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#GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: R.I.P. Takao "If You Value Your Life" Saito Edition Anonymous 10/06/2021 (Wed) 08:16:00 Id: ffab27 No. 82477
ONGOING DISCUSSIONS: >Nathan Grayson leaves Kotaku to join the Washington Post's "Launcher" section https://archive.is/9hqq0 >Kotaku: "Sega Changes PSO2 Name To Something Less Borderline Racist" https://archive.is/XwXUd >Guilty Gear Strive censors mention of Taiwan and other countries https://nichegamer.com/2021/06/22/report-ai-kayano-voice-and-credit-removed-from-azur-lane-and-arknights-after-chinese-outcry/ https://archive.is/qTQD3 >Factorio developer attacked by SJWs after he refuses to denounce man whose programming advice he linked and denounces cancel culture https://nichegamer.com/2021/06/20/attempts-to-cancel-factorio-dev-backfire-players-and-positive-reviews-swell/ https://archive.fo/S9SyH >Voice Actress Ai Kayano's lines removed from Azur Lane and Arknights after Chinese people object to her visiting Yasukuni Shrine https://nichegamer.com/2021/06/22/report-ai-kayano-voice-and-credit-removed-from-azur-lane-and-arknights-after-chinese-outcry/ https://archive.is/qTQD3 >Five Nights at Frieddy's developer Scott Cawthon retires after SJWs and game journalists attack him for donating to Republican politicians https://archive.fo/wCpMC https://archive.fo/Fe8Ey >Quinton Flynn Replaced as Kael’thas Voice Actor in WoW; Despite Judge Ruling Sexual Misconduct Allegations Came from Obsessive Stalker https://nichegamer.com/2021/04/19/quinton-flynn-replaced-as-kaelthas-voice-actor-in-wow-despite-judge-ruling-sexual-misconduct-allegations-came-from-obsessive-stalker/ https://archive.is/Dj5a5 >A petition to deplatform once cancelled game "Six Days In Fallujah" started by Hala Alsalman receives game industry developer and figure support; gets stealthily updated https://archive.is/h6Da1 https://archive.is/eSpno >Pro-GG developer explains reason for leaving project. Claims family issues rather than cancel culture are to blame https://yewtu.be/YBVyJhn5AGg >Game journo who wrote articles for Vice Waypoint and PCGamer calling for blacklist on Hogwarts Legacy over pro-GG lead developer: https://archive.is/7gsws >State of Decay 2 drama involving the "Punched Nazis" trait https://archive.vn/XsItt CURRENT TASKS: 1. OPERATION TRAJAN: Collect and catalog all of the various localization and censorship accounts of past video games into a single repository from these sources: romhacking.net The_Cutting_Room_Floor/tcrf.net Segaretro.org https://yewtu.be/channel/UCFItIX8SIs4zqhJCHpbeV1A Examples: http://archive.vn/XQOHW Sony's policies forces censorship; JP devs allegedly have to go through ENG approval process: https://archive.fo/awzFF Japanese blog post about it: https://archive.fo/bF9bE Sony Japan President Says PS4 Censorship Policy Is To Match Global Standards And Protect Kids https://archive.fo/U3GLa -Confirms censorship was deliberate https://archive.fo/XgAgP -No rules for censorship policies, games judged case-by-case https://archive.fo/37DhK -Marvelous partner starts petition against policy https://archive.fo/rxQtf https://archive.fo/84UHo •Twitterfags: Tweet with Sony's stock code $SNE so that investors see your tweets and know you're pissed. •Consider spreading OP Timber materials to targets as well. http://archive.vn/URjtu ONGOING TASKS: A.Operation Download And Conquer: Loosen the death-grip of Google that has taken hold of the internet's audio and video services >>>/t/5546 B. Support archive.fo! Accountability needs proof: https://liberapay.com/archiveis/donate C. OP DisNod: Contact the FTC and advertisers about violations and unethical practices http://archive.vn/9bylT D. Internet Censorship happenings: Spread the word about the dangers of FOSTA/CLOUD act/Article 13, etc. https://www.eff.org/de/deeplinks/2020/03/earn-it-act-violates-constitution E. OP End the Era: Dig into resetera and their connections to journos, devs, etc. http://archive.vn/JfuSb Reminders (important, READ THESE!): •Use https://archive.fo to deny sites ad revenue and traffic and preserve pages in case they are deleted later •Be civil if you have to argue with people on Twitter, Tumblr or any forum - don't make us look like douchebags •Do not accept requests for any goal, demand lists or personal army requests: https://pastebin.com/p5dVp1e5 •Beware COINTELPRO: The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies: https://cryptome.org/2012/07/gent-forum-spies.htm •STOP REPLYING TO BAITS AND OBVIOUS DERAILMENT ATTEMPTS, JUST REPORT AND FILTER Resources >Summaries of #GamerGate:https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=wy9bisUIP3w - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics •https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=5fnRSL3d_xU - #GamerGate in 60 Seconds •https://archive.fo/23Fde - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address >Background and Evidence for #GamerGate: •The #GamerGate Dossier: https://archive.fo/nv1Fb •#GamerGate Wiki: https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Main_Page •History of #GamerGate: http://www.historyofgamergate.com/ •View the timeline links in the Current Happenings section! >Lists: •GG Steam Support & Boycott List: https://v.gd/vzRsRb •Key GamerGate Hubs: https://v.gd/LNJbat (Needs updating) >Thread Repository: https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/blob/master/ThreadRepository.md https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Thread_Repository >Full OP Text: •Current: https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=The_GamerGate_OP >How Can I Help? https://8chan.se/gamergatehq/ •All OPs: https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/tree/master/Operations •OP Vulcan: Learn logical debating: https://v.gd/Kbzw0L •An Anon's Guide to Twitter; basics: https://v.gd/nwrbYF >Want to Contribute to GitGud or Wiki? https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/tree/master/How-to-Contribute Remember that other boards and sites exist for discussing and posting about hobbies, lewds, and other interests. 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So the berserk question again, what's going to happen to Golgo13 now that the author is dead? I know the guy had quite the work ethic so I'm hoping maybe he actually had a plan for it. Are any of the OVAs worth watching?
>>82478 >foot hair you stop that.
>>82478 ...context?
For all the autism of the guy who keeps pushing Download and Conquer, is anyone actually working on it?
>>82481 i just found it like an hour ago and i said to myself "boy i bet absolutely nobody wants to see this i better show it around anyway"
Archive of previous bread https://archive.fo/ImXYy
>>82483 I collect all Vivians, even disgusting ones, so I'm fine with it. I'm just wondering why they're hobbits and what's going on with their backs.
(5.15 MB 1280x720 Peacemaker.webm)

>>82482 I'm not. I download videos for my own personal viewing pleasure and I do not see the mainstream looking favorably on alternative sites to youtube if they're seemingly being spammed by unrelated, uncredited STOLEN OH MY GOD MUH INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY videos. >>82483 >boy i bet absolutely nobody wants to see this i better show it around anyway Have I got something for you. Ladies and gentlemen, comedy! Yeah it's not as egregiously shit as a lot of other webms posted here but god damn is this really the best they can do? >>82486 God rest the man's soul.
Watch out for GamerGate The public enemy of the world #1 It is the main hashtag responsible for… ☑ Accidentally re-starting the French Revolution ☑ Weaponized Gondolas ☑ Hacking German politicians and media ☑ Played "To Catch a Predator" with Randy Pickford ☑ Masterminded the destruction of GDQ via the Catfish of Legend: Namazu ☑ Under the light of the Blood Moon; Self-destructed Western Journalism by having a some kid smirk at a drumming savage ☑ Just wanted to start a conversation with everyone, everywhere, eternally ☑ Watched Gawker die TWICE ☑ Guilty of face crimes ☑ When GameStop tried to sell itself; offered $3.50 in in-store credit ☑ Made telling "journalists" to "learn to code" into a hate crime ☑ Taught the Alt-Right ✅Then harassed said Alt-Right ☑ Started in 2011-2012 when 4chan tried to steal Anita Sarkeesian's SSN# ☑ Created "Boner Culture" which made cis straight male erections the most powerful force on earth ☑ Had a Jewish Mobster 'Take Care' of it ☑ Asked THQ about gaemu which somehow triggered World Wide Web War III ☑ Tricked /cow/ into developing and sharing their fetish for Mark's plump bagel with ResetEra ☑ Triggered GJP3.0 with 57 hitpeices on THQ Nordic's AA ☑ Orchestrated the GaymerGay misogynist review backlash against Marvel's Captain Woman ☑ Taught New Zealand about "White Day" ☑ Radicalized Spyro the Dragon ☑ Turned Pewdiepie into the Osama Bin Ladin of GaymerGays ☑ "The nerds and gamers were joined by the proto-storm troopers of the alt-right in a bond that has never been broken" ☑ Was a trial run for "will the US tolerate fascist behavior" ☑ Exploring new frontiers in sexual harassment via Jelly Bean ☑ Groomed young impressionable politicians into misogynists ☑ Created and trained the alt-right to take over the political landscape on a global scale (And succeeded) ☑ Arranged for Sonic the Hedgehog (movie ver.) to get "fixed" ☑ Remains undefeated for all time ☑ Turned Rage 2 into a Trump-esque attack on game journos ☑ Joined forces with Amazon ☑ Helped Mark impress Resetera ☑ Used Elliot Rodger's martyrdom to unite 4Chan and Breitbart to elect Donald Trump ☑ Will be looked back upon in 50 years as the root cause of the coming Cultural Civil War ☑ Government-sponsored shitposting ☑ Mastered the manipulation of the news cycle to their advantage ☑ Made Anita cry when Feminist Frequency went broke ☑ Destroyer of Worlds ☑ Russian Conspiracies (all of them) ☑ Extended Reanon's death/meme-magic to animation studios (please meme responsibly) ☑ An instrument of American Trumpian Power Worldwide ☑ Cured alleged "journalist" of dyslexic anxiety ☑ An aberrant, creeping horror ☑ As dangerous as Anti-Vax, ISIS, and Holocaust Denial ☑ Five years of ruining everything ☑ Came to the classroom ☑ Trained Google whistleblowers ☑ Never died and foreshadowed our toxic meme-strewn politics ☑ Blew up the Internet ☑ Made wanting challenge in videogames into supporting White Supremacy ☑ Was secretly fighting WWIII all along ☑ Stochastic Terrorism ☑ Being a national security threat according to the DHS ☑ Helped Mark win the lottery ☑ Gave the money back ☑ Living long enough to see itself become the villain in a TV Show THRICE ☑ Confused the FBI into thinking /v/ is /baphomet/ ☑ Turned Anita Sarkesian into a crazy cat lady ☑ It's #Gamergate Forever ☑ Justifiably felt alienated by the neoliberal fetishization of feminism and the reductionism of politics to identity teams ☑ Was rabidly pro-corporate ☑ Manipulated a SJWeeb into review-bombing a LGBTWTFBBQ-friendly game as a "test" ☑ Non-meat based cam girls ☑ Caused the Corona outbreak which destroyed China to cheer up a depressed CIA glownigger ☑ Digisexuals ☑ Called the cyber police to put a cripple in cyber jail ☑ Weaponizing decency ☑ Made the games industry a nightmare for Women, Colored People, and Ashley Burch ☑ The inevitable ultimate horror of Sega's "toxic" advertising for ChuChu Rocket ☑ Has the highest body count of any COVID-19 disinfo group ☑ Finally got the 8kun administration to get off their ass and answer the damn phone ☑ Searching for a new home (again) ☑ Made some /v/ hotpockets on other imageboards go insane ☑ Burned julay to the ground by doing basically fuck-all except continue to exist (props to a certain bunbunmaru reporter, tho) ☑ Having a high enough IQ to be mentioned on Rick and Morty ☑ Radicalized a grandmother to the point she promotes harassment against alleged games journalists ☑ Is the terrorist group backed by 'The French' who are behind President Trump's exhausting battle against twitter ☑ Protecting FUCKING GAMESTOP from looters ☑ Finally started the Race War by forcing a meth-head on a date with Corona-chan to take a knee to the neck from the police ☑ Confirmed for Baby Hitler ☑ Gave a lot of airtime to Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov ☑ Got on the Atlantic's "free $100" van only to get intervewed ☑ Started a backlash against the French independent film industry because they want to raise pure little girls ☑ And then Russia wanted to shut down 8chan.moe to be ironic ☑ Was clearly a blueprint for Trump's online assault in 2016 ☑ A gravestone marked “Games Journalism; Dead By Suicide,” with the date of death corresponding with the launch of GG ☑ Took over the US capitol ☑ Funded by the GOP ☑ Using Reddit's radicalized nihilism to counter jews shorting FUCKING GAMESTOP ☑ Made Mark the Godfather of Gamergate ☑ Corrected Polygon on Titanfall lore ☑ Accidental meme magic discharge (R.I.P Miura) ☑ Planet-range racism field ☑ Not wanting people to put down the controller and talk about their feelings ☑ Destroyed the logic process of a bot wreaking havoc across multiple imageboards with just one simple trick ☑ Caused Blizzard executives to threaten their employees with rape ☑ Came to Alex Hutchinson's Defense ☑ Made Vivian a feminist symbol ☑ Grew to a geopolitical scale and spilled into real life with devastating consequences ☑ Got their own TV show
>>82478 I'd be okay with this if it wasn't for foot hair.
(88.27 KB 96x96 yes.gif)

>>82478 >hobbit feet
>>82477 >Takao Saito Edition Finally.
(119.87 KB 1200x775 vorhees.jpg)

>>82488 >☑ Got their own TV show FICTIONAL TV show. Starring sexy swole anons as the horror movie monsters whom the writers/main characters fantasize over.
>>434988 >>434990 Stop worshipping an eceleb whore fucking faggots
(972.46 KB 900x1200 shiggy duckman.png)

>>434988 >liking things
Heyo where da big tiddie lolis at?
>>82493 >telling the truth is worshiping she's the biggest VTuber/virtual idol in the world right now. kizuna ai and hatsune miku are the only other things around that can even compete with her. I never said anyone should watcher her or give her money.
>>82496 None of that matters. Vtubers make trannies irrationally angry by merely existing because trannies know a fucking cartoon character is more of a real woman than they will ever be.
>>82496 >biggest X in the world right now So did some other twitchthots/ewhores at some point.
>>82498 she's eclipse most of them too, in record time I might add.
>>82498 >she's eclipse most of them too So did other ethots too. Your point?
>>82492 >Feminist writers are going to lewd us as buff monsters I'm both interested and afraid.
>>82501 an anon had posted a reddit screencap a few threads back of some fanfiction that was exactly this. The writer was "a feminist, an ally, an anti racist" etc in a university who was fantasizing about becoming the supposed racist's cocksleeve.
>>82496 But you do have a keen interest in her, and by mentioning her and praising her you certainly sound like you're promoting her. I could tell you about Yahtzee Crowshaw, who made a dozen short free games in a year with an accompanying video series outlaying his ideas while also discussing video game development concepts, and has recently put a temporary end to the series as he continues to work on his new, larger game that's currently in open beta on his itch.io page, but you totes don't need to watch the videos or play his games or aaaaaaaanything. Also as a side note i really need to go track down and clip that one yahtzee/jack packard video where the bald faggot almost said "its about ethics in videogame journalism".
>>82504 >Jack Packard Isn't this an RLM guy? what does he have to do with Yahtzee? Also as rough as his games are, I really liked Poacher and the Trilby games.
>>82487 That's why you have to put things that are interesting to the alternative audience, the ones who are sick of youtube's frontpage material, things you have to take a deep dive inside youtube to find. That's the cool and rad content people want to see that the mainstream youtube doesn't offer. I'd argue one should put the stuff they like to put on alt sites, like all the videos you have saved till now.
>>82505 since april 2020-ish ya boi jacky packy has been hired by the escapist and has been making content, among others being him opposite yahtzee first in quasi-debates and later in just general talking at each other videos
(23.97 MB 854x480 Cutie Angels.mp4)

>>82499 The vocaloid scene is dead as fuck now, but in it's prime it was pulling in more money and (((merchandising))) than any singular cartoon e-whore. More than most ethots in a stable combined. Regardless of how popular vtubers are, they're still just digital overlays and voice modulation of real people. That limits their monetization stream - especially IPs like Miku which are more or less "open source" and licensed to whoever wants to make something with them. Whether that be albums, clothing, video games, concerts, or porn. They can be whatever the artist needs them to be for whatever role - and her owners get a cut of it all. And unlike vocaloids, the fans of vtubers know when their favorite cartoon slut is acting off. Kazuna Ai's management team tried to split her across multiple actresses in order to open up more revenue streams, and it cratered her popularity. Nips are notoriously loyal to their favorite VAs. Shame we probably won't ever get another Project Diva game. Most everyone with talent making songs have launched into proper industry careers, and all the meme song makers that provided the soundtrack for late-2000's internet have fucked off for greener pastures once vocaloid became mainstream pop icons. Maybe I'm wrong, since I don't really pay attention to the vocaloid music scene outside of the games. I just don't see anything new breaking out and seeping into other aspects of culture via memes the way they used to. I do still like Mitchie-M's stuff though
>>82500 >>82502 >Your point? already made my point with my first post on the subject. i'm not sure what your point is, other then some attempt at contradiction. for her "class of entertainment" shes performed impressively (for an english vtuber). that's all I was getting at. >>82504 I know Yahtzee. I like most of his stuff. have his audio books in my backlog. I heard he was working on a game but its in a style I've never really liked (space quest style adventure game, right?) he's in a totally different category then a vtuber though. i'm mostly interested in vtubers because of the cultural and technical aspects they present. (as its also related to my interest in vr and gpu technology)
(13.45 KB 263x192 It's ok, I'm a Teacher.jpg)

