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(3.18 MB 1280x1818 ClipboardImage.png)

H-manga & Doujinshi Review and Reccomendation Thread Anonymous 01/09/2022 (Sun) 07:01:53 No. 3427
I have several thousand favorites on the panda. I rarely ever give anything 5 stars though, and often I'm not very objective with it, it depends greatly on my mood. I'll be going through everything I've given 5 stars and recommending them, possibly reviewing them, one by one. [MARUTA] Gogo wa Koucha Yori Kan Koohii De | Canned Coffee is Better than Tea in the Afternoon (Kanojo Zokusei -Kimi Zoku-) [English] {Taihen Zombii} https://exhentai.org/g/812514/5367421220/ Maruta, as far I've read, specializes in tomboys with modest breasts. His art is high tier, censorship very limited, and the stories have a relaxed atmosphere from the art style and a realistic feel to the way characters interact. In this story, a tomboy and her boyfriend are having trouble doing the deed, it just hurts too much. They're keeping their relationship a secret, but seeing other girls fawn over him at school makes her run off in jealousy. He follows her and decides that maybe outdoor sex will get her wet enough for penetration. It works wonderfully, and they grow ever closer. They decide they're going to make their relationship public and he tells her how he blew off the other girls to chase after her. Censorship consists of very small, clearly transparent black bars. The girl is wearing boyish panty briefs and no bra because her breasts aren't very big. 10/10, left me with warm happy feelings inside.
(2.22 MB 1264x1786 ClipboardImage.png)

[Jyoka] Igyou Kaikitan "Kankandara" | Wonderfully Grotesque Mystery - Kankandara (COMIC Saija 2015-07 Vol. 1) [English] [rampantserenity] [Digital] https://exhentai.org/g/820330/e95198bfb9/ Art quality is very high and censorship is minor, consisting of 1 to 3 thin solid black bars per each depiction of genitalia. Technically contains vore and guro, but not as the sexual focus of the story. Part of series of short stories told between a man and female cabby during a taxi ride. They're supposed to be horror stories, but they all turn out lewd. In this one, some adolescent boys are investigating a spooky story from the MC's dad. They reach a shrine and the second boy runs away, but the first comes face to face, inches away, from a huge six armed lamia with giant titties. This is detailed on a wonderful 2 page spread. He's terrified and says some rude things, but she ignores him, her expression softens, and she lewds him. Sexings happen and his emotions change from fear to lust and reverence, until he passes out. He's found and the villagers explain her origins. She was a Shrine maiden who failed to kill a snake demon, so the villagers and her own family conspired to feed her to the snake to appease it after chopping off her arms. She used magic to fuse with the snake and massacred everyone involved, taking six of their arms as her own. She was sealed until the boy broke the seal. Upon hearing this, the boy again sets out for the shrine in the woods and embraces her as she says some sad words. The man in cab is crying after hearing the ending. 9/10, I want the snake lady to have a long happy new life with the boy. I have a particular fixation on female serpents and girls with extra arms, so this is a double whammy for my niche tastes. The title page has her tail shoved in his mouth, but that doesn't actually happen, so pay it no mind.
Do you have any recommendations for ojou-sama doujins? preferably yuri
(1.99 MB 2142x3018 oni.jpg)

Here is my favourite vanilla one, about MC meeting an oni girl (C87) [Obumanjuu (obmas)] Oni No Yu | Onis' Hot Spring [English] [Noraneko] https://exhentai.org/g/907372/407c74dd91/
>>3450 Very nice, but it really seems like it's just prostitution until the very end, and even the end isn't exactly clear. >Go to hot springs themed with Oni girls >Get personal Oni girl guide >She comes onto the guy >Guy assumes he'll be charged extra, but reciprocates, effectively under the believe he's buying a prostitute for the entirety of the sex >The viewer may be under this belief as well, despite the Oni girl's shy attitude >Very end <Oh, she didn't explain anything? <If one of our girls likes a guest she offers him special services <That's why we don't charge money for the stay >Doesn't mention, and thus implies, that the money must be charged for the girl <Hira-chan couldn't find anyone good, so I'm glad she finally did >Leaves vague as to whether "finding anyone good" means she's offered special services to a bunch of guys and didn't like them, or whether she never offered special services to any guy at all because she hadn't liked any yet >However, the sex didn't seem to imply virginity beyond her acting shy >Then Hira-chan asks him to stay another night, implying less that this is a place for Oni girls to find husbands and more for prostitution, since there'd be little reason otherwise for her to stay there if she found her man, and no reason for the hot spring to continue offering unlimited free stays when they've already paired up It's not tagged as prostitution, and her behavior seems sweet, but it leaves the taste of prostitution with me. Art is high tier, however censorship is medium, consisting of thick solid black bars fully covering clits, frenulums, penetrations, and also scattered elsewhere about the genitalia. I've read this one before, and didn't add it to my favorites despite its quality, because something felt off. Now that I'm spending more time thinking about it, I think I know why.
(4.14 MB 1280x1890 ClipboardImage.png)

