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Help Create /gts/'s Board-Tan/Mascot ##pd0aPi 10/24/2020 (Sat) 14:57:46 No. 2795
BO here (saying this in case I fuck up the capcode), as some of you might've noticed yesterday it was 8chan's 7th birthday and we still don't have a mascot we can include in group illustrations and shit like that, or just OC in general. I want your suggestions for a board-tan or mascot, its high-time we finally put one together. It'll be hell deciding on anything and we won't use shitty systems like voting (which can be fucked in too many ways) to determine it. Like for example, one possible idea I had, was in the spirit of freedom that we make our board-tan a loli. Of course there are plenty of arguments for other types of girls from imoutos to ara ara's to onee-sans to college girls and christmas cakes, but let's try to nail the basics. However that doesn't mean the basics are all that can be discussed, if you have cool ideas for accessories or outfits, especially with pictures, feel free to post them. Like garter belts, fingerless gloves, long/short boots and socks, one-piece swimsuits, bracelets, clothing made out of tinies (but this might be awkward-looking unless its not overdone like a bracelet or necklace or some kind of tiny jewelry) Basically let's put something together people. Alternatively we could also just take a cool, already existing /size/ character and put an 8chan spin on her like giving her some accessories (like an 8chan hair ribbon) or something like that like Mount Lady or Diane for example, but that would feel a little cheap in my opinion. Definitely don't be afraid to post characters you think might work as a good foundation though imo, lots of potential here.
And if you have any big straight up suggestions (like if you thought up pretty much the entire mascot somehow) feel free to post it here.
I'd argue against a loli not so much because of the legal gray area as because it's what pretty much every board's been doing the last few years when they bothered to make a mascot. Variety is the spice of life, and adding yet another little girl, even a giant one, would be boring imo. Furthermore, here's a possibly controversial idea: why not make her a minigiant? We'd still be talking 2-3 times the size of a regular person, well beyond Amazonian, but she wouldn't be using skyscrapers as sitting benches. The reason's pretty simple: smaller size disparity would make it easier for her to interact with other board-tans, hence more chance of being featured in interboard OC. You could even tie a lore element to it: /gts/-tan is a small giant because /gts/ is a small board, so if people keep posting and make the board grow bigger, so will she. I understand that "how big" will probably be one of the (heh) biggest talking points, so I expect there to be lots of discussion on that. For now I've just thrown in my two cents, and hopefully it can get the ball rolling. As for looks or personality, I got nothing.
>>2797 >mini-giant Yeah, have to consider logistics for the group illustrations and shit, I understand >every board's been doing the last few years when they bothered to make a mascot Have they really? I can't think of many mascots like that. Even if it would be funny if just her feet, shoes, or face were the only part of her that could really fit into the pic Its an interesting idea though, at the very least for group illustrations I think it could work, though for OC personally I'd hope that people would make her as a proper giant or with tinies.
I am also against lolis, not because of a "legal gray area" but because lolis are fucking pleb-tier trash and a cancer plaguing the size community. There was one anon making a giantess fighting game, maybe he should volunteer his characters to the cause.
(351.35 KB 900x900 034.png)
Sounds fun. Let me pitch you an idea Japanese girl/miko dressed in traditional yukata and geta (japanese wooden sandals). To emphasize her size, I would suggest we usually see only her bare feet in wooden geta sandals (so she keeps stepping on the board-kun, getit * wink wink nudge nudge *). Board-kun is semi-sentient, but can't really talk in sentences. Board-kun gets really aroused by being stepped on or used in all lewd matter (we're not all about foot fetish after all), which makes him all flustered and sweaty. She works at the shrink shrine filled with tinies - so we have access to all unaware scenarios, and also divine magic, that keeps her in the current size (without divine protection of the shrine, she's cursed to grow indefinitely - for mega and giga scenarios). She has bell charms strapped to her sandals, so tines can hear she's approaching and don't get squished (to show her gentle side). She wraps her ankle with leather cord, so tinies can climb her feet, grab the cord and travel with her ( or she can use it to tie tinies to her leg and wear as accessories)
>>2795 I suggest A mini gts with growth powers. Torn big fabric clothing for a 50ft woman vibe. Partially torn strecthed out bra underwear visible to indicate growth. Barefoot. Long messy hair. Thick hips/butt.
(321.46 KB 2048x1376 mtlady-citylaugh.jpg)
Alright. I have a small proposal. She shouldn't just be a normal human who happens to be big. I think the /gts/ board-tan should actually be two characters:: >A superhero girl with a variety of superpowers, one of which includes changing her size (among a handful of other typical superpowers like heat vision, flight, energy blasts, etc). Her duty is to fight evil monsters but she is a klutz who constantly squishes buildings with her giant tits and ass. Wears a single-piece bikini leotard sort of like Ms. Marvel's classic design, or Kamen America. >A monster kaiju girl who considers herself the queen of the earth, and has typical kaiju powers like atomic breath, wings for flight, and the ability to create earthquakes with her butt. She devours humans and can change her size as well depending on how many she eats and there is no limit to how many calories she can consume. Wears a two-piece bikini similar to the Venus bikini from Dead or Alive. Comics can be done about these two girls fighting each other and maybe the Kaiju girl wants to have sex with Superhero girl. Their struggles constantly drive a narrative but they never actually succeed in killing each other and most of their adventures together are slapstick and erotic in nature.