>>82507 Basically a replacement Gabe, but somehow even gayer and more pseudo-intellectual.
>>82510 I'm not sure i'd even say that since Cosmo Morton at least had a certain bonhomie with yahtzee what with sharing a sense of gallows humor and mild interest in jeffrey dahmer; jack is more of a kathy lee gifford to yahtzee's regis filbin or at best paul shaffer to dave letterman.
>>82509 My point is it's another ethot who uses the latest fad to eclipse others ethots, why should any anons (or anyone really) need to care about this latest occurrence?
>>82507 Man that sounds insufferable. How is it that to this date, seemingly only Yahtzee's keeping The Escapist afloat? Guy must be making some big bucks and/or the Escapist must be hiring some really world class hookers for him. >>82506 There are two channels I can think of(Voxis Productions and E;R) that would fit and they already both upload their stuff to alternative video sites so I don't quite see the point. The issue is that I doubt you can get people to jump to a completely new website just so that they can watch re-posts of content they like. They'll see it as stolen content, without the author's permission and it doesn't pander to anyone with an e-friend obsession so you've lost out on the crowd that wants discord links and fan engagement in the comments and stupid shit like that. If you really want to make a difference you'd probably have to start getting anons interested in video editing and making and then having them make original content on those websites and then keep on that grind until recognition by the mainstream. And in that case the opposite might occur where someone just steals the content from the alternative site and posts it on youtube where the majority of the userbase is and will probably not care(they simply care about convienence which is why I guarantee you some retard out there buys those premium youtube accounts instead of just using addblock/freetube) to bypass ads. I'm not trying to blackpill or discourage or say this is impossible, I'm just saying this will be a really difficult thing to do, to get people jumping from what they've known for decades and is the most convenient thing at the moment to other sites when what might be offered could barely be called equivalent, let alone superior. There was an alternate video site back in 2015-2016, had 60 fps support before Youtube did. I remember an anon had uploaded this really cool 60 FPS video of the game Distance to it. I think the site's dead and quite frankly I can't even remember it's name. The idea needs to be re-thought out and anons will have to really put in the effort here, especially in terms of actually teaching each others or themselves the skills to make content good enough for people to be interested in which I think is the biggest hurdle because I don't think many anons if anyone here is a god at video editing and would be willing to spend the time to share their skills. TL;DR: I think making OC is the way to go around achieving this for video sites which is a very difficult thing to accomplish considering how most anons probably do not have the drive, skillset, time or interest to do so for seemingly no gain.
>>82508 I think the next big vocaloid type breakthrough is going to happen in VR, and I think vtubers are an evolutionary stepping stone in that direction. and you're right that miku by herself made more money then any one vtuber, but the vtuber industry as a whole is quickly outpacing the size of the vocaloid industry even at its peak. lots of big companies are investing in vtubers (sony, disney, apple) and I think its going to be something that informs the designs of some of our tech for the next few years. >>82512 I don't think anything I say will be of any interest to you.
>>82514 >I don't think anything I say will be of any interest to you. Don't worry, Anon, nothing you say is of any interest to anyone else either.
>>82514 >started praising something <why would people wants that? >I dOn'T tHiNk AnYtHiNg I sAy WiLl Be Of AnY iNtErEsT tO yOu.
>>82514 >tongue physics How the fuck have we not used this technology for electronic girlfriends? As for the second gif, that's some uncanny valley shit.
>>82513 finding other video sites is the real problem right now. most companies just push everyone to youtube. I think even most web browsers and search engine have a YT link or auto-finish baked in. if other sites are going to catch on that has to change.
If anyone wants a good laugh search Taliban M16 on YouTube. Nearly every news video from India. Indians freaking out Afghanistan now has a more advanced and professional army than India armed forces . Also, look up Tribal women try Gazpacho (Mexican soup). Quality of life and safety in India is so low they consider Mexico a first-world country and think Mexicans are westerners.
(90.92 KB 918x755 Zoolander Cock Pull.JPG)

>>82478 Fuckin' HOBBITS!
>>82517 >uncanny valley shit. I guess my uncanny valley sense might off but I don't see how she's that bad. she is intentionally "creepy" with her humor and "i'm going to murder you" smile but I've seen 2D art pull that off. uncanny valley to me is like early psx cg movies and pixar stuff.
>>82514 Man I really want to set up my own virtual character shit because nobody seems to watch videos unless there's a face put to them. I would only do tech videos but of course privacy is first priority
>>82521 I don't watch vtubers, isn't my thing, so I wouldn't know what her humor is like. Something about the stiffness yet smoothness of animation makes me shudder.
How are y'all?
>>82519 Indians aren't afraid of M16s as they have similar rifles, they're afraid that some of the equipment, including high tech jets and tanks will be sold to Pakistan.
>>82517 >used this technology for electronic girlfriends? Arguably, that's precisely what they've done. This is what girlfriends are in 2021, twitch streamers. Like the movie Her. >uncanny valley It is going to get worse. https://youtu.be/NAPh-peDlfs
Far Cry 2's villain is Far Cry 1's hero, creative director confirms <Clint Hocking says yup, the Jackal was meant to be Jack Carver >With Far Cry 6 launching later this week, what a great time to dredge up old arguments and declare once more that Far Cry 2 was the best one. Also dredging up old thoughts, Far Cry 2 creative director Clint Hocking has confirmed an old fan theory: the man we hunt in FC2, the Jackal, is indeed meant to be the fella we played in the first Far Cry. <So despite the wildly different tone and seemingly unconnected plot, it really was a sequel after all. >Far Cry 2, made by Ubisoft rather than series creators Crytek, seemed quite separate. While the first game saw a fella tumble into a sci-fi plot on a tropical island with mutated monkey monsters, the follow-up focused on civil war in a nonspecific African country. We're sent to assassinate The Jackal, an arms dealer who's been supplying both sides, until it all goes wrong. No murdermonkeys at all. I >t seemed a spiritual sequel at most. But, apparently the two are connected. >Jack Carver in the original Far Cry was this shifty, smuggler, gun runner kind of crook," Clint Hocking explained to the Ian Games Network. "The idea was [the Jackal] is just him, 10 years later or something, after he's seen whatever he saw on this island [during the events of Far Cry]. Maybe it was drug induced, maybe it's post-traumatic stress disorder, or maybe it's real. But the idea is, a decade later, he has levelled up his smuggling game, and he's gotten embroiled in this conflict." >Some fans had long suspected this. At one point, Ubisoft clearly had considered making him be Jack, given that filenames for some of the Jackal's art assets include "jackcarver". Jack and the Jackal had similar backgrounds, too. But without official confirmation, it was only a theory. >I mean, video games are not real, and canon and lore are the most boring ways to see stories, so you can believe whatever you want about anyone. That's fine. Don't let anyone try to stop you. >But perhaps you'll enjoy thinking about Far Cry 2 in this light. It's nice to think about stories in different ways. Not that I remembered a single detail about Far Cry's plot beyond the mutants, nor had any emotional investment in Jack Carver. But hey! >Reinstalling Far Cry 2 to capture that wee video of meeting the Jackal did make me want to start a new playthrough. I'm trying to remember how long it takes before I can unlock my favourite weapons, the bolt-action rifle and breech-loaded grenade launcher, and really start enjoying it. Hmm. Maybe. Though some NPCs are a bit bouncy on my modern PC: >Far Cry 2 is still the best Far Cry. Before Ubisoft had the bright idea that open-world games should be flooded with map markers to clear, Far Cry 2 was a hostile immersive sim sandbox where the best-laid plans could be upended by a careless spark or rusting gun. >Yeah, maybe enemy checkpoints respawned too quickly, but it sure made the world feel a horrible place where even getting to your destination took effort. >I like that. I've written more before about my fondness for FC2, and Marsh Davies declared it the best in the series back in 2014 too. https://archive.ph/dYBK6 INB4 far cry instincts gets retcon into a movie like blood dragon in far cry 5. Fans rebel after Ubisoft announces Ghost Recon Frontline >Ubisoft today revealed its latest Tom Clancy project, Ghost Recon Frontline. It’s a free-to-play first-person shooter, and its flagship “mode” is a battle royale in the style of Call of Duty: Warzone. >Frontline will put players in teams of three in 102-player matches in a location called Drakemoor Island. There they will, as is tradition with battle royale titles, have to duke it out with the other players in order to be the last one standing. According to Ubisoft, Frontline will have “an advanced class system and large set of tactical support tools allowing for complete freedom in strategic gameplay. >It appears Frontline will have other, non-BR modes in the future. Developers Ubisoft Bucharest has promised that the new modes will involve quicker or more casual gameplay, such as arena-based fights. >The reaction from gamers so far has been decidedly unamused. The trailer has a huge dislike-to-like ratio, as does Ubisoft’s explainer video. >The comments on almost every official video are roasting Ubisoft for their decision to make this game, asserting that no one wanted a battle royale game from the company, it will not be able to compete with the rest of the battles royale out there, and that Ubisoft’s decision to make the game may hurt future Tom Clancy titles. >If you go to sites like Reddit, the general attitude is still unhappy. On the Ghost Recon subreddit, users are asserting that this title will kill all future interest in the series and that Ubisoft has spectacularly failed to meet the community’s demand. A small but vocal group of fans are most disappointed that Ubisoft appears to be making every kind of Tom Clancy game — indeed, seems to be inventing new kinds of Tom Clancy games — except Splinter Cell, despite the number of fans asking for a new one. >Fans also noted in the YouTube comments that this isn’t the first time Ubisoft has chased a gaming trend with the Tom Clancy franchise. Earlier this year, the publisher revealed Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, a 6v6 shooter that bore a resemblance to Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This isn’t the first time the company has made a battle royale title either, as it released Hyper Scape just last year. >As for why Ubisoft would want to make a battle royale game in spite of the player disdain, the explanation might lay in the fact that the leading battle royale titles on the market make a lot of money for their creators. Fortnite made $9 billion for Epic Games in 2018 and 2019, and Activision reported huge revenue growth earlier this year thanks to Call of Duty: Warzone. https://archive.ph/nNLJk Ubisoft intentionally raping Tom Clancy name at this point.
(3.57 MB 1297x721 disgusted.png)

>>82527 >Tom Clancy's Battle Royale
>>82525 >Indians aren't afraid of M16s as they have similar rifles You have no idea how bad Indian service Rifle INSAS is, do you? India government made FN FNC clones. They fucked it up so badly they had to quickly replace them with American made SIG 716s and Russian AKMs. India now somehow fucking up making direct AK clones to replace INSAS.
>>82528 Are bald eagles considered racists yet? I wouldn’t be surprised if National birds get attacked for being racist next. BLM would replace National animals with Pitbulls.
(41.46 KB 807x659 tiresome.jpg)

>>82528 >"Voila, we'd have bought ourselves the equivalent of a trillion-dollar increase in the debt limit, without any impact on inflation," says Diehl. That's really not how it works. >>82529 At this point it has to be intentional. They must have strapped some magnets to him and they're using his grave rotations to power their servers.
>>82529 Sam Fisher really wants to chug jug with you.
Twitch source code and creator payouts reportedly part of massive leak oh noes, poor vtubers. Gotta simp harder, fellows simpers. https://archive.is/mqCbb
>>82517 >How the fuck have we not used this technology for electronic girlfriends? some vtubers use fully decked out body suits with gloves (or infrared dots) to map "everything" including their own real boob and ass jiggle. >>82522 it helps an audience engage with your content if they have a face they can match it to. even if its not your "real face" . >>82523 It might be the .gif fucking up the frame rate of the animation, some people are more sensitive to that then others. (like lcd blur or rainbow effect from dlp projectors) >>82524 how ya doing Sheriff! >>82526 I think its going to get to the point where "member only streams" will let you touch the vtuber. head patting, kissing, touching, feet... stuff. even getting jerked off. its coming sooner then later... pun intended
(145.39 KB 1242x434 1.png)

(60.84 KB 1019x394 2.png)

(48.24 KB 1231x185 3.png)

Twitch Got leaked. All of it https://archive.is/8rQNK https://archive.is/mgmUs https://archive.is/2Hlni Supposedly even including the entire source code. This news is going to blow up tomorrow. For now, here's the top earners on Twitch all in a pastebin. The original pastebin was inaccurate due to inflating numbers (see pic related), here's the more accurate one: pastebin.com/LjmaPNam
>>82536 >>82534 how big is this? (compared to the Sony leaks?)
>>82536 What’s the odds twitch pissed off the Jew? Did twitch thots raised too much money for Palestinians? Did twitch users call for boycott of Israel like IGN did?
>>82534 >>82536 >Twitch's source code Will this be the breakthrough to their monopoly? Someone could use it to make a freedom-oriented competitor that isn't fucktarded in design, right? >An unreleased Steam competitor from Amazon I dunno if they'll get anywhere farther than Sweeney and his chink masters did with Epic.
(546.00 KB 1214x1500 postaldude.jpg)

>>82522 Just do it with deepfake and make yourself George Floyd. >>82528 >trillion dollar coin Unless that platinum coin is larger than a tractor tire, I see it as completely pointless. >>82536 >one guy got 2 cents in an entire month, which is effectively a slap in the face >Hasan gets over $210k in the same amount of time
>>82519 >Quality of life and safety in India is so low they consider Mexico a first-world country and think Mexicans are westerners. Mexicans don’t publicly shit in the street like Indians. That alone makes Mexico space age compared to India. Hell niggers in America probably Rape far less people than poos.
>>82535 need moth
>>82537 >how big is this? (compared to the Sony leaks?) >>82519 I’m hoping for Disney getting leaks Sony style. Especially with Disney canceling dyke cartoons after China banned LGBT propaganda in kids media.
(31.87 KB 509x387 one-trillion.jpg)

>>82528 So the Simpsons predicted the future again or reality it´s shitposting itself again?
(80.57 KB 798x598 sketch moth beach.png)

(62.51 KB 798x598 sketch moth bunny.png)

(99.37 KB 798x598 sketch moth mama.png)

(808.85 KB 1080x1440 princess moth sex.png)

(659.20 KB 1080x1440 princess moth rape.png)

>>82543 > Especially with Disney canceling dyke cartoons after China banned LGBT propaganda in kids media Not that I don't believe it, but any examples? I want to see some fag butthurt that their money-daddy values the wallet more than the agenda.
(256.59 KB 449x425 sweaty samurai.png)

>>82545 >those last pics Hey i remember that anon with the moth stuck on his pc.
>>82546 >>82543 only dyke cartoon I can think of is (((the owl house)))
>>82550 Lesbians should be in movies only if they're hot and are there for titillation. Otherwise fuck that shit and get some dick already.
(51.73 KB 425x565 Police.jpg)

>>82544 >predicted the future It seems like something that the government has been doing on-and-off at times, meaning that the episode was most likely a reference to current events at the time. The reason I say that is because the article is such an unbelievably low-IQ take, it could only have come from the mindset of "well that is what we did last time and I don't remember anything going wrong".
>>82550 The Owl House is definitely one of the worst offenders. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_animated_series_with_LGBT_characters:_2020%E2%80%93present >Eda Clawthorne - Queer >Luz Noceda - Bisexual >Amity Blight - Lesbian >Raine Whispers - Non-binary
>>82504 >ethics in video game journalism Would eugenics in video game journalism improve anything?
>>82554 maybe but itd mean youd have to fuck some journalists
>>82553 >The Owl House is definitely one of the worst offenders. Netflix she-ra also... *and RWBY
Suggestive Player Character Joke and Flirt Voice Lines Removed in Patch 9.1.5 Surely that will be more than enough to resolve all our lawsuits. t. Blizzard https://archive.is/EZD7c
>>82535 >some vtubers use fully decked out body suits with gloves (or infrared dots) to map "everything" including their own real boob and ass jiggle. And not one of them is sucking my dick. What a waste of materials! >I think its going to get to the point where "member only streams" will let you touch the vtuber. head patting, kissing, touching, feet... stuff. even getting jerked off. its coming sooner then later... pun intended I understand what you are saying, but I can't find the energy to care. Why would I want to be in an orgy with a bunch of other dudes? Why would I pay money for a whore and not get the satisfaction of my dick down her throat? My point is, somebody should take this technology and make an electronic girlfriend. And then share the program so we all can have our very own waifu on the pc without having to share her with anyone. At least that's what I would want. Imagine the possibilities with customization. From lolis to tomboys to milfs.
>>82558 >Suggestive Player Character Joke and Flirt Voice Lines Removed in Patch pic related. all of these are so tame/lame. I can't believe the sensitivity level that has been achieved by these morons.
>>82560 And fuckwits will continue paying Blizzard and defending this shit for free because they cannot fathom the thought of losing all the pixels they have accumulated over the years.
(1.00 MB 2081x2442 Nuclear_Environmentalist.jpg)

>>82519 > Indians freaking out Afghanistan now has a more advanced and professional army than India armed forces Of course they do. All according to plan, no doubt. Many of the Taliban forces controlling Afghanistan now were taking refuge in Pakistan - who shares a border with India. India and Pakistan have been engaged in a nuclear mexican standoff over Kashmir for years now and, I'm sure they're getting ready to march on India as we speak. China will use it's nuclear arsenal as a threat deterrent to protect Pakistan, while Afghani and Paki forces roll across the border with US money, military training, and equipment. This will force India into a ground war with them, taking pressure off of China's border. If China makes a move on Taiwan - the second largest player in the region who could stand up to Chinese expansion just got knocked out of the fight. Or at least had their forces weakened to the point where they'd be more willing to stand down while China takes Taiwan rather than risking war. S. Korea will be busy with an inevitable N.Korean attack (either out of opportunism or with a Chinese bayonet to their backs). Japan has no standing army of note with which to put up a serious fight. Australia is too busy being torn apart by resistance against the newly authoritarian government. Confidence in the US military (led by Sleepy Joe Biden, fresh from the disastrous Afghan withdrawl) is at an all time low - potentially dissuading many smaller nations like Vietnam from joining in the conflict without strong allies to back them up. Not to mention that we're not in the greatest shape ourselves, with our military gutted by hyper-partisanism purges of testosterone and half our states being in opposition to the Gov't and each other. This isn't a black pill - it just looks to me like chess pieces are being set up for a game really soon. If it is, all this is China pulling out all the subversion and underhanded tricks they can just to even have a CHANCE in the event that things get hot - because even with all that going for them, and going against us, we're still going to be fighting China. Fucking China. Most of their history is a chronology of them losing battles and being conquered. Not to mention that half of their infrastructure is either deserted or collapsing, and the other half will disintegrate into chalk powder and insulation-trashstuffing at the slightest shockwave of a missile. To top it off, you could practically knock them out of a conflict in a single blow if you take out the Three Gorges Dam. They claim it's designed to withstand sustained nuclear barrages, but they're also compulsive liars and it's also not supposed to bow out and develop stress cracks either. Russia's a bit of a wildcard for me. Not sure what they'd do, but I'm not convinced they'd stick their necks out for China in any real capacity. Not really in their best interest to allow unchecked Chinese expansionism, especially since some of those islands that China wants from Japan - Russia also considers theirs. I mostly just see them staying out of it, while threatening both the US and China with nuclear retaliation the moment either one of them tries to launch theirs. They've still got the arsenal to back up the threat, and they've got everything to gain by keeping it from going nuclear while maintaining neutrality. Wonder if it'll all happen in time to have an actual nuclear exchange with China by Oct. 23
(28.41 KB 414x704 librewolf_e6ksXRZWF2.png)