[Nakani] ne~ niichan (COMIC BAVEL 2015-08) [English] [wehasband] https://exhentai.org/g/855574/56bd4cc28b/ Art quality is high. censorship is medium consisting of thick black bars scattered about the genitalia. Nakani is something a specialist in surreal feeling adolescent/adult brother sister incest stories. Characters can usually be loosely interpreted as either highschool or college students. What's particular about Nakani's works is the siblings, upon witnessing something lewd, seem to fall into a horny trance with intense expressions fixed upon their faces and little to no dialogue. To me, this strange interaction seems to bolster the idea that there's a mutual understanding between the siblings not that they're simply horny, but are aware of the taboos they're breaking. In this story, the sister comes back from studying abroad to stay at her brother's place. They reminisce, he shows off how /fit/ he is, through action, not stripping, and they each retire to different rooms. She hears some noises, goes out onto the balcony, climbs over to his balcony, and sees him masturbating on his bed inches from her face through a crack in the curtain. Then begins the trance like state, eventually she starts masturbating too, until she makes noise and opens the sliding door. She's dumb-struck, so he pulls on his shorts, pulls her in, and smoothly plays off his masturbation as normal activity. It's unclear whether he saw her masturbating, and he may not be sure himself. She leaves the room, and he sits down. Then the door cracks open. He can see her staring intensely through the crack, and then he's sure of what she wants. He approaches, whips out his dick in her face, and somewhat awkward sexings happen. Afterwards they explicitly affirm their love and devotion to each other and presumably live happily ever after. 10/10, left me with warm happy feelings inside.
>>3444 Doubtful.
>>3453 >Nakani is something a specialist Nakani is something of* a specialist >until she makes noise and opens the sliding door. until she makes noise and he* opens the sliding door.
(2.55 MB 2119x3033 01.jpg)

(4.05 MB 2093x2975 02.jpg)

(3.23 MB 2134x3023 03.jpg)

(2.67 MB 2128x3028 04.jpg)

(4.63 MB 2118x3000 JuneBride.jpg)

