB 934x609 1449476462035.png)

>>305110 Why is Sargon's logo in the bottom right?
>>307919 He commissioned it.
>>307922 NO SHIT
>>305110 I love this but its not a Ben Garrison picture until Jews and the Illuminati are shopped in.
(506.41 KB 1000x1000 14493430zvdvdva59288.png)

(757.21 KB 1333x640 1449302894435.png)

(66.75 KB 1044x2114 1430567252703.png)

(11.37 KB 255x255 1432831216490.jpg)

(60.82 KB 900x350 1447240754958-3.png)

(42.85 KB 321x309 you suck cocks.png)

(72.59 KB 458x309 thanksgiving.png)

>>304915 >3rd pic eat a bag of dick-hands you fucking faggot
>>305110 I loved the pic, until I noticed the Spaghetti-Spiller of Akkad had his ego-inflating watermark on it.
(281.37 KB 1024x777 image.jpeg)

>>308322 Ben's going to run out of GG ecelebs soon.
>>308323 Dunno what's worse… SJWs or people who profit off of them…
(986.03 KB 2764x2060 1450724253100-0.png)

(343.92 KB 1106x1637 1450724253102-1.png)

drawfags bringing some Christmas cheer
(1.22 MB 2764x2060 14507242531000.png)

(438.94 KB 1106x1637 1450792248532.png)

(127.84 KB 1024x819 CWPKXM-U4AAM5zj.jpg large.jpg)

(83.04 KB 599x335 CVFl-4cU8AAF4kt.png)

(143.99 KB 600x770 CWffNhTVEAAuScd.jpg)

(640.42 KB 1187x1448 145079520183421.jpg)

(63.21 KB 336x306 1450810150997.png)

More Art for the Art thread
(108.51 KB 800x480 1450133875944.jpg)

(20.70 KB 800x480 1450133875944vbnncbdf.png)

(90.54 KB 800x480 1450143291402.jpg)

(23.66 KB 800x480 3333121231.png)

(314.08 KB 1008x1440 1450802409276-2.jpg)

(25.42 KB 684x737 1385340648583.png)

>>310208 >third pic
merry Christmas gamergays
(980.04 KB 660x1020 1450391629177.png)

(440.45 KB 1106x1637 1450819541903.png)

(248.16 KB 800x720 1450923012670.png)

(212.53 KB 956x1168 1450961984185.png)

(334.90 KB 945x1137 1450981296655.png)

>>310408 B R A V O R A V O
Someone do Vivian armpit tickling. Plz.
(775.43 KB 1241x844 1452530879249-0.png)

(1.52 MB 1077x1519 1452436729282.png)

(202.12 KB 721x889 1452646020696.png)

(155.56 KB 1024x640 oh_so_salty__by_ashion-d9mjlnn.jpg)

(306.38 KB 1100x1700 1452088251122.jpg)

(171.00 KB 800x800 1440457128604-1.png)

(23.07 KB 565x415 1445631533510.jpg)

(86.00 KB 1024x576 1447984819972.jpg)

(97.08 KB 1385x961 1452570325059.png)

(295.56 KB 1024x1820 CNCsR6kWIAESKVB.jpg large.jpg)

(94.30 KB 599x900 CYj8zh2WsAAkx3H.jpg)

(101.89 KB 599x900 CYj8zh8WQAA0vj0.jpg)

(162.81 KB 1280x1024 maxresdefault.jpg)

(110.16 KB 599x900 CYj8zh_WAAAVHru.jpg)

here we go
>>303480 good ones
(436.18 KB 800x633 VivAndPolina2.png)

(43.50 KB 960x441 Opression2.jpg)

(86.71 KB 970x377 GG_comic3.jpg)

(43.85 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)

(335.32 KB 960x600 1452679194872.jpg)

(81.21 KB 1363x977 1452555318921.png)

(97.08 KB 1385x961 1452570325059.png)

(904.66 KB 1403x992 1452656543280.png)

(319.43 KB 1240x925 1453395096487.png)

(749.68 KB 1799x2199 jillian bames.jpg)

ey boss
(843.74 KB 1799x2198 qipaoviv.jpg)

(25.18 KB 1024x1180 sealine1.png)

Some rough lineart.
(244.78 KB 512x640 drgnpnkmod.png)