>>82534 I think all these leaks in recent years is all due to work from home, people sharing passwords and VPN access to each others, and just people being more bored at home. Here's the top 20 earners
>>82559 They already had all that interaction like touching, headpats, etc. with the VR hostess service. Just not anything physical yet because nobody figures out an easy solution for it. only the vtuber simp thinks his "pure" vtuber waifu's "member only stream" will be different from the usual ethot's shenanigan.
>>82563 Jesus christ. All these people do is sit on their arses and make "funny" jokes at the camera or scream and they make double the average person who busts their guts working a real shit job they hate.
>>82565 I'm sure as shit there's something factored in here, like sponsorships or something. Also while I don't hate my job, I wish I'd make those 7 figure digits instead of barely breaking 5 a year(I'm assuming this is yearly)
>>82565 This is gross earning, so I think its money made since all the years https://pastebin.com/LjmaPNam
>>82562 >October 23 What's special about that date? My boss is Indian and is travelling back to India pretty soon to visit family for a month or so. I hope nothing happens while he's out there, and that he makes it back before anything starts.
>>82478 I draw the line, literally, at foot hair, so I made some edits. Might remove pubes too but will have to be later.
>>82569 ffs I forgot to spoiler
(47.67 KB 960x720 wetsubstantial.jpg)

>>82567 >moistcr1tikal $2,098,742.63 >>82567 Also before taxes assuming they actually pay any.
(4.99 MB 1920x1080 you suck.webm)

>>82571 Wasn't this the faggot who did a really lame song called 2019 guy?
>>82551 true
(607.59 KB 909x497 saggy.png)

>>82515 >older feminist women who don't have a family, so they do their best to prevent other people having families Is there a name for these kinds of people? I guess spinster kind of fits, but that term is outdated by several decades.
(169.13 KB 1200x676 you suck.webm)

(339.93 KB 600x900 Toblerone.jpg)

>>82575 Well "crabs in a bucket" would count but that's a phrase, not an individual word.
>>82577 That's not specific enough. I think crab mentality feminism is widespread enough to warrant a new term.
>>82567 From what I have seen this is over 3 years, so from 2019 to this year. Still a ridiculous amount of money for sitting around doing fuck all meanwhile other people are busting their guts working two or three jobs while barely keeping their lights on.
(15.79 MB 1222x720 Cute Lamb Needs Attention.mp4)

>>82513 I'd say people don't care much about reposted content, considering how much reposting goes in tiktok & instagram. And the difference between getting the edgy+quality content from youtube vs alt sites is they have to find them or get linked from elsewhere (discord or twitter). If you have these kind of content in frontpage of a site, that's already a big plus. Ecelebs fans and such are obviously not the current target of this plan. The OC content would be the best option, but its a long way to there. Your 60fps site is a valid lesson, either offer something unique or fizzle out. We'll have to keep that in mind. In youtube there are comments disabled for cartoons due to youtube kids. We can use this as one point these sites offer if we can upload some good cartoons there. I'd like alt sites to have content the I'd love to watch and don't have to trawl through youtube, so that's the kind of videos I'll be uploading. Bigger question is which site is most conducive to have their frontpage filled by such good content?
(177.87 KB 900x1200 dino thumbs up.jpg)

>>82539 Twitch transcodes streams for partners, the rest is just a css skin, payment processor, and chat emote database. Most sites probably cant even break even with one quality option, let alone five.
(38.72 KB 355x500 benny-45491-normal.jpg)

>>82528 oh boy >>82536 How can those files be that big? Is the source code that bloated? I would have guessed like 10 to 20 GBs. How big is the actual source code by itself?
>>82578 I mean maybe corvid but even corvids lay eggs, they just eat the eggs of others. There isn't really anything in any language that can communicate such a thing so specifically, as those that do not reproduce simply cease to exist after a while, meaning you also won't find very many animal comparisons either. Maybe there might be some languages where someone can throw together a composite word to suddenly invent a term, but I really doubt there is a specific term. Even when you think of mythical creatures, even then there aren't many options. Succubi are incapable of being impregnated by the men they have sex with, but they are in a way still reproducing as the sperm from the succubus is then used to impregnate women. So succubus would not be fitting either, as they aren't preventing women from having children, just preventing them from having children that are human, and they themselves are still capable of reproducing even though they have no eggs.
(364.27 KB 478x470 biggerdigger.png)

>>434860 >SNL always been politically correct crap. Have you actually watched the show since it first aired in the 70's? >>434877 >Conspiracy Theorists falsely claim, however, that the state mandated vaccinations will kill people, they won’t. But they WILL stop the exponential growth of the human population So, it's going to make everyone sterile? >>434884 >Microjew boy is talking about increasing quality of life for subhumans in third world countries and thus stunting their birth rates. One problem with that theory: How do they plan to increase health care quality in Africa and India when the natives there don't give one single damn about being sanitary themselves? When one actually looks at the situation taking place, they're solution really is sterility because the problems in the "overpopulated" regions have been a problem since the beginning of time and will continue to be a problem thousands of years from now. >>434977 >But I'd rather watch James Bond support a third world coup while fucking all their women than have him thwart another terrorist threat, especially if it involves him getting kicked out/retiring and then having to work from the shadows. You do realize that creates the issue of acknowledging that the modern world is a lot more complicated than it used to be and that' not everything is as black and white as it was over 50 years ago, right? >>434994 That was a parody. >>82482 I am, but my internet keeps getting throttled, so I'm downloading Youtube vids at sub 1m/s speed. >>82513 > I'm just saying this will be a really difficult thing to do, to get people jumping from what they've known for decades Youtube has only been around for 15 years. >The idea needs to be re-thought out Then, why didn't you contribute ANYTHING during the several threads that the OP was being posted and refined? >>82585 >Direct linking to Cuckchan
>>82586 >4plebs >direct linking pick one
>>82586 >Youtube has only been around for 15 years. Okay here's a question. For all of the stupid, self sabotaging shit youtube has pulled over the years, from technical changes that boggle the mind to retarded moderation and rule enforcement, how many people have actually left the platform? Creators or viewers? If you want people to jump off of youtube for video sharing purposes you'd have to do things I'd imagine you'd want to be a developer or some higher up on any of those alt sites to actually make those things happen. >Then, why didn't you contribute ANYTHING during the several threads that the OP was being posted and refined? That's all my fault. I just never paid much attention to it or contributed to it in any way. I should have done differently then but I didn't.
>>82585 Oh shit, some more crowngate stuff. I really need to go down that rabbithole some day.
>>82588 >If you want people to jump off of youtube for video sharing purposes you'd have to do things I'd imagine you'd want to be a developer or some higher up on any of those alt sites to actually make those things happen. You do realize Youtube only first gained popularity because of a stupid bootleg copy of an SNL skit was uploaded to the site, right? That was no "grand master plan" behind it's popularity. All the creators wanted was an "all-in-one" place where you could find online clips of the 2004 Indian Tsunami and Janet Jackson's tits.
>>82590 This pretty much, I've been meaning to get a camera and telephoto lens since I live in chicongo and listen to police on a ham radio for the latest noggings, that kind of organic content could be interesting to foster in altvid sites.
>>82588 I would say a lot of creators have left or have started using more than one (such as streaming both Twitch and Youtube simultaneously), but the viewers have been less affected. You still see Youtube bleed viewership pretty hard either way and the censorship isn't making that any better.
>>82584 Did he always have that sticker on his macbook?
>>82565 Proof that streamers dont deserve any respect, especially the ones that get money in donations (i.e. vwhores)
>>82562 So, Afghanistán was THAT valuable, in the geopolitical sphere? Holy fuck that senile old fuck really fucked the middle east, and good part of Asia with the retreat
The international company I contract for just mandated for all of its US employees that they be vaccinated. Apparently the reason is that to have federal/government contracts it's mandatory that they be vaccinated.
>>82596 Ok so ignore them. What’s the problem?
>>82593 In all the videos I’ve seen, yes. It’s a reference to some commie folk singer from the 30’s
>>82596 just follow that one guide on how to get vaccinated without being vaccinated
>>82597 I'm not contracted in the US so it has nothing to do with me, but it really bothers me how many people lost their jobs to the retardation that is lockdowns and social distancing and are now losing their jobs to mandatory vaccination shit. I still don't know whether to rule this out as complete malice forcing people to get vaccinated for whatever reason, or just pure stupidity born out of (what the governments see) a noble cause of protecting the people from this vicious plague. It's a flu, it's a fucking flu. There could have been a billion better solutions to this shit had anyone just stopped and thought about it but so many just gave into the fearmongering and we're now so far into the good goy/bad goy path to segregation.
>>82600 It’s malice and filtration for those who comply and those who don’t. You don’t get a police state when the police aren’t yes men so you have to find a way to get good cops to quit. Now do that everywhere with covid and the only people who work are sellouts without morals or principles. Congratulations, you have a one party authoritarian police state. This was the plan all along.
>>82596 Just say you identify as being fully vaccinated. It works for men trying to be women.
>>82599 >just accept the mass compliance and secretly avoid it or get an exemption How about you just don’t comply?
>>82590 >>82588 It won't come around quickly, I'd say it'll take atleast an year to see some visible change in demographics, but atleast we can have that people here are linking to those alt sites instead of using yewtube proxy.
>>82602 Or be less of a fag and simply say you identify as immune.
>>82599 Getting the green pass bullshit means you are integrated into their system. Doesn't matter that you didn't sign any dotted line, you being inside their system means the law will treat you as if you had and you will have one hell of a time trying to prove that you actually never got vaccinated and never agreed to any contract.
>>82603 If it comes to it I'd easily choose leaving the country by boat or fake vaccination for flying out over getting swatted for muh freedoms, but noone really gives a shit here about vaccination unless you're a wagecuck.
>>82563 Is it weird that none of these names mean anything to me?
>>82607 There is the option of working illegally and in cash.
>>82609 For you. Several dumbasses keep forgetting to turn off their alarms and we have to deal with the police several times a year.
>>82610 If you turn off the alarm, will you die?
>>82608 It's weird if any of the names mean anything to you. The only thing worthwhile with streamers is TTS shenanigans.
>>82611 The 5 cop cars that surround the building indicate yes.
>>82610 It obviously means not working for a government contractor.
>>82562 It'll take a few more months before it risks going hot. They could accelerate their timetable to take Taiwan, if they observe the mass vaccination having a significant negative impact on the U.S military.
>>82614 I don't, the police just show up even if you call your alarm company and say its a false alarm.
>>82608 Nope. Although one name did showed up in GG thread for being a commie faggot.
>>82612 Ok some of those were pretty funny.
>>82550 >only dyke cartoon I can think of is (((the owl house))) Where have you been? Nu-DuckTales are pretty much dyketales. Only the reason the show didn’t have a lesbian ending is that even Disney didn’t want OG Disney characters to be retcon as dykes and fags yet. But they did retcon Webly to be a transgender clone of Scrooge mcduck. Not even kidding. Every new character ether gay or a dyke. https://youtu.be/fzSmia6kRZ8 Disney XD's DuckTales Series Introduces Gay Duck Dads <Disney's latest gay characters are a pair of dads on their animated XD series, DuckTales! >For those old school fans unfamiliar with the new series, yes it still features the antics of Uncle Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. In last week's Season 3 premiere, "Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks," Huey competes against his friends Violet and Lena for a promotion to Senior, Junior Woodchuck. >In this episode, it's revealed that Lena has been adopted by Violet's two dads. We meet them for the first time and they're both wearing shirts that read, "I'm With Dad" with arrows pointing at each other. >During the Junior Woodchuck meeting, Lena excitedly cheers for Violet, yelling "That's my sister from a couple misters!" while their dads proudly clap at her side. >Fans of the show are so thankful for the moment. "Seeing gay representation in my favorite show means the world to me," writes one. "I love that they’re fathers to two beloved characters." Co-executive producer and story editor Frank Angones spoke on the monumental moment on Tumblr, explaining that while the dad's don't have a huge role in the show at the moment, even more LGBTQ+ representation is coming. >Want to be very up front and honest about this: Violet’s dads are present and show up but do not play a huge role in the story thus far. As with all of our characters, we had a lot of conversations about who Violet was and what her background was and came up with this fun notion of her too enthusiastic, overly supportive dads who love being dads. >We didn’t really have a story built around them, but when the time came for an episode focusing on Huey and Violet in a particular situation, it made sense that they would be there (and it resulted in Matt Humphreys coming up with one of my favorite Lena lines ever). But I’m well aware that the “queer representation through parents and background characters” trope is an issue, and we’ve sort of stumbled backwards into a lot of heteronormative romances in this show due to legacy characters with pre-existing relationships (Scrooge and Goldie, Donald and Daisy, Fenton and Gandra) and how many specific hoops you have to jump through to make changes to established Disney characters (Again, please read my future book). >But that’s really no excuse. We’ve done pretty well on racial diversity and representation of people with limb differences, but we really have not done enough relevant LGBTQ+ rep. We do have some themes and ideas coming up that address relevant LGBTQ+ narratives. But there’s always opportunity for a lot more; I don’t want a cop out and a cookie for saying “look at this one thing we did!” I know this response is a bit of a bummer, but I didn’t want to lead anyone on. >But please believe, as I’ve said before, I’m dedicated to being better and finding new opportunities for three dimensional representation, on this show and the next and the next." https://archive.ph/8S69n
(2.86 MB 1898x1086 5423534534.png)

(80.07 KB 640x524 523452345345.jfif)

>>82563 >HasanAbi
>>82608 I don't know if it's that I'm old or just the odd man out, but I've never understood the appeal of watching streamers play a game. For instance, when I was young and I would go to a friends home who had a console or a pc, the only reason I would ever watch them play was because it was their turn... As for streamers, the only reason I've only ever watched one was to get an idea of what a game is like, and even then I don't watch for more than 5 minutes, and I couldn't tell you who it was that I watched.
>>82571 That’s a face that screams admitting to a sex crime if someone started a rumor he groped drunk girls on Twitter. Also, fuck moral fagging YouTube e-celebs. If nikocado avocado wants to die eating himself to death. It’s his business no one else’s. So much for supporting my body my choice.
(13.51 KB 255x214 Rose Quartz.jpg)

>>82550 You forgot about steven universe.
>>82623 and she-ra
>>82575 Niggers, anon, niggers.
>>82624 She-ra was mentioned at >>82557
(1.43 MB 1280x993 modern cartoons.png)

>>82624 Didn't adventure time had dyke shit?
>>435222 Why does he have foreskin?
>>82536 Pastebin deleted the file. Someone repost it.
>>82629 He was born in the Ukraine.
>another shooting in texas I think it was a nigger
>>82544 >Simpsons predicted the future again This has literally never happened. Stop with this shit.
>>82514 >gif that fluidity reminds me of those callie and marie animations by redmoa, neat. >>82522 be careful, remember to test the face-to-animation program offline beforehand and setting it in a way so that if the program goes haywire, it(or your stream layout) doesn't suddenly show your face raw(aka, what you want to avoid), k?
(3.60 MB 240x160 Nikocado.webm)

>>82629 He may be a homosexual but he certainly isn't a Jew. >>82630 If you still have the link, you can just put the link into archive.today and see if it's been saved already.
(61.52 KB 1125x1500 You_Know_Who.png)

>>82619 If both of those dads are ducks, can you imagine how their sexual activities would play out? From what I'm read, ducks have these crazy harpoon penises that are like a yard or two in length. Imagine two gay ducks harpooning each other with their weird penises and swinging around each other. What? Who cares if it's a kids cartoon? When two daddies are together, that's because they both like taking bad meat in the can. You know it and I know it.
>>82636 Corkscrew dicks actually. Plageofgripes talked about it once, and you can look up the crazy stuff online they use as "rape prevention", including a glass bottle that's got all kinds of twists and turns. female duck vaginas are equally weird.
(235.08 KB 716x716 concerned comissar.png)

>>82637 >and you can look up the crazy stuff online they use as "rape prevention" ...to prevent ducks raping you, each other or people raping the ducks? Whatteh fuck man?
>>82638 not him, but i think its to prevent ducks raping MANY things, they are dolphin tier when it comes to rape(i think)
>>82638 Let me specify, to prevent male ducks from raping female ducks to death. It's apparently quite common.
>>82638 You know how they have corkscrew dicks? Well that's because duck vaginas are corkscrews as well and it's effectively an arms race.
>>82639 But like dolphins, do they try to rape people too? Gotta know if i have to watch my back around ducks. >>82640 Oh, so like chickens when the roosters outnumber them? >>82642 Jesus.
(1.93 MB 400x300 312651351651.gif)

>>82643 >Oh, so like chickens when the roosters outnumber them? Excuse me?
>>82644 When there are more roosters than chickens, they will start raping the poor chickens to death, hence why you normaly have only one per chicken pen.
>>82644 first time i hear of this, but i assume it's something along the lines of "too many cocks ruin the broad"
(18.72 KB 230x163 jevil smug.png)

>>82492 Imagine the porn with the gamer monsters.
(373.07 KB 506x683 cursed realization.png)

>>82645 >>82646 Nature is fucked up.
>>82594 You really don't need any proof to know that. Watching them is a clear sign of being a low iq no brain nigger.
(48.79 KB 725x453 box.jpg)

>>82648 You want to know what was really fucked up? Back when we had little entertainment and lived in prosperous countries, apparently banding with the boys and raping and killing people on the edge of cities was a common practice, and sometimes females would also join it. Some of the chapters in the bible are fucked up and describe this in the Sodom and Gommorah sections, where the man and his family that's the focus in that section narrowly avoid a rape gang who demanded he give them his wife and daughter or they would rape and kill him, these sections weren't metaphorical. These are just the unintelligent animals of the world doing the horrible things we turned into an artform alongside them. Shit, have you heard of the boat torture/execution of Persia? I think most of the shock here comes from the fact that you have an idea that some animals in your head are cute, so the non-cute things like other humans don't look as bad in comparison.
>>82650 >Shit, have you heard of the boat torture/execution of Persia? No, I have not heard of this, and I'm not sure I want to, but go on. >I think most of the shock here comes from the fact that you have an idea that some animals in your head are cute, so the non-cute things like other humans don't look as bad in comparison. No shit.
that twitch leak was crazy, its funny how this happened two days after the facebook outage.
>>82479 Was Golgo13 even a serious long running story? I figured it was going on so long it was just episodic like Lupin the Third or Detective Conan.
>>82652 Is anything actually going to come from this? Who gives a fuck about twitch's source or any faggots that stream there.
(32.38 KB 591x275 nightmare vision.png)

