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(149.14 KB 605x350 zeJJ0BB[1].png)
(186.83 KB 483x350 dqqzx7Z[1].png)
Banners thread Tiny 08/09/2020 (Sun) 19:18:30 No. 2734
Since apparently the only limit that I'm aware of is filesize (no BS resolution limits like 300 x 100) being less than 400 KB, which is a bit small but w/e We can have a lot of ideas. I've already added 2, but feel free to add or suggest whatever you want. Unfortunately my old 8chan banners disappeared with 8kunt's updates which is a shame since i really liked them a lot, but feel free to make or suggest some with pics or gifs or whatever you can think of! Funny, lewd, cute, anything is fine here as long as its preferably /size/-related.
>>2734 >605x350 >483x350 Those are some banner sizes worthy of /gts/
>>2735 You either go big or go home imo anon
(288.07 KB 1251x812 nipple crater.jpg)
A classic. Don't know where to put the logo though
(466.13 KB 800x600 ezgif-1-abd25b735a65[1].png)
>>2737 Good one anon. Done, I think this is okay?
>>2738 Looks good
(371.73 KB 864x1068 _68199278_p0_864x1068.jpg)
>>2739 just in case you didn't notice, its a banner now
(362.65 KB 640x480 8chbanner.png)
Got another banner for ya.
>>2741 Nice, will add it when I get back
(709.97 KB 1060x450 ClipboardImage.png)
(707.49 KB 1060x450 ClipboardImage.png)
>>248 woops, messed up
(387.42 KB 1398x530 never escape.jpg)
>>2734 here is one. better quality version of one from the old 8chan. from little me big she. you are truly here forever
(1.35 MB 1398x530 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2807 Based, can't believe someone remembered one of the old banners thank ya anon. How's this? Or should it be in a different location or some other change?
>>2734 niggers

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