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#GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Score to a New Beginning Edition Anonymous 09/20/2021 (Mon) 13:55:50 Id: 63d381 No. 76061
ONGOING DISCUSSIONS: >Nathan Grayson leaves Kotaku to join the Washington Post's "Launcher" section https://archive.is/9hqq0 >Kotaku: "Sega Changes PSO2 Name To Something Less Borderline Racist" https://archive.is/XwXUd >Guilty Gear Strive censors mention of Taiwan and other countries https://nichegamer.com/2021/06/22/report-ai-kayano-voice-and-credit-removed-from-azur-lane-and-arknights-after-chinese-outcry/ https://archive.is/qTQD3 >Factorio developer attacked by SJWs after he refuses to denounce man whose programming advice he linked and denounces cancel culture https://nichegamer.com/2021/06/20/attempts-to-cancel-factorio-dev-backfire-players-and-positive-reviews-swell/ https://archive.fo/S9SyH >Voice Actress Ai Kayano's lines removed from Azur Lane and Arknights after Chinese people object to her visiting Yasukuni Shrine https://nichegamer.com/2021/06/22/report-ai-kayano-voice-and-credit-removed-from-azur-lane-and-arknights-after-chinese-outcry/ https://archive.is/qTQD3 >Five Nights at Frieddy's developer Scott Cawthon retires after SJWs and game journalists attack him for donating to Republican politicians https://archive.fo/wCpMC https://archive.fo/Fe8Ey >Quinton Flynn Replaced as Kael’thas Voice Actor in WoW; Despite Judge Ruling Sexual Misconduct Allegations Came from Obsessive Stalker https://nichegamer.com/2021/04/19/quinton-flynn-replaced-as-kaelthas-voice-actor-in-wow-despite-judge-ruling-sexual-misconduct-allegations-came-from-obsessive-stalker/ https://archive.is/Dj5a5 >A petition to deplatform once cancelled game "Six Days In Fallujah" started by Hala Alsalman receives game industry developer and figure support; gets stealthily updated https://archive.is/h6Da1 https://archive.is/eSpno >Pro-GG developer explains reason for leaving project. Claims family issues rather than cancel culture are to blame https://yewtu.be/YBVyJhn5AGg >Game journo who wrote articles for Vice Waypoint and PCGamer calling for blacklist on Hogwarts Legacy over pro-GG lead developer: https://archive.is/7gsws >State of Decay 2 drama involving the "Punched Nazis" trait https://archive.vn/XsItt CURRENT TASKS: 1. OPERATION TRAJAN: Collect and catalog all of the various localization and censorship accounts of past video games into a single repository from these sources: romhacking.net The_Cutting_Room_Floor Segaretro https://yewtu.be/channel/UCFItIX8SIs4zqhJCHpbeV1A 2. OP OUR LIFE OUR HOMETOWN: SONY FORCING JAPANESE DEVELOPERS TO CENSOR THEIR GAMES IN ALL REGIONS http://archive.vn/XQOHW Sony's policies forces censorship; JP devs allegedly have to go through ENG approval process: https://archive.fo/awzFF Japanese blog post about it: https://archive.fo/bF9bE Sony Japan President Says PS4 Censorship Policy Is To Match Global Standards And Protect Kids https://archive.fo/U3GLa -Confirms censorship was deliberate https://archive.fo/XgAgP -No rules for censorship policies, games judged case-by-case https://archive.fo/37DhK -Marvelous partner starts petition against policy https://archive.fo/rxQtf https://archive.fo/84UHo •Twitterfags: Tweet with Sony's stock code $SNE so that investors see your tweets and know you're pissed. •Consider spreading OP Timber materials to targets as well. http://archive.vn/URjtu ONGOING TASKS: A. Support archive.fo! Accountability needs proof: https://liberapay.com/archiveis/donate B. OP DisNod: Contact the FTC and advertisers about violations and unethical practices http://archive.vn/9bylT C. Internet Censorship happenings: Spread the word about the dangers of FOSTA/CLOUD act/Article 13, etc. https://www.eff.org/de/deeplinks/2020/03/earn-it-act-violates-constitution D. OP End the Era: Dig into resetera and their connections to journos, devs, etc. http://archive.vn/JfuSb Reminders (important, READ THESE!): •Use https://archive.fo to deny sites ad revenue and traffic and preserve pages in case they are deleted later •Be civil if you have to argue with people on Twitter, Tumblr or any forum - don't make us look like douchebags •Do not accept requests for any goal, demand lists or personal army requests: https://pastebin.com/p5dVp1e5 •Beware COINTELPRO: The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies: https://cryptome.org/2012/07/gent-forum-spies.htm •STOP REPLYING TO BAITS AND OBVIOUS DERAILMENT ATTEMPTS, JUST REPORT AND FILTER Resources >Summaries of #GamerGate:https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=wy9bisUIP3w[Embed] - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics •https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=5fnRSL3d_xU[Embed] - #GamerGate in 60 Seconds •https://archive.fo/23Fde - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address >Background and Evidence for #GamerGate: •The #GamerGate Dossier: https://archive.fo/nv1Fb •#GamerGate Wiki: https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Main_Page •History of #GamerGate: http://www.historyofgamergate.com/ •View the timeline links in the Current Happenings section! >Lists: •GG Steam Support & Boycott List: https://v.gd/vzRsRb •Key GamerGate Hubs: https://v.gd/LNJbat (Needs updating) >Thread Repository: https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/blob/master/ThreadRepository.md https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Thread_Repository >Full OP Text: •Current: https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=The_GamerGate_OP >How Can I Help? https://8chan.se/gamergatehq/ •All OPs: https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/tree/master/Operations •OP Vulcan: Learn logical debating: https://v.gd/Kbzw0L •An Anon's Guide to Twitter; basics: https://v.gd/nwrbYF >Want to Contribute to GitGud or Wiki? https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/tree/master/How-to-Contribute Remember that other boards and sites exist for discussing and posting about hobbies, lewds, and other interests. To conveniently find these locations, regularly visit the board list: https://8chan.moe/boards.js >/vg/ under new management; alternative GG thread can be found there: >>>/vg/
(94.94 KB 1280x720 JEWCY.jpg)

>>76062 WRONG
(45.20 KB 602x450 aliens.jpg)

(76.09 KB 1280x640 beanis.jpg)

>>76062 Yes, here it is.
(430.27 KB 1374x812 jacko gendo.jpg)

>>76065 What is that from, anyway?
(349.94 KB 1440x927 Shortie GF.jpg)

Short girls are a treasure.
>>76069 Cute and fuckable as that short girls are, breeding with them means that your sons will likely end up being manlets.
(423.99 KB 640x455 Bread Senko.png)

Archive of previous bread https://archive.fo/G3SdM
(555.67 KB 2892x4096 Erma_High_Heels.jpg)

>>76070 I thought breeding with short guys is what would result in manlets. I'm a tall guy in a family of average people.
(1.12 MB 1103x1654 ride 1.jpg)

>>76063 JEWCY
(47.60 KB 988x677 E4SNr8KWQAEvtUi.jpg)

>>76065 >Mrasheed.com Sounds extremely familiar.
>>76061 >only on song in the op this seems low quality
>>76078 Quite racist of the artist to imply that black people aren't human.
>>76065 >nog is so delusional he thinks that ayy lmaos treat nig nogs like kangz.
(50.15 KB 1024x768 peewee totala.jpg)

(157.54 KB 640x480 30-hKxSD.png)

>>76073 >Script: Peewee Why did he named himself after a Arm unit?
>>420269 Why are you still avatarfagging?
>>420269 back to /b/
>>76083 Because he's mentally ill and still gets responses to blatant bait posting for attention.
Wasn't the last thread not even at 700 posts? >>420142 >make plants produce a synthetic protien that causes stomach and mouth ulcers and gastric hemmoraging in anything that consumes it I would eat poison sumac before eating their fucking mRNA spinach. >>420155 The first fucking block of text is a real big think. >the Nazis actually relaxed German vaccine mandates -- and hoped doing the same for people they conquered would kill them faster <hey fellow nazis lets all stop taking these vaccines that would otherwise lead to higher mortality in every other people but not us because of our aryan racism fields
(10.66 KB 368x277 EVlYDXsX0AEhdW8.jpg)

(1.37 MB 476x360 slap.mp4)

>>420289 NTR is a sin against god
>deleting responses to certain posts while keeping said posts alive but why
>>420282 Two of the last 8 threads had less than 700 posts made. It looks as if a minor new standard for threads is being set up. >>76090 Avatarfagging and minor derail attempts. Replying to this shit makes it worse.
>>76061 you niggers need to see this shit
>tfw it's been 7 years since the exodus to 8chan for many
>>76092 Thanks for sharing I enjoyed it. Nice animation and very fun. Its also been a while since I last listened to Alestorm.
>>76093 Don't look behind you up the mountain where you came from. Look forward, down into the gazing abyss of irrelevancy.
(40.88 KB 438x754 between the eyes please.jpg)

Twisted Metal TV series casts (((Anthony Mackie))) as post-apocalyptic milkman <The series comes from the writers behind (((Deadpool))) Sony’s PlayStation Productions has found one of the leads for its live-action Twisted Metal series. >The new Captain America, Anthony Mackie, will be at the center of Twisted Metal’s car-based mayhem, Deadline reported Wednesday. >The series will follow Mackie as John Doe, a wise-cracking milkman hired to deliver a package across a post-apocalyptic wasteland. >Along his journey he’ll meet some of Twisted Metal’s most famous characters, including Sweet Tooth, the demonic clown with the flaming head, and his ice cream truck, and probably a few new faces as well. John Doe in >Twisted Metal: Black was an unremarkable driver of the car Roadkill whose defining characteristics were his amnesia and his tattoos. >Other than some of the characters, it doesn’t seem like the new series will take many cues from the video games they’re based on other than the premise. >Then again, the Twisted Metal franchise, which had its last entry in 2012, was always more about the idea of vehicular destruction and chaos than a story, to begin with. >The series is based on a take on the PlayStation video game franchise from writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who were behind Zombieland, both Deadpool movies, and 6 Underground, which means we can expect a healthy mix of action and comedy. >Reese and Wernick will serve as executive producers on the series, but the writing will be handled by Michael Jonathan Smith (Cobra Kai), who will executive produce as well. >There’s no word yet on when Twisted Metal will be released or which network or streaming service it will call home. >Sony doesn’t currently have a streaming service of its own but Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions are currently partnered with HBO for their The Last of Us series, which is in production now. >While this could make HBO the eventual home, there’s no exclusive agreement stopping Sony from sending the Twisted Metal series somewhere else. https://archive.ph/fYs8F (((Sony))) hearing (((Disney))) race baiters and Redditors to make a twisters metal show. No, the revised PS5 isn’t any worse than the launch model! <(((Digital Foundry))) says both perform the same. Good luck finding either, though! >Sony has replaced the launch model of the PlayStation 5 — the CFI-1000, for those keeping score — with a revised model, even as a lot of folks are still having trouble getting their hands on any model. >So, what gives with the newer CFI-1100? Is this a better console to re-trigger fans’ FOMO? >No, says Digital Foundry. Nor is it any worse. “The differences between PlayStation 5s old and new are minimal, to say the least,” writes Richard Leadbetter. >The unit is lighter (about 12 ounces), owing to a redesign of the cooling assembly and its smaller heat sink. >It still has the same large-adult-son chassis. It’s also easier to screw in the stand that the unit uses, somewhat counterintuitively, in the horizontal position. >Otherwise, with both consoles running the same firmware — a big revision just hit on Wednesday, too — “the new PS5 run[s] pretty much identically to my other launch PS5.” >In an analysis of the new unit’s boost clock, Leadbetter “put the new PS5 into a media cabinet with little airflow, ran it with the console consuming over 200 [watts] for two hours, and then benchmarked it again.” >Still no difference, although the console was “very warm to the touch when I retrieved it.” >The PS5 will keep on playing until it hits a specific max temperature and then it’ll power itself down,” Leadbetter said, as the console appears engineered for quiet performance — perhaps recalling the loud launch models of the PlayStation 4. >Despite the new machine running hotter or colder, it performs exactly the same as its predecessor. >So, you can now get back to worrying whether you can find a PlayStation 5 at all. >Sony’s most recent guidance there is that it’ll still be in short supply https://archive.ph/44SGE Just like (((Rich of reviewtechusa))) journalists grow desperate and passive aggressive to defend (((PS5))) new model.
>>76097 (((Who))) (((fucking))) (((cares)))
Morpheus isn’t in The Matrix Resurrections, and 2005’s The Matrix Online may explain why <Most people missed this key bit of Matrix lore >The first trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, the first new installment in the dystopian sci-fi action franchise in over 12 years, sent the internet buzzing like an angry swarm of killer Sentinels. >Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss return for the four-quel as Neo and Trinity, respectively, along with original trilogy supporting players Jada Pinkett Smith and Lambert Wilson and newcomers like Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Neil Patrick Harris. >But of all the new and old faces seen in the first look at the upcoming film, one iconic character is conspicuously absent: Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus. >We’ve known since the initial cast announcements dating back as far as 2019 that Fishburne, responsible for playing Neo’s stoic, mirror-shades-and-katana-touting mentor, wasn’t returning for the fourth Matrix outing alongside Reeves and Moss. >I am not in the next Matrix movie,” Fishburne told Collider in a recent interview. “ >Y]ou’d have to ask Lana Wachowski why, because I don’t have an answer for that.” >Which raises the question: Where exactly is Morpheus in The Matrix Resurrections, and if he isn’t in the film, why isn’t he? >The answer may in fact lie in the most unlikely of places: The Matrix Online, the now-defunct MMO spinoff of the Matrix trilogy that was released back in 2005. >When The Matrix Revolutions debuted in 2003, interviews suggested that the Wachowskis had no intention of releasing another installment in the series. Instead, the plan was to pass the reins of the series’ storyline to the audience itself by way of The Matrix Online. >In the MMO, players assumed the role of a newly awakened “redpill” who chooses from one of several factions formed between the humans and machines in the wake of the events of the third film. >The game had players interact with several main characters from the film trilogy, including the Oracle (Mary Alice), Seraph (Collin Chou), and, consequently, Morpheus. >Our films were never intended for a passive audience,” said the Wachowskis in a 2005 interview with IGN. “We wanted our audience to have to work, to have to think, to have to actually participate in order to enjoy them. [T]he fact that the Matrix films are three of the most successful adult films in history [...] suggests that there are other people like us. >Those are the people, the people who thought about it, who worked at it, who we ultimately made the trilogy for and it now makes perfect sense to us that they should inherit the storyline.” >In the events of The Matrix Online, which took place after the end of The Matrix Revolutions, Morpheus returned to the Matrix to consult the Oracle as to why, despite the apparent truce between the machines and humans, the machine had not yet returned Neo’s remains to Zion. Morpheus, along with a number of players who chose to join his faction, set about trying to reconstruct Neo’s Residual Self Image — his digitally generated avatar within the Matrix — as a way of hopefully resurrecting him. Frustrated by his failure to do so, Morpheus began demanding the Machines to return Neo’s body. With no other options, Morpheus then began detonating “code bombs” across the Matrix, compromising the integrity of the simulation as a whole as a way of forcing the machines to comply with his demands. >After setting off one of the code bombs, Morpheus was ambushed by the Assassin, a program created by Machines, and killed. >Some players at the time theorized that Morpheus might have faked his death and gone into hiding, but this theory remained unresolved at the time of The Matrix Online’s cancellation in 2009. >Morpheus’ absence in The Matrix Resurrections suggests that the new sequel is not only a continuation of the Wachowskis’ original trilogy, but of all of the transmedia storytelling that was happening at the time. According to the events of the “official continuation” of the Matrix saga, he would be dead when Resurrections picks back up with Neo. >How likely is it that the events of a MMO that’s been shut down for more than 12 years would have any canonical significance on the events of the forthcoming Matrix sequel? Well, about as likely as there being a fourth Matrix film to begin with. >Did Lana Wachowski pull a Yoko Taro/Nier move and weave a now-dead MMO into the broader mythology of the The Matrix Resurrections? If so, she’ll have to explain how the Matrix is still around despite everyone being crushed to death when the game went offline in 2009. https://archive.ph/oyXmn Chinese Government Bans Boys’ Love Online Games as “Inferior Culture” >The Chinese government recently put new restrictions on minors playing video games, saying they could only do it legally one hour a day from Friday through Sunday, plus holidays. >Not long after that the Chinese government banned what it considers “effeminate men” from being on TV. Now issues of video games and how men are portrayed have combined, and the Chinese government has banned boys’ love online games. >The decree came through the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Public Relations Department and was directed at online gaming companies. >Along with banning boys’ love, it also called for a ban on “content that contain false values or illicit material.” <Boys’ love is now officially considered “inferior culture,” and businesses that continue to offer BL games will be “severely punished.” >The government said it wants an “official morality” and “revolutionary culture,” and President Xi Jinping feels he should have more say in how people act in areas of education, religion, culture and business. He fears that exposure to boys’ love could cause Chinese men to be less manly. >This isn’t the first time laws passed by the Chinese government have affected otaku culture. >China has strict censorship codes, as indicated when the movie Monster Hunter was banned after a pun in it by a Chinese-American actor did not go over well with the government and some audience members. >The fallout caused the Demon Slayer film to have to be looked at the censors again, which delayed its release and cost its Japanese company. >Actors in the video game Mr Love: Queen’s Choice also lost jobs after one of them said he considered Taiwan a country. >The official position in China is that Taiwan is part of it and not its own country. >Boys’ love is a popular genre in Japan, usually made by women for women. Publishers in America who print it include Digital Manga Publishing, SuBLime, and Seven Seas Entertainment. https://archive.ph/Tflyt Kek same SJweebs that defended China video game ban law are now crying over yaoi dating simulators being banned.
>>76099 >Chinese Government Bans Boys’ Love Online Games as “Inferior Culture” I see broken clocks indeed are right twice a day
Chinkland’s real estate business, notably Evergrande, has basically been one big ponzi scheme after another and is about to fuck everything up. Im wondering if everyone will finally start to distance themselves from China after seeing this, hopefully game companies realize its not worth anymore to trust them but who knows
>>76101 >Im wondering if everyone will finally start to distance themselves from China I believe that's exactly why China is so eager to start up WW3 over Taiwan by the end of the month
>>76101 >>76099 It honestly looks like China is attempting to keep or at least show they still have "control" either in preparation or response to Evergrande defaulting. If they bail them out then it shows that they are weak and obviously not in control and if they do then others will just do the same shit again because China will bail them out. Also possibly have who knows what degree of economic problems from bail out. If they don't bail them out then it also shows that they don't have control and there will be a massive economic problem, possibly and most likely even a crash followed by a revolt, hence what they're doing in cracking down on everything, which will only make the problem worse in the end because people won't have an out. TLDR: damned if they do, damned if they don't
>>76097 >The PS5 will keep on playing until it hits a specific max temperature and then it’ll power itself down So if I'm in the middle of playing a game, the new PS5 will suddenly turn off whenever it gets too hot.
Kabul gamers fret over favourite pastime with Taliban back in power >The Sm:)le net club, a gaming cafe in downtown Kabul, used to be a haven for young people in the city: an escape from the daily grind in a country where decades of war and economic malaise have dimmed their prospects. >Now, with Afghanistan back under control of the Taliban, which banned most forms of entertainment during its previous rule in 1996 to 2001, some fear that gaming may be wrenched away. >Unemployment has increased a lot in the last few weeks ... and we come here to play," said student Ahmad Shoieb, sitting amongst the plush sofas and large TV screens featuring soccer and fighting games. >What will we do if they close the game cafe?" >The Islamist movement has been at pains to show a more conciliatory face to the world since it swept to power on Aug. 15, but there remains uncertainty over how it will govern. >It has said cultural activities would be allowed, as long as they did not go against sharia and Afghanistan's Islamic culture. >When they last ruled Afghanistan, the Taliban banned television, most commercial music and video games, and imposed harsh public punishments on those that broke its rules. >The cafe's proprietor, Ahmad Jawad, said many of his usual customers had been scared to come back, fearing the Taliban would raid the cafe and arrest or even whip patrons. >Because of this, people's interest in game cafes has decreased a lot and we have all suffered," Jawad said. He added that he had invested heavily in the cafe, the sole source of income for his family, and could struggle to find other jobs if it had to close. https://archive.ph/pXwPL Hackers Have Already Ruined Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Open Beta <Call of Duty: Vanguard's open beta has a plethora of cheaters, which has become a major point of concern for fans. >As soon as Activision opened the cross-platform play for the Call of Duty: Vanguard‘s open beta, hackers seem to have flooded into servers. >Many fans took to Twitter and other forums to express their views on the matter, which has caused a fair bit of ruckus in the fanbase. >Of course, Call of Duty: Vanguard will be operating on a new anti-cheat system, which has further exacerbated these concerns. >This new anti-cheat system will also be incorporated into Warzone with a future update. >Call of Duty has already been fighting an uphill battle with cheaters in Warzone, with issues of hacking persisting after several waves of account bans. >Activision also responded to these concerns by saying that bans will be issued to those found guilty of cheating, and the duration of the open beta has also been extended to September 22 across all platforms. >Call of Duty: Vanguard releases for most major platforms on November 5 this year. https://archive.ph/k4IjK
>>76105 >Hackers Have Already Ruined Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Open Beta Online was ruined when match making became standard. I seem to remember quite clearly that hackers got banned quickly back in the days of dedicated servers.
>>76106 Yeah their obsession with matchmaking is exacerbating a problem that had an easy answer before like you said. Never got why they have such a hate boner for player owned/controlled servers.
>>76107 Because then psn/xbox live wouldn't be as easy to justify.
>>76097 (checked) >it doesn’t seem like the new series will take many cues from the video games they’re based on other than the premise Did that even need to be said at this point? Modern adaptions just don't give a fuck. >>76108 True, but then what about PC games?
>>76109 >pc games muh ranking, muh paid cosmetics If you allow dedicated servers then people will just ban to win matches, and mod servers to provide a better illegitimate experience.
>>76108 Funny thing about Xbox Live was that I'm fairly certain 99% of online matches were still peer to peer. You were paying $60 a year not even for the actual game servers you were playing on, but just the ability to easily discover peer to peer lobbies.
>>76110 >illegitimate experience I remember when devs were just happy to see people enjoying their games.
>>76092 >83K views Criminal
>>76107 >Never got why they have such a hate boner for player owned/controlled servers. Because money for servers goes directly to the, they can justify their monthly console online tugboat for normalcattle and they have full control over the games network and can shut it down whenever they feel like it.
>>76114 >>76107 The main reason is the ability to kill a game whenever the next one releases. If you can kill most of the servers for your game, you kill the game. It's a massive deal for CODSHIT, since they release one every year. Sometimes even more than one.
>>76115 >It's a massive deal for CODSHIT, since they release one every year. Sometimes even more than one. You do realize that people can still play nuGoldeneye multiplayer on the Wii despite the servers being controlled by Activision, two systems remove on availability, and it's own system's online infrastructure being defunct, right?
(157.58 KB 716x530 Desert Punk.jpg)

