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Hentai Game Recommendation General Anonymous 04/05/2021 (Mon) 08:00:09 No. 1793
Looking for hentai games where the player can corrupt and control girls and mold them into willing slaves. I highly enjoyed playing the PinkTea games, Altos and Herdone's The Headmaster and Custom Reido, but I still found them lacking in a certain ageplay regard. I don't need the slave girls to be full-on-l*li but really want to play a game where my character acquires control of a young girls sexual development, using her innocence to corrupt her in a sex-education/groomy kind of way. Post Recommendations or comments asking for other Games down below!
>>1793 Any RPGs you would suggest particularly some that don't look too much like stock RPG Maker games? I've tried MGQ Paradox but couldn't commit because I wasn't too fond of it's stock RPG maker assets. I did have some fun with Sequel Blight though. Also Manyakis released a short ero game where you play as Nicol Waterson From Gumball Livestreaming sex acts with updates soon to come up. Pic related. https://gamejolt.com/games/nicolesriskyjob/602296
>>1793 Only eraPM seems to fit, but it's text-based game though. wiki.eragames.rip/index.php?title=Main_Page >>1801 >Any RPGs you would suggest particularly some that don't look too much like stock RPG Maker games? You can try something from Alicesoft or Eushully.
>>1793 Why not give /hgg/ some activity?
>>1793 >l*li Nigger, where do you think you are?
>>1807 You mean the thread or the board? Cause the thread has even more activity than this board. This board could use more user activity since people talk about lewds in the gg threads and I figured some of it could go to here. Plus lewd game aren't off topic for this place.
>>1806 Can't find EraPM on the site, only other games - can you like to the game in question specifically?
>>1816 Just scroll down in latest builds, it's second last one.
>>1809 The board.
(11.35 MB 470x964 Fallen Doll.gif)
(11.99 MB 700x392 honey select.webm)
What are the better vr hentai games? I looked them up in a list and only 3 were really interesting. >Honey Select (this may be a mod for VR) >Waifu Sex Simulator >Virt-A-Mate (realistic looking) Granted these are less like games and more like waifu creator sex sims. Nothing like Artificial Academy 2 which had at least some gameplay. Fallen Doll also looks neat
>>1834 >11MB gif full of artifacts The game looks good but please convert that shit.
(509.46 KB 1000x1200 65741847_p1.jpg)
Any decent text-heavy RPGs like the hgg loli modded Corruption of Champions? Fantasy or sci fi is good. TiTS, FoE, LT, LD, Nimin, are all ones I tried.
>>1853 Degrees of Lewdity.
>>1855 Oh yeah I forgot that counts as an RPG. Tried it, and it's neither scifi or fantasy, and doesn't feeel like an RPG. Still, pretty decent game and worth trying for many people
>>1856 It's low fantasy, with lovecraftian themes.
>>1889 It's a modern setting, and those suck

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