>>82651 Basically, strap a guy in a boat with second boat flipped around and nailed together to create a floating coffin and feed him milk and honey til he dies. There were other tortures done beforehand of course, but after all that this was done. You'd think this is a pretty mellow way to go out? haha no. What goes in must come out, milk provides fluid, honey provides food. The man will shit and piss himself inside this sealed coffin with only the feeding hole for the smell to escape. If the man's lucky the shit, piss and vomit will infect his wounds from a prior torture and kill him quickly, but the most unlucky fella is sent in there fresh. The stuff in your piss and shit like ammonia and whatnot flake at the skin and cause it to peel and BURN in the shit stew, meaning you're not just suffering from the horrid suffering of infection, self-poisoning and vomiting, your entire body burns in ways that normal torture cannot replicate. It is also the first documented chemical based crime against humanity by technicality. This was, in history, one of the most vile ways to go but it's not at the top because i'm absolutely convinced that there was worse. Its known as Schapism, or The Boats. Afterwords, they oiled and burned the boats. And the reason for the boats? You could probably guess, but the sheer smell. You need an entire lake to commit to this torture, and Persia had plenty at the time. However, the stupid bastards used lakes connected to their water supplies, so the evil they committed spread across the nation in the form of sickness, like a curse.
>>82478 I'd fuck a hobbit girl but this is too much.
>>82655 >>82651 Oh, and this execution was slow and killed men in around a month on average. The execution style where the chinese flayed pieces of skin off a man at length over a day (Death by a thousand cuts) is far more merciful.
(139.36 KB 752x413 am I seeing this.jpg)

>>82655 >However, the stupid bastards used lakes connected to their water supplies, so the evil they committed spread across the nation in the form of sickness, like a curse. Now that's some karmic justice right there. Fucking shit, never heard of this, it's horri- >>82657 >around a month average Anon, hold me, I'm scared.
How deep is this Pandora papers that forced (((someone))) took down Facebook AND releasing a shooter? https://archive.is/Q6Sl9 What kind of name is Timothy George Simpkins?
(171.59 KB 356x750 2b smile.png)

>>82647 I imagine the same scene as >>82492 's pic, but with some feminist with a beanie, short hair and glasses getting chased around by a gamer, and it's kinda hot when you think about it.
(37.92 KB 470x720 dishonarable.jpg)

>>82658 As a human being, hone your fear and rage and use it against evil in this world. Otherwise, they will come up with evils that last years. When a man gains power, he IS the devil. Hell is empty, we are demons. Know thy history, anon. Every youkai, every dragon, every demon, are simply tales we tell ourselves about other humans and beasts on this Earth.
Far Cry 6’ review: this game sparks joy, but little else >Cry 6 has ended up with rather a lot on its shoulders, hasn’t it? A controversy about whether the game is or isn’t political – every piece of art is political, obviously – and then the promises of telling a story that will try to be sensitive and thoughtful means there’s a frisson of excitement here: will this be the Far Cry that manages to tell a mature story? >It nearly sticks it. A taut opening sequence shows that Ubisoft has a decent idea of what a tense shooter – one that really makes you feel the fear and outrage of fighting under a despot – could actually mean, but after this shocking sequence, Ubisoft lightens up the tone and never really tries from this point on. >It’s somewhat worse because this entire opening has you sneaking through a city being searched for by a scant few guards because your character doesn’t realise they’re a nigh-unstoppable tropical fuck storm that can visit death on anyone until after the opening sequence has run. It’s plot cowardice, and it serves no purpose as within about 15 minutes of game time everyone Dani Rojas – not that one – has ever loved is dead and you’re filleting people with a machete. >At a superficial level, Far Cry 6 has a lot to love, and that’s reflected in the score. Ultimately, Far Cry 6 has, ten years into a career of writing about games, landed me with a conundrum. Far Cry 6 is a “good” game in the traditional sense. >Lots of players will get a kick out of the unfocused shooting, letting you rampage across the countryside blowing up anything unlucky enough to be painted red. But it doesn’t really succeed at any level outside of “being fun.” >But I think maybe that’s all that most players want. This is the same old Far Cry, and adding in a few pets and a surprisingly likeable protagonist in the shape of Dani Rojas doesn’t do a good job of making the game “political” and instead the series seems to be getting more and more ridiculous, lampooning the political situation of its setting in what feels like a bitter missed opportunity. >It’s the same old toothless Far Cry game. It does a great job of that, but there’s no point going in expecting it to be anything else. See you all again next year when Ubisoft repurposes the map for a half-sequel. https://archive.ph/OK7L8 Far Cry 6 Xbox review: Big, beautiful, bored >Far Cry 6 once again puts you in the role of a guerilla fighting a desperate war for freedom, but from the outset, there's never really a sense of vulnerability in either the gameplay or story. >You're given a huge arsenal of toys to play with, from rocket launchers, jets, tanks, helicopters, and so on, which undermine the plight of the game's characters. How am I supposed to believe this is a desperate fight for revolution when the game is so intent on making you feel like G.I. Joe the second I step on the island. >There's nothing necessarily wrong with that, but it's the inconsistency there that reduces the impact of the game's writing. <Inconsistencies give Far Cry 6's writing a forced, clunky delivery that showcases a lack of cohesion. >Ubisoft's softball "politics but not politics" approach to writing does a disservice to the game and its characters. The gameplay design revolves around making you feel invincible, and as a result, it makes me care less about the overarching narrative. I'd argue that most people aren't really playing Far Cry for its story at this point, but considering Ubisoft spent the big bucks to get Giancarlo Esposito in the role of the game's central antagonist, I can't help but feel like Ubisoft at least wanted me to care. Sadly, I just didn't. >The game is unapologetically violent, and none of the characters seems particularly affected by it. Violence is played up for laughs most of the time, with enemy soldier's deaths played up for comedy half of the time. The result is a confused and inconsistent narrative. >The game puts a big emphasis on how the regime divides the population by "othering" certain people in society. However, the "heroes" do exactly the same thing, and nobody really calls them out on it. They kill soldiers in cutscenes with smiles and laughs, even though some of the treacherous soldiers often reveal how they're victims of the regime too. >The main character barely comments on events, lacking a personality of his or her own. There are numerous other inconsistencies between story mission activities and the plot that give Far Cry 6's writing a forced, clunky delivery that showcases a lack of cohesion between the game's various departments. https://archive.ph/bP9O1 All the bad far cry 6 reviews are journalists bitching about far cry 6 not being political enough or being the wrong kind of political. I had a feeling this would after (((Yongyea))) bad review.
>>82659 >What kind of name is Timothy George Simpkins? >Simpkins >Simp This sounds like shitposting. The only thing missing is finding out he was inspired by watching the buck breaking movie.
>>435283 >>82662 Seems like this was a little timed to distract and slide the thread from the torture I described. Or not, but I don't think anyone cares much about Far Cry any more.
>>435283 He's still a nigger who says anti-White shit from time to time.
>>82654 it takes away their structural integrity, proving that anyone and anything can be compromised on the internet, no matter how big.
>>82666 You mean anything can die. Loads of people who ain't corporations want twitch dead. The ones who take it down are next on the block.
(926.34 KB 960x960 xenos.png)

>>82667 Remove xenos.
>>82665 >He's still a nigger who says anti-White shit from time to time. Is that even enough anymore? Marvel comics already making Black anti-Larry elder and Nicki Minaj strawman characters who are friends with the red skull.
So, when is the gamergate tv show is coming out? Not sure if I should laugh or get upset.
(30.70 KB 521x586 ClipboardImage.png)

>>82528 >Yeah bitcoin is obviously going down, gotta liquidate 20% of mine so I can buy it back cheaper, will go just fine I am sure <PRINT MONEY Fucking hell man
>>82662 >every piece of art is political Ah yes, I remember the politics of The Mona Lisa.
>>82673 Art was about beauty, and now that it's policital any beautiful art is racist.
(463.50 KB 1280x908 ClipboardImage.png)

>>82667 Spooky. >>82669 Green skins are alright in my book. >>82670 >Marvel comics already making Black anti-Larry elder and Nicki Minaj strawman characters who are friends with the red skull Damn already? The assblast of those niggers is unreal.
>>82662 >this game sparks joy What the fuck does this phrase even fucking mean, you goddamn commusumerist hacks. >every piece of art is political, obviously Picture unrelated. >Far Cry 6 is a “good” game in the traditional sense. This is literally all that matters, then. This is your job. Nothing else you are saying has any worth or value. >it doesn’t really succeed at any level outside of “being fun.” This is literally what a video game is supposed to be.
(558.74 KB 931x463 ClipboardImage.png)

https://twitter.com/OrdinaryGamers/status/1445707341593133059/ https://archive.is/3l2nZ Saw this on (((Twitter))). Apparently a hacker group just released a ton of information on Twitch, including source code and financials.
>>82677 Oh wait, it's totally real, here's a list of the streamer annual payouts https://pastebin.com/JjK4tTii
(4.00 MB 1352x2000 Sigmar.png)

>>82675 >Green skins are alright in my book. The only good Orc is a dead Orc.
>>82675 >>82679 Warhammer and Tolkien orcs are irredeemable evil monsters only for killing. People should never tolerate them.
>>82680 Ayo thas racist and shiet
>>82679 I should have specified 40k Orks. All other variants can go die in a fire for being nowhere near as entertaining. >>82677 Already posted, but still interesting to see the payouts for this garbage. I hope hackers continue to fuck with all these big companies since they genuinely deserve it.
>>82680 Oy we’ll get you for that! Tanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktanktank.
>>82681 >>82683 Careful with the roleplaying. You don't want Games Workshop suing you.
>>82684 Games Workshop can suck my sliced dick.
(90.00 KB 1400x825 dwarf mamba.jpg)

>>82678 >The lowest paid twitch streamer with the smallest salary is a dwarf lmao Also all of these names are peak psychos like Faze around the top and Asmongold about 10 ranks down, they're really scummy leftist types or psychos who have mostly stayed under the radar, but FAZEclan group members were known for scamming the shit out of people.
>>82686 >lowest paid twitch streamer Not really, just lowest in the top 100. Lowest non-zero value was some streamer who had a whopping $0.02 dollars.
>>82686 >>82687 Does it show the money from all streamers or just the ones that made the 5 figures
>>82688 1 to 10000.
>>82688 Well the pastebin only shows the top 100 but since the guy that posted that data mentioned the $0.02 one, you probably might need to look at the actual dump itself.
>>82677 >>82678 >22 moistcr1tikal 132230344 $2.098.742.63 Imagine making two million bucks just by sitting on your ass watching youtube videos.
>>82691 What kind of videos? "Bloodsports" level of eceleb stupidity drama, or watch something actually entertaining and/or educational?
>>82687 >>82690 Top 10,000 learn to read nigger.
>>82692 Shit like Nexpo that you can watch on your own
(146.30 KB 1280x776 1465843369025.jpg)

>>82691 I don't know how taxes are paid in America, but we should call the IRS. Perhaps some of them are commiting tax fraud to keep that money. >>82692 The former.
>>82694 Oh, so things like Internet Historian and Down The Rabbit Hole. WAIT, someone's making $2 Mil a day by just playlisting those, and not even making points or counterpoints to the subject of the video?
>>82691 What's worse, doing that, or what that hasan guy does and just walks away from the computer while the video is playing?
>>82691 and making the same old “nipple pussy juice penis hahha nipples titties” jokes over and over and over ad nauseam
>>82691 Two million bucks while watching it on Twitch, since he would later post it on Youtube and get passive income from there as well for that very same footage after some editing. >>82693 One hundred or ten million, what difference does it make, really? >>82697 That could be very good grounds for copyright strike because at that point it's not even fair use anymore. With someone blankly staring at a screen with a camera pointed at them, with that someone could (most likely unsuccessfully) claim that the facial expressions they have while watching it could constitute the reaction in their case. But with someone simply leaving the room and not coming back that's just blatant copyright violation.
>>82696 It's 2 million over the course of 2019-now.
(1.76 MB 1370x1475 Anita S tweet on Israel.png)

>>435283 >>82665 A lot of leftists hate zionism. A broken clock is right twice a day.
>>82695 >I don't know how taxes are paid in America Most sales taxes are paid during a sales transaction. You can also arrange to have your employer withhold your income for the entire year instead of you having to pay it all out of pocket. At the end of the year, then you file down all the sources of income that your received that year (Excluding tips, pocket change, and income of under $400), all the expenses that you spent, and then send it all into the IRS and the state tax office. It's much more complicated than that, which is why CPAs and TurboTax exist, but that's the simplest explanation of it. Depending on how much you earned, how you categorized your expenses, what your source of income actually is, and how you performed compared to previous years; it may result in the IRS saying that you didn't pay enough that year and requesting more money, or sending you a tax refund that states that you paid too much in taxes.
>>82702 >You can also arrange to have your employer withhold your income TAX for the entire year instead of you having to pay it all out of pocket Fixed.
>>82702 >>82703 Is there some special condition where it is worth doing that? Or are you just betting on inflation in the hopes that the IRS gets jack shit?
>>82539 It's not like twitch has some magic code that does anything interesting, so no. Plus twitch hardly has a monopoly and is actively losing users to jewtube these days. The barrier to entry for video streaming is purely the cost server speed and bandwidth.
I swear to god if you faggots post one more deltarune meme, I will flood this entire thread with soyjaks.
>>82706 Anon, nobody is posting Deltarune memes in this thread. How about you log off the internet for the day instead?
>>82708 oh for fucks sake. Can't you post gondolas instead?
>>82704 >Is there some special condition where it is worth doing that? Not as far as I know, but it's obligated like how the draft is an obligation. Also, tax write-offs for operating a business that can net you a refund anywhere from a couple hundred to well over several thousand. It's the biggest reason why a lot of companies "squeeze" by when it comes to paying their "fair share". >Or are you just betting on inflation in the hopes that the IRS gets jack shit? The only people who I've seen complain about owing money to the IRS are the same idiots who would rat out their mother for a dime and are constantly looking for the next get-rich-quick scheme. The only time I ever owed money to the IRS was one year I owed $50, but, every other year, I've gotten anywhere from $75-$300 back from them.
(4.16 MB 1800x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

>>82709 Tell Mark to make the Deltarune thread cyclical again.
(174.14 KB 660x660 angry-cat.jpg)

>>82711 You say that as if I have Mark's email!
>>82701 >lefty meme >wall of text It checks out
>>82705 They most likely have the source code to failed and unfinished projects as well to increase that number. Even halfchan had a shitload of failed projects under its belt so a place like Twitch (which has direct cooperation with Amazon and Facebook) would probably have a couple dozen more. Not just the ones listed in the bulletpoints or announced in the past, but also their own internal pet projects that they wanted to try making and failed. Since even if they decide against these projects, having the source code anyway means you could maybe incorporate portions of that code in other code. >>82710 >The only people who I've seen complain about owing money to the IRS I meant it as in people that may want to spite the IRS however they possibly can without committing any crimes. Since if the money you get becomes worth less and less each year thanks to the fed, you may as well pay the fed back as late as possible to ensure that the taxes the feds get are devalued. Or is there a special fee that you pay for taking this approach in anticipation by the government? I mean, I can definitely see from an investor's perspective how you would want more money now and simply pay back later. But in this case I mean libertarians and really anyone that considers taxation to be theft.
>>82711 Acting just like ponyfaggots back in the day right there.
>>82691 I remember when he actually made game videos and didn't just facewhore all the time. A lot of this shit I blame on youtube and their fucking algorithm that encourages yt-ers to make the most cancerous, cookie cutter content.
>>82714 >I meant it as in people that may want to spite the IRS however they possibly can without committing any crimes. > Or is there a special fee that you pay for taking this approach in anticipation by the government? There's two methods I can think, that you really have to be either crafty or knowledge about. It's referred to as bartering or investing. The former is basically that you're tried one object for another, and has been one of the biggest headaches for the IRS, however the only time that ever became popular was in the 70's under Jimmy Carter. The latter method is simply just buying an item and waiting for it to go up in price, and the only time you pay a tax on it is when you sell the item for a higher value than when you bought it (Referred to as a capital gains tax).
(1.56 MB 640x296 PONYYYYYYY PONY.mp4)

>>82637 >>82639 >>82642 So you're saying that Gos and Webby have probably already had all their holes completely stuffed at this point? Damn.
(75.72 KB 1419x1106 DpKm7q6WkAEAN30.jpg)

