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(3.04 MB 1057x1500 ClipboardImage.png)

QTDDTOT Anonymous 04/05/2021 (Mon) 02:49:27 No. 1778
Anyone know the full text here? Is it an English version of some of the moonrunes on this cover? https://exhentai.org/g/1882966/c04685059c/
(272.04 KB 619x476 proper masturbation loli.png)

Someone please tell me. I have never ejaculated while conscious. No, I have not tried toys, though I may in the future. Man has gotten by masturbating without toys since antiquity. I have only ever reached climax from wet dreams.
(650.25 KB 910x1300 Momohime by Girlsay.jpg)

>>1779 What exactly are you asking for? Learning to ejactulate with out wet dreams? Whatever you're thinking about you can probably find it especially if you're looking at 2D porn. If you can do that just fap away. Is there anything more to it?
>>1781 >If you can do that just fap away. Is there anything more to it? I tried masturbating to all the best hentai I could find in my teens, even used 3DPD back then before I reached enlightenment. I just keep jacking it and jacking it until it becomes tedious and I lose energy and I can't maintain my boner any longer. Now I just read hentai for the psychological pleasure of the concepts portrayed and the aesthetic quality of the art. And humor from time to time. It must be at least 7 years since I last seriously tried to masturbate and I was thinking about giving it a go again. I have nocturnal emissions anywhere from once to several times a month.
>>1782 Sounds like you've got a case of dry orgasm, it's when you can't can't ejactulate despite having an orgasm. I'd see a doctor about it if I were you but dry orgasm isn't usually an issue unless you're planning to have kids. The first orgasm I've had when I was 16 watching a clip of bible black.
>>1788 >Sounds like you've got a case of dry orgasm, it's when you can't can't ejactulate despite having an orgasm. No anon. I do not reach orgasm. I simply revel in lewd feelings.
>>1811 Huh, that's new to me. Maybe you're just not interested in adult content in the same way that most people are. Nothing wrong with that I suppose.
>>1778 Is there a cut off point what's allowed here outside shit already covered by the other boards? since we already have western 2D and mild /d/ content. So what's the limit?
(546.36 KB 2289x2289 301442968057211.png)

>>1818 >Don't post 3DPD >No advertising other sites >Global rules still apply Break away from the chains of your mind chamber and post hentai.
(932.49 KB 750x578 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone know the reason as to why there's so much shit porn of Family Guy, Simpsons(Pic related), American dad, and a ton of other shitty western cartoons? I keep wondering who faps to this shit and why? For some reason a lot of them are in another language for some reason so it's not entirely limited to the United States.
>>1848 As someone shockingly hired to work on hentai games/VNs, let me inform you Retarded ESL shitheads love basic shit and pay for it. The more popular the property, the more of these greasebrains you get. Toon tram, and whatever other hentai churning group is paying bottom dollar for their artists, or is just one artist themselves, to make a bunch of most common denominator porn so Pajshiet and Olag will pay $2/month to eat shit. This is also why there's tons of incredibly shitty 3D trash that involves fat titty bimbos and incest.
(89.31 KB 704x1000 232131.jpg)

(136.49 KB 714x924 81689710_p7.png)

(140.62 KB 714x924 81689710_p5.png)

(208.96 KB 911x742 81689710_p8.png)

(571.40 KB 1000x1492 7565659.jpg)

>>1848 The Simpsons and related cartoons are extremely popular and old enough to have multiple generations of people interested in them. Because of it, is easier to find poor quality works made by amateurs with little resources and knowledge compared to newer IPs. On top of being amateurs, these artists tend to be edgelords that focus more about drawing Marge with big tits in paint for fun than to dedicate themselves to porn. Additionally, when dedicated "toon porn" sites like Paheal started they had much lower entry barriers because cartoon porn was harder to find during the late 90's and early 00's, so more low quality works were archived by them.
>>1850 High quality work of said popular series is also rarer than high quality work of much less popular series. It's only when you get to a certain level of obscurity that there's only art of particular work on par with the average simpsons porn. It's huefags. All this fucking simpsons porn is by huefags. At least 80% of it.
(770.75 KB 1457x2000 79467367_p1.jpg)

(210.63 KB 450x800 EZ9WsqeVAAEuaJO.jpg)

(105.72 KB 1000x749 63687619_p0.jpg)

