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satyameva jayate

(11.38 KB 427x400 Indiasoy.png)

Anonymous 09/23/2022 (Fri) 14:53:20 Id: 4be86c No. 413
So...I'm new here from r/selfhatingloserincelfaggot. I saw a meme posted on the new content page and thought this seemed like a pretty funny place. I already see based incel memes here and that's pretty popular on incelreddit so I already feel right at home lol. So ELI5: how do I check messages on here to see who replied to me? I tried asking on r/indiachan, and they said that you can't. I'm just supposed to watch these threads? They move kinda fast. Do you guys have anything like the Reddit Enhancement Suite extension to make something like that easier? And why did this site automatically copied my thread and made another one? Is someone trolling me by copy pasting my thread? Any help to accommodate me is welcomed kind sirs. Pic related: me_irl

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