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(31.25 KB 329x571 bbc king.jpg)

Anonymous 09/09/2021 (Thu) 07:56:30 Id: 000000 No. 1376
dudes with dicks like that have 100% chance to fuck our wives, moms, sisters, gfs and daughters, and we should feel pleased.
(110.36 KB 1024x1152 2094629992.jpg)

I wouldn't mind one single bit
>>1376 >100% yeah...

(100.54 KB 634x634 family.jpg)

(1.11 MB 435x442 25626919.webp)

(763.58 KB 450x408 blonde_for-3112.gif)

>>1376 every white family members get fucked silly, especially Daughters!
>>1376 >>1377 >>1380 “There is a dark pool within all of our hearts, a reservoir which we can draw from when the need arises. Most of us rarely, if ever, have to delve too deeply into it. That is as it should be, because dipping into it has a cost and you lose a little of yourself each time, a small part of all that is good and honorable and decent about you. Each time you use it you have to go a little deeper, a little further down into the blackness. obscure creatures move through its depths, illuminated by a burning light from within fueled only by lust and desire. The danger in diving into that pool, in drinking from that black water, is that one day you may submerge yourself so deeply that you can never find the surface again. Give in to it and you're lost forever.” - anonymous.
>>1376 >>1380 >moms, sisters, and daughters >every white family members get fucked silly, especially Daughters! keep making thread after thread saying these same things, but never posting any relevant pictures or any detailed descriptions of how your loved ones are going to be degraded and used as fuck toys until they are noting more then breeding sows in perpetual heat... So I have some questions for you! For instance, did you help your daughter keep her legs spread wide open until that large almost horse-like cock had finished tearing her precious eighteen year old virginity away? Did you get hard watching your sister skillfully use her hot mouth getting that massive dick slippery and wet before it fully penetrated your own nubile flesh and blood? Did you kiss your big bave girl on the cheek, briefly tasting the hot tears flowing down her face while her whimpering cries of pain slowly turned into moans of ecstasy? Did you feel proud the moment your mother provocatively slinked behind you grasping your stiffened prick in her warm hands, ropes of slick white cum still staining her beautiful face. while she softly whispered obscene truths into your ear? Did you let out an audible gasp as she said "Our little slut's finally growing up, now you get to enjoy it honey” then jerking you off rhythmically in tune with the pisting like motions of the thick man meat delving ever deeper into your daughter's gorgeous hot maidenhood? Did you explode into orgasm from all the erotic stimulation, listening to your lust filled daughter cumming louldy as she repeatly screamed and shrieked the words "daddy!" at the top of her lungs? Did you hold her close and slowly massage her breasts as the fine muscular stud you chose to breed her, gave one final deep thrust before pulling out his leaking veiny member from her freshly filled birth canal? Did you shudder while lightly rolling and pinching her little pink erect nipples, then watching the excess semen draining from her aching womb? Did you lose yourself listening to your daughter's shallow panting breaths as her eyes locked with yours lovingly looking to you for comfort and fatherly approval? Did you smirk as your mother and sister sensually walked over to the massive cock and balls waiting at the foot of the bed, both girls making lewd sloppy sucking noises servicing your chosen one’s gleaming phallus as their soft round tits bounced immodestly up and down? Did your little smirk turn into a full blown grin as you heard the muffled whimpers and deep animalistic grunts of frustration from the back of the room, your sweet child's ravishing mother fully nude and tied to a chair? Did you lightly chuckle seeing her own daughters used panties profanely stuffed into her tape gagged drooling mouth As the hard mechanical sound of a large black vibrator crudely buzzed the lascivious wet hole deep between her legs? Did you lick your lips knowing that she had been forced to climax an uncountable number of times while bearing witness to her pure innocent little girl being made into a woman? Were her ears still ringing from the lustful cries of the hymen breaking amid the joyus howls of the first earth shattering orgasm your daughter received (one of many more to come before the night would be over). A carnal chorus of exquisite pain mixed with “dark” depraved pleasure. Did you see her eyes widen and her moans grow even louder as you promised she would soon feel that deep dick stretching her to unknown limits soon enough, this time her daughter would help keep those quivering legs and thick wet thighs of her mothers fully open for easy access. Did you see your own mother and sister sucking on your daughters writhing breasts while your buck finally recovered, ready to break her in one more time, and leave no doubt that she would be fully impregnated with his thick gooey seed? DId you sigh knowing you would complete this process again and again with each wanton slut in this room until his balls (and yours) were completely spent? Did you feel excited knowing that one day you would likely repeat this night of debauchery standing by the side of the next generation being conceived at this very moment? Did you feel happy knowing this was what you always wanted for yourself and your loved ones? Anons, please continue the thread with your most debased thoughts and memories (and at least try to have some imagination/creativity about it).
>>1394 this took a lot of time to create, bravo my good sir this is cum worthy!
(1.77 MB 720x1280 1608487182983.webm)

(581.93 KB 1536x2048 1612922613493.jpg)

(3.86 MB 530x380 1597369941762.gif)

(2.12 MB 231x426 1597552902792.gif)

>>1398 >this took a lot of time to create, bravo my good sir this is cum worthy!. thank you very much (typed it in a bit of a hurry, so i'd like to make a much longer more detailed version with all the editing mistakes removed). inspiration just kinda struck me and I had to let it out. this probably was the wrong bard/thread for it, but I was just tired of all the low effort posting. a simple .gif or .webm of a black cock getting hard and shooting jizz doesn't really do much for me... So I thought something a little more "interactive" and creative would be fun/hot. I kinda wanted it to be a little like a chose your own adventure, so anons could take one (or more) of the questions/actions and use that as writing prompt for their own fantasy story/post and then more questions could be asked for more jumping off points. I think that could have real potential (and be very fap worthy). but it would probably need its own dedicated thread with rules and other ideas (not here since this one just seems to have turned into a bbc worship thread). anyway, thanks for the kind words and encouragement.
(39.94 KB 510x680 EneAMEWWMAEQsAi.jpeg)

>>1376 Obviously, this is the reality for us tiny dicked whitebois.

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