>>312168 For those who don't know pics 1,2 + 4 (+ this pic) are from the XCOM2 Dragonpunk Mod - http://dragonpunk.org/ I think they're adding Viv. Other info- http://steamcommunity.com/app/268500/discussions/0/494632768631650164/
(809.97 KB 1152x2512 IMG_20160207_0003.jpg)

(589.31 KB 1152x2000 IMG_20160207_0004.jpg)

(449.88 KB 1024x1696 IMG_20160207_0005.jpg)

(880.74 KB 1616x2480 IMG_20160207_0006.jpg)

(978.88 KB 1520x2288 IMG_20160207_0007.jpg)

Daughter asked me who she should draw. kek when she drew Uncle Pol
(1.38 MB 3000x3000 1455001100511.png)

(2.54 MB 2508x3064 1455031817914.jpg)

(295.58 KB 1200x900 1455042715950.png)

(599.05 KB 1374x1300 1455058066911.png)

(60.52 KB 600x579 1455059582658.png)

>>315330 I look forward to installing it mang. I just hope they don't wuss out because some people on the interwebs tell them not to include Vivi-chan in it. Hopefully by then some of the bugs in X-com 2 will be sorted out by then too.
(189.08 KB 800x560 1457308205264.png)

(204.53 KB 800x560 1457308373791.png)

(205.99 KB 800x560 1457308515782.png)

(180.97 KB 800x560 1457309249238.png)

(206.62 KB 800x560 1457307635618.png)

(48.98 KB 480x480 1449515174124-0.png)

(13.15 KB 1280x720 1458364858258.png)

(373.46 KB 745x1053 1458365476763-3.png)

(179.05 KB 864x831 1458615962755-1.png)

(82.79 KB 976x644 1458615143196-3.png)

(85.60 KB 1319x660 1458581031312-0.jpg)

(544.69 KB 1032x593 1458605523223.png)

(288.95 KB 635x900 1458615143196-0.png)

(299.55 KB 938x745 1458615143196-1.png)

(26.76 KB 972x780 1458615143196-2.png)

(14.30 KB 551x534 1456597906947.png)

(1.00 MB 1001x1417 1456728373586.jpg)

(839.53 KB 2560x1920 1457301113706.jpg)

(38.30 KB 913x1079 1458400882188.png)

(1.04 MB 1320x1067 1458612788163.png)

(589.04 KB 1856x1904 1458581105744.jpg)

(364.86 KB 717x721 1458615779812-4.png)

(75.57 KB 717x1097 1458615779811-1.png)

(2.54 MB 2508x3064 warmup .jpg)

(216.56 KB 579x707 1456082199803.png)

(240.55 KB 529x669 1458369056633.jpg)

(253.36 KB 640x394 1458351335301.png)

(194.53 KB 800x600 1458344832736-1.jpg)

(127.04 KB 318x425 1458344751747.png)

(92.65 KB 650x433 1458491849599.jpg)

How about Vivian holding up a championship belt, with The Hulkster by her side ripping his shirt off triumphantly, the both over the broken and bloody body of The Iron Gawk!!!
(340.84 KB 800x1000 lilianandvivian.jpg)

some OC from /b/
(38.23 KB 300x300 rare gilda.png)

ultra-rare gilda
(490.81 KB 635x900 ameriviv.png)

(276.17 KB 504x900 danielle.png)

>>312168 Is it just me,or does that person in your third image look like pearl from steven universe?
(108.14 KB 889x805 1460613437290.jpg)

(599.05 KB 1374x1300 1455383985550-0.png)

Help make Vivian James great again on Google. The current top result is the Vice article on her. https://www.google.com/#q=vivian+james+ Click the feedback link and direct them to the KYM article instead. Copy&Paste this in the suggestions box- Vivian James is a fictional character conceived through a collaboration between 4chan‘s /v/ (video games) board and the indie game developer group The Fine Young Capitalists. The character can be viewed as an anthropomorphized avatar of the /v/ board community created in response to Zoe Quinn’s purported attack on the second-wave feminist organization The Fine Young Capitalists (TFYC) while they were trying to fund a Game Jam to assist women’s projects in gaming development. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/vivian-james
(74.44 KB 600x425 tagteam.jpg)