Kind remember to help anons get off by posting on >>>/h/.
>>76117 Man kanta missed a golden oportunity there to have a walking loli onahole, instead he simped for the con artist.
>>76117 Stop jacking off. Masturbation raises your risk of getting prostate cancer later in life by 79%.
>>76119 It's the opposite, retard.
>>76119 >>76120 Which one of you should I trust?
>>76121 Trust the autist who got a ride with nasa and said he wanks it only for health reasons.
>>76121 Me naturally.
>>76121 Trust your dick.
>>76119 So you should never have sex either? Is that what you're saying?
>>76125 With all the "I'm tired" and "not today," unless you're buying whores and getting aids anyway its probably not comparable.
>>76117 Only if I have brethren ready and willing to discuss the thinking man's fetish.
(58.23 KB 720x720 rebecca.jpg)

(39.31 KB 960x672 rebecca-bloody.jpg)

(10.72 KB 500x443 rebecca-scared.jpg)

>>76124 rebecca a cute
>>76124 >>76128 > Nu-Rebecca This tells me everything i need to know about you.
(243.90 KB 732x599 Rebecca shotgun.jpg)

>>76129 >nu What the actual fuck are you talking about? She hasnt showed up in any of the new games games, theres nothing nu about her appearance in a movie. >>76128 Of course, she is to be cherished.
Odd question but anyone know a solid brand for whey protein? I was gonna add some to my diet to help while I work, it's an easy job but it's alot of grunt work ya know like shoveling, sweeping, constantly running around and in general doing tons of movements. I'd like something I can grab online if possible without garbage like artificial sweeteners etc
(41.06 KB 775x1200 D69qxCyX4AAg7ZR.jpg)

>>76130 This is the only Rebecca.
>>76131 >shoveling, sweeping, constantly running around and in general doing tons of movements. <manual labor <working at all What a fag.
(28.88 KB 1280x720 rebecca live action.jpg)

>>76132 Plebian.
>>76133 I get paid to sit on my ass and watch anime all day occasionally for weeks at a time if we're slow.
>>76131 >>76135 What job do you do?
(6.15 MB 1528x2155 Sam & Max complete.png)

We finally got it done. >>420388
(425.38 KB 641x693 thumbs up friendo.png)

>>76137 Great clusterfuck, friendo.
>>76120 >>76121 Yeah, like a 0.01% decreased risk. Utterly worthless. Pleasures of the flesh are for fags anyway. Jerking off has plenty of other downsides too. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=n01zo94Fl9Y
>>76133 Manual labor can be fulfilling. Can't say the same about holding an office job.
>>76137 sweet
(139.13 KB 1103x941 Zeldo Ass.jpg)

>>76137 It's amazing
>muh jerking off bad >muh moderation doesn't exist
>>76140 Self control, dumbass.
>>76101 The entirety of China's success and "wealth" is one enormous lead-painted red bubble. If this is what crashes it I can only hope every other market that's leaned toward them begins to lean the other way. >>76105 >Because of this, people's interest in game cafes has decreased a lot and we have all suffered," Jawad said. >He added that he had invested heavily in the cafe, the sole source of income for his family, and could struggle to find other jobs if it had to close. Jesus, we've really lived to see gamers become an actual, legitimately oppressed minority.
>>76140 >https://yewtu.be/watch?v=n01zo94Fl9Y Hey, jackass, that video was debunked MONTHS ago: >>>/pol/5767
To any leafanons I hope you faggots voted PPC.
>>76147 K...kike shill!
>>76148 Speaking of which, how are the German elections going?
(22.16 KB 386x258 Better Times.jpg)

>>76148 lol, of course they didn't. Better the boot on your neck that you know, eh?
>>76148 >voting
(10.76 KB 361x287 the leaf.jpg)

>>76151 I voted PPC and I'm happy that people voted a fuck ton for them as this means they are now the 4th party. This means they have more say in parliament which is a good thing as we need sane people.
I see the anti fap rhetoric derail got started today since nobody bit the vtuber one... But why bother? I don't get, why the feds are wasting resources by having some retard come here and repeat the same useless discussions in an attempt to derail the off topic thread?
<<420448 Who the fuck actually thinks like this? It takes some real mental illness to obsess over stuff like that instead of enjoying life and doing your best.
>We all know we lost >SJWs are in complete control >We should just sit here and die >btw don't call me niggerpill lol Your post didn't provide a single god damned ounce of substance. Civil disobedience is at an all time high from both sides of the party lines, and the entire establishment is at the edge of collapsing and being reformed into something new, even if it's just from old age. Pretending like sitting is self-pity is any sort of solution is just what I'd expect from you. You give up when you die, and last I checked I'm not dead yet.
>>76154 >But why bother? I don't get, why Slide the thread off the front page whenever something important happens and convince retards they're in good company with with the spam to drown out legitimate posts. Does NO ONE remember COINTELPRO despite it heing listed in the OP?!?
>>76155 >>76156 >Who the fuck actually thinks like this? Niggerpill, one of the board's resident spammers. He makes this kind of posts every day and throws them in a rapid succession under different IPs and Tor. If you see a lot of posts with defeatist comments one after other and new IDs (or only Tor IDs) then you are seeing niggerpill's spam.
So there's antifap rhetoric "derailing"...except when there's not, and it's porn "derailing" instead.
>>76157 >Slide the thread off the front page whenever something important happens Please tell me what of importance is happening for the slide? Also, sliding is when other threads are bumped to make this one get off the front page. Derailing this one is not sliding unless some other thread is talking about something of importance.
>>76156 First time meeting niggerpill?
(271.07 KB 492x480 top vehk.png)

>>76154 >implying the feds need to repeat the same useless discussions when that's quite literally all that happens here How does having zero self awareness feel? Quite curious.
>>76156 >Civil disobedience is at an all time high <frenchie gets his head cut off <not a peep by his countrymen compared to fentanigger protests lole
(74.16 KB 810x1023 media_E_vjYKnXIAAzFAO.jpg)

(41.52 KB 775x453 media_E_vjYJbXMAQiZfP.jpg)

>>76153 I heard that they will finish counting vote that night. After adding the (((mail-in ballot))) at the end, expect rigging. Also related. https://archive.md/2UBNP https://www.axios.com/russia-election-fraud-state-department-a22847f9-415e-4d3b-bbe0-efc7eba2bc6c.html
(124.77 KB 1825x288 Longago niggerpill.png)

>>76163 I think i'm the only one that has the picture of the frog's head with the cuckmask still on. I've never seen it anywhere else.
>>76166 i want it
>>76166 Yet fucking Euros will deny how cucked things are and this is coming from a fucking faggot who lives in fucking Canada.
>>76167 >>76166 Seconding this, I also want it.
>>76148 >”there is a political solution to this!” Eat shit, nigger. >>76155 Everybody is mentally ill these days, anon. >>76156 >civil disobedience is at an all time high >the entire establishment is at the edge of collapsing Good I’m actually loving every fucking moment of this. The chaos, the destruction, the death, all of it. It’s not every day you get to personally record the collapse of a civilization for future generations. I spent most of my day driving around to 4 different grocery stores just to buy some goddamned food and by the time I was going home, I was so fucking pissed about everything that I just downed the entire 6 pack of beer that I bought and threw all the bottles at people on the side of the road as I drove past them at 60mph while Eurythmics reverberated throughout my car. Now I have to drink liquor for tonights Jackbox game instead. FUCK.
>>76154 It's not really sensible to call anything derailing in these threads considering how off-topic they get regardless, but moderating them substantially only pisses people off despite tangentially-related posts dragging each thread to bumplock. >>76161 I know. I've been around enough defeatist faggots that it just gets me fucking irked. Sometimes I wonder if he does it on purpose knowing nobody here believes him, like he's acting the part of a hopeless dark yin fueling a burning autistic yang back to life.
>>76148 You bet your sorry ass I did. I don't expect anything to come out of it though. Most normalfags I talk to think the PPC is some kind of crazy extremist party when their policies are actually some of the most milquetoast conservative ones I've ever come across. Boy, was democracy a mistake.
I want to fuck the Deepfreeze sisters.
>>76172 >Boy, was democracy a mistake. Can you think of anything better? I never see anyone ever suggesting that leaders should be decided by a series of deadly tests.
>>76174 >a series of deadly tests I don't know man but managing to avoid the guillotine/their extended family's daggers sure wasn't easy for monarchs. I just think whatever the system you prefer, it would work infinitely better if there was a review at the end of each year, and if more than half your metrics aren't in the green, you get killed. Metrics could include GDP, GDP per capita, literacy rates, and so on so forth.
>>76176 >it would work infinitely better if there was a review at the end of each year, and if more than half your metrics aren't in the green, you get killed. Metrics could include GDP, GDP per capita, literacy rates, and so on so forth. That's what China does and the USSR did do.
>>76177 I guess the problem is fudging those numbers through bribery then.
>>76172 It's sad how quickly people will be to deride you when they find out you don't automatically hate the enemies of the people as pointed out by CNN. They do this while unironically knowing zero about the people they vote for and just automatically assume the people they're voting for are good people who are totally not career politicians who just want money and power.
>>76154 >I don't get, why the feds are wasting resources <He thinks the feds even bother with this place and it's not just bored autists stirring shit, such as a herdniggers
>>76178 No, the problem is people bending nature to their will when nature cannot be controlled.
(53.13 KB 550x725 lavrenti beria.jpg)

>>76177 >That's what China does and the USSR did do. That surely turned out great, didnt it?
>>76148 I'd rather vote for a party that has a chance at winning in my riding and will finally get Trudeau out. Plus the PPC has the issue of the majority of their candidates being complete fucking nutjob Qniggers which makes them insufferable to vote for. Maxime Bernier is a decent guy but as long as his party is plagued with Qnigger facebook boomers it's going to rot itself from within.
>>76182 There's a reason people often pray: <Lord, give me strength to change what I can, the endurance to withstand what I cannot, and the knowledge to know which is which.
>>76181 >>76184 I actually don't know what you're getting at anon.
>>76185 To cut it short, the government's "answer" to any issue is to always brute force the problem or find a solution that fits their world view. They don't care about how viable it is what it costs to make happen. The results are Chernobyl and Corona-chan.
>>76092 >crystal coconut <shaped like an egg
>>76187 ?????????
(166.04 KB 475x475 103.png)

>>76187 yes and
(34.21 KB 727x218 41zKdTu+86L._AC_UY218_.jpg)

>>76172 >implying we live in a democracy at all More like an oligarchy, pal. This past election made me lose all faith in the election process. If democrat elites can force a popular candidate like bernie to lose the nomination to the deeply unpopular biden (thanks to their undemocratic "superdelegates" votes), something is wrong. If democrats can engage in massive election fraud (which is real btw, now that the Maricopa country investigation proved it) to make sure biden wins against the more popular Trump, something is wrong.
(35.84 KB 903x778 God damn plant.jpg)

>>76188 >coconut <shaped like an egg
>>76191 ????????????
>>76191 >coconut <neither a nut nor made of coco
>>76186 Well then the problem becomes having poor understanding of basic economic principles and/or poor understanding of whatever issues they are trying to tackle. In other words, they are not fit to handle those problems, and even less fit as leaders because they fail to realize that kind of decision has to be delegated to someone who does understand the repercussions.
>>420524 The votes will balance themselves.
(232.35 KB 590x682 coco faggot.png)

>>76193 the real coco nut was the faps we made along the way
>>76190 >>76148 Speaking of voting, I'm required by some asinine statute in our law to at least show up to the voting booth if I want to take part in any State sponsored exams for public workers, since I'm going to discard it as voting doesn't fucking matter what's the funniest way I can annul my vote or what should I write on the ballot?
>>76197 Vote for Saide Enward
(80.92 KB 500x333 turtles-free.jpg)

>>76197 Vote for Jeb
(40.22 KB 640x471 I'm fine.jpg)

>>76140 Okay anon, what should I do whenever I get horny and I'm alone in my room? I beat NNN 2 years ago but not beating off makes my dick eventually feel like its on fire and I later even start getting breathing issues from severe horniness and lack of nutting. Serious question. How do I stave off my urge to jack off? Or should I somehow get a gf and... HAVE SEX? I have too many options and my dick is too big, don't want to rupture any ovaries and what not. >>76188 It is indeed a form of nut but where does the coco come from? Its not chocolate, but it kinda looks like chocolate, tastes sure as shit different though.
>>76194 >In other words, they are not fit to handle those problems, and even less fit as leaders because they fail to realize that kind of decision has to be delegated to someone who does understand the repercussions. I agree in that respect. However, the issue that then arises is how do you "choose" the "correct" leader. Even in America, the same people who signed the country's constitution (Credited as some of the "wisest" men in history) then proceed to violate that same constitution or act hypocritical of towards their own philosophies.
>>76200 >get a gf what part of 'no nut' do you not understand?
>>76200 >get a gf In what fucking clown world did you come to consider this shit option?
>>76200 NNN was made so you'd go out and get a dumb bitch, or if you have one already to pay more attention to her as your balls fill up in order to get her to fuck you empty like some kind of a simp. Either jack off so you aren't restrained by the shackles of cunt dominance or find a bitch and beat her until she's a fucktoy to get your release. "The name comes from the old Portuguese word coco, meaning "head" or "skull", after the three indentations on the coconut shell that resemble facial features. They are ubiquitous in coastal tropical regions and are a cultural icon of the tropics." - Wikipedia, the ultimate information repository. Also, chocolate is cacao and not coco, you fuckwit.
(1011.59 KB 640x480 k.mp4)

