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Little Snatcher - Kanahebi Thread Anonymous 12/16/2018 (Sun) 17:13:47 No. 1816
https://mega.nz/#!PwtHGYzT!wOw0iyHOnKMDFIj5c_FXK2kggxUkOi8kJYgh2HQMwvE Here's the latest translated version of Little Snatcher, enjoy, faggots.
>>1816 Thanks. Can anyone make an updated folder will all the current images so far
(808.31 KB 1466x2374 new.jpg)
(326.71 KB 889x1191 pain.jpg)
>Kanahebi just implied that Little Snatcher may not get any new updates, ever, and suggested to the most impatient to basically consider it as over >Kanahebi once said that the new casino update (who never released) was meant to be halfway through the game
>>2489 As long as he's making art based on the setting he's still thinking about it so I'm hoping he'll return eventually.
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