Heh, love this one.
>>322298 Really is a good one
Draw Vivian dressed up like Kibanohara Ethica from the Tokyo Necro VN
>>322372 >4chan hair pin >not infinity pin please
>>312156 God damn I would sell every spare limb and organ I have to have a complete Tarot deck like that. Fuck. Also, I hate to admit this but I don't know when/where else to bring it up. Who are the other characters, specifically the monochromatic guy and the one with the eyepatch? Apparently I'm a filthy casual.
>>322432 I prefer the classic.
(273.51 KB 600x600 ltcorbis.png)

Is this a Vivian only thread huh?
>>322499 Needs more Viv tbh
>>303490 She looks better as a male, tbh >>304065 Nice perspective! I've tried this before myself.
(42.59 KB 72x107 vivian_running.gif)

new sprite
>>289785 >what was Virtual On damn kids, get off my lawn.
(40.52 KB 600x584 Ce-fc2QWwAIDEmX.jpg)

(59.95 KB 600x800 Cea59jWUkAA93OX.jpg)

(81.64 KB 600x627 CewGEOpW4AAZsre.jpg)

(73.50 KB 600x538 CfT2uANVIAAnFqY.jpg)

(41.71 KB 600x544 CgRCEo2UAAABZMy.jpg)

Did someone say Corbis?
(168.89 KB 600x856 CgfjzbnUMAIPGLa.jpg)

(71.39 KB 256x256 CggGiHEUYAEp-m1.png)

Fleetcom Vivian
(355.30 KB 647x866 vivian grump.png)

>>322375 this isn't a request thread, go to the drawthreads on /v/ if you want something
>>322735 >Fleetcom Is this shit even out yet? And no, the "demo" didn't count.
>>322820 Amazingly, the game's done. Full version was playable at PAX East. http://nichegamer.com/2016/04/20/fleetcomm-officially-launch-pax-east-2016/ Not sure if it's out for everyone else yet but it shouldn't be long if it isn't.
(1.55 MB 2024x2024 sweat digging.png)

dig dug
(481.84 KB 1200x800 strip vidya (3).png)

Vivian and Gilda playing strip vidya, as requested by anon.
>>323442 my dick is on fire
>>323460 nice work!
(1.80 MB 1781x1415 prince-gaming.png)

(482.98 KB 1461x1200 lewd.png)

(318.79 KB 1435x1500 aragrape.png)

(1.50 MB 1573x2220 welcome.png)

(439.26 KB 638x724 CF2BhKSUsAADa0F.png orig.png)

>>323549 This is a wonderful drawing. What's she holding in her right hand?
>>323551 it suppose to be pen or pencil but I mess it up
>>323549 >sleeveless sweater My dick is screaming yes
(1.32 MB 2480x3507 1463074858547.png)

(124.86 KB 1447x2048 1463074455418.jpg)

(51.53 KB 300x300 happy gilda.png)

(96.45 KB 300x300 1462302361989.png)

>>323509 moar gildas
(81.65 KB 400x347 salt viv.png)

(11.63 KB 241x213 1461883805347-0.png)

(24.82 KB 640x640 1463400353541.png)

(638.99 KB 1866x2146 1463281288580.png)

(114.28 KB 600x800 1463399170162.png)

(1.25 MB 4148x5402 1467820324456-0.jpg)

(77.25 KB 586x1000 1467820324456-1.png)

Make Peace, Not War
This bread might be old. But it's got too much to get lost due to a necrobumper.
>>289467 What kind of requests are acceptable here?
>>326357 In all honesty, if you want requests the /v/ drawthreads may be better as they have actual activity.
(17.25 KB 809x858 BEST OF THE BEST.png)

(15.07 KB 809x751 Very Best.png)

(15.16 KB 612x717 BEST.png)

(306.74 KB 370x360 In Vidja We Trust.png)

>>327087 So Cute
(249.67 KB 1111x780 1466974774943.png)

(262.67 KB 765x802 1466975642109.png)

(109.08 KB 1280x876 1471850795993.jpg)

(160.66 KB 822x1200 1471961608947.jpg)

(412.45 KB 881x1255 1471905246657.png)

(3.04 MB 2480x3507 1471858587000.png)

(346.24 KB 1200x1920 1472001797275.png)

(226.75 KB 1200x1920 1472011213079.jpg)