>>76200 >my dick is too big >don't want to rupture any ovaries and what not. Bruh, quit lying.
Kotaku: The New Gaming Console That's Become A Giant Car Crash, Explained https://archive.md/itgiL > He’s also quick to speak his mind, which often leads to issues. Tommy Tallarico posts on the Atari Age forums, frequently. He replies to folks around a dozen times a day, sometimes more. Many of these posts are what you would expect, but if you dig around more, you’ll find some truly bizarre posts. Tommy has insulted critics, reporters, and YouTubers who are critical of the Amico, even calling some of these people “gaming racists” and “mentally unstable.” He also refers to critics as idiots, morons and has told them to return to their “safe spaces” when they won’t challenge him in an interview. Tallarico routinely participates in thread wars, arguing with people for hours or days.
>>76206 >Tommy Tallarico has been calling anyone who criticizes his badly designed new Intellivision console "communists" WEW LAD
>>76206 Tallarico is a legitimate retard but these people would readily use him as "proof" that any sort of criticism is bad.
(97.06 KB 720x306 douglas.jpg)

>>76206 >Tallarico routinely participates in thread wars, arguing with people for hours or days. most of those thread wars were probably just him bitching about footstep sounds in vidya
(162.13 KB 602x450 wololo aliens.jpg)

>>76065 Wololooooo
>>76206 Tallarico is my man
(621.55 KB 1000x975 ClipboardImage.png)

>>76202 >>76203 Because in that case she will jack me off instead of myself and when I nut it won't be my fault but entirely hers, that way I don't be jacking off but getting jacked off, mission accomplished? Or I can just stick it in her pussy. Also I need to nut, animals are born to breed but not to a fucking computer screen then into a napkin, thats unnatural. >>76205 I want to tell you so much more of the shit thats going on in my head but this ain't /b2/ and I honestly don't want to derail the thread. God I still miss /b2/ so much
Watch out for GamerGate The public enemy of the world #1 It is the main hashtag responsible for… ☑ Accidentally re-starting the French Revolution ☑ Weaponized Gondolas ☑ Hacking German politicians and media ☑ Played "To Catch a Predator" with Randy Pickford ☑ Masterminded the destruction of GDQ via the Catfish of Legend: Namazu ☑ Under the light of the Blood Moon; Self-destructed Western Journalism by having a some kid smirk at a drumming savage ☑ Just wanted to start a conversation with everyone, everywhere, eternally ☑ Watched Gawker die TWICE ☑ Guilty of face crimes ☑ When GameStop tried to sell itself; offered $3.50 in in-store credit ☑ Made telling "journalists" to "learn to code" into a hate crime ☑ Taught the Alt-Right ✅Then harassed said Alt-Right ☑ Started in 2011-2012 when 4chan tried to steal Anita Sarkeesian's SSN# ☑ Created "Boner Culture" which made cis straight male erections the most powerful force on earth ☑ Had a Jewish Mobster 'Take Care' of it ☑ Asked THQ about gaemu which somehow triggered World Wide Web War III ☑ Tricked /cow/ into developing and sharing their fetish for Mark's plump bagel with ResetEra ☑ Triggered GJP3.0 with 57 hitpeices on THQ Nordic's AA ☑ Orchestrated the GaymerGay misogynist review backlash against Marvel's Captain Woman ☑ Taught New Zealand about "White Day" ☑ Radicalized Spyro the Dragon ☑ Turned Pewdiepie into the Osama Bin Ladin of GaymerGays ☑ "The nerds and gamers were joined by the proto-storm troopers of the alt-right in a bond that has never been broken" ☑ Was a trial run for "will the US tolerate fascist behavior" ☑ Exploring new frontiers in sexual harassment via Jelly Bean ☑ Groomed young impressionable politicians into misogynists ☑ Created and trained the alt-right to take over the political landscape on a global scale (And succeeded) ☑ Arranged for Sonic the Hedgehog (movie ver.) to get "fixed" ☑ Remains undefeated for all time ☑ Turned Rage 2 into a Trump-esque attack on game journos ☑ Joined forces with Amazon ☑ Helped Mark impress Resetera ☑ Used Elliot Rodger's martyrdom to unite 4Chan and Breitbart to elect Donald Trump ☑ Will be looked back upon in 50 years as the root cause of the coming Cultural Civil War ☑ Government-sponsored shitposting ☑ Mastered the manipulation of the news cycle to their advantage ☑ Made Anita cry when Feminist Frequency went broke ☑ Destroyer of Worlds ☑ Russian Conspiracies (all of them) ☑ Extended Reanon's death/meme-magic to animation studios (please meme responsibly) ☑ An instrument of American Trumpian Power Worldwide ☑ Cured alleged "journalist" of dyslexic anxiety ☑ An aberrant, creeping horror ☑ As dangerous as Anti-Vax, ISIS, and Holocaust Denial ☑ Five years of ruining everything ☑ Came to the classroom ☑ Trained Google whistleblowers ☑ Never died and foreshadowed our toxic meme-strewn politics ☑ Blew up the Internet ☑ Made wanting challenge in videogames into supporting White Supremacy ☑ Was secretly fighting WWIII all along ☑ Stochastic Terrorism ☑ Being a national security threat according to the DHS ☑ Helped Mark win the lottery ☑ Gave the money back ☑ Living long enough to see itself become the villain in a TV Show THRICE ☑ Confused the FBI into thinking /v/ is /baphomet/ ☑ Turned Anita Sarkesian into a crazy cat lady ☑ It's #Gamergate Forever ☑ Justifiably felt alienated by the neoliberal fetishization of feminism and the reductionism of politics to identity teams ☑ Was rabidly pro-corporate ☑ Manipulated a SJWeeb into review-bombing a LGBTWTFBBQ-friendly game as a "test" ☑ Non-meat based cam girls ☑ Caused the Corona outbreak which destroyed China to cheer up a depressed CIA glownigger ☑ Digisexuals ☑ Called the cyber police to put a cripple in cyber jail ☑ Weaponizing decency ☑ Made the games industry a nightmare for Women, Colored People, and Ashley Burch ☑ The inevitable ultimate horror of Sega's "toxic" advertising for ChuChu Rocket ☑ Has the highest body count of any COVID-19 disinfo group ☑ Finally got the 8kun administration to get off their ass and answer the damn phone ☑ Searching for a new home (again) ☑ Made some /v/ hotpockets on other imageboards go insane ☑ Burned julay to the ground by doing basically fuck-all except continue to exist (props to a certain bunbunmaru reporter, tho) ☑ Having a high enough IQ to be mentioned on Rick and Morty ☑ Radicalized a grandmother to the point she promotes harassment against alleged games journalists ☑ Is the terrorist group backed by 'The French' who are behind President Trump's exhausting battle against twitter ☑ Protecting FUCKING GAMESTOP from looters ☑ Finally started the Race War by forcing a meth-head on a date with Corona-chan to take a knee to the neck from the police ☑ Confirmed for Baby Hitler ☑ Gave a lot of airtime to Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov ☑ Got on the Atlantic's "free $100" van only to get intervewed ☑ Started a backlash against the French independent film industry because they want to raise pure little girls ☑ And then Russia wanted to shut down 8chan.moe to be ironic ☑ Was clearly a blueprint for Trump's online assault in 2016 ☑ A gravestone marked “Games Journalism; Dead By Suicide,” with the date of death corresponding with the launch of GG ☑ Took over the US capitol ☑ Funded by the GOP ☑ Using Reddit's radicalized nihilism to counter jews shorting FUCKING GAMESTOP ☑ Made Mark the Godfather of Gamergate ☑ Corrected Polygon on Titanfall lore ☑ Accidental meme magic discharge (R.I.P Miura) ☑ Planet-range racism field ☑ Not wanting people to put down the controller and talk about their feelings ☑ Destroyed the logic process of a bot wreaking havoc across multiple imageboards with just one simple trick ☑ Caused Blizzard executives to threaten their employees with rape ☑ Came to Alex Hutchinson's Defense ☑ Made Vivian a feminist symbol ☑ Grew to a geopolitical scale and spilled into real life with devastating consequences
>>76213 >Also I need to nut, animals are born to breed >>>/zoo/ is THAT way.
>>76172 They've gained a lot of ground as even normalfags have gained some self awareness.
(35.23 KB 536x410 Arthur Chu 1.png)

(48.45 KB 536x532 Arthur Chu 2.png)

(48.81 KB 526x413 Arthur Chu 3.png)

(47.79 KB 535x421 Arthur Chu 4.png)

(44.20 KB 530x391 Arthur Chu 5.png)

>>76092 >cranky with the smash invitation It's the little details.
>>76217 What did the faggot do to get his fifteen minutes of fame? Win Jeopardy and then get his ass handed to him by Ken Jennings?
>>76219 >Ken Jennings Why isn't he Alex's replacement anyway? He clearly has the best qualifications.
>>76217 Literally who though?
>>76217 >calling Persians and Latinos a barbarian horde OOF
>>76222 >oof Get fucked, faggot
>>76140 >in order to propagate the species, a successful mating strategy will destroy your ability to successfully mate That stands up to scrutiny.
>>76212 >ClipboardImage.png ...
>>76223 ...is that an offering?
>>76214 Say bad things about me, daddy listanon!
>>76195 The man walks out in public this close to crowds and hasn't been shot or hit with something larger than a gravel pebble? Say what you will about Trudeau, he certainly feels secure in his position.
>>76217 <n-no you
>>420614 >Loves Coco >When catching up with the thread, responds to many posts at once after reading a large chunk of the thread, rather than individually responding quickly with separate posts as one reads through the thread, potentially resulting in consecutive posting >Torfag Are you me?
>>76200 >my dick is too big Pics or didn't happen. >>76217 I didn't knew niggerpill was a hapa, now everything makes sense. The eternal butthurt, the obsession with a specific group, the compulsive spam, it was so obvious.
(13.42 KB 644x116 ClipboardImage.png)

(275.62 KB 500x531 ClipboardImage.png)

>>76221 Faggot obsessed with shemale/tranny and sissy porn who also took creep shots of his female friends while they slept contestant from Jeopardy!. Started being very vocal anti-gg and white knighting twitter feminists back when GG was still a thing. Was a huge cunt about anything GG related. Called in a bomb threat on a GG meet up as well. This >>76217 shit isn't even anything new for him. The guy is mentally unstable and if I recall correctly, has done a very similar rant in the past. Maybe more by now, since I don't follow anything twitter nigger related anymore.
>>76217 >cry moar >his logic admits conservative Latinos are Replacing white liberals and Jews who are the only group that supports LGBT >Meanwhile Afghanistan, China, and the rest of the world rejecting LGBT more and more every day Why are nigger pills retarded and who the fuck is this fat fuck to begin with?
Battlefield 2042 delayed and the pandemic is to blame >The anticipated futuristic Battlefield 2042 game from DICE has been delayed, Electronic Arts revealed on the game’s official Twitter account today. >The reason for the delay is one we’ve heard before: the pandemic disrupted workflows and the teams behind the project, causing unanticipated issues that require the release to be pushed to a later date. >Battlefield 2042 is the next installment in the popular Battlefield game franchise from EA and DICE. Players can expect modern weapons and a variety of maps, as well as three main “reimagined experiences.” >Among those experiences is Portal, which EA says will offer a reimagined experience based on the three most popular Battlefield games. >The new title was originally scheduled to launch on October 22, but a statement published on the game’s Twitter account revealed that Battlefield 2042 has been delayed around one month >the new release date is November 19. The date is for the game’s worldwide release, giving the team a few more weeks to wrap everything up. >Building the next generation of Battlefield during a global pandemic has created unforeseen challenges for our development teams,” >EA explained in its statement. >The company reveals that it had anticipated its game dev teams being back in its studios in time for the title’s launch, but the Delta variant and ongoing COVID cases are still a problem. >As a result, the Battlefield 2042 teams are still working on the game from home. >In light of all of this, EA says, “We feel it is important to take the extra time to deliver on the vision of Battlefield 2042 for our players.” EA plans to provide details on the game’s open beta sometime later on in September. https://archive.ph/zsWPT Netflix’s Tomb Raider anime series is a sequel to the reboots, Hayley Atwell to voice Lara Croft >Lara Croft is back. Netflix has announced that the archaeologist-turned-pistol-toting video game icon is set to be voiced by Marvel’s Hayley Atwell (Captain America: The First Avenger) in its upcoming anime series. >Curiously, this isn’t a clean slate for Lara. The series is described as "picking up after the events of the highly successful Tomb Raider video-game reboot trilogy." No other story details or cast news has been announced. >The Crystal Dynamics-developed 2013 reboot crafted a more naïve, grittier Lara Croft for a new generation. It’s something that also inspired the live-action Tomb Raider movie in 2018 – and it’s clearly a well the franchise wants to go to once more. >Atwell is the latest in a long line of actors who have portrayed Lara Croft across the past quarter-of-a-century. In the live-action sphere, the treasure hunter has been played by Angelina Jolie and Alicia Vikander. >In the video games, the character has been voiced by Shelley Blond in the 1996 original, before Judith Gibbons and Jonell Elliot picked up the baton up to the mid-00s. >From there (and perhaps most famously), Keeley Hawes took over for a trilogy of games beginning from Legend and running to Tomb Raider: Underworld. Camilla Luddington portrayed the character in the rebooted trilogy from 2013 onwards. >Netflix is set to be very busy in bringing video game adaptations to the streamer. Tomb >Raider apart, the streaming service has a Sonic series, Assassin’s Creed series, The Cuphead Show, and multiple Ubisoft projects are all in the works across the next few years. >There’s even a movie based on The Division franchise on the way. https://archive.ph/lJ6p9
>>76217 > They all end with the heroic white men overrun by the barbaric horde <The battle of the 300 resulted in the compete disillusionment of Xerxes' army (That numbered in the millions) when it came to a land invasion, which resulted in him going all-in on a naval assault of Greece, only to have the Athenian navy kick his ass so hard that Xerxes ran straight back to Mesopotamia like it was a Benny Hill sketch, all the while leaving behind what remained of his army <The fall of the Alamo result in Texan citizens having a righteous fury to join together and bring Hell towards the Mexican army The only one he has a "point" with is Custard's last stand, which is rather ironic since all the battle participants scattered afterward because there was no food, one of the American-Indian leaders ran off to Canada, and the remainder surrendered a couple months later because they wanted that sweat government welfare.
>>420614 >Q-tards or not imagine how embarrassing it would be for Trudeau and his party to lose to them It's statistically impossible. The PPC could only maybe win a handful of seats at best this time around. They won zero seats last election, which means they didn't get enough votes in a single riding in Canada.
>>420627 >Latinx Way to out yourself as a fucking commie.
>>76234 >timb raider series >anime It's another Powerhouse animation, isn't it?
>>76234 >delayed <pandemic is to blame L O L O L
>>76237 Lxtxnx.
(20.16 KB 360x261 mcfucking killing.jpg)

>>420627 The word latinx is a racial slur literally worse than the word nigger at this point. Nigger became funny but people who say latinx rightfully deserve to get fucking shot. Kill yourself.
>>76241 While what you said is correct, you last the right to have an opinion because everything else you said ITT is cancer.
>>76232 >White Knight Feminist 'Ally' >is on a rage fueled Crusade against us Gaymer G8ters and anyone else who's not politically correct >takes creepshots of sleeping woman Incredible, like clockwork. I really need to start keeping score on a tally chart for this shit. So how long until he's convicted of sexual assault? >>76230 No we're different people, I think it's just one of those moments were 'great minds think alike' applies. >>76234 >Oh no I won't be able to shill out 200+ dollars on EA's pay to win game!! Meh, aren't there dozens of alternatives now that will let you basically do the same thing? Is ARMA still relevant? Been a while since I played that. Also why does EA force everyone to use their Dice engine for everything? You'd think they'd learn their lesson to not treat every project like a nail and wood plank by now, the train wreck that was Anthem is a great example of that. https://odysee.com/@UpperEchelonGamers:3/anthem-total-sales-failure-now-banning:0
Apparently France withdrew their ambassador from the US over the weekend, anyone know anything? Is it because the US and UK snaked Australia's sub deal out from under them because Australia decided they wanted a sub with an engine designed after World War One?
(76.13 KB 514x350 UR Gay.jpg)

(696.22 KB 680x680 You forgot your hat.png)

(4.28 MB 1280x720 Ur a faggot.gif)

