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Fetishes You Don't Understand the Appeal of. Anonymous 09/22/2020 (Tue) 14:21:24 No. 428
I don't get why people can enjoy fetishes like hyperinflation. I can somewhat understand boobs but often it goes into ridiculous degrees where it's more comical than appealing. Other fetishes include cbt, Coprophagia, and mask fetishism. Pic related.
(196.71 KB 1000x1000 stonetoss.png)
>>428 Hyperinflation is something I don't get neither, but I don't get feetfags even more. I guess they see the wrinkles in a foot as nice to run a dick on or something but I just don't understand.
>>429 Speaking of hyper I don't get the appeal of hyper proportions at all. I don't know why anybody would like them let alone why. It's one thing to like big tits and ass but I shit like hyper is overkill for me.
(2.06 MB 5000x5000 Emi tries Anal.jpg)
>>428 Anything to do with anal. That is where the poop comes from, I don't who why anyone wants to stick their dick or worse there tongue in that.

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