(313.64 KB 1000x1420 1465284069889.jpg)

(201.10 KB 948x1342 1471995946185-0.jpg)

(321.98 KB 948x1342 1471995946185-1.jpg)

(235.48 KB 948x1342 1471997413184-0.png)

(338.38 KB 948x1342 1471997413184-1.png)

(392.28 KB 948x1342 dailyschedule1.jpg)

(355.00 KB 948x1342 dailyschedule2.jpg)

(380.14 KB 948x1342 dailyschedule3.jpg)

(417.47 KB 948x1342 dailyschedule4.jpg)

(1.02 MB 2560x1440 1471801615669.png)

(824.46 KB 1652x1112 1472027824430.png)

(486.08 KB 2428x1879 1471895914697.png)

(591.08 KB 1280x1038 1471880167442.png)

(630.50 KB 1280x1038 1471873701393.png)

>>295102 >Based Nippon noticed us and approves of us,its things like this that makes it all worth while. Does it involve time travel? Because there's no other way to explain this.
>>327228 >first and third images copied Fix your shit, Codemonkey.
(41.41 KB 550x309 allegator.jpg)

>>327228 >>327229 Memed into existence in the past
>>327228 >>327231 Nevermind that. How about Viv being one of the earliest magical girls? Fitting, since Vivian has the magical ability of appearing in any kind of situation, AKA public domain.
Vivian has been triggering snowflakes again: A Japanese video game artist drew this Viv, then posted it on twtr . . . http://archive.is/SSOXc Bit more follow up from twtr- https://twitter.com/Maximus_Honkmus/status/789128297590337536
(595.87 KB 1039x1229 1466119139561.png)

(290.41 KB 1059x895 Screenshot_878.png)

(329.82 KB 845x1180 Screenshot_893.png)

(180.47 KB 569x738 Screenshot_877.png)

(653.04 KB 919x1095 Screenshot_11.png)

(937.56 KB 1801x1913 Viv Halloween 16.png)

(553.25 KB 1310x1600 GG-Hetalia-Mombot-Pwnage-fi.png)

Here's a Hetalia flavor. Enjoy Genderbendt! Japan catching CON! America.
Requesting Vivian James inflating Anita Sarkeesian with a money hose.
(462.34 KB 933x1400 02.png)

(524.53 KB 933x1400 03.png)

Found on KiA
>>328810 What is she talking about at the bottom of the second one?
Fresh crossover with Granblue Fantasy. More incoming from drawfags soon.
>>328819 But where the tiddy at tho?
Mega late.
>>328816 Mechanical keyboard jargon. Also a shoutout to r/MK
(1.77 MB 1500x1500 thanksgiving 2016.png)

Happy Thanksgiving! https://twitter.com/anomalous_dev/status/801525739602350080 http://anomalousgames.tumblr.com/post/153571029548/vivian-and-gilda-wish-you-a-happy-thanksgiving red*dit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/5ejmrp/art_vivian_and_gilda_wish_you_a_happy_thanksgiving/
If someone can make a Vivian James dakimakura cover I'd actually want, I will print it and sleep with it.
(1.16 MB 1920x1080 christmas-wp-2016.png)

Season's Greetings, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and whatnot.
>>329166 Many thanks. I want to play as Vivian in thighhigh boots.
>>329166 Vivan has nice legs.
DK viv from draw thread
More art for the KiA sidebar
(156.58 KB 1000x999 viv maidragon.jpg)

(266.62 KB 480x480 viv maidragon closeup.jpg)

>>330154 The ride never ends.
(118.21 KB 400x400 viv-kick.gif)

(198.87 KB 768x1024 viveaster2017.png)

Viv - and socks - pencil sketch.
>>330356 Ravioli Ravioli, fuck what Nobles Says on Youtube Oli
(88.90 KB 1000x1300 vivgba.jpg)

(92.92 KB 1000x1300 vivgbainf.jpg)

These are new
(1.36 MB 600x855 viv56.png)

(280.99 KB 768x664 president2.png)

(1.55 MB 1184x664 mechanical Remote.webm)

