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(2.81 MB 1280x720 1642848240221.webm)

Whiteboy beatdowns Anonymous 01/22/2022 (Sat) 11:43:57 Id: 01e054 No. 3195
Videos of Woman masturbating to black men beating up white boys.
>>6602 there is some brazilian server with a category for extreme stuff, but it's dead as fuck. maybe you could do one, and send an invite :)
(1.79 MB 1599x897 beatdown.PNG)

Here's some 2D content for you. Demoman beating down all the whiteboys.
>>6777 lol
>>6630 Currently dead, or DOA? If there's at least a decent backlog I wouldn't mind a link
blahbnwo on twitter bros.
Can you keep all this shit in this thread? I hate going onto a PMV thread and seeing this faggotry.
>>6889 what about guilded
Man, white people are weird.
>>6497 who is she??
>>7433 is this a male feminist kink? because the only time I've heard of chicks flicking the bean to white guys getting knocked out is feminist on social media or CC. they also keep recordings of men crying or screaming in pain to make themselves happy.
the more violent the better
gets me so hard
>>8143 >>8144 you know real gore/death videos are a thing, right? you could have cut a video with a black guy actually murdering a white person. instead you posted this gay shit. fucker looks like he could be italian or light-skinned hispanic. you couldn't find a video with a pale blond dude?
>>8155 You have a point, but I doubt that the person you answered to did those videos, most of what people post here is just re-post from twitter, darkwanderer, and almost lost media catboxes
Two rare examples of a woman masturbating TO a beatdown rather than just side by side clips
post the Ring camera footage from a few weeks ago where a nigger and his coalburner about to shoot a man through his front door and she's laughing egging it on
>>8196 hot, hope it gets posted
I'm so high and horny, i got weed n beer looking for someone to take me deeper down the BBC rabbit hole. discord: pyereu#9656
(28.05 MB 1920x1080 r6w7en.mp4)

Made a few myself. Will be posting more edits I make on twitter if people like them.
(23.77 MB 1920x1080 0hj79r.mp4)

>>8811 Another one
(21.76 MB 1920x1080 ngfdhh.mp4)

>>8812 Uncompressed version - files.catbox.moe/zlsois.mp4
>>8811 >>8812 >>8812 Super hot, please post more and/or ur twitter would love to follow!
>>8982 >>8811 Actually I think I just randomly found you lol - https://twitter.com/tipe233 ? Great content!
Anyone have any whiteGIRL beatdowns?
>>9052 There are a few in this thread >>>7088 But they aren't anywhere near as popular as whiteboy beatdowns
>>8826 >files.catbox.moe/zlsois.mp4 it looks great but can you please add some music or sound to the next one?
is there a collection of just the fights anywhere? I want to try making some OC but don't want to track down all the originals
>>8195 is she active anywhere still? thiss is amazing
Does anyone have the ButterBlackProd beatdowns folder? the mega sync was taken down. and i deleted my copy after i had a postnut clarity moment.
>>10246 Twitter's still up, but sadly apparently she's deleted all her own posts https://twitter.com/AriaSmi36265478

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