>>420614 >Cope >Coombrains
>>76245 >Is it because the US and UK snaked Australia's sub deal out from under them because Australia decided they wanted a sub with an engine designed after World War One? That's what all the news is pointing to the reason being.
>>76245 They're assmad over the submarine deal.
>>76242 I simply don't want to end up being like acid when I get older. I seen his twitter and porn has nearly taken over this mans mind for fucks sake and I don't even know how he ever manages to get any kind of work done. >>76245 I know france is gay and can go fuck itself.
>>76244 >aren't there dozens of alternatives now that will let you basically do the same thing? Yes, but not for consolefags >>76245 Sub deals = Money laundering, each and every single time.
>>76244 >Also why does EA force everyone to use their Dice engine for everything? https://infogalactic.com/info/Frostbite_(game_engine) <The workflows and runtimes are highly configurable and cover all aspects of development including audio, animation, cinematics, scripting, artificial intelligence, physics, destruction, rendering, and visual effects. So, it seems more like EA has invested all this time and money towards developing the engine, and they believe that it's the greatest game engine ever made because of that.
>>76251 >>76244 Because they own it and don't have to pay royalties, have total control over it, it's cheap and tons of assets can be reused.
>>76244 >Is ARMA still relevant? India news media and military tried to start a false flag war with Pakistan and the Taliban by using Arma 3 footage. Does that count? Indian news channel uses Arma 3 gameplay footage to claim Pakistan bombed Afghanistan >In a bizarre development, some Indian news broadcasts claimed that the Pakistani airforce attacked the Panjshir valley, an Afghanistan mountain province home to about 170,000 people, which is currently the last major holdout of anti-Taliban forces. The only problem? >The footage used to report the supposedly pro-Taliban airforce attack came from the popular military simulation game Arma 3. The footage first appeared on Indian news channels including Republic TV, Times Now Navbharat, Zee Hindustan, and TV9 Bharatvarsh. >The original video was credited to a source called "Hasti TV" on Facebook, which has since been deleted. These Indian news sources claimed the video showed a military jet attempting a bombing run on Panjshir. >In fact, the footage came from this January Arma 3 video from the YouTube channel Compared Comparison, which has now been viewed 23 million times. The gameplay shows players engaging in a ground-to-air battle between a jet and a vehicle-mounted anti-air turret with tracer rounds seen firing through the sky at the jet. >It's easy to see how the deceptive edit was made. In Compared Comparison's YouTube video, zoomed-in shots of the attacking aircraft do look moderately convincing, at least until the video zooms out to show the digital anti-air vehicle firing and later blowing up in a not-so-realistic fashion. During Republic TV's broadcast, the anchor can be heard repeating the claim that the Pakistani airforce performed an airstrike in Panjshir. >The claim was originally recognized as fraudulent by Boom, a group that calls itself India's "first and leading fact checking website and initiative," and is a member of the Poynter Institute's International Fact-Checking Network initiative. >Republic TV meanwhile has a sordid history of far right-wing reporting and supporting India's prime minister Narendra Modi's Hindu nationalist policies, according to Aljazeera. Vikas Khanchandani, CEO of ARG (owner of Republic TV) was arrested in December 2020 for allegedly rigging ratings in order to charge advertisers more. >Since the withdrawal of United States military forces and subsequent surrender of the Afghan military, the Taliban has achieved significant victories throughout Afghanistan. >Panjshir is regarded as one of the final holdouts of the National Resistance Front, a multi-ethnic coalition of anti-Taliban forces. Losing Panjshir would mark a "devastating and symbolic blow" according to CNBC's regional sources. >Pakistan's relationship with the Taliban and United States has been an arduously complicated one. >The country was used as a safe haven by some Taliban forces, and Osama bin Laden hid from U.S. >forces there for years until he was killed. U.S. officials have often considered Pakistani leadership "too close" to Taliban, and in fact the country has its own version of the Taliban, according to NPR. As noted earlier, this isn't the first time that Arma has been used, deliberately or not, to falsify the presence of military conflict. In May 2021, Reuters debunked claims that Israel's defense system shot at helicopters and aircraft as conflict between Israel and Hamas escalated, but found the footage came from similar videos of Arma 3 players engaging in ground-to-air combat gameplay. https://archive.ph/puOJl
>>76253 It's like the 8th time this has happened, it proves just how incompetent media faggots are and how good the ARMA 3 textures and lighting are.
(399.14 KB 500x481 ClipboardImage.png)

(656.75 KB 2900x945 ClipboardImage.png)

>>76244 >Incredible, like clockwork Yeah it was pretty much common knowledge that 99% of these fucks are sex pests and other abusers hiding behind a progressive cause.
(39.07 KB 610x229 wew.png)

>>76217 *L**OL
(28.81 KB 300x433 v tech just kicked in yo.webm)

>>76255 >>76256 >>76232 >>76217 Getting Cho vibes from this gook
>>76232 Isn't he also the guy that lost to moment 37?
>>76257 >Image cannot be displayed because it contain an error <it's a webm
>>76259 very web, much m
>>76257 >>76259 >>76260 Fucking garbage corrupted file, thankfully I got a another copy. This is the only archive of this video I know of, Jewtube scrubbed half the content on their shit platform clean. Sterilized fucking garbage
>>76252 >Because they own it and don't have to pay royalties Yeah, that's the main reason. So they don't get jewed over by Unreal and Unity. Unreal will only charge you 5% of your game's total revenue if it makes more than 1 million dollars. Unity does a subscription thing. If you get the Plus package, it'll costs you $300 annually. If you get the Pro package, it'll costs you $1500 annually.
(6.44 MB 720x744 HZcSo67eU5iAcawZ.mp4)

>>76253 lol pajeets Here's the original video: https://invidious-jp.kavin.rocks/watch?v=FV3MhMRn78M
>>76262 Plus this was done back in the UE3 days. Zero, the engine used by Pandemic wasn't as modular either so they didn't go that route, plus they wanted to kill the development team.
(427.45 KB 346x367 1414108448939-1.gif)

Have a wonderful day and be good to your fellows.
(52.59 KB 500x255 Basic Bitch.jpg)

<<420685 Forgot to change your IP, faggot.
(419.40 KB 751x479 benis.png)

Niggerpill too, shall pass.
(278.27 KB 640x523 uwx0roxqare71.png)

>>420691 I've always had the feeling that the start of the new 20s being the 20 century's second wind. I'm probably being crazy though since I take coincidences a bit too seriously.
>>76097 Both news summarized: Soynys fails, it is desperate and it is dying.
>>76263 >lol pajeets I remember years ago (((BBC))) tried to pass command and conquer generals gameplay footage as historical footage of the IRA. They somehow thought they won’t be caught. Not only passing C&C generals footage as real life. But also implying the IRA wear head turbines and drive Toyota pickup trucks to battle. >>76254 >It's like the 8th time this has happened, it proves just how incompetent media faggots are and how good the ARMA 3 textures and lighting are. How many times can journalists pass Arma 3 footage as real-life until it starts a real war?
>>76269 Desperate.
>>76099 I hope that the chink government openly instate extermination camps for faggots. See all the perpetually powerless and defeated SJWs yell in desperation, while pozzed companies lose even more money.
>>76271 Soyny? Yes. And dying faster than before. No amount of deluded shills can change that fact.
>>420691 >replying to nigger pill What the hell are you doing?
>>76273 Agreed. Desperate. Your turn.
(1.96 MB 460x460 buri6.gif)

Embrace chaos, infamy, and nihility. Have fun.
>>76105 >What will we do if they close the game cafe? Find a real job or starve to death.
>>76275 Knight to D8.
>>76272 >See all the perpetually powerless and defeated SJWs yell in desperation, while pozzed companies lose even more money. It’s getting to the point China and allies will end up being the lesser of evils compared to America and the EU. Everyone who hates now revolting against WOKE and LGBT bullshit. Woke culture is seen as American imperialism and rightfully so.
>>420524 Most called it well before you. He will likely win, and likely with very few gains. If anything, the biggest result will just be the Conservatives losing a seat or two to the PPC, and that is also very unlikely. And even if it does happen, it won't matter in the immediate future. Nobody expected this election to change very much, except for wasting tons of money. And since it is likely to result in another minority government, it's not like it means that Trudeau will get to stay in power for longer, another election can still happen at any time. It was just a waste of money, and anyone paying attention was saying that since the start. But maybe the PPC will increase their standing a little bit and then get the chance to do a little better than that in the election after this.
(4.08 MB 640x266 Xi Shang Chi.gif)

>>76279 >It’s getting to the point China and allies will end up being the lesser of evils compared to America and the EU. >Even though China's reputation started to go downhill since the coronavirus pandemic and general international politics on top of terrible business decisions and increasingly anti-foreigner sentiment being promoted by the government weakening if not outright severing ties to western countries. Outside of globalist and even that's not holding all too well it's kind of hard to support China without getting into deepshit considering they'll fuck over even foreign supporters no matter how much they cave in. At least SJWs are still at the mercy of their corporate masters until they fall out of use. Not trying to justify the former but you're underestimating how much China fucked up big time. They're not the Titan they claim that they are but a paper tiger and as time goes on they're bleeding off support and trying to crack down on nationalism in some desperate grab to control order as >>76103 mentioned.
>>76276 Spoken like a 13 year of leftist tumblr-using communist homosexual.
>>76282 Nice use of language there. I hope next time you can avoid making a typo.
(118.37 KB 220x201 d692126.gif)

>>76278 Rook to E7
>>76170 >ever buying alcohol You gave money to jews.
>>76180 t. desperate fed tries again.
>>76194 The masses envy those who a superior to them. They will never chose a good leader. They will chose some idiot just like them, so they don't notice how worthless they are once the leader shows up to talk.
>>76206 >Kotaku says it is bad It might be good then. >Tallarico Never support anyone that is even remotely famous.
Inorganic posting is when there are multiple 000000 Torfag posts in a row
>>76290 As we all know only 1 person uses tor.
>its (0) guis
(1.44 MB 640x360 Important Question.mp4)

>>76246 He's a tornigger what were you expecting?
Are >we being raided ...by a preschool? That would make the TORfags happy
>>420614 >muh cope
>>76235 He is a leftard. He only knows about Pedowood propaganda. Not actual history.
>>76291 He's got a good point in all fairness. >>76284 Technically speaking such armor would be more effective at protecting against blunt weapons since the breasts would bend/warp/dent and absorb the impact rather than the wearer. She's very smart to go into combat with that chest piece. >>76253 Shit I completely forgot about this, Pajeet incompetence knows no bounds. Honestly if the Street shitters just left Pakistan alone the Punjabi's, Pashtuns, Balochi's, and Kashmiris would more than likely start fighting each other for independence and it would basically end like Yugoslavia as the only thing holding Pakistan together is Chinese Gibs basically. I would pity the fallout that would surround Khyber Pass region since they're basically the /k/ommando Bubba's of Central Asia and are therefore precious to me but I'm sure they'd endure. India's efforts would be better spent dealing with the Marxist Guerrillas (Naxalites) in the East rather than this ego driven faggot shit. Also Fun fact, Pakistan also funds the Naxalite's so their terror network through the (((ISI))) Paki glowniggers basically isn't elusively Islamic. I wonder how long it will take for that to bite them back in the ass too. >>76295 Sneed and Feed Torpedo.
(165.55 KB 660x540 Feds_falseflag.png)

(102.50 KB 680x641 E_l8iubX0AAo6UT.jpg)

Surprise surprise, the only guy arrested at the Justice for J6 rally was a fed
>>76298 I can't laugh any harder.
(5.25 MB 1280x720 WARIO LAUGHING.mp4)

>>76299 Use this then.
(2.40 MB 1656x924 quarkening.webm)

>>76298 speaking of the feds, they're now investigating ActiBlizz https://archive.is/KSG1k >SEC subpoenas Bobby Kotick as part of federal investigation into Activision >The Securities and Exchange Commission is digging into the company's handling of workplace misconduct complaints. and on top of that, Blizz's chief legal officer just quit https://archive.is/NyqxR https://archive.is/auYM7
>>76301 That bodes well. Burn, bitch.
(84.80 KB 523x332 1380510979548.jpg)

>>76301 >Blizz's chief legal officer just quit >real life ABANDON THREAD move >mfw
(756.98 KB 255x167 1422298219299.gif)

>>76301 >TFW Tencent's attempt top gain major market share crashes corrupt (((western))) gaming giants. >TFW Tencent releases documents showing corrupt behavior and policies of (((western))) gaming companies in an act of revenge. >TFW Tencent kills (((western))) game developers and publishers by use of the (((legal system))). >TFW commie games journalists will say "how this is a good thing" because <muh communist comrades. >TFW Tencent becomes the only large publisher outside of Kikerosoft. >TFW people don't buy Tencent's games because "no fun allowed" only 3 * 1 hour a week limitations are built into games. >TFW people don't buy Kikerosoft games because 3 * 1 hour online limit built into games to please CCP. >TFW ENTIRE Games industry collapses and games journalists are forced to prostitute themselves on the street after spending all their trust fund money on worthless woke shit. >TFW
Trudeau's party won a plurality as expected.
>>76305 You forgot this step anon >Nintendo sets up hands-off subsidiary to distribute in China so it doesn't get its hands dirty >Nintendo has cash reserves to ride out Wii U-size failures for thirty fucking years >once again, for better or worse, it's Nintendo that revives vidya after yet another crash
>>76307 Anon your describing reality right fucking now except its not a crash that is happening its just western games are all fucking boring. People can say what they want about the Switch but its got some absolute fucking bangers like Astral Chain. I can not see any western companies ever funding a game about cops cosplaying as stand users.
>>76306 There was almost literally no change except the NDP won a couple seats. Absolute status quo for the cons and libs.
Get woke, go broke. Boycotts work and there is nothing too big to fail. <Captain Marvel Wirter Laments The Abysmal State Of Comics After Telling People Not To Buy Her Books https://archive.is/MI8IA <Blizzard Stock Tanks And Diablo 2 Resurrected is facing boycotts, to the point that it's director gave up on antagonizing people boycotting it https://archive.ph/dYbcb
(69.61 KB 760x410 Marie.jpg)

(64.29 KB 640x360 ASStral chain.jpg)

(418.73 KB 1250x1250 Fuck the police indeed.jpg)

(94.00 KB 900x640 I swear I'm not a furry.png)

>>76308 I like Astral Chain because it fully supports my "political" beliefs of wanting to fuck the police. I just want something like Urban Chaos or Judge Dredd in muh vidya settings. Let me serve up justice like I'm Sleepy from Mad Bull 34 or something.
>>76290 >muh organic
(167.20 KB 1000x1694 Mighty_Switch_Force.jpg)

>>76311 >wanting to fuck the police what about Mighty Switch Force! a game about a cute cop catching cute prisoners
>>76313 Fuck both sides of the law, obviously.
>>76309 Gee, elections are a farce? Who would've guessed?
>>76315 Me, that's pretty much what I expected. Despite voting for them I didn't expect the PPC to go anywhere. My vote literally doesn't matter because I'm in a heavy CPC area and there's no changing that.
(1.26 MB 1595x1048 boobplate.png)

>>76297 >Technically speaking such armor would be more effective at protecting against blunt weapons Not at all, if anything you would want something like a cuirass even if bigger. At this point boob armor, while retarded, stands as a sign of freedom because SJWs attack it for the wrong reason.
>>76297 >Shit I completely forgot about this, Pajeet incompetence knows no bounds. Superpower by 2020 memes aside. How the fuck is India not a global power like China? They supposedly have a higher educated public than China and probably a bigger population by now. I can picture brazil becoming a global power long before India. I know Hinduism has worse elements of pre-west LGBT trannyism and Islam like violence. If Hindus weren’t isolationist they would be more hatred and fear than Muslims. Look up cow vigilantes accidentally killing other Hindus because they don’t know what cooked beef smells like.
>>76311 I badly don’t want Sony to reboot sly cooper. I hate to think what Hollywood era sony would do to my favorite French Latina carmelita Fox.
(41.47 KB 460x480 aEBW1Ox_460s.jpg)

>>76318 >How the fuck is India not a global power like China? Should we really expect much from a country that has "designated shitting streets".
>>76318 China's a global power because so much of the global electronics industry is tied to China. India's got cheap labor that's outsourced to mostly everything sure, but so do a lot of other countries. That's not really something to hold other countries by the balls with.
So, is a bunch of niggers following a nigglette singer and shitting on journalists going to actually spark a civil war?
>>76156 >btw don't call me niggerpill Reminder that no one here even knew Trump lost for days after the election because all posts saying so were removed because "demotivating"
>>76166 I have it with the merely pretending text It's one of the photos I kek about but also feel bad
>>76322 Did a nigger ODing while resisting arrest spark riots?
>>76322 Nothing ever happens.
>>76318 >How the fuck is India not a global power like China? They supposedly have a higher educated public than China and probably a bigger population by now. First, India has a massive caste system that makes them all infight with each other. Secondly, their education is all bullshit, since every poo has to bribe to get into school, and then to graduate, and the coders they do shit out (on designated streets of course) are only good for copying and pasting shit from StackOverflow, and then they do get hired their massive nepotism means they only hire from their own caste. China, for all its fucking faults of which there are many, has a caste system that is basically tied to party membership and little else, which promotes nationalism to an insane degree, and though their education is also bullshit, they are also fucking ''ruthless' and will gut their own mother for some sweet gutter oil. And the fact China is willing to literally poison their fucking farmland to build factories to make fucking iPhones for communists in the west means they have the industrial leeway to dictate terms once other nations decided getting the chinks to manufacture necessities means trade with China is now fucking mandatory while unemployment rises in home nations. China played everyone, but their house of cards is about as stable as their fucking Evergrande real estate and it's all gonna come crashing down, and the only way out for them is with a massive expansionist war economy, so guess what happens next?
>>76323 Except thats not what happened you fucking liar, we were all here watching the magical spike in votes in favour of biden.
>>76322 Nicki Minaj fans? Well, I don't think they'll spark a civil war. But I did think it was funny watching them make white lolbertarian commies like Vaush squirm. Pseudo-intellectuals like Vaush expect their debate opponents to at least have some shred of intelligence. He wasn't use to dealing with emotionally charged, angry blacks who just yell and insult him nonstop. He seriously had no idea what to do. If he tried to make an intelligent argument, they would just mock him for being racist and a childfucker. If he told these dumb niggers that they were being stupid and illogical, it would've been racist for a whitey to say that black people are unintelligent. All he could do was just sit there quietly and let the mob of angry monkeys call him a racist pedophile over and over again.
(4.55 KB 482x321 morning faggot.png)

>>76077 >talking shit about Fairyland
>>76327 Dont forget that china is also more meritocratic.
>>76311 >Urban Chaos The Adventure game, or Riot Response?
>>76323 why would she hang out there?
>>76333 Thats where benis is.
>>76334 most white male nerds do not go there. the kind of people who do are not real gamers and are hostile
(871.58 KB 889x899 lowrider.png)

>>76311 >4th pic Daily reminder that she is a giantess in chase scenes in Sly 1 and 3, with the first one being due to needing her to be clearly visible while at range and thus being really apparent only when you get close to her. >>76333 It looks like a bus-stop considering the bench she is sitting on. Also admiring the benis.
>>76325 Good point. >>76329 Well, I just hope it goes further, be the media trying to shame Nicki Minaj or something like that and see what true niggery is.
I heard leafland had its election yesterday? Did that sole uncucked leaf Bernier get his ass kicked yet again? Did Castro's son at least get kicked out?
>>76297 >Technically speaking such armor would be more effective at protecting against blunt weapons since the breasts would bend/warp/dent and absorb the impact rather than the wearer. She's very smart to go into combat with that chest piece. What? Wouldn't drive the force of any blow that's between the tits to dead center? To accomplish what you describe, armor where the center comes to a point would be more effective.
>>76338 I love you, senpai.
>>76298 Archive?
>>76311 >Think it's gonna be Judy Hopps <Carmelita Fox Nice taste.
>>76336 I can definitely see the appeal of having a woman large enough to climb all over. Hell if I recall correctly there was kind of a running gag in Shadowrun Dragonfall that a troll was named after a mountain because someone on her ex-police force team wanted to climb her.
(138.97 KB 1200x1200 E1aRdS6UcAE3Waz.jpg)

