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satyameva jayate

(150.44 KB 828x1392 zckkopnj8dd71.jpg)

Anonymous 09/23/2022 (Fri) 13:46:59 Id: 2d9077 No. 408
Are there any books/research papers which analyse memes, how they evolve, meme culture and psychology? By memes, i don't mean the 'text pasted on a template' thing, or what much of the Indian "meme" scene has to offer. An example of a popular meme should be Pepe the Frog and Wojak These are popular everywhere but some memes are localised like sariya chamatkaar etc. It's not a huge possibility but if such a pape exists i would like to read it no don't link to the retarded vadapao face guy's paper which mentions inch no I won't touch grass
>>408 Someone might've written a paper on it just for giggles. But they might not have published it. Why don't you try doing some research and write one on your own. That would be a good start.
>>409 I don't think I have enough experience or knowledge but i might pen/type down my observations and thoughts just for the lulz, if i ever find some time from masterbating
(170.73 KB 557x537 flogpost.png)

>memes are cryptic callbacks to a shared common ground that act as a method to selectively segregate outsiders; only those who share that common ground are able to respond appropriately. >to the insiders, the appeal of some of these esoteric memes is that many, especially the outsiders, do not understand it. >a meme never remains static as it co evolves along with its cultural environment and may change in meaning; there is no authoritative canon which defines its meaning
(1.78 MB 640x266 sariya.mp4)

>>441 that sounds right on point
>>441 The staticness of a meme signifies its death, it implies that no one in the current userbase of the platform (where the meme took root) or the fanbase of the meme itself, is willing to take the time or effort to make changes to the meme so as to make it more 'current'.
>>443 smallkek

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