>>3452 You are right, it was inappropriate of me to call it vanilla considering the prostitution undertones. Anyway, I would like to recommend this series about kitsune - human marriage. The main attraction is the fox, who is depicted by the artist (a woman, if I remember correctly) with lewd plump body, with the focus on her pregnant belly. [Kodomo Beer (Yukibuster Z)] Iruikonintan [English] [biribiri] https://exhentai.org/g/1162078/3a2f689ef8/ Part 1, where son returns to his father's house, only to find out he arranged marriage for him. Fugging (with contraceptives) ensures, but other spirits don't consider marriage as complete if she doesn't have a child, so it's time for serious baby-making session. (C91) [Kodomo Beer (Yukibuster Z)] Gojitsutan [English] {ExoSubs} https://exhentai.org/g/1864879/2850ae27f9/ Part 2. The efforts turned out well and this time it's all about making love to his pregnant fox wife. At the end, the baby is apparently well and there is even time for nursing handjob. (COMITIA120) [Kodomo Beer (Yukibuster Z)] Irui Konintan Gaiden [English] [N04h] https://exhentai.org/g/1238543/507d5aa36a/ Part 3. The fox, despite being a mother, has entered mating season, so it's time to start working on a second child. (C93) [Kodomo Beer (Yukibuster Z)] Irui Konintan Yukemuri Douchuuki [English] [N04h] https://exhentai.org/g/1234824/e3de4e19f4/ Part 4. After birth of a second daughter, the couple spends some time together at the hot springs. And as a result, the third baby will probably be on the way. BONUS: (C94) [Kodomo Beer (Yukibuster Z)] JUNE BRIDE Maternity Photo Book https://exhentai.org/g/1342401/0797f055ec/ A maternity progression album - kitsune in lingerie and her growing belly. Apparently foxes are pregnant for 10 months.
>>3456 >[Kodomo Beer (Yukibuster Z)] Iruikonintan [English] [biribiri] Already read it years ago. Gave it 5 stars too. however, despite later chapters being translated, chapter 2 was not, and I never continued the series. Art is high quality and in full color. Censorship however is heavy, consisting of not only of full mosaic censorship, but also solid medium thickness black bars used inconsistently across genitalia. The era is modern, but there are yokai, and humans hate them. A man returns home upon news of his father's death, however the news was late and he can only visit the grave, which is surprisingly well kept. There, he meets a fox girl who looked after his father, and who his father wished his son to marry. He can't resist her advances on top of his father's will, so they begin living together, doing everything that married couples do, except he keeps using condoms. It's not explained why in this chapter, but I'd wager a guess they he has trouble committing to this marriage his late father pushed on him. Their marriage isn't recognized by society, doubly so without a child between them, and she's incredibly bothered by the gossiping humans. She's anxious and masturbates to the thought of being impregnated. She catches him off guard and give him a virility drug with a kiss, one that also arouses humans due to its strength being dosed for yokai, and they have intense babymaking sex. End chapter. 8/10, I don't like how wishy-washy the husband is at first, and the censorship is really bad. As this is a multi-chapter story, I won't, and can't, draw a final conclusion about how it leaves me feeling. The setup seemed sloppy. The man receives news his father died, but there's no real mention of the fact, let alone an explanation as to why, this news is so late that he doesn't make it to the funeral or wake, or if those things even happened. So late, he's surprised at the neatness of what ought to be his father's still fresh grave, and late despite the fact that his father had this fox girl living with him who the old man told about his son, yet she wasn't able to contact him quickly about his father's passing. In retrospect, considering I didn't even have the full story, I wonder why I gave this 5 stars. I'm dropping it to 4.5, the minimum I give anything on the panda that I decide is worth keeping, since anything rated 4 stars or lower on there is of questionable quality, and anything rated lower than that is complete trash.
>>3456 >(C91) [Kodomo Beer (Yukibuster Z)] Gojitsutan [English] {ExoSubs} Still high quality art, full color, and full mosaic censorship, however the redundant black bars have been dropped. Babymaking was successful. Husband feels more loving. Now they do lewd non-penetrative sex acts during the 9th month of pregnancy, of which foxgirls have 10 apparently. Doc says everything is okay during the 10th month, and they have full on sex while she's at maximum pregnancy. Baby is had, this is not depicted, and the husband now enjoys foxgirl milk and nursing handjobs. They continue fucking even before she can start ovulating again. To be Continued. 8/10
>>3456 >(COMITIA120) [Kodomo Beer (Yukibuster Z)] Irui Konintan Gaiden [English] [N04h] You've already pretty much covered it. Censorship his is medium, no longer being mosaics, but instead thick black bars covering any clits, frenulums, or penetrations, and also being scattered elsewhere about the genitalia. The couple have hot baby making sex again. There's a cute page at the beginning with the mom holding her forehead to her daughter's. 8/10
>>3456 >(C93) [Kodomo Beer (Yukibuster Z)] Irui Konintan Yukemuri Douchuuki [English] [N04h] Once again, high quality, full color, censorship at the same level as the previous entry. Pretty good. 8/10 >(C94) [Kodomo Beer (Yukibuster Z)] JUNE BRIDE Maternity Photo Book Untranslated. I appreciate that while this artist does darken her nipples due to pregnancy, they don't get too dark. Brown or grey nipples are ugly on a fair skinned girl. >a woman, if I remember correctly She clearly likes huge pregnant bellies. Despite only being pregnant with one child, the depictions of her final stage of pregnancy show an enormous belly beyond what one would normally expect. Maybe kitsune babies are born more developed than humans, also explaining the extra month of pregnancy? This information might be available if that pregnancy album is ever translated.

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