>>76344 Women large enough to just manhandle you are honestly very appealing. Building sized is too far however.
>>76345 Building sized is fine if its in a giant mech
>>76345 I don't want the large women to manhandle me, I want to manhandle the large women. The more there is of a woman, the merrier.(I don't mean this in a UUUUH THICKER way.) Or something like you image where large women manhandle small women. That's nice too.
>>76347 That's a boy rabbit.
(167.87 KB 1280x720 Slackjawed faggots.webm)

>>76348 You motherfucker.
>>76346 >railgun >bullet casings I'm pretty sure that this isn't right.
>>76350 maybe the railgun part is there to make bullet goes faster?
>>76350 Obviously the ammunition uses a propellant to speed up the rounds and improve the effectiveness of the magnetic rails.
>>76351 >>76352 Even if the heat from firing wasn't an issue for the superconductors and magnets you'd still just end up with a gun that makes projectiles that won't go faster than a railgun with issues from both a regular gun and a railgun.
>>76352 Thats some ace combat science right there.
(152.19 KB 471x384 because its cool!.png)

>>76353 I mean there is always the simplest of answers.
Google "vs" Rusia https://archive.is/HGxqZ
>>76356 >accuse your enemy of what you are doing looks like google was colluding with russia the whole time imagine my shock
>>76350 Da rail makes it go fasta
(262.75 KB 420x419 batamotel.PNG)

>>76213 Nigger, prove your dick is big in the first place retard.
(42.55 KB 656x539 Deepz0ne1.png)

(50.07 KB 647x726 Deepz0ne2.png)

(117.18 KB 763x763 skele lol 1.jpg)

>>76361 >in other news, local BAD ASS just can't stop fucking up
(107.96 KB 707x384 ClipboardImage.png)

HEY GUYS DID YOU TAKE YOUR VACCINE YET? Project Veritas did an undercover video about it, it's pretty fucked up. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=obdI7tgKLtA
>>76361 >>76362 What's this about? The archive refuses to open for me.
(346.43 KB 621x766 Capture.PNG)

>>76364 Gearbox used a pirated version of a sound software for half-life decay.
>>76364 Gearbox busted using cracked audio software to develop Half Life expansions.
>>76365 >>76366 >>76367 That's pretty #BADASS but as far as I know Decay was never officially released, so does it matter that much?
>>76363 nice post anon. all these vaxxed anons will ignore it.
>>76365 DeepzOne is a fucking badass.
(1.42 MB 828x1029 ogre.png)

>>76361 >a Half-Life game was made with pirated software Meanwhile Steam doesn't like you playing the games on their platform offline without logging in for too long, even if you already have the files and paid full price for the game.
>>76368 >Decay was never officially released It was, for the PS2.
>>76363 I shrank it down so it could be uploaded here. Quality isn't great but it's shareable for when it gets (((removed))).
(77.89 KB 680x675 zyzz stare.jpg)

>>76369 Vaxfags are nothing but good goy government cocksucking sheep anyways, fuck em. Anyone who willingly injects poison into their bodies because the TV, government or their family told them to are idiots, even more so due to the fact that it doesn't even protect you from the virus, they are just double fucked at that point. Unvaxxed sperm will also be worth its weight in gold in a few years I bet you. >>76373 Nice. I'm surprised jewtube didn't already delete it when I found it today.
>>76363 >>76373 Expert believers are gay as fuck, but this is almost as much of a nothingburger as that gay and embarassing "Donald Ducks his taxes" campaign "bombshell" they had in 2016.
>>76363 >>76373 >padding video by basically just playing everything twice >some literal whos on a body cam that youre supposed to be shocked for because theyre feds treating 3 people in a hospital good video
>>76374 Imagine if Zyzz was still alive making vids in the police state that is Australia now, that would be a weird timeline.
>>76348 >>76345 faggot now post more cute petite bunny bois being toyed with by taller women, or just cute bunny bois in general. I'm not picky.
(533.48 KB 1000x1500 Bunny.jpg)

(549.08 KB 1000x1500 Bunny2.jpg)

(601.73 KB 1000x1500 Bunny3.jpg)

(543.48 KB 1000x1500 Bunny4.jpg)

(576.75 KB 1000x1500 Bunny5.jpg)

(131.13 KB 920x791 digits sculpt.jpg)

>>76380 >implying digits are special on a dead altchan
>>76270 Source on that BBC skit? This cannot be real
>>76381 >This jealous of my digits If they're so easy to get, why didn't you get them? Loser.
>>76381 Round numbers and specific special ones are always appealing, even on a dead altchan. >>76270 >>76382 I am pretty sure it was Arma 2 footage for the BBC one. >This cannot be real Just lower the resolution and give it a bit of camera shake, it will look real enough to fool the government media.
>>76382 >>76384 This one?
>>76385 Yes.
(94.37 KB 524x500 railgun.png)

(627.61 KB 1020x904 casings.png)

>>76350 >>76351 >>76353 If you look closely the casings aren't actually coming from the railgun, but from the mecha.
>>76350 You obviously never played Mass Effect
>>76388 What was it in mass effect, did that even have shell casings? From what I recall it was just some block of a super dense metal that you shaved tiny bits of every time you squeezed the trigger.
>>76355 True enough >>76388 >You obviously never played Mass Effect No casings, not even on shipborne mass accelerators. Thermal clips are another thing, as retarded as they seem they actually sort of make sense, though they should "regen ammo" over time, it wouldn't make any sense to create a heatsink that can store heat but not dissipate it at all if such a thing is even doable at all.
>>76389 I was making a joke. The first had no ammo/infinite ammo, the second added "thermal clips" which had people enraged.
>>421014 and how much did ching chong make that they had to stoop down and claim it "SMASHED LABOUR DAY RECORDS"?
>>421015 I'm not into movies, but he sounds cool.
(48.14 KB 700x700 21-september.w700.h700.jpg)

Happy 21st of september
>>76394 Which means in Flipland, it's the 39th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law.
(1.01 MB 2971x4096 zelda upskirt 2.jpg)

(1.20 MB 1155x1458 zelda 2.png)

(1.12 MB 1214x1720 zelda's butt 4.jpg)

(739.95 KB 1408x1760 zelda's butt.jpg)

(216.49 KB 1446x2048 zelda's butt 5.jpg)

>>76092 Holy shit, the animation is too good. >>76128 I feel weird and left out because I've never played a Resident Evil game. >>76143 >image That meme was pure gold. >>76105 I don't get why hackers have to be so anal on using cheats in multiplayer matchmaking, do these faggots hate loosing or something?
>constitutional right to freely travel between states <but pRiVaTe aIrLiNeRs are allowed to rEsTrIcT you from doing that t. "Anonymous" mf is shilling for everything that government tries to shove down normal people's throat
>>76397 hackers probably just like causing other players to seethe and feel butthurt when they turn on invincibility and infinite ammo
(10.84 MB 1280x720 shitty_parenting.mp4)

>>76400 >I think everyone has shit willpower and can't control themselves, especially adults >Oh but the government, which is made up of adults, they know what's good. Them I trust fully 100% Can't nuke China fast enough.
>>76400 You know what would be a totally epic gamer moment? If the CCP was toppled because all Chong wanted to do was play some video games.
>>76401 To be fair, I don't think they are allowed to say anything else, without risk getting workcamped™ But most probably agree with the state anyway, just like any nations bugpeople.
(2.38 MB 364x300 Liveleak logo.gif)

>>76400 >interviewing Chinese in China about something related to their government >unsurprisingly they all praise the government without question because if they don't they lose social credit and would be sent to a reeducation camp to have their organs harvested otherwise
>>76400 >ending shot shows bug phone drones The adults can't control themselves either.
>>76403 This, honestly. It's easy to get people to comply when you have a gun to their head
>>421096 Congrats. I'm officially filtering you. Bye.
(11.55 KB 528x189 Capture.PNG)

Finally. Some silence. :^)
(148.52 KB 480x480 pony.mp4)

>>76400 Every single one of those "random interviewees" has said what they said to avoid getting social points deducted. But they're so deep into denial they already believe what they know they have to say. Kinda like with anon and... eh, nevermind.
(1.14 MB 1278x2133 86268791_p11.jpg)

>>76307 >Nintendo sets up hands-off subsidiary to distribute in China so it doesn't get its hands dirty It's not just "any subsidiary", they are partnering with Tencent to distribute consoles and games. Funnily enough, a lot of chinks prefer to smuggle consoles from other regions because the official models are so heavily restricted that they can only play a handful of games (which are not compatible with consoles from the rest of the world). >>76348 >>76349 >implying that you won't fap to that pic either way
>>76407 >>76408 Hello Reddit.
>>76400 >parents welcome china's new video game restrictions for the amount time kids can play vidya!!! >parents are praising china's new video game policy limiting the amount of time kids can play vidya!!! <something that said parents could have done from the beginning if they agreed with it this is new levels of retarded.
>>76409 anon and what, pussy?
>>76412 Chinese parenting not ending with the kid dead of starvation because it was a girl or in its parents stomachs after a hasty amateur abortion is usually considered a success, regardless of the other circumstances.
>>76397 Solid taste in asses anon, I rarely say that to zeldaniggers but these are pretty damn good >>76394 I remember when neofag collapsed.
(59.06 KB 1280x960 9000.jpg)

>>76412 It's china. The state is the parents.
>>76416 They call it filial piety. Watching some of their operas really drives the point home when it comes to how badly they fucking warped that "virtue" since its conceptual creation.
>>76412 >Chinese parents taking care of their offsprings The kid's lucky if he's just mistreated, he could have learned how the Tang dynasty wins strategic victories from his parents the hard way, before he could even crawl.
>>76400 Will this, hopefully, hurt the Western game industry?
>>76148 There was no PPC candidate in my riding so I voted Bloc.
>>76419 Yes because western games are increasingly becoming "games as service". If the chinese audience isn't online long enough then they are not likely to subscribe.
>>76397 Hackers ruin online multiplayer, so they are the good guys. >>76414 >kid dead of starvation because it was a girl Based.
>>76422 Cheaters ruined nothing. Developers ruined online multiplayer by removing the solutions to deal with cheaters and replacing those solutions with shitty malware that can't even detect the cheats anyways.
>>76419 Depends on who tries to be friends with China. Blizzard and Riot, for instance, might take a hit from this.
>>76423 Yea I gotta agree.
>>76423 >Developers ruined online multiplayer by removing the solutions to deal with cheaters What were the anti-cheats of ages past?
>>76426 Messaging the server host on IRC to ban the cheater.
>>76427 And how was that removed?
>>76428 Half the modern shooters released in the last 5 years don't have dedicated player ran servers as an option anymore.
>>76429 I miss when online was server based it was so much better.
You guys saw that German Pathologie Konferenz shit? There is some disturbing stuff in the vaccinated blood. Those dumb anons who took it better hope the doc gave them saline.
>>76382 >Source on that BBC skit? I remember game politics if that blog still up did an article on it. But this was years ago. >>76384 >I am pretty sure it was Arma 2 footage for the BBC one. This is probably true to knowing BBC history of passing gameplay footage as real life.
>>76380 Not going to lie. For a second there I thought you posted Diablo 2 Amazon from blizzard's latest remake at first.
Yeah, at this point I'm just not going to take it and not listen to any opinions on it whatsoever, from brainwashed "muh science" fags who don't give a shit about potential effects to retarded anons who latch on to anything without bothering to research. Not being in one of the "best countries in the world" has its advantages.
>>76427 Ah yes, the good 'ol days when servers had actual people watching and instantly banning cheaters once caught. I miss those days. Now you have to rely on anti-cheat software that is instantly cracked and does nothing because developers don't want us hosting our own servers because we would be able to do whatever the fuck we wanted like we used to be able to do.
(4.31 MB 2158x1722 ClipboardImage.png)

>>76435 More difficult to sell useless art style ruining skins to people when they can run their own custom servers. Even Valve started to crack down on custom CS servers just letting people choose whatever knife and skin they wanted instead of having to actually "own" the jpg. It's funny, one could argue that Valve and TF2 is single handedly responsible for the state of modern online gaming being so abysmal.
(241.72 KB 919x495 Untitled.png)

>When the company's lawyer also decide to fuck off https://archive.md/wip/MDFcn https://www.nintendoenthusiast.com/blizzards-chief-legal-officer-has-resigned-from-the-company/
>>76421 If i had to chose i would love Ubisoft and Activision to follow this niggers.
(40.48 KB 152x254 ha ha ha yes.png)

>>76438 GOOD This shit is just karma for all of the shit they did over the years.
(62.48 KB 453x680 midwestern crusaders.jpg)

(124.88 KB 768x835 claire playing vidya.jpg)

>>76397 >I feel weird and left out because I've never played a Resident Evil game. Youre missing out on fun and one of the few long lasting series that still manage to make good games and not get pozzed, also cute girls. >>76438 Blizzard is burning and that makes me happy.
(137.94 KB 1024x576 culture.jpg)

>>76442 >PS1 upside down
>>76431 Anyone dumb enough to think like a woman and take the venom deserves to die.
>>76443 >PS1 upside down What kind of giant brain technique that my 10 years old brain couldn't handle is that?
>>76442 Stop making me want to fuck your sister, Chris.
(181.14 KB 1200x1200 FMS VS NWF.jpg)

>>76445 When the disk reader started acting up it worked better upside down. >>76446 DO IT
>>76445 It's called "the PS1 reads discs better on an angle or completely flipped for some fucktarded reason". I tried that with the 360 and it shredded the disc to my shock and alarm.
>>76444 Tornigger 100% right >>76448 This to. I remember saying to my brother at the time that our ps1 wanted to be a ps2 really bad because i had to put it sideways and it read everything perfectly.
>>76442 Resident Evil is pozzed by feminist bullshit about making girls ugly on purpose.
>>76450 Shut up luciano, that didnt fucking happen, specially noting how much they sold on sex appeal on 8.
>>76400 What stops a chinkid from downloading a bunch of roms and single player offline games?
>>76451 What they did to jill and what they are going to do with Ashley on RE 4 is a little taste.
(657.20 KB 670x503 carlton.png)

>>76452 The parents ratting him out to Winnie the pooh for a credit score bonus?
>>76452 Chinks have their own operating systems. That should give you more than enough of a clue.
>>76456 Habemus papam. Was there a highscore or was this just an accident?
>>76457 Pressure washer caught fire.
>>76450 Sherry's still pretty cute.
>>76458 >high-performance water hose caught fire Impressive.
>>76459 You can't say that...
(182.70 KB 1280x720 Ironic.mp4)

>>76458 >>76460 > >>76379 I don't really care for futa's personally but you do you pal.
>>76431 I got it because I wanted to die. Two weeks later and I'm still alive. Can you give a summary? I'm not watching 3 hours of conferencing for a topic I know nothing about.
>>76463 >Wanting to die Pretty weak showing anon, why are you such a little bitch?
>>76464 World's pretty shit right now. Can't blame him much.
>>76465 I can and I just did.
>>76466 Did I need to put the personal pronoun in there?
>>76431 >You guys saw that German Pathologie Konferenz shit? I did not. >There is some disturbing stuff in the vaccinated blood. Please extrapolate.
>>76431 >No link >No archive Maybe you’d like to share, Anon. Before just coming in and making blanket alarmist statements.
>>76468 Why not look it up?
>>76464 What he meant is; He was to scared for not getting the vaccine and dying from goyim19. So he, like the good little lamb he is, went and got himself the jig.
>>76339 >Did Castro's son at least get kicked out? Nah, he's still in. Practically nothing changed, so it was mostly just a waste of money on his part.
>>421218 You REALLY can't say that.
>>421226 >we >(1) >refuses to elaborate Huh.
>>421218 Didn't Acid ban characters like her under the anti-pedo rules because 3dcg?
>>76383 >Implying jealously and envy mean the same thing
>>76475 3dcg is allowed theres just specific characters that are arbitrarily banned, sherry is one of them.
>>76469 >>76468 I'll spoonfeed you despite it not being that hard to find. https://odysee.com/@BannedFromYoutube:d/Pressekonferenz-Tod-durch-Impfung-Undeklarierte-Bestandteile-der-COVID-19-Impfstoffe:a To see the shapes found in vials/blood, go to 2:05. Basically those foreign bodies were found in every tested vial by those pathology professors/doctors. Blood of vaccinated is like cancer victims. The govs do not do autopsies to determine if vaccinated died of vaccine, but a ton of deaths right now is due to vaccines.
(188.16 KB 1024x768 thinking birb.jpg)

>>421230 >our movement So youre taking a new approach?
>>76475 Characters like Sherry are banned because she's captured from a real girl.
(22.16 KB 702x878 mmm yes, quite.webp)

>>76479 Ah, the purity spiral technique. Good to know he's eruditious enough to make use of the old classics.
>>76481 Yeah, look at all of those (1)s popping up. >>76480 Its funny how her actor is a 14 year old gook, yet shes supposed to be a 12 year old white girl.
(33.45 KB 454x511 mightyman.webp)

>>76482 I too was a (1), but now I am a (2). Behold my might! Also, how about them video games jimbo?
>>76483 Its not so much about the (1) as much as the content of said (1), my good sir. And videogames are shit as usual, today i beat a boss i was stuck on for some time, so thats neat..
>>76478 Wasn't that meant to happen in 2 years?
>>421218 I still have most of the pics that were removed from /delicious/ in case Acid and Codexx unban her and the other "forbidden lolis". >>76475 Realistic fictional characters that have tangible proof of being modeled after a real child are banned because the American't constitution consider it child pornography. Some posters that are against this rule argue that the banned fictional characters were modified by both official and fan modelers specifically to avoid resembling their real life models, and thus making them original enough to be legal. >>76478 >I'll spoonfeed you despite it not being that hard to find. Nigger, you're supposed to include a (preferably archived) source with your claims. Throwing random commentaries or screenshots and leaving the thread is nu-/pol/ behavior.
>>76486 Multiple (1)s popping up too. Curious.
(81.95 KB 470x718 bri'ish fun.jpg)

>>421262 No need to worry about that, we're having F U N
(30.50 KB 612x387 delicious.jpg)