>>82539 >Will this be the breakthrough to their monopoly? That's not how it works. If a competitor tried to create a "not-Twitch" using the leaked source code, Twitch/Amazon could sue them for "stealing" them and win easily. >Someone could use it to make a freedom-oriented competitor that isn't fucktarded in design, right? Nope. One of the rules for reverse engineering software is not to involve anyone who has seen the "insides" of the original, or else the owner of the original software could claim that the engineers stole parts of the code. This is why projects like ReactOS develop at a slow pace and sometimes have to undo a lot of progress. >>82568 >What's special about that date? Nuclear war between USA and China that ends with the modern world, according to Fallout. However, in Fallout the war takes place in 2077, not 2021-22. >>82628 Yes. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum kiss on the last episode, although the show was hinting that they used to be "close friends" way before it happened. >>82648 Here's another fun fact of nature for your enjoyment: >Spotted hyena females have a pseudopenis, or penile-clitoris. This makes it nearly impossible to differentiate between the sexes. It’s even possible for females to achieve erections. Their external labia are fused together and form a pseudoscrotum. >As you can imagine, the act of copulation is not simple. The female must first retract her penile-clitoris into her own body. Think about turning a sock inside out. The male can only insert his penis once the female has tucked her pseudopenis inside her body. >The female gestates offspring in her uterus, but also gives birth through the penile-clitoris. The birth canal is approximately 2.5cm in diameter. Females often experience severe tearing. The rate of female mortality during childbirth is abnormally high for first-time mothers. The babies can separate from the placenta, get caught in the birth canal, and die. In other words, female spotted hyenas have dicks and give birth through it in a very painful way that sometimes can kill them and the baby. Why? To assert domination like in hentai of course! >Existence of a ritualistic behavior that reiterates social status may be advantageous for high- and low-ranking females. When females greet each other, they stand in a parallel position, facing in opposite directions. They then lift their hind legs and display their fully erect penises to each other. They will lick and smell each other’s penises. >The more submissive individual will perform a suite of behaviours. This could represent some kind of mutual communication about social status. It would make sense for a low-ranking female to engage in whatever submissive postures she can because this position leaves her most delicate bits completely vulnerable. Like in every futa on male doujin, the hyena society is dominated by the females and the ones with the bigger dicks rule over the rest while the males lay like bitches at the bottom of the hierarchy. They also are aggressive as fuck, to a point where newborn hyenas kill each other just because.
>>82528 Inb4 some chinese gov agent gets it, makes a mold of it and starts giving duplicates to other countries. >>82534 If you got an account for whatever reason, change your password >>82546 They cancelled teh gays to make way for fraudchi. >>82553 Edas design is just ryoko from tenchi. >>82562 You are actually both correct and incorrect about japan not having a standing army. They have one, but not in an official capacity, just like they got war ready naval vehicles that are not "armed", thus are not viplating the "no making an army" clause. Also, you nailed russia, they will be the wildcard of the whole thing, and could come out on top with everything if they play the game correctly. >>82601 Bingo >>82619 I thought new webby was the product of scrooge and beacksly getting it on. >>82659 In that heatmap, am I seeing china as red or no? Because if I am, that would explain why the big channels are mostly dead. >>82691 The hilarious part, this will be used by the irs and co to pressure all these streamers to suck bidens cock or be taxed to death, if not both. >>82701 Where the fuck have you been? Commies have hated jews far longer than nat socialists or anons. Its literally married to their dogma to hate jews. >>82714 Oh, no, dont kill the glownigger terrorists. That would be so awful. Sarcasm
>>82720 >Nuclear war between USA and China that ends with the modern world, according to Fallout. However, in Fallout the war takes place in 2077, not 2021-22. Man we didnt even get chryssalis higwaymen yet. >all that shit about hyenas Shit lisk that is why species go extinct, just look at the pandas.
>>82720 I actually knew the hyena stuff.
Amphibia doesn't have any lgbt crap right now, but the creator says it'll add it soon. Just accept the fact that every modern disney show will be pozzed with homo agitprop.
>>82595 Anon, afghanistan has been a really important middle of the road location ever since the silk road, its why so many empires have bled themeselves out for it, you think its an irrelevant shithole because its poor, but theres more to clay than its resources.
>>82676 >What the fuck does this phrase even fucking mean, you goddamn commusumerist hacks. In theory it should mean getting a dopamine rush from >“being fun.” But for these faggots it's a rush from aligning with politics.
(385.95 KB 1010x1010 jevil jacko.jpg)

>>82706 bring it fucker I posted jevil doing the jack-o pose what you gon do
(18.74 KB 300x300 gondola_put_out_fire.gif)

(600.34 KB 1250x950 Clever mermaids and gondola.png)

(674.78 KB 627x749 Fancy gondola.png)

(121.91 KB 1021x815 gondola ramen.png)

(488.30 KB 670x941 Gondola picnic.png)

>>82706 Lol, butthurt
(155.79 KB 744x492 what is a gondola.png)

(4.43 MB 640x480 gondola is ok.webm)

(42.40 KB 592x602 gondola knows shits fucked.gif)

(983.77 KB 467x349 gondola in phobos.webm)

(296.18 KB 891x766 ClipboardImage.png)

>>82706 you wanna know what real cancer is?
(2.19 MB 704x480 gondola house fall.webm)

(3.84 MB 704x480 gondola house winter.webm)

(2.84 MB 704x480 gondola house spring.webm)

(3.84 MB 704x480 gondola house summer.webm)

(2.01 MB 800x600 china boat gondola.mp4)

(2.98 MB 1024x647 gondola fantasy valley.webm)

(3.46 MB 640x480 gondola train.mp4)

(4.70 MB 640x360 gondola mountaineer.webm)

(696.66 KB 2000x2000 inderesding.jpg)

(2.06 MB 640x360 gondola the galactic hero.webm)

(5.51 MB 1584x1937 sir van gondola.png)

(4.35 KB 249x204 punished gondola.png)

>>82691 Remember when he used to give all the money he made from his channel to charity?
(19.74 KB 694x298 gondola_garfield_pipe.png)

(319.55 KB 1920x1280 Gondola felt.jpg)

(12.60 KB 640x640 gondola.png)

(270.33 KB 1048x1080 gondolas_returning_from_the_war.jpg)

(442.78 KB 631x945 Gondola nazi.jpg)

>>82528 Holy shit this country is going to fucking collapse. https://archive.is/6wtYS
>>82691 >>82698 Speaking of Moist Critikal, he's kind of a degenerate that normalizes porn consumption to his large young audience, and there's an interesting story that came out of that. A couple years ago, a right-wing youtuber made a video calling him out on the porn shit, and Critikal actually responded a couple times and eventually invited the guy onto his podcast where they ended up debating on various political topics. Personally, I enjoyed most of it, but my biggest criticism of the right guy is that he didn't push Critikal on the porn shit during the podcast as much as he did in the video, 'cause that really was the strongest point he had against him. It seems both sides forced themselves to be polite to their own detriment, which sadly happens a lot when youtubers and/or streamers engage in direct debate. I know this stuff isn't really related to the Twitch leaks and incomes being discussed now, but it's a fun little rabbit-hole story I discovered recently that's kind of been on my mind and I thought I'd talk about it for a bit. That's about it, see ya.
>>82737 If Trump tried this, these people would be screaming that it'll ruin the economy and it's an illegal runaround Congress. But when Democrats are in charge, suddenly it's okay to expand Executive power and just defy limits.
>>82706 i wish there was just one deltafag itt i can easily filter. but there are at least 3 different IPs. 3 different fags. in this thread. who actually like overrated furry trash.
(274.41 KB 2000x1500 delta birdkoma.jpg)

>>82740 four nigger also nice mgs5 wojak really highlights your point
>>435434 Or just don't post it on fucking twitter of all places. Twitter is a complete ouroboros shithole of drama. Just post on baraag or pixiv or some shit like reasonable drawfags. Let twitter alone to eat itself and eventually die or get regulated out of existence.
>>82740 >like That’s a big fucking assumption considering people could just as easily went and found images just to spite you.
>>82742 They post on twitter and such places for the exposure.
(243.07 KB 1673x1902 84211972_p8.jpg)

>>82740 Make it 4, and then yell at Mark for turning the containment cyclical into a regular thread that has been slowly dying for days without letting people make a new one because the threads (2 in total) are "too fast".
>>82746 Tell the OP of the first one to archive and then delete his own thread so you can start a new one.
>>82744 Well then they shouldn't do that. Because they get the wrong kind of exposure.
>>82748 How does someone get "canceled"? Just tell the twitter fags to fuck off and continue as normal.
(823.39 KB 969x919 baby_rosalina.png)

>>82749 Yeah that's what she should have done or better yet just followed up with a drawing of sexy baby Rosalina as a big middle finger to all of the complainers. And keep doing it until they shut up. The beating will continue until morale improves.
housewife Vivian
(747.42 KB 1240x1754 viv baker girl.jpg)

(145.04 KB 321x314 really nigger.png)

start reporting.
Mark. kazu. Fucking do something.
(57.80 KB 800x648 Untitled.jpg)

>>82754 And all because he's ass blasted about Deltarune. Next thread should be goat themed just to spite him.
>>82528 >everyone in the thread freaking out how this will cause massive inflation economics expert and casual /leftypol/ browser here, allow me to enlighten you
(12.71 KB 894x503 really nigger.png)

>>82756 I thought he hated and us just for existing, I didn't remember goats being involved.
So is this a dubs thread now?
(11.28 KB 894x503 post 3.png)

(35.10 KB 640x640 gondola finnish.jpg)

(279.33 KB 1462x2048 Gondola_suomi.jpg)

(25.20 KB 603x592 Gondola_Team_Epic.png)

(103.12 KB 1415x623 gondola_tube.png)

(6.61 KB 299x169 oh boy here we go.jpg)

>>82761 it's a hide and ignore the wojak thread lol
>>82761 It's a whack-a-mole thread. But instead of a mole, there's a faggot. Whack-a-niggerfaggot.
Oh wait his bot means we can do the draw pictures thing again imma get my tablet EVERYONE DRAW AND COMMUNICATE WITH PICTURES HE DIDN'T UPDATE HIS BOT Yay it's time for fun
>>82765 >imma No niggerspeak please
>>82766 Smh tbh fam desu
(16.74 KB 894x503 post4.png)

(1.06 MB 1441x1425 W.png)

singles, check em
(14.67 KB 359x359 Get_Out_4.jpg)

Here’s my crap take. Undertale and Deltarune would be much better games if the protagonists weren’t calarts tumblr garbage. Should someone release a mod that alters dialogue and adds a few design updates the games would be not only serviceable but great. It really feels like a first-pass to an actual studio title game that could use a few months cleanup by people with better taste.
(126.14 KB 1024x1024 skelememe.png)

It begins
>>82528 Fastest way to cause hyperinflation
(202.51 KB 1024x1024 explain.png)

>>82774 The USA heard that venezuela is lowering their inflation, so they want to catch up to be NUMBAH WAN!
>>82774 Who let the dob in?
>>82771 I actually like the shit sprites, they are part of the game and its characters' charm. >>82772 It already ended lul.
>>82706 Well, they kept doing it. You know what to do.
>>82778 >I actually like the shit sprites Because you have no standards.
How much hyperinflation would a trillion dollar injection cause? Also why is a coin any different from regular money printing?
(737.79 KB 2704x3313 002-1629129318.jpg)

Shouldn't you faggots be happy that the existence of twitch e-celebs means that late millennials/gen z will never ever implement communism/socialism? It's a modern day equivalent of baby boomer hippies becoming yuppies.
(105.23 KB 1000x613 delta catmaid sheet.jpg)

(64.26 KB 1100x1500 delta catmaid page up.png)

(453.96 KB 2350x2645 delta catmaid line.jpg)

(109.65 KB 992x1024 delta catmaid backfront.jpg)

(216.81 KB 1131x2048 delta catmaid booty.jpg)

>>82779 you mean post more?
>>82782 Accelerationism though.
>>82783 Imagine the smell
>>82771 the sprite crappiness kinda works like One Punch Man's crappiness, it accentuates the serious and heightens the silliness. >>82783 I wanna fuck tasque master
>>82781 coins = us Mint dollar bills = federal reserve If you ask for more dollars then youre just taking out a loan from the fed.
>>82780 Nah, is because the ms-paint doodle-tier art fits well with the dumb nature of every character. A more detailed design would make the game lose its "silliness".
>>82782 yes but they're never going to actually realize that they prefer the free market or that it is superior to communism and they'll keep propagandizing for communism even while they're buying $3 million houses, and then when their hypocrisy is exposed, their fans will defend them.
>>82788 >A more detailed design would make the game lose its "silliness". Pizza Tower exists, anon. It has ms-paint art, but it looks far better than deltarune ever will because it's actually well-animated and expressive. https://youtu.be/mtt5ogPkMW0
(85.98 KB 580x580 BACKPACK DRAWFAG.png)

>>82790 I don't think "looks far better" is a precise enough term for something that's visually a Bob Camp acid nightmare.
>>82791 >backback
>>82792 Oh god dammit, did you have to point that out? Fuck. I'm going to bed. Good night, dudes.
(92.51 KB 580x580 BACKPACK DRAWFAG.png)

(649.39 KB 300x300 1403801520637.gif)

>>82794 Thanks.
(323.50 KB 500x281 Thanks, Lori.png)

(82.69 KB 694x402 ClipboardImage.png)

Well I've seen enough 4chan in this thread for one day.
(12.19 KB 160x220 Papyrus_battle_confused.gif)

>>82771 Toby actually declined sprites that looked too good. Like this Papyrus animation that he refused to use and instead just edited shifty eyes into his default pose.
>>82797 i work for videogam companty wanna buy llil girl
>>82798 That he thought looked too good I mean.
>>82701 >A lot of leftists hate zionism. Imagine falling for this after 80 years of being proven wrong.
>>82801 >political leanings are static and unchanging
>>82737 It literally isn’t. You don’t understand collapse.
https://archive.ph/wip/p71yu https://twitter.com/BernieSpofforth/status/1445670541159907334 https://archive.ph/wip/iE9cU https://www.nrz.de/staedte/moers-und-umland/in-moers-werden-jetzt-buttons-zu-statements-fuer-das-impfen-id233493451.html Didn't find the exact article, but it's close enough
>>82798 >tumblrtale shit in GamerGate >tumblrtale the wokest queerest shit >cucktaku and journos' game of the decade Sacrilege. No, blasphemy.
>>82801 The right was much more zionist than the left when the right was ruled by neocons. Now those neocons have moved to the left, and the right is left with far fewer sub-groups that support zionism. But that wasn't the case from the '80s until like five years ago.
(294.48 KB 1080x1080 holocaust.jpg)

>>82804 unironically bringing back the Star of David from concentration camps to identify people
(7.29 MB 574x480 ggrevolt raid.webm)

/ggrevolt/ lost the war and can only attempt to project its impotent butthurt from time to time through inefficient means.
>>435541 Sjws drool.
(32.94 KB 540x332 1538422279.jpg)

>>82804 Germany does have a sense of humor after all it seems.
>>82804 I like it.
>>82528 Sure am glad I invested in a lot of ammo I can barter or hunt with as well as a couple giant bags of rice too. Be sure to invest in a modern warm wool blanket too so you can save money on certain warm days when your willing to turn off the heat during Winter. >>82776 >>82774 Yeah~ >>82584 >>82593 >>82598 >"this machine kills fascists" >is manufactured in a country that forcefully sterilizes Uyghur and Tibetan woman and then rapes them afterwards for the hell of it and is overall a dystopian surveillance state shithole Thanks for reminding me about this annoying faggot who sugar coats everything of whom I had to watch in high school growing up. >>82550 Didn't that Vampire girl from Adventure time eventually start dating the crazy tyrannical Bubble Gum queen or whatever? >>82551 >Lesbians should be in movies only if they're hot and are there for titillation. Otherwise fuck that shit and get some dick already. t. dyke sympathizer >>82535 >>82542 Moths are nice
(1.15 MB 499x374 gary.gif)

>>82802 Yeah they are. Some dude who wants to fuck kids ain't exactly gonna change that stance, just like someone who values individualism or slavery, the parties and environment changes, not the person.
>>82528 >Anon on 4cuck /biz/ mentioned this about 4 hours before the story hit Twitter Jesus fuck, we're all fucked
>>82814 CRAB-17 is proceeding as planned
>>82813 >Yeah they are. Some dude who wants to fuck kids ain't exactly gonna change that stance That's not exactly a political stance, it's paraphillic sexual urge. >>82814 Yes but so are they and are arguably fucked harder than us.
>>82814 It's a whole heap of nothingburger.
(197.01 KB 1050x805 delta noelle nurse.jpg)

I'd like to point out that the deltarune thread is now technically cyclical again, but still in a bumplock state which completely negates the cyclical status.
(91.06 KB 1000x600 tidus laugh.jpg)

>>82816 And you think political stances aren't paraphilic sexual urges? Interesting.
>>82818 Looks like its been fixed, just make a new thread. You won't get in trouble for it, I promise.
>>82812 >Didn't that Vampire girl from Adventure time eventually start dating the crazy tyrannical Bubble Gum queen or whatever? Yes, and on top of that the main character got NTR'd by a mentally retarded joke character who took away his living fire gf. There's a reason /co/ would rather talk about Jojo during the last few seasons, because the main themes were "Finn gets cucked, Marceline and Bubblegum scissor"
>>82821 Didnt he end up with the qt hunter girl? I stopped watching after the chapters where we learn about his parents because there were no fun D&D adventures anymore.
You niggers are going to buy an Amico, right?
>>82822 He didn't end up with anyone and they wrote him to be happy with the fact he was a cuckold.
(647.05 KB 1280x720 eeehhhhh.webm)

>>82821 >Adventure Time's MC is a cuckold Gee, how surprising.
>>82822 I think he did, but also not, it was left ambiguous. There also was the chance he might have gotten together with the Susan the blonde muscle girl who's the only other pure human in Ooo. But I tapped out after a while too. Was too much fun talking about Diamond is not Crash and planning 7SU2
>>82823 Yeah man, but just please don't bust my kneecaps.
>>82826 I thought Susan was supposedly his mother or something.
>>82824 >>82826 Well fuck, good thing i dropped it.
>>82829 I think recently some artists started pairing him with what I assume to be one of Jake's daughters but I am unsure because I had pretty much stopped watching around the time those characters were introduced.
>>82550 She looks like a younger version of pic related
>>82823 If more things looked like breakout or that cave one, instead of flash knockoffs then maybe.
>>82550 How can they be dykes when i've seen them all sucking dick?
>>82818 I don't remember asking.
>>82834 The best information is things you never realized you needed to know. For example, in canada milk comes in bags.
(101.99 KB 1413x1462 E8MrK3aUUAMYukJ.jpg)

>>82814 The idea of minting a $1T coin came out the moment the gov announced they had reached their debt ceiling. >>82821 >>82825 >Yes, and on top of that the main character got NTR'd by a mentally retarded joke character who took away his living fire gf. At least Finn got to fuck Jake's dog/unicorn/bear grandniece (which technically is his as well, but since Finn is adopted it should be fine) as an adult.
(351.68 KB 533x614 ClipboardImage.png)

>>82836 Ah so that's what the character was.
(242.78 KB 1272x842 Domestic Terrorist.jpg)

>>82823 Maybe. I have a feeling it's trying to be a nu-Wii and will probably get filled to the brim with mobile-tier shovelware. Ouya 2.0. If it surprises me and actually has some decent games (or is easily jailbroken to play emulators and homebrew) - it might be worth picking up. As of now, it doesn't really exist to me though.
>>82836 I guess the government is using their media dogs to try and convince the public that this totally isn't a desperate batshit insane idea.
(1.36 MB 640x360 Inflation Race.mp4)

