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(231.80 KB 870x886 giantess vivian.png)
AdmiralAbnormal 12/17/2014 (Wed) 23:12:50 No. 3 [Reply]
Welcome to what will likely be one of the slowest boards on the site.

If you have any questions about what can be posted here, go ahead and ask in this thread.
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Don't know if this is the best place to ask, but I'm desperate. There was a site I found a long time ago (few months) that had a list of most all instances of giant babies/toddlers in cartoons. The most info I can recall about it is it was like a blog site, with a bunch of links near the bottom of the page, with symbols or text color-coded from green (SFW) to red (NSFW) and yellows and oranges in between. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
>>1310 That sounds like Macrosonic's site to me, specifically the "where are these GTS" part of it, for the anime and cartoon section. https://www.acgts.gdn/where/index.html Hope that's it and it helps, sorry it came so late.
>>1514 That's the one, thank you so much! Sorry for the late reply myself! If you don't mind me tickling your knowledge one more time, have you heard of a site dedicated to giant kids, run by someone named Sarah Emef? If so, and if it's still valid, do you know how to access it?

(902.79 KB 1191x670 ClipboardImage.png)
Sorenzer0-Snuff Anonymous 03/08/2018 (Thu) 23:56:56 No. 1453 [Reply]

Giantess Trinity Anonymous 06/05/2018 (Tue) 16:57:33 No. 1523 [Reply]
So recently Giantess Trinity on deviantart had deleted her account, but before she did she said she'd be remaking it. I was wondering if anyone here knew about the new one, or had a link to the new one

(783.60 KB 1632x1248 old art.png)
(3.46 MB 2884x3392 old art left vs new art right.png)
(995.01 KB 816x1306 old art 2.png)
(1.03 MB 816x1344 new art 2.png)
uru new """"""improved"""""" art Anonymous 07/03/2018 (Tue) 15:06:58 No. 1609 [Reply]
(339.88 KB 1632x1248 new art.jpg)
>>1609 Forgot to upload this one like.
>improved kek

Anonymous 06/29/2018 (Fri) 19:02:52 No. 1558 [Reply]
Crush thread anyone?
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(100.89 KB 850x1192 174065.jpg)
(730.05 KB 2000x2500 181312.jpg)
(689.85 KB 2000x2500 182331.jpg)
(2.16 MB 990x3080 183165.jpg)
(615.99 KB 984x1402 175450.jpg)
(835.14 KB 1000x1500 174789.jpg)
(56.33 KB 600x720 103865.jpg)
(85.80 KB 816x979 168922.png)
(1.37 MB 1280x1920 168791.png)
(44.50 KB 800x1066 172801.jpg)
(99.00 KB 744x1052 181069.jpg)
(435.98 KB 300x225 181858.gif)
(1.14 MB 2959x4125 182026.jpg)

Giantess Fantasy/Fetish Anonymous 05/06/2018 (Sun) 21:40:00 No. 1495 [Reply]
When I was a teen, I had a fantasy/fetish about a really tall somewhat plump lady with big round ass and huge tits tossing me around. I dreamed she would talk dirty to me while holding me down and undressing me. Then she'd blow me until I got rock hard. She'd ride me while slapping me and smothering me with her giant tits. Then she would flip around and bury my entire face inside her pussy and suck my dick until she cum so forcefully that is pushed my head out of her. Then she'd make me ride her doggie style until she got bored. Then she would toss me around and finish us both off while using me like a sex doll toy.

(1.19 MB 854x480 34056d.webm)
(1.76 MB 854x480 zgr4ys.webm)
(1.47 MB 854x480 x7rkh7.webm)
(1.37 MB 854x480 egzpmr.webm)
Valkyrie Drive Mermaid Tiny 11/09/2015 (Mon) 22:11:06 No. 580 [Reply]
Courtesy of some kind anon from /d/
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(990.07 KB 1440x1534 1447098720061.jpg)
(981.43 KB 1440x1813 1447098640852.jpg)
(1.18 MB 2010x1443 1447099048942.jpg)
(8.39 MB 854x480 143laa.webm)
(9.89 MB 854x480 gzldqp.webm)

(41.04 KB 900x356 281401-47437-preview.jpg)
Post-Vore Weight Gain Thread Anonymous 04/17/2018 (Tue) 08:44:21 No. 1475 [Reply]
Im a sucker when it comes to chubby preds, post anything and everything you got related to preds gaining weight after digesting thier meal It can be female or male preds idc, i just need that pudge on pred action

(218.73 KB 800x600 57.jpg)
(387.91 KB 850x1133 60.jpg)
(117.77 KB 835x957 elma_2_by_zero6vi-dbli4qn[1].png)
Collage thread Anonymous 12/01/2017 (Fri) 06:45:35 No. 1363 [Reply]
There's actually some good collagers out there for 2D at least. I dunno if there's any for 3D but you could post it here I guess though it might be worth its own thread or something Post whatcha got. Who are your favorite collagers? I think Zero6Vi is pretty slick and is improving pretty darn fast. Haloichigo is solid as well though his are a bit more obvious that he's using shit from images (they're pretty well-known and whatnot) I dunno if Trayx is still alive but I remember him being pretty okay.
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(1.96 MB 1500x1199 1470013968121.png)
>>1383 >>1404 Nice. post more loli
(528.36 KB 1464x2048 stocking entrapment.jpg)

(553.71 KB 1600x1200 177771.jpg)
(742.74 KB 1200x1600 177939.jpg)
(716.22 KB 768x1280 190314.jpg)
(127.77 KB 750x1000 154249.jpg)
(210.96 KB 1000x1376 88691.jpg)
(36.98 KB 544x416 Yakisoba vore (SHG).jpg)
(1.40 MB 1024x1472 01.png)
Where's the beef?!