>>>/v/283058 >Anon why are you gay? Actually I'm bi for 2D with a bigger preference for boys, futas and other beings with dicks than for girls. 3D(PD) in general does nothing to me neither sexually or romantically. >This is a genuine question. ok >Instead of titties and pussy why do you prefer dicks in your mouth instead? I like tits too, but I'm picky about them. Only girls with huge and soft tits and ass ("venus" body, 1st pic) or or ultraflat childish lolis with firm, round butts (2nd pic) give me a boner. No middle terms here. Regarding the preference for dicks, I simply think they're more aesthetically pleasing than vaginas, specially in real life. Vaginas only look cute when they're drawn/modeled as puffy slits like in most loli porn, and more "realistic" depictions simply gross me out because they include the (IMO) ugly "roast beef". Dicks and balls are prettier because they look "soft and cute" when flaccid and "strong and imposing" when hard (3rd and 4th pics). However, they can be ugly too, usually by being circumcised or by having and excessive amount of veins or hair. Another advantage of dicks is that they have a higher variety of shapes and sizes. From tiny cute willies, to 30cm long meat cylinders, to canine dongs and horse cocks that cum buckets, and even fantasy dicks like tentacles or double cocks. >Is it because of loneliness or were you abused as a child or is it just mental illness? Maybe loneliness. I never liked being with others, don't have a diagnosed mental illness, and don't remember any case of abuse as a child or teenager. >Does pic related of a fertile cartoon woman fit for childbirth even make you feel any heterosexual thoughts what so ever? Does wanting to see have a big cock and balls and use them to fuck another girl with the force of 1000 suns count as a heterosexual thought? >If you don't reply to my post I'll just assume its all 3. no u
>>>/v/283072 >Has a woman ever showed you any love or affection other than your mother Yes, and my mother wasn't very affectionate in the first place >have any men ever done the same for you? Platonic or homosex? >If a beautiful virgin woman offered you sex for no downsides what so ever would you accept her offer? No, I had a botched circumcision as an infant resulting in my foreskin fusing to the tip of my dick around the underside which causes a hard to clean pocket where smegma builds up. The hair around my dick goes all the way up my shaft, I have bad acne, I'm out of shape, I have bad teeth from not brushing enough in my teenage years, and my tongue's frenulum is too short resulting in being unable to stick out my tongue. I've not had a real relationship since the cusp of puberty and it was the last time I retained enough innocence to truly love another person. I would not want to ever put any woman through having to be my partner physically or romantically. >How much estrogen do you think you have in your body? Hell if I know. >Are you a fan of gachimuchi? I think the joke videos are funny but I'm not homosexual enough to watch any of them all the way through.
>>1860 What does this have to do with hentai?
>>1862 It's QTTDDTOT and there is a futa mention there which kind of fits maybe?
>>1863 The very first rule is to not post 3DPD, so blogging about it is really pushing it. Maybe take this shit to the GG or 4AM threads?
(531.00 KB 220x169 785643.gif)

>>1862 Some fag asked me about why I like boys over girls, I answered it here >>1857, and then the fag asked more personal things. I deleted the second post to comply with the rules. I hope the fag who made the questions read my answers before I deleted them. >>1864 >Maybe take this shit to the GG Actually I came from there lole. I posted here because I didn't want to derail the thread, but in an ironic turn of events straight posters derailed it by talking about women and then a couple of torfags started fighting like children. Sorry for bothering this board with gamer autism.
>>1866 >lole Oh shit, it's that autist. Fuck. What was his name? The fag hat keeps posting "yonkers" shit on /b/s as if anyone cares.
>>1866 >then a couple of torfags started fighting like children. Torfags shall inherit the Earth.
>>1867 I'm not him. I adopted the usage of "lole" and similar terms from my old days on /s4s/. That "yonkers" is part of the spammer cabal that ruins every /b/ with their internal drama.
>>1857 >>1859 Look at this fucking mentally ill retard, it sure feels good to be normal and have a beautiful wife that I have sex with and friends and shit, hahaha. You suck, I'm great. Sorry, i'm too busy being fucking awesome and not lame like you, LOL ROFL LMAO XD
>>1870 Those are two different people you just replied to.
>>1871 I don't care, I'm better than both lol Hahaha fuck you i'm great.
>>1873 That's pretty awesome anon. Never stop being great.
What's it like being in a relationship and still enjoying 2D porn?
>>1879 you have someone to talk about it with when it's interesting. Oddly, my boyfriend had his interest in porn go way down when we started dating because he said he wanted me to be the only thing he's turned on by. And yet I tell him to wait till marriage for sex It seems like an odd question.
>>1880 I'm not all that familiar with relationships is why I asked.
(456.07 KB 850x729 ClipboardImage.png)

Why is it that a lot of star vs rule 34 depict Star Butterfly as a loli when she's a teenager?
>>1904 Because she's flat as a board and drawn in a chibi-like style, so retarded artists and fappers assume that she's younger and draw her as a loli. Same with Marco being drawn like a little boy in half of the porn (the other half is extremely feminine trap porn).
This probably belongs on >>>/fur/, but since they don't have a QTDDTOT I'll ask here. What are the differences between furry and kemono (aside from kemono being made by nips)? I noticed that some people don't mind kemono despite being the same as furry at first glance.
(1.07 MB 837x1500 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2107 Negative and controversial aspects of the furry fandom, rainfurrest, zoophilia scandals, and other shit fetishes like diaperfur aren't associated with Kemono. They're simply animal styled characters with humanoid proportions similar to the furry fandom used to be like back in the 60s/70s back when it was known as the funny animal fandom with the difference being a more eastern styled in terms of aesthetic and approach. On top of that the sexual association is less prominent with kemono as opposed to furries.
(4.09 MB 1353x1920 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone understand the appeal of amputee porn? I don't hate it and I've seen worse but what's with the case of quadruple amputees I'm guessing that being a living onahole is the appeal considering in most instances they're being used in a similar matter except they're (usually) alive.
(844.10 KB 669x980 ClipboardImage.png)

