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(188.64 KB 460x460 zbarwm29ux071.png)

Gigachad 09/11/2021 (Sat) 02:56:38 No. 2
Let's try this again. What anime are you watching?
>>2 The saga of tanya the evil Trigun And gundam wing
>>3 Trigun is good.
>>4 The first couple episodes kinda suck. I had forgotten that.
(90.33 KB 1200x533 SoManyMemes.jpg)

>>4 I don't think I've seen more than the first few episodes. Looks like it could become interesting. I've seen the first two episodes of season one of Uma Masume (sp?) Pretty-Derby. I can't tell the characters apart yet but horses are cool.

(468.40 KB 1280x1104 GOA.png)

>>2 ATTACK ON TITAN The ending was good and Isayama did nothing wrong. I'm looking forward to season 4 part 2.
(385.91 KB 1144x720 download.jpeg)

Funnily enough, I'm actually watching Haruhi Suzumiya.
(34.71 KB 500x375 READNIGGERREADjpg.jpg)

>>2 Im actually reading. Fight club as part of /lit/'s monthly book club. It's pretty good anons.
(344.19 KB 800x1129 89887564_p2.jpg)

gou & sotsu
Watching: Fafner of Clear Skys Getter Arc Fruits Basket (2001) KLK FLCL Kotetsu Jeeg Reading: Index LN and Railgun manga Mushoku Tensei LN One Piece
I'm watching initial D
>>37 Is it good? I've had it on my "plan to watch" list for years.
Seasonal: >Higurashi >Kobayashi >Edens Zero >Jahy-sama >Magia Record >Boku no Pico Academia 5 Also >Texhnolyze Manga reading weekly: >One Piece >The Elusive Samurai >Witch Watch >Ayakashi Triangle >Black Clover >Candy Flurry >Maguchan >Neru: Way of the Martial Artist >The Hunters Guild: Red Hood >Fire Brigade Manga reading as new volumes are released: >Witch Hat Atelier >Ancient Magus Bride >Girl From the Other Side >re-reading Soul Eater >re-reading Berserk >re-reading Sword of the Immortal
I was watching Jujutsu Kaisen but dropped it like half way. Didn't really get into it.
>>51 Me too. It was pretty boring desu.

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