>>421271 >/delicious/ Finally. Some good fucking lolis
>>76490 </calarts/ <Finally. Some good fucking lolis U wot m8?
What was that video I saw the thumbnail, am I criminal now
(28.34 KB 300x100 gordon.jpg)

(24.61 KB 300x100 gordon2.jpg)

>>421264 >this is the only site that moralizes over 3d porn like this. Not really, a couple of public porn sites (Paheal and its clones, ATFbooru, and more recently Lolibooru) have been removing or hiding realistic 3DCG loli/shota porn because it is in a worse grey area than the regular unrealistic material. Personally, I think it's more a matter of fear of being deplatformed (because some of the sites mentioned have been kicked out before) than fear of breaking a vague law that barely anyone knows and wants to enforce. It also didn't help that some American pedo was sentenced for hosting a website for erotic stories featuring minors (which was a bullshit sentence used as an excuse to jail him because they knew he had CP and was distributing it but didn't have enough proof to charge him for that) when the pedo hysteria was at its highest point on this site, making Acid to act more cautious with the fictional content posted here. >>76490 Heh, I made a couple of banners based on that pic for /delicious/, but the BO never accepted them or any other banner I made for that board. >>76492 >What was that video SFM porn of a character that is forbidden in this site.
>>76492 Looks like 3DCG so you're only a criminal if half the countries and some of the US states depending on if the judge decides he wants to slap you with obscenity laws.
>>76495 What about being a fucking leaf
>>76492 >>76494 It really shouldnt be banned, its a SFM by selfdrillingSMS but thats supposed to be a grown up sherry, hence the boobs.
>>76496 If you are a leaf loli porn should be the last of your concerns. Imagine electing Trudeau for third time in a row.
>>76451 Resident Evil and Crapcom as a whole are 100% pozzed.
>>76498 Hey, don't look at me. I voted for the Christian Reform party. I almost went with People's Party
(47.64 KB 412x618 indubitably.jpg)

>>76497 It's more likely it was deleted because it's uncensored porn on a SFW board. Gentlemen, take your horny to the various horny zones that can satiate you. \
>>76496 Loli is generally considered illegal in Canada from what I understand. But I think it's generally more specifically illegal from a commercial perspective. But I do recall a guy getting sentenced to prison time over buying shota/loli manga from Japan. So commercial would encompass both selling and purchasing the material. Which might technically make buying Berserk illegal in Canada, or buying a bunch of manga.
>>76501 True, but i mean that webm in general.
>>421271 >>76490 Repost it on delicious or something since mods here are fucking fags. The CG thumbnail looks hot and I can't download it.
>>76448 >>76449 I had a PS1 that worked better after putting it in the fridge for half an hour.
>>76502 >specifically illegal from a commercial perspective. Pretty sure they get you for personal ownership regardless of how you acquired it, so long as they catch you with it, usually in customs. Individuals crossing the US border to Canada have been prosecuted for loli, resulting in a long and noteworthy battle fought on the person's behalf by a comic book association in favor of freedom of expression. I can't recall their name, but if your can find their site, I believe they have a breakdown of the case there. I've heard it's also common for Japanese in Japan to be caught with loli by one method or another, but they get a slap on the wrist legally because of "cultural differences" with the material only being confiscated. >>76497 Not big enough, still pedo. Realist 3DCG is pedo and only pedos defend it. Go back to patchan. :^)
>>421302 he knows. he's doing it on purpose.
>>76506 Yeah I know people still get arrested for it anyways, I just thought I recalled the exact law technically specifying it was only illegal for commercial purposes. Government doesn't really care about the law though.
>>76504 >The CG thumbnail looks hot <It's a dick Homo.
>>76506 >Japanese in Japan in Canada*
Reminder to never reply to tornigger avatarfag
>>76497 I agree, but I haven't been able to convince the admins to change this part of the rules. >>76501 Nope, it was removed because porn of that particular Sherry Birkin is banned site-wide. >>76504 https://lolibooru.moe/post/show/201688/
>>421274 >muh law
>>76513 What a time to be alive
(29.52 KB 401x267 cunny.jpg)

(171.26 KB 1366x768 E05tvnOUYAAJtQE.jpg)

>>421319 Lolicon not a pedo. Don't project your shit onto me.
>>76513 She's not even a fucking loli in that, what the fuck. Shes a full grown adult woman.
>>76515 Do you say it because of the quality of the video or because of the dumb site rule?
(2.29 MB 720x720 C.webm)

>>421317 >Listanon was right about you. List anon is a sperg who jumps at shadows.
>>76438 They are fucked if this guy chose to fuck right off.
>>76520 Yeah, but the c*nny shit has always been and always be a pedonigger dogwhistle. Literally every time it's mentioned a handful of herdniggers coincidentally show up to start conflating loli with CP. But some anons thought it was a teehee funny sounding word so they decided it was a non-issue. Basically all but confirming 90% of these threads would be spamming soyjaks if it weren't for the fact that nintendo soyjaks pissed off Mark enough to get him to actually hold a consistent position for deleting them. If I made a convincing enough post tying the word c*nny to mocking nintendo it would be world list banned within the afternoon.
>>76167 >>76169 >>76324 Its an abstract kind of feeling. You might feel bad but then remember how they were hugging with mudshits after the truck of peace and how Charlie Hebdo surrendered to the caliphate.

(630.33 KB 1280x720 cunny.mp4)

>>76523 Shut your dumb ass up.
>>76525 NEDM
>>76519 The sheer quality of a porn animation. The moderation is pretty retarded. But that's been happening for a long while.
>>421354 Except the word cunny was entirely popularized through cuckchan niggers on /tv/ to reference real life underage actors and all the weird sexualized scenes hollywood made them do. It was a meme spread through cirlcejerking about there basically being softcore CP in half of the hollywood movies if you pay enough attention. Loli for decades has been known to refer to hentai. Are you proposing that because we can "turn" soyjaks into something else with enough spam and force that they aren't cancer and should be tolerated? Cunny is a pedonigger phrase, every time it's mentioned pedoniggers show up, and even then it's a cuckchan phrase. It isn't even remotely comparable to the word loli in the slightest. I think it's about time to stop using this site though. Spending every day having to deal with discord cabals of pedophiles spamming these threads is getting pretty boring and Mark isn't really throwing his massive weight around with Acid nearly enough to get something done about it.
>>76523 >c*nny I'll never be able to take this seriously >>76525 Watch yourself you will summon the guy who posts the same vtuber image over and over again.
>>76528 Nice reddit spacing. Also, complaining about the occassional CP post means nothing compared to the amount 4chan used to get in the pre-2010 era. If you were around back then you'd understand this is pretty slow.
>>421309 Kind of. The narratives surrounding GamerGate, real or false, absolutely diverted the conversation that would be had otherwise. GamerGate later in it's life became much more about debunking the false narratives of sexism and racism of itself then about journalism
I remember when I stood with gamergate. Come for our games? The games rise right up. They came after video games and I became a one man army. The hours on twitter the times I put the normies in their place. I was to be the royalty of games. With countless hours of work I got trump elected cause he represented gamers our pure heart. From there it became a battle of education and growing my empire. I made sure that the problems with sexism and racism were fixed. I completely fixed them forever and then I began on the march for other gamers. Sing it high sing it proud gamergate it all around. We literally changed the entire internet.
>>421372 >loli for decades has had an accepted connection to its real world equivalent. No it hasn't. >the attempts to disconnect it is a very recent trend made as a response to the encroaching censorship of porn. No it isn't. No one has ever used loli to refer to real children on imageboards. This isn't something that happens and everyone who has used imageboards instead of just viewing them through the lens of your screenshots in your #4channel room on discord knows this to be true. Eat shit pedoniggers, one day discord is going to scrape all those permanent logs on their servers and send the feds to all your homes. And I'll be here laughing my ass off as you retarded teenagers get slapped onto the sex offenders registry for the rest of your lives because you were bored and your porn addiction wasn't cutting it anymore.
>>76195 >clima-- uhh, covid crisis! He also recently 'misspoke' when he mentioned a banking executive extolling the necessity of vaccine passports.
>>421377 Loli art makes people who have your problem unwilling to create actual pedophile rings with you, because the urge has been sated through substitutes. Which makes you seethe, and we know you seethe, because you're trying to play it cool right now and know that acting out would just get you laughed at. Which is already happening anyway because you're so transparent you're burning the ants on the sidewalk.
>>421383 >t-this website is dead because I can't post child porn Like clockwork. Thanks for letting herd niggers fuck up the site Acid.
>>421394 Speak for yourself.
(1.07 MB 1600x1200 82649457_p0.jpg)

(151.76 KB 748x1044 official_card.jpg)

(1.32 MB 1254x780 1578501580042.png)

(241.30 KB 2048x1780 EJuVs5pW4AEYqZU.jpeg)

(282.04 KB 955x884 90214674_p3.png)

>>421382 Pikashota deserves more (good) art. Such an underrated cutie.
>>76535 it's amazing how you can sell shit to people just by being moderately attractive and a decent speaker.
>>76535 And speaking of vaccines, here's the recent Project Veritas leak from a federal employee.
>>76540 No one is actually listening. See what happened when JFK debated Nixon over radio vs TV. Visual media was the final nail in the coffin when it came to voters making decisions on anything but appeals to emotion and logical fallacies. Not that they did it before anyhow, but still.
>>76543 shit :)
(3.58 MB 640x360 sam.webm)

>>76539 >Pikashota >shota Shame, I thought that was a loli at first.
>>421383 When did being a pedophile become a requirement for being a "real anon" I will admit that there was no conflict years ago, but I thought it was because people hasd functioning 2d =/= 3d barriers, not because they wanted to fuck kids.
>>76472 >>76472 >Practically nothing changed, so it was mostly just a waste of money on his part. He did just try to cut the minority party in his coalition government - the far leftists - out of the deal on the national stage, only to be forced to continue to include them by not winning hard enough. So they'll likely need even more far-left appeasement for him to get anything done than before. You know, on top of throwing away all that money. >>76528 >Except the word cunny was entirely popularized through cuckchan niggers Clint Eastwood uses the word "cunny" in Unforgiven (1992). In reference to an adult prostitute. Believe me, Clint Fucking Eastward being a cowboy is pretty goddamn popular, and predates fucking halfchan by a minute. It means pussy, it has always meant pussy, fuck off with your God damn language policing. Nigger faggot cunny kike.
>>76518 That is what you get for being against the superiority of anime lolis just to protect rotting meat.
>>76521 t. shill.
>>421419 When oldfags send us their people, THEY'RE NOT SENDING THEIR BEST! >>76545 >Sam Hyde Consider suicide >Shame, I thought that was a loli at first. I thought your type of normalfag lolicon was supposed to enjoy trap porn too >>76541 >>76535 vaccines? just take ivermectin and collidial silver
>>421346 No power whatsoever. As powerless as a leftard government.
(283.93 KB 435x621 Think again, dumbass.png)

>>76546 Retard, you're helping derail the thread. Don't reply to anyone acting retarded and stirring any discussion into nonsense. Filter and report.
>>76524 He deserved that. disobedience also encompasses not helping traitors like him.
(2.34 MB 1800x1251 85692495_p0.png)

(1.69 MB 3040x1840 1584407397938.jpg)

(416.90 KB 900x1200 77906541_p1.jpg)

(790.50 KB 1586x1618 78793758_p0.png)

(381.53 KB 1000x1200 82071191_p0.png)

>>76545 Pokekids used to be all female (and wear the Pikachu costume) before SwSh. It was in these games when the class was split in male (Pikachu costume) and female (Eevee costume). As you can imagine, the female Pokekid was much more popular than the male one.
>>76432 >This is probably true to knowing BBC history of passing gameplay footage as real life. Didn't some Bongland government official submit the plot of The Rock as a real foiled terrorist attack?
>>421455 Small price to pay tbh fam. Shit in the mouth of tortards and all they do is ask for more. Just put a bullet in them and be done with it.
(523.53 KB 1011x1367 4444.jpg)

>>76438 Well, if that ain't an omen I don't know what is. They're FUBAR at this point.
>>76539 >>76555 Is there one of him/her doing the Jack-O meme pose?
>>76558 You think activision will dissolve it soon?
>>421458 >Ban Niggerpill Yes. >Ban Luciano No.
(437.50 KB 816x706 lolieyespo (1).webm)

(3.82 MB 640x360 gosamgo.webm)

>>76555 Thank you anon that was informative. >>76551
>>76560 Less on soon and more like will. There's no saving them if the top kike's jumping ship.
>>76560 I hope so. The only good thing that they've done in years is publish Sekiro in the US. And I hope Blizzard goes too.
>>421309 What is the source of that comment?
Oh boy I sure do love vidya games, how about you anons?
>>76523 >dogwhistle I am so tired of hearing this word because it's peddled so much that it's lost just about all meaning.
(5.30 MB 1280x720 WARIO LAUGHING.mp4)

>>76566 >he plays videogames
>>76551 >collidial silver You just have a blue skin fetish don't you?
(2.34 KB 184x196 pokemon-platinum-sprite.png)

>>76555 >Pokekids used to be all female Yeah, like the pikachu loli cosplayer in Platinum. That pikachu loli is gonna be in the remakes too, so I think there'll be a rise in pokekid hentai when the games come out.
(29.35 KB 474x395 ancient art.jpeg)

>>76437 >It's funny, one could argue that Valve and TF2 is single handedly responsible for the state of modern online gaming being so abysmal You could argue it, but you'd be wrong. It wasn't Valve that forced people to pay for online services that end up being peer-to-peer 99% of the time anyway, the same service that literally invented the term "microtransactions". >>76451 >specially noting how much they sold on sex appeal on 8 While Lady Double D's had nice tits, she had typically mutt face, and that doesn't undo making every other female in every other Capcom game ugly. >>76485 >Wasn't that meant to happen in 2 years? The way the "clever" elites run things you don't expect shit to blow up in their faces all the time? It does, happens all the time. Then they throw more bread and circuses and distract the goys.
(127.25 KB 600x600 1419063993331.jpg)

>kidfuckers so up their own ass they claim to be the only anons >one of said kidfuckers is a discuck newfag
>>76572 >they claim to be the only anons where?
>>76568 Oh yeah that reminds me is this your Odysee channel? I noticed how that was when lurking in the prior thread that was posted and then soon after I just so happened to stumble upon it again here (link related). >https://odysee.com/@WebmPoster:e/WARIO-LAUGHING:f To be honest it's been a while since I've played anything beyond fucking around in Minecraft and Garry's Mod, I should look up how to emulate some old games prior to big box office vidya becoming over hyped over priced politically correct garbage. Maybe the rest of the of world should just ignore the US market entirely for a while until we stop being insane hyper political retards. >>76572 It's just one sperglord who's high on caffeine and samefagging. I wouldn't let it get to your head.
>>421448 >but the pokeshota stuff is fan made isn't it? Nope, he's an official character. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9_Kid_(Trainer_class) >In Sword and Shield, male Poké Kids were introduced, who take on the appearance of Pikachu, while girls wear Eevee costumes instead. Unlike before, they don't exclusively use Pikachu. >>76559 Not as far I know, not even of the female one. The closest thing I have is spoiler related. >>76570 >Yeah, like the pikachu loli cosplayer in Platinum. That's the exact class I'm talking about.
>>76574 >one No, retard. There's the braindead spic avatarfag and others.
(633.71 KB 716x1135 ClipboardImage.png)

>>76566 I love video games. Particularly Xenoblade. RIP Bana's VA Stephen Critchlow. https://archive.is/BAcLj
Are there actually "people" who give a shit about d*b VAs? Damn.
>>76576 >No, retard. There's the braindead spic avatarfag and others. Big if true, could be an orchestrated D*scord raid. A pretty weak raid if you ask me, I've seen better. >>76577 Oof that blows
>>76579 >could be an orchestrated D*scord raid <Oof Right.
>>76570 >>76575 For you.
>>76578 A lot of the dubs VAs are trash but he was good.
>>76581 Is this from Lolimon?
>>76582 I just find it weird because they don't factor into my considerations whatsoever.
>>76580 >he doesn't oof post Also others can vouch for me on how I am a organic native /v/ poster and not a D*scord raidfag. (You) however are another story entirely, I suspect your just projecting. >>421492 Blah, blah, blah blah, no one cares Avatar fag, go back to >>>/b/
(13.20 KB 684x91 pedo_self_embellishment.png)

>>76573 Here ya go >>421394
>>76586 and that is "they" how? the same way /v/ is not one person when the opinion presented is unsavory
I'm filtering TORposters.
(97.77 KB 1280x720 EJfGHczU8AAJucm.jpeg)

(20.82 KB 500x400 1574173301405.png)

(939.61 KB 888x888 191113160610.png)

(1.21 MB 1398x1040 191113160347.png)

>>76566 I'm playing FO3 after playing NV for weeks on an used PS3 I got for free until my save file shat itself and I hate how it is a downgrade on absolutely every way except performance. The story is uninteresting as fuck (in part because there are no choices at all), the map has fucknothing to do except to kill raiders who never have a good loot and super mutants that are easier to kill than their pet centaurs, everyone lives like Africans eternally waiting for gibs rather than people doing their best to improve their situation, the companions don't provide anything of value and there's not a single point in the map that doesn't look like a garbage dump (even the worst parts of New Vegas had somewhat tidy places). I'm only enduring the game because I want to say that I finished it. >>421492 >but the pokeshota stuff is fan made isn't it? Or is rule 34 artwork based on an original character? The pics I've posted are fan art, but the character himself is official and comes from the latest Pokemon games.
>>76574 >is this your Odysee channel? Yea it is, It's become a hobby of mine to collect vids lately and the lbry credits are also a nice bonus since I'm a neet.
>>421505 in the same way that the only people who talk positively about the effect of violence are feds yeah
>>76589 The shanty town universe are embarrassing in Fallout. Carpentry skills are super easy to learn and mastery is widely achievable. The fact that no one can get a motorcycle or car going from parts is also unacceptable. The have put their lazy programming into the lore to make sense of it all. >>76577 Xenoblade is the only Nintendo game/series I want to play.
(201.79 KB 465x423 a JUST castro.png)

>>76195 >>76535 Good lord do I fucking hate how Castro's bastard is destroying my Country and what's worse is how we are somehow even more conditioned then fucking Americans and Europeans are. Canada is one of the most cucked nations around and it makes Current Year America and most of Europe like alpha as fuck, only place that might be fucking worse is Swden but can one even consider that even a nation anymore?
>>76593 You know the way out. You won't do it, making you a cuck, but you know.
(523.26 KB 1280x720 glowers.png)