Good Old Crush Thread Anonymous 02/01/2018 (Thu) 22:15:05 No. 1432 [Reply]
Dump your crush pics, prefferably with feet and blood ;)
(153.31 KB 900x1351 Ibu crush.jpg)
I don't have much sadly
(851.22 KB 2241x3127 190673.jpg)
(2.64 MB 1525x1273 colored hakuto elf comic page.png)
(28.75 KB 800x600 108133.jpg)
(1.04 MB 1000x1399 127040.jpg)
(842.48 KB 1191x842 168760.jpg)
(336.80 KB 1913x2475 1441562263580.jpg)

Lichking82000 picture thread Tiny 03/10/2016 (Thu) 03:46:05 No. 646 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to the Lichking82000 picture thread and this is where you will be posting Lichking82000 giantess pics. Only a few pictures of this artist can still be found on the internet, so that's why I came up with the idea of this thread. Please feel free to add any Lichking82000 giantess pics, if you dare.
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The Main Attraction 7
The Main Attraction 8
This guy is still around. He just goes by a name that's all. His new name on deviantart is DrSGrowth.

(189.25 KB 1532x786 janegiantmasseuse7915.wmv.jpg)
Anyone have Toejac, Tywest or other big doll giantess videos? Samzino 12/01/2017 (Fri) 19:18:27 No. 1375 [Reply]
Anyone have toejac video colection with them stomping dolls barefoot or rubbing thier feet on them? Im looking for a collection to trade for some videos. Preferibly the size of these dolls and these videos: https://imgur.com/a/T5NUL I'll be soon filling this thread with my own collelction.

(224.98 KB 600x800 18239178_p0.jpg)
(357.05 KB 1000x1000 18239280_p0.jpg)
(132.92 KB 1062x1500 19158614_p0.jpg)
Onara Thread Anonymous 11/26/2017 (Sun) 14:00:51 No. 1354 [Reply]
Post giantess' farts here, scat must be spoilered.
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(4.00 MB 1280x8246 gts1.jpg)
Giantess "Colossal CYOA" Brit 05/19/2017 (Fri) 20:36:40 No. 822 [Reply]
A thread where I will be regularly posting a story I'm writing using the Colossal CYOA. I'm going to write what I want, but if people get interested and want to help choose our hero's path, that would be great! Any comments, or suggestions on improving would be greatly appreciated. Without further ado: I’ll be honest, when I figured out what had happened a year ago, I was a little bit excited. When the rift tore open above the Alps, permanently disfiguring them for all of history and tearing the ruined mountains from their foundations; we were all scared. Terrified in fact. Was it the end of the world? Alien invaders? Rapture? Days rolled on and all was quiet. Soon armies and scientist descended upon the rift and began studying it. Turns out it was Aliens. Well, when I say aliens I mean creatures from another dimension. So, this rift was a portal to a parallel world much like earth, but where magic is commonplace. The natives of this world are gigantic humans called Colossals. In addition to their sheer size and strength, most of them seem to have supernatural powers or were in possession of magical artefacts. Of course, as soon as we made contact and found out the nature of these beings, the world leaders immediately thought the worst. Realising the new threat, they dropped all previous notions and prejudices as Earth needed to work together. Any one nation that tried to sway anything in their specific favour were soon brought into line by those who could see the clear and present danger. We as a species came together to fight for our very survival. Surprisingly it was a very short lived “All for one!” as we were informed that not only were the Colossals peaceful, but were actively willing to trade with us in exchange for their ability to come to planet Earth. The nations divided again, each offering the Colossals land to settle on and citizenship in exchange for Trading Rights with the Colossals home world Metra. Those with the greatest number of guests received greater economic benefits. There were some teething problems as the larger, more dangerous Colossals took to this new world with reckless abandon.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>1075 Less RIP, more than due to delay in response I ended up rewriting/ tweaking it. If you got a better way of sharing up to date versions let me know rather than me just reposting whatever I’ve done. And whilst yes, I fully agree with the above choices, you can't merely pick your girl without taking responsibilities. What items would you choose for your adventure/life with your wards?
Im going with Tyanor, he seems like hed be my bro, as his moderator, id give him everything he needs and do everything he can't, in exchange, he'd be my friend and give me one entertaining show. Together, we'd create an unstoppable alliance of giants and humans spanning across the two realms, where the giants are worshipped and served like gods, and which has a social darwinist ideology which values merit and power above all else. Anyone who stands in our way, human, giant, or otherwise, shall be removed by any means necassary (prisoners have more utility than corpses, so casualties will be minimized, and more glory shall be given to those that take the enemy alive and well than those who simply slay them).


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