>>82812 >Fifty Trillion Dollar note I got my niece and nephew some of those for Christmas one year as a stocking stuffer, that way they could say they were the first trillionares in the family.
Yo GaymerGays, there's some juicy internet drama going on with the Fight Knight indie game. Apparently the lead dev's ex-girlfriend is badshit insane. Here's an example: >This accusation was alarming, but we chose to believe and support her. She started hosting long voice calls where she would scream, behave hypersexually, and engage in generally unnerving behavior towards us as part of a “self de-hypnotization” process. Her stories became more erratic and unbelievable, suggesting that Boen had hypnotized her into being suicidal and dependent, was “lacing” video game music with hypnotic suggestions, and that he was raping her nightly while she was under this hypnosis. She had started unravelling this bizarre, elaborate plot where she had reverse-hypnotized herself and the support group. I found this out through a friend, but holy shit. Read if you want a Zoey Quinn tier mind fuck. https://archive.vn/8z50O
>>82842 Shes doing it for attention and to fuck him over, of course.
(442.27 KB 640x480 women.mp4)

>>82843 You know how it is anon.
>>82842 Wasn't this a game made by a cuckchan /agdg/ anon? Suck's he's going through this though, No one deserves to get fucked with by cunts.
>>82845 It is, but like you said. No one deserves to get fucked with this shit.
>>82842 >Fight Knight Never heard of it but it looks interesting though.
>>82847 Looks like King's Field mixed with those robot fights from Goemon 64.
>>82842 He broke the most important rule
>>82842 >badshit
>>82836 Some anon said the Constitution prevents Platinum to be used as currency. It must be gold or silver. How fast would the value of USD drop if the Dems actually mint a trillion dollar bill?
>>82852 >How fast would the value of USD drop if the Dems actually mint a trillion dollar bill? Think Zimbabwe crossed with Wiemar.
>>82852 Not fast enough unfortunately.
>>82852 Extremely fast. There's a reason why lefties and commies often fail economic classes
Platinum is such a nice metal and it makes beautiful photographs too.
>>82846 I recall the developer also got fucked with by Dangen entertainment. Nigger can't catch a break.
>>82848 It looks like it's a first person puncher, which is something that I can respect.
>>82852 I haven't been paying attention and they never explained this in economics. How does this all work with the minting the coin relating to the value of the dollar? All I know about is the basic stuff about the gold standard and such.
(78.24 KB 1024x576 Hugs.jpg)

(750.22 KB 920x688 Screenshot (7775).png)

(129.90 KB 1120x840 149562.jpg)

>>82850 If you're not supposed to stick your dick in crazy, then why does crazy make your dick so hard? Who doesn't want a girl who loves you so much that they want to crawl under your skin and wear you like a suit, and will kill to defend your affection of her?
>>82528 Will it fit in the arcade slots? <Insert coin to continue How many extra games of Pac Man would I get?
>>82860 >then why does crazy make your dick so hard? You want to fix it, you want to make it better. But you won't...
>>82861 You would get the biggest score instantly without playing.
>>82860 >then why does crazy make your dick so hard? Because a key component of a crazy women is that they have agency, something men usually only are capable of. A woman with fanatical desires that she actively pursues is incredibly rare and alluring. Most are docile and boring.
>>82847 Unfortunately it's had some problems before he had to spend all of his time killing mind controlled birds sent to assault him, mainly related to Dangen, the former publisher. https://archive.is/nVepQ https://archive.is/arVF7
>>82860 Have there actually been any good manga or anime about crazy bitches?
>>82860 name of the game?
>>82866 Gleipnir is alright.
(518.07 KB 1984x1632 gookanon_angery.png)

>>82842 Shoot, you beat me to it. Was a funny read. Apparently the crazy ex in question is korean.
(126.22 KB 828x1255 FBDCmXOXEAcnVcD.jpg)

>>82850 Who cares about rules when you can be a top alpha male who can bend women to your will like rubber? Women are like base animals and will do anything for their masters or men they find superior but for a little bitch like me I would kinda like to be abused to see how it is for me. Thats why I find Makima so unbearably hot even though shes a fucking psycho nigga. I want her to step on my face and balls and do so much more ungodly horrors to me. Too bad shes a fictional character. >>82860 >Who doesn't want a girl who loves you so much that they want to crawl under your skin and wear you like a suit, and will kill to defend your affection of her? I honestly would love that. I need that kinda loyalty in my life. Where is the best place to find a crazy bitch? I bet they're all over tumblr, instagram and twitter.
(259.68 KB 512x384 Optimist visits 8chan.webm)

>>82869 >Apparently the crazy ex in question is korean. That's all I needed to know.
(1.47 MB 1735x700 gleipnir.png)

>>82868 Gleipnir its not a crazy bitch, its a really powerfull and cool plane, respect the plane anon.
>>82866 Princess Connect had a yandere side character. https://youtu.be/gUp2cvKKirI
>>82859 Let's say everything you have as a country amounts to $100. You could issue 100 $1 coins to represent the value of your goods, but if for some reason you decided to make another 100 $1 coins (having a total of 200 coins) without increasing your number of goods then your coins wouldn't represent the real value of your goods, forcing you to do one of the following: >Make modifications to the existing goods to increase their value to $200. This is why shit's so expensive. >Take 100 one-dollar coins out of circulation. This is why banks take old bills and coins out of circulation. >Give a lower (real) value to the coin (50 cents). This is called "devaluing the currency" and makes your money weak compared other countries' currencies. Now imagine that instead of making 100 extra coins you make 1000000000000. That's what minting $1T coin would be.
(38.69 KB 1024x1280 E6gj7CSVoAA1udQ.png)

>>82866 Read Chainsaw Man. Theres crazy bitches all over the place in there. The anime is going to be released in 2022 I beleive. I also have been reading some Dog Nigga. From what I read Cat Bitch (from dog nigga) is fucking nuts.
>>82859 oversimplified version: Think suppy and demand, if the supply of a product increases without accompanying demand, the value of the product decreases. Money kind of works similarly, more dolars: less value per dollar.
To be in such unprecedented times, it sure is boring.
(862.12 KB 2133x1517 0001-002.png.jpg)

>>82866 dunno how far good goes since i dont care to read it but i know Hachigatsu Kokonoka Boku wa Kimi ni Kuwareru is still going, seventeen chapters so far
>>82876 >>82874 >Now imagine that instead of making 100 extra coins you make 1000000000000. That's what minting $1T coin would be. But, I already know about that part. The U.S. hasn't been on the real gold standard since FDR (It was still a "gold standard", but with a government regulated value), and Nixon finished the job by abolishing it altogether. From what I know, the U.S. dollar derived it's value from the country's real estate before eventually (I don't know when exactly this happened) shifting over to the currency's value being based upon the U.S.'s military support and consumer marketplace. So, that's the reason why I'm confused about where the $1 Tril. coin come into play.
(90.90 KB 1024x768 Cover.jpg)

(125.39 KB 1024x768 Survivor.jpg)

>>82867 Crimson Grey
>>82878 That manga's got great art, but the fight's are dogshit
>>82879 The moment that coin is minted, the US dollar is officially based on nothing. Not oil, not land, not consumer confidence, not even the confidence of the American people. Nothing. The US dollar would be worth no more than a zimbimwee dollar. Everyone globally will immediately want to offload 100% of the dollars that they hold so they don’t go down with the sinking US and it’ll be the international musical chairs of bagholding. 27 trillion more dollars will immediately flood into the market making the total currency increase 30 trillion for Americans meaning inflation will go up over 400% in under 2 weeks. Then the cities burn and the country (and the world) as humanity knows it dies. 15 days to end the world.
>>435682 Why the fuck do you always have a need to make fun of my posts? Who the fuck are you to do this to me? Go do something productive with your life already. If you have the energy to do this shit you have the energy to get a fucking job at least. >>82879 >>82882 I know the democrats are retarded and were going to fuck things up but jesus fucking christ its like they are purposely trying to actually destroy this country as quickly as they possibly can. My biggest question when it comes to what they are doing is why? Why even need power when you don't even have a functional fucking country to even govern anymore? Do they even fucking think about the consequences of the shit that they are doing?
(302.63 KB 2400x1600 concerned-trump.jpg)

>>82882 And to think, all of this could have been avoided if more people just voted for Trump and we stuck to his America First economic policies. I miss the great economy we had while he was still in office. Before biden and democrats fucked it all up again.
(337.35 KB 964x1400 1444313904150.png)

(287.25 KB 910x714 1452384684109.jpg)

(53.07 KB 960x540 psycho Seryuu.jpg)

(186.40 KB 744x620 Psycho clown AgK.jpg)

>>82866 Akmae Ga Kill's kind of shit but I enjoyed it and most of its girls in a trashy way. Deserved way better writing for its premise. Manga also features clown rape.
>>82882 Oh! So, buy them minting that coin, the government is officially saying: <Everything that we have as collateral that is holding up the dollar value with the debts we owe... >Gold, oil, land, military defense, consumer marketplace, etc. <...YEAH, we can't pay any of that back. So, instead, we're going to create something of value out of thin air in the form of a trillion dollar coin. And, you have to trust us that we won't make more of these imaginary value-less coins. Am I understanding this right?
>>82885 >nigger clown fat bastard rape Fucking hell I hate this series.
>>82883 That post is satire anon. Nobody would press the nuclear button. you have to think in terms of incentives, each president has incentives to "borrow money from the future", making things harder for the next generation, but nobody has an incentive to actually pull the trigger and kill everyone. The coin won't destroy the US, but it will definitely mean another step towards the edge of the cliff.
>>82886 If I sell you a dollar for a $1.30 loan, but a few trillion times, how else can you pay that back?
(129.71 KB 592x968 Zoe Quinn.png)

https://archive.is/tGppy Hahahahahaha Zoe Quinn isn't very happy about Brianna Wu's GamerGate TV series
>>82842 >people still using Jewoogle re-Captcha despite there being several better alternatives that don't feed a botnet and Silicon Valley >even 4Cuck has recently ditched G-Capatcha Cringe, what's their excuse? Are they just not aware? Non the less thanks for the link anon.
>>82882 And then you wake up.
>>82889 >how else can you pay that back? Before or after losing everything in the foreclosure?
Remember that one time when the left wing media was praising a dead muslim terrorist for being 'austere'?
>>82887 It wanted to be Berserk, but forgot to emulate everything except the gory and general misery.
>>82890 >If this thing doesn't divert attention away from me being a root problem of this controversy, I don't want a part of it What a cunt. Hope no one makes an Alec Holowka biopic.
>>82895 Being edgy has nothing to do with being Berserk. Devilman existed way before.
(331.66 KB 500x528 1GEVUmb.png)

>>82890 I appreciate the fact that Zoe and Anita both went radio silent in recent years. You don't hear much from them anymore. meanwhile Banana is morphing into a Chris-chan tier lolcow. He just can't seem to let go of his 15 minutes of fame. He doesn't want to fade into obscurity like the other Literally Whos did. And so, he keeps doing retarded stunts (like his laughable political career and now this tv show) just for media attention.
>>82898 wu has some kind of fetish for being pitiful or something. he enjoys making people disgusted and/or ashamed of him.
>>82886 Yes. For the normalfag it’s called “defaulting” and a government agency comes in, catalogues everything you own, and sells it to get the money back. Your house, your car, your computer, your possessions, tables and chairs, clothes and utensils. Your debtor owns it all now and sells it to get their money back. It’s a bit harder to do with a country because the country itself will get piecemealed off by states or county’s. If it weren’t for the fact that we’re not owned by the government, the government would sell California to another country to get some money to pay the debt. In other places the entire government folds in on itself and outright dies as foreign interests invade to get as much as they can before anyone else. Of course with nuclear powers in the land of liberty that doesn’t happen. In America, it means that their entire financial stability dies as their word becomes worth less than the province of Mugabishe. Hundreds of millions of their people die, and it becomes a quarantine zone since nukes will fly at whoever tried to gain a foothold. It’s effectively a great reset of the economy, country, and world. Nobody knows whats gonna happen. >>82883 It’s on purpose. They’re paid to do it by foreign interests who want to be the new world superpower. The Sophomores and Freshmen don’t realize what they’re doing. The Seniors and Juniors know and have an exit plan. >>82884 Yeah Trump won the election. The audits have come in and the votes were all fake. The media and the military were paid to install Biden like you install a toilet. Force people to believe something, repeat a lie enough, and it becomes the truth.
>>82890 Some questions: Who will they get to star as Mark? Or Acid? Who will play Viv? Or Nicole as Viv I suppose? Who will play Gilda? Who will play Freya? Will there be squatting? Could GG actually win a TV Award? WHO IS GOING TO PLAY HOTWHEELS?
(297.01 KB 960x1280 Danny_Woodburn.jpg)

>>82901 >WHO IS GOING TO PLAY HOTWHEELS? The little guy from game of thrones
>>82901 >WHO IS GOING TO PLAY HOTWHEELS? Chris Pratt. No wait, Charlie Day. No wait, Jack Black.
>>82901 >Who will they get to star as Mark? Mark himself. That faggot already sold out to HBO to help democrats
>>82901 >Who will they get to star as Mark? HE
(64.11 KB 640x480 cake-diet.jpg)

>>82905 >Mark will star as himself Catering will be busy.
>>82901 >Who will they get to star as Mark? I want John Goodman since I look like him when viewed through that oldman filter or whatever.
(19.69 KB 474x474 OIP.jpg)

>>82905 Is Mark supposed to look like a Diglet?
>>82908 CAKE
(307.37 KB 612x518 EU-DqOgX0AEs4a6.png)

>>82901 Sarah Silverman as Brianna Wu Amy Schumer as Zoe Quinn
>>82901 >WHO IS GOING TO PLAY HOTWHEELS? This thing. I want this thing to play Hotwheels, and at the finale he dies by rolling down the stairs and getting eaten by the cat.
(4.29 MB 549x357 MFW nostabGF.gif)

>>82819 >And you think political stances aren't paraphilic sexual urges? Interesting. Are you fucking retarded? >>82821 They did Finn super fucking dirty and I feel the latter half of AT was done purely out of spite or to pander the most abhorrent tumblr sjws of the fanbase. >>82842 Woman like this are a major fucking reason I'm not dating currently, I just want to start a family as I one of the few people my age who has a stable income but western woman are overwhelmingly insane. >She is a Gook <My last GF was a gook who was fucking insane Anons if you want to date yellow stay right the fuck away from Gooks, Mainland Chinx and fucking SEA women in general.
>>82914 >and fucking SEA women in general Define SEA. I assume the browner the crazier?
>>82901 >Mark? Ethan Suplee >Acid? Kevin Smith >Gilda? Ask whoever casted The Ringer. >Freya? Ronda Rousey. >Will there be squatting? Yes, for the obligatory scat humor injected into half of all media. >Could GG actually win a TV Award? Depends on how much Wu pays the judges woke it is.
>>82915 SEA (South East Asian)
>>82917 I know that. I asking on what kind of SEA, if the browner they are the crazier they are, or if it's the more fair skinned chink looking ones that are nuts.
>>82915 >Define SEA >Flips/moros >Malays >Indonogs >Thai >Burmese >Laos >Viets >Cambodians The browner ones tend to be the saner ones as fucked as that sounds.
>>82919 Gotcha.
>>82914 tl;dr Just date nip bitches exclusively?
>>82914 >stay right the fuck away from Gooks, Mainland Chinx and fucking SEA women in general Doesn't this limit my options to just Japanese women.
>>82922 singapore and taiwan :^)
>>82922 >>82923 Singapore, Taiwan, and whatever girls you can scrounge up in Siberia. Nepalese also, or actual Tibetan women if you're in Northern Pooland. Also Mongolians unless they count as Chinks.
>>82923 If anon is to be believed >>82919 it's actually the brown SEAs that aren't entirely fucked. So if you have to racemix say, with a Flip, the indo/spaniard/islander mutt looking ones won't fuck you over probably.
>>82919 I forgot Singapore >>82920 The Chinks living there tend to be fucking nuts.
>>82924 Anon, most of the women you find in Siberia are with the Russian military.
>>82926 More crazier than your average insectoid bug lady, or just typical Asian gold digging crazy?
>>82928 Gold digger crazy.
>>82714 >high number of foreign CIA informants have been killed Day of the bumper.
(737.95 KB 312x240 magicalmaestro.webm)

>>82901 >Who will play Viv? she's ginger, so they'll blackface her
(842.48 KB 1280x1808 Yanderedere_1.png)

(690.73 KB 1280x1808 Yanderedere_2.png)

(1.12 MB 1280x1807 Yanderedere_3.png)

>>82870 I used to just want a sort cute girl to like me and listen to me. At this point I would like any ol Plain Jane to be indifferent to me and not betray me, even though a lot of people think a relationship is dead when they become like "room-mates".