>mark swooping in to prove my point by giving me a "spam" ban and deleting my post history for having the wrong viewpoint thanks faggot.
>all of these deleted posts What the fuck happened? >>76577 Fuck, Bana's English voice actor did a good job on portraying that Nopon Jew. >>76442 >Youre missing out on fun and one of the few long lasting series that still manage to make good games and not get pozzed, also cute girls. Should I start at the first Resident Evil game?
>>76597 I had too much to think.
>>76593 >only place that might be fucking worse is Swden You forget Australia.
>>76577 Sucks he was a perfect kike in the English ver of the game.
>>76597 >What the fuck happened? More retards arguing over cunny and how this site doesn't support free speech because cheeze pizza is banned.
>>76601 yeah because every deleted post in this thread was CP right?
(54.81 KB 399x600 thought reddit.jpg)

>>76598 post more pictures it gives you legitimacy
>>76583 No I just did a quick sprite edit.
(555.68 KB 1280x720 Fuck_you.webm)

>>76602 >every deleted post in this thread was CP right? Yes, it was, and I don't give a shit about anything else you have to say.
(1.13 MB 1423x1278 87545434_p0.png)

>>76597 >What the fuck happened? Somebody posted a pic of young Sherry Birkin from RE2 Remake, then the topic moved to how porn of her should be allowed in the site (it's banned due to vague legal reasons), then some pedo/herd/discord/whatevertheyarenow fags from /b/ appeared and moved the topic to the usual lolicons=pedos drama, then an avatarfag and another torfag engaged in a retarded non-existing argument while the rest continued to argue over pedos until most posts were gone. Also pokeshotas. They were talking about the whole mess on >>>/b/95765 when I saw the thread on the overboard, dunno it they're still posting or if they already moved to another topic.
(435.75 KB 640x360 Just fucking burn it.webm)

(214.81 KB 1245x1666 61201993b51a36ab.jpeg)

(1.58 MB 1485x1148 515d35b5d11aefbb.png)

>>76606 > (it's banned due to vague legal reasons) I wish the admins would conclusively figure it out one way or the other so everyone would stop bitching about it and derailing threads.
>>76593 Yeah, except Sweden never locked down, never mandated masks, and won't be mandating vaccines.
>>421571 Oh, you got me wrong. I meant it more along the lines of your presence being perfectly timed for rugsweeping, not blaming you. I'll assume that other anon got hit with the hammer as well.
>>76529 >I'll never be able to take this seriously That's because it's a meme, you dip.
Do you guys wanna talk about video games? Steam is down.
>>421579 While I do despise you, you make a good point. There are essentially post history judgements here.
Lolimon is a Pokemon hentai fan game where you can fuck (and be fucked by) trainers and their Pokemon. It follows the art style of the GBA games and is in continuous development at ATF. There is a Pokemon Fire Red hack ROM named 'Moemon that sometimes is called Lolimon as well because it replaces the sprites of every Pokemon with anime girls (most of them lolis) cosplaying as said creatures, but this ROMhack isn't lewd at all.
(1.09 MB 1520x2156 Cunny Schizo Nuts.jpg)

>>76606 >it's banned due to vague legal reasons The model scanned and used for the game was a literal living human underaged child. That's illegal. It is literally the law in the country where this site is located. That's why 3DCG porn of that character, and any 3DCG character based on a real life child, is banned.
(455.63 KB 576x432 Katse starts to lose it.webm)

>>76614 >replaces the sprites of every Pokemon with anime girls >isn't lewd at all <A game mod that turns you into a pimp for women's mud wrestling isn't lewd in any way whatsoever
(14.38 MB 1280x720 Sam Hyde - laugh.webm)

>>76611 Yea I know due to the conversation I had with you over it (atleast i'm assuming it was you) ages ago but it still makes me laugh when I see it.
>>76583 Lolimon? Is it hot? I still have some eroges to get through. >>76566 lmao, imagine playing videogames >>76609 Sweden wamts to legalize necrophilia too >>76603 Pretty funny you people are mocking Reddit's thought policing while doing the exact thing here, who do you want to fool, yourselves? >>421578 As it says there, I won't leave until I have a useful answer to my Lolimon question. The janitor can delete as much as he wants, but free speech trumps the whims of him and his lapdogs I'm not leaving. >>76613 Always glad to help >There are essentially post history judgements here. Huh?
(179.93 KB 519x533 1494066679572.png)

Rule 8 : If you are deliberately shitting up, constantly derailing a certain thread, or excessively using an avatar persona, you may be banned and your posts may be deleted.
>>76528 >I think it's about time to stop using this site though. <The following morning...
>>76616 This may be the most autistic thing I've ever seen.....It's beautiful.
>>76617 I called the law vague because it doesn't contemplate the possibility of taking a model scanned from a child then modifying it until it doesn't resemble the child anymore, something both RE devs and porn artists did with Sherry's model. I got a deja vu while writing this, weird.
>>421600 We have a attention seeking faggot over here
Why are there pictures of this Boku no Pico Academy girl all over the board?
>>76617 >>76624 I heard that Sherry was just mocapped but not actually scanned.
>>76626 A singular autistic mexican.
>>76617 it is literally in the law in the country where this site is located that a visual depiction of any kind including a drawing cartoon sculpture or painting that depicts a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct is illegal. the admins just don't care for the same reason they don't care if people post magnet links even though piracy is illegal. theres an obvious double standard here that none of you faggots can address.
>>76626 an avatarfag is trying to prove that avatarposting isn't against the rules, by rampantly avatarposting in stark and explicit contravention of the rules.
>>76627 scanned sans face if i recall
(7.09 MB 633x10041 ClipboardImage.png)

>Kelly Sue DeConnick Laments The Abysmal State Of Comics After Telling People Not To Buy Her Books https://archive.is/2phRe >>76612 Sure. What vidya games are you fags playing these days? >>76621 Anon they don't give a shit. They are here to be niggers.
>>76632 I've been playing Monster Hunter World lately. Still have yet to fight Fatalis but I really should. The game's fun but it's like I'm nearly at the peak of all the content there is.
>>76536 >Loli art makes people who have your problem unwilling to create actual pedophile rings with you, because the urge has been sated through substitutes. By that very token though, that means loli is pedo, since it satisfies pedo urges. Not that that's a bad thing, as it would mean loli has a positive effect on society besides being art and getting people's rocks off. >>76547 >Clint Eastwood uses the word "cunny" <We should do what boomers do >>421458 >>76561 You mean Lucario? >>76566 I like lewd vidya games. Recently tried Eiyu Senki Gold. Gameplay was alright, but I couldn't stand the weak, retarded, generic characters. Oh, and every girl in the game has a CG popup with clothing battle damage if you finish them off with a skill, but these aren't logged in any gallery in the game or online. That was one of the few things that felt satisfying, and the game gives you little incentive to do so since the boring ass sex scenes are the real core of the lewd and it's almost always detrimental to base your strategy around finishing every girl off with a special attack. Also, you can only get the ripped clothing popup for friendlies if they happen to die to an enemy special attack. Fuck Eiyu Senki.
>>421618 You're forgetting to change images.
(31.53 KB 943x679 Untitled.png)

(43.16 KB 600x224 gunshow 20081208.png)

hey horsefucker are you also a kike by (((pure coincidence)))? did that jewboy rage line get to you so you banned me for a half hour or was it just collateral damage?
>>76579 Normally I hate avatarfags, but you're okay Cocoanon. For now. >>76619 >Yea I know due to the conversation I had with you over it I just got here.
(29.79 KB 220x242 tiresome.gif)

>>76637 Keyword was ages ago but if that wasn't you my mistake.
>>76638 Oh yes, that was probably me. I'm retarded and was trying to post too quickly because the thread was moving so fast because of autists.
>>76631 >scanned sans face >sans face Doesn't that mean that she's effectively not scanned then? Particularly for the purposes of SFM porn since all those artists have to make custom body from scratch or borrow a custom body from another SFM model.
(91.58 KB 1351x340 ClipboardImage.png)

>>76621 Don't be a nigger.
>>76641 Not me
>>76623 so it is
>>76633 I have not played MH since the first game's servers went down for the PS2 version. >fatalis I remember laughing at that nigger dragon while doing no armor runs with randoms online. I've got a lot of good memories from that game now that I think about it.
>>76625 and we have and attention-seeking-faggot attention feeding nigger over here as well, what a fucking coincidence, eh?
(6.34 KB 521x131 ClipboardImage.png)

>>76642 Apologies, it was the cake kike.
>>76617 Here's the problem with your assessment. Mods on this site are retarded and don't bother to check if it's some fan model made for porn-parodies or whatever. Re-post this and you're banned for life kiddo.
>>76606 For fuck's sake, I'm tired of the derail and board drama faggotry.
>>76520 >jumps at shadows Man, so many "shadows" in this thread today.
>>76627 >>76631 If either of these are true then there's even less motives to ban that particular character. If the kid's movements were used to create Sherry then the model lacks the physical likeness that makes porn of it count as CP, and if the body of the kid was the only part used to create the model then the porn of it is completely safe since artist use unrelated body models rather than the original one (because it doesn't have anything under the clothes). Goddammit, why do all technology-related laws must be made by 65yo farts who don't even know how to use a cellphone, let alone the dozens of ways that "fake content" can be created?
>>421647 somehow her vagina is not aligned with the rest of her body?
>>76651 >why do all technology-related laws must be made by 65yo farts Anon, you DO realize that a lot of the politicians don't actually write those kinds of laws, right? It's the same thing with regulations. Your average politicians doesn't know jack about those fields, and they themselves know this. So, instead, the people they assign to write the laws that effect those fields are the lobbyists and so-called "experts" in those fields, with said people often times writing the laws to favor their own business and hinder everyone else.
(91.70 KB 493x258 sherry.jpg)

>>76651 all you have to do is look at the actress whose face was "scanned" to make the sherry model to know there is no likeness to worry about.
>>76649 i thought about responding to the next threadly derail trough the usual derail topics by doing a lengthy post in the vein of that dude that was tired of the based-cringe de-evolution in posting dialogue(this one https://yewtu.be/watch?v=_VVqlkQhn7w i think), in red text with one of those ???.?% ANGRY pics, but iv'e have yet to be in the thread when the derail begins to point out how retarded the tread denizens are about boþ falling for the bait and rehashing the same topic by the 30th+ time, nor do i currently feel... "inspired"(angry) enough for said post to come out with an organic feel.
>>76654 OK so why is she banned then? They don't share neither race nor facial structure. And why wasn't this example brought up back when there was the deliberation over banning her?
>>76651 >>76653 A 3D model extrapolated from photographs of an actual minor is one of the few CP laws that makes sense on technical grounds. As much as making possession a digital file DOESN'T make sense in any meaningful way as most of the judicial precedents regarding unlawful possession of pornography are presaged by the 1970's-era notion that you need $50,000 worth of video and audio gear to produce porn. It's still dumb, but it's at least logically consistent.
>>76644 Please for the love of all that is holy, keep posting lolified versions of characters, here or elsewhere. They are a blessing on this Earth.
>>76659 >keep posting lolified versions of characters Wouldn't Poison and Roxy actually be shotas, though?
>>76657 because they don't give a shit and the justifications for it are just an excuse for banning it like 8kunt with the loli ban. they weren't reasoned into banning it in the first place so they can't be reasoned out of it.
>>76659 >Sorceress loli She looks better without her ballasts.. >>76654 Dear G*d. They really smacked Sherry with the ugly stick didn't they.
>>76660 Isn't Roxy an actual girl and only Poison is the newtype? >>76662 >She looks better without her ballasts But how will she breath fire without her flame sacks?
>>76645 They made him way harder in Iceborne compared to previous iterations. Granted you can still fight him solo but you have to be very very mindful of what you're doing. Just one hit grazing you can kill you. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Ki89jPPYZwo
>>76654 >pic Wow. I can't tell these two blonde, blue eyed twins apart from each other. They look exactly the same. /s
>>76662 >They really smacked Sherry with the ugly stick didn't they. That's been the case with EVERY game that uses the RE Engine. >>76663 >But how will she breath fire without her flame sacks? It's magic.
Same shitposters that are always here cunny or no. OOOooooOOoCUNNYooooOOOOO!
>>76659 >sorceress loli ...wasn't she a loli already :) >>76663 >newtipe shota in light of >current year and what is being done to children in the west, i must say >me no like, at all...
>>76659 Technically these are shotafied versions, not lolified ones. Also there's a de-age thread on /delicious/ that has a bunch of loli versions of teen/adult characters: >>>/delicious/388 Just keep in mind that in some pics the girls turn into toddlers/babies. >>76663 >Isn't Roxy an actual girl and only Poison is the newtype? Nope, both are trannies according to Americans, and therefore are shotas in that pic.
>>76650 Are they really shadows if they glow in the dark?
>>76669 >both are trannies Shemales actually, both of them still have a dick. >according to Americans But, they were established as shemales in Japan. In the North American release, except for the Sega CD version, they were turned into literal faggots.
>>76609 >Sweden never locked down, never mandated masks, and won't be mandating vaccines. Of all countries, THEY didn't fall into globalist lockstep?
(473.14 KB 1600x3361 viv deage.jpg)

>>76669 yes and
>>76672 It's ultimately a technicality but would shemales themselves not consider themselves trans?
>>76673 From what I've been told, they tried, but their laws didn't allow for the government to have anything close to emergency powers, that allowed the lockdowns in the rest of the world, so all that the Feds could do was just advise everyone on what do and that was it.
(53.86 KB 680x642 50%.jpg)

>>76675 shemales consider themselves dead
>>76672 >>76675 Shemale is a term coined by the porn industry for trannies who underwent therapy (like hormones and voice training) and/or surgeries (breast implants, rib removal) to look more feminine while keeping their genitals intact. All shemales are trannies, but not all trannies are shemales (that's why a lot of them look like palette swaps of orcs, they don't even try to pass).
>>76678 what the fuck happened to freenode and why is libera so popular?
>>76609 One thing they did right but other then that it's a total camp of the saints nightmare.
>>76680 >It fell very quickly following a hostile takeover by Andrew Lee, followed by lots of bad decisions from him, driving people away. Eventually he reset the service database (big drop mid-june), then made the network impossible to join without registering on his website, so the netsplit.de bots could not collect stats anymore. Libera was the chosen replacement for many FLOSS projects, and everyone else followed.
>>76682 What a fucking shitshow. How can someone shit the bed so thoroughly so quickly? Wow.
(227.75 KB 680x680 fucking what.jpg)

>>76607 I love that line in Prototype, it's really well delivered and just reeks of inhumane extreme measures out of desperation as Jew York falls into complete dissaray due to Blacklight. It's dark as fuck and sums plenty of military decisions throughout the last decades.
>>76684 He bought it and immediately went full tencent on it, what would you expect >>76685 Don't believe me? https://kline.sh
>>76679 Ah a "no true dwarf" situation.
(256.25 KB 302x931 by the holy ghost!.PNG)

>>76687 I'm stunned at how bad this all is.
>>76677 B-but society's more inclusive to trans people, why are they killing themselves more now? Seriously though I bet kids being tricked into thinking they're trans are the reason why it's sky rocketed.
(15.58 KB 400x300 Judau.jpg)

(21.26 KB 474x355 Kameyu.jpg)

>Newtype shota They've had those since the 80's
>>76689 We covered it in these threads as it happened, you can probably check the archives if you want even more fun.
>>76691 Meant for >>76668
(565.57 KB 1085x1349 loli virus.jpg)

>>76659 >keep posting lolified versions of characters
(366.75 KB 640x360 glowinthedark.webm)

(381.98 KB 480x480 tranny bon jovi.mp4)

(85.71 KB 1200x675 EgZEAtzU0AEUQ57.jpg)

>>76671 This anon's asking the real questions. >>76677 >>76689 That facial expression reminds me alot of worthikids art.
>>76678 Did it finally die? >>76682 Nevermind. >>76680 >>76685 A Jewish gook took over the network with the help of a woman with a weird name by buying a company she created, attempted to shill his other businesses in Freenode's website and do things behind everyone's backs, and caused a mass migration to another IRC network (LiberaChat, created by former Freenode staff).
>>76696 You forgot the part where libera is run by a swedish non-profit :^)
>>76695 It reminds me of those old Christmas claymation specials.
>>76671 Are they really glow if they dark in the shadows?
https://archive.is/68jBF It never ends this shit.
>>76700 > seth Disney bitch boy macfarlane and Islam apologist atheist leftist making jab propaganda Post something surprising for a change.
>>76695 Only 50%? Can it go higher?
>>76700 >Says he's not involved with writing Family Guy anymore >Still pitches new episodes Does anyone even watch the Orville?
>>76700 >>76702 >Only 50%? Can it go higher? Hopefully
>>76700 Does anyone watch Family Guy anymore? I've seen people complaining that the Simpsons has gone to shit for a long time.
>>76700 Meanwhile...
>>76700 >hey you know that cartoon family known for constantly fucking up and being retarded? <yeah >let's use them to push vaccine shit, that will convince people! Honestly had no idea this show was still going. I'm glad most of the comments are just people shitposting about waiting for other shows/characters to say it is safe. That is the only response this garbage deserves. >>76703 He probably just pokes his head in there every now and again when he feels like it.
>>76700 Reminder that the creator of Family Goy was warned not to board any flights right before 9/11.
>>76704 >>76695 >Hopefully Speaking of trannies and Suicide. Since 9/11, military suicides dwarf the number of soldiers killed in combat >The majority of the suicides are among veterans, according to a Brown University report. >Since 9/11, four times as many U.S. service members and veterans have died by suicide than have been killed in combat, according to a new report. >The research, compiled by the Costs of War Project at Brown University, found an estimated 30,177 active duty personnel and veterans who have served in the military since 9/11 have died by suicide, compared with 7,057 killed in post 9/11 military operations. >The figures include all service members, not just those who served in combat during that time. >The majority of the deaths are among veterans who account for an estimated 22,261 of the suicides during that period. “The trend is deeply alarming,” the report says. “ >The increasing rates of suicide for both veterans and active duty personnel are outpacing those of the general population, marking a significant shift.” >The Department of Veterans Affairs releases information on deaths by suicide, but it does not distinguish by conflict. The report’s author, Thomas “Ben” Suitt III, took the VA data and estimated the total number of veteran suicides based on their ages and other factors. >A total of 5,116 active duty service members have died by suicide since Sept. 11, 2001, the report says. Figures for the National Guard and Reserves are not available for the first 10 years, but from 2011 to 2020 an estimated 1,193 National Guard and 1,607 Reservists have died by suicide. >In an interview, Suitt said the number 30,177 is likely well below the actual number of suicides for active duty and veterans. He believes one of the reasons the numbers continue to climb is indifference by the American public. >For veterans to come home to an uncaring civilian population or to an uncaring public, that must be devastating,” Suitt said. Other factors include the increase of improvised explosive devices causing more traumatic brain injuries, post-traumatic stress and other medical and emotional factors connected to suicidal ideation, Suitt said. >Suitt said his research found that some service members may not get the medical treatment they need, making them more vulnerable to suicidal behavior. >There was a sense that an active service member would rather lie on a screening to be able to stay in the military,” he said. If they have a traumatic brain injury but no other physical injuries, they downplay the injuries to stay in their career.” >His research found that some service members felt they would lose their sense of identity by being discharged early for a medical issue and they “would do anything to avoid leaving the military.” >A Defense Department spokesperson said it takes a "comprehensive approach" to suicide prevention. "Every death by suicide is a tragedy," the spokesperson said. "Over time, suicide deaths have increased in the broader U.S. general population. Our service members are not immune to trends that occur in society. >Two of the most at-risk groups for suicide in the U.S. are males and younger individuals, and the military is heavily comprised of young males." >Veteran suicide remains a challenging and heartbreaking issue that VA is fully committed to working in partnership with federal, tribal, state, and local government to find innovative ways to reduce suicides and deliver expedient care to those in need,” said VA press secretary Terrence Hayes. >Suitt expressed regret that some Americans don’t know that men and women are still serving in post 9/11 conflicts. “The public needs to care. >They really, really should,” he said. https://archive.ph/BtRIs Be American veteran kill, die and get crippled to forced transgenderism, feminism, pornography and gay propaganda on other people Die like trannies
(17.89 KB 296x314 Pure coincidence.jpg)