(10.53 KB 445x338 MLB-NLW-SF-Uniforms.png)
So she can show up in collections with other boardtans, how about an adult woman wearing a San Francisco Giants uniform? Maybe with a mini-man sub-mascot to express the difference in sizes, except she's a normal size woman and he's 8in tall? Not sure what he'd be wearing, though.
>>2803 That's dumb. Maybe as a one-off joke she could wear that uniform but not as her default clothing. It should say "giantesses". Also >Fagbridge town
(240.10 KB 193x482 Giganta.png)
(111.45 KB 251x495 Jugga.png)
>>2795 The /gts/ board-tan should wear some kind of animal print clothing since it's a staple of all giantess related media. I was thinking maybe a cheetah print skirt or snow leopard print panties. As for personality, she's a well meaning girl who just tries to go about her day without qualms and doesn't intentionally harm people with her size, but isn't surprised when she unintentionally does. She's typically blissfully unaware of the goings on of the tinies around her. I was thinking of calling her Giana, since it almost sounds like giant. >>2802 I'm down for multiple tans, /fast/ has a couple. >>2803 Just make the micro an anon. He'll sit on her hat or something.
(2.52 MB 1242x1547 thatMilchi.jpg)
>>2799 GigaDev here. You guys absolutely have my blessing if you want the GigaMaidens to be board-tans. Take your pick or pick all of them. http://imgur.com/a/EakZC >>2805 I got one girl like that who happens to be my favorite. Heres art I havent shared of her before.
(184.94 KB 1200x1550 1603652455570[1].jpg)
(351.10 KB 1280x1851 61605427_p1[1].jpg)
(2.27 MB 8060x4060 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>2800 Sounds cute but I worry the idea is a bit too clean and modest, we are a lewd/NSFW fetish board after all, and I'd want our OC to get some actual artwork, and doing that requires some sex appeal or cuteness. Some level of popularity would be nice so people would be willing to draw our OC. I'm not sure if you're aware of Amane (I think that was her name), the -tan for Torrential Downpour, it was a niche thing admittedly, but the sheer lack of artwork for her and the fact that she was basically forgotten about is kind of a shame, and your idea reminds me of her's, even though I like it. Its a good character to be sure and certainly plenty workable for some fun size scenarios, but I'm not sure how well it would work out for a board mascot who we would want to have some OC/drawings done at some point in the future, and to draw people in. Maybe it might work better if her outfit was made a bit less... traditional and more sexy or something that would reach out and grab people in some way, but its hard to say. A miko/shrine maiden idea in general sounds fun though. I have a preference for the red hakama and tabi socks myself. >>2801 A lot of the time simpler is usually better for these kinds of things (even if I often might have a preference towards the flashy/maybe overdesigned stuffs myself) so that's not a bad idea to keep in mind. >>2802 I wouldn't mind multiple board-tans (personally I was even thinking of the possibility of our board-tan having a family of sorts as a potential idea but I digress) but let's be careful .about bloating things too much to start with 2 characters like the ones you described might work. Superheroes are pretty iconic and recognizable, appropriately flashy and attention-grabbing too. >Kamen America Pretty nice outfit choice as well from what I'm seeing. >Kaiju girl who considers herself the queen of the earth Sounds cute. >erotic/destructive slapstick bretty cool. >>2803 This feels like a /sp/ shitpost. Softball uniforms can be hot at times but it'd be too easily confusing to people and shit imo. >>2806 Certainly worth considering at least, some of these are bretty cool. Thanks gigadev. >>2805 Animal print clothing is a fun and sexy idea. It almost makes me think of oni girls like bakugeki's, which are bretty fun. Idea is okay too.
How about a female Paul Bunyan? Not the loli from FGO, but something like this minus the gay.
>>2809 In my opinion lewd is more impactful, when you corrupt an "innocent" character. Unaware is better, if she didn't mean it, cruel is better if you know it's not how she "normally" acts and artist just "mindcontrolled" her to do it. Drawing her in a microbikini is lewder if you know she's not normally dressing that way. And it leaves a space for people who like gentle, wholesome and handholding. If she was a promiscuous whore that's always naked and in heat from the beginning, there's not much left to explore, no taboo to break. But yeah, it's all up to what people would find inspiring to draw.
>>2818 You're not wrong but that idea requires some investment and if there's not enough allure to draw people in to invest in such a narrative in the first place, the amount of content just stays at 0 even if the character is good. Too much modesty and clean-ness just makes most people skip over it entirely unless you catch the eye of someone who's especially into that sort of thing but that's pretty much a luck of the draw type thing. Alternatively another solution could be her having a partner/sibling/rival of sorts or something, someone to pair with that could lead to potentially interesting situations with her without requiring as much investment as a result (well, minus the initial character creation troubles of course... which is what we're doing here, shit.) Probably someone more promiscuous/playful and maybe teasing her all the time to be less modest, but that's just a random thought. >>2817 kinda hard to imagine a 100% gay image as a straight one anon, but I suppose I might see what you're saying if you're referring to the personality displayed in the comic.
(344.91 KB 1280x1810 010[1].jpg)
(301.27 KB 1280x1810 011[1].jpg)
What about a thick, wide-hipped, fat-assed muscle girl a la Amazon from Dragon's Crown or Raijin from Muramasa?
>>2817 I don't much care for the gay overtones, but I do like the idea of a cute lumberjane. The kind who rips sequoias and grandfather oaks out of the ground with her bare hands like some regular girls might pick flowers. Maybe even somehow weaves them into a flower crown to wear in her hair.

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