(303.85 KB 900x1483 et-coat-4-siberia-495875.jpg)

(142.26 KB 700x1050 a2Z4ZyY_700b.jpg)

(260.20 KB 880x1320 fotograf-Aleksandr-Himushin_5.jpg)

>>82924 >whatever girls you can scrounge up in Siberia Is it true that Siberian women have really hairy vaginas to keep their labia from freezing closed? I like their traditional clothing.
(501.59 KB 625x574 Yandere Crane.png)

(347.53 KB 605x960 ClipboardImage.png)

>>82933 >We could be wearing finely stitched clothing with fantastic designs. >We just get shit with a Nike logo printed on it churned out of some sweatshop. Progress. 3rd pic is fantastic.
>>82866 Elfien Lied ironically if you like 2000s edge.
>>82933 I have an idea of writing an orc race for my fantasy setting with rural tribal native culture. The barbarian trope is overdone & making them the evil race is played out too. Plus imagine a muscular orc woman in loose comfy robes with intricate designs & soft furs holding you in her arms.
(137.31 KB 282x574 Junpei.png)

>>82934 I didn't know Stupei was a zookeeper
(32.10 KB 387x302 huh.jpg)

>>82934 Did chris fuck the crane when the zoo-managers weren't looking?
This website is broken every fucking time, it's really amazing honestly.
>>82940 Could be a result of a DDoS raid maybe? I dunno just seems like there's always an issue when someone's spamming shit just to be a nuisance.
>>82940 >>82941 Yeah I've noticed the same thing too. >>82937 >rural tribal native culture orcs Are they redreads with freckles?
>>82939 Don't know since the crane "allegedly" killed her two mates but that hasn't been confirmed. https://archive.vn/NCbce
>>82942 >redheads with freckles I was thinking native siberians or mongolians. Not scots.
>>82944 Wasn't Genghis Khan a redhead?
>>82945 What? I've never heard that.
>>82945 >Genghis was really a marauding Scotsman trying to get home. Do they eat haggis in Mongolia?
>>82901 Mark gets played by a CGI with Ashton Kutcher voice. Moot cameo is done by Micheal Cera Acid is played by a Trasngerder black woman with a wig.
>>82946 >>82947 >Perhaps the most surprising description comes courtesy of the 14th century Persian chronicler Rashid al-Din, who claimed Genghis had red hair and green eyes. Al-Din’s account is questionable—he never met the Khan in person—but these striking features were not unheard of among the ethnically diverse Mongols I think this was due to Scythian genes
>>82949 >Al-Din’s account is questionable—he never met the Khan in person Would the mongols themselves not retain this obviously rare feature if that were true. The man raped a lot.... I mean A LOT of women.
Daily reminder that we have a lewd draw thread on /h/ >>>/h/2972
>>82950 >The man raped a lot.... I mean A LOT of women. Makes you wonder how he even found the time to conquer and pillage. I mean he fucked something like every bitch in mainland Asia didn't he?
(17.80 KB 394x441 mong.jpg)

(96.23 KB 462x669 ogedai.jpg)

>>82950 True but red hair is a rare trait anyway and thus probably recessive, and the majority of his rapes were chinks
>>82953 Would Mongols not have drawn images of his likeness then?
>>82528 We need another Hitler. Getting really tired how history is practically repeating itself. Watch in the next couple of years, this country would become the Weimar Republic 2.0 where the currency is practically worth below shit, where degenerates rule the streets, where up is down and down is up, where there is no morality, and the average iq goes rock bottom. I'm just preparing myself till it happens. At least I'll try to get a girl to marry and have some children with. Recently got asked out by a Jewish girl and I got advice telling me I should marry that bitch. Here's hoping that things well with me and some of you guys.
>>82716 Unfortunately, being a streamer is more profitable than making youtube videos, since you get paid more money for doing literally nothing. So many youtubers I used to watch left the site to become twitch streamers. >>82721 >If you got an account for whatever reason, change your password <If you've got a twitch account delete it and then kill yourself for making one in the first place FTFY.
>>82704 Are we talking about America? The whole point of withholding is that you owe that money as you make it in most simple cases such as being a salaried or per-hour employee. Withholding takes care of that for you by paying as you go through the year. If you don't withhold or have certain other kinds of income, you're technically supposed to pay estimated taxes quarterly throughout the year to make up for that. Then you can file at the end of the year to get some of that back if your actual income doesn't match your estimation. You're also supposed to pay the self-employment and alternative minimum and other rare federal taxes throughout the year. For most ordinary employees, withholding is enough and should be adjusted so that you don't have any money returned to you, but idiots like to feel like they're getting free money when it's actually just encouraging them to spend money they should've had available earlier in the year. There are a whole lot of edge cases of income that's not simple, since businessmen and rich people fence with the IRS in an arms race to often successfully hide their money from taxation, but you have to be at least a certain level of rich before those schemes can start to work for you. Farm income is totally different and I know nothing about that bizarre wonderland.
(124.99 KB 1000x1222 GoyDesu.jpg)

>>82956 >Recently got asked out by a Jewish girl
>>82956 Good luck anon.
>>82956 >At least I'll try to get a girl to marry and have some children with You better think hard and long about that one, goy. Its a lifelong commitment and if you're doing it because of some retarded reason like listening to internet banter you will regret it.
>>82882 Dollar is backed by the Navy still, that's why the US pulled out of Afghanistan to start taking China's aggression towards the Philippines, Vietnam, and Taiwan more seriously. Sure that back fired as well since Afghanistan is now a strategic trading partner with China just to spite the US but that was inevitable after decades of bombing civilians there for national security and fighting terror just for the slight chance of killing maybe two Al-Qaeda insurgents because Americans are retarded, ignorant, and ironically jingoistic. Non the less it's a short term loss for a long term gain and the navy is where the US is truly strongest. >>82905 >That faggot already sold out to HBO Well he is Jewish.... >>82905 >to help democrats Ehh I'd shit on delusional Q-tard cultists too if I had that kind of audience. Think of it like this, the longer Q anon worship continues to be relevant the more damage it does to populist movements in the long term, it's like a long thorn that needs to be pulled out else anything anti globalist will die of an infection. Plus Q-tards deserve to get made fun of, they're basically the gay dumbed down version of Cicada 3301 in other words a larp. Whether you believe said larp is lead by some shizo Pinoy, an army of left leaning glownigger FED's, or a foreign state like China or Russia doesn't matter in the end because non of us will ever know for sure as that shit you can be certain and all evidence pertaining to it was burned, buried, and burned again. >>82915 >>82919 >Define SEA. Alright sure... >rice farmers >the odd literal spear chucker <Ladyboys >jungle gooks >island pajeets/Borneo >short island muzzies who like to pretend they're Japanese because they hate the Dutch >Dubai but for Chinks >Junta the game IRL >French, American, and Chinese seething >that chain of islands where cheap 1911's are ironically manufactured, imagine if for a second Israel selling knock off Mausers and Lugers. That's why it's kinda funny. >Australian war crimes >also Malaysia I hope this has been a comprehensive list on understand the S.E.A.
>>82956 >Recently got asked out by a Jewish girl and I got advice telling me I should marry that bitch. Rolling for anon's jewess relationship 2-4 = anon gets more shekels 5-7 = anon gets more shekels and spawns half jews 8-10 = anon loses their shekels 11 or 12 = anon gets a jew harem 2d6 = 4
>>82962 No one cares about the Navy. Aren't they like the fag branch out of the whole military?
(95.72 KB 720x720 sad_Luz.jpg)

(304.65 KB 750x1896 The_Owl_House_cancelled.jpg)

>>82550 speaking of The Owl House, it's getting Cancelled The show's creator Dana Terrace did an AMA on reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/TheOwlHouse/comments/q1x1uh/ama_except_by_anything_i_mean_these_questions_only/
>>82965 Fucking GOOD!
(283.09 KB 479x664 go_go_germany.png)

(207.67 KB 1242x1547 for_a_brighter_germany.jpg)

>>82962 ?I want to impregnate that bandicoot.
>>82962 >since Afghanistan is now a strategic trading partner with China There also are rumors that a couple of former US bases are now occupied by chinks. >>82965 Well, fuck. I actually liked the series' lore, even if the second season focused more on loli yuri than it should do.
I saw the thread title and could only think of this. https://youtu.be/UYloWBP79ro?t=38
(110.36 KB 352x356 21st century golden circle.png)

(117.68 KB 1200x1350 20th century golden star.png)

(259.07 KB 989x553 Dolly.jpg)

(249.57 KB 581x752 Harrison.jpg)

>>82967 Exploitable!
>>82965 >>82966 I'm torn. On the one hand good! On the other it's sad that a show featuring a cute brown girl in an interesting setting got the Swat Kats treatment. It's damn annoying that the creators felt the need to fag all the characters up though.
>>82969 Could I get a TLDR I can't watch this atm
>>82969 >>82975 >federal employees WILL be vaccinated at any cost >you deserve to be free from covid >by giving up your freedom to decide what you put into your body >by giving up your freedom to board a plane or a train without being subjected to a nasal swab >by giving up your freedom to do anything without laboring breathing behind a face covering >because you are sick until proven innocent healthy
>>82956 What kid of (((Jew))) is she anon? >is she religious or an atheists? >is she nationalistic, globalist, or somewhere inbetween? >what are her thoughts on Zionism and the Greater Israel meme? >what are her thoughts on the two state solution? >does she have a clear idea of she's the spawn of be it Ashkenazis, Sephardics, Yiddish, Ethiopian, Khazari or Hebrew? >does she lean more towards DemocRAT's, Repugnant-Cans, or LoLbertarianism? >would you have to hypothetically live in NYC if you married her? >is she pro Second Amendment or a gun grabbing autocrat bootlicker? Depending on your answers I will tell you to marry and pump her full of children or dump her. Also congrats on your sack of gold coins. >>82963 >>82964 >Aren't they like the fag branch out of the whole military? Inevitable when they're crammed into submarines and stacked on bunk beds, yeah the Navy and Marines are essentially gym bro gay. However if you want to see the military branch most rampant with faggotry look no further than the US air force. >>82968 >?I want to impregnate that bandicoot. /~We all do anon >>82970 LOL, if China really wanted to make Americans butthurt they'd fly their flag next to the Taliban's on the same poles then post the images on Twatter and Gab. >>82974 The way I see it is either Cable TV needs a true absolute death or the FCC needs to be abolished so we can have truly independent channels again like we used to back before it was all quasi nationalized/corporatized resulting in fake competition and fake opposition ie: CNN and Fox News for example. >>82976 What are the chances this will backfire in the long term in Leafland? All my knowledge of Canada is based off whatever faggots on /k/ are saying at the time and I'm not sure how much of said rhetoric is exaggerated or not.
>>82975 >all federal employees must be vaccinated. or else get fired >no plane/train travel for the unvaccinated >threatening/harassing healthcare workers is now a criminal offense
>>82975 100% vaccination by november or jail, feds by months end
>>82969 What a massive shithole
>>82975 Mandatory vax for all federal employees. Mandatory vax for plane or train travel, testing isn't an option anymore. Basically no exceptions. Vaccine passport. Criminal offense to threaten healthcare workers.
>>82979 For employees or everyone? fucking christ these commies need a bullet to the brains
>>82977 >What are the chances this will backfire in the long term in Leafland? Well if people are revolting in France and Oz it'll probably spread to other countries within a year, especially if governments keep pushing their citizens.
>>82982 Everyone by november, it sounds like.
>>82982 Just for federal employees but everyone will need it to travel on communal transport.
>>82977 >the FCC needs to be abolished so we can have truly independent channels again like we used to back before it was all quasi nationalized/corporatized resulting in fake competition and fake opposition ie: CNN and Fox News for example. The FCC was created in '34. Have you actually researched what things were like prior to then?
the best part is that the vaccine doesn't even fucking work, meaning it's nothing but a selection pressure for the virus to adapt to.
>>82977 >>82986 Here's the reason why I'm advising that you learn about why those laws/regulations/agencies exist: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=3ofjSBGmOcY
>>82984 Funny how a vaccine can be so effective that it can't work unless literally everyone in the world has it. >>82987 But how can you put evolutionary pressure on a thing that isn't alive in the first place?
Making it a crime to "harass" healthcare workers is a worrying idea. Merely protesting outside of clinic centers could be seen as "harassment" and a convenient excuse for the cops to shut down dissenters.
(10.76 KB 361x287 the leaf.jpg)

>>82969 Please just fucking nuke us!
>>82989 >But how can you put evolutionary pressure on a thing that isn't alive in the first place? Viruses are only "not alive" because of an autistically strict definition of what life is by biologists. According to them if something isn't cellular then it can't be alive, even though some viruses have an analogue to a cell membrane and some bacteria lack an internal metabolism needed to survive outside a cell.
>>82990 But anon I identify as a healthcare worker and the cops are harassing me.
>>82989 Evolutionary pressure only requires an evolutionary process. You can put evolutionary pressure on groups, optimization processes, and yes, viruses. Part of why this has lasted so long is that the constant closing and opening up is optimal for putting evolutionary pressure and then allowing the evolved virus to flourish.
>>82989 because viruses have ribonucleic acid in them. a virion is not per se alive itself, but mutations and selection can occur in their genetic material
>>82969 Does that mean threatening and harassing people wasn't a criminal offense in Canada before now?
the only way to eliminate a virus is to incinerate the infected. always has been, always will be. allowing even a single virion to survive means that it almost certainly will come back and eventually get worse.
>>82987 What are the chances the leaky Vaccine mutates into super deadly variant vs into mostly benign. >>82996 Probably went from a relatively minor offense to a fairly major one so they can gulag any dissenters. We've already seen politicians get similar protections in Australia and UK, we're getting full on fascism.
(115.01 KB 1280x720 Gondola.jpg)

(1.83 KB 22x52 Gondola.png)

>>82812 >Chibi Rally Cute.
>>82987 Not really, because the vaccine doesn't kill the virus itself. It trains the immune system to identify and eliminate the virus, and it not working just means that the immune system is only partially prepared, rather than fully primed, prior to infection. It'll still learn to eliminate the virus the old-fashioned way. By getting sick. Even so, whatever minor selection pressure the vaccine does put on it to evolve, the greater selection pressure is still on it to become less severe and more contagious over time. Sick people staying at home don't spread as effectively as mildly ill people going about their daily business. The vaccine bullshit is purely about money for the pharmaceutical industry, and government control taken under the guise of emergency measures. Society has been rocked by several major technological and industrial revolutions in the past 50 years that each individually is more paradigm shifting than the invention of the printing press. If (((they))) don't secure their control now - it'll get away from them completely. They can't put the genie back in the bottle, but they're trying to shackle it with brain washing, social engineering, government dependence, and good-old fashioned authoritarian boots on the neck for non-compliance. Covid was the perfect excuse.
>>82998 >What are the chances the leaky Vaccine mutates into super deadly variant vs into mostly benign Very slim given how fast an Indian variant of a virus, during a time when people are suppose to be relatively sterile or immune, managed to encompass the globe within a month. Everyone's probably been exposed to COVID as some point within the past two years.
>>82999 Nice gondola. Did you make it?
>>83002 The pantsu no, it's an edit from smug/a/ The sprite also no, I found while playing Hedon and then ripped the sprite from the pk3.
>>82995 >>82994 wouldn't viruses mutate randomly by the trillions in just a few hosts anyway just by pure volume of infection? The very idea that a virus only mutates into one new strain that can be accounted for in a population of millions makes no sense, statistically speaking it would be impossible to combat any virus because if they're in fact the cause of disease and replicate to the nth degree with thousands of cells potentially being infected, statistically speaking there should be more strains than can ever be accounted for just by the theory that viruses incorporate part of the host cell's genetic code and knowledge that replication is never a perfect process
>>83004 >wouldn't viruses mutate randomly by the trillions in just a few hosts anyway just by pure volume of infection I believe so. Like has been establish, viruses can only spread when the host doesn't die. And, each person's health is relatively different. So, the virus likely changes from person to person. However, most changes are so redundant that we all categorize it under the same variant.
>>83004 That's not really how it works, viruses compete with not only each other but themselves, a strain only becomes interesting to us when it starts outcompeting the standard strain, there's only a few strains pop up because as the virus mutates it becomes harder and harder to improve upon the previous strain.
>>82998 >What are the chances the leaky Vaccine mutates into super deadly variant vs into mostly benign. Probably not very likely at this point. Respiratory viruses tend to become less dangerous as they become more communicable. I saw something a week or so ago from the UK predicting that SARS2 will become no more dangerous than a rhinovirus by the coming spring. We're rapidly reaching the point where where governments responses to the virus will be far more disruptive and harmful than the virus itself.
Well with Canada ramping this bullshit up I'm not sure what I'm gonna do.
>>83008 It's hardly much more extreme than what America has already done. Only the plan/train travel shit is a step up.
>>83008 You could try finding a guide on how to suppress the vaccine. I remember fasting for 2 days prior and intermittent fasting for a week after, along with low dose Ivermectin, could do it. Or you can listen to fedanon and buy some guns and ammo.
>>83004 >wouldn't viruses mutate randomly by the trillions in just a few hosts anyway just by pure volume of infection? The very idea that a virus only mutates into one new strain that can be accounted for in a population of millions makes no sense Yes, millions of mutations are happening pretty much constantly. Because viruses are so simple, almost ALL of these mutation are going to be deleterious and eradicate the new strain before it even gets started. The majority of the remaining will be neutral and not really effect it's pathogenicity. Of those few strains which do survive and spread - the ones most capable of replicating will become dominant. In the case of viruses like Coronavirus, this will be in the form of a virus that keeps you healthy enough to stay mobile and spreading it around. Even if a particularly nasty strain did emerge and become a threat - the less deadly strain will out-compete it and prime people's immune systems against a wide spectrum of coronavirus variants. Eventually you'll settle into a pattern of several variants that take off, burn through the population, and then reduce significantly as it's hosts immune systems are more capable of fighting it off... leaving the landscape open for a different variant to exploit the niche. Just like the seasonal flu already does.
>>83009 >Only the plan/train travel shit is a step up. They're probably cared to do that in the US because it would bankrupt the airlines and as far as trains go in the US no one uses them outside of subways.
(130.71 KB 794x596 gondolas in a bag.jpg)

(103.96 KB 1140x433 more gondolas.jpg)

(5.09 MB 2000x1500 real Gondola.png)

>>83009 Well cn't afford to go anywhere, who uses trains anymore anyways? >>83010 I don't even know where to get ivermectin I'm not posting about guns or ammo anywhere as I dunno who's watching
>>83014 >who uses trains anymore anyways? I wish trains were how we traveled long distances. They're comfy as fuck. But the last time I looked at train travel it was insanely expensive.
>>83013 I want these.
>>83011 That's certainly a more logical explanation than anything I've heard out of the cdc. I still think viruses are bullshit to explain away inorganic contaminents in the environment making everyone (more) sick with horribly compromised immune systems brought on by modern diet trends leading to various deficiencies. >>83014 Ask a local farmer, they should have it or at least be able to tell you where to get it since pharmacies are refusing to fill prescriptions for it.
>>83015 I recall a pass for a good chunk of europe was $50 for 4 weeks of train rides, about 4 years ago.
(502.16 KB 2000x1200 ClipboardImage.jfif)

>>83013 Are Crazy Bones making a comeback?
>>83013 I had a jerky piece that looked like the shape of Gondola with the long legs. No pictures taken though.
>>82981 >Mandatory vax for all federal employees. >Leaf FEDs get vaxxed >Leaf FEDs either become infertile or die Sounds like a good outcome to me.
>>83013 amogus
>>83016 >>83019 saw them on etsy when searching for Gondola
>>83013 amogus
>>83021 Not really, since all the really bad ones are high-level enough to get away with just lying about it.
(370.65 KB 1440x960 Algoma Rail.jpg)