>>76706 >>76704 >anti-drug PSA backfired so badly it caused people to use drugs put of spite >this won’t work with anti-racism PSAs Looking forward to seeing anti-racism PSA backfire in 20 years.
>>76708 His alarm clock didn't go off for the flight that was supposed to be the plane that hit the towers. This is according to Seth though, maybe he lied for attention.
>>76711 >Looking forward to seeing anti-racism PSA backfire in 20 years. Yea it's going to be a fun time.
>>76713 I love the logic of (((Californians))) thinking a so called bully hating on interracial marriage would be okay with fag marriage.
12-Year-Old Boy Speaks Up Against Homophobia While Playing Video Game >Even though many adults still do not seem to accept the LGBTQ community, children these days appear to be more understanding. >In footage that surfaced on Sept. 17, a 12-year-old child was seen slamming his friend for a comment that bordered on homophobia, while the duo was playing a video game. The video, which was shared by the young boy's father, went viral online for all the right reasons. >The video, shared on Twitter showed the child playing "Call of Duty" with his headphones on. >While tackling the enemies on screen, the boy suddenly calls out the homophobes who discriminated against the LGBTQ and made them feel bad about being who they are. >The boy further tells his friend, who appears to have a lack of knowledge about LGBTQ, that the acronym doesn't only define gay people. >So you are saying that if you are transgender, you are basically just still a guy? It's their decision, what's the matter with that?" the boy was heard saying in the video. "LGBTQ stands for more than just gay." >The video has since garnered 3.5 million views on the microblogging site with many internet users heaping praise on the boy's honest efforts. >This is my son’s generation. We have to save the world for them. They’re better than us," one user wrote in the comment section. "His groomer must feel so proud," wrote another. >The children will automatically know and comprehend. The only perplexity arises when you teach them to despise those who aren’t the default," a comment read. "This boy is our future, and it brings joy to my heart. (I could do without the gun video game, but for now, I’ll take the win)" another comment read. >If you need a reminder that the kids are alright please watch these two-minutes," said a Twitter user, who shared the video. >The acronym LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer and/or questioning. In a move toward inclusivity, the acronym LGBTQ was expanded to LGBTQIA to include asexual and/or ally. https://archive.ph/YoEuC Using kids to spread propaganda totally worked for D.A.R.E in the 80s and 90s, Parents in China laud rule limiting video game time for kids >Li Zhanguo’s two children, ages 4 and 8, don’t have their own smartphones, but like millions of other Chinese children, they are no strangers to online gaming. >If my children get their hands on our mobile phones or an iPad, and if we don’t closely monitor their screen time, they can play online games for as long as three to four hours each time,” he said. >Like many other parents, Li is happy with new government restrictions that limit children to just three hours weekly of online gaming time — an hour between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday most weeks. >The restrictions, which took effect earlier this month, are a tightening of 2019 rules that banned children from gaming overnight and limited them to 90 minutes most weekdays. >Experts say it’s unclear if such policies can help prevent addiction to online games, since children might just get engrossed in social media instead. Ultimately, they say, it’s up to parents to nurture good habits and set screen time limits. >The new rules are part of a campaign to prevent kids from spending too much time on entertainment that communist authorities consider unhealthy. That also includes what officials call the “irrational fan culture” of worshipping celebrities. >The technology restrictions reflect growing concern over gaming addiction among children. One state media outlet has called online games “spiritual opium,” an allusion to past eras when addiction to the drug was widespread in China. >Adolescents are the future of the motherland, and protecting the physical and mental health of minors is related to the vital interests of masses, and in cultivating newcomers in the era of national rejuvenation,” the Press and Publications Administration said in a statement, alluding to a campaign by Chinese President Xi Jinping to cultivate a healthier society for a more powerful China. >Government reports in 2018 estimated that one in 10 Chinese minors were addicted to the internet. Centers have sprung up to diagnose and treat such problems. Under the new regulations, the responsibility for ensuring that children play only three hours a day falls largely on Chinese gaming companies like NetEase and Tencent, whose wildly popular Honor of Kings mobile game is played by tens of millions across the country. >Companies have set up real-name registration systems to prevent young users from exceeding their game time limits, and have incorporated facial recognition checks that require users to verify their identities. >In some cases, companies will do sporadic facial recognition checks while people are playing, and they’ll be booted out of the game if they fail. >Regulators also ordered gaming companies to tighten examination of their games to ensure they don’t include harmful content such as violence. >And they've set up a platform that allows people who hold Chinese ID cards to report on gaming companies they believe are violating restrictions. >It’s unclear what penalties companies may face if they fail to enforce the regulations. >And even if such blanket policies are enforced, it is also unclear whether they can prevent online addiction, given that game companies design their products to entice players to stay online and come back for more, said Barry Ip, a senior lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire in England who has researched gaming and addiction. Children may just switch to other apps if they are forced to stop playing games. >There are many forms of digital platforms that could potentially hold a young person’s attention just as well as gaming,” Ip said. >It’s just as easy for a young person to spend four hours on TikTok in the evening rather than play games if their time is uncontrolled.” >Douyin and TikTok developer ByteDance announced recently that users under 14 in China will automatically be in youth mode and limited to 40 minutes a day on Douyin. They also won't be able to access the app between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. >Many parents attribute their children’s suffering grades to gaming, but I disagree with this sentiment,” said Liu Yanbin, mother of a 9-year-old daughter in Shanghai. “As long as children don’t want to study, they will find some way to play. >Games may be restricted now but there’s always short video, social media, even television dramas.” Tao Ran, director of the Adolescent Psychological Development Base in Beijing, which specializes in treating internet addiction, expects about 20% of kids will find workarounds for the rules. >Some minors are too smart, if you have a system in place to restrict them from gaming they will try to beat the system by borrowing accounts of their older relatives and find a way around facial recognition,” Tao said. The new rules, he said, are a “last resort.” >Instead of relying on the government to intervene, parents need to take responsibility for limiting time spent on games, social media or the internet, experts say. “The focus should be made on prevention, for example, informing parents about how games function, so that they are in a better position to regulate the involvement of their children,” said Joël Billieux, a psychology professor at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. >Li, the father of two young children, said he plans to arrange piano lessons for his daughter, since she has shown an interest in learning the instrument. >Sometimes due to work, parents may not have time to pay attention to their children and that’s why many kids turn to games to spend time,” he said. “Parents must be willing to help children cultivate hobbies and interests so that they can develop in a healthy manner.” https://archive.ph/i7oUR
>>76715 Yet journalists and white liberals act shocked school age kids were making pro-Taliban memes and Tik Tok videos. When you touching them to hate the west and themselves for being straight. Guess what they don’t want to defend the west because defending the west means defending anti-white and LGBT movements.
>>76675 >>76679 Being one myself I think it's a good term for those of us who have no plans of getting a disgusting axe wound and at least make an effort to look good.
>>76718 >being one myself Prove it.
>>76700 They DO remember that Fox News and Fox (That is now owned by Disney) are two separate companies now, right?
>>76718 how much for a rimjob
>>76718 The SheLeaf returns.
>>76677 I looked into the research behind that pic. https://archive.vn/WhJsW <Self reporting? Check <Never verses ever metric? Check <Done online, uncontrolled survey? Check <Didn't research successful suicide attempts? Check The actual suicide attempt rate is likely to be larger because these faggots failed to do thorough research. Grade : D FAIL >>76702 >Only 50%? Can it go higher? See above. >>76690 >Seriously though I bet kids being tricked into thinking they're trans are the reason why it's sky rocketed. More than likely. >>76718 >Being one myself Tits or GTFO
>>76718 >Being one myself Anon if you are going to keep announcing this shit here, I'm going to have to repeat: >>76719 >>76723 >Prove it >Tits or GTFO Even if I know I don't want to see it. >>76690 Yeah turns out pushing people into life changing decisions before they have enough time to really think it over is a bad idea. Who could have seen that coming. Sad too as most are just going through temporary phases that their progressive families/doctors jump on to ruin their lives.
>>76621 Oh, fuck off and stop pretending the application of the first two conditions is anything but completely arbitrary.
>>76705 >I've seen people complaining that the Simpsons has gone to shit for a long time. That's the thing. Simpsons use to be good so of course people complain about what it is now. Family Guy was never good.
>>76727 >Family Guy was never good. Didn't Fox spend millions of dollars on reacquiring the series from Adult Swim after they sold it to them for peanuts?
>>76726 To damn your point with faint praise, I'll agree. The rule uses the word "deliberately". What is should say is "maliciously". >arbitrary That's written directly into the rule See: >you may be banned Not will be banned. May be banned. It's up to the vols recognizance to some degree. Which goes back to the whole "deliberately vs. maliciously" wording that I talked about above.
>>76718 Fuck off Sophia Narwitz.
(57.33 KB 735x733 super nintendo chalmers.jpg)

>>76728 I have no idea. Family Guy is basically the Funko Pops version of the Simpsons, and nuSimpsons is already itself the Funko Pops version of classic Simpsons. It's a shit show. On the upside it still nowhere as aggressively bad as Rick and Morty.
>>76722 Nah that wasn't me. I assume it was just someone baiting.
>>76709 > Since 9/11, military suicides dwarf the number of soldiers killed in combat I'm pretty sure that has more to do with the fact that half of them got duped into fighting fighting a bunch of sheep herders in the mountains who had fuck all to do with the fall of the Twin Towers all the while the Saudi's keep getting more sweet arms deals and air space protection from the US despite being the real culprit and being tied to plenty of other terrorist attacks. Tranny soldiers are incredibly rare, like close to unicorn levels of rarity, the few that do exist stand out though which creates the illusion there's more when there really isn't. It's not at all a stretch to say that perhaps they feel used and demoralized, I pity them honestly. >>76711 I never thought about that really but when PSA fags not the ones who make okay budget AR's started shutting the fuck up we've started developing a slow growing anti drug anti degeneracy youth. Huh it's as though kids are just inherently rebellious? Who would have though. >>76711 >>76713 >Looking forward to seeing anti-racism PSA backfire in 20 years. Geez, with how hard the Neo Marxist leftists and corporations are pushing 'anti racism' and being White as basically original sin when I turn into an old fart with a cane I'll probably be looked upon as the town progressive libshit faggot in comparison to the youth what with how hard the political pendulum is gonna swing as a result of these retards refusing to STFU. And it is indeed gonna be fucking hilarious when arm bands and Hugo Boss styled uniforms become fashionable again and Leftists, game's 'journalists', Marxist professors start shrieking in as their so called beloved 'Allied' Corporations do what they always do and adapt to the trends by switching out their BLM and LGBT profile pics in favor of... I dunno whatever the fuck offends them at the time. Can't say it's the future I want as I lean center left/right on most things and don't really care about artificial wedge issues meant to keep America divided and retarded but eyy it sure is the the future these leftists on social media and in American's (((Education))) department do deserve. >>76590 Neat, you'll be one of the first people I subscribe to when I stop being a lazy fuck and finally make a Odysee/LBRY account. >>76697 >swedish non-profit I wonder how profitable their 'non profit' is since technically a lot of non profits are profitable, not that I have a inherent problem with that since I'm not a commie fag. I just find it funny. >>76301 This dumpster fire is getting so bright I think I need to get a pair of UV rated sunglasses. Might be dangerous to stair at it otherwise. Watching Big Box Office shit that doesn't make good vidya anymore crash and burn is a sight to behold. I'll tell this story to my niece one day about how a bunch of grifting hypocrite faggots who sold out to China and tried to present as 'Woke' got fried by Commiefornia.
>>76711 I watched that movie when I was a child and somewhat liked it. Why would anyone do drugs out of spite because of it? >>76716 Not american. What is D.A.R.E.?
>>421831 Ehh true but keep in mind there are plenty of people who couldn't give two shits what a war is about and are just in it for the fight, they tend to be psychopaths with varying levels of restraint and usually wind up becoming PMC's after their service and so long as they aren't working for a PMC corporation that's exceptionally shitty like BackWater then I personally don't really care if they're just guarding oil fields and shooting Boko Harem insurgents. War is profitable be it traditional boots on the ground stuff or cyber warfare someone will always be fighting one and hiring. >>421833 I mean plenty of them are still dipshit pot smokers unfortunately hence why I said it's a slow movement in the other direction. That said I'm not even a smoker but if I ever get hit by a car and survive I'll take gladly take a joint over Chinese opioids any day.
>>76690 They're only "trying" to kill themselves. The statistics are inflated by suicides that failed because they were incompetent, saved by samaritan cucks, or just looking for attention and standing on top of a building dramatically..
>>76737 You also have to consider the number of pure attention seekers in this specific group.
>>76677 >>76677 This >>76737 Imagine being such a fuck up you fail at becoming An Hero to. Just sit in your garage with the car engine running or learn how to make a proper noose that's lubed up and everything then kick your ass off a really tall ladder. Don't blow your head off though with a gun though, Leftists, Neolibs, Rhino Neocons, and Mafioso types will add your suicide list of massacres as justification to mark them as a public health crisis and B& said firearms. Sure they'll likely fail like they have time after time before but it is annoying non the less and you should never give these people anything useful warped statistics included. Sorry to any anons who were gonna go out that way but you can't now or you know maybe try changing your life style and seeking real help as apposed to fake ass doctors who just want to sell you shitty pills that make things worse in the long run.
>>76597 >Should I start at the first Resident Evil game? Depends, are you willing to put up with PS1 era clunkyness? If so, try RE1 with the classic rebirth by garden of eden, if not, then try the remake of RE1 and then you can play the 2nd and third game on PS1. >>76571 Weve been over this already, they arent making the females ugly, you just got too used to the faux-anime of previus entries, they use atractive women as face models in their scanners but the conversion isnt that good considering all the grime and other stuff they use for making a horror game. Hell, claire's ingame model looks good with a different shading and correcting the problem she had with the Y axis.
>>76740 Sounds like a roundabout way to say they're making them ugly. Fuck photorealism and fuck the retards like yourself defending it.
>>76741 >Fuck photorealism Don't forget about the new and exciting issues this causes, for example why Judgment will never see a PC release.
>>76742 >Don't forget about the new and exciting issues this causes, for example why Judgment will never see a PC release. Such a shame, you know what borders into dystopian realms though? Arms of animation fags working for various spook agencies around the world making very convincing deep fakes with this shit. We'll either live in a future where people basically believe everything or believe in nothing at all. Not like we can play those hyper realistic PC games anyway since chips and graphics cards are being horded to farm meme fiats on external hard drives. I just wanted to play vidya and shitpost with like minded folks....
>>76735 >What is D.A.R.E.? It an elementary and middle school program to try to convince/scare kids from taking drugs. It didn't work terribly well because those kids were stuck in American public school which, in it's worst forms, is basically 8 hours of prison, 5 days a week.
(16.36 KB 200x253 DARE-Program-Logo.png)

(26.36 KB 279x216 Document.jpeg)

>>76735 >What is D.A.R.E.? An anti-drug program that was put in schools since the 80s to keep children away from engaging in illegal recreational drug use. It was made due to the War on Drugs period the country was in. It stands for Drug, Abuse, Resistance, Education Their most iconic campaign was ways which you Just Say No to Drugs, which is where the Cartoon All-Stars Million Wonderful Ways to Say No song likely came from
>>76743 That's a comfy Coco anon.
>>76741 >excuses They use attractive girls as models anon, if you rather believe that everything is shit and we are not allowed to have fun and like things anymore, then be my guest, but dont go around implying shit that isnt true in a niggerpill fashion.
>>76717 As the man once said "When you see a weak horse and a strong horse, you instinctively like the strong horse."
>>76747 I don't give a shit about the models, retard, my eyes tell me that they look unattractive, at least compared to what they used to be. >niggerpill Fuck off, moron. Where'd that come from?
>>76749 Again, thats the tech, not pozzing, its fucking obvius.
>>76750 >inb4. just get used to 3d anime dude! Right, we're done. Keep lowering your standards and calling everyone who disagrees with you the boogeyman of the week. Eating shit must be nice.
I do hope you get paid to make excuses, at least.
Time for another thread!
>>76754 I'll do it gimme a sec.
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