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Organizing your pronz Anonymous 04/04/2021 (Sun) 21:33:58 No. 1750
My porn/hentai folders are a complete mess, with single folders acting as a container for thousands of different files and separations that don't improve anything. How do other horny anons sort their junk in a reasonable way that lets them find things with ease?
>>1750 Making several subfolders each with each having specific fetishes labelled. For example I added a trap subfolder under a futanari subfolder. You could also make a subfolder listing certain fetishes' drawn primarily by an artist within the folder as well but that's on you though.
One junk folder for random images that i browse if i want one and a different folder for each doujin or vague artist collections. I only save what i like so there's no need to really restrict what i end up looking at. If i really need to label anything i'll change it's file name but otherwise they have whatever shows up when i save them.
>>1752 I have been using subfolders for different characters/franchises, plus two general folders for "sfw" and "lewd" content of characters that don't have their own folders. The problem is that these folders grew out of control due to my extremely vague definition of "SFW" that sometimes includes casual nudity and sometimes doesn't, and now I have 6000 files that I don't know where to put. I should have asked instead how you separate safe from unsafe and lewd from non-lewd. Anyways, post your folder structures.
>>1752 >I added a trap subfolder under a futanari subfolder That's just wrong. Traps and futas are completely different beings.
From what I understand that hydra program seems to be the way to go about it, but I've been too lazy to learn how to configure it.
>>1750 >find things with ease? Not going to happen, only what should be aimed for. I have a folder for almost all my porn. Within it I have three major categories. Images, gifs, and webms/mp4s. Things are then subcategorized based on fetishes and sometimes larger categories are made for things like videogame related hentai. Many exceptions are made when I think the importance of on category should trump another. You should pick broad categories to start with that have easily discernible traits to determine what does and does not fit into the category, then begin sorting those major broad categories. Repeat this with every subfolder you make until you end up with folders that have them sorted to your standards. Most of my porn is haphazard at the moment, but some is organized, so as an example, I'll take my Super Crown folders, dedicated to everything I liked from the Super Crown porn wave.The two main folders are located within the vidya game folder, with a third folder for /fur/ tier shit that is in a separate folder for furnigger shit, and fourth folder which is in a separate folder dedicated to loli. These two main folders are separated based on whether the Super Crown is used for Kuppahime, or for another character. I'll greentext the folder structure in a way that should be obviously understood. >Kuppahime 1086 Files >>Light skinned 941 Files >>>Solo 618 Files >>>>Non-explicit 520 Files >>>>>Wearing the usual dress 313 Files >>>>>>Ambiguously lewd 271 Files >>>>>>Lewd 25 Files >>>>>>Not lewd 17 Files >>>>>wearing the usual leotard 64 Files >>>>>Unclear as to whether the dress or leotard 72 Files >>>>>Alternative outfits 50 Files >>>>>Essentially naked 14 Files >>>>>Showing her fangs by pulling her mouth 4 Files >>>>>Miscellaneous 3 Files >>>>Explicit 46 Files >>>>Joke 31 Files >>>>Bikini or swimsuit 12 Files >>>>Mixed sets including both explicit and non-explicit images 9 Files >>>Featuring Mario 114 Files >>>>Mario is sexually involved 45 Files >>>>Mario is neutrally involved 44 Files >>>>Mario is tiny and practically non-present 25 Files >>>Featuring Peach 106 Files >>>>Peach is neutrally involved 21 Files >>>>Peach is reacting to Kuppahime 11 Files >>>>Yuri themes 74 Files >>>Featuring Peach & Mario 32 Files >>>Featuring a male 25 Files >>>Red hair 23 Files >>>Chibi 23 Files >>Dark skinned 98 Files >>Animated 22 Files >>Futanari 12 Files >>Miscellaneous 13 Files >Non-kuppahime 600 Files >>Princess Boo 192 Files >>>Sticking tongue out (but not lewdly) 81 Files >>>Miscellaneous 42 Files >>>Lewd 25 Files >>>Explicit 15 Files >>>Looking embarrassed 23 Files >>>Animations 6 Files >>Princess Chomp 46 Files >>Groups of multiple Super Crown users 140 Files >>>Boohime & Kupphime 76 Files >>>Mariohime & Kuppahime 8 Files >>>Unique pairs 7 Files >>>Trios 16 Files >>>Tetras (groups of 4) 6 Files >>>A menagerie of Super Crowns 12 Files >>>Paper Mario parody set 15 Files >>Characters from Mario 148 Files >>>Characters for which there is only one image 28 Files >>>Characters for which there are only two images 12 Files >>>Bullet Bill 15 Files >>>Super Crown used on the environment 15 Files >>>Peachette 9 Files >>>Pirahna Plant 8 Files >>>Miscellaneous 7 Files >>>Crown used on Crown 7 Files >>>Shy 7 Files >>>Smithy gang 5 Files >>>Thwomp 5 Files >>>Yoshi 5 Files >>>Lady Bow 4 Files >>>Vivian 4 Files >>>Dry Kuppahime 4 Files >>>Eel 4 Files >>>Fludd 3 Files >>>Geno 3 Files >>>Mario 3 Files >>Non-Mario characters 69 Files >>>Miscellaneous 46 Files >>>King K. Rool 9 Files >>>Ridley 8 Files >>>Sonic 6 Files >>Miscellaneous 5 Files >Loli 105 Files >>Bowser Jr 38 Files >>>Oppai loli Bowser Jr 5 Files >>Kuppahime 36 Files >>Misc 9 Files >>Boohime 5 Files >>Kirby 4 Files >>Futaloli 4 Files >>Goomba 3 Files >>Boohime & Koopahime 3 Files >>Lady Bow 3 Files >Princess Kemono 30 files I'm most dissatisfied with "Abiguously lewd", as 271 is still a high number. I think the highest a singe folder should have is 200, but I'd have to get really nitpicky about the traits in the image to cut it down anymore. Princess Boo and Princess Chomp were so common, that I gave them folders outside of the more general "Mario character" folder. Unless your doing mass image archival, you should set high standards of quality for any lewd subject matter that is very common, so that you can maintain an easily sortable and searchable amount. If one truly wants ease of finding though, a tagging system would be best, so that you can simply tag images as you save them with terms you're most likely to search, and folders can be more general and much larger without being truly disorganized. Is there an operating system that supports file tagging in this manner?
(208.94 KB 1280x826 Nokia ahegao.jpg)
Everyone should use an imagesorter to sniff out duplicates. I use ImageSorterV4 >>1756 >He doesn't know what SFW and NSFW are Anon, it's simple. Separate them first by what is and is not sexually explicit, featuring genitalia, anuses, or female nipples. Yes, partially see-through with clothing counts as explicit. Then separate the non-explicit images by whether they are lewd. Yes, lewdness is vague, which is why you should pick out only the most wholesome and non-suggestive images possible for the non-lewd folder. Only then should you worry about sorting the lewd folder by degrees of lewdness if that tickles your autism. Folders don't simply "grow out of control". Set a threshold, a certain cap for images allowed in a folder, and whenever a folder breaks this limit, sort into sub-folders based on clearly discernible traits.
>>1756 >my extremely vague definition of "SFW" that sometimes includes casual nudity That's more than simply vague anon, that's outright wrong unless you're talking about classical or ancient artwork. >that sometimes includes casual nudity Post it in the casual nudity thread faggot. I need my fix.
>>1758 I know, I just put them there cause laziness. Plus "thing with dick to fap too" is too damn broad.
>>1766 >X is too broad That's why you have subfolders, faggot.
>not letting Hitomi Downloader do al the work for you It literally sorts everything after downloading. Also Grabber or whatever its called for Booru stuff.
>>1768 Sorts how? Surely you don't mean the tags already attached to images on a booru? Tons of shit is horrible mistagged. To have meaningful tags for your own personal collection, they have to be self-tagged.
>>1769 You can tell Grabber to sort stuff into separate folders based on tags. It does take a while to learn how to use it.
(175.20 KB 948x520 Major edit.jpg)
>>1770 >Based on tags Sounds like it would only be useful for really broad folders, and you'd still have to comb over everything manually anyways to account for mistagging and quality. It also doesn't apply to things grabbed elsewhere. Boorus are often an ocean of shit, and I'd never just mass download images. I carefully curate my images, and sometimes just delete all the worst ones when a folder grows too large and can't reasonably be subdivided any further.
>>1771 That's true, I mostly use it solely for sorting by artist.
>>1772 I have a few folders dedicated to artists, but mainly I focus on content descriptors. I try to include artist name in the filename when convenient so searches just bring it up.
(739.31 KB 500x4548 Shota folders.jpg)
(39.13 KB 243x390 SM.jpeg)
This probably is the only organized thing in my PC and life. Every other form of content or fetish is put in unsorted folders. Two folders lack icons because they're recent. >>1759 Every time I look at Hydrus I imagine that setting up a local booru would be easier than understanding how that software works. >>1762 Man, and I thought I had too many folders. How do you deal with cases where a file fits in two o more categories? >Is there an operating system that supports file tagging in this manner? macOS and elementary OS have tag systems, but I have never used them.
(97.68 KB 1897x838 my d folder.png)
I have a doujin folder in my general smut folder and they're sorted alphabetically upon extraction. Non comic drawing material are stand alone in the general folder unless they're part of a set or something and I try to name/find the source of whatever I can save.
(854.85 KB 1764x824 ClipboardImage.png)
I just use hydrus. It's still a mess, but at least there's tags for a lot of the files.
>>1750 Series (Sex Act) So lets just say >Final Fantasy (Bondage) >Final Fantasy (Oral) >Final Fantasy (Solo Woman) >Final Fantasy (Vanilla) >Final Fantasy (Woman on top) and so on.
>>1783 >How do you deal with cases where a file fits in two o more categories? Point one out and I can tell you the logic behind category prioritization for that particular case. In most cases, it's because the exception category is something "rarer". Take red hair Kuppahime for example. Many images in that folder qualify for other categories, but the red hair is a rare enough easily identifiable trait that it deserves it's own category
>>1752 >trap subfolder under a futanari subfolder. How should organize the shota / yaoi and yuri folder? name it the degenerate folder? I don't have many fetishes Sometimes I regret having that folder.
>>1823 Make a Gay subfolder and put Yaoi and Yuri under it. Put Shota under the Yaoi subfolder if there's enough boy/boy love images in it and separate the anything straight in an /ss/ subfolder.
>>1823 >How should organize the shota / yaoi and yuri folder? |- Straight porn |- straight shota |- subsests of straight shota (x loli, x MILF, group sex, etc) in separate folders |- other subsets of straight porn |- Gay porn |- Yuri |- subsets of yuri (adult x adult, adult x loli, loli x loli) in separate folders |- Yaoi |- gay shota |- subsets of gay shota (x shota, x adult, furry, etc) in separate folders |- other subsets of yaoi (traps, bara, twinks, etc) in separate folders Depending on how much bisexual porn you can either make a whole folder for it or have subfolders inside of the yuri and yaoi folders.
It's simple. Don't. Why waste time on sorting old things when there's quality new things being produced at a faster rate than you could ever consume them.
How many terabytes of porn do you guys have? I was just going through deleting a couple 100gbs of javs I know I wasn't going to jerk off to again and I didn't need a complicated folder system to find what was where. Whats the point of even downloading so much porn?
>>1872 >What's the point of downloading art?
>>1874 >Why download art I know... I was there... But is it really all art, is it really all worth keeping? Archeologists destroy more than they keep and their whole job is to keep what they can. How many slightly different pots do you need to know what pots were possible for these ancient people? 'All of them? I suppose if you have the space for it... but you don't download tons of hentai because it won't be preserved.
>>1872 >How many terabytes of porn do you guys have? No more than 7GB (it's hard to tell the exact size because I have everything distributed in lots of folders). Aside from that, I have 20GB of cute anime pics (mostly shota and loli). >>1876 >you don't download tons of hentai because it won't be preserved Actually that's one of the motives I saved so many images. I save pics not only because I like them, but because sometimes they're extremely difficult to find or have straight up disappeared from internet. There's a lot of common stuff in my folders, but I don't want to get rid of them because there are rare images along with them.
(439.27 KB 1200x669 ATTENTION.jpg)
(5.98 KB 120x16 witness.png)
>>1872 >How many terabytes of porn do you guys have? 2nd pic related organized by artist name. >Whats the point of even downloading so much porn? To have a small repository of lewd art where I don't need an internet connection.
>>1872 Around 3TB that I really need to sort. It includes a bunch of duplicate eroge and doujinshi, and a bunch of huge porn videos I only liked 3 seconds of and haven't gotten around to cropping yet. I wish there was an easy way to sort stuff through rare/not rare so I could nuke the common stuff and comb through the harder to find ones. >Whats the point of even downloading so much porn? Shit gets deleted all the time. Just because things live forever in the internet it doesn't mean they're easily accessible. Hoard everything. Also my internet is shit.
(62.18 KB 650x918 poke0.jpg)
(68.73 KB 650x918 poke1.jpg)
(199.94 KB 800x2260 qt buttstain.jpg)
>>1876 >Archeologists destroy more than they keep and their whole job is to keep what they can. Physical things take up more space per thing than digital media. >How many slightly different pots do you need to know what pots were possible for these ancient people? That's not preservation for the sake of art, that's preservation for the sake of writing books about history.
>>1762 That's some big effort to type it for OP >Ambiguously lewd 271 Files I don't get it why people save so many picture of a sub genre >>1865 But you still save it anyway >>1872 >tb Only count 2D. 14 years browsing hentai here (only 9 after got wiped twice) and I'm still at 25GB) real people porn non-jav: 80GB but I'm cleaning up this year JAV: 20, I will shorten each into 10 second video
>>1895 >I don't get it why people save so many picture of a sub genre I didn't save those to go into the folder, I had them and they ended up going there. It was a necessary category between essentially wholesome and definitely lewd.

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