>>83015 >They're comfy as fuck. Not really. It's basically just a big bus. Last time I was in Stu. St. Marie on vacation, I rode the Algoma rail tour of the canyon, and we got stuck next to a seat of bored screaming kids and parents who thought it was "cute" that their kids were being so rambunctious - climbing over the seats, beating on each other, screaming, and kicking the windows. Ruined the whole fucking trip for everyone in the car. Other than that, the most I ride the train is occasionally taking the shoreline from South Bend to Chicago, but it goes right through Gary so it's hardly what I'd call "comfy" unless you really love niggers.
>>83013 God bless /tg/
>>82998 considering israel is getting it if it does go super it prob wouldn't be intentional
>>83015 I really like train rides too but America is just not set up infrastructure wise or culture wise for them to see wide adoption at a reasonable price.
>>83026 Comfy relative to planes. Obviously both will suffer from the same issues if you're stuck with retards or kids. Airports are cancer.
>>83029 >America is just not set up infrastructure wise or culture wise for them to see wide adoption at a reasonable price Explain the transcontinental railroad. Or does that prove your point?
(6.72 MB 1920x1080 JC Gondola.mp4)

(309.94 KB 1600x1150 Button for Toronto.jpg)

>>82987 Technically it works, it's just that the various vaccines only work on certain strains of the Kung Flu which will only rise in variants making the vax only kind of useful. If the Leaf government really wants to save lives they'd be telling food companies to reduce the amount of sugar and soy they can put in their products and have PSA's at school teaching kids how to properly wash their hands because all these lock downs and covid passport shit won't do squat to save lives now. Maybe give kids another hour of recess too to run around outside and play and build safer roads to walk on for adults too. But you can't build a police state with safe walk-able roads and healthy food now can ya... And Leaf Land has to become nice and cucked before the British Royal family can fully move in. >>82991 >Please just fucking nuke us! Here you go anon <3 At least you can always still go innawoods with your SKS and eat beans and moose meat I guess. >>83013 Neat, I hope those are made of recycled plastic too.
>>83033 >Button for Toronto Worst part is I live in Toronto.
>>83031 It's for freight, originally sure passenger trains were a thing but not since the end of WWII when the US developed into a car nation. There's no political capital on either side to spend billions to set up a high speed passenger network when everyone owns a car already.
>>83033 >have PSA's at school teaching kids how to properly wash their hands
>>83033 >Here you go anon <3 That button would only nuke Toronto, and the rest of Canada would be fine. In fact, the rest of Canada would celebrate. But still, I'm not sure they don't deserve it as well. >>83029 They're also not set up geography wise. I don't think europeans comprehend just how spread out locations in North America are.
(33.57 KB 713x96 lower_quality_decks.png)

(179.57 KB 1403x1779 viv_and_gildy.png)

>>82965 >our audience skews older This particular point really shows that current year kids animation is sadly appealing to adults (and maybe some teens) due to both certain themes being pushed plus more money being made due to the easily viewable TV-Y7 crowd. It's still baffling why there's still no cartoons (not anime) that strictly focus on an adult viewerbase without ending up becoming childish like the Richard and Mortimer show.
>>83038 Quebec at least deserves it for being french despite being kind of cool.
>>83033 >>83037 <And, here's another one
>>83039 >It's still baffling why there's still no cartoons (not anime) that strictly focus on an adult viewerbase without ending up becoming childish like the Richard and Mortimer show. Because the animation industry, and the entertainment industry in general, is ruled by a cult of mentally broken propagandists that don't believe that art really exists, so all they produce is propaganda and commercialism.
(150.59 KB 1014x645 Farquaad_sacrifice_quote.jpg)

>>83035 Sacrifices must be made
>>83033 Rolling for Canada's nuke 2 = Quebec 3-4 = Alberta 5-7 = Ontario 8-10 = Toronto 11 = All areas 12 = Canada doesn't get nuked 2d6 = 4
>>83044 >2 = Quebec >12 = Canada doesn't get nuked A 12 would necessarily be a 2, since you didn't specify 02. Quebec is part of Canada, you dirty frog separatist.
>>82963 >>83044 >rolled 4 twice Give me another one 2d6 = 3
(488.59 KB 472x470 off by one.png)

Why doesn't Canadians just rise up and declare independence?
>>83048 >Why doesn't Canadians just rise up and declare independence? You realize that they didn't even become fully independent from England until 1980-fucking-2. And they're still pretty cucked to the crown.
So when does Biden's long dark winter begin?
>>82901 Mark would be himself, but I don't know about the rest of the cast, I don't watch TV and movies enough to think of any name. The only question I want to know is who has enough talent (and titties) to play Danielle.
>>436014 >ehough lul
>>83051 >The only question I want to know is who has enough talent (and titties) to play Danielle. No one in Hollywood at least. Half of the above D cup tits in California are implants, and modern actors couldn't act their way out of a wet paper bag.
(164.75 KB 1209x1816 E5UqZyZUcAcsDba.jpg)

>>83053 I don't think we'll find any actress anywhere with that kind of body anyway.
>>83025 That or they have endless supply of fetuses and medical procedures they can get to prevent any "side effects".
(166.29 KB 341x380 bix-nood.png)

I probably shouldn't have posted Dani, now I'm crazy horny again.
>>83059 just crank one out homeslice it aint even november yet
I think the live updates is broken.
>>83060 I did it just one hour ago. My dick hurts and I have the sex drive of an orc in hentai without the stamina.
Danielle is shit. Freya and /fit/ girls is where it's at.
(2.11 MB 1530x2586 halloweenDFsmol.png)

>>83063 >Danielle is shit. I disagree. >Freya and /fit/ girls is where it's at. But they are also great, yes.
>>82901 I wouldn't mind pic related as Vivian, though she is missing the freckles and would need longer, unstraightened hair. It was funny seeing her play as a teen daughter to a couple of gays.
>>83062 Exercise and gain more stamina
>>82905 >who is Q picrel.
(37.45 KB 459x640 すぎやまこういち.jpg)

DQ and Shiren the Wanderer's composer passed away. https://archive.is/9gcWK
>>83069 >>who is Q Might be a bit too easy, but John De Lancie seems the obvious choice just for shits and giggles. Also, I have a really bad feeling that William Shatner is going to die when he goes to space. Something is going to go wrong with his rocket and it'll blow up. Or it'll be intentionally sabotaged by certain "individuals" who either want to make a statement with a spectacle, or just want him out of the way for calling Takei a faggot one too many times. To Shatner's end, maybe he's even dying of some disease that he's keeping to himself and wants to go out with a sort of Viking funeral that's going to be spectacular send off that he feels he deserves.
>>83070 Damn. RIP Sugiyama.
>>83026 Not the other torfag but it's a bus with lower noise level, far less acceleration, less bumps, actual tables you can use, more space and isolation if it has compartments and usually a better view. You can even do work while you're traveling. On top of that you can have conversations with random strangers you'll never see again, kind of like an IRL chatroom. t. frequently traveled anon
>>82962 >posting a thumbnail
(19.86 KB 512x384 Africanised water.jpg)

>>83075 Without "stretch" being written under her, I would absolutely never have guessed what was happening.
>>83076 Maybe it's instructions? For what to do to her vagina? With your penis?
>>83039 It's a sad state of affairs when I can't think of a single piece of american animation made in the last decade more mature than Digimon Adventure, a fucking children's show. The subbed version at least. >>83070 RIP
(325.78 KB 5868x2104 Reaction image.jpg)

>>83077 Well then the same statement applies.
>>83008 >Well with Canada ramping this bullshit up I'm not sure what I'm gonna do. Moved to Mexico. It’s less faggy and more free than Canada and America at this point.
>>83073 >Getting #MEtoo by searching sex crimes for law school papers >Can’t read about Elizabeth smart without being suspected of rape O say can you see
(105.09 KB 1252x1252 krillin chillin.jpg)

>>83032 JC's autism never gets old.
So, any news about the Texas shooting? already standing in the dead to steal texan's rights?
>>82965 >The story is serialized, the audience skews older, and that just didn't fit this one guy's tastes. How will the manchildren ever recover?
>>82965 Aren't they going for the most cheap toy making animations avariable?
>>83081 I fear Ted was right about technology.
>>83083 >So, any news about the Texas shooting? The shooter was black. Mainstream media probably drop the story by now.
>>83070 >DQ and Shiren the Wanderer's composer passed away. Damn. At least he spared from netflix future raping of dragon quest.
>>83087 I believe he didn't harm too many people. Did he got shot by a good guy with a gun?
>>82973 We should shoop the vaccine passes on known jews to identify them.
(193.45 KB 1200x675 E9NjjLEUYAMAsi6.jpg)

>>436063 Not the feds but you do that in Travis Strikes Again >>83070 I'm glad he was still alive to see his music played at the Olympics, legit chilling moment >>82969 >>82967 Absolutely losing my shit over first world countries giving the jab to their elderly and curbing their own population voluntarily instead of waiting like a year or two of further testing of vaccines/medication and risking even a tiny bit of the world economy from collapsing right now as opposed to ten years down the line
>>82965 >>83039 Most of the kids and teens I know from family and friends have almost never watched a cartoon at all. It's either kiddieshit or "adult humor" and they usually just move on to tv series or (((youtubers/tik tok personalities))). Anime scares a lot of Western animators because it's practically the only drawn form of entertainment that manages to be popular with all audiences.
(18.54 KB 754x131 Firefox suggest.png)

(44.00 KB 910x345 FirefoxSuggest.png)

>>83092 Western animation would immediately be more competitive against Anime (in the west) if political correctness wasn't holding it back. I know it's stating the obvious but the sheer constraints of that alone, means not a lot of interest ideas can be explored without offending some faggot (which in turns gets your show cancelled immediately).
>>82738 > It seems both sides forced themselves to be polite to their own detriment, which sadly happens a lot when youtubers and/or streamers engage in direct debate. A natural consequence to years of monetary consequence if you're too edgy (algorithm) and years of coddling by moderators against "toxicity". People have lost their edge and feel like shit'll happen if they try to be passionate or genuine. >>82775 >no studio today can really fucking do appealing games...People are attracted to Undertale and Deltarune, I think, because that's all we got I do agree, and I put my core of the blame at the fact that Art (as in, actually drawing shit) is dying out in the west. The old farts who gave us good shit back in the day are kicking the bucket or being fired and forced into retirement so their positions can be usurped by STUNNING and BRAVE niggertrannies so the internet degenerates have mascots (that they won't remember in 6 months). Couple this with schools becoming permissive/encouraging of mediocre shit in order not to harm feelings, and it becomes the blind leading the blind. Problem is, this means NO ONE knows how to draw classically with first-hand experience, and finding a place to do so is near-fucking impossible in Western areas. Maybe the Eastern ones too, I don't know how damaging Moeshit was to anime/vidya in terms of artstyle homogenization. >>82969 >>82981 >Officially trapped in the country Fuck me then. I would hope normalfags losing yet another bread and circus would get people pissed, but god knows this demoralized shithole has less balls than fucking Sweden.
>>83094 (Trips Checked) Western animation has one big inherent disadvantage in the creativity department though. Not just the total dearth of it, or the political correctness shackling it, but because most Anime are really just very expensive commercials for Manga series. The manga market is a bubbling cauldron of creativity that can be churned up very cheaply (comparatively) - and tailored to very niche audiences to serve pretty much every interest group from romantic dramas to giant robot space operas to fishing adventures. The most popular (or which are noticed for holding a lot of potential) get anime series which promote the comics and merchandise where the profit margins are much higher. And that manga market is largely unique to Japan because of how mobile their culture is. It's something you can read while on the train, or during a quick moment between classes or from work, or while taking a taxi. America in particular doesn't have that kind of culture. We tend to be much more extroverted and boisterous in public settings, utilize public transit much less, and tend to have much more free time to pursue outside interests and hobbies in much greater depth. So there isn't that engine of creativity to drive higher-production entertainment, and without an existing proof of market - people who get into the entertainment industry tend to have their own creativity stymied by being assigned to more prioritized projects which are safer bets on hundred million dollar gambles. The closest analogy in the western market that I can think of is the explosion of "reality media". People got so burned out on the same over-produced formulaic shit that Hollywood churned out for so long, they craved the authenticity of reality TV. Except reality TV wasn't authentic at all... it was still highly produced, just much cheaper. Even in shows which aren't entirely scripted, any actual organic moment would be clipped, touched up, edited, and re-shot for dramatic camera angles. When video streaming/Youtube hit the scene - it signaled the death of commercial television and cable. It largely satiated the public's desire for "authentic" human content in an increasingly dethatched world - but the kind of content being produced wasn't something that Hollywood could replicate. People weren't buying the fakeness, and it's hard to make an engaging series about criticizing 18th century philosophical texts, fat people falling over while dancing with light-sabers, and cats playing pianos. Now they're stuck largely playing reruns to older boomers, and farming out the last scraps of their glory days to over-seas markets with content that's gutted of meaningful dialogue in favor of the universal language of CGI EXPLOSIONS - BOOM, KAPOW PEWPEWPEW and snarky one liners. Games are one of the few western entertainment mediums which has been resistant to this largely because of the indie scene which similarly facilitates craft and allows for the free flow of creativity though it's still mostly just iterative shovelware that tries to make easy cash by mashing together components of other games which have proven to work TLDR: American entertainment media ignored craft niche entertainment in favor of high-risk gambles that kill creativity. It didn't transition well to a changing technology and media landscape.
>>83095 A demoralised shithole doesn't get undemoralised from people getting pissed, at least not immediately. You need to actually rouse people to your cause and that will in this case also include leading by example. Once you get people over the top of that hill, they will do most of the work for you, but until then you need to drag them all the way up there, usually without much meaningful help.
Pokemon Evolutions episode 3 https://youtu.be/i4TNqOlTY0M
>>82905 >Rei confirmed for best girl >Asuka fags BTFO The only thing more crazy than Qtards are normies that still watch HBO. Hotwheels firing a rifle is the most pathetic thing I've seen in a while.
>>83099 >normies
>>83100 Did I stutter?
>>82932 Sauce?
>>82977 It wont backfire. >>82969 They really hate the protests, especially since its more minorities than theyd like, so they cannot use force or lable them all white supremacists without blm, who is very vax sceptic going for the throat. Thus why the news is being very quiet on the protests. Also turd is a fascist. >>83033 If the leafs care wed stop subsidising corn and soy, and start being more competitive with our lumber. But you are correct, this is all to implement a police state. >>83066 And lo and behold, more money laundering. Create problem, sell solution, be hero despite creating problem. The old adolf hitler playbook, the commies studied it well.
>>83101 Yeah, you did >>>/cuckchan/
>>83103 >The old adolf hitler playbook How the fuck did Hitler "create a problem"? Germany was already fucked with problems before he got into office. After World War 1, Germany was forced to the pay expensive post-war reparations and many germans became poor and desperate. And the Weimar Republic wasn't helping at all. Instead, it turned Germany into a sick shangri-la of degeneracy. Hitler was elected to fix these existing problems. Sent to fix the financial crisis and stop the degeneracy. He did not create them.
(4.78 MB 2651x1574 ClipboardImage.png)

Get up GaymerGays
(58.56 KB 208x257 BONJOUR.PNG)

>>83106 It is up.
>>83106 Post freya or sexy /fit/ girls, then I'll be up.
(3.11 MB 1727x2889 PookieFreya_a.png)

(563.38 KB 1080x1615 Baki.jpg)

>>82534 Good. Hopefully, lots of e-beggars lose everything and commit suicide.
>>82540 >one guy got 2 cents in an entire month, which is effectively a slap in the face >Hasan gets over $210k in the same amount of time It is easy to deceive leftards and take their money. Or make them work for free as slaves.
>>82536 >payout reports from 2019 until now So that list I saw is only ~3 years worth of revenue for these cuckolds? Really?
>>83113 Hey it's entertainment. Why the fuck do you think (((certain people))) are drawn to it so much? You don't have to work at all and you get paid droves of money. The single most kosher profession in existence right after money-lending.
>>83112 One thing to note is that I messed up in relation to the number of zeroes, he made 2.1 million and not 210k. The other guy on the other hand still made only two cents.
>>83109 Never post an .apng again. That cursed format can rot in hell.
(1.25 MB 2025x3159 Lap Rest.webp)

>>83114 Also past a certain viewer count you don't even need to entertain them, the chat simply entertains itself by itself and the streamer is just there in the background while they keep sending money for no reason other than to hear a robotic voice say words.
(562.45 KB 847x1200 002_2020_10_01.jpg)

>>82738 How can you say that with a straight face on a thread with half the image being posted having to do with big tiddied babes >>82701 Socialism is inherently antisemitic, as the existence of ANY group that isn't part of their own group is seen as dangerous to their existence, look up what the Soviets did to the Cossacks
>>83119 Then why are said socialist important every kind of person in the world into the US?
Why exactly should someone be justified to convince others to do the "right" thing if it doesn't affect them at all?
>>83121 Socialism, you are being selfish by requiring others be productive members of society so society still functions.
>>83120 I'm assuming you meant "importing" Because it boosts their numbers, obviously. It's not called COMunist INTERNational for nothing. We've been having this argument for like ten threads and counting now, but the mods keep deleting it so we have to go over this over and over again. Soviet MO was to simply relocate as many people as possible to destroy local communities and any sense of "belonging". Also, I'd like to point out that the US is by its sheer size and wealth incapable of stopping migration barring extreme measures. Whenever you hear X migrants crossing into the US, remember that at least tenfold aren't even documented but a good part of them gets relocated to their own countries or sometimes just dies on the way here, like with the Mexican border.
(34.09 KB 974x171 ClipboardImage.png)

(31.03 KB 892x178 ClipboardImage.png)

All these doggy dog years of video game politics and white males keep getting away with it. https://archive.ph/2i5i5 https://archive.ph/pUWrh
>>83123 >I'm assuming you meant "importing" Yeah, my bad. >the rest So what should whites (and East Asians?) do at this point?
>>83124 >they still get paid for doing nothing of value >still complain da whyat man is keepin dem down dey need mo money fo mo programs
>>83040 Québec is just as fucking pozzed as Ontario.
>>83124 >Gaming is enjoyed by mostly white males, therefore, many streamers are white males >The Twitch audience is mostly gamers, therefore they come to see people playing games >They complain that the overwhelming majority of male streamers who play games get more revenue from the people who are here for games than women doing softcore porn on camera when porn exists Stupid e-whores
>>83128 I'm glad you're so virtuous. You must be a good person advertising your virtue like that.
(67.12 KB 500x634 We wuz buffalo n' sheit.jpg)