Congratulations GamerGate. Three years and counting. Keep the legacy alive.
>>293073 I feel like the concept art Vivian with the classes could have been recycled into a new character >>304918 >down with cis what? did a sjw draw her as a lesbian to try and annoy us?
Hey, I need help with creating a new account and/or logging into the GG wiki. I tried logging in today and I wasn't able to. I got the same results with trying to make a new account.
>>331123 I think so, he/she was trying to draw Vivian by saying "What if GG is inclusive…" I think the guy who drew that was one of the mods for RPG.Net, an insanely anti-GG tabletop rpg forum site. I don't remember all of the details, since the weird art just appeared in Tumblr a long time ago and secondly, I was doing research for the GG wiki (which is the most recent thing I was doing concerning the piece).
(1.42 MB 1351x1661 Gilda conquers the World.jpg)

(73.60 KB 540x474 hang around.png)

(669.68 KB 1024x1024 Vivian & Amane.png)

The tits scare the dirt gaijin.
Vivian James Darling in the FranXX when?
(1.03 MB 800x1132 DITFrnxx-vng.png)

>>331535 Only got this one. There is a bigger version floating around.
>>331700 This is a recolor. still, too damn fast
>>331489 https://illeity.deviantart.com/ No more bullying for Gilda!
>>289467 Vivian James, Gilda and/or Polina in Latex. Or Spacesuit, either way.
(3.75 MB 3000x3373 GILDA MARS GROWTH.jpg)

(87.05 KB 1200x1200 Dczost4UwAASKxf.jpg)

>>331928 Any ideas?
i was watching some old school one piece when i found a little viv! heres the full clip for context https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwyMItohwIc&list=FLijNtL9eY-UuriZ6L2WRpsQ&index=2&t=1s
(121.13 KB 1000x1000 danielle-freya.jpg)

(143.05 KB 600x600 beachcolors.gif)

(757.21 KB 1333x640 beachpartycolor.png)

(98.18 KB 640x480 close-the-gate.png)

(770.43 KB 765x1006 Dancing-Viv.gif)

(1.85 MB 3608x2023 DF-bparty.png)

(543.69 KB 462x500 ethics-time.gif)

(431.20 KB 721x889 girlscolor.png)

(683.87 KB 1500x1278 ghazimothersday.png)

(683.87 KB 1500x1278 ghazimothersday.png)

(307.43 KB 662x1093 lolifreya.png)

(721.65 KB 2196x2482 sealvivian.png)

(4.36 MB 4263x2730 smug-anime-ggirls.png)

(156.62 KB 650x577 viviandeletethis.png)

>>331958 >You will never see Polina in shadman-esque Latex SS uniform >You will never see studentofrubber draw latex Vivian/Polina/Gilda again
>>331958 One more thing, tell Rosvo and others to learn how to BitTorrent or >>>/ipfs/ their art, so that people can share it with ease.
>>331969 See >>>/tech/915966 and >>>/ipfs/9
Vivian James or Polina in Nazi Uniform (kinky style) with templates
>>331965 I'm a big fan of gamergate asking people if they are beach body ready, because I've never met an incel who has been beach body ready.
(1.31 MB 1800x2900 gmhh6464.jpg)

(133.20 KB 648x612 japanesegames.jpg)

Requesting Smug Wendy and AfD-chan lewds
(311.70 KB 760x901 amaneconfuse.png)

(181.33 KB 414x451 amanethefuck.png)

(128.56 KB 986x680 amanequestion.png)

(94.08 KB 1202x680 amanequestion2.png)

(223.23 KB 1266x1676 vivianshotaishv.png)

(6.73 MB 2894x4093 thqviv.png)

>>332668 I focused on the dip…
(51.66 KB 854x614 doodle164.png)

(154.23 KB 1224x1314 doodle166.png)

doodle164 (Mark sneaking up on Vivian): https://archive.fo/ikR5r#selection-21238.0-21238.4 doodle166 (Amane bullying U.N. chan): https://archive.fo/ikR5r#selection-29510.0-29510.1
(172.71 KB 595x473 LaughingMEMEv2.png)

>>332697 Almost forgot to post this one as well. https://archive.vn/a8jI3#selection-35646.0-35646.1
(347.39 KB 744x1144 miko.png)

requesting futa vivian james fucking the purple haired girl, miko, like in other picture.
>>332833 i forgot to mention the boobs dont have to be as big as in the pic that was just the best reference i could find right now. also can vivian be wearing her sweater but have it unzipped so you can see her tits?

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