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Requests thread #1 Anonymous 09/13/2017 (Wed) 06:37:08 No. 1268
Here's a requests thread for any anons who are looking any specific giantess/size-themed work or creation, be it video, doujin, video game or whatever. There's a lot of threads created here only requesting a single work. If you'd like to make a request thread for a group of works or a type of work (like a certain type of video or whatever like buttcrush videos as an example) feel free to make that thread. I'll transfer over the requests that have been made in these other threads and delete them.
Anyone here a patreon of Jessica Davenport, she makes awesome giantess vids. https://www.patreon.com/jessicadavenport
>>1268 Does anyone have the new FantasM?
Anybody got a writing.com premium account I can use? There are some giantess stories I want to see but it gets hella annoying when every once in a time that stupid ad pops up
I was wondering if somebody could make a giantess gogo from big hero 6 with a micro wasabi stuck on the fibers of her shorts
How about a giantess of raven unaware that a speck size beast boy is on her lips
Can somebody share a bus full of pleasure with Katelyn Brooks?
Sex feet & fun parts 2 and 3 from python ladies Or any other videos of giantess ailani
https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/34631/21034035/Witch+of+the+Woods This video is relatively new, but does anyone have it? I'm willing to trade if I have the right video.
Is there a place to find American Giantess or Xxxtreme Giantess vids? (There are a few on pornhub)
FantasM v0.14 is out and I cant find it anywhere either
Seriously, does someone have download links to chapters 1-9. Chapter 10 also was released recently. I don't think i can access Anon since the connection constantly times out. Anyone who has copies of these chapters, please come forward and share them please. qand als share chapter 10 with us too.
>>2279 if you use a tor browser you should be able to access chapters 1-5
No.2311, What about Chapters 6-10. when will those get posted?
>>2311 When will Chapters 6-10 be posted though?
>>2311 still waiting on that you know
lol spamming won't make it faster I honestly don't know For whatever reason Skinwalkers is very rare online It may be a long time to never Did you get 1-5? If not I can anonfile them
>>2316 yes i did. waiting on the others
>>2317 sweet, glad to hear you got them! :D I don't know about the others though, I don't have them They're not online and anyone that has them isn't sharing so now we begin the waiting game
(488.00 KB 720x1113 micro.jpg)
>>2215 Anyone manage to get this? its been a few months since it was released and im hoping someone has it.
lodain has deleted all illustrations of miria. Has anyone got an illustration of his miria? https://www.deviantart.com/iodain https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=6501950
>>2431 The fuck? Why would he delete all artwork of only a single character?
>>2433 I have not confirmed the other characters, but I have confirmed that at least all illustrations related to miria have been deleted. If you have someone who has his miria's giantess illustration, you can save as much as you can upload it.
One item came out on Twitter, but trying to find something somehow does not come out with the search function of Twitter.
Man, anyone know of any art or videos of a giantess futa trapping a tiny in her foreskin and while she cums pinches off the foreskin trapping all the cum in with the tiny Cause like I think that would be hot af but I can’t find anything like it and I don’t want to have to put money down for a commission let alone find someone who’ll do it
Fucking hell I just found a bunch of antatheka/worldofpov videos uploaded in early 2019 and of course all the links are dead. Anyone have that shit?
Anyone have the Sapporo GTS commercials? There were three, all of them had a salaryman come home to his giantess wife, share a drink, and then lie down with her. I think it was on the YT channel that had Oyayubihime (along with a lot of gts commercials), but it seems to have disappeared.
>>2515 Found one, will look out for the others https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x445j0y
>>2268 Seconding this
Anyone have any VR 360 images? I don't care if they are 3DPD or even Blender. You really get a good feel of size when viewing them.
Does anyone have the old giantess katelyn greenscreen stock? cant find it since captainrandgts closed his DA account https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eThdf28njGg
Anyone got recommendations on some cute giantess content? Don't mind if they're videos or comics or manga. Also don't mind if they're 3DPD.
Does anyone have chapters 16-22 of Entrecoxas' Skinwalker saga? I really want to see them

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