Serious question, but does liking lolicon means you're into short women in general? Or is it that people who like loli and shota just like cute things in general even in their porn?
>>2445 You know the answer to that question already. Aliens.
(13.14 KB 1000x480 85797607_p0.png)

>>2110 I'm not into amputees or anything involving abuse, but I imagine it is a more extreme form of BDSM. Quadruple amputation basically renders the subject/victim into a totally useless being, completely dependent on their "master" to a level similar to a baby's. Amputees can't move, feed, clean or defend themselves, so for a sadist person having somebody utterly dependent on you must bring a high form of pleasure. Similarly, making somebody a living fleshlight is an extreme form of objectification, even more than "merely" turning them into your servants or slaves. By crippling their movement you turn them into mere objects submitted to your will wherever they like it or not. Is an absolute form of control. Finally, there's the "cute" aspect of it. Cute creatures that have suffered damage trigger a strong emotional response, and for some people the sight of a cute girl who has lost a limb or limbs must trigger such a response along with the typical sexual arousal that comes with the sight of a cute girl. The more benign amputee stories often show the victims as people who have lost the will to live but who gradually regain their spirit and happiness thanks to a person who decides to invest his or her time and resources in caring for them. This is an atypical form of romance that generates a stronger emotional response than the average story (since we are not used to thinking about people with amputations, much less how they might feel), and that may be what piques some people's interest the most. >>2445 In my case is the second approach. I have a fetish for cute and small beings and another one for fucking things that you normally wouldn't/shouldn't fuck, and lolis and shotas excel at satisfying both fetishes. They're much smaller than your average anime character, naturally cute thanks to their neotenous traits (rounder faces, softer skin, more fat deposits, innocence/ignorance, lack of explicitly sexual traits), and are literally build for having sex despite their small size. There's also the extreme taboo of them being (digital) children, which for some people (like me) only makes things more erotic because by engaging in lascivious acts with them you're breaking moral and legal norms. The trill of "breaking the norms" while fapping to loli/shota is really exciting, you're doing something most people don't do or want makes fapping to them much hotter than it would if lolicon and shotacon were completely normal.
>>2447 > you're doing something most people don't do or want Are you implying that some people want but don't? So it's based on the moral perceptions of others rather than your own? If it wasn't seen nearly as morally reprehensible, would you still do it?
>>2448 >Are you implying that some people want but don't? Yes. There are lots of socially unacceptable thoughts that people have but don't act upon them in any form. I overcome the taboo of lolis (which in reality is the taboo of pedophilia, because the average Joe doesn't differentiate between lolis and real children) by fapping to it, but the fear of being caught is still present, and to some degree it makes everything hotter. >So it's based on the moral perceptions of others rather than your own? Again, yes. Is less about myself thinking it's "bad" (I personally don't think any fetish or paraphilia that doesn't involve an unwilling third party is "bad", everything involving drawings is fair game in my opinion) and more about others thinking it. >If it wasn't seen nearly as morally reprehensible, would you still do it? For the third time, yes. This is a "secondary" fetish, the "main" one is my desire for cute, small and lewd things. If anything, loli being normalized in the society would make my life easier and more entertaining.
>>2449 So what I'm getting here is that you are a pedophile.
(182.76 KB 540x399 41820144.png)

>>2450 That's what I thought when I discovered my loli fetish, but after watching CP in middle school a couple of times I realized that I was aroused at the idea of doing something forbidden rather than the actual content, also this "fetish for taboos" is something general and not a thing that only applies to my interest for lolis. Practically anything uncommon or or abnormal awakes my interest (not necessarily sexual, but if said abnormal thing has lewd connotations I'll get a boner over it), be it an unpopular sexual practice, a secret, or something long forgotten or that few people know or do. Of course, I have exceptions, them being stuff that damages living beings or their basic rights (this includes all but the most light forms of BSDM, rape and sexual abuse that isn't part of the victim's fantasy, bullying of all kinds, etc), involves body fluids that aren't cum and saliva (feces, pee, blood, drinking sweat, mutilated flesh and bones, etc), is too ugly (like nightmare monsters that were designed without any sexual trait) or is dangerous in some form (like trying to get a blowjob from somebody with sharp teeth).
(921.17 KB 1004x525 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2451 >after watching CP DUDE
>>2452 Don't post faggot memes. This isn't the trap thread.
>>2453 I'll post whatever the fuck I want.
(183.29 KB 541x418 l61546.png)

>>2454 Post something good, then.
(19.49 KB 358x411 1582388685299.jpg)

>>2456 I think this is the first non-pornographic image of Ralsei that I